Blogger Blitzers Unite: An Ian Appreciation Post!

Congratulations to the Finalists and the Winner of the 2nd Blogger Blitz Competition! You can read the final results by clicking here!

There are some people who come into your life and make it better. They bring out the best in you. Ian from Adventure Rules is one of those people. Last year he challenged the blogging community to participate in a Community Event known as the Blogger Blitz. As the 2nd Blogger Blitz comes to a close, I wanted to show appreciation by saying how much this event has helped me in blogging. Ian puts his heart and soul into making this event special with the drawings, the brainstorming for events and the way that he promotes each blogger in the competition. It’s admirable to see someone put so much effort into a project that lasts over a month. To have his dedication as strong at the end of the event as it was at the beginning is something that I hope to achieve and learn from. It may not be obvious to him, but Ian has helped cultivate the Video Game Blogging Community!

Personal Impact:

Last year I entered the competition with my character the Joker in a Matchmaking challenge to find love against Link who was sponsored by Teri at Sheikah Plate.

Great Drawing Ian!

Although I lost in the first round, the experience and passion for my writing burned inside of me and allowed me to start an idea that I had mulling over in my brain for a few months prior. I was able to finally define and initiate my Memoirs of A Villain post. If not for Ian’s event, I may not have ever started the Villains post speaking out on the injustice against Villains in the world!

Not only was I able to participate and meet awesome bloggers, I was also able to test my first person writing style. This was important because I participated in NaNoWriMo last year and my novel is written entirely in first person. I was struggling with the writing style and Ian’s event allowed me to practice.

I am hosting my own Community Event with the Video Game Reality House that starts Monday 10/1/18. I thank Ian because I was able to fully develop this idea based on his progressions with the Blogger Blitz. His guidance allowed a spark of an idea to flourish into a full fledged event that I hope goes over as well as his Blogger Blitz.


Community Impact:

Ian works extremely hard on bringing the Blogger Blitz to the Community of Bloggers and his dedication allows us to have fun and do what we love best. In last year’s competition I recall bloggers saying that they’re shy with their writing and didn’t have much confidence. The feedback that they’ve received from the competition helped reinforce their choices to write and know that they are worth the read.

This year one of last year’s  judges Chris from OverthinkerY, placed his hat in the ring and was on the other side. He has first hand experience on the judges and competitors point of view. His champion Master Xehanort was exquisite this season and he posted in interview formats that were a first in the competition. Chris wrote with passion to honor the event and he did justice to his character.  tumblr_njpf0grVvU1tob1xvo1_r1_500

Ian would always post comments on the competitors submissions with kind words of encouragement. He appreciated ever person that took time out to compete, judge and read the blitz posts.

This month he is also the star blogger for Later Level’s Question of the Month! His prompt challenges gamers again by proposing the question of creating the ultimate video game using 4 games that have already been released. You will want to pick each game for Storytelling, Visuals, Game-play and Music and compile an Ultimate Video Game! You can participate in his challenge here!


Thank you Ian for all that you do to help improve and push the boundaries of the blogging community. If you have not had a chance to follow or read the Adventure Rules blog, you’re missing out.

Want to read more gushing appreciation posts about Ian? Look below (Guess you’ve created another community event without event knowing Ian, you’re amazing!)



Thank you for Ian all that you do and thank you to everyone in the blogging community! Enjoy your weekend!


-Luna 🙂

700 Followers and What’s Next!

Happy Friday Players! A week or so ago GamersUnitedGG reached the 700 followers milestone! Thank you for reading and following the blog. It’s awesome to have reached such a high number and I hope that the quality of our posts keeps you interested and following for a long time.

Thank you for 700 Followers, you rock!

Photo Credits:

What’s next for GamersUnitedGG?


Now that I have completed the editing process of my first book, I can focus on playing video games, binge watching shows and blogging about them here. This past week I’ve posted Raft:First Impressions, Overcooked 2: First Impressions, Favorite Call of Duty Perks, Our Patreon Reboot and Our Discord Servers! It’s been a interesting week and next week should bring more exciting posts.


Here’s What you can expect to read next week:

  • Memoirs of A Villain – Hopefully I can finally finish Bowser and add in ____ from the Blogger Blitz Round 1 Match-up taking place on the Adventure Rules Blog!
  • Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable -(this series has had controversial feedback so I decided to watch and see for myself)
  • Harry Potter Tag
  • Luna’s Rankings – Favorite Harry Potter Characters
  • Preparing for my first RPG game in real life!


On Patreon:

  • An inside look at Game Night with friends!


On Discord:

  • Talking About New Fortnite Skins
  • Talking About Early Access Games
  • Talking About Red Dead Redemption 2

That’s what the week will look like in my world. Feel free to drop by the Discord Servers to talk about your favorite games and post your latest video game blog post! If you have Overcooked 2 on PC, I will be playing Friday after 7pm EST and Sunday all day.

What are you currently working on? Are you close to any milestones? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

1 Year of GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Thursday Novas, Players and Superstars! Yesterday, I received a notification from WordPress and unlocked the Achievement of blogging for 1 year! This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and I can’t believe I stuck it out this long. Today’s post is a thank you post for sticking with us throughout the year and a glimpse of what is to come from us here at GamersUnitedGG!



I’ve mentioned this before but GamersUnitedGG started as a Gaming Blog but transformed into a place that I can geek out, fan girl out and rant about all of my interests! I really love some of the segments that I have written and I look to bring them back in the future, Meow.




We have launched the GamersUnitedGG YouTube Channel and will be uploading gaming videos 2-3 times a week. I’m getting my editing software by the end of the month so the intros and sound quality will be better in the future. Currently, we have the blogging competition to celebrate the 1 year anniversary going on. Luna’s Rankings posts happen every Tuesday at 11:30am EST where I will rank my top 5 favorite items in a topic from 5th place to 1st place. I’m also asking for your top 5’s so that we can display the “Community Rankings” the following week. This week we’re ranking Game of Thrones characters! The Video Game Tag will be up by the end of the month as well1




I’ve signed up to work on the Year of RPG, project with Athena at AmbiGaming. We will also be participating in the GameBlast weekend to raise awareness for Special Effect. Make sure to tune into Later Levels for more information and check out the stream in March! Click here for details! I’m going to be holding a Bi-Monthly blogging competition after the current one! I want to participate in more blogging competitions and collaborations throughout the year.



I wanted to acknowledge some awesome people that I have met over the year of blogging. It’s impossible to mention everyone but I value all of the relationships that I have made and I will continue to make more.


Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek – I met Drew really early in my blogging career and his book reviews mixed with his sarcasm really drew (no pun intended lol) me in. I recently told him this but his blog really inspired me to not conform and write in my own voice. When you start something new, you want desperately to be accepted so you start to lose your way and your voice and Drew’s outlook on his book reviews really connected with me. Somehow, I think he helped me expand beyond just being a video game blog.


Reads & Reels – This was the second book blogger that I followed and I was so grateful to read the reviews. Shenanigans brought a more friendly and understanding side to blogging for me. I really appreciated her comments, feedback and kind words as I trekked along this jungle known as the blogosphere. My first video game review (for Halo Wars 2) was made possible because of Reads & Reels. I built up the confidence to officially review a game and haven’t looked back!


IgnitedMoth – I’ve told her this many times, but I feel as though we are kindred spirits. From the first time I read her blog, about a series that I was interested in, I knew that she would help me on my journey to grow and create. I read through other articles and see how she would talk about comics, books, shows and everything seemed to meld together. Nothing felt out of place. I would wake up and immediately search for any new articles that were written because she had such a great writing style and point of view. I can attribute my diversity to IgnitedMoth for sure! She also introduced me to NaNoWriMo and her version of the national novel writing competition early in the year.


Kim from Later Levels – Kim is one of the first blogging people I met as well. The year brought many collaborations, group messages and her infamous Blog Parties (which I’m always late to lol). Kim is very helpful and has a wonderful outlook on blogging, gaming and community. She will be participating in Game Blast and you can donate to the cause of Special Effect by clicking here.


The Comic Vault– The comic Vault was one of my first comic blogs to follow. I’ve always been fascinated with comics but I haven’t read too many and I’m not familiar with the canon. The Comic Vault introduced me to details about our favorite heroes, villains and sidekicks that I would have not known otherwise.


Precinct1313 – Is the second comic blog I followed and his sense for alliteration, absolutely, astounding and attained me (see what I did there 😉 ). I really love the interviews with comic characters and they inspired me to come up with the Memoirs of A Villain series. I love learning all of the intricacies of comic characters and their personalities. I am most thankful for the spreads on Wonder Woman that started the curve my interest in the hero.


DoubleJump – My Mushroom ranking system for game reviews and first impression posts are thanks to the hearts and lives rankings on Double Jump. Kris and Rachel have an amazing gaming blog and I love seeing how their Mii’s will rate an aspect of a video game. What’s great about their blog is that you will always receive 2 point of views on the review.


Thero159 – I met a while ago and has been a great friend and blogging buddy. Thero has introduced me to the events on FFXIV and with he posts, I was successfully able to complete them. She also introduced me to Offworld Trading Company which I love and the great Humble Bumble subscriptions that I have never used before. Thero has a great diverse mix of video games, comics, books and geeky interests to keep everyone entertained.

Those are some of the people that I have gotten to know over my year in blogging and I’m very grateful to have them. Thank you again for staying with us for a year and here’s to another great year of blogging, friends and most importantly, Video Games!



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Thank you for 400+ Followers & October recap!

Hiya Players and Novas! You’ve read the title right, today you will have a double feature post! Things in November will be busy for me as I’m tackling the NaNoWriMo challenge so the post may not be a frequent as prior months. With that being the case I have less time to read posts and compose them so there may be reblogs of previous posts and posts from blogs that I follow.

Anyway, THANK YOU FOR 400 FOLLOWERS!  thank you This goal came and passes incredibly quickly and I am super thankful for all of you. As a treat, I will provide the synopsis of my NaNoWriMo novel and I need character names! Feel free to leave names for my characters and I may buse them in the book! I’ll definitely shout you out and acknowledge that it’s your character. Below is the synopsis and the character roles that I will need names for.

A kingdom in turmoil, an heiress’ position being challenged, a forced betrothal. Can Princess Ariana carry on the family dynasty of the House of Tamlin with a 16 year old secret looking to take everything away? Told through the eyes of household characters, a journal floats around the land. How will she cope? Will she survive? And will she ascend as the ruler of the kingdom? It is truly a dance with destiny!

Soooo it’s a time period drama piece. The characters I need are:

  • The Queen

  • A Lady In Waiting with a zest for life

  • The Stable Boy

  • The Squire

  • An Evil Uncle

Now for the October Recap! The month started really well but I think we fizzled out a bit. Let’s see the stats!

Surprisingly, even though our posts dwindled off at the end of the month, October was a better month than September! We had 1557 views, 761 visitors, 519 likes and 138 comments! Wow!

Here are the top 3 posts from the month if you missed them!

  1. Guest Blog Challenge
  2. Blogger Thoughts: Going From Players To Professionals
  3. Video Game Duos

Special shout out to Dale by having the 4th most viewed post The Psychology of Gaming!

Also check out our special guest posts this month as well!

Now let’s take a look at our goals for October and see how we did!

October Goals:

  • Post Destiny 2 Review
  • Host A Guest Blogger Competition
  • Review 1 New Series
  • More discussion Posts
  • Release Newsletter


Achievements Earned: imageedit_1_3706275708

  1. We did post  Destiny 2 First Impressions!
  2. We hosted 2 weeks of the Guest Blog Competition! I was a bit busy towards the end of the month but we will start again this coming Monday! Look for the prompt post around 11:30am EST.
  3. We reviewed the series Still Star Crossed and it was fantastic!
  4. We had a few discussion posts but not as many as I would have liked

Pending Achievements:

  1. The Newsletter was not released because I’m still working on putting the format together. Now that we have the premium blog, I can integrate the newsletter option more smoothly.

November Goals

  • Complete NaNoWriMo – Since we are in the month of November, I have been working on the NaNoWriMo challenge and my personal goal is to complete it!
  • 1 Steam Game Review  I have a few steam games that I have yet to play so I look to play them and write up a review this month (Thank you Thero159 for Offworld Trading Company and Amello!).
  • Post at least 3 times per week – The blog activity may not be as frequent as previous months because I’m focusing on NaNoWriMo, but I will try to have at least 3 posts per week for the month of November.

Those are my goals for November. There are not too many of them because, well you know NaNoWriMo lol. What are your current goals for November? Are you working on any special projects? Let’s talk goals!


-Luna 🙂



Thank you for 300 Followers!

Hiya Novas! This week I’ve been taking a little break from writing on the blog (although I have pre-scheduled the posts being released daily) and I log into the site this morning to find that we’ve hit the 300 followers mark! Wow, thank you very much to all that decide to read our blog and ramblings. To celebrate, I’m going to take a hint from one of our lovely friends Holly over at BlogHollyBlog! Later next week I will post a Q & A and I would love for you all to ask me some questions that you would like to know. Please leave your questions in the comments and I will answer them in next week’s post!

As a part of the 300 Follower’s post, I’ve wanted to update you all on the projects that I am currently working on.

Upcoming projects

Enter a caption

Blogger’s Lan Party: Saturday we are finally going to host our very own Blog Party! the title of the post will most likely be something cheeky like a Lan Party or something, but I encourage everyone on the blog to stop by  and mingle with other bloggers! Since the theme it’s going to be a Lan Party, when you stop by, please mention a video game that you have brought to the party and leave a link to any blog post that you would like share with us. Next, mingle with guests, build new relationships, show off your dance skills and let’s live up the party!

Newsletter: I’ve decided to start releasing a Newsletter each month (starting on the first week of September). The Newsletter will have posts from our contributors, upcoming projects and spotlights on other great blogs included. There will be an official blog post released sometime next week with the details and how to sign up for the letter! Also, I will be asking for guest bloggers to contribute posts as well, very exciting.

Gaming Channel: My friend Emily and I are going to start a gaming YouTube channel showing off our competitive games and funny hi-jinks. The first video will be us playing Sonic Mania’s Competition mode! This will most likely go live mid September.

Community Gaming Leaderboards Challenge- Still working out the details for this event so it may be a while before it goes live. Pretty much we’re figuring out a way to have the Leaderboards from a game on Steam updated to the blog. Many kinks to work out still.

There’s a few more things in the works, but these are the most important projects at the moment. Also, please feel free to tell me what type of blog posts you really enjoy. The blog has produced great segments like the Ultimate TKO Fan Faction battles of 2 different characters and the Hidden Treasures post. If there’s anything you would like to see more of, just let me know!


Here are a few awesome blogs that you can check out in your spare time. Also, special shoutout to Maria and Nagems for contributing to the blog as well! When you see their posts on the blog, check them out!

  1. Adventure Rules – Ian refers to everyone as Adventurers and posts about different video game related topics. Currently, the blog has an excellent community event known as the #BloggerBlitz going on that myself and a few other bloggers are a part of. Check out the results tomorrow at 9am EST from my battle as The Joker against Teri Mae’s character Link and then check out previous battles as well!
  2.  Later Levels – Later Levels is a great blog mainly headed by Kim that talks about awesome gaming topics. You have a variety of posts and discussions and it’s one of my favorite gaming blogs!
  3. Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek – One of the first book blogs that I started following. He’s great, he’s sarcastic, he’s Drew and I LOVE IT! There’s a surge of content in his book reviews and poetry.
  4. AmbiGaming Blog – Athena is amazing and she provides real life conversations about how video games can affect an individual. There’s a variety of interesting topics addressed from gender roles to the consequences or lack there of, of video games.
  5. A Reluctant Hero– An underrated gaming blog hosted by Thero, that touches primarily on video games. He does unboxings for games in Steam and other great posts. Give him a try if you’re inclined!
  6. Reads & Reels- A fantastic blog that I have been following pretty much since I started about well books and movies! You’ve got to check out the daily posts from Shannanigans. She’s amazing and the reviews are well written.
  7. IgnitedMoth – A great eclectic mix of book,s comics, graphic novels, shows and more! Ignited Moth is another very near and dear blogger to my heart! She’s amazing and her posts are very entertaining.
  8. Arcane Halloween A great comic blog with an emphasis on fantastically funny posts and alliteration. We’re all “Agents” on the blog and you feel like a daring crime-fighter as you read each post!

There’s so many more amazing bloggers that I follow and love so please don’t think that I’ve left you out. I will do more shoutouts down the line. That’s all for today and again Thank you very much for stopping by!  The-Mask-Says-Thank-You-Animated-GifOh yeah, don’t forget to leave some questions for my Q & A post in the comments! Enjoy your weekend!

-A very happy Luna 🙂




200 Followers Thank You Post!

Whoop whoop! Thank you Novas for your comments, likes and especially helping us reach the 200 followers milestone! who knew that so many people would be interested in reading our obsessions with Netflix, our passion for Video Games and my semi delusional engagement to WWE Superstar Seth Rollins! Let’s take a moment of silence to revel in his beauty please…


Hey, you… QUIET IN THE BACK….. Now where were we…


Ok, Ok I’m done lol. I was thinking about what I wanted to do for this achievement (hahaha Gamer pun) and I’ve decided to write a riddle for an upcoming post that I’m super excited about! It’s really short!

We accept stories as fact, no evidence or plea,

But have you ever stopped to think of what could be,

History’s written by the  victors we know,

Gaming De Classified’s here, so the truth can be shown.

I like to fancy myself a pretty open person. I’m going to go back to planning my blog posts each week and I would love your input on the topis you would like for me to blog about. On Tuesday I will post another TKO battle featuring Deadpool and ….. (Insert Suggestion Here lol). Wednesday will be the final installment of the Creative writing 4 pictures post. The new Gaming De-classified inaugural post will be up either this weekend or sometime next week I’m really excited about it). An official list of upcoming posts will be posted on Sunday. Also, I would love to write collaboration posts with other bloggers so let me know if you are interested!


Once again, I would like to say thank you! I appreciate every like, comment and discussion I have with this community. I have become a better human since blogging from my friends at Reads & Reels and Drew @TheTattoedBookGeek providing me books to read in the future (Yup I’ve actually been reading) to TheComicVault, Arcane Halloween, Matt-N-The-Hat and IgnitedMoth giving me awesome recommendations and background on comic characters to my new friends of TheReluctantHero, TheShamefulNarcissit, FalconGameReviews and Kim with Later Levels always having my back with video games! the inspirational bloggers I have met such as Intentergy and The Happiest Pixel have filled my days with hope and confidence. for anyone I haven’t mentioned, I apologize as my mind is going swiftly these days lol.

Have a fantastic day!

-Luna 🙂




100 Followers Thank You!

Hello Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I wanted to do a special shout out and post for having 100+ amazing followers! I have been blogging here since January and I am truly grateful for each and every follower that has decided “Hey, this blog isn’t have bad lol.” This post is dedicated to all of you! I actually want to name the blog followers something so let’s take a poll if you don’t mind.

Shout Outs:

I want to make some special shout-outs to other bloggers that are amazing and interact with us often. Make sure to take a look at their blogs!


Thank you all, you have no idea how I’ve enjoyed our conversations! 10 Gold Stars for each of you! For anyone I have missed, I am sorry and throw salad at me lol.

For this post I would like to include a small quick poem that I wrote at work one night. I was on break sitting outside looking at the stars that shown especially brighter that night.

What Happened to the Stars that we looked upon that night,

They cuddled us and kept us safe, they taught us how to fight,

For all of our hopes and wishes, sent floating up to thee,

We made a wish once everyday and drifted off to sleep,

Before the dawn would break the dipper really saved,

A sip from its plentiful cup, our thirst forever craved,

I think I saw a meteor once, but no one would believe,

The cascading line across the sky, pixels it did leave,

I traveled with it on its path, at least as far as I could see,

The ball of fire left behind, a fragile broken me,

How I’ve longed to go with it across the milky way,

To taste the dew and feel the warmth of night switching to day,

Now when I stare above my eyes no longer gleam,

The twinkle that I’ve once felt isn’t what it seems.

thank you  Also I would like to welcome all of the blogs New Followers and Friends! Here at GamersUnitedGG we look to chat about Video Games, Netflix shows, Movies and anything Geek or Gaming that may come up! Originally I was going to just write about Games, Next I added Netflix and Funko Pops, Next I added the TKO Battles and Throwback posts, from amazing Book Blogs I’ve added book posts and of course my passion WWE! I’m very happy with the direction of the blog and again thank you! So I have decided to post  3 of favorite posts for any new followers to view if they wish!

  1. Throwback Tuesday: Nintendo 64
  2. Ultimate Thursday TKO: Nasty Ninjas (Scorpion Vs Master Shredder
  3. Creative Writing

Once again thank you to everyone following the GamersUnitedGG blog. We really appreciate it and it means the world that you’re interested in our quirky, gaming and geek posts! We’re very social if you haven’t noticed so feel free to recommend topics for our re-occurring series and give your opinions.

I would love to know what some of your favorite posts are and what you would like to see more of! Thank you for making this blogging experience amazing! Have a great weekend!

Luna 🙂


A Sense of Community and February Update!

Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I didn’t have anything scheduled to post today but recent events and a few blog posts that I have read from my peers made an impression on me. Firstly I will do a quick February Update!


  • In February We have made it to 80+ Followers so thank you everyone!
  • 33 Posts were Published on the blog
  • WE had 388 Visitors
  • We had 338 Likes and 238 Comments

Personal Goals:

  • I purchased 3 Video Games. (Halo Wars 2, Thief and Game of Thrones)
  • Purchased all the tickets I wanted for Wrestlemania! (Wrestlemania, Raw, Smackdown and WWE Axxess VIP for Seth Rollins 🙂 )
  • I have been writing at least 5 times a week! (Now I need to start working on my book lol)
  • Met amazing bloggers!  thumbs-up


Now I wanted to say how incredible it is to find other bloggers’ posts and opinions. I find myself wanting to rush to my laptop to read other blog posts or communicate with some of the bloggers that I have met. I feel a great sense of community here, as I am an extrovert I’m very aware that it’s easier for me to communicate with someone standing in front of me or over a computer screen.

But the reality is that you never know who is sitting across the screen from you typing their thoughts and opinions. It can be a next door neighbor, a grandmother that doesn’t have much family around, a gamer that revels in online gaming, a sarcastic kid who doesn’t have many friends, a socialite that can’t tell their friends about the newest technology craze for fear of rejection and so on. We are all made up of completely different personalities yet we find ourselves drawn to others blogs and posts. Why? Myself I love the “Individual.” Someone who is doing their own concept, creating their own genre, staying true to what they believe. We may not always agree, but we can respect each other. I’m drawn to creative individuals, bloggers that make me feel a certain way or feel anything at all. Bloggers who are seeking to provide a service, express their thoughts, vent, provide the raw and real emotions of their soul and lay it out on the table for anyone who’s hungry to come and eat.

The point of this rant I guess it is, is to say that I love and respect all of the bloggers that I have had a chance to interact with. I feel like we are a community and that people can care and value others opinions. I fancy myself a humanist, I want us all to succeed and to keep the people by our side that have cheered us on the entire way. Some of you I can call “friend.” What you write resonate with me and I enjoy the banter we may have. From the people that I have met to the others that I will meet in the future, I appreciate you and I am glad that we are taking this crazy journey called “blogging” as far as each of us personally can. mlp-wheels  Let’s ride this thing until the wheels fall off with the wind in our hair, the Pepsi in our hand, the beats of our favorite song playing as loud as we dare and with the friends that make this life feel a little less lonely. 

Thank you and have a fantastic March!

-Luna 🙂


A Thank you and update!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today’s post will pretty much be  a recap of 3 weeks in blogging and a thank you message to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts. Starting with the Thank You’s! thankful-emoticon-283

I have appreciated each and every comment or like my posts have received. Knowing that someone else has enjoyed reading my work and opinions has been one of the best experiences (among having an outlet to just ramble about my interests 🙂 ). It’s hard to put into words how I feel each time I log in and see that a post was commented on or liked so thank you very much and I hope that I can continue bringing exciting content worth reading.

Special Shoutouts! I have also wanted to personally say thank you to some bloggers that have really made an impression on me, whether it was through their posts or interactions. You should definitely check out their blogs as well! Of course there’s no particular order as I value everyone equally (had to throw in the disclaimer lol).

These are just a few bloggers who have inspired me in some way or another and I am truly happy to have interacted with them.

Now on to my thoughts on the blogging journey so far. It has been about 3 weeks since I have started and I have about 15 posts published. I originally thought that I would just get on here a few times a week, post something about video games and then go on about my normal life. Somewhere along the way I began getting d2f0b9276dd85d9c97ba546b81d974bd hooked on blogging and READING! I am reading a ton more since starting the blog. I’m reading books that I’ve had for some time without so much as cracking a page and I’m reading other bloggers posts. Blogging gives me something to look forward to each day. I am learning a ton of new information about comics, anime and books from the awesome bloggers or WordPress and it’s quite fascinating.

Blogging is definitely 5d98315c1467fe049409623a6c048602 a great outlet in which I will continue to write about anything that interests me (plus it makes me feel better about binge watching Netflix :p ). I look forward to continuing to allow readers a glimpse into my life and to share my interests with anyone that will listen. I am excited to see the posts by bloggers that I follow and validate their creativity and thoughts as mine have been validated. Thank you again for any comments, likes and follows and I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have!

-Luna 🙂