You Should Try…Arrow!

Power up players and novas! I hope November is going really well for everyone. So NaNoWriMo is going really well and currently I am expected to finish the novel by November 28th, 2017 if I stay on the course that I am currently writing. I can already feel the pressure as my mind is circling thoughts of “Is this story good? Will anyone like it? What if this is for nothing? Etc.” I’ve been pushing those thoughts out of my mind and powering through although I have many doubts. Personally, I think the process of pushing through and completing your goals, no matter the results is the best part of this writing challenge. On to the topic of today’s post. We’ve all had friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances telling us that we should try watching a show or playing a game. I’ve been more open to playing games that I initially have no interest in and trying out shows that have been recommended to me over the years. This segment will probably go out every 2 weeks, detailing the activity that I have tried.

This week I will be talking about a series that was recommended. This show has been recommended to me a few times over the years. I finally listened to my friend Xsanie when I was on vacation last month. The topic: You Should Try… Watching Arrow!


Arrow is the show following DC Comics character, Oliver Queen. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Oliver was a privileged kid who grew up in Starling City. The Queen’s own a large company and contribute to Starling city as one of the “It” social families. Oliver was reckless, he was selfish and he was “The Male Lindsey Lohan.” How could this billionaire bad boy turn into a vigilante against crime? A new death experience of course!

My initial bias of Arrow – We know that Netflix and the media have been revamping comics and superhero movies for a few years now. I initially confused Arrow with the Green Lantern and had no interest in watching another jaded superhero battle his demons and criminals.

After Episode 1 – After watching the pilot episode of Arrow I noticed that there was a pretty good underlying story. I found myself not much interested in the vigilante fighting crime, but in the flashbacks to see exactly why Oliver became the Arrow. This curiosity fueled my need to binge watch the first season of the show. Each episode a problem was presented, it was solved and a new question emerged. Great way to get someone hooked!

Honor Thy Father

After Season 1 – I’m invested in Arrow now. I will continue watching even though there are a few things that annoy me about the show. Look out for the season 1 preview of Arrow next week.


Final Thoughts: Arrow is a great show and I can see it’s appeal. You do not have to have knowledge of the comic to enjoy the show. I really enjoyed that all of the questions presented in the series, were answered before the end of the season. I was pretty annoyed with Laurel’s character. Her facial expressions were exactly the same whether she was angry, confused, happy etc. I also didn’t like her character and what she would think about situations. Then again, I’m more of a villain person anyway.

Have you watched Arrow? What shows have you been recommended to watch? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂


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The Man in the High Castle: Season 1, Episode 2 Review


Good evening all! Maria here, and hope all of you are having a good week so far. 🙂 Tonight, I’ll be talking about the second episode of the first season of The Man in the High Castle, and you can expect Episode 3 later this week, to make up for last week. 😀

Before I move onto the review, of course my disclaimer…if you haven’t seen the episode yet, spoilers lie ahead.


The highlights from Episode 2 (in no particular order):

  • Raeder and Obergrueppenfuehrer Smith are involved in a shootout with several men in an alley
  • Juliana buys a Bible under the counter at the only bookstore in Canon City
  • Paper Crane guy
  • Frank’s sister and her children are gassed with Zyklon B at Kempetai headquarters
  • Joe watches HIS OWN copy of the film
  • Randall gets executed

This episode, I have to say, was quite emotional, especially towards the end. I thought that a few cool characters (namely Frank and Juliana) were going to be killed off, and while I was viewing it, I felt an underlying sense of relevance to what is going on today. In one of the scenes, Randall says, “Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing” and that is unfortunately true.

The focus of the second episode appears to be Paper Crane guy. We do see a bit of him in the first episode but we get to know more about him in this one. At first glance, he seems relatively harmless and is the one who encourages Juliana to buy the Bible under the counter at the local bookstore (which is perpetually empty of people). But it turns out there’s more to him than what meets the eye, and…well, let’s just say his character incurs a large twist. I don’t want to give too much away here.

Overall, this was a good episode, and owing to the twists and bends I give it a 5/5.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have already watched it and want to include input please feel free to. I want to know what you thought of it as well! 🙂


Game of Thrones Ep 6: Beyond The Wall!

Happy Monday Novas! Man last night was a crazy night for TV! I had the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam and the new GOT episode. Needless to say, I didn’t get to bed until 3:30am. Today’s recap will not be in order of events, but more grouped together by relating scenes. Let’s jump into the recap and *Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert* inbound!

At the beginning of each episode there is a recap of previous events. Last night’s recap was the scene with Jon being given “Longclaw”  from Jorah’s father in the Night’s watch. Immediately you know that something is bound to happen between Jon and Jorah since they are both in the group Beyond the Wall, looking for a walker to take back. We catch up with our brave heroes beyond the wall where we can see the interactions of each character with another.  If you recall, last episode when everyone met up at the Wall, there was tension between each set of adventurers. There’s a quick a neat tie up of the issues lying between each each character during the opening Word’s spoken between Tormund and Jon will play a role later in the episode.

“Smart people don’t come up here looking for the dead!- Tormund

“The King beyond the wall never bend the knee. How many of his people died becuase of his pride?” – Tormund

Gendry confronts the Brotherhood without Banners about selling him to the red witch. Gendry wanted to join them and fight alongside of them, but we know how persuasive Melisandre can be. As Gendry is complaining about almost being killed by her, the Hound has some wise & hilarious words…

“This man’s been killed 6 times, you don’t hear him B******g about it!” – Hound

The Hound will offer up multiple funny scenes when he is pestered by Tormund. Tormund is one of my favorite characters along with the Hound and they both have similar personalities. The banter between the 2 was pretty funny and when Sandor figured out that Tormund fancies Brianne, the humor just piled on.

Jon and Jorah connect as Jon offers up Longclaw since he believe’s Jorah to be the rightful owner. Jorah of course declines because of the shame he has brought to his house.

Arya and Sansa speak again. This follows the event of Arya seeing the note that Sansa was forced to write to Rob in season 1. Arya prefaces the conversaion with a fond memory of her father watching and encouraging her. The talk quickly turns to Arya blaming Sansa for her father’s death and Sansa reacts by declaring that she won Winterfell! We know that Sansa brought the Knights off the Veil to the Battle of the Bastards (which I’m annoyed she didn’t just tell Jon that when they were trying to scrounge up allies), but pulling that card when Arya is already suspicious of her motives was a bad move in my opinion. Arya hits it right on the head, Sansa is afraid that the Northern Lords will not understand her position and turn on her.

Later on in the episode Littlefinger gets to Sansa and manipulates her again. He brings up Brianne (Sansa’s last trusted tie since he has destroyed her bond with Arya) and drops little suggestions about Brianne being obligated to interfere if a fight between Arya and Sansa occurs. At first I’m thinking that he is hinting that Brianne will protect the sisters from killling each other… but of course, that is not Littlefinger’s style is it. He’s looking for a sly way to break Sansa’s ties with anyone close. Of course, she falls for the bait and sends Brianne off to Kingslanding with Podrick. Littlefinger has successfully isolated Sansa.

The most cringy scene of the episode was when Arya sneaks up on Sansa. Sansa was snooping for the note that could make things very difficult for her. I can’t say that  Sansa is directly wanting to be Queen of the North, but her actions and the way the Littlefinger is pigeon holing her makes it seem as if she is. Sansa has of course had the thoughts about being the rightful ruler of the North, she is the trueborn daughter of the Starks and she did bring the reinforcements at the Battle of the Bastards. Let’s be honest, if I were Sansa, I would probably at least have the thoguht. We are defined by our actions and not our thoughts, so judging Sansa, even though I’m not a fan of hers, would be unfair.

Don’t separate your friends Sansa!

I really hope that she doesn’t fall for Littlefinger’s tricks next week but with no allies at her immediate side it’s feeling like a deer in headlights type of thing.

The fight scene beyond the wall was one of the most anticipated moments of last night’s episode. After tackling an undead bear, the group beyond the wall finally comes across their target; the undead army. This initial battle scene served 2 purposes in my mind, first they were able to trap a white walker to take back to King’s Landing. But most importantly was the discovery that killing a walker that turned the others would kill them as well. So essentially they do not have to defeat the entire undead army, but rather the leaders to win the battle of the long night. This information is going to play a huge role most likely next season.

I want to mention that I am super impressed that the undead army isn’t brainless! I have to admit that I thought fighting the wlakers would be similar to The Walking Dead, with them being brainless and inept to come up with battle strategies. I WAS WRONG!!! They hear, understand and come up with complex strategies as if they are still human. Remember when the Hound was throwing rocks? One soldier realized that the fragile surface once preventing the army from colliding with the group was now stable enough for them to cross. And then there’s the Night King! Wowwwwww!

We didn’t get a glimps at Cersei in King’s Landing this episode, but for the season finale everyone’s going to meet up. Who knows what traps are being set and what strategies are being drawn up. I know the season finale will be very dramatic and intense and I can’t wait! Also, we will be catching up with the Unsullied who I guess were not really affected by the disaster at Casterly Rock. Surprisingly, we didn’t lose too many people other than the random characters with the Brotherhood. The only major characters lost was Thorros and a Dragon, I want to say Visceron, which means that things will be bloody next week.

Other notable Scenes:

  • Tyrion taking Varys’ advice and challenging Dany for what he thinks is right
  • Jon and Berric talking about their roles in this war
  • Uncle Benjin coming in like a boss to save Jon
  • Jon and Dany’s undeniable connection
  • The Night King’s intelligence to control a dragon

Now for my favorite part, the best quotes of the night!

“How did a mad F***er like you live this long? – Hound

“I’m good at killing people!” -Tormund

“What are you fighting for?”  Jon. “Life. Death is the enemy, the 1st enemy and the last.” – Berric.

“I am the shield that guards the realm of men.” – Jon

“You’re angry Sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things.” – Sansa

“Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things. I’ll go with anger.” – Arya

“You know what I like about you, you’re not a Hero. Heroes get killed.” Dany

I think that the main raw of next week will be Cersei coming face to face with everyone that she has harmed. the meeting of the potential rulers will not go as smoothly as everyone hopes. Even with Cersei seeing the white walker, I do not think that she will ease up on her plots to keep the throne. What did you say to Ned in season 1? “When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

What did you think of last night’s episode? What are your predictions for the season finale? Who do you think will be killed off in anyone? Let’s talk GOT!

-Luna 🙂




A Very Gilded Drama


Good day all! It’s Maria again, and as promised, I’m here to review the Hulu series Versailles. I figured that since my review of Split was on the dark end, I would bounce back with something a bit more cheerful and pleasant.

I understand that some of you may have watched this before, and a girl I know actually recommended this series to me a while ago. However though, I did not get around to watching it until fairly recently. Versailles can be found on Hulu, and originally aired on Canal+ in France before going to Canada, Britain, and ultimately here in the States. Currently, there are two seasons of the show, and a third one in the works.

In a nutshell, Versailles is pretty self explanatory–it is, of course, about the historic structure in Versailles, France, which was built by King Louis XIV during his reign from 1643 to 1715. But the series is far more complex than that; it actually goes into more than the obvious construction of the famous Palace. You will see yourself looking into the lives of Louis XIV, his family, and the nobles who have found themselves living there despite their feelings of rebellion against the monarchy. There is definitely a lot of drama, secrecy, and political maneuvers going on underneath the gilded and lofty outer facade of Versailles.

I will admit, I like watching shows whose premise is drama and secrets: Gossip GirlRiverdale, etc. But a show with genuine historical background makes it much more gripping and interesting. And that is what Versailles is. As you continue to watch the show you’re basically trapped into the inner workings of what the Palace really was: a place of glory, brutality, politics, and most of all, intrigue. And that is why it’s definitely enjoyable. And you will not want to stop watching it.

I give it a 4.5/5.


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Hulu Series Review: T@gged W/ Friends!

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for reading this week’s Hulu Series Review! I have recently binge watched a series called T@gged on Hulu with my friend Emily and decided it’s a greta show to review,,, with her! This review will be a bit different as I will go over the show and also what Emily and I’s theories were each episode! We kept pausing the action to talk to each other about what’s happening and how everything could be linked, so I pulled out my notepad and jotted down our theories.

Plot: Tagged is an 8 episode mini-series that follows 3 teen girls; Rowan, Hailee and Elysia. The 3 girls are caught up in a plot of violence and mystery by a character with the username M0nk3ym4nn. The girls have to follow the clues to find our who this mystery person is and how far they are willing to go in this week of fear. What is the countdown timer for? Who is M0nk3ym4nn? How are all 3 girls from different backgrounds connected? That’s what you’re trying to figure out!

Our Process: During episode number 2, Emily and I paused the show and decided to give “Codenames” to the main characters in order to keep our connections together. **Please be advised, the names may be a little aggressive so I’ve rate this a PG13 review, also, mild spoilers with the codenames**. Rowan we gave the codename Ho, Hailee was Druggy and Elysia was Cutter. Obviously, these codenames referred to situations that were prevalent in the show. Whenever one of us had a suspicion we would talk it out and make a list of the suspects. By the end of episode 6, we had a solid feeling for who this monkeymann was.

There were a few times that Emily and I had to pause and grab our 21 year old friend to ask about certain trends or short messages that were being sent. Since the show focuses on modern youths and the use of scoial media to intimidate the characters, there were a few things that Emily and I were confused about. I personally think that’s a great touch, adding in emoji’s and shortcodes in the series.

Check out the trailer for the series below.

This is the part of the review where I will list my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” this series on Hulu.


  • A dramatic mini series with plenty of teen drama (my guilty pleasure)
  • Short 22 minute episodes
  • A mystery to follow


  • Get annoyed with teens making stupid decisions
  • Not into Pretty Little Liars (because you will not like this series)

Thank you for tunin in to this week’s series! Have you been binge watching anything new? Have you seen or heard of T@gged? Let’s talk series!

Have a great Friday!

-Luna 🙂



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Netflix Series of The Week: Riverdale!

Happy Friday Novas! It’s been a few weeks but the Netflix series of the week posts are back. They will be posted every other Friday! I know I have to review 13 reasons why but honestly I haven’t felt like watching it lately. Not because I don’t think it’s good, but because I know it’s really sad. Eventually I will watch it. I actually binge watched Riverdale last week so what a way to revamp the series!

Plot: Riverdale is the series on The CW where the old school comics of Archie are brought into the modern era. I haven’t read Archie, but I remember the shorts in the newspaper when I was a kid. As someone who didn’t know the back story I really, REALLY enjoyed the series. The story takes place in the city of Riverdale, just after summer break. You’re placed smack down in the middle of a missing person investigation.

Jason Blossom, son of the wealthiest family in town went missing on the 4th of July at Sweetwater River. The last person to see him; his twin sister Cheryl. Archie and friends are living their lives around the biggest town mystery and the normal turbulence of a teenager’s high school days.

Characters: I’ve read some reviews on Riverdale and the controversy between how characters are portrayed in the series. Personally, I really liked the characters and the actors commissioned to star in the role did an amazing job. You have Archie, the friendly boy he is all about helping people. Archie has some deep dark secrets and those are revealed early on in the series. Next you have Archie’s best friend and typical girl next door Betty. Betty is smart, beautiful and determined. Yet, Betty also has secrets in her life. Betty is one of my favorite characters.

You have Jughead, the neighborhood couch surfer that writes about the lives around him. Jughead is from the wrong end of the tracks and has a slew of problems ranging from family life to personal struggles. Lastly, you have the new girl in town Veronia Lodge. From the moment Veronica hits the scene you know that she is rich, snobby and out to make the most of her new life.

Alternate characters that I love are Cheryl Blossom and Josie. I really think that the actress playing Cheryl did a great job of playing the antagonist. I love shows that have convincing antagonists that you love to hate. It makes the series that much more interesting. I figure it’s the same premise as a good book having a great villain. Cheryl is popular, rich, beautiful and smart. That makes her character more engaging when shes stirring up trouble between Archie and the gang. She’s the typical mean girl in school.that you hate, yet everyone wants to be her friend.

There’s a new take on Josie and her cats. Josie takes on a more cool role then from the comics. She’s a total diva and her crew are beautiful, talented pussycats take over all of the school’s music functions. Josie doesn’t take no for an answer, she doesn’t let anyone take the reigns of her crew and she doesn’t care. Her sassyness and talent are interesting contrasts to the series.  Both Josie and Cheryl are awesome female powerhouses that add interesting elements to the series.

This is the section of my reviews where I will list my top reasons to watch or “Play” and not watch or “Skip” the series.


  • A fresh new take on the Archie series.
  • A great teen drama/mystery show
  • Episodes are more interesting the further you get
  • Cole Sprouse!


  • You don’t like variations in classic stories
  • You get annoyed with teens doing stupid things lol
  • Don’t skip, watch itttttt lol

Thank you for tuning in. Have you watched Riverdale? Have you read the Archie comics? What are you currently binging on Netflix? Let’s talk Netflix!

-Luna 😁

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Shots Fired: First Impressions!

Happy Friday Novas! Today’s post was going to be the Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why, however, I was not able to b=get around to it yet. I’ve been binge watching other shows lol. One show that caught my eye is Shots Fired and I’ve been watching on Hulu. This series is playing on Fox and it has 4 episodes already out. I couldn’t stop watching so I will share some of my first impressions with the show.

Shots fired is a drama series that follows 2 main characters: Ashe and Perry as they are sent by the Department of Justice to investigate a controversial shooting. Ashe is the lead investigator who is brash, smart and quite often a loose cannon while Perry is her calm, by the book counter part who is the prosecutor on the case. You can already see where the diversity in the main character’s personalities can lead to some interesting moments. The series intensifies when they touch down in a small town in North Carolina to investigate the shooting of a Caucasian male teenager by an African American police officer.

While the 2 main characters are reviewing the case, many questions and inconsistencies arise. Because the story is set in modern times, other controversial cases involving racism and officer shootings are brought into the light.What I love is that you don’t really know what’s going on and who to believe.Was the officer’s shooting legit? Did he harbor a bias towards the victim? Was the victim aggressive towards the cop prompting the shooting? My mind is blown and after the 4 episodes I have no idea who’s telling the truth and which side everyone is playing for… which makes great TV!


  • A great story line with plenty of drama and suspense
  • The acting is so believable that I feel a cringe watching some of the more intense scenes
  • As far as I’ve seen, it’s not predictable


  • The language is a little vulgar in regards to race on all sides
  • There’s not too many happy moments. Piles and piles of crazy news pops up
  • If you’re trying to get away from modern news and social settings

So far the series is really good and I definitely recommend it for my crime loving Novas. I love that it rings true to real life and although the characters are investigating a National Tragedy, you still obtain a glimpse of their personal lives and struggles as well. Take a look at the trailer and check out the 10 part series if you like it!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I will try to have the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series watched and reviewed for next Friday! Have you seen Shots Fired? Which new shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk new series! Have a fantastic weekend Novas!

-Luna 😀

Netflix Series of the Week: Sense 8

Happy Friday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Sorry for not posting a TKO Battle yesterday but I was a little strapped for time this week. Today’s Netflix Series of the Week will be the dramatic thriller Sense 8. I’ve had a coworker telling me for months that I would love this series and she was right! You may remember Emily from the “Is She Crazy” post and poll that was up on the blog a month or so ago (btw I will write the reveal post today if I get a chance). I’m excited about this post so let’s get to the show!

Plot: Sense 8 focuses on 8 strangers from different cities around the world that one day are able to sense what the others are feeling. It’s a bit more complex then that, actually they are able to feel, smell, taste, see and hear what each other are going through. Through methods described as “Visiting” and “Sharing” in the series, our strangers can visit and interact with each other or they can share their experiences, languages, training, etc. What type of series would this be if there were no conflict? Of course as with any Sci-Fy -esque (new word lol) film the main antagonist will be people working for a government agency known as BPO to track down and take the “Sensates.”

The Characters: I’ve always enjoyed a show or movie that adds in diversity, Sense 8 does not fail here. The different characters that you interact with will be split up into 8 different cities around the world. These cities are San Francisco, Mexico City, Seoul Korea, Mumbai India, Chicago, Nairobi Africa, Berlin and London. The characters that you are introduced to will have different backgrounds and occupations.  fight  We have The DJ, The Cop, The Actor, The Mogul, The Thief, The Driver, The Scientist and The Hacker (can you see how each individual’s skills are already defining how they can help each other?). Each character has a story, a problem in their life and a purpose it’s quite fascinating really. If one person has training in fighting, another stranger can access those skills for that time, if someone speaks a different language, when Sharing” any of the 8 strangers can speak that language.

The Aesthetics: For being a show about Senses the series did a great job of helping the viewer feel what is going on. For instance, a character was was DJ-ing. The music from the party carried over and sounded like someone was playing music loud for the other character. When you are in Nairobi the music is adventurous and upbeat while the background is dusty filled with deep browns and oranges. This setting is different from Seoul where the setting is sleek and precise. Each location

I’m losing my mind… No It’s just EXPANDING! people who have been born with the abilities to access each others thoughts, feelings and skills while being separated across the world.   chosen people. You can automatically see how they are visited by Angelica, the women who “Gave Birth” to their powers. Very explosive and first scene.


  • Great story and acting by the characters
  • Slowly unveils more information on what the Sense 8 can do allowing you to feel immersed in the plot
  • The colors, sounds and effects are believable and authentic to the location and scene


  • Adult themes and situations (Nudity, Violence and Sex Scenes. Not recommended for children)
  • It takes a while for the story to unfold, if you like to know what’s going on and why quickly, you may not like the show

I’ve really enjoyed this series and Season 2 is available so I will continue watching. I’d rate the series 4 out of 5 Luna Stars! I’ve enjoyed it but there are a few things that bugged me about the execution of the Visiting and Sharing sessions. The characters can’t control when something happens but anytime they’re in trouble they can seem to connect to the exact person with the skills to help them. I feel like it would be a little more of a random selection than that, but hey it made for a great series. Check out the trailer below:

What do you think? Have you seen Sense 8 or a similar show? If you could connect with someone, what skill would you have to offer? Let’s Talk Sense 8 our Netflix Series of the Week!

Have a great Friday!

-Luna 😀



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Throwback Tuesday: Old School Cartoons

Happy Tuesday All! Thank you for reading today’s Throwback post! This week I am highlighting some old school cartoons from my childhood. I grew up in the 90’s with awesome cartoons (you know back when cartoons were better in my opinion) that provided fun, morals and a way to escape our hard lives of school and …. well pretty much just school right? This post is to pay tribute to some of my favorite and forgotten Cartoons!

Notable Mentions that will not be covered in depth because let’s be honest, we probably already think of these shows anyway! I have included a poll where you can vote for the cartoons that automatically popped into your head when you read the title of this post!

Now on to the 6 Cartoons that I have decided to feature on this journey to the past! Let’s start with one of my personal favorites. Keep in mind that this list is generalized and doesn’t have a ranking over the Notable Mentions or Cartoons not featured!

Darkwing Duck:  darkwing   Darkwing Duck was the story following everyday man Drake Mallard, his niece Gosalyn and side kick Launch Pad. Drake Mallard has a secret, he is the crime fighter DarkWing Duck along with his side kick (who is also Launch Pad from Ducktales) who goes out to stop the villains in St. Canard. This series used to come on after school when I was a girl and featured characters from Ducktales like Gizmo Duck! Apparently Darkwing Duck was the first Disney action cartoon soooo congrats Darkwing Duck, “Let’s Get Dangerous!”  dw

Rocket Power:  rocket power Rocket Power was the  cartoon that followed Reggie Rocket, her brother Otto and their friends Twister and Sam through their active lifestyle of sports and competitions in Ocean Shores California. Rocket power really made me want to surf and play sports growing up ( I blame this show for playing Tennis and Softball in the same season lol). Their Father Raymundo owned a little tiki shack restaurant with his best friend down by the beach. The kids would hang out there, grab food and then catch waves at the beach located in front of the shack. My favorite episode was when Reggie (the girl) was being overlooked for a surfing competition because she is a girl. She surfed with a mask on and **SPOILER ALERT** when she WON even her brother Otto had to give her madddd props! It was one of my first introductions to a tomboy (like me 🙂 ) being respected in a cartoon!

Arthur:  Arthur  “And I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day, where we can learn to work and play and get along with each other…”Arthur was a show on PBS that followed the aardvark Arthur and his family. I oved watching shows on PBS as a kid. Arthur came across many different scenarios in 3rd grade that he had to get through with his friends or family. I read the Arthur books as a kid so when the show was airing I was front and center in front of the TV. My favorite characters are DW (Arthur’s little sister) and Francine (The Tomboy… go figure lol). Til this day if I need a relaxing show to watch, Arthur is what I have on my Netflix queue lol.

Courage the Cowardly Dog:  courage Courage the Cowardly dog was awesome as it shows the weird things that happened in Courage’s small town. Courgae lived with Muriel a sweet elder woman and her husband Eustis who really didn’t like Courage and tried to get rid of him at every pass. This show was the more paranormal side of the cartoon shows (like Invader Zim!) but it was funny and awesome! I wish I had a dog like Courage around!

Pirates of Dark Water:   pirates   Pirates of Dark Water followed the Prince Ren and his companions as they combat the oil like substance know as Dark Water. Dark Water swallows up ships and people, the only way to stop it is to purify the water. Ren and friends search for the Treasures of Rule to assist in purifying the water and saving their Planet of Mer. The Monkey Bird thing Nibbler was my favorite, well him and Tula the Sorceress. Of course every action/adventure cartoon needs a villain and that villan was Bloth! He was evil and looking to rule by stealing the Treasures for his own nefarious acts. Many people may not remember this show but I remember it quite vividly, down to the fruits that Niddler ate!

Aah Real Monsters:   suit_by_garvals  Aaaah Real Monsters was a great show about little monsters (Ickis, Oblina and Krumm) in training to become full fledged monsters! The trio goes through classes and at night, take their antics out for a test run. The Headmaster Gromble, wants to make sure that all monsters are properly certified in the art of frightening humans. Each episode an assignment is given and the 3 students try and complete their assignments. Each monster has their own special abilities and struggles. It’s another great take on problems that anyone can face… Even Monsters!

Captain Planet:   captain-planet   Before School each morning Captain Planet would play. Captain Planet was the show that taught us to recycle and not pollute with the help of the Planet Teers. The Planet teers were teens from different walks of life who were gifted with rings of all of the Earth’s elements: Earth, Fire, Wind Water and Heart! These gifts were bestowed by Gaia who was essentially Mother Earth lol. When the Planet -Teers combined their powers, Captain Planet was summoned!  … I still remember the theme song (We’re the Planet-teers, you can be one too, cause saving our planet is the thing to do! Looting and Polluting is not the way, hear what Captain Planet has to sayThe Power is Yours!) no judgement please :D.

These are some of the cartoons that I felt should have the spotlight shown on them, however, there are soooo many that we can mention like: Ducktales, TaleSpin,  Why Why Family, Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Bonkers, Gargoyles,  Animaniacs, Tom and Jerry Kids,  X-Men, Freakazoid, Sonic, Rocko’s Mordern Life,  Beetlejuice, Cow and Chicken, Angry Beavers, Johnny Bravo and Bobby’s World!

Btw most of these shows can still be found on channels like boomerang and some are even on Netflix! So which one’s did I miss? I know there are so many cartoons from our childhood that I may have missed so share your thoughts! Let’s talk Cartoon! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

-Luna 🙂


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Netflix Series of the Week: Magi, Adventures of Sinbad!

Happy Friday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I’ve finally gotten around to watching Magi: Adventures of Sinbad and will be able to share my thoughts on the series! Each week I will recommend a series that I binge watch on Netflix for you to analyze if you would like to watch or not.

The Plot: This Anime adaptation of the Adventures of Sinbad follows the our boy Sinbad who has the excellent navigational skills of an experienced sailor. The twist is that Sinbad is able to navigate and find the correct path for more than just the sea, he is able to find the correct path in any challenge that is thrown upon him. The story starts when Sinbad is 3, focusing on his father who is a war hero for the country. Right now, Japan is at war and all able bodied males are drafted into said war in the efforts of conquering a dungeon. The person who can successfully conquer the dungeon will obtain a great power. From a young age, Sinbad has had the instincts to find the right path and his father recognized that quality in his son instantly when the were rowing in the middle of a storm. Sinbad guided them to safety.

Fast forward years later, Sinbad is now a young man who helps out his villagers and travelers in need. The country is still at war and the generals of the army approach Sinbad’s town forcing him to obey the orders of the draft or else! After encouraging words from a strange traveler, Sinbad devises a plan to conquer that dungeon and take the power for himself, in order to bestow peace throughout the land. Sinbad journeys to different lands tackling different dungeons and befriending all types of characters. The question is, will Sinbad bring peace and overthrow the empire that set his home to war?


The Characters: Overall the character development in the series is really good and the story is fun to follow. You can see the leadership qualities in Sinbad’s every action and when certain situations occur, you can agree with the choices made (being vague as not to spoil the series lol).


  • Anime Action and an interesting take on the Sinbad Story
  • If you enjoy Magi Anime’s this one is right for you


  • If you a like a story that develops quickly

I’ve attempted to find an English dubbed trailer but I couldn’t so I apologize for not having one. There is a trailer on Netflix that you can watch for the show.

Thank you for reading this week’s Netflix Series of the Week! Have you watched the Adventure of Sinbad Anime? Have you seen any other Magi Animes? Which shows are you currently binge watching and do you have a recommendation on our next Netflix (or Hulu… we’re expanding) series of the week> Let’s talk binge shows! Have a fantastic weekend!

-Luna 🙂


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