700 Followers and What’s Next!

Happy Friday Players! A week or so ago GamersUnitedGG reached the 700 followers milestone! Thank you for reading and following the blog. It’s awesome to have reached such a high number and I hope that the quality of our posts keeps you interested and following for a long time.

Thank you for 700 Followers, you rock!

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What’s next for GamersUnitedGG?


Now that I have completed the editing process of my first book, I can focus on playing video games, binge watching shows and blogging about them here. This past week I’ve posted Raft:First Impressions, Overcooked 2: First Impressions, Favorite Call of Duty Perks, Our Patreon Reboot and Our Discord Servers! It’s been a interesting week and next week should bring more exciting posts.


Here’s What you can expect to read next week:

  • Memoirs of A Villain – Hopefully I can finally finish Bowser and add in ____ from the Blogger Blitz Round 1 Match-up taking place on the Adventure Rules Blog!
  • Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable -(this series has had controversial feedback so I decided to watch and see for myself)
  • Harry Potter Tag
  • Luna’s Rankings – Favorite Harry Potter Characters
  • Preparing for my first RPG game in real life!


On Patreon:

  • An inside look at Game Night with friends!


On Discord:

  • Talking About New Fortnite Skins
  • Talking About Early Access Games
  • Talking About Red Dead Redemption 2

That’s what the week will look like in my world. Feel free to drop by the Discord Servers to talk about your favorite games and post your latest video game blog post! If you have Overcooked 2 on PC, I will be playing Friday after 7pm EST and Sunday all day.

What are you currently working on? Are you close to any milestones? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

October Update!

I have not posted, AT ALL this month…I am so ashamed. Let me cut right to the chase and explain why I have been so MIA these past few weeks…

  • Work: As some of you know, Luna and I work at the same place and recently some changes were made and out Internet usage has been limited.. Trust me folks, we cry everyday about this. The boredom is REAL.
  • Relationship: My boyfriend, the magic ki7aoMechanic, has recently been promoted to Manager/Mechanic and has been given the challenge of running a new shop for the next 30 days! Woohoo!! Exciting changes are on the horizon for us but it is kind of stressful for him so I am trying to be crazy free for the next 30 days…Now some of you are like, “Wait, wait, wait, did she just say crazy free”?  Why yes, yes I did. Ladies and gentleman, I am a crazy but loving girlfriend which means I am constantly hangry and wanting chicken nuggets. IS-THAT-A-CHICKEN-NUGGETWith my boyfriend’s 30 day challenge ahead, I want to make sure that there are no distractions at home that would cause any stress to him! It’s already been three days and I’ve only had 1 meltdown…that’s a new personal record.
  • Mentally: If you have ever watched  an episode of Scrubs and seen JD zone out and let his mind have one of those moments, that’s basically me. I am the girl version of JD. I always have 34646412175 random thoughts going through my mind and it’s hard for me to settle down and write. I also have these depression spells where I basically refuse to do anything or see anyone because I can’t get myself to walk out of my house.
  • Writing Rut: We’ve all been through the rut. You know the drill. Any time you try to write out your thoughts it ends up becoming empty scribbleswritersblock

I am starting to feel like myself again so hopefully I will have some posts coming out soon! It’s kind of weird for me to write about my life, how I feel, and what I am going through but I think it will make myself and my writing stronger. I will also have some of my Poetry and Creative Writing for you to read in the next few days as well!


I have a mini pumpkin that needs to be decorated for our Mini Pumpkin Contest at work and I still have to find and make an appropriate costume for work. I have a few ideas and I wish I could share them with you but I don’t want Luna to know as we are very competitive when it comes to work contests!

So far, I have watched random episodes of the Walking Dead, the Addams Family, the Addams Family Values, Jason goes to Hell, Michael Myers, Twilight, Hocus Pocus, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Chucky, Ghost Adventures, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and a few others that have played randomly at work.  I think I have a good mix of Zombies, Vampires, Monsters, crazed Dolls, and Witches so far going on for this month for me!

With only a few days of October left, I can only feel Thanksgiving and Christmas just blurring by right before us! As much as I adore Halloween and the spooky vibes that it brings, I am super excited for Christmas! My boyfriend’s family from Mexico will be coming for the first time and we already have plans galore for different activities in the area! I love to craft so I may try to make my own Disney Ornaments this year!!! craft

I have so much to plan… Until next time…








Happy Friday Players and Novas!  I hope everything is going well! Today’s post will be a short update on what’s going on with myself and the blog! It’s the Burger of The Day post, if you will lol.

Vacation: Firstly, I’m on vacation lol. I’m currently typing to your from my friends living room (because she’s still asleep) in Illinois. Now I’m a Floridian so being in Illinois when it’s pretty cold to me is crazy. But hey, I promised her that I would visit to go to Six Flags and Fright Night with her (doing that tomorrow). I’m a little skeptical because I am used to the high end Halloween Horror Nights and Howl O Scream events, but I’m sure I’ll have fun either way (If I don’t freeze to death lol).

Patreon: I know I mentioned starting a Patreon account in the Bloggers Thoughts: From Players to Professionals post last week. Well that dream is a reality now. The Patreon Page is live and you can help support the blog if you wanted by clicking here. Also, if you have any ideas for the page I’m happy to hear them!

Upgrades: Does the site look different to you? We received our first sponsored post a few days ago. With the earnings, I upgraded the blog to Premium and now we have access to better themes. It’s a work in progress but I’m upgrading the look and feel of the site (it looks wayyyy better on mobile now). How does the new theme look?

NaNoWriMo – The outline is complete for my story that I’m going to be working on during National November Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo) and I’m debating on posting snippets of the story here during the month of November. Let me know if that would be a good idea. I’m writing the story of a journal from medievel times, following the life of a royal court and a Princess. The journal’s going to be written from different perspectives as it winds up in a few different character’s possession.

Upcoming Posts: This coming week we will have posts coming out that I have been working hard on.

Saturday 10/21/17 : WWE TLC Preview and Predictions! 20161114_TLC_Logos_rendered--39a157fbe4ce365b2bc8b62f00db7a18

Sunday 10/22/17 : Memoirs of a Villain: Bowser! Bowser

Monday 10/23/17 : WWE TLC Recap & The Short Story Challenge Week 3!

Tuesday 10/24/17 : Luna’s Rankings: Best Video Game Villains!

Wednesday 10/25/17: Fortnite First Impressions! fortnite

Thursday 10/26/17: TBD

Friday 10/27/17 : Still Star Crossed Series Review! still star

That’s what I have planned this week, assuming that nothing changes at the moment! Are you working on any projects? What do you have scheduled this week? Are you looking forward to any of the posts? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂








Sunday Update!

Happy Sunday Players! October has been a greta month and it’s already flying by. This is a quick update post on what’s to come this week! Also, thank you to everyone that’s commented on the Opinion Post. It’s really provided me a layout on what type of posts you all like to read.

Sunday 10/8/17 – Today is the Hell In A Cell Payperview match so I will be watching after work. I posted my preview post yesterday and tomorrow will be the results post!

Memoirs of A Villain- Today’s Memoirs of A Villain post was created by my friend Emily.

Also, today is the last day for the Guest Blog Challenge! If you want to enter, review the rules, write up your 500 word spooky story and leave a link to your post. The prize is a Guest Blog!

Monday10/9/17 – A recap of the WWE HIAC Event and the 2nd week of the Guest Blog Challenge!

Tuesday 10/10/17 – Luna’s Rankings with Guest Emily! Ranking our top Horror Games! Also a Poem will be uploaded.

Wednesday 10/11/17 – Creative Writing Series Start

Thursday 10/12/17 – Destiny 2 First Impressions Post (working on Fortnite and Divinity Original Sin 2 posts for later this month).

Friday – TBD

Saturday- TBD

Those are the posts that we have coming this week! What are you working on? Any plans for the week? Let’s talk plans and goals!

-Luna 🙂



Happy Thursday Novas! Today’s post will be an update unless I can get some of my other projects completed. I apologize for not uploading much this week, however, I was a bit under the weather so spent most of my time in bed and playing video games.   Sunday is when I normally post my Memoirs of A Villain post, however, that post will not go up until this Sunday. Long story short, I didn’t finish writing it as of yet. My gaming computer was put together Saturday and between that and leveling up on Destiny, I lost track of time lol. Instead of rushing something , I will just update you on life!

Well as I mentioned, I was super ecstatic to finally have my gaming PC. I picked it up around 10pm and have been playing all night and week. I only have a few games at the moment but I plan to buy PUBG, Divinity 2  and H1Z1 Survival soon.  south  I don’t know much about PC’s but so far I definitely have my money’s worth! I haven’t had any issues with the games that I have played and the mouse is awesome and comfortable.

Work has been going great and I’m currently on a new temporary schedule which has blessed me with Saturdays off!!!! I haven’t had a Saturday off schedule for about 2 years so I’m loving the schedule at the moment. Plus, I can now play during the day with my gaming friends instead of seeing them late at night like a forbidden relationaship lol.

So aside from gaming, TV has been a great distraction.  spong The fall lineup is starting and there’s plenty of shows to watch from The Challenge, to The Voice, To Survivor! I’m waiting on Bob’s Burgers and Riverdale early next month to start as well. My DVR is about to be full again lol. I’ve also been recommended 2 new anime shows. the first is an American Made anime on Netflix called Neo Yokio. It’s ok so far but you can tell it’s American made if that makes sense. I will probably do a review on the show when I complete the series. The 2nd is a darker anime mystery called Baccano. I plan to watch this one as well.

That’s my update, thank you for 350+ followers as well! I will resume my normal posts on Sunday starting with the Memoirs of A Villan post featuring Billy The Pupet! You Know the puppet from the Saw movies!  Until then, I will try and reblog some interesting posts that I come across. Have a great week and weekend Novas and we will see you soon!

-Luna 🙂





Last Week At GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Novas! Before we get into today’s post, I wanted to run something by you. My friend Mikey was asking me if I did a newsletter or if I were going to start sending out a newsletter for the blog. What do you think? Should we have a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter going out? My idea would be to promote the top posts by views and likes, shoutout a blog that everyone should check out and talk about any events on the blog (I’m working on a blogger’s challenge event and Gaming Challenge event now). If you think it’s a good idea or not, please vote using the poll below. I will make a decision in about a week or so.


Anyway, on to today’s post. Today we’re pretty much doing a recap of our posts and some gaming news because there has been so much happening on the blog lately. Let’s start with the gaming news; as there’s only a few things that I want to highlight:

  • Sonic Mania released August 15th
  • Pre-order the Call of Duty WWII game to have access to the Beta on August 25th
  • Call of Duty World Champions for Infinite Warfare: Optic Gaming!

Last week at GamersUnitedGG, we had some great posts! If you missed them, here’s what happened:

What a busy week! Thank you to everyone who visits the blog, we’re almost to 300 followers :D. If you missed any posts and would like to read them, you can click the corresponding links above to catch up! Don’t forget to vote or comment about the newsletter idea.

What are you up to? Are you working on any current projects? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic week!





Playing This Week at GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Easter Novas! This week’s post will be less than normal as I am going a=out of town Wednesday to go the the C2E2 Comic Convention in Chicago. I’m really excited as I am Cosplaying as Lana Kane from Archer! This will be my first event actually going in Cosplay so I expect to have tons of fun with my friends. I will definitely have a post updated after the convention with the pictures of everything we did. Anyway I hope that you have a fantastic week1 Let’s see what’s on the agenda.

Monday 4/17/17Gamers Hard Drive (update on current games I am playing and the progress).

Tuesday 4/18/17Throwback Tuesday: Dead or Alive 5: (In honor of the comic convention!)

Wednesday 4/19/17Creative Writing Pt. 3

Thursday 4/20/17Skyforge Video Game Review!

Friday 4/21/17Funko Pop Friday Super Heroes & Villains!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s upcoming posts! Are you looking forward to any of the posts this week? What are you planning on writing this week? Let’s talk upcoming plans! Have a fantastic week Novas!

Luna’s blasting off again!!!!! 😀

Playing This Week at GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks, Friends and Fellow Bloggers! Thank you for reading this week’s upcoming posts! I am very proud of myself for sticking to my posts for last week and putting up some backlogged posts! This week we will keep the momentum going with another full week of exciting, gaming, geek and pop culture posts with me your friendly Princess Luna ( Ms. Luna if you’re NASTY…. nevermind rofl). This week I have an exciting lineup scheduled and since I’m back on my normal schedule I can write more often. This week there will not be a Hidden Treasures post, but I will replace it with my current Gamers Hard Drive Post! Let’s jump into what you can expect!

Sunday 3/19/2017- Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review!

Monday 3/20/17-  Gamer’s Hard Drive! (A journal of the games I’m currently playing and my progress).

Tuesday 3/21/17- Throwback Tuesday  Old School Cartoons!

Wednesday 3/22/17- Sandbox Playground (Creative Writing)

Thursday 3/23/17- Ultimate TKO Thursday (Not Sure Who’s Battling this week as of yet)

Friday 3/24/17- Netflix Series of the Week : Sense 8

This week’s upcoming posts will be fun. Also, I will write my Halo Wars 2 game review as I finished the campaign yesterday. Look for this post as well! What are your goals for the week? Are you looking forward to any posts? Feel free to recommend options for the TKO Thursday Battle! Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂



Upcoming Posts!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Have a fantastic Spring and start the season off right with fresh posts! The past 2 weeks have been super busy but I am now settling back into my normal life. This means that I can commit to my weekly posts again and keep a normal schedule (Yay!). Take  a look at the upcoming posts this week and thank you for reading!

Sunday 3/12/17Gamers Paradise (Poem)

Monday 3/13/17 Hidden Treasures 7: UnReaL (TV Show)

Tuesday 3/14/17 Throwback Tuesday – Fable Series (Video Game Franchise)

Wednesday 3/15/17 Dark Blood (Book First Impressions)

Thursday 3/16/17Ultimate Thursday TKO – Rogue Vs Android 18 (Sorry I couldn’t get this post up last week)

Friday 3/17/17Netflix Series of the Week: Magi Adventures of Sinbad (Finally got around to watching it lol)

I know some of these posts were supposed to be released a week or 2 ago but it wasn’t in the cards. This week I have loaded the slate with additional posts and half of them are already written so we are good to go! Don’t forget today is “Spring Froward” so we lost an hour of sleep (if your clocks didn’t automatically change make sure to set them ahead 1 hour). Thank you again to everyone who reads our blog here and have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂

Weekly Update!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Man this past week has been crazy busy, so much so that I was unable to complete my Netflix Series of the Week! No worries, I will continue watching and have that series for this coming week along with the Funko Pop Friday post that I literally forgot to write haha. Blogging has become an integral part of my routine right now and I am really thankful that I have decided to start writing and sharing my interests (It’s invigorating 🙂 ). This week the TKO Thursday post may change but currently this is what I have in mind. Let’s get into the weekly posts.

Monday 2/27/17 – Hidden Treasures: Reign ( I’m super excited about this show!) reign

Tuesday 2/28/17 – Throwback Tuesday : SNICK (Saturday Nickelodeon Shows from our past.) snick

Thursday 3/2/17 – Ultimate TKO Thursday: Scorpion vs Master Shredder!

Friday 3/3/17

  • Netflix Series of the Week: Magi the Adventure of Sinbad (Anime)
  • Funko Pop Friday: Video Games
  • Website Relaunch (Where has the time flown???)

Saturday 3/4/17 – WWE Fastlane Preview and Predictions (Will Finn Balor Appear????)

Also during this week I believe my co worker will do the review for the Lego Batman Movie so be on the lookout for that as well! Thank you for tuning in for this week’s upcoming posts! Hope you have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂


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