Memoirs of A Villain: Thel Vadam; The Arbiter!

I’ve lived the life on both sides of the coin. Being a villain or a hero brings different challenges as you are faced with tough decisions ahead. But I am not here to speak on my conversion to the side of heroes. I am here to recount my transgressions, both good and bad as The Arbiter and head of the Covenant Armies.


My name is Thel Vadam and I am a disgraced commander given a second chance to honor and spearhead the survival of my Sanghelli species. The Sanghelli are fierce warriors and we will stop at nothing to make sure that our race is protected and respected. I was approached by the Council to become the new Arbiter in their campaign to stop humans from looking to render my kind extinct. I accepted this high honor and swore to protect the High Prophets with my life.


During my work with the Prophets, I’ve made sure to eliminate all obstacles in our way. Humankind is not our friend and bloodshed is the only way to get results and ensure the survival of my people. My weapon of choice is an energy sword that can rip through its opponent with lightning speed.  THEL-VADAM While the cowardice of the humans’ soldiers uses guns to eliminate their targets from a distance, we Sanghelli fight with honor in close combat. halo

When I train for battle, I use my length and agility to attack with swift and precise blows. I am an ace shot with the Covenant Plasma Rifle and I have one conveniently strapped to my leg. I hit a combo strike with the Energy Sword and dodge behind my target while reaching for my Plasma rifle and taking the shot straight to the head. I’ve worked hard to increase my combat skills and I will work even harder in every task.


My next challenge is a Baddie Bake-off with one of the more devious humans who goes by the name Xehanort. Master_Xehanort This challenge was issued by a mortal from Adventure Rules. I’ve heard of this competition before where challengers are competing in tasks to find out who reigns supreme. I’d almost dismissed this silly invitation until my competitive edge kicked in. Humanity will soon be destroyed, but why not humiliate them in the Bake Off challenge. My planet has the finest cuisines that only a refined pallet can comprehend.


I’m bringing the heat from the Flood, the taste of the Sanghelli and the brains to win this Baddie Bake-Off. The challenge is a week away and I am already compiling recipes that will tantalize and show the superiority of the Sanghelli. I’ve had the honor of baking pastries for the High Prophets and they were well received. I will show the strength of the Sanghelli next week, August 6th and take yet another triumph over Humans… before they are enslaved!


-Thel Vadam

The Arbiter!


Memoirs Of A Villain: Team Rocket!

“To protect the World from devastation,”

“To Unite all people within our nation,”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love,”

“To extend our reach to the stars above,”



“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,”

“Surrender Now or prepare to fight,”

“Meowth That’s Right!”


“Actually, that’s wrong! For years we have been persecuted and tried!”

“For working and providing for our families and lives!”

“We’ve traveled the world but our story is still untold”

“Giovanni makes it hard to break from his mold”



“Team Rocket’s Memoirs are finally coming out!”

“Sit back, relax and get those check books out!”

“Meowth, $25.99 is the amount!”  Meowth


Jesse: “Where to begin? Oh I know, from the beginning. I was a child star, Little Miss Gorgeous and my mother always dressed me in the best costumes for the Pageant.”


Meowth: “Ah, that explains our clever disguises. Jesse is Master of Disguise and Beauty!”


James: “Jesse, I didn’t know that you were a pageant queen.”


Jesse: “Yes, I was on top of my regional circuit until….”


*James and Meowth snack on popcorn*


Jesse: (In melody) “I once was a beauty queen, with the best hair and skin ever seen, the last time I accepted the crown…. WAS WHEN SOCIETY LET ME DOWN!”


James: “Meowth stop chewing with your mouth open, it’s getting good and I can’t hear.”


Jesse: “ No one paid attention to me, when I was giving my acceptance speech, everyone was to preoccupied, with the Eevee that wandered inside, she’s so cute, she’s so soft, the idiots said, the presenter didn’t even put the CROWN ON MY HEAD!!!!!”


James: Disgusting!


Meowth: Yeah, truly despicable!

Jesse: “Alas, the light! I saw a job posting while walking in the rain, Giovanni is looking for recruits, I finally see what I can do to feel strong, and I joined the Team Rocket Crew!”


James and Meowth: “Whoop, Whoop, Go Team Rocket!”


Jesse: “Pokemon are disgusting things and now we’ll find them a home, Giovanni’s making all types of bread and we get paid to steal em, bag em and ship them off!”


Meowth: “That didn’t rhyme.”


Jesse: Shut Up! What’s your story James!


James: My Name is James and I…”


Meowth: “Wait! We already covered this before!”


Jesse and James: “We Have?”


Meowth: Yes! Remember that crazy Jessibelle that kept chasing James around when we found out he was loaded? jessiebelle


Jesse: Oh yeah! The “Holy Matrimony” episode.


James: With that method, that means we have heard your story before too Meowth! How you were abandoned and learned to speak English.


Meowth: Yea! So Jesse is the only one without an origins story.


Jesse: It’s because the world is ugly and cruel. No one appreciates a raw gem of beauty anymore.


James & Meowth: We appreciate you Jesse!


Meowth: You see, we’re not villains just victims of circumstance. We have to make a living, so we’re forced into the position of kidnapping Pokemon.


James: But that’s where you all can help!


Jesse: You can help us leave this life of crime and fulfill our dreams. You can restore my hope in humanity.


Meowth: All you have to do is purchase our Memoirs and we can collect enough money to go straight!

Jesse: Send your payments to 123 Villains St in Johto and make the checks payable to Team Rocket.


James: We humbly thank you for helping us!


Meowth: Oh yeah, it may take 2- 1 million business days for you to receive your copy of our book. All payments are final! Team Rocket is not responsible for lost, stolen or never sent books. There is a predetermined amount of money needed for us to go straight which can change at any time.


Team Rocket’s Blasting Off Againnnnnnn!


GamersUnitedGG Blogging Challenge: Week 2 Standings!

Happy Wednesday and Power up Players for the GamersunitedGG Blogging Competition Week 2 standings! The blogging competition is going well and I encourage everyone interested to participate! Today we will award the points for Week 2’s prompt. Let’s take a look at the rules:

Game Guide:

  • Each week there will be a topic that you will write about (the prompt posts will be released each Monday at 11:30am EST). This is a 3 week competition!
  • On the designated due date all entries must be posted (you can post anytime before the due date). Submissions after the due date will be reviewed but not submitted for the challenge that week.
  • Make sure to link back to the prompt post (This Post) each week and place a link to your submission post in the comments section.
  • Each week the top 3 posts will receive 10, 7 or 5 points. All other participants will receive 3 points. At the end of the 3rd week, the participant with the most points wins (There will be 3 Winners).


  1.  1st Place will receive a large Mystery Box of gaming and geeky items!
  2. 2nd Place will receive a small Mystery Box of gaming and geeky items!
  3. 3rd Place will receive a giftcard!

Challenge Prompt:

Week 2: January 15th – January 22ndA great video game would be nothing without a compelling villain, who is this villain and what is their goal?


Flying Colours answered first this week with a monstrous villain who wants to be king. He takes from the poor and crushes anyone who is weak. I like this villain and I can see him in 2 ways. First being a literal monster with sharp claws, slimy skin and being tall. His character would be something like Bowser (whom I love and I promise the Memoirs of a Villain post will be up soon). Bowser King of the Koopas and ready to do what’s necessary to stay in power. I can also see the character being a mortal man who’s appearance is not known, so the townspeople make him into a beast!

Daniel from Home Button struck next with his gang of Villains and title titans Full Arsenal. His villains are a group of mercenaries put together to assist in a government crisis. But you know how that turned out right? F.A ended up drinking in power and realizing that they do not have to answer to anyone, they are super skilled and well funded enough to do what they want. Suicide-Squadblu-12132016 I think of the Suicide Squad when I think about Full Arsenal, but more hi-tech based. The Suicide Squad is a gang of villains put together to help save the world… but I mean, what do they get out it? Total Chaos!

Pix1001 came up the political plunderer Mira as her villain! she’s described as having “… long violet hair, a short-sword tucked into her floor length cape and a devious look in her eyes.”  Mira seems really intelligent so I can see her being a huge problem for anyone who crosses her. She is planning to destroy everyone and everything that Earth is and she may just get what she wants! raven The cape and dark hair reminds me of Raven from Teen Titan. Mira sounds like a great villain!


Thank you again to all 3 participants in this week challenge! Now let’s award the points for week 2 and don’t forget to click on their links to read each participants’ response!

3rd Place receiving 5 Points – Flying Colours!Your monsterous villain seems like he would work well against your main character! Read their entry here!

2nd Place receiving 7 points-Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie Mira is a great villain and I think she works really well versus your main character. Read her entry here!

1st Play receiving 10 points-Daniel from Home ButtonI really enjoyed your entry and the villains sound super cool. I love the idea of a team of rogues doing what they want. Read his entry here!

Overall Standings:

3rd Place with 10 points = Flying Colours

Tied for First with 17 points = Pix1001 & Daniel

Thank you for everyone that participated this week! Week 3’s prompt is live and I encourage everyone to enter! Remember, you can still enter week 1 & 2 and you will receive the 3 Points for participation. The top 3 players with the most points at the end of Week 3 will receive the prizes! Check out week 1&2 and the official rules by clicking here!

-Luna 🙂

Creating a Compelling RPG Villain

“Don’t talk like you’re one of them! You’re not… even if you’d like to be. To them you’re just a freak, like me. They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out. Like a leper. See, their morals, their “code”… it’s a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these “civilized people?” They’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

– Joker, “The Dark Knight”


Godblood2It’s said that no one ever sees themselves as the villain, merely the hero of their own story. In the world of tabletop gaming, however, the heroes and villains tend to be rather distinguishable. Heroes wearing shining armor and stand for honor and virtue, while villains wear black and are covered in blood as they spout threats in a quest to destroy all life. Sympathy for the villain can be rare or so minor it becomes a nonfactor, and sometimes this is alright. However, when you create a story that may take months or even years to unravel, this black-and-white portrayal can seem a little bland and the adventure eventually redundant.

Every creative venue has methods for creating engaging protagonists and antagonists. There are countless books and videos detailing what makes a “great” novel or movie villain, but tabletop gaming is a different animal. Players aren’t just readers or spectators; they are active participants in the story. Every good campaign should have a strong force of opposition, whether it’s a large force or – more likely – a primary individual that must be stopped. The road to get to that end need not be a straight line, and below are a few suggestions on how to fashion a compelling and interesting villain against whom your heroes will do battle.


In movies especially and novels to a lesser extent it is generally considered a good idea to present the motives, agenda, or at least affiliation of the antagonist fairly early on. This sets the stakes for the protagonists, plots their own goals, and helps compare and contrast the two forces. In the long-term pacing of tabletop gaming, however – in which players must piece together clues as they go – a good villain remains a mystery until the very end. If the evil Dragon King is set on destroying Goodville, you can bet the heroes will head for and make camp in Goodville for most of the campaign. They’d have no real reason to do otherwise.

Keeping players on their toes accomplishes two things simultaneously: it keeps the campaign from getting boring and it puts space between the heroes and the villain. A village on fire is certainly cause for concern and action on the part of the heroes, but was it intentional? Was it part of the villain’s plot? Is the fire merely a distraction as she maneuvers elsewhere? What secrets did she want to destroy with this fire? These are questions that make players think, and can turn even a simple plan of conquest into a far-reaching campaign of intrigue. In addition, having heroes investigate a burning town for clues and rumors allows the villain to continue on to her next task is relative safety, the fog of mystery becoming a smokescreen for her and her minions.


Building onthe “no one sees themselves as a villain” motif, a purely evil and destructive force – while certainly deadly – can become two-dimensional. Bringing even the slightest glimmer of humanity into the darkest heart can not only strengthen the character of the antagonist but throw your players into their own alignment quandaries. Maybe the villain saw his entire village burn down, and the authorities refused to help him. Maybe he had a loved one who left or died, fostering a deep sadness that soon became rage. Maybe he is cursed, and has no control of his actions. Maybe he is actually the unwitting servant of a greater evil. He could feel his actions are inevitable, and that redemption is impossible. Whether or not humanity wins out in the end, merely breaking the black-and-white mold may make some heroes second-guess their zealous quest to destroy them.


Few things are as bewildering and alignment-challenging in an RPG as a villain who shows honor. This is a fantastic aspect in cultural campaigns such as Rokugan or Feudal Japan in which honor and dishonor replace typical notions of good and evil. An scorpion2honorable villain, though a bloodthirsty murder, could reach out to the heroes in a civil manner.

She could be honest in her plans and truthful in conversations, even if it’s at odds with the heroes. She could spare the lives of heroes who break into her abode, simply because she knows they were under orders to do so. She could congratulate the heroes on victories or even aid them against rivals. She could refuse to strike first and always greet the heroes unarmed until threatened.

Maybe the villain is actually in the right? What if the dark lord is the rightful ruler of the kingdom, even if he’s evil? What if the “good” King wrongfully accused and condemned the villain’s late sibling, prompting him to take up arms in retaliation? What if the Orcs were promised land, and when they weren’t granted the Chieftan waged war against the human squatters in his forest?

For heroes that are truly law-abiding and honor-focused, this can be a seriously difficult thing to deal with and makes for some very interesting encounters.


A truly compelling and engaging antagonist always seems to be a step ahead. This can be difficult to balance, because too many losses can be frustrating or downright infuriating to the heroes. Tabletop gaming is an improvised art form, which allows for a unique opportunity to build up a villain as more crafty and ingenious than they actually are. The method for doing so is simple: you cheat.

Any situation, whether a victory or failure by the heroes, can be spun to be “part of the villain’s plan.” That village they liberated? They are secretly loyal to the antagonist, and once they leave the villain now has a stronger base than before. The random Orc patrol the heroes thought was a waste of time? They carried a powerful magical item that could’ve turned the tide of the war. The scrap of paper no one can translate? It’s now the password into the villain’s lair. While such spin-doctoring should be used sparingly, it can help build the dynamic that they are always playing into the villain’s hands – until the end, when the tables are turned.

A solid example is what I call the “Moriarty Effect.” It’s a classic dupe often perpetrated after the players fail to investigate something properly. For instance, a woman pleads for the heroes to find her children that ran into a dark cave. If no one bothers to roll for insight or check for illusions, suddenly that innocuous stranger could become the villain or her henchman in disguise – and a rather deadly secret is awaiting the heroes in that cave.


Drawing on real-world influences, one of the most seemingly impossible tasks facing the heroes is to combat an ideal. Villains can be killed. Beliefs are immortal. The villain could simply be the face of a culture, religion, social caste, or cult that is far-reaching and growing. Perhaps the villain champions a revolt against a king due to high taxes and an overreaching military. Suddenly the heroes must now contend with entire cities of like-minded civilians who see the heroes as villains themselves. Perhaps the Dark Priest is simply one leader out of countless throughout the world. Now the heroes must not only drop the Priest from destroying the land, but weed out the rest of the church as well. It is like a hydra, cutting off one head while two more take its place. Such conundrums prevent a relatively small or straightforward task (killing the villain) as the tip of the iceberg. The heroes must dig out the roots, or the felled tree will continue to regrow over and over.


Villains are vital to any campaign, and the stronger the antagonist the richer the campaign will be. While the story is important, without a compelling force to oppose the heroes their quest may well seem hollow.

Memoirs of A Villain: Billy The Puppet (Jigsaw)

“Welcome readers! Do you want to play a game? The premise of the game is simple, try and piece together why I started finding players for my “Jigsaw” puzzles, by reading this memoir. Win and you get to survive. Fail and let’s just say that you are the next contestant for my madhouse. Ready?

When I was just a stump, I had a great life in the Isylum Amateur Mountain forest. It was a great living, watching the daredevils take life by the hand and dive off of the mountain with no care in the world. I’ve overheard many talking about how they are losing the high adrenaline thrills that they first had when looking death straight in the face. That’s when I knew that they wanted to be challenged, they wanted the fear, they needed it.

One day a different type of person came to the mountain. He was timid and  trying to talk himself into diving off the cliff, so I helped him. I revealed my voice and spoke confidence into this weary soul. After his dive, he thanked my by chopping me down and giving me a body. He took care to polish and mold me. As he worked on my body, we talked about how fulfilling live felt after he tested death. How being a strong person and Conquering his fears made hime a better person. Then Jigsaw and I concoted a plan, to make the world a better place. We would make people Realize how precious life really is!

Ashley Burke will be my first love for as long as I can remember. Jigsaw and I found her at a bar one night. I can still remember the first time I set eyes on her. She was hustling a gentleman at the bar, asking for a cigar and another round. She was a mess. I was sitting on the edge of the table staring at this beautiful creature plummeting into the depths. Her hair was brown and she had it swept to the side in one long french braid. Her skin was pale and caked with power and blush. Sad. She reminded me of the dolls in the shop down the steet. The porcelain objects that pouted at you and looked happy, but behind their eyes you could see a hollow grave. Ashley was withering away.

After whispering into Jigsaw’s ear what I’d observed that night, we both agreed to help Ashley. We followed her around 3:20am as she stumbled out of the bar. Ashley did not have a car, she walked 3 blocks over and stopped at a Pizzeria to eat. The way she stuffed the ZigZag calzone in her mouht, further solidified that we needed to help her. Afer wiping her mouth she paid the clerk and sarted walking again. We were in pursuit of her until she turned down the dark alley on Main St.  this was ou moment to help Ashley.

Jigsaw left me in the car and I’m not sure what happened, but Ashley was ours. We ook her home and prepared a room for her. I whispered to Jigsaw that I wanted to meet her, talk to her once she regained consciouness. After much persuasion, he finally set me in the room on a tricycle.  billy   Ashley woke up and I talked to her about life, but she paniced and tried to escape. We had to chain her up. And then the most wonderful idea popped into my mind. I wanted her to truly value life, so I asked her: “Ashley, Do you want to play a game?” At first she didn’t understand, she screamed and kicked me off of my bike. When igsaw brough in the a hand saw and picked me up, Ashley started understanding. Jigsaw left the door open and set up a camera so that we could watch her. We left. She went 3 Days without eating

She went 3 Days without eating and drinking and finally decided to get out. Ashley sturggled but her thinned wrists were finally able to stretch enough to pull the saw towrds her. With the tears in her eyes, I’m assuming from joy, Ashley starting cutting hrough her skin to release herself from the chain.  She cried and muttered words that I couldn’t undertsand. All I remmeber is hearing her saying thank you and looking towards the camera. She dragged herself out of the room.

Fast forward 2 weeks later Jigsaw and I tracked down Ashley. She was sober, dressed in a fancy suit and well groomed. We followed her all day to see her going to a job inside of the First National Bank. She picked up her child from daycare…who knew and took her to the park. She returned home and cooked dinner for her family and husband. She must have felt the connection to me because she rubbed her wrist and turned towards the window. But we were gone. All that was left was a bouquet of Yellow roses, and a note wit a single word on it… “You’re Free.”

Did you decipher the clues? Do you know why I really started helpng people? If you do, please respond in the comments. Remember, I’m always watching.

-Billy the Puppet!


Memoirs of A Villain: Cruella Deville!

“Simon Darling! How is my favorite typewriter doing?”

“The term is Copy Writer Cruella. What can I do for you today?” Simon says.

“Well I’ve just got a fantastic idea dear. To help launch my new line of furs, I want to write a memoir of my rise to fame.”

“You mean you want me to.”

“Of course! Ha! Could you imagine, me writing something for myself. That’s what I pay you for. Now get to joting down my thoughts.”

“Yes ma’am”

They call me Cruella Deville, the puppy napper. The world doesn’t understand greatness in it’s prime, not until they have died do people really apreciate their art, their eye for talent and fashion.

“Are you really comparing yourself to world reknowned artists?”

“I’m sorry do I pay you for your opinion? Oh ok, I thought not. Keep writing Simon.” Now where was I? Oh yeah, no one knows the true motives behind my acts and why the luxurious dog furs are the only pieces of clothing that I can wear. Let’s start from the beginning. As a girl, I was held hostage by family that was supposed to love and care for me. They kept me locked up and guarded with huge dogs. One day I tried to go downstairs for a drink and I was cornered by the beasts spilling my juice n the floor. I grabbed the towel in the kitchen and wiped the splatter from my neck and hands. As an innocent child, I tried to pet the pooches to calm them down and then it happened! “

“Oh my gosh, were you attacked Cruella? Is that why you’re crazy?”

“Silence you idiot and keep typing! I wasn’t attacked, something more disgusting happened. I couldn’t breathe! My throat closed up and as I was gasping for air my skin burned. It had to have been about 3 minutes before I blacked out and…”

“You’re allergic? That’s what you’re going with?” Simon smirks.


My temper needs to be tamed because I threw the chair that was next to me across the room.  “Will you stop interrupting and just listen!”

“Alright, alright. Calm down Cruella sheesh. You’re going to have a stroke one of these days.”

My patience is fleeting. The jitters from my hand drops my pack of cigarettes to the floor. Simon reaches over and hands me one of his and we both fill the room with clouds. 3 puffs and the jitters stop, the headache receeds and I’m back to the cool, fashionista that’s in high demand. I can’t let people see me like this, i’d be ruined.

“Shall we continue?” Simon asks.

I nod. “So something vile happened, I found out that I was having an allergic reaction to cotton. I’ve always been rather itchy, but this was a new low. When I awoke, the only thing that could soothe my rash was the hairs of fur left on the floor by the dogs. The epiphany occured and I knew that dog hair was where it was at. Fast forward 10 years, I started to make clothing out of the dog hair because my allergy to cotton became worse.

People started complimenting my designs and eventually started requesting for me to make pieces. I couldn’t suffice with the leftover hair on the floor so one day, I shaved one of the dogs! It was like the birth of a genius, it just felt so right!  My empire was born that day! I became a multimillionaire by selling the thing that saved my life. Dog hair!”

“So you’re just helping out the fashion world, huh?”

“Of course! I’m a regular guru, a trend setter, a business mogul that took a weakness and transformed it into strength!”

“Brillaint! I mean you’re delusional, but you have to admire your confidence.”

“Anyway Simon, the moral of the story is that you can’t let anything stop you from being great! Any obstacle can turn into your claim to fame!”

“So you’re not bothered by the fact that you abduct puppies?”


My anger is to an all time high. The last thing I remember is stepping over Simon to grab the typed up page from his typewriter. “Ughh it’ll due I guess.” I grab the hankerchief out of Simon’s lapel and wipe the debris from the page. Wlaking out of the room I smile at the start of my lie’s work.

“All I need now is another typewriter.” Flicking the remains of my cigarette on Simons body I hum my theme song and chuckle down the hall. ”





Memoirs of A Villain: Louise Belcher!

Listen, I’m not a villain but I do have quite an impressive history of mischief! louise3  Before you pass any judgement, “Just remember that we are going to come out of this deal stinking rich!” The memoir deal that is!

Have you seen all of the crap that’s being marketed as “New York Times Bestsellers?” Most of the books on that list are self help mambo jumbo that even I could write up! So I will!

I’m a simple Belcher. My family owns a restaurant and are always coming across trouble or precarious situations. Who would think that this amount of excitement would be available at a burger joint? I’m an entrepreneur, I try and get in on the ground floor of every get rich quick scheme and after reading the memoirs of 2 famous villains; The Joker and Sesshomaru, I know it’s my turn to shine!

Let’s start from the beginning. Tina was crying over the latest fight between our father and her crush’s father, Jimmy Pesto! Jimmy runs the Italian place directly across the street form us and he has been terrorizing my father for as long as I can remember. Our place may not be the fanciest, but the food outweighs Pesto’s by a ton. This time, he went too far and banned Jimmy Jr, Ollie and Andy from talking to use Belchers. Tina was devastated and I’d had enough. It’s time to protect the family.

I’ve devised a few plans to stick it to Jimmy one and for all.

Plan #1 – I feed my brother Gene buckets of chili and send him over into Jimmy Pesto’s restroom. Unknowingly, I’ve placed cherry bombs in Gene’s back pocket. He’s sure to drop a few in the toilet as he relieves himself and then KABOOM! Gene cause a minor explosion while he is pooping and the smell causes everyone to evacuate the restaurant!

Nope, can’t do that Louise. Gene will be left behind and Jimmy will somehow blame dad.

Plan #2 – I get Andy and Ollie to let me into their father’s kitchen by telling them that we’re going to play a game of hide n seek.  louise2  I volunteer to be “IT” and let the twins go off and hide away from the crime scene. Then I find Jimmy’s special marinara sauce and stir in a very special ingredient that Zeke secured for me. He beat up the science club and made them concoct a tasteless liquid that causes diarrhea. One taste of this stuff and the entire restaurant will be sick! Those who didn’t have the marinara will be sick watching others throw up and poop their pants. It’s full proof.

“Hey Louise, Rudy is here” – Tina interrupts bursting into my room.

“Hi Louise!” Rudy waves with his free arm.

“Ughhh I’m trying to make us millions here guys. What is it?” I answer slamming my pen on the desk.

“Well I wanted to show you my new Roach Farm.” Rudy says. He walks over to the desk and places a container down.

“I want to see, I want to see” Gene screams running into the room.

We all gather around as Rudy takes off the sheet covering his new friends. In aw we all marvel at the roaches walking around.

“Aw, Rudy they look sad.” Tina says

“Yea, can’t you let them loose so that they can breathe?” Gene agrees.

I smile am evil grin as the belcher children and Rudy continue to play with the roaches. Clasping my hands I let out a maniacal laugh. “This is perfect! Bwahahahaha, bwahahaha.” louise1

Tina Joins in “Aha, aha hahaha” followed by Rudy “Hahahaha.”

“I want to feel included” Gene yells “ahahahahhaha.”

The next day…

We’re sitting in the restaurant and Tina is telling us for the Gazillioneth  time that she wants to run away if she can’t be with Jimmy Jr. Dad is trying to calm her down and mom is singing her a lullaby to ease her mind. Just then we hear screams from across the street. The family runs to window to see all of Jimmy Pesto’s customers running into the streets with little critters following them.

“Omg Lyn, do you see this?” Dad says.

“Let me see, let me see. Oh My Gosh, Bobby!” Mom replies.

“What’s going on dad?” Gene and Tina ask.

“It’s the best day of our lives kids. Jimmy Pesto’s has been infested with roaches and now everyone will know!” Dad yells.

It’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen my dad cry. Tears of joy roll down his face as the Health Department and the News crews pulled up in front of Jimmy’s. Everyone rushes outside to watch the descent of Father’s enemy, except me. I stand with my arms crossed and the smile of satisfaction on my face.

See, I’m not a villain, I am a simple daughter trying to save her family from ruin. I am Louise Belcher!


Memoirs of a Villain: Sesshomaru!

The heir to the kingdom of the great dog demon shouldn’t have to put up with a bastard brother in the middle of another scandal. Why must Inuyasha insist on getting involved with these human girls? You would think he would have more respect for our father.



“Yes, Lord Sesshomaru?”

“If I am to be the ruler of the Feudal Era and the world, I will need to start chronicling my ascent to power now. ”

“Of course my lord. Let me get a piece of paper.”

Inutaishou was the greatest and most powerful demon in his time. My father, a pinnacle of excellence and power had 1 flaw; his weakness for humans.”

“Wait, am I supposed to be writing this?” Jakken says. Scrambling for his pen he begins to write what he can remember frantically.

“I, his eldest son and the true born heir to the throne will stop at nothing to take my place as ruler of this world. I will never be as careless as my father and love a human.”

“Stop it Rin!” Jakken screams. Rin is trying to draw on the paper that Jakken is using to write down his master’s words. Just then, Sesshomaru stops and stares at the little girl causing a ruckus. tumblr_oempho8nyF1vhgd6qo1_500


“Lord Sesshomaru?” Jakken questions. But his words have stopped and the blank stare of kindness starts to seep in.

“Yes. The Tetsusaiga is the most powerful weapon and the birthright that I should inherit. Yet, my father decides to give me one last test and not grant it to me right away. I must show my dominance and take the sword from Inuyasha.”

“Oh I get it now, you’re going to explain how you have overcome the hardest test ever and prove that you are the greatest demon of all time, even surpassing your father, right?”

“Quiet Jakken and keep writing.”

“Inuyasha has once again shown why he cannot be a ruler. A great ruler would never let his opponents know his weaknesses. Everyone, even the idiot Naraku knew that Inuyasha would do anything for the human girl, Kagome. I didn’t have to do much to convince him to give up the only thing more powerful than I.

My brother and his band of misfit human companions were traveling through Mt Hakurei to avoid any demons lurking about. The purity of the mountain prevents demons from venturing too far, any weak demons that is. I was able to pass through with no problem. Unaware that I was in pursuit, that naive Inuyasha let his guard down and I was able to snatch his precious jewel; Kagome. As expected, there was little resistance once I threatened her life and he easily handed over the 1 thing that could challenge my power, the Tetsusaiga. My reign has officially begun and I have fulfilled the wishes of my father. Our legacy will persevere. ”

“All Hail Lord Sesshomaru!” Jakken yells as he jumps out of seat. I cut him a deadly glare and he stops, seemingly in the air.

“Silence, you fool! We do not gloat about our power. We show strength through domination and poise. You’d do well to learn that!”

Floating around the table that Jakken is writing on I stop and notice the Tetsusaiga displayed on the wall. My greatest accomplishment, no one can rival me now.

“What’s this?” A tug at my leg interrupts my thoughts.

“Lord Sesshomaru?” A little fairy like voice calls.

“Yes, Rin?”

“I was wondering when you were going to give Inuyasha back his toy?”

What is she talking about? “What toy?” She points to the sword hanging on the wall.

“That is no toy. That is the my brother’s downfall.” I snap. Rin lowers her head and starts twiddling her thumbs. I know this behavior, she wants something.

“What is it?” I ask.

” I was just wondering if you could give it back to him. He needs it more than you because he’s nowhere near as powerful as you are, even WITH his toy.”

“Silence girl. He knows this! The sword is not a toy it is a trophy of his greatest achievement!” Jakken yells. “Lord, I don’t know why you keep this wretched girl around.”

“I don’t know why I keep you around Jakken!”

“Wh-What? Sire I’m sorry I just think…”

“You don’t think Jakken! If you did, you would have picked up on what Rin has brought to my attention. I don’t NEED the Tetsusaiga. if anything, taken it has made me seem afraid of fearful of Inuyasha. You have made me look like a fool, Jakken.” I pat Rin on the top head. “Good job.”

Throwing the Tesusaiga to Jakken I call Rin to my side. “Let’s go have dinner… Jakken, make sure that sword returns to my brother.” Jakken stops n his tracks. “Then you can have dinner.”

I walk out of the room with Rin who has managed to grab my hand as we walk. What good is a King, without his heir and Princess to take over after he is done.”






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