SuperStar Shake Up Predictions & Thoughts!

Happy Monday SuperStars! Wrestlemania is the event in WWE where all SuperStars on the roster try to make a huge impact. Think the Super Bowl or NBA Finals but for Wrestlers. Last week I neglected to post mypredictions and a recap of teh event because I was just sooo excited and forgot to set aside time for the a great prediction post. In lieu of my poor planning, this weekend I’m going to post my predictions on what will happen during the SuperStar Shake Up on Monday and Tuesday!

What is a SuperStar Shake Up? – For the past 2 years, since the brands have split, Smackdown and Raw have essentially “Traded” WWE SuperStars from 1 brand to the other.

Why does this matter? – A SuperStar Shake Up is both best for business and best for the fans because:

  • We can see new potential match-ups, feuds and rivalries
  • It keeps viewing numbers up no both shows by providing different SuperStars (for example, I don’t really watch Smackdown but it Seth Rollins is traded to SD, I’ll be a faithful viewer every week lol)
  • Allows SuperStars to build a bigger fan base and widen their repotoir.


My Predictions For SuperStars coming to Monday Night Raw!

  1. The Usos –  usosThis is probably my biggest and most likely to happen prediction. Since the Usos have changed their persona and became a “Heel” team on SD Live, they’ve elevated their game and fan base. the Usos held the Smackdown Live Tag Title for most of the year and continues to put on a great show against their biggest rivals; The New Day! While their perormance is always one of my favorites, it’s stale and moving the tag team to Raw will  shake things up and provide great matches. I can see the Tag Team interrupting one of the matches in the Tag Team Elimination Tournament and continuing their successful heel turn through Monday nights.
  2. Naomi-   naomiSince Jimmy Uso and Naomi are married, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the ex- Smackdown Live Women’s Champion on the Monday nightshow. Other than the spousal reason, I feel that moving Naomi over is a great move for Raw’s Women divison. The one area where Monday Night Raw has lacked was the Women’s Division. Bringing a crowd favorite and top notch performer like Naomi to the show will hopefull breathe life back into the division on Raw. Plus with the bump of Ember Moon to the main roster, there’s bound to be great battles ahead and (fingers crossed) a Women’s Tag Team Title in the works!


My General Predictions!

The general predictions are things that I believe will happen, but I’m not sure which brand will reap the benefits.

  1. Riott Squad Vs Absolution!
  2. Bullet Club Supremacy Battle- The Phenomenal Vs The Extraordinary!
  3. The feud between Asuka and Charlotte will continue on one of the brands

My concerns:

  • Will the brands switch United States and Intercontinental Titles?

Those are my predictions for tonight’s SuperSatr Shake-Up! What do you think will happen? Who will be switching brands? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Elimination Chamber Results!

Happy Monday Superstars! Last night was the RAW Brand Exclusive Elimination Chamber event which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada! We seen a few “1sts” in the event and overall I thought RAW put on a great (albeit predictable) show! Let’s jump into the matches and results and if you haven’t watched the event yuet, this if your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Raw Women Elimination Chamber Match-


Both Elimination chamber matches were great but the show kicked off with the 1st ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. The Superstars were locked in the Chamber with 2 women starting and the 4 locked in pods. Every 5 minutes a random pod would open to allow another competitor in the match. This was elimination rules and the winner left Las Vegas with the Raw Women’s Championship belt! The Superstars participating were Bayley, Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James! The Women put on a great show using the cage well to their advantage. You know a match is good if you’re afraid to look at some of the stunts performed. Bayley and Sonya Deville started the match with the other 4 ladies locked in the pod. 1 by 1 they started entering into the match. Leading up to the match we knew that Bayley and Sasha Banks, Mandy Rose and Sonya and Alexa and Micki were in their respective “alliances.” Most of the Superstars teamed up to give themselves the best opportunity to win.


Mandy Rose was eliminated first with the Banks Statement, putting her Absolution sister at a disadvantage. The ladies were scaling to new heights, literally and making a great match. elim6

Results: Alexa Bliss Retains her championship, with an oscar worthy performance with her promo at the end!


Raw Tag Team Titles –

Next up was the tag team championship match where The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro took on Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews. I didn’t watch much of this match so I can’t comment on the execution.

Results: Sheamus and Cesaro Retain


Nia Jax versus Asuka –


This match was set up to allow Asuka and Nia to duke it out. If Nia wins, she is entered into the Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania, if Asuka wins her undefeated streak continues and she has her 1 on 1 match at Wrestlemania. Asuka was quick, agile and hard striking and Nia was her dominant self tossing Asuka around the ring at times. The match went pretty much the way I expected but it was good none the less.

Results: Asuka wins.

Bray Wyatt versus Matt Hardy

Another match that I wasn’t interested in at all. Sad to say but I hope Jeff returns soon.

Results: Matt Hardy Wins.


Ronda Rousey Contract Signing-


So you knew something was going to happen when it was announced that a live contract signing would take place with the “Baddest Woman on the Planet.” I was expecting a locker room protest, attack from behind, something to get the adrenaline moving. Sure enough you see Kurt Angle very distraught and HHH trying to calm him down. Then it happens, Kurt spills the beans that Stephanie McMahon and HHH are manipulating Rousey which didn’t bode well for the UFC former champion. She puts HHH through a table and her whole demeanor changes!

It looks like the Stone Cold versus Vince McMahon but the Women’s version with Ronda taking on Stephanie McMahon. Really excited to see what happens on RAW.


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match-


This was my favorite match of the night. For the first time, 7 Superstars were placed in the Elimination Chamber with 3 starting and 4 in pods. The competitors were Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Elias Samson, The Miz and John Cena. Seth, Miz and Finn started which was a good starting line up. Miz was up to his usual antics trying to team up with Seth versus Finn and when the architect declined, offering his alliance to Balor. The first few minutes were entertaining with Miz being tossed around while Balor and Seth fight. The highlight was Balor and Rollins taking turns knocking Miz back down when he tried to get to his feet. The match was really good and became even better when the 6th Superstar, Braun Strowman was released into the chamber.

As expected everyone tried to team up but Braun demolished the field single handedly eliminating most of the competitors. At one point Braun was hit with the AA from Cena, Spear from Reigns, Curb Stomp from Rollins and the Coup de Gras from Balor to lay mangled outside of the ring. Too bad no one could move him back in and PIN HIM!!!! The final match-up was of course Braun versus Roman.


Results: Roman Reigns is Brock Lesner’s opponent at Wrestlemania.


  • The costumes from some of the Superstars.
  • The stare downs of the competitors locked in the chamber pods
  • Good executions and promos


So I was pretty pleased with the Pay Per View event and the performances of the Superstars. As I started watching pretty late, I did skip 2 matches that I didn’t have any interest in but the main matches were really good. Once again I am amazed at the talent and depth of the Women’s Division and I can’t wait to see the fallout of the event tonight on RAW. Have you watched Elimination Chamber? What were your favorite moments? What do you think will happen now leading into Wrestlemania? Let’s talk WWE!


-Luna 🙂


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WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions!

Happy Sunday Novas! Somehow I completely forgot to post my predictions post yesterday for tonight’s Elimination Chamber WWE Event. Now worries, I’ll post a quick prediction for each match today and have my recap post for you tomorrow. The Elimination Chamber event is an annual pay per view where Superstars are locked in a pod inside of a steel cage and the pods are opened during the match to allow a new Superstar into the match. Typically this match has 6 Superstars wrestling and battling to be the chamber victor. This year we have a few surprises in the chamber so let’s look at the line-up!


Raw Tag Team Championship Match-


The Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro will take on Apollo Crews and Titues O’Neill for the titles. While I am happy that there are finally different tag team match-ups I’m a bit disappointed that Sheamus and Cesaro are still champions. This match should be good and I’m happy that Apollo and Titus are getting a featured match.

Prediction: I see Sheamus and Cesaro retaining their titles tonight. But I’m sure the match will be close.


Nia Jax versus Asuka-


This match is interesting as Asuka is undefeated. So if Nia Wins, she will be entered into the Wrestlemania Match between Auska and whichever champion she decides to face (remember she never chose Charlotte or Alexa Bliss). I think it would be appropriate and absolutely AMAZINGGGGG if Nia ends Asuka’s Streak and get a marquee match at Wrestlemania.

Prediction: I don’t think Nia will pin or submit Asuka, but she may win the match through disqualification or count out. I’m predicting Nia to win, but idk how it’s going to happen lol.


Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt-


This match is another of the mind games matches between Bray and Matt. They have been targeting each other for a while now with Matt Hardy using the same tactics as Bray with interfering with the matches.

Prediction: Matt Hardy Wins.


Raw Women’s Elimination Chamber Match –


the last 2 years have been groundbreaking for the Women’s Division at WWE. Another “1st” is made tonight with the 1st Women’s Elimination Chamber match and get this… it’s a TITLE MATCH! That’s right, Alexa Bliss will be defending her title in the Elimination Chamber against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Mickie James. This is going to be great as the women have been stepping up and showing why they are marquee attractions and main eventers!

Predictions: I don’t see Alexa retaining unless Sonya and Mandy team up against Sasha and Bayley. The Classic distraction and Mickie James gets pinned…. But If the title were to switch hands, I see it going to Sasha Banks or Bayley, which will set up a feud for Wrestlemania (because I’m sure Asuka is challenging Charlotte).


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match –


The Men’s Elimination Chamber match was set up by a number of qualifying matches the last 3 weeks on RAW. The entrants are John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias Samson, The Miz and Braun Strowman. The stakes are high in this one as well as the winner will punch their ticket to Wrestlemania as the opponent for the Universal Champion; Brock Lesner! I’m super happy about all of the SuperStars in this match and I would be happy with any outcome.

Prediction: So we all want Braun Strowman to win, but if he doesn’t I can see the winner being Roman reigns. I hope it is Braun so that he can finally be champion and bring the title back to being visible on RAW.


Ronda Rousey Contract Signing-


One of the highlights will be the signing of Ronda Rousey. Now we all know that she has already signed with WWE, so the public contract signing makes me think that something’s going to happen. Maybe she gets attacked, interrupted by the locker room or opposed in some way. I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my predictions for tonight’s PPV event. What are your predictions? Are you looking forward to any of the matches? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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2018 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions!

Happy Saturday Superstars and suit up for the first WWE Predictions and event of 2018; The Royal Rumble! The RUmble is the start of the Road to Wrestlemania and it will be held in Philadelphia this year. There are a few exciting matches that I am definitely excited for like the Women’s Rumble Match and the 2 on 1 Handicap WWE championship match, so I’m hoping 2018 will start off with a bang.

The Smackdown Live Champions The Usos will take on Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin for the Tag Team Titles


The Smackdown match will be 2 out of 3 falls where the first team to gain 2 pinfalls or submissions will win the title. I haven’t watched the build up of this match but I know that Shelton and Gable have been causing a ruckus in the Tag Team division on Raw. The Usos held the Tag Titles for most of 2017 so I’m looking for a change here.

Results: Shelton and Gable become the new Tag Team Champions!


Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan will take on The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Titles –


The Raw Tag Team Champions are the rag tag team of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. On their first night as partners, they took down the Bar and secured the Raw Tag Titles (even though this annoyed me). The Bar gets their rematch in Philly at the Royal Rumble and they’re out for blood. With the mistakes by Jordan, can this team pull off another win?I’m waiting for the inevitable full heel turn of Jason Jordan to Seth, but I don’t think it’s going to happen here.

Results: Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan Retain.


Triple Threat for the Universal Championship between Champion Brock Lesner, Braun Strowman and Kane


This match is one that I’m not wanting to watch, but I do want there to FINALLY be a change in the Universal Champion. I look for this match to be physical and good, but I’m so tired of Brock being champion that it’s ridiculous. Pleaseeee WWE…. Give the title to Braun Strowman!

Results: Braun Strowman will liberate the Universal Championship so that we can see it on Raw, sheesh.


WWE Championship Handicap Match with champion AJ Styles taking on challengers Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn –


I’m a bit upset that I didn’t watch the build-up to this match because I love all 3 Superstars. The reunion of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (with Zayn turning heel) was a great move by the WWE and it’s one of the highlights for Smackdown. AJ Styles has been an incredible champion and has really elevated Smackdown. Will the Phenomenal One retain his title or will we see the first ever Co-WWE Title Champions.

Results: AJ Styles retains


Womens Royal Rumble Match


For the first time ever, the women of both Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw will go head to head in a royal rumble match. I’m very excited about this match and as a woman, I have high expectations. This has been the first time that I have truly enjoyed the women’s division matches and I love seeing the growth that each Superstar is making. We are going to see some of the greatest women mix it up like Asuka, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Naomi! We’re in for a great treat and as with all Royal Rumble matches, the last woman standing gets a title shot at Wrestlemania. I look forward to seeing entrants from NXT like Shayna Bazler or Ember Moon. I also look to see Ronda Rousey at number 30… come on WWW, give the people what they want lol!

Results: Yikes! I don’t know. I assume that it will be Asuka, but who knows lol.


Mens Royal Rumble Match


The Men’s Royal Rumble match is going to be littered with Raw and Smackdown Superstars with the same format as the Women’s match. This will surely be the main event of the night as it is  the headliner. Here are some of my predictions for the match. I think Daniel Bryan will enter the Royal Rumble! It’s been rumored that he’s cleared and with the tension between him and Shane on Smackdown, I can see the GM versus the Commissioner being a storyline going into Wrestlemania. Did anyone else notice that CM Punk was in the RAW 25th Anniversary packages? Yes, they were only flashbacks, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Punk enter the rumble.

Results: I have NO IDEA! My co-workers are going with Nakamura and my friends are going with Roman Reigns. I really can’t say and I really don’t know. I’ll say Finn Balor so that I can have some sort of prediction.


Those are my quick predictions for tomorrow’s Royal Rumble match! What are your predictions? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s Talk wwe!


-Luna 🙂

WWE Raw Recap 11/13/17

Happy Tuesday Novas! Last night was the Raw before the Survivor Series PayPerView event where Team Raw will meet Team Smackdown for a battle of supremacy. The shows before the events are always some of the most entertaining and last night was no exception. Let’s get into the recap of the night and if you haven’t watched yet, this is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** Stop reading now or there will be spoilers. Let’s get to the highlights!

Stephanie Mcmahon starts the show belittling Kurt Angle about Survivor Series. She brings up his choice of the final RAW Men’s spot going to his son Jason Jordan and how it is favoritism.  Before uttering the words, “You’re Fired” made famous by her dad, the Shield interrupts with Roman reigns returning as well. They back up Kurt and his role as GM since Wrestlemania. 010_RAW_11132017dg_0294--24dfedeb606d556060e701a8769e3a1e

The banter between Stephanie and Roman Reigns was fun with Stephanie asking Roman “Where the hell have you been?”And Roman replying “ I should be asking you. We haven’t seen you for 6 or 7 months. Why because you went through a table?” Putting Rollins on the spot. This triggered the reprise “Or should I say because your husband put you through a table.” I was dyingggg lol.As predicted the shield challenges the new day for a fight at survivor series and later through Twitter the New Day accepts.


There was a Triple threat match for last spot on women’s team between Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Bayley. The 4 current Women Superstars on the team watched at ringside while the trio battled it out for the last spot. Asuka, in an attempt to help Dana Brooke was hit by the superstar. This is probably setting up a feud of Asuka vs Dana after Survivor Series. Let’s be honest, Asuka shouldn’t be helping anyone. That’s interfering with the match.  015_RAW_10172017cm_0414--cc3427f6902294577d18e17bbdb3a1f5 Results: Bayley wins (which I wanted to happen) and now Raw Women’s team looks stacked to take on the Women of Smackdown!


Tozawa and Kalisto vs Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore was up next. It was the battle of the chants. Drew Gulak is on another campaign to take a stance. This time he’s behind the “No Chants” movement. If you remember or watched 205 live, Gulak was the captain of the “No Fly Zone” campaign as well. Well he’s in the wrong match for that as both Tozawa and Kalisto had the crowding chanting “Ha” and “Lucha” throughout the match.   034_RAW_11132017dg_0489--1655ec3aea0fbea05d3097dff85fd011 Results: Enzo and Gulak win off of the quick thinking of Enzo and the assist by Gulak.

I love that this is the opposite of Enzo’s career legacy. Normally, Enzo would lose matches due to sneaky moves, but now he is the one dealing out the L’s. Badaboom, Enzo and Gulak in the room… How You Doing?


As the talented blogger Deezango pointed out, WWE has been really pushing more backstage promos and action. Kurt was backstage setting up matches for the night with survivor series participants. He needs to make sure that the team is in tip top shape as his job is on the line. The matches set up were Joe & Balor in a tag team versus Gallows & Andersen to teach teamwork, Jason Jordan versus Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt to show Stephanie that he is prepared and  when he gets to Braun, the Monster Among Men shuts up the GM demanding his match with Kane. There’s nothing Kurt could say about his request so the main event was set!


Jason Jordan versus a returning Bray Wyatt was a match set to show Jordan’s resilience. Jordan puts on a convincing display, but he injures himself midway through the match. The crowd starting chanting thank you Bray for the injury and the cheap shots at the end of the match. I want to like Jason Jordan so bad, but the character is super annoying. He really needs a revamp and soon.

Results: Jordan wins but Bray gest the last laugh.


Brock Lesner and Paul Heyman address the match now with AJ Styles. Heyman expressed his admiration and respect for AJ Styles, but of course he’s still backing the Beast Brock. Brock didn’t say much as usual and just sat there smiling and flexing.

The Shield versus Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro was up next. This match was the first time the shield fought in a match together in 3 years.  093_RAW_10172017cm_2538--17746670892301577b06b1a8c709188f  Remember, they were supposed to debut together in a sanctioned match at No Mercy, but Roman Reigns was out sick. The match was everything you would expect, entertainment, power moves and dirty tricks by both the shield and miz and friends. Even the assistance of the Miztourage could not help save the match for the Miz.

Results: The Shield takes the W and goes into Survivor Series with momentum to face the New Day.

Side Note: The crowd was not booing Roman as loudly as they normally have. Admit it people, you’re happy he’s back :p. shield--32e03c48badb905b1a8cc2404ccf4cf7

Kurt making the announcement of Jason Jordan not being about to compete because of injury. He steps out to name the 5th member and replacement. After a sob story from Jason, Kurt has a hard time announcing the replacement so… THE GAME Triple H comes out! Jason gets a pedigree “Oh It’s true, It’s Darn True!”

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe versus The Club Gallows & Andersen. The match starts with Joe being annoying and pushing Finn -_-.  After the tense start, the match went pretty smoothly for Finn and Joe. Joe protected Finn in the match a few times, although Finn assumed he was the target (I mean who wouldn’t?).

Results: Finn & Joe Win! But in true Joe spirit he didn’t wait to get his hand raised with Finn at the end.

The main event was between Braun Strowman and Kane. Strowman asked for the match after being attacked by the big red machine at No Mercy. It’s time for revenge! The match was pretty good. Both issuing hard blows to each other and setting the stakes higher each time. The match ended with Strowman performing a running powerslam and crashing through the ring. 20171113_RAW_S_Kane--88f401b159b84d54e6211ba8abb43532

Results: The show ended. Yikes!

That’s the recap of RAW! I will watch Smackdown tonight to see the final placings and matches that need to be decided (United States Championship & Women’s Championship). This Saturday my predictions for the Survivor Series match will go up! What are your thoughts? Are you Team Raw or Team Smackdown? What are your predictions or thoughts on WWE at the moment? Let’s talk WWE!


-Luna 🙂



WWE Monday Night Raw 10/23/17 recap and thoughts!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I’m currently on my way to the airport to fly back home from my vacation. I feel like this has been a great month for wwe so I’ve decided to post my thoughts on last night’s RAW episode! Mild spoilers below so if uou havent watched yet, this is your official **SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!**

Last night was the RAW after the exclusive TLC payperview. Typically th3 shows before and after the events are the best because there’s so much leading up to and after the event. This week’s episode did not disappoint as the show started with general manager Kurt Angle talking about his match and the preceding nights festivities. Kurt was interuppted by the Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Curtis axle which had everyone standing on their feet. Why because we knew Seth and Dean would come to interfere which is exactly what happened.

After the banter and short brawl angle made a 3 on 3 tag match with Miz, Shemaus and Cesaro versus 2/3 of the Shield and special guest AJ Styles! The match was really good and pretty well executed. 

  Mixing up things with AJ was a great idea. Aj, Seth and Dean won only to be demolished by Kane at the end!

Kane sets to take Brauns place by declaring that he wanted competition and who do you think came out? To slay demon Kane I can’t think of anyone better then a demon king! Finn Balor answered the challenge and put on an entertaining match. This is a great look especially since the Bray vs Finn match has been a bit stale. 

It was a night of rematches where you saw Jason Jordan vs Elias Samson and a confrontation of Micki Names and Alexa Bliss. We also had a women’s triple threat match where Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia crazy Foxx battled for the Raw Womens Captain slot for survivor series! Surprisingly,  Foxy won and now team Raw will be team crazy and I’m excited!!! We had a special 5 on 5 Cruiserweight tag match where team Kalisto took on team Enzo. Since Enzo lost his voice, Drew Gulak did the intro and it was pretty funny. The teams were Kalisto, Mustafa Ali, Rich swann, Cedric Alexander and Grab Metalik versus Enzo, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Ariya Davari. I’m so in love with the idea of cruiserweight getting more prime time air time and I hope the wwe universe is taking notice. These athletes are tremendous and their high flying moves are very entertaining! Also, th have a great story line at the moment. 

 We even had a visit from Shane McMahon ramping up for the Survivor Series event (one of my favorites) where team Raw will take on team Smackdown Live. Last year was pretty much a sweep even though the men’s match was gifted to Smackdown Live.

Riding that wave of salt, Shane interrupted Kurt when he was going to announce team Raw men superstars for survivor series. Shane can from the crowd with team Smackdown and placed Raw #undersiege! This was a fantastic move as Shane let Smackdown Superstars run rampant through the RAW locker room and jump the RAW talent (let’s n honest they have to jump them because they’d lose 1 on 1 lol). 

Shots were fired and I can’t wait to see what happens on smackdown live tonight!

All in all this was a fantastic night of wrestling. Smackdown Live is sure to be excellent as well as I am anxious to see if Raw retaliate after last night’s assault. Survivor Series is shaping up to look fantastic with champions versus champions and then the traditional Survivor Series match. Who do you think will be on RAW and Smackdowns rosters? Let’s talk wwe!

-Luna 😁

WWE TLC Recap!

Hapy Monday Novas! Last night was the Tables, Ladders & Chairs event that was Raw’s exclusive showing. Todya we will recap the night and give our opinions on the matches as well as the possible fallouts and setups for the next WWE event; Survivor Series! Let’s start with the kickoff show! I would like to say that I was perfect in my predictions for this match Read the predictions by clicking here!

Alicia Fox versus Sasha Banks – The two Superstars have had a budding rivalry ever since Alicia Foxx started appearing back n TV. The match was during the preshow and wasn’t a bad one at that. Results: Sasha Banks wins by submission!

Emma vs Asuka-  tlc2  The night started off with the debut of Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka! I have to admit, I thought the match would be a bit better but it wasn’t bad. Emma showed off a range of resilence and Asuka came in a bit flat to me, but still determined to make a great debut. Results: Asuka wins!

Cruiserweight match #1 –    The first cursierweight match was a tag team between The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher versus the team of Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann. This was a very entertaining match and Iam happy that the crusierweights are getting a bit more prime time air time. It was everything you would expect from high flying moves, to dynamic strikes that had the crowd starting a few chants. Results: Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann wins by pinfall!

Raw Women’s Championship Match –  tlc7   The Raw Women’s Champinship match was between challenger Micki James and Champion Alexa Bliss. After weeks of poking and prddingAlexa met Micki in the ring fr 1 on 1 combat. Both Superstars gave a pretty good performance and Alexa had to respect Micki’s abilities in ring. Results: Alexa James retains.

Cruiserweight Match #2 –   tlc8  The second crusierweight match was the championship match between Enzo Amore and champion Kalisto. This is Enzo’s rematch form losing the title to Kalisto a few weeks back. Enzo has taken on more of a heel role lately and I like it. He has always been a btit rough, but now he’s not pandering to the crowd and taking the full heel turn.  Results: Enzo wins by unscrupulous means!

Jason Jordan versus Elias Samson –  tlc6   This match became a thing during the event. At the beginning of the show, Json was cheering on his dad Kurt Angle when Elias iteruppted, insulted Jordan and asked to go out and play some music. Elias came out twice during the night with his guitar and was frced off stage by Jordan throwing vegetables at him. It was pretty funny and I think it is making Jordan’s character a bit more likeable. Fast forward to the match where Jordan battled Elias and put on a gret show! He is a great technician and with a bit more mic work and likeability he can definitely become a star in the WWE. Results: Booker T lost himself when Jordan won by pinfall. The problem was that Samson’s shoulder was up and they kept showing it on the replay.

First Main Event-  tlc5  I’m pretty much calling the match between Finn Balor and Aj Styles the first main event because it was a dream match! I’ve been wanting to see the 2 club leaders go at it with their similar styles and builds. This match was last minute as Bray Wyatt was unable t wrestle and you can see a few times where their moves didn’t sync up. Was it the dream match that knocked us out of our seats, no, but it was still pretty darn good! My gripe with the match was that Finn seemed to wrestle like “Finn” and  nt the “Demon King.” There’s a bit of a difference becuase the Demon is more aggressive and full out and I didn’t get that vibe last night. Aj was Phenomenal as always and kudos for putting together a match last minute. Results: Finn Balor wins but gives AJ the clubs hand gesture to solidify respect.

Second Main Event-  tlc3  The true main event was the Tables, Ladders and Chairs handicap match between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrse and Kurt Angle taking on The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun Strowman and Kane. This match was brewing since the start of the show with Seth and Dean providing Kurt with a vest. Kurt is stepping in for Roman Reigns who wasn’t cleared to wrestle tonight (although I was waiting for his music to play and him to run down to the ring all match long lol). Kurt joined the Shield in the entrance and they entered the ring with chairs. After a few minutes of having the upper hand by beating down everyone with chairs the numbers started to affect the team of 3. Regaining the upper hand Seth and Dean stoopped my heart by jumping off of ladders onto Kane and Strowman on the announcers table. I was screaming Seth your kneeee!!! lol. This gave way for the 3 remaining Superstars to beat up Kurt and send him back to the locker room. After much back and forth, something that was hinted at the beginning happened. Kane and Braun exchanged a weird look that I thought nothing of before Kane smacked Braun in the back with a chair.  tlc1  From there the match got away from Miz with Brauna nd Kane fighting each other as well. Kurt returns and we had a few great Olympic slams before Miz gets tripled powerbombed. Results: The Shield + Kurt Angle wins by pinfall. Did you expect any other result?

Those were the results from the match and while it wasn’t the best event to date, the 2 main events definitely made the event worth watching. Also the crusierweight #1 match was pretty good. I would give the event overall a C rating but those 3 matches get A++. What did you think of the event? What do you think will happen tonight on RAW leading up to Survivor Series? What was your favorite match last night? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



WWE TLC Preview & Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! Here’s our predictions for the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event taking place tomorrow October 22nd at 8PM EST!

Tables, Ladders and Chairs is one of the best events that WWE puts on each year. This event have specialty matches that incorporate tables, ladders, chairs or a comnination of the 3 which makes for a heightened viewer experience. Unfortunately, as pointed out by a great WWE blogger Deezango in his predictions, this event only has 1 stipulation match and that’s the main event. Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that this was not planned out any better. I’m sure you could have incorporated a ladder for the women’s champinship match or chairs for Finn Balor versus Bray Wyatt. Oh well on to the predictions!

Kickoff Match Sasha Banks vs Alicia Foxx –  20171016_TLC_SashaFox--307e2137a3cefc417766e1564196c848  I’m not quite sure how I feel about this match. I’m not really interested in it one way or the other so I guess I will just skip to my predictions. My predictions: Sasha Banks will win!

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick –  20171016_TLC_BrainJack--91192ce65eb7d0266dc8cd5745ae6d50  This feud started on 205 live when a once jaded Gallagher switched sides and assisted Kendrick in the beat down of Cedric Alexander. This is similar to the heel turn that TJP took earlier this year. Now Gallagher and Kendrick will take on Cedric and his partner Swann. My prediction: Cedric and Rich will win!

Raw Women’s Championship Match–  20170820_TLC_temp_blissmickie--5ddba720ab859c756298e2acec62cac9  Mickie Jaimes looks to challenge the Goddess alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title. The constant attack on Micki Jaimes age has been taken too far and now the former champion seeks to take revenger on Alexa. If you remember, Alexa brought Micki back to WWE when Becky Lynch was champion I believe. They’ve already had a feud on Smackdown Live and now they will have another on Raw. My prediction: Alexa Bliss will retain her championship.

Demon King vs Sister Abigail

Aj Styles!!!! This match should be very entertaining!

Finn Balor releases his demon king once more to face the long departed Sister Abigail, that we thought died during the Orton vs Bray feud. Soooo is Bray going to dress as Sister Abigail during the fight? I’m sure we’re going to have classic Bray triggers like lights flickering and projections on the ring, but what will really happen during this fight? I’m perplexed hereas this feud is really, really annoying at this point. My prediction: Demon King Finn Balor wins and finally puts this feud to rest.  This was my original prediction until I was reading the TLC article and saw that AJ Styles will now face Balor. I don’t know what to think of this but I heard a rumor that Bo Dallas (Bray’s Brother) was sick and that’s why he hasn’t appeard for 2 weeks. Very interesting, but my prediction stands with Balor! This will be an awesome match though… Club vs Club!


Asuka Debut Match vs Emma

“Asuka’s Gonna Kill You, Asuka’s Gonna Kill You!”

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka was called up (finally) from NXT to make her debut on Raw’s TLC Pay Per View! Asuka, for anyone who hasn’t watched NXT was the longest reigning NXT champion period. That’s out of male, female and tag team competitors. She’s truly amazing to watch and her moves are solid, effective and most of aall believeable. She debuts to tke on Emma, which isn’t too bad of a choice, but I would prefer seeing her go head to head with Raw’s tp Women Talent. You know the crowd’s about to be chanting “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” to Emma and I can’t wait! My prediction: Asuka is surely going to win this match quite easily, waking up the crowd and putting the women’s division on notice!


Cruiserweight Championship –  20171006_TLC_EnzoKalisto2_TEMP--db88b38dd09a74ee6ef632b1b6badd39 Champion Kalisto is set to take on Enzo in the rematch for the crusierweight title. I think this will be a great match and will invovle more then the 2 men in the ring. This past RAW, we learned that Enzo had his own little posse which goes pretty well with his character. My prediction: Enzo will win.

The Shield vs Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun & Kane

Get well soon Roman!

The main event and the match that I’m literally tuning in for is to see the reunited Shield versus an insormountable cast of Superstars. If Braun Strowman wasn’t enough, throwing in the devil’s favorite demon Kane is enough to make me lose it! Say what you wnat about why the Shield was brought back together, you know we are going to get a great show! And I guess it’s better than watching Brock Lesner NOT lose the Universal Title each event. This is the only Tables, Ladders and Chairs match which lessens the handicap on the Shield. My prediction: The Shield will win of course by pinfall and if they lose, I’m RIOTING!  I’d wager 3 people being put through tables for this match. This was another original prediction until the news broke that Kurt angle will be replacing Roman Reigns in the match. I’m not quite sure why, but oh well. The match should still be good I guess. My prediction stands with the Shield (well Dean and Seth) winning the match. 


Those are my predictions for the TLC match this week! Who do you think will come out on top? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



10/9/17 Monday Night Raw Recap & Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Normally I have small WWE posts here and there but mainly I try to cover the Pay Per View events. The last 2 nights for WWE have been pretty awesome and last night’s Monday Night Raw was so amazing, that I had to talk about it today! Please be advised that there are spoilers in the post! If you haven’t watched yet, stop reading. This is your official **SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!**

If you have checked Twitter or anything WWE related since about 8:10pm EST last night, you would have seen the crazy trend of #TheShield! It’s not nostalgia, it’s not a rumor, it’s a full blown fact now! Roman Reigns interrupted the Miz’s “Mizzie Awards” to pick a fight. When Miz challenged the Shield reunion rumors Roman Reigns only had this to say “Rumors, who said anything about RUMORS?”


It finally happened. After teasing us for sooooo long, WWE finally pulled the trigger in the building that The Shield both debuted and destroyed, our favorite faction resurrected!  I was beyond ecstatic that the Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro kept poking and prodding. You knew that eventually, if even for a night or a match that the Shield would come back. Get this, they have a match at TLC and Shirts!!! But on to that in a moment.

The Shield ran amuck on a tear throughout the night as only the Hounds of Justice could. But Miz and Friends weren’t their only target. The Shield went “Monster Hunting” in the words of Michael Cole. After Strowman defeated Matt Hardy, he tried to take his body with him back to the locker room. Who do you think stood in his way?


The Shield and they put Strowman through the announcers table. The match between the 3 vigilantes will be against the Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro ANDDDD Strowman! It’s set for the main event at TLC. It’s a Tables, Ladders and Chair Match and I cannot wait!

They’re getting a start on Tables, Ladders & Chairs!

 Side Note: This has to be our main event because wack Lesner isn’t wrestling with the Universal Title ughhhh.

Luna’s Thoughts on The Shield: This is a great move for Monday Night Raw. Reuniting the Shield accomplishes 2 things in my mind. It sets up (hopefully) a Shield versus Club match for Wrestlemania, but more importantly, it draws in the once strayed fans back to the hip of Roman Reigns. With the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose by his side, the fans can’t help but cheer any efforts Reigns will make in the coming months.

Welcome back Boys!

The Shield brings a brand new dynamic to Raw and I don’t think it will be long before Reigns is holding a title with the WWE Universe’s approval.

Ok, Ok all of the recap post will not be my admiration and praise of The Shield. Raw was a really good show last night. We had a fatal 5 way Women’s Elimination match for the chance to be Asuka’s first opponent at TLC. Now Asuka is an amazing Superstar finally brought up from NXT. She is fierce, strong and her character is very believable. She had NXT chanting “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” for about 2 years now. Facing her first on her main roster debut could go 1 of 2 ways; Either you pit her against a great, well established Superstar to showcase her true talents and credibility or you pit her against a mid level talent and let her dominance be known off rip. The fatal 5 way participants were Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox, Emma and Dana Brooke. Not a bad lineup.


The match was pretty good but a few miscues were noticeable. I love seeing Dana Brooke back in the mix of the Women’s division action because she’s a hard worker. She actually displayed a few new moves like her cart wheel corner bomb and somersault. The eliminations went as follows Dana Brooke and Bayley were eliminated quickly. This left Sasha Banks, Emma and Alicia Fox. Who do you think won? Nope. Emma! Yup, Emma snuck in while Sasha Banks made Alicia Fox tap and rolled up Sasha for a quick pin. So Asuka is going to have a dominant debut. In the words of the NXT fans, Emma… Asuka’s Gonna Kill You! lol.

The Main Event of Raw was a Crusierweight Title Match between Kalisto and Champion Enzo Amore. This match was decided by Kurt Angle when Enzo kept running his mouth about the No Contact clause. This fueled the GM to set not only a title match for that evening, but a Lumberjack match. The entire Cruiserweight division circled the ring and participated in the match, both throwing Enzo and Kalisto back in the ring and taking out aggression against each other.

This suplex from the top rope had the fans chanting This Is Awesome (one of the first times I can remember the chant for the Cruiserweights!)

It was very entertaining and I hope that this match really prompts WWE fans to watch 205 live. The Crusierweights are really amazing.

This match was entertaining because Enzo ACTUALLY wrestled! We’re use to Enzo taking cheap shots and doing the smack talking, but he really showed some technique out there tonight. It’s a great sight to behold. Due to interference from Mustafa Ali pulling Kalisto out of a pin, Kalisto was able to regain and hit the Selina Del Sol off of the top rope n Enzo. Ladies and Gentlemen,  we have our new Cruiserweight Champion… KALISTO! kalisto

Other Highlights From the Night:

  • Finn Balor met Sister Abigail – I’m really over the Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor feud. Balor has beaten him a few times and to be honest, I don’t understand why he is not in more high profile matches (like a title match). Balor is extremely talented and Bray Wyatt’s antics are starting to run stale. WE will see where this Sister Abigail thing leads. My guess would be her versus the Demon King.
  • Titus O’ Neil played his Banjo for Elias – Elias Samson is a pretty good in ring competitor. His whole drifter thing, while not my taste is a character that he has been developing since NXT. His feud with Titus Brand (currently Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil… what happened to Tozawa btw?) is not peaking my interest at the moment.
  • Mickie James received her title match versus Alexa Bliss at TLC – After defeating Nia Jax in a match, Kurt Angle rewarded the 6 time Women’s Championship with a title match at TLC. While I’m not sure if she will get the title, this feud is a repeat of their time on Smackdown Live.
  • Jason Jordan & The Club feud continues – Jason Jordan continues to feud with the The Club Luke Gallows and Karl Andersen. As Booker T said last night, he’s trying to get gold on his first time out and it seems like he is trying too hard. His character is a Face character but I’m not too sure many fans like him. At least this feud is more his speed, we will see where it takes him.

Those are my thoughts and a quick recap of last nights Monday Night RAW. What did you think about the night? Are you happy to see The Shield? How do you think things will unfold at TLC? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




WWE No Mercy Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the first PPV event since Summerslam and boy was it one of the most exciting nights in Sports Entertainment! I can say that while I am always happy for WWE events, I was not particularly knees weak bursting with excitement for No Mercy. I will preference the results post to say that personally, this was one of the most put together, exciting nights in WWE! Let’s get to the results.

Intercontinental Title- First up was the Intercontinental Title Macth between defending champion The Miz and the challenger Jason Jordan! This match originated from the Miz’s disrespect and comments for Kurt Angle, Jason’s father. I can say that I didn’t watch all of this match because I wasn’t that interested in it, however, the parts I did view were pretty good. I’m not sure why Jason’s transition to a solo performer didn’t bring his fans from American Alpha, but as I’ve mentioned before, There’s just something about his character that doesn’t connect with me.  jj  Results: The Miztourage comes through and the Miz retains his title!

Finn vs Bray- The Man versus an match was a challenge issued by Bray Wyatt after losing at Summerslam to the Demon Finn Balor. Bray states that Finn can’t beat him, only a demon can so he wanted to face our hero without the makeup. My grievance again with this match is that Bray considers himself a “god” so why issue a Man vs Man challenge. It’s stupid for his image as the Eater of Worlds. Bray as expected attacked Finn before the match rendering him helpless. This match was pretty good as Finn didn’t leave and fought as best he could with high energy kicks and moves.  finn   Results: Finn Balor won!

Raw Tag Team Championship- Defending champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose takes on the Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. This is the rematch between the 2 powerhouse teams with Sheamus and Cesaro trying to stir the pot. For many reasons, this was one of my favorite matches. Aside from my mild obssession with Seth Rollins, this match was everything you would want from the high energy moves to the power and domination that you would expect. The 3rd match issued in the first “This is Awesome” chants from the WWE Universe and it was chanting a few times during the match. Each time these 2 teams fight, there are new moves displayed and it’s a treat for the fans. Results: My husband retains his tag team title! Seth and Dean win, while sending Cesaro to the dentist lol! cesaro

Raw Women’s Championship Match- The fatal 5 way match surprised me just absed off of the sheer skill and performance of the women. 5 star rating for the match alone! Champion Alexa Bliss took on Sasha Banks, Bayley, Emma and Nia Jax. The WWE Universe was pretty loud for this match becasue the women really did a fantastic job! The moves displayed especially by Nia Jax had the crowd off of their feet and screaming!   20170924_No_Mercy_post_womens--70b3e0fe55d42275bd6127df0af1b0e6  Results: Alexa Bliss retains!

Cena vs Roman Reigns- comparison recap between 2 icons. You both suck chants lol.But the WWE Universe was chanting the loudest for this match. We’re not on the mic now John, you’ve got to fight. The matches between John Cena are never something to take lightly. There’s a reason he called out Roman Reigns and tonight we found out why. Cena and Reigns had a  highly entertaining match. From a very personal buildup with some great puns being thrown out , Cena’s a better talker than Enzo! Watch this match, highly recommended!   151_NM_09242017hm_2339--c4d15c8571ec27aefa52866359d0e108  Results: Roman Reigns! Roman beat John Cena!  Did Cena just retire? He stayed in the ring and took a bow before leaving in a dramatic way.

WWE Cruiserwight Championship Match- Neville is set to defend his title versus new cruiserweight Enzo Amore! This match was ok, to be honest I didn’t pay that much attention.   171_NM_09242017rf_4627--9df54e317fdec1d05639b7403283d156  Results: Enzo wins! The new Cruiserweight champion and his first title!

WWE Universal Championship Match- The Champion Brock Lesner sets to battle Braun Strowman. This feud waswhat the WWE Universe wanted to see since Braun first challenged the Beast after Wrestlemania. I was excited that the match wasn’t 2 minutes like Goldberg and Brock’s matches. As expeted, this was the most physical match of the night and it was truly awesome.   191_NM_09242017rf_5200--b985d4891e164b2ba869292a1be516d7  Results: Brock Lesner Retains????? I’m really upset. Honestly, WWE I have no words.



  • The outfits were really nice for this PPV. Sasha Banks always have new flashy outfits but Finn Balor’s colors were a cute Blue and Gray. Also, did anyone notice that Sehamus and Cesaro matched their wrestling attire as well as their cover ups? I quite like The Bar on their backsides lol
  • Excellent Execution of matches all night. The moves weren’t botched and everything just looked real put together in the matches. Of course there are a few slips here and there, but for the most part the performers were convincingly landing their moves!
  • Opening Packages– Part of the appeal of a PPV event is that you do not have to watch all of the episodes leading into the event. This is because the opening packages do a fantastic job of hitting on key points and lining up the match ahead. With the PPV being titled No Mercy, there was a great buildup of animosity in each match. The opening packages further amplified the match at hand.
  • Women’s Division Resurgence- I’ve expressed my love for the Women’s Division match earlier in the post. Honestly, if Smackdown has been killing the game in one area, it’s their Women’s Division. Raw has had a pretty stale division and the crazy this is that they have some of the top women in the game. This match proved that Women of Raw are stepping up their game, possibly in preparation for one of the greatest women in sports entertainment: Asuka!
  • WWE 2K18 Commercial- Listen, Snoop Dogg did a great job on promoting the WWE 2K18 match. I can’t even formulate words, take a look below!

Alright, that’s the recap of No Mercy! What do you think will happen on RAW tonight? Did any of the results surprise you? Why does Brock still have the title? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂