Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable!

Insatiable has been recommended to me since it released on Netflix and while I had a slight interest to watch it sometime in the future, I didn’t click Play on the series until the frequent tweets and post about Insatiable being “Controversial.” This reminded me of the reviews for 13 Reasons Why and viewers being upset about the type of message that could be sent out to teens. Today I write my series review on Insatiable and try to analyze, why this show has been tagged controversial.

Premise: Insatiable follows the story of Patricia Bladell and a lawyer named Bob Armstrong during Patricia’s senior year of high school.   Fatty Patty as she is known by at school is struggling with her weight and after an unfortunate incident, returns back to school skinny with 1 thing on her mind; revenge! insat You follow Patty’s turbulent response to those who had bullied her. Patty’s entire life has revolved around her insatiable need to eat. When she drops the weight and doesn’t worry about her need to eat, her insatiable cravings turn into a need for revenge. Where does Bob fit in? Bob attempts to help Patty (and himself) by turning her into a beauty pageant contestant.


Settings & Visuals: Insatiable is set in Georgia where appearances are everything. Bob and his family navigate the social hierarchy while Patty and her friends deal with the drama that comes with being a high school teenager. The visuals are fine as this story is set in the present. The dark comedy has bold, bright colors that contrasts with the story being told.


Characters:  patty The characters are the interesting points in this show for me. The accents are exaggerated to be Southern and there are varying personality types in the show. The acting is exaggerated in this show, but I believe that is the point of the series and it makes the show more comedic in a twisted way. You have your traditional High School characters like Brick Armstrong (High School Crush) or the mean girls from Patty’s past. Once Patty believes in the “Skinny is Magic” teachings of Bob, she turns into a character that you would love to hate.


Final Thoughts: I can see why people would love or hate Insatiable as it hits a few topics that hard to talk about like religion, eating disorders and the LGBTQ community. Personally, I didn’t feel that Insatiable had anything that was straight offensive to either side of an argument. I did find the show entertaining enough to binge watch the entire series in 1 day. The ridiculousness of Insatiable balances out the uncomfortable parts that are meant to be in jest. hotdog The episodes are about 40 minutes long and have enough conflict that you want to immediately play the next episode to view what will happens next. I love that underneath the main conflict, there are issues with the characters Patty and Bob interact with as well. Most of my intrigue came from finding out the secrets that are mentioned with a specific character and “Brazil.” When the revelation finally came about what happened in Brazil, I felt a sense of closure.

Next are my top reasons that you will want to Play or Skip Insatiable


  • An interesting high school dark comedy series
  • Highlights Hot Button Issues with a twist



  • Non Traditional Main Character
  • Exaggerated Characters and Themes



Have you watched Insatiable? Did you like the series? What series are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk Netflix!


-Luna 🙂

You Should Try…. Chopped & Big Little Lies!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s blog post which will focus on those tv shows that friends have recommended to you. A quick update with me…. My birthday was Thursday April 26th so I took a 12 day vacation from work. During my relaxing staycation, my friends recommended tv shows to me and I was able to catch up and binge watch a few days of my vacation. Here are my 2 recommends from Friends!

Featuring: Chopped & Big Little Lies!


Chopped is recommended by my co-worker that knows I love watching cooking competitions. I watch Top Chef and Master Chef in particular and was recommended Chopped for the first time. I’m not sure why I was never drawn to this show before, but I’m glad that I gave it a chance.


Premise: 4 Chefs compete in 3 rounds to crown a winner of Chopped and $10,000. Each episode is an hour and has a different theme. Based on the theme of the show, the chefs will have to prepare a dish using ALL of the mystery box ingredients. Each round has a time limit and the worse dish is CHOPPED while the others move on. Normally the rounds are Appetizer, Entree and Dessert.


Mystery Boxes – The mystery boxes are what makes Chopped an addicting show. 3 out of the 4 mystery items will be somewhat normal, while the final ingredient is usually something off the wall or not well known. Mystery box


Ranking: I’m really enjoying chopped and I would give it a B and high recommend to binge watchers that loveeee cooking shows.

big little lies

The 2nd show recommended to me is Big Little Lies on HBO by my friend Erick. I have wanted to watch this show since seeing previews for it last year, but never got around to it. Hulu offered me HBO Now at a great rate of $4.99 a month for 6 months, so I signed up and binge watched the show Saturday Night.


Premise: Big Little Lies follows the lives of mothers in the town of Monterey California. The cast follows Madeline, the Rich, Popular Mom, Jane the new single mom in town, Celeste, the Beautiful hot shot ex-lawyer, Renata the Corporate mom and Bonnie the relaxed organix moms and they’re lives in Monterey. The series begins at a fundraiser where there has just been a murder. Witnesses answer questions to the investigators but you do not know who was murdered until the finale.


Secrets: The best thing about Big Little Lies is that everyone is hiding something in theirs lives. These secrets threaten to tear their families and friends apart, but appearances must be kept. I even love that the secret of the person murdered is not revealed until the finale. The 7, 1 hour episodes recall the events leading up until the fundraiser where all is revealed.


Ranking : I give Big Little Lies a B+. They were renewed for a 2nd season but it will not be released until 2019 :(.

Those are my 2 currently recommends. Are you currently watching any shows recommended by friends? Do you have any tv show recommends for me to try? Which shows are you currently Binge Watching? Let’s talk shows!

-Luna 🙂

Hulu Series of the Week: Harlots!

Happy Friday Binge-Watching Addicts and welcome to the first series review of 2018! I was actually watching the Hulu Original Series of Harlots when it was premiering each week. I’ve finally decided to review the series and bring it to your attention!

London in 1763 is booming, and one in five women makes a living selling sex. Women’s opportunity for economic advancement is to marry well or be a prostitute.

Overview: Harlots was introduced to me by Hulu’s recommended list. It was also highly advertise during the time that I was watching as a Hulu Original Series so I decided to give it a go. The first episode was interesting and captivating that it held my attention and I watched every Wednesday when the new episode would release.


Margart Wells (Left) & Lydia Quigley (Right)

Harlots is a series following the rival brothel houses and their owners Margaret Wells and Lydia Quigley in 18th Century England. On one side you have the high end escorts and courtesans of Mrs. Quigley and on the other side you have the respectable but indulgent gals working at Mrs. Wells. Mrs. Wells is raising her daughters and family in a world and a time where it is very difficult for women to have safety, security and any rights of their own. Each character has their own internal struggle to deal with and the struggles of their employers intensifies their anxiety.

Setting & Visuals –


Harlots takes place in the brothels and on the streets of 18th Century London. The dress, language and visuals will be reminiscent of Georgian London. As I watched the series there were lower light shades emulating a colder, overcast weather. The days seemed gloomy but the lights were brought to light with the candles and vibrant colors of the women working in the brothel.

Characters & Portrayals –


I don’t believe Harlots is based on actual events but it is based on the book Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies written by Hallie Rubenhold. I’ve never read the book so I am unable to comment on the portrayals and accuracy to the text. What I can comment on is the acting of the characters inside of the series and if they are believable. I enjoyed the acting of each character in the series. One of my favorite performances is by Margaret’s Daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte does an excellent job of portraying a woman that men would pine for, but also a smart business women as well. She protects her assets and comes to the aid of her family, especially her little sister Lucy who is old enough to become a professional.

Final Thoughts –

Harlots was very intriguing and a great show for my taste. Season 2 will be premiering sometimes this year. I will say that this show is not for everyone because there are some delicate scenes with maidenhoods being taken and the way women are treated in the show but I think it touches on what life was like in that time period. You will have your fill of powder makeup and powdered wigs, along with the seductively sensual language of people in the business of “pleasure.”




  • If you have read and enjoyed Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies
  • If you love period dramas
  • For a great story of rival ladies


  • Because of the graphic nature in the some of the scenes
  • If you do not enjoy period based shows
  • Recommended for a more mature audience

I rate Harlots a solid 4 out of 5 screens!


Thank you for reading! Have you watched or are interested in watching Harlots? Which shows are you currently binge watching on Hulu or Netflix? Any recommendations for additional period dramas that I should watch? Let’s talk television and shows!

-Luna 🙂

Still Star Crossed Series Review!

Happy Friday Novas & Players! I have recently finished season 1 of the ABC Series Still Star Crossed that focuses on the events that occur between the Montagues & Capulets after Romeo and Juliet die.

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name.

Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love

And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”

Familiar words spoken by Juliet Capulet to her forbidden lover Romeo Montague. But have you ever wondered what happened to the feuding families after the deaths of Love’s Martyrs? That’s what we seek to find when we watch the ABC Drama, Still Star Crossed. SSC is a period dramatic series based on a book by Melinda Taub that follows the events after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

Story: You follow a few main characters, the most intriguing of which are Rosaline Capulet, Benvolio Montague and Prince Escalus. The story takes place in Verona after Star Crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet are married secretly in front of their cousins, Rosaline and Benvolio. When the lovers seek to tell their feuding families of their love, a misunderstanding causes Romeo to take his life. Upon Juliet waking up to find Romeo poisoned, she takes her life as well, sounds familiar right?  ssc1  Now the pieces have to be picked up by the only 2 subjects in Verona that know the truth, Benvolio and Rosaline! What will the feuding families do now? Who will take the blame for the lovers’ deaths? Why are we still star crossed?

The Setting & Visuals – The setting modern-esque and did not immediately put me in the time period of the story. I get what the directors were going for, but some of the clothing and colors used seemed a bit “Modern” to me. It was as if they blended 2 eras to make the show. I can see this being a pet peeve for viewers who love for Historical Dramas to be accurate and precise.  I compare this show to Reign, how some of the dresses and decadences of the French Court seemed to be exaggerated to appeal to a modern audience.

Characters & Portrayals – I loved how the characters spoke with a type of poetic language. The renaissance era of thinking was greatly portrayed with the buildings, the poetry and the language of the people.  The nuances of the Lords & Ladies seemed to fit the actions of the time.  The cast however, was very diverse and took me by surprise. I was happy to see the integration of different cultures even for the nobility.

There was no stand out moments in which I thought the acting was bad. I really liked the performances of Benvolio (Wade Briggs) and Lord Montague (Grant Bowler) because the emotion between the Nephew and Uncle felt real.  The same can be said for Rosaline (Lashana Lynch) and Lady Capulet ( Zuleikha Robinson) as their performance together made me uncomfortable and upset. This is because Lady Capulet , Rosaline’s niece played a fierce role of entitlement and anger. ssc

Final Thoughts – I really enjoyed the series and I am hoping for a season 2 (because it ends in a cliffhanger). The episodes are about 42 minutes long and you can watch on Hulu or The pacing was really well and there was surprisingly more drama and suspense then action.  One of my personal favorites Torrance Coombs (who played Sebastian in Reign) , does a fine job as Count Paris, but admittedly the character looked similar to the one he has played before. A little more variation in is acting would have completely sold it for me. I definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves period dramas and the thrills of a royal court. I have a mild obsession with historical dramas and royal courts so SSC was recommended successfully to me by Hulu. I love the path that was taken as I felt the story, progression and themes differed from the likes of Reign, The Tudors and Versailles!


  • An exciting and believable story of the Montagues & Capulets
  • Awesome acting and an easy to follow story structure


  • Looking for a more accurate representation of the time period
  • If you are looking for a solid ending, the series does end on a cliffhanger

Although the series was ranked pretty low by other media, I would give it a solid 7.5 out of 10 stars. I really like the direction and the story. It would have ranked a bit higher if I wasn’t thrown off by some of the modern colors and clothing.

Thank you for reading our review of the series Still Star Crossed! Have you seen the show? What shows are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk TV!

-Luna 🙂


The Man in the High Castle: Season 1, Episode 2 Review


Good evening all! Maria here, and hope all of you are having a good week so far. 🙂 Tonight, I’ll be talking about the second episode of the first season of The Man in the High Castle, and you can expect Episode 3 later this week, to make up for last week. 😀

Before I move onto the review, of course my disclaimer…if you haven’t seen the episode yet, spoilers lie ahead.


The highlights from Episode 2 (in no particular order):

  • Raeder and Obergrueppenfuehrer Smith are involved in a shootout with several men in an alley
  • Juliana buys a Bible under the counter at the only bookstore in Canon City
  • Paper Crane guy
  • Frank’s sister and her children are gassed with Zyklon B at Kempetai headquarters
  • Joe watches HIS OWN copy of the film
  • Randall gets executed

This episode, I have to say, was quite emotional, especially towards the end. I thought that a few cool characters (namely Frank and Juliana) were going to be killed off, and while I was viewing it, I felt an underlying sense of relevance to what is going on today. In one of the scenes, Randall says, “Evil triumphs only when good men do nothing” and that is unfortunately true.

The focus of the second episode appears to be Paper Crane guy. We do see a bit of him in the first episode but we get to know more about him in this one. At first glance, he seems relatively harmless and is the one who encourages Juliana to buy the Bible under the counter at the local bookstore (which is perpetually empty of people). But it turns out there’s more to him than what meets the eye, and…well, let’s just say his character incurs a large twist. I don’t want to give too much away here.

Overall, this was a good episode, and owing to the twists and bends I give it a 5/5.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have already watched it and want to include input please feel free to. I want to know what you thought of it as well! 🙂


The Man In The High Castle: Season 1, Episode 1


Happy Monday all! I hope this post finds you in a good mood, and if today was the opposite of cheerful I hope it brightens your day.

Tonight’s post is exclusively focusing on the first episode of the first season of The Man In The High Castle, which is titled “The New World”. This episode basically introduces you to a majority of the characters that you’ll be seeing throughout the rest of the other episodes, and also to the Japanese Pacific States and Greater Nazi Reich.

Now, if you have not seen the episode yet, I am warning you in advance that there are spoilers in this review. If you want to stop reading right here and view it that’s fine, and if you want to continue reading that’s okay as well. However, though, consider yourself warned. So with that being said…


Let’s get started.

“The New World” starts off in New York City, where we see one of the main characters, Joe Blake, sitting in a movie theater on Broadway watching propaganda films, and accepting a piece of paper (with an address on it) from someone whose identity isn’t exactly made clear. I would say, though, that this person is possibly from the resistance.


Joe does go to this address, and it is revealed to be a sort of factory. Now, this is where you get the vibe that he is possibly working for the Resistance, because he talks about wanting to bring back the America his father knew and talked about, before it was split between the Japanese  and Nazis after they won the war. At that point the Nazis themselves decide to bust into the factory, COPS-style (if you have watched that show at any point then you’ll know what I mean), and Joe Blake is lucky to get into the cab of a semi and drive away before getting caught. The factory manager unfortunately isn’t so lucky as he gets bitten in the neck by a German Shepherd and hauled away by Nazis.

Then the scene shifts to San Francisco, where we get acquainted with Juliana Crain, as well as her mother, stepfather, half sister, and boyfriend, Frank Frink. Juliana does appear to be content with the way things are in the Japanese Pacific States, as she is big into taking classes at the local Dojo and buying herbs which make her mother wince as she drinks them. That is, until she is hurriedly handed a film (along with a bus ticket to Canon City, Colorado, which is in the Neutral Zone) from her half sister, Trudy, who as it turns out is indeed part of the Resistance–and who ends up getting shot by the Japanese right in front of Juliana. This prompts her to view the film, which shows the United States, not the Nazis or Japanese, winning the war. Once she views it, she basically makes up her mind to go to Canon City in Trudy’s place and not to turn the film in to the police, which Frank advises to no avail.


To fast forward, we see Juliana leaving for Canon City, Joe going in that direction himself, and Frank getting arrested along with Trudy’s Resistance boyfriend Randall because the authorities feel that something is up with Juliana disappearing from San Francisco.

As stated originally in my previous post, this episode alone got me into the series. One thing that got my interest right away were the visuals–New York really did look like it was completely taken over by the Nazis, and San Francisco looked, I had to admit it, amazing with the Japanese signage.

As far as content went I feel it was a fitting way to start off the series and season. For this type of show, honestly, it could only begin a certain way, and it worked. For characters, Joe Blake really stood out, due to him being portrayed primarily as working for the Resistance, but then being very ambiguous as a person. Juliana was far more easier to read, due to her character being good hearted and transparent, and in this episode you could tell there was going to be a lot more of her in the episodes to come.

Overall, I give this episode a 5/5.

Hooe you enjoyed the review, Episode 2 will be coming up this weekend!

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The Man In The High Castle: An Introduction

Happy Friday night all! It’s Maria, and as promised by last night’s post, a review on another show that I’ve been watching lately and am now addicted to is here. To start off, the reason it was long in coming is because I was trying to figure out how to set it all up: if I wanted to write a review on the entire first season or do it episode by episode. Eventually I decided to do it episode by episode, as that would be more engaging and interesting rather than knock the entire first season all out in one single review. And to be honest about this review, this is more of an introduction to it rather than a review on Episode 1, as to understand the premise better. You’ll see my view on Episode 1 tomorrow.

At this point, you are probably wondering what show it is that I’ve decided to cover on this blog, from the first episode to the very last. You may or may not have heard of it, since it has gotten popular since it first came out, on Amazon. Not on Netflix, and definitely not on Hulu.

Everyone, let me formally introduce you to…


YES! If you thought I was talking about The Man In The High Castle, you would be completely right. I was introduced to this show by someone I work with, who warned others and I to start watching now since the third season is premiering this coming December. With that sound advice, I decided to renew my Amazon Prime membership (you can only watch this show if you have Amazon Prime, which is possibly the only downside) and start watching it myself. Well, let me tell you, from the first episode I was hooked…and binge watching the rest of the first season from there. (The best I could anyway, as I do work and study when I’m not working.)

In a nutshell, and for those not as familiar with the show, The Man In The High Castle focuses on an alternate history in which the Nazis and Imperial Japan have won World War II, and who have divvied up the former United States of America into the Greater Nazi Reich (basically all of the Midwest, southern states, and East Coast with some other states mixed in) and Japanese Pacific States (pretty much the states on the West Coast). A visual aid is below.


(Note: Contrary to what this map says, that giant gray area  is the Greater Nazi Reich.)

The show hosts a colorful cast of characters, which I will detail in Episode 1’s review. As stated previously in this post, tonight’s review is primarily an introduction to the series itself. In the meantime, I have included the trailer.


First image: Wikimedia


Trailer: YouTube

More Than Dicks

Hey all! It’s Maria, and I’m quite sorry about not posting on here in a while. Things have been a mix of work, GMAT studying, and also scouting out new and exciting things on Netflix!

With that being said, I’m here to introduce all of you to a very new show on Netflix itself, and one I was unexpectedly connected to last weekend (mostly because I really didn’t feel like watching Hawaii Five-0 or anything else). Everyone, please say hello to…


I’m going to be honest here: I was aware of American Vandal before I caught glimpse of it on Netflix, all because of Facebook. The leading actor in the show, Jimmy Tatro, has an official fan page on there, and that’s how I got wind of it. And if that name sounds familiar to some of you, it would be because he got big on YouTube (starting with Total Frat Move videos). That’s how I originally discovered him.

But anyway, onto the plot line of American Vandal. Oceanside High School senior Dylan Maxwell, who is the class clown of his graduating class, is accused of spray painting dicks (yes, dicks) on all of the cars in the faculty parking lot as a prank during one weekend. The show, in a nutshell, follows two sophomores, Peter Maldonado and  Sam Ecklund, as they launch and forge through an investigation to uncover if Dylan was really the one behind the crime, and if he wasn’t, who was really responsible for it in the first place. From episode to episode, I was strongly reminded of Riverdale and the nail-biting, intense investigation into who killed Jason Blossom, only here there was no Riverdale and Jason Blossom.

Not going to leave any spoilers here about who was responsible for drawing the dicks, but if you ever decide to watch the show, as a heads up you will be in for one crazy and wild ride because it is that crazy when it comes to finding out who did. Also, at the end of the season (first season is eight episodes long), you will be questioning life itself. I found myself getting angry and depressed because there really are people like Dylan who aren’t given chances to prove themselves because others won’t let them. Either way, you will not regret viewing this.

I give it a 5/5.

I will be back tomorrow with another review on another show…not saying what it is but you won’t be disappointed. I hope you liked this review, and I hope you all have a good night! 🙂

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Game of Thrones Rewind: Season 1 Ep 1-4!

Happy Labor Day and Monday Novas! Sooo.. it’s no secret that there will not be a recap and thoughts post for a while with Game of Thrones since season 7 ended last week. Instead, I have convinced my friend Emily to start watching the series and last night we started watching Season 1. My Monday posts will now be recaps of things that I now notice in the show. I was reading another blogger’s post about re-watching season 1 because of the foreshadowing and boy were they right! Let’s see what I found when re-watching Episodes 1-4 in Season 1! If you haven’t watched GOT stop reading now, this is the official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!!!!***

As mentioned, there is quite a bit of foreshadowing in the episodes. Here are some events that stuck out to me:

  • Dany Being the Rightful Ruler over her brother Viserys – The very first scene we have with Daenarys is her getting ready to meet Khal Drogo. A bath is prepared and it’s very hot as the servant warns, yet Dany gets in unaffected by the heat. She also has her hands bandaged up from burns that I believe are coming from the Dragon Eggs (later in the show you find out that the eggs are hot to any who tries to touch them). Why does this act show that Dany is the chosen one over her brother? Because if you remember, Viserys was in the bath with a woman and she poured the hot wax on his chest… he said “Ouch!”  vis Viserys isn’t immune to heat which is a vital component in his house sigil, the Dragon!
  • Bran forseeing that he is going to be the 3 eyed Raven – After Bran’s accident, he began to have dreams of him following the raven.
  • Tyrion becoming the Hand to a ruler– Tyrion is currently the Hand to Dany right? Tyrion was the person to teach Jon how to be a ruler. Remember his first days at Castle Black? He was unbeatable in combat which pitted his comrades against him. Some of his loyal friends wanted to slit his throat at first because of his attitude. Then Tyrion arrived and taught Jon a lesson. Jon said that they were jealous because he was better than them.  jon-snow-and-tyrion   Tyrion knocked some sense in him, sarcastically of course, stating that they didn’t grow up learning to fight. Showing Jon that everyone has different backgrounds and shouldn’t be punished for their ignorance. What did Jon do next? He taught them how to fight!
  • Sansa’s Rebellious Behavior- I completely forgot that Sansa was mad at her father Ned Stark, pretty much the entire season because of him having to kill Lady. First off, it was totally her fault for lying even though I can understand why she did what she did, but Ned did all he could to try and save her dire wolf. He couldn’t go against his King’s orders, so he gave Lady an honorable death. I believe that Sansa was more prone to make stupid decisions since she was upset with her father and blamed him for not only killing Lady, but tarnishing her relationship with the Lannisters.
  • Theon’s Possible Betrayal – Lastly, I noticed that something Theon said could be taken as foreshadowing for him betraying the Starks. When he was ordered to kill the dire wolves at the beginning of the season, Rob urged him to stop. Theon said something like, “I take orders from your father, not you” or “I follow your father, not you.” If I’m remembering correctly, Theon betrayed the Starks AFTER Ned was killed. Without the honorable Ned Stark around, it’s very possible that Theon only had 1 thing left to do, impress his real father, because his father figure and head of household was gone.
  • Joeffrey’s Descent- I’ve noticed that even though Joeffry was still horrible, Cersei was telling him that when he is King the world would be how he wants. The truth will be what he makes it. She made him more of a monster with the way she treated him.

These are just some of the things that I have noticed in re-watching season 1. HAve you re-watched any episodes of GOT? If so, what have you picked up on that now makes a lot of sense? Have you seen any foreshadowing? What do you think of my personal interpretations? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂



Game of Thrones S7 Finale

Happy Moonday Novas! Last night was the epic finale episode of Game of Thrones season 7 and we’re here on Monday morning to provide a recap and our thoughts.  Before you begin readin I will have a recap of some scenes so this is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert** warning! 

The episode was the longest of the season tieing up a few loose ends that we wanted to see as the episode ran. We start with the Unsullied and Grey Worm standing outside of kings landing in a face off with Bronn and Jaime while Tyrion and Jon pull up to King’s Landing on the water. This scene was very intense and awesome as we see faces of characters that have not intereacted in some time. Similar to how the group Beyond the Wall talked through their differences, this group for peace were sizing each other up.


Brienne sees that the Hound is alive after she left him for dead a few seasons back. The Hound finds out that arya is alive from Brienne when they encounter each other at King’s Landing.

Cersei gives the mountain orders on who to kill first; Dany, Tyrion and Jon Snow in that order. Cersei the makes an entrance after the others are seated with Qyburn, Jaime, The Mountain and her army. Upon her arrival her disdain is obvious when she notices that Dany is not present. Of course, she had to make the grandest entrance on the back of Drogon with Rhaegal flying in the background.

All characters enter the dragon pit (where the meeting is to take place( and it’s as intense and eerie as we would expect. It’s quiet until Sandor and Gregor Clegane have a moment. The Hound confronts his older brother in front of everyone, then turns to retrieve the “surprise” for the audience. Since the interruptions have begun, the every brunt Euron calls out his nephew. Everyone sits back as Euron threatens to kill Yara if Theon does not surrender to him. Very bold move indeed and as expected Theon just sits there.

After everyone’s feelings are known, The Hound brings out the walker and lets him loose for everyone to see. Cersei and Jaime are visibly shaken by the creature and now understands the threat that everyone is talking about; or so we think. A scene that was interesting to me was when Qyburn, Cersei’s hand and the once outlawed maester, got up to examine the Undead hand of the walker. There’s something peculiar about that scene but I can’t quite figure out why it makes me uncomfortable.

After the demonstration and annialhation of the walker, Euron flees to the Iron Islands with the Iron Fleet. Later in the episode you find out that this was a plan all along by Cersei to allow Euron to take the Iron Fleet to pick up mercenaries. My question is, how did Cersei know when he would leave? Was it planned that no matter what they brought that Euron would turn tail and run?


So that’s enough of a recap as that was one of the most important scenes of the night. We expect Jon and Dany’s camp to be hopeful that Cersei will accept the truce, but we now that it’s not going to be an easy task. Cersei is bent on being the only ruler, she calls Dany out by saying “How do I know that you will not use my ceasefire to raise more armies to your cause?” This shows that Cersei has not intention of calling a truce with the enemy. She’s always thinking 1 step ahead, which is what makes her dangerous.

A follow-up scene that had my heart racing was Tyrion literally stepping into the Lions den. When he faced Cersei, I didn’t know what to think and since no one had died in the episode yet, I was really nervous. The standoff between both Cersei and Tyrion explained motives behind Cersei’s behavior even after knowing that he didn’t kill Joeffrey. Cersei straight up blames Tyrion for their family falling apart. She says that him killing their father Tywin, left the family open and unprotected in the views of everyone else. She states that Tommen and Myrcella’s deaths are direct results of people no longer fearing the Lannisters. Cersei played Tyrion, by not killing him she allowed him to believe that she was willing to call a truce to preserve what’s precious in life.

Another important scene was the trial of Arya. Sansa has been trained and manipulated by Littlefinger to think of the worst possible outcome. I’m not going to lie, this scene had me verry upset at Sansa, I just knew she was about to fall for another trap by Littlefinger. I’m super glad that I was wrong! Sansa, Arya and Bran all played littlefinger like a fiddle. I remember a few episodes ago when Bran gave Arya the dagger how I mentioned that Bran had to be plannin planninggn, well this was it. The same dagger that tore the family apart sliced open the throat of Littlefinger. It was epic, I was happy, all is good with the world in Winterfell.

In Winterfell Sam and Gilly arrive which reveals another great piece of information. We knew from a few episodes back that Jon was not a bastard and the heir to the thrrone. I did wonder how they married if Lyanna was “abducted.” Sam asked Bran if he could see the events now as he told him about the High Maester’s reports, wheeew, Sam was listening to Gilly! Bran, who is learning to control his abilities, went back to see that Lyanna and Rhaegar were in love and that the coo brought on by Robert Baratheon was a sham.

Is it me or does Rhaegar look like Viscerys?

We also get Jon’s birth name; Aegon Targaryen!


This episode set a collision course for the next season. What will Jaime do now that he knows Cersei’s intentions and plans? Will Jon finaly find out his origin and what effect will this have on his relationship with Dany? What’s next for the Stark girls now that Littlefinger is a cold corpse? Most importantly, what will happen when Jon and Dany find out that Visceron is a part of the undead army? There’s so many moving parts for next season and I cannot wait!


“I was on trying to protect her.” -Brienne

“You and me both.”- The Hound

“I left this sh** city because I didnt want to die in it. Am I goimg to die in it?” -Hound

“The king of the north will not take sides.  I know that Ned Stark’s son will be true to his word.” – cersei

“I’m about to step into a room with the most murderous woman in the world, who has already tried to kill me twice… that I know of. Who is the idiot?” – Tyrion

“I’ve traveled all over the world and this is the only thing that’s scared me.” -Euron

“I loved your mother since I was a boy.” -Littlefinger  “and you betrayed her.” -Sansa , “I’ve loved you the most.” -Little Finger , “And you betrayed me.” Sansa.

Notable Scenes:

  • Jaime challenging Cersei
  • Cersei noticing 2 dragons instead of 3
  • Ending scene of the Night King coming through the wall

Let’s just all take a moment to realize how incredibly smart Cersei is. She’s probably the smartest character in the show and you can’t helo but admire her. I can see why Sansa was infatuated with her during her time at King’s Landing. Ok, that’s enough of my thoughts, what did yuo think about the episode? What di you think will happen in season 8? Who’s dying first out of the characters that we have remaining? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂