January Replay and February Goals!

Happy Friday! The first month in 2018 has come and gone and after the anniversary of the blog, we can see how the month played out for us.

Number of Posts # 23

Number of Views # 1546

Number of Visitors # 773

Number of Likes # 511

Although January was amazing, I didn’t have any goals for the month. In my last recap post I set goals for the year. Let’s set some February Goals then!

  • Finish Reading Royal Pains and Review It
  • Finish Reading the Darth Vader Comic and Review it
  • Write and Post Black History and Gaming Post
  • Purchase Kingdom Come RPG
  • Post at least 3 times a week to the blog
  • Upload at least 2 YouTube Videos a week


Today’s post will also highlight the GamersUnitedGG Twitch channel and also our friend and streamer Count Dabula. We will be hosting streamers on the channel throughout the week and in the evenings I may be on and playing games on PC. Count Dabula is currently doing a giveaway (actually a few of them) on his stream when he reaches 400 followers (currently 15 away). Please keep in mind that his streams are mature in the evening (language). His channel information is below:





Stream ScheduleMonday through Friday 12pm CST until about 5PM, He will have impromptu streams as well so make sure to follow for updates. 4bdfbfec-c319-4bf9-91fe-71e01e2eddd6.jpg

Games : Fortnite (Solo, Duo & Squads, feel free to ask to play on PC), Dark Souls, Indie and AAA games on a PC subscription service called Utomik!

Next week I will post a mini-series called Playing The Game. This will be a cross media series that will cross between the blog and the YouTube channel so look out for the inagural post on Monday! What are your February goals? Are you working on any projects? Let’s talk goals!

-Luna 🙂

We’re on YouTube!

Power up players! It’s time, we are on Youtube! After months of thinking about it and wanting to do it, I’ve finally pulled the trigger. I apologize, my mouse ins’t visible on the screen but I will be looking to fix that and the audio inconsitencies in the coming weeks. I just want to say thank you to the blogging community because having the confidence to blog has spilled over into YouTube. Now let’s make these 2018 goals!

You can check out the channel by going to YouTube.com/c/GamersUnitedGGCommunity or by clicking here!



Episode 1 of the Faeria Card Game is up!  Many tweaks to be made, but we are on our way to fabulous 2018!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂

Friendly Trends Ep 2: New Addictions

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading the second installation of the Friendly Trends post! This segment will pretty much discuss some of the trends that my friends have “Put Me On” to and it’s my way of sharing these trends with you! The first segment was me talking about some of the Guilty Pleasure trends that I was put on to. Check out that post by clicking here!

Today, we will go over a few new addictions that I was introduced to. Starting with a few YouTubers and music!

My co-worker Megan (nagems21) was telling me about some great YouTubers that perform covers to songs. William Singe and Alex Aiono perform some of the top songs today in collaboration and separately. They’re flipping amazing!!!! Here’s my favorite collaboration.

I now have discovered a few more awesome YouTubers who perform covers and I love it! Here’s another one of my favorite covers by Alex and it’s a song that Selena put me on to.

One of my best friends Stephanie got me hooked on this new mobile game called Sky Islands (game review coming soon). Sky Islands is pretty much a mobile RPG anime game where you make money running your very own villa! You grow crops, serve guests, play Pinata Parties and other little mini games, while you collect rent from renters at your villas. Steph has been playing this game for a few weeks now and she spends HOURS on it! It’s actually pretty fun. During my trip up their last week Stephanie, myself and her little sister were jumping into Pinata Parties and taking the top 3 spots everytime! Screenshot_20170815-161921

My friend Selena also put me on to different music that I wasn’t aware of. I go to Selena for the latest Hip Hop and R&B hits because she’s always “Woke” (her words lol). Some of the songs that she has put me on to is “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones, Torey Lane’s “Proud Family Remix” and “Or Nah” by Ty Dolla Sign. “Or Nah” is explicit so I recommend the edited version lol.

What are some new addictions that you were put on to by your friends? Do you find yourself developing new hobbies that your friends have? Let’s talk Friendly Trends!

-Luna 🙂