30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 8!

Happy Thursday Novas! I’m cheating on this answer as well because I don’t want to repeat games that have already talked about. Trying to keep it a little diverse here. Oe of the features that make’s video games amazing are the memories that we associate with them. One of the most powerful forms of association is the integration of music, more specifically the soundtracks in the video game. Let’s see what today’s topic is.

Day 8 – Best soundtrack.

I  rockband  would say the game with the best soundtrack is Rock Band 2. Yes, this is a cop out answer because it has hundreds of songs in the library that you can download and play. Rock Band 2 had so many fantastic songs from some of my favorite artists. Between rock band and guitar hero games, my spotify has songs that are so nostalgic to me. Some of the songs I’ve first heard on the video games. It’s funny because I was listening to Can’t be Saved in the car and I just moved my hands as if I were playing the guitar. It was a great feeling.

My real answer to this question would probably be oblivion,  fable 2 or super Mario 64. These games have amazing soundtracks to me. Starting with Oblivion. I love how the music in the town differed from music in the dungeon. Even in ESO now, you will have great music throughout the game that will have you feeling happy, anxious or scared for your life. The subtle shifts in the music is what makes games great for us to play.

Fable 2 is the same way. When you’re going through the village, the music is calming and warm. You can feel the community atmosphere. When you’re learning new abilities the music changes to a more determined theme. When you’re fighting monsters a more heroic style of music plays. As a gamer, your style of play adjusts to the music that you are hearing as well.

Lastly, Super Mario 64! I can still hear the music in Peach’s castle after completing a level. It’s so uplifting and fun. You feel as if you want to explore and play around with Mario’s different jumps (ya, yahoo,  whoopie) lol. Playing the dark levels where you would encounter Bowser or a boss fight was epic. The shift in the musics undertones allowed you to get in the competitive mind frame. You start to feel the adrenaline pumping, your hands my become clamy, hearts racing… its amazing! Check out my favorite song below!

Those are my picks for the best soundtracks. I’ve stayed true to games that I’ve actually played. I’ve watched gameplay for Dark Souls, Dragon Age and Bloodbourne, but since I haven’t played it myself I won’t mention them. Also notable games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have amazing soundtracks, but again I haven’t played these games. Which video games do you think have the best soundtracks? Let’s talk video game music!

-Luna 😁

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30 Day Challenge Video Game edition: Day 7!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for stopping by on our 30 day blogging challenge journey! I’m switching up today’s post just a tad, so let’s see what the topic is!
Couples! The twist that I’m bringing to today’s post will be to blog about my favorite video game “Duos” instead of couples. There’s been historic duos that we all know and love. The best duos to me in video games are the ones that compliment each other well. You know the duos that work so well in tandem that any task can be completed.  Those duos! I’m going to skip common duos like Sonic and Tails or Mario and Luigi because we know they’re awesome!

Day 7 – Favorite game couple

My first duo that I love is Banjo and Kazooie from well Banjo and Kazooie! Playing Banjo and Kazooie and Banjo To lie on Nintendo 64 was awesome growing up. I was able to beat all of the levels myself and I love the combination or Banjo’ s strength matches with Kazooie’ s agility and flight.


Cole Train and Baird! There’s no secret on my blog that I’m a hugeeee Gears of War fan. From the GOW franchises story mode a great friendship has developed between Cole and Baird. Baird is the intelligent weapons expert while Cole Train is the Brawn. He runs straight into every battle like “Leeroyyyyyy Jenkinsssss.” Cole was a pro football player before E Day so his speed, strength and agility is unmatched. I love the snarky comments each make within the franchise and their snippets when killing locusts. Cole and Baird are the unsung heroes of Gears of War to me. Vulgar language inbound on these clips. GOW has obscene language and violence.

Johnny Gat and Pierce from Saints Row are a pretty awesome duo. Gat is the leader, mentor and total awesome character of the Saints whole Pierce is the comic relief! I love doing missions with Pierce and Gat because driving in a car and listening to them bicker is the best. I’m between the missions you can listen to full conversation and interactions between both characters. For that fact Shaundi and Pierce are a great duo as well.


My last duo will be the annoying creeper and skeleton duo in Minecraft. The skeletons take all of your attention by shooting you with bows while the creepers sneak up behind you! I would rather fight any other combination of 2 mins than creepers and skellies.

What do you think of the duos I’ve highlighted today? Which duos are your favorites? Let’s talk video game duos!

-Luna 😁🎮🎮

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Creative Writing Pt. 3 The Discovery

Happy Wednesday Novas! I know this post is longggg overdue, but here is part 3 of my 4 part creative writing series. You can check out parts 1 and 2 by clicking the respective links at the bottom.of the post. For all of my new Novas and to refresh your memory, this series allows me to create a story from pictures sent to me by a friend. We have agreed to create a story comprises of 4 pictures. Here’s today’s picture.

Kyrie blinks his eyes repeatedly searching for the voice that told him he could never leave. With his go pro in hand, Kyrie decides that now is the time to record the events in the house as he knows no one would ever believe his story. Kyrie starts by grabbing a candlestick holder. He reaches in his pocket searching for a lighter. “You don’t smoke. What are you doing?” He says to himself. Kyrie has a flash of a memory. He could feel the smoke filling his lungs. The heat feels all to real as his core is warmed by the ash. Kyrie exhales and the clouds of smoke starts to take form as a shape. A face of a girl. At that moment Kyrie feels the cold metal of the lighter and wakes from his trance. Drenched in sweat Kyrie reaches in his pocket and pulls out the lighter.

With the candle lit, our friend looks up and starts mapping out his path. He takes a step on the winding staircase. Then another. Kyrie swivels the candlestick from left to right revealing the cracks in the walls. “The walls look like marble. ” he acknowledges.  The pictures on the wall are taking form. First they’re there, then they’re not. The staircase is lit; the staircase is dark. Everything’s changing on him, but he manages to reach the top floor.

He starts hearing the same chime as before. It’s echoing and directing him towards the room on the right at the end of the hall. The paint in the hallway’s faded; then its not. The house is silent and now it’s not. The chime is still going but now he hears a radio,  laughter and can smell fresh bread baking. “Am I going crazy?” Kyrie finally makes it to the room. He sets the candlestick down on the floor and looks around. The chiming has stopped. Kyrie spots a newspaper in the corner and picks it up. The dust is messing with his allergies and he sneezes releasing excess dust in the air. The sneeze brings to light the a revelation. The horror he’d witness in the piano room and the reason why he is here. The blood is all on Kyrie’s hand and this time it’s not a hallucination!

What did you think of the 3rd part of the story? Are you starting to piece together what’s happening? What do you think will happen in the conclusion? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 😁

Series Review: The White Queen!

Happy Friday Novas! As mentioned a few posts ago, I was recently sick and found myself binge watching a series on Starz called The White Queen! It’s no secret that I love watching period pieces like Reign, The Tudors, Versailles,  etc. The White Queen falls right in to that time as well.

It’s funny, I actually first came across this story from my friend’s fiance. She has a crazy book collection and let me borrow some books to read. She has a collection of Phillipa Gregory books that are historical fiction.  images   Since its right up my alley, I of course grabbed a few of the books. The White Princess,  The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter. The same day I saw a commercial for The White Princess and knew it was my book coming to the screen. Fast forward I’ve watched 3 episodes of the White Princess and had to stop because its currently showing. But Starz recommended The White Queen and voila I’ve completed the show! The White Queen starts before the White Princess in history.

Story: This 10 episode series follows the life of Elizabeth Woodville and her secret marriage to King Edward IV. Since the now Queen of England’s family were middle class commoners,  the English Court was in an uproar. One of the outrage subjects was Richard Neville who earned the title of “Kingmaker” due to his ability to, well to get a king placed on the throne.  He had been Edward’s right hand man in his climb towards the throne where Henry VI was de-throned. The “War of the Roses” starts here. Normally you think of Henry VII teaming up with the House of Lancaster to take down the House of York, but the blood and violence runs deeper than that. Both houses bear the sigil of the Rose, one House with a White Rose and the other with the Red.

Characters:    3 bros  I thoroughly enjoy the development of the characters in the series. You have the 3 brothers Edward (The King), George (The favorite) and Richard (The Loyal) of the royal house. Each brother takes on the characteristics listed above.   There are also the 3 main female characters of Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. Richard Neville (Anne’s father) plays a large role in the series as well. here’s plenty of drama and even treason boiling between the characters of the series. You have everyone reaching for the throne and trying to carry favor with King Edward, what’s a monarch to do?

Historical Accuracy: I didn’t know much about Edward IV other than his brother was Richard III who fell in the War of the Roses, allowing Henry VII to ascend the throne. This story was completely new to me. After a few episodes I started researching what events are documented (because who knows what really happened right?). The events in this series seems to match up well. What I found particularly interesting is that in this series (and the following White Princess series) both took different takes on the “Princes In The Tower” story. Since we can only speculate what happened, it’s nice that both sides were presented. There’s also another take on Richard III’s position towards the Crown that is commonly debated. The general  timeline is followed however, since it is fiction here’s more drama inserted to make the series Starz worthy.

Acting: I’ve really enjoyed the acting in this series. The only thing that bothers me is that the accents of some characters do not seem as genuine. It doesn’t really detour from the plot of the story so it is bearable. I like the sometimes gory scene or childbirth or battle. Watching from all 3 perspectives of Elizabeth, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville is really interesting as well. white_queens7   Their dynamic really brings the story alive in my opinion. The main plot revolves around Elizabeth, however, the links that each woman takes towards securing the throne is well represented.

This is the section of my reviews in which I list my main reasons that you should watch or “Play” the series and reasons why you may like to “Skip” this series.


  • You love historical fiction and watching the drama of Royals
  • A well acted plot and interesting timeline of events
  • A short, binge worthy series with a glimpse of historical events


  • If you have a niche for English accents lol
  • Not a fan of period dramas
  • If you’re looking for a longer series (10-1 hour episodes, although the series links to The White Princess).

Thank you for reading my review! This weekend I will have the Extreme Rules Predictions post and Wonder Woman movie review! Have you seen The White Queen? Are you a fan of historical fiction and if so, what are some of your favorite series? What are you currently binge watching? Next week: Riverdale! Let’s talk historical fiction!

-Luna ❤


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Megacon 2017 Convention!

Happy Memorial Day Novas! This past weekend I attended the Megacon Convention in Orlando and this short post will show some of the cosplayers I met! This was my second convention going in cosplay and I was FINALLY able to complete my Lana Kane costume. Let’s start the post with a comparison of Lana and my version of her!

Artist: One of the things I loveeeee about conventions would be the Dealer Rooms and Artist Alleys. You are able to pick up awesome pieces to take with you and some artists will actually customize your piece in front of you. We purchased a Wonder Woman spray paint picture and the artist created it in under 3 minutes! Take a look!

Another great part of conventions is the people watching! Some many cosplayers from different parts of the globe arrive with their costumes. The normal characters appeared like Deadpool, Joker, Harley Quinns and Overwatch Characters. What’s even more amazing is that there were plenty of couples dressed alike as well. We seen Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online and Ariel and Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid!  Here are some of the cosplayers that I had to highlight!

Swagggg- On Friday we were able to participate in several events. These events concluded with us getting swagg to take home. We also received great coupons and deals on entertainment like Medieval Times. Also, I had to pick up a few things for myself and friends as well. Here’s what I obtained.

Thank you for taking a look at my convention weekend! We had a blast and I cannot wait until my next one! What did you think of the post? Have you ever cosplayed or attended a convention? Let’s talk Geek!

-Luna 😀

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