Creative Writing Pt 4: The Revelation!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I have finally received the last picture in my 4 picture challenge that I started with a friend a few months ago. It’s time to find out what happens to Kyrie and why all of the creepy things were happening at Bancroft Manor! Want to catch up? Check out Creative Writing Pt.1, Creative Writing Pt.2 : The Curse and Creatiev Writing Pt. 3: The Discovery now!  Below is the picture for the remainder of the story.


Kyrie had uncovered the newspaper that was dated December 15th, 1915 sitting neatly on the dresser. The front page picture was of a women being murdered! She was found on a piano in Bancrof Manor and the killer was never caught. Police had questioned witnesses that seem to think the suspect vanished and disappeard out of thin air.  There was a police sketch of the last person seen with the woman and the face was that of Kyrie! Kyrie tries to catch his breath and grabs the papper to read more about the story. Witnesses say that the women

Witnesses say that the women was Sara Granville and a well known apothecry for the town. When you couldn’t find a cure at the doctor’s office, you would call Sara for her herbal remedies. The children all thought that she was a witch and the suspect named Kyrie Dayton was a new teenager in town. acquaintances of Dayton say that they dared him to go to Bancroft Manor and talk with the witch. That was the last time they saw him.

Kyrie overhears footsteps while he is reading the story. “What is wrong with you, no one’s here.” hey says and continues reading. Next he hears the creak of the door opening. When Kyrie looks towards the door it shuts rapidly causing more dust to fly up in the air. Kyrie sneezes. “Ouch” he says as he rubs his head, it’s still hurting from when he collapsed earlier. The air chills and the light on the candle blows out. Kyrie can hear foosteps approaching again until the knock on the door turns him pale.  The door blasts open and Kyrie sees the face of the old woman that he gave a sandwich to, the same face of teh woman who was dead on the piano and in this old Newspaper clipping. Yet, she was no longer human, she was a demon.

“Beware of strangers.” the snarling demon laughs. “You are the last time shifter left and you can’t escapeme this time.” she continues. All of Kyrie’s memories are returned. Yes, he did kill the old woman in 1915, he knew that she was praticing withcraft and planning to call demons up to the Earth. Kyrie found out because she poisoned him when he asked her for an herbal remedy to help his fever. Kyrie didn’t die, but he started exhibiting strange behaviors. He killed her and somehow ended up a century away.

“Are you going to kill me?” Kyrie asks. He feels himself losing control of his own thoughts.

The demon laughs. “Kill you? My dear, you’re already dead!” she responds.

Kyrie’s body is now immobile. He cannot move to get away from this hideous woman. Kyrie realizes why he is never afraid, why he welcomes death. He did die from the poison given to him all of those years ago. He died and came back with supernatural abilities. He realizes that he is now  trapped with the demon and under her control.

She walks over to Kyrie and places a mark on the palm of his hand. Now you can never run away again. The little girl that warned him that he could never leave enters the room behind her and sits on the bed.

“What do you have to do with this, child?” he questions.

She giggles and points to the outside of the window.

“Kyrie, we have work to do!” she answers. The laughter intensifies.

There’s that eerie feeling again. Kyrie turns to look out of the window and what he sees scares him. Hundreds of demons falling from the sky and the light of the flames. shining off of the city. Kyrie tries to fight, he tries to scream but he cannot resist. He snarls with his eyes turning crimson red. He fights for the last of his humanity, but he no longer has it. Kyrie leaps out of the window, yelling “It’s time to Play!”

What did you think of the ending? Are you working on any creative wrting projects at the moment? Is this the outcome that you would expect? Let’s talk writing!

-Luna 🙂


Five Sentence Story Prompt

Happy Monday Novas! I’ve come across a writing challenge on Mila (Doodling Panda’s) blog and thought that I’d give it a go. This is a fun challenge and I encourage all to take part! You can enter the challenge and read the official rules by clicking here! Pretty much, the rules are to make a 5 sentence story from the word of the week. I am writing a short scene from a story that I thought up last night. Let’s get started.

This week’s word: Passion

Enchanting was her birthright, not ruling or war. Her grace floated throughout the corridors of the great hall that’s filled with the memories of it’s latest muse. The feast was a success, and the nobles satiated; they’ve drunk their fill of blood and lust, and to the rhythm of the wind, she released her corset and took off her shoes. Each movement deliberate and without haste, her body’s swayed along to the melodious tune.
Betrothed to the one suitor that can carry her fancy, the one suitor that will never leave or forsake her, to her only love; Dance.

William Shire, 13th November , 1463, Festival of the Kings.

mary dance

What do you guys think? I’d love feedback as this is an idea for another story that I am thinking about writing. Join along with us and link me to your 5 word story!

-Luna 🙂


Creative Writing Pt. 2- The Curse

Happy Wednesday my brilliant Nova Super Stars! Thank you for tuning in to week 2 of my Creative Writing Challenge where me and my friend send pictures to each other and have to connect 4 pictures to 1 story. This idea was brought about by 2 other fellow bloggers who send pictures to each other as well! Thank you Woven Eclipse and Acacia Aurora! Check out Part 1 of the series by clicking here! Let’s get back into the story, as we left off with Kyrie pointing his Go Pro camera inside the house and going in!


“This is nothing.” Kyrie says as he walks around the strange, abandoned manor. His feet are releasing the echoes of peanuts smashing and chips being crushed throughout each corridor of the house. As he walks down the first hallway to the right of the front door, his curiosity is peaked. Kyrie keeps his camera in front of him, filming every second of his search. The sweet melody of a chime is lingering around the corner. “What is that?” Kyrie says. His legs began to turn to noodles and his head pounds, the chiming is getting louder. Kyrie’s brushing against the wall trying to stay erect. One foot after the other, he will not be detoured from finding the source of the haunting chime. He uses his energy to film what is happening, catching the wood floors, the old chandelier on the ceiling and the rats running across the floor. Kyrie starts to slow down as he’s finding it hard to walk. Using the camera he knocks the cobwebs out of his way and proceeds to follow the sound of the chime. Kyrie gets to the end of the hall, where the sound is at it’s highest, he peers into the room to the left with a look of horror. “It, it can’t be.” Are the last words he could utter before gravity was too much, Kyrie collapses between the hall and the room where he had drug himself to find.

The crimsoned, blood moonlight is shining on Kyrie’s face. He awakes to a nauseous feeling in his stomach. “What Happened” Kyrie says. The last thing he remembers is seeing the older women that had told him about Bancroft Manor laying across the piano in the room, dead! “Where did she go? Did I imagine the whole thing?”. Kyrie sneezes and his body flies up off of the floor before plummeting again. Startled he looks at his hands and then stands up. Kyrie tries to sneeze again but nothing happens. “The Camera!” Kyrie remembers. He searches around the room trying to find his Go Pro, assured that all would be explained if he watches the tape. But something’s wrong, he can’t find the Go Pro. “I know it’s in here, I pointed it right at the piano.” he says snapping his finger trying to remember what happened before he collapsed. The snapping of his fingers sounded as if they were echoing back down the corridor. 1 snap, 2 snaps, 3 snaps and shock! Kyrie’s no longer able to snap, something is obstructing his fingers from moving. It’s an object, almost as if… “The Go Pro?” Kyrie looks at his hands to see his camera firmly in his grip.

“This is crazy, right?” Kyrie says. His instincts are urging him to leave so he heads to the front door. As he receeds back down the hall the path is lit with the blood moon’s light shining in from the windows of the kitchen and what looks to be a bathroom. Kyrie reaches the door, twists the old brass knob and pulls at the door. The creek of the door opening is all the weirdness Kyrie could take for the day. “I don’t care if I lose the bet.” he says and takes a step towards the door. As he’s walking out he feels a burning sensation all over his body. Sparks of red and green are enthralling his area. The interactions are too much and Kyrie reverses to get back into the house. The sparks stop. “You can’t do that.” a voice calls out to Kyrie. He knows no one else is in the house and chooses to ignore the advice. Kyrie braces himself and sprints towards the door. The pain of the shocks are almost too much to bear, but he can see that  he’s almost free.

Kyrie breaks through the barrier, bruised and burnt. He hunches over to catch his breath and notices the brown wooden floor illuminated by the moon’s light. “This looks like blood.” Kyriee notices. “No!” he says. Kyrie looks up to see the same vestibule area that he had just ran away from. He turns behind him to see the door and the outside world. What did he just run through? “How am I still in the house?” Kyrie thinks. “I told you, you can’t do that.” the voice says again. Kyrie’s blood is boiling now, is someone trying to play a trick on him? Well he’s had enough. “I can’t do WHAT!!!!” he screams turning his head, awaiting the response. The haunting silence would have been enough to drive a person mad. It would have been enough to have a fleet of ships surrender before ever approaching the shore. But it would not stop Kyrie. His senses are heightened as he waits for the response. It seems like an eternity, alas the voice calls out “You can never leave.”

What do you think is happening or will happen next? How would you feel if you were Kyrie? Let’s talk Creative Writing! Tune in next week for part 3 of this 4 part series.

-Luna 😀