SuperStar Shake Up Predictions & Thoughts!

Happy Monday SuperStars! Wrestlemania is the event in WWE where all SuperStars on the roster try to make a huge impact. Think the Super Bowl or NBA Finals but for Wrestlers. Last week I neglected to post mypredictions and a recap of teh event because I was just sooo excited and forgot to set aside time for the a great prediction post. In lieu of my poor planning, this weekend I’m going to post my predictions on what will happen during the SuperStar Shake Up on Monday and Tuesday!

What is a SuperStar Shake Up? – For the past 2 years, since the brands have split, Smackdown and Raw have essentially “Traded” WWE SuperStars from 1 brand to the other.

Why does this matter? – A SuperStar Shake Up is both best for business and best for the fans because:

  • We can see new potential match-ups, feuds and rivalries
  • It keeps viewing numbers up no both shows by providing different SuperStars (for example, I don’t really watch Smackdown but it Seth Rollins is traded to SD, I’ll be a faithful viewer every week lol)
  • Allows SuperStars to build a bigger fan base and widen their repotoir.


My Predictions For SuperStars coming to Monday Night Raw!

  1. The Usos –  usosThis is probably my biggest and most likely to happen prediction. Since the Usos have changed their persona and became a “Heel” team on SD Live, they’ve elevated their game and fan base. the Usos held the Smackdown Live Tag Title for most of the year and continues to put on a great show against their biggest rivals; The New Day! While their perormance is always one of my favorites, it’s stale and moving the tag team to Raw will  shake things up and provide great matches. I can see the Tag Team interrupting one of the matches in the Tag Team Elimination Tournament and continuing their successful heel turn through Monday nights.
  2. Naomi-   naomiSince Jimmy Uso and Naomi are married, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the ex- Smackdown Live Women’s Champion on the Monday nightshow. Other than the spousal reason, I feel that moving Naomi over is a great move for Raw’s Women divison. The one area where Monday Night Raw has lacked was the Women’s Division. Bringing a crowd favorite and top notch performer like Naomi to the show will hopefull breathe life back into the division on Raw. Plus with the bump of Ember Moon to the main roster, there’s bound to be great battles ahead and (fingers crossed) a Women’s Tag Team Title in the works!


My General Predictions!

The general predictions are things that I believe will happen, but I’m not sure which brand will reap the benefits.

  1. Riott Squad Vs Absolution!
  2. Bullet Club Supremacy Battle- The Phenomenal Vs The Extraordinary!
  3. The feud between Asuka and Charlotte will continue on one of the brands

My concerns:

  • Will the brands switch United States and Intercontinental Titles?

Those are my predictions for tonight’s SuperSatr Shake-Up! What do you think will happen? Who will be switching brands? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

WWE Fastlane Predictions!

Happy Saturday SuperStars and welcome to the final pay per view event before Wrestlemania. Smackdown Live’s best will be featured in the Fastlane Event to solidify their spots going into Wrestlemania in New Orleans. The landscape for Raw has been set and now it’s Smackdown’s turn to make a move.

6 Pack Challenge –


The WWE World Championship title will be on the line in a 6 Pack challenge where Champ Aj Styles will take on John Cena, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The winner of this match will face Nakamura for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and each Superstar is ready to earn their way into the main event.

Prediction: Aj Styles will retain

Smackdown Tag Team Championship –


The Usos will take on the New Day for teh Smackodown Live Tag Team Titles. While I’m sure there was a match last year, maybe at Backlash where they agreed to have their final match, I’m not too upset with this showing. When the Usos and The New Day fight each other, the results are amazing. Both squads bring out the best in their opponents so I’m sure this will be a match full of highlights.

Prediction: I see the New Day taking the titles.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match –


Women’s Champion Charlotte will take on the leader of the Riot Squad Ruby Riot for the title. I’m not sure how this match came about as I don’t watch too much of Smackdown live, but I’m sure it has something to do with the Riott Squad jumping Superstars in the back. I’m not sure what to expect from this match at all.

Prediction: Wouldn’t it be great if Carmella cashes in here Money In The Back Contract? Yup, that’s what I’m going with in this match, Carmella leaving as champion.

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella –


This match looks to be interesting with Becky and Naomi battling their heel adversaries Natalya and Carmella. I’m sure that this match will happen early in the evening, before the Women’s Championship Match because I’m betting that Carmella cashes in.

Predictions: I want Beckyand Naomi to win this match!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev –


This is another match that I’m not sure about. I’m a Rusev fan, before the Rusev Day became a thing so I love see him being featured in top talent matches. Nakamura is riding on the momentum of winning the Royal Rumble this year.

Prediction: Nakamura wins by DQ. I see Aiden English interfering in the match.

US Championship –


Champion Bobby Roode will take on Randy Orton for the United States Title.

Prediction: Bobby Roode Retains.

That wraps up my predictions for the Fastlane event. What are your predictions? Who do you think will be victorious and headline Wrestlemania? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions!

Happy Sunday Novas! Somehow I completely forgot to post my predictions post yesterday for tonight’s Elimination Chamber WWE Event. Now worries, I’ll post a quick prediction for each match today and have my recap post for you tomorrow. The Elimination Chamber event is an annual pay per view where Superstars are locked in a pod inside of a steel cage and the pods are opened during the match to allow a new Superstar into the match. Typically this match has 6 Superstars wrestling and battling to be the chamber victor. This year we have a few surprises in the chamber so let’s look at the line-up!


Raw Tag Team Championship Match-


The Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro will take on Apollo Crews and Titues O’Neill for the titles. While I am happy that there are finally different tag team match-ups I’m a bit disappointed that Sheamus and Cesaro are still champions. This match should be good and I’m happy that Apollo and Titus are getting a featured match.

Prediction: I see Sheamus and Cesaro retaining their titles tonight. But I’m sure the match will be close.


Nia Jax versus Asuka-


This match is interesting as Asuka is undefeated. So if Nia Wins, she will be entered into the Wrestlemania Match between Auska and whichever champion she decides to face (remember she never chose Charlotte or Alexa Bliss). I think it would be appropriate and absolutely AMAZINGGGGG if Nia ends Asuka’s Streak and get a marquee match at Wrestlemania.

Prediction: I don’t think Nia will pin or submit Asuka, but she may win the match through disqualification or count out. I’m predicting Nia to win, but idk how it’s going to happen lol.


Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt-


This match is another of the mind games matches between Bray and Matt. They have been targeting each other for a while now with Matt Hardy using the same tactics as Bray with interfering with the matches.

Prediction: Matt Hardy Wins.


Raw Women’s Elimination Chamber Match –


the last 2 years have been groundbreaking for the Women’s Division at WWE. Another “1st” is made tonight with the 1st Women’s Elimination Chamber match and get this… it’s a TITLE MATCH! That’s right, Alexa Bliss will be defending her title in the Elimination Chamber against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Mickie James. This is going to be great as the women have been stepping up and showing why they are marquee attractions and main eventers!

Predictions: I don’t see Alexa retaining unless Sonya and Mandy team up against Sasha and Bayley. The Classic distraction and Mickie James gets pinned…. But If the title were to switch hands, I see it going to Sasha Banks or Bayley, which will set up a feud for Wrestlemania (because I’m sure Asuka is challenging Charlotte).


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match –


The Men’s Elimination Chamber match was set up by a number of qualifying matches the last 3 weeks on RAW. The entrants are John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias Samson, The Miz and Braun Strowman. The stakes are high in this one as well as the winner will punch their ticket to Wrestlemania as the opponent for the Universal Champion; Brock Lesner! I’m super happy about all of the SuperStars in this match and I would be happy with any outcome.

Prediction: So we all want Braun Strowman to win, but if he doesn’t I can see the winner being Roman reigns. I hope it is Braun so that he can finally be champion and bring the title back to being visible on RAW.


Ronda Rousey Contract Signing-


One of the highlights will be the signing of Ronda Rousey. Now we all know that she has already signed with WWE, so the public contract signing makes me think that something’s going to happen. Maybe she gets attacked, interrupted by the locker room or opposed in some way. I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my predictions for tonight’s PPV event. What are your predictions? Are you looking forward to any of the matches? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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2018 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions!

Happy Saturday Superstars and suit up for the first WWE Predictions and event of 2018; The Royal Rumble! The RUmble is the start of the Road to Wrestlemania and it will be held in Philadelphia this year. There are a few exciting matches that I am definitely excited for like the Women’s Rumble Match and the 2 on 1 Handicap WWE championship match, so I’m hoping 2018 will start off with a bang.

The Smackdown Live Champions The Usos will take on Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin for the Tag Team Titles


The Smackdown match will be 2 out of 3 falls where the first team to gain 2 pinfalls or submissions will win the title. I haven’t watched the build up of this match but I know that Shelton and Gable have been causing a ruckus in the Tag Team division on Raw. The Usos held the Tag Titles for most of 2017 so I’m looking for a change here.

Results: Shelton and Gable become the new Tag Team Champions!


Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan will take on The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Titles –


The Raw Tag Team Champions are the rag tag team of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. On their first night as partners, they took down the Bar and secured the Raw Tag Titles (even though this annoyed me). The Bar gets their rematch in Philly at the Royal Rumble and they’re out for blood. With the mistakes by Jordan, can this team pull off another win?I’m waiting for the inevitable full heel turn of Jason Jordan to Seth, but I don’t think it’s going to happen here.

Results: Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan Retain.


Triple Threat for the Universal Championship between Champion Brock Lesner, Braun Strowman and Kane


This match is one that I’m not wanting to watch, but I do want there to FINALLY be a change in the Universal Champion. I look for this match to be physical and good, but I’m so tired of Brock being champion that it’s ridiculous. Pleaseeee WWE…. Give the title to Braun Strowman!

Results: Braun Strowman will liberate the Universal Championship so that we can see it on Raw, sheesh.


WWE Championship Handicap Match with champion AJ Styles taking on challengers Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn –


I’m a bit upset that I didn’t watch the build-up to this match because I love all 3 Superstars. The reunion of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (with Zayn turning heel) was a great move by the WWE and it’s one of the highlights for Smackdown. AJ Styles has been an incredible champion and has really elevated Smackdown. Will the Phenomenal One retain his title or will we see the first ever Co-WWE Title Champions.

Results: AJ Styles retains


Womens Royal Rumble Match


For the first time ever, the women of both Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw will go head to head in a royal rumble match. I’m very excited about this match and as a woman, I have high expectations. This has been the first time that I have truly enjoyed the women’s division matches and I love seeing the growth that each Superstar is making. We are going to see some of the greatest women mix it up like Asuka, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Naomi! We’re in for a great treat and as with all Royal Rumble matches, the last woman standing gets a title shot at Wrestlemania. I look forward to seeing entrants from NXT like Shayna Bazler or Ember Moon. I also look to see Ronda Rousey at number 30… come on WWW, give the people what they want lol!

Results: Yikes! I don’t know. I assume that it will be Asuka, but who knows lol.


Mens Royal Rumble Match


The Men’s Royal Rumble match is going to be littered with Raw and Smackdown Superstars with the same format as the Women’s match. This will surely be the main event of the night as it is  the headliner. Here are some of my predictions for the match. I think Daniel Bryan will enter the Royal Rumble! It’s been rumored that he’s cleared and with the tension between him and Shane on Smackdown, I can see the GM versus the Commissioner being a storyline going into Wrestlemania. Did anyone else notice that CM Punk was in the RAW 25th Anniversary packages? Yes, they were only flashbacks, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Punk enter the rumble.

Results: I have NO IDEA! My co-workers are going with Nakamura and my friends are going with Roman Reigns. I really can’t say and I really don’t know. I’ll say Finn Balor so that I can have some sort of prediction.


Those are my quick predictions for tomorrow’s Royal Rumble match! What are your predictions? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s Talk wwe!


-Luna 🙂

WWE Clash of Champions Predictions!

Happy Saturday Superstars! Thank you for reading the final WWE prediction post for 2017! Whew! The year has flown by and we are wrapping up and getting ready for a bigger, better 2018 here at GamersUnitedGG! I’m super excited about the changes and options that will be taking effect soon, but I will keep it under wraps for now. I have caught up on SD Live and can now make predictions based off of the last few shows.

Today’s predictions will be for the Smackdown Exclusive Clash of Champions event! Clash of Champions is the event where ALL titles are up for grabs! No ducking and dodging matches on the PayPerViews or have #1 contender matches for the “Chance” at battling for the title. Everyone’s a victim and ALL titles are fair game! Let’s suplex into the predictions!

Disclaimer: I only watched the last episode of Smackdown so I do not know the buildup or story behind these feuds.

Kickoff Match-  20171212_CoC_hypebros--6ba3d98cb9123ca02bcbace19290f17f Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley in the anticipated split once again of the Hype Brothers!

Prediction: Mojo Rawley will win!

WWE Championship Match –  20171201_CoC_AJJinder--048c548d740e674351db7e8ca6d0fce4 Champion Aj Styles vs Jinder Mahal is the rematch for the WWE Championship where Jinder is coming back for his title. He has been biding his time waiting until after Survivor Series to challenge Styles. Mahal has been playing mind games with the champ by initiating a “split” from the Singh brothers that was snuffed out the Styles. I expect the usual tricks of Mahal utilizing the SIngh Brothers to his advantage. Luckily, the Champion’s Advantage is in full effect so AJ Styles will have something in his corner!

Prediction: Aj Styles retains his championship!

Smackdown Women’s Championship Lumberjack Match –  20171201_CoC_CharlotteNatty--d2527721048f11df3adf48cfd15a1a9a  Champion Charlotte Flair vs Natalya (rematch). The rematch for the women’s championship match will be a lumberjack match! A lumberjack match is one where the other Superstars not participating, serve as lumberjacks and stand surround the ring on the outside. If a competitor exits the ring, the lumberjacks force them back into the ring, by any means necessary. This is the most interesting match-up to me because The Riott squad that has been terrorizing the SD Women’s locker room will be a part of the lumberjacks. This is a great time to get some revenge and jump the ladies that have been putting Women Superstars out of commission. I expect a lot of chaos and distraction during this match and I can’t wait!

Prediction: Charlotte Flair retains her championship

United States Championship Triple Threat Match-  20171201_CoC_CorbinRoodeZIggler--c8f0785db7936308345b02274bfe411c Champion Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode. Before I talk about this match I want to say that I am super happy to see Bobby Roode getting a title shot. I’m a bit disappointed with Monday Night Raw as Finn Balor, the first ever Universal Champion and a great Superstar and technician has not had any matches of substance since he returned from injury. this is one area where I think Raw needs to take a page out of Smackdown Live’s book. Anyway on the match!

Prediction: Bobby Roode is the new USA Champion!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way- Champions The Usos, vs The New Day, vs Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin, vs Aiden English and Rusev! –   20171205_CoC_8manTAG--09a691844abeebb98823a9971a23b335 The tag team division has been on fire at Smackdown Live lately. I will say that the New Day did a great job of getting themselves re-inserted into another Tag Team Championship match (seeing as the last time they faced the Usos was supposed to be the final chapter in this feud lol).  I’m really excited for this match to see how it goes down. Only 2 competitors will be in the ring at a time so watching the different tag opportunities should be fun.

Prediction: Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are the New Tag Team Champions


Breezango vs The Bludgeon Brothers –  20171212_CoC_tag_breezangobludgeon--4062236fda2a54c8633bcfa99a25c0ec The Bludgeon Brothers surely win this match!

Those are my predictions for the Clash of Champions! Do you agree with my picks? Who do you think will win each match? What was your favorite event of the year? What do you think will happen next year? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE Survivor Series Predictions!

Happy SaturdayNovas! Tomorrow is the annual Survivor Series PayPerView event where Raw and Smackdown face off to battle for supremacy! Every Saturday I post a short preview and predictions for the match! Let’s see who will be fighting! This year the event took a different direction where it put the champions from each brand against each other along with the traditional 5 on 5 elimitaion matches! I’m rolling with Team Raw!

Women’s Championship Match –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_CharlotteBliss--02c2ed250989c2979364351cd6e93ccd  The Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will face the new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte in one on one competition. Alexa Bliss was the only womens champion to have held titles on each brand, now Charlotte joins her on that list. Alexa Bliss is small, ruthless and cunning while the technician Charlotte is one of the more athletic and versatile Women Superstars. This should be a great match but I do wonder how the height difference will play a role.

Predictions: Alexa Bliss will win! (Really I want her to win 🙂 )

International Champion versus United States Champion –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_MizCorbin--27115f0d7935335df33e3e389903e06e  The brands switch titles earlier this year with the Superstar Shake-up. This change sent the Intercontinental title to Raw and the United States Title to Smackdown Live. The match up will be the IC champion the Miz taking on the United States Champion Baron Corbin. The miz is smart in his matches and I’m sure that the Miztourage will be ringside. The feud was one on twitter where Miz calls out Corbin for squandering his opportunities (remember the Money In The Bank cash in lol)   and Corbin looks to silence the Miz.

Prediction: I think Baron Corbin will take the match.

Tag Team Champions –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_tagteam--b3c965f3872be71c3f15e542daa2dadb  The new Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro will take on the Smackdown Champions the Usos in a battle for the tag team division supremacy. I figured this match was ironed out with the reunion of the Shield. I mean Roman wouldn’t know who to root for if Seth and Dean were still champions because the Usos are his cousins. This set the “Bar” in prime position to battle for the pride of Raw. The Usos have been dominant since they defeated the New Day a few PayPerViews ago.

Predictions: Sheamus and Cesaro should win this one, but it will be entertaining.

Cruiserweight Championship –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_EnzoKalisto--f3b902cf2d6d9d4d62f5fcacdb81769d  Champion Enzo will take on Kalisto again for the Cruiserweight Championship. There have been feuds back and forth between Team Zo and Team Kalisto and the Cruiserweight divison is split down the middle. You have the face characters rallying behind Kalisto and the heels taking the Zo Train. Personally I’m happy with Enzo being more of a heel. It works with his personality.

Prediction: Enzo will probably retain.

Universal Champion versus WWE World Champion –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_BrockAJ--ed259170b5a98cf338fc61fa5fed0d83  This is one of the most anticipated matches of the night. Raw Universal Champion Brock Lesner will take on the new WWE Champion AJ Styles from Smackdown live. AJ Styles is probably one of the most loved  Superstars in the WWE. On Raw the crowd was chanting Suplex City and Aj Styles! The technician is fast and brave and I know he can give the ebats a run for his money… but can he win? Brock Lesner is undefeated since he won the title from Goldberg at Wrestlemania.

Predictions: I really, really want AJ Styles to win! This is probably my only vote against the red brand.

The Shield vs The New Day –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_ShieldNewDay--2e82f749d51cfaae12b37892dcc308b2  This is the match that I’m most excited for. I don’t care that the Shield was a thing for a long time, I didn’t get to experience it live. I want the Shield to decimate the New Day and assert their dominance. I want to see powerful moves from Roman, Insanity from Dean and high Flying moves from Seth! I want the Shield to come out guns blazing and solidify them as the best faction EVER! It’s no debate on who I want and believe will win this match.

Predictions: The Shield, The Shield, THE SHIELD!

Traditional 5 on 5 Women’s Elimination Match –  20171118_SurvivorSeries_WomensMatch_update--ad07b386fb609e332e418bc41b3d4121 The first Survivor Series match will be the women of Raw taking on Smackdown’s best. The lineups are Asuka, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, Bayley and Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, Naomi and Tamina. I’m happy with this matchup because I want to finally see Tamina versus Nia (which I hope will happen). This is hard match to call as I don’t really give one team an edge over the other. All I know for sure is that the match should be amazing!

Predictions: I’m going to go with Raw winning the women’s Superstar.

Traditional 5 on 5 Men’s Elimination Match– 20171114_SurvivorSeries_MensMatch--df90f3fc4957b2de8f1e32caba8b2954  The main event will either be this match or the Universal and WWE Champions. Just like the Women’s elimination match, it will be 5 top RAW Superstars versus 5 Superstars from Smackdown. But wait, Shane Mcmahon couldn’t pass up an opportunity to insert himself into another match so yes, he is on the Smackdown team along with Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena and Randy Orton. This team is stacked! Their opponents will be Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and the game Triple H! You read that correctly, Triple H will be competing in the match.

Predictions: This one was a hard one to debate but I’m giving the slight edge to team Raw!

Those are my predictions for the Survivor Series Event! What are your predictions? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE TLC Preview & Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! Here’s our predictions for the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event taking place tomorrow October 22nd at 8PM EST!

Tables, Ladders and Chairs is one of the best events that WWE puts on each year. This event have specialty matches that incorporate tables, ladders, chairs or a comnination of the 3 which makes for a heightened viewer experience. Unfortunately, as pointed out by a great WWE blogger Deezango in his predictions, this event only has 1 stipulation match and that’s the main event. Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that this was not planned out any better. I’m sure you could have incorporated a ladder for the women’s champinship match or chairs for Finn Balor versus Bray Wyatt. Oh well on to the predictions!

Kickoff Match Sasha Banks vs Alicia Foxx –  20171016_TLC_SashaFox--307e2137a3cefc417766e1564196c848  I’m not quite sure how I feel about this match. I’m not really interested in it one way or the other so I guess I will just skip to my predictions. My predictions: Sasha Banks will win!

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick –  20171016_TLC_BrainJack--91192ce65eb7d0266dc8cd5745ae6d50  This feud started on 205 live when a once jaded Gallagher switched sides and assisted Kendrick in the beat down of Cedric Alexander. This is similar to the heel turn that TJP took earlier this year. Now Gallagher and Kendrick will take on Cedric and his partner Swann. My prediction: Cedric and Rich will win!

Raw Women’s Championship Match–  20170820_TLC_temp_blissmickie--5ddba720ab859c756298e2acec62cac9  Mickie Jaimes looks to challenge the Goddess alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title. The constant attack on Micki Jaimes age has been taken too far and now the former champion seeks to take revenger on Alexa. If you remember, Alexa brought Micki back to WWE when Becky Lynch was champion I believe. They’ve already had a feud on Smackdown Live and now they will have another on Raw. My prediction: Alexa Bliss will retain her championship.

Demon King vs Sister Abigail

Aj Styles!!!! This match should be very entertaining!

Finn Balor releases his demon king once more to face the long departed Sister Abigail, that we thought died during the Orton vs Bray feud. Soooo is Bray going to dress as Sister Abigail during the fight? I’m sure we’re going to have classic Bray triggers like lights flickering and projections on the ring, but what will really happen during this fight? I’m perplexed hereas this feud is really, really annoying at this point. My prediction: Demon King Finn Balor wins and finally puts this feud to rest.  This was my original prediction until I was reading the TLC article and saw that AJ Styles will now face Balor. I don’t know what to think of this but I heard a rumor that Bo Dallas (Bray’s Brother) was sick and that’s why he hasn’t appeard for 2 weeks. Very interesting, but my prediction stands with Balor! This will be an awesome match though… Club vs Club!


Asuka Debut Match vs Emma

“Asuka’s Gonna Kill You, Asuka’s Gonna Kill You!”

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka was called up (finally) from NXT to make her debut on Raw’s TLC Pay Per View! Asuka, for anyone who hasn’t watched NXT was the longest reigning NXT champion period. That’s out of male, female and tag team competitors. She’s truly amazing to watch and her moves are solid, effective and most of aall believeable. She debuts to tke on Emma, which isn’t too bad of a choice, but I would prefer seeing her go head to head with Raw’s tp Women Talent. You know the crowd’s about to be chanting “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” to Emma and I can’t wait! My prediction: Asuka is surely going to win this match quite easily, waking up the crowd and putting the women’s division on notice!


Cruiserweight Championship –  20171006_TLC_EnzoKalisto2_TEMP--db88b38dd09a74ee6ef632b1b6badd39 Champion Kalisto is set to take on Enzo in the rematch for the crusierweight title. I think this will be a great match and will invovle more then the 2 men in the ring. This past RAW, we learned that Enzo had his own little posse which goes pretty well with his character. My prediction: Enzo will win.

The Shield vs Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun & Kane

Get well soon Roman!

The main event and the match that I’m literally tuning in for is to see the reunited Shield versus an insormountable cast of Superstars. If Braun Strowman wasn’t enough, throwing in the devil’s favorite demon Kane is enough to make me lose it! Say what you wnat about why the Shield was brought back together, you know we are going to get a great show! And I guess it’s better than watching Brock Lesner NOT lose the Universal Title each event. This is the only Tables, Ladders and Chairs match which lessens the handicap on the Shield. My prediction: The Shield will win of course by pinfall and if they lose, I’m RIOTING!  I’d wager 3 people being put through tables for this match. This was another original prediction until the news broke that Kurt angle will be replacing Roman Reigns in the match. I’m not quite sure why, but oh well. The match should still be good I guess. My prediction stands with the Shield (well Dean and Seth) winning the match. 


Those are my predictions for the TLC match this week! Who do you think will come out on top? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



WWE Hell In A Cell Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s Saturday and there’s a preview post, that can only mean 1 thing. Tomorrow is a WWE Payperview event! This time Smackdown Live takes their best Superstars to the stage to battle for supremacy. Hell in A Cell will be a few rematches from Summerslam and we will have 2 matches inside of the cell. Let’s jump into my thoughts and predictions!

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs The Hype Bros-  hiac8 I’m actually looking forward to this match. Shelton Benjamin has a great style of strength and speed and now being paired with Chad Gable, the tag team should be very entertaining. Prediction: Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin should win this! 

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match-  hiac3 Champion Natalya will take on Charlotte for the Women’s title. I didn’t watch the build up for this match so I don’t have a preview for it. Let’s just jump into the prediction. Prediction: I’m thinking Charlotte is going to take the match and become champion!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match- hiac4 This will be the first rematch of the Summerslam event. Champions; The New Day are set to defend their titles against The Usos in the cell! This rivalry has been one of the more entertaining ones for me. From the rap battles to the last rights, both the New Day and the Usos have stepped up on the mic and in the ring. It all ends at Hell In A Cell, inside of the cell. I can see both teams elevating each other once again. Prediction: I see the New Day retaining their titles and moving on to the next tag team.

WWE World Championship Match-  hiac2 This will be the 2nd rematch of Summerslam Champion Jinder Mahal taking on the King of Strong Style Nakamura. Mahal has been picking and prodding at Nakamura for a while now. Nakamura comes with a high octane style and kicks that can render any Superstar helpless. But will he be champion? Prediction: I have to go with Nakamura winning. I want him to win so bad lol. 

United States Championship Match-  hiac5 The United States match will be between champion AJ Styles and Baron Corbin who has been brooding around WWE for weeks. Between the interferences with the Tye Dillinger matches, the embarrasment of losing his Money in the Bank contract and the disrespect for the title, Baron Corbin is finally set to take on AJ Styles 1 on 1Aj Styles praises Corbin’s ability but disgraces his attitude, referring to Corbin as a Superstar that tries to take shortcuts. Prediction: Aj Styles will retain his championship.

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler – Hiac6 The battle of the entrances. GLORIOUS!!!!! Dolph Ziggler has been funny entering the Smackdown Live ring with various entrances, so why not pit him against one of the most infectious entrances out there? Ziggler is taking the same route as he did with Nakamura, threatening to expose Roode for the fraud that he is. Ziggler is a great test for Roode to solidify himself on SD Live and hopefully move on to bigger and better roles. Prediction: Bobby Roode will win this match which is GLORIOUS!!!

Randy Orton vs Rusev  – hiac7 I have no idea how or why this match is even a thing. I didn’t watch the buildup for this match so I will just comment my prediction. Prediction: I wouldn’t mind if Rusev picked up the W Here.

Shane Macmahon Vs KO- hiac1 From any of my previous previews that featured Shane Mcmahon, you might recall my disdain for him in matches. I honestly feel like there is great talent on Smackdown and they need to be utilized instead of Shane feuding with Superstars… again.  KO hit it on the head, Shane NEEDS to be involved and while the fans love seeing him take death defying risks, we need to be exposed to better quality matches for the talent on the roster. Enough complaining lol, this match is set to be entertaining with Shane’s lack of fear from jumping from high places. It’s a falls count anywhere match so I am anticipating that the match will be pretty good. Since it is falls count anywhere, look for KO and Shane to wander through the crowd during the match. Prediction: I believe Shane will win this match.

Side Note: I have come across 2 really great WWE bloggers that are just getting started. Check them out for interesting posts and predictions!

That’s the line up for the PPV. Who are you taking in the matches? What surprises if any, do you think will happen? Let’s talk Hell in a Cell!

-Luna 😀



WWE No Mercy Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s been about a month since we have had a WWE prediction post and that’s because after Summerslam there was a break in between PPV’s just like what happens after Wrestlemania. Tomorrow Monday night RAWs finest are taking the stage! Let’s see what matches are scheduled and I will provide my opinions on who will win.

Raw Tag Team Championship match- 20170901_No_Mercy_tag--6306237aa98adfae93416fc2910d6080 Defending champions and my husband Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are re-watching Sheamus and Cesaro for the titles. These 2 teams, with the mix of the Club Anderson and Gallows, have been fighting each other since Summerslam. The matches have been going back and forth with Sheamus and Cesaro playing true heels and doing questionable deeds during the matches. My prediction is extremely bias and expected: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will retain!

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 5 way match- 20170918_No_Mercy_WomansMatch--ff75c91d4020451334d2e0a437c6acdf What? Didn’t catch Raw the past 2 weeks? You read the tile right, the Boss Sasha Banks take on Goddess Alexa Bliss for her rematch at the belt. Then why does it say fatal 5 way you may think? Well last week bliss and banks were in a tag team match on the same team. If they lost, Kurt Angle said that the 2 women they fought would be inserted in the match. They lost to Nia Jax and Emma. But wait, there’s more! The 5th entrant was the returning Bayley from injury! My prediction: I was going to go with Nia until Monday. Now I think Bayley will be champion!

Universal Championship Match- 20170905_No_Mercy_TOTT_feed--6091fb6a7014d2b23e9dfbf6eb8ea9a1 Challenger Braun Strowman meets the Beast Brock Lesner for the title on Sunday. Last time these 2 met, Braun destroyed him in a fatal 5 way but didn’t pick up the W. Now it’s a straight 1 on 1 match and it’s going to be good (in th3 voice of Booker T). My prediction: if Strowman doesn’t win, I riot!!!! Strowman is ready, he’s dominant and he can convincingly beat Brock! My prediction: Braun Strowman is the new Universal Champion!

Intercontinental Title match- 20170918_No_Mercy_MizJordan--82779d0857db4f1c8aac33f2b7abbded The Miz meets the winner of the 6 pack challenge Jason Jordan for the title. OK I’m a little upset. I loved me some Jason Jordan when he was a part of American Alpha, but this new thing with his dad being Kurt Angle and him being put in all types of high profile matches is annoying. I agree with Miz, it’s like he’s being shoved down my throat. Is this how people feel about Roman Reigns? My prediction: Ughh I hope the Miz retains. But I’m thinking that Jordan will win.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt- 20170901_No_Mercy_finnbray--b186328f1c99ad1cce2ff3aba2661515 We will also have the Man to Man Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt match. This is re-match from Summerslam when the Demon King Finn Balor decimated an unprepared Bray Wyatt. Now Bray seeks to fight Finn Man to Man to prove his dominance? The problem with this match for me is that if Bray is a so called “god or eater of worlds,” why would it matter what form Finn is in? You’re “ALL POWERFUL” right? This match is annoying just on premise alone. My prediction: Finn Balor wins again and hopefully gets a title shot soon.

Face vs Face? Match lol- 20170821_No_Mercy_RomanCena--6cff6b3907e8151579ca0d6e0a0b4c97 John Cena Challenged the big dog Roman Reigns after Summerslam. The match at No Mercy will be 2 Face and polarizing characters versus each other. John Cena has been winning the battle of the mic but we all know that Cena is a talker and Roman is not so that was not surprising. I can’t wait for this match personally just to see who the crowd boos more or if we get the “You Both Suck” chant again lol. My prediction: Roman Reigns should win this match.

Crusierweight Championship Match- 20170901_No_Mercy_nevilleenzo--fd275966fac9d731aa795be010060f0c The Cruiserweight match will be between current champion Neville and new cruiserweight Enzo Amore. What’s funny is that since so many people like Enzo and hated what Cass did, I thought that WWE was trying to bump up viewership on the 205 Live show each Tuesday. But then something funny happened, when Braun interrupted Enzo and stopped his spiel, the WWE Universe chanted “Thank you Strowman!” Now I’m not sure if giving Enzo the belt will do anything for the Cruiserweight division. My prediction: Neville will retain.

Those are my predictions for the No Mercy PPV! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my picks? Do you think anything special will happen? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Summer Slam Preview & Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s time again for my WWE Pay Per View event preview and predictions. This time, we are previewing the biggest event of the summer; SummerSlam! SummerSlam is the 2nd largest WWE event of the year (after WrestleMania) and it’s a cross brand show that will feature both Raw and SmackDown Live matches in Brooklyn, NY! Prepare for a lengthy prediction post because there are a lot of matches taking place on Sunday! I’m super excited for SummerSlam so let’s get into the preview and predictions!

Raw Tag Team Title Match raw tag team This is my most anticipated match that I have been calling on for weeks now. Us fans are finally able to see 2/3 of The Shield re-unite with my Husband and Dean Ambrose mending things. They have been attacked week after week, by first the Miz-tourage and then, the RAW Tag Champs Sheamus and Cesaro. After officially reuniting, Kurt Angle came out and made the title match! There’s no way the WWE can tease us with the reunion for a month and not deliver on them ascending to the top of the Tag Team Division. My Prediction: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are your NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!!

WWE World Championship Match – world Jinder Mahal will take on challenger Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE World Championship Title! I have to be honest, I haven’t paid too much attention to SmackDown so I have no idea how this match happened. Well, that’s not entirely true; I know that Nakamura and John Cena fought for the number 1 contender in which Nakamura won. What I don’t know is how that match was set up. My prediction: I reallyyyy want Nakamura to become WWE Champion, but is it too soon?

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt finn Bray Wyatt has been messing with Finn Balor since he returned to RAW the Monday after WrestleMania. He’s been interrupting his matches, sending his cryptic warnings and telling the WWE universe that their hero is nothing. I knew that Summer Slam would have to be special for Finn becuase it was his first PayPerView on the main roster last year and when he was injured as the first Universal Champion and had to relinquish the title. Bray pushed Balor too far and you can see the build-up of anger. On RAW he had one thing to say…

Bray Wyatt has his demons… and I have mine!

That’s right we finally get to see Finn bring out the Demon King at SummerSlam (it hasn’t been seen since last year’s SummerSlam) and I’m sure the entrance is going to be AMAZING! My prediction: Demon King trumps False Prophet! Finn Balor for the Win!

SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Match- smack womens Natalya won the women’s elimination match to become the number 1 contender for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship against Naomi. I can’t stand Natalya, but her more recent mean streak seems to be standing up better than ever. I don’t want Naomi to loose, especially to Natalya. I feel as though Naomi will not walk out of Brooklyn with her title. My prediction: Carmella, the Princess of Staten Island, cashes in her Money in The Bank Contract.

Raw Women’s Championship Match raw womens The Raw Women’s Championship match will be between champion Alexa Bliss and her worst nightmare, Sasha Banks. Alexa has tried to get away from fighting Sasha Banks for awhile now, but finally her plots are over and Sasha Banks is her official opponent. Sasha has beaten the champ a few times (non-title matches) and she looks to be a 4 Time Women’s Champion. I have to say that I can’t see Sasha getting her 4th title this quick. I want Sasha to win, but I don’t know. My Prediction: Alexa Bliss remains women’s champion.

Universal Championship Match- fatal The fatal 4 way match will be between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. This will most likely be the main event and one of the highlighted matches of the evening. After Brock defeated Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire, the search for the Number 1 contender was on the way. After interruptions from Reigns, Joe and Strowman, GM Kurt Angle did the best thing ever; he made it a Fatal 4 way match. These 4 have been mixing it up in matches on RAW ever since and the kicker is that Brock Lesnar AND Paul Heyman said that if Brock loses, they both leave WWE. Now I’ve been hearing rumors about Brock not being able to compete anymore due to health or something. If this is true, it’s the reason for all the theatrics. My predictions: against popular opinion I think that all 3 Shield members will win titles and Roman Reigns will be the new Universal Champion. Side Note: I mean it could be Strowman’s turn, too lol.

John Cena vs Baron Corbin – john The John Cena and Baron Corbin feud is another one that I have not paid attention to on SmackDown (blahhh) so I don’t know how this match was even set up. At the last SmackDown Live special, Corbin was bent on destroying Nakamura. My Prediction: Cena Will Win.

Rusev Vs Randy Orton- rko I’ve already mentioned that I haven’t really been paying attention to SmackDown Live (everyone I love with the exception of a few people are on RAW) so I’m not sure how this feud even started. Because I’m not quite sure what’s going on, I will jump right into my prediction. My prediction: Rusev will win.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship match- new day The New Day vs The Usos. The 2 tag teams have been battling since the New Day debuted on SmackDown Live. This is the rematch for the titles that the Usos lost during the last SmackDown Live event. I’m not a fan of the New Day having the titles again so this is going to be very biased. My prediction: The Usos reclaim the titles.

Big Show vs Big Cass (with Enzo Suspended in a Shark Cage)big Since the traumatic split of fan favorites Enzo and Cass, we have seen Enzo take on help from another 7 footer, The Big Show. The Big Show is playing the role that Cass once played; in being the defender of Enzo when he gets in over his head, which is often. This match will have Enzo suspended above the ring so that he cannot interfere with the match. My prediction: Big Cass will win.

United States Championship Match- AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens with special guest referee Shane McMahon- ustitle The rematch of champion AJ Styles and KO for the United States Championship will take place on Sunday. Due to discrepencies in the match, Shane McMahon annoyingly decided to be a special guest referee for the match. I know I haven’t watch SmackDown, but why Shane, why? This is just as annoying as him placing himself in the Survivor Series 5 on 5 match, I just don’t see a point. My prediction: AJ Styles will retain, he’d better!

Cruiserweight Championship Re-match- akira HA HA HA HA, laugh at ’em Tozawa! Titus Brand Worldwide is taking over with the new Champion Tozawa taking down the King of the Cruserweights (I mean shouldn’t he change that title now lol). Akira won the title on Monday Night Raw, and after being attacked on 205 Live the next night, the match for Summerslam was confirmed. I love Tozawa and I think he will make a great champion! My Prediction: Tozawa Retains!

Six Man Tag Match- hardyz The 6 man tag match will be between The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan versus The Miz and The Miztourage. This feud started about 2 weeks ago on RAW when the Miz insulted Jason Jordan on Miz TV. He was taking jabs saying that Jordan is given special treatment because of his father being GM Kurt Angle, among other things. In a battle with the Miz, the Hardyz ran to the ring to help out and voila, a Summerslam Kickoff Match was made! My prediction: The Hardyz and Jason Jordan will win.

Wheeew! That was a long prediction post, but we’ve made it! What are your thoughts on the SummerSlam Matchups? Which matches are you most looking forward to and what are some of your predictions? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂