Aprils Question of the Month: Survive Your Apocalypse!

Power up Players for April’s Question of the Month Response, hosted by the Later Levels Blog! In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I’m diligently participating in the monthly gaming question and this month and we have a super fun one! This challenge is open to all bloggers so feel free to get involved, publish your answers and check out the other answers!

So the question this month was:

Which three video game characters would you choose to help you survive the apocalypse? The type of apocalypse and enemy you’ll encounter will depend on your birthday…

Month Disaster Date Enemy
January Nuclear winter 01-03 Sentient AI
February Asteroid 04-06 Mutants
March Flood 07-09 Raiders
April Ice age 10-11 Robots
May Volcano 12-14 Vampires
June Overpopulation 15-16 Zombies
July All-out war 17-19 Aliens
August Disease 20-21 Mother Nature
September The Rapture 22-24 Insects
October Solar flare 25-26 Graboids
November Plague 27-29 Plant-life
December Mass drought 30-31 Killer Tomatoes

To properly Answer this question, we have to find out what I will be fighting and surviving against. Based on the chart my birthday of April 26th will have me surviving in an “Ice Age” against “Graboids (remember the movie Tremors lol).” Yea, Graboids are the huge sandworms that rely on vibrations and can crash through structures and eat you. This should be fun! Let’s see who I would use!

Steve from Minecraft (The Builder/Scout/Varietyman): –


Before you start laughing, think about it. Steve is very, very useful. Steve knows helpful crafting recipes and he is a master builder! Steve will be able to help build the shelter and reinforce it against the Graboids. I’d probably commission steve to make a shelter that is surrounded on all sides by a lava pit! This way, if the Graboids try and break through, they will end up fried instead. Steve is also an expert farmer and explorer so he will be able to adapt to the frigid temperatures and help build a self sustaining farm!

Pyramid Head (The Enforcer) –

pyramid head

Listen this may not seem like a likely choice but think about what Steve will be doing. Steve is going to be constructing a shelter, tools and other things which will drive the attention of the Graboids. Since they rely on vibrations on the ground to catch and kill their prey, we’re going to need a bodyguard and I can’t think of a better one than Pyramid Head. This Silent Hill Villain boosters Super Strength, Agility, Stamina, and due to his Type 2 Immortality, Durability. Pyramid Head is a great character to use for fighting off the Graboids and any other threats until our shelter is complete.

Dr. Mario (Medic) –


You can’t survive any apocalypse without a medical person on hand. Dr Mario is my pick in this band of misfits because, he has a pill for everything (I hope he knows CPR and how to bandage legs lol). Mario can also be used to help keep Pyramid Head in check. Since he is essentially created by the victim, Mario treats him like Fred from the Drop Dead Fred movie and keeps him sane and stable with his different pills (that got weird really fast haha).

Those are my picks for Surviving the Ice Age of Graboids terrorizing the planet. What 3 characters would you choose? Do you think my team can help me survive? Feel free to join in the Question of the Month and check out our blogging buddies and their responses. Let’s talk video game characters during the apocalypse!


Luna’s Rankings: RPG Games!

Happy Tuesday Players! It’s time for another one of my rankings for the week! Today we are ranking my top RPG (Role Playing Games) from my least favorite to my favorite! Let’s see who makes the list today! Role Playing games are a staple in the video game world! They allow us to create characters, take on missions and even choose between some morally awkward situations. Each game offers something unique and different, that’s why I am ranking my top games from the RPG games that I have played!

Fable III – Fable III hits the bottom of the list for one reason; I could never finish it!   Fable IIIWhy? Well because this game was horrible, not in design or play through because all of that was great! It was horrible because of the choices that you had to make. You played as a Monarch and you had to overthrow your evil sibling from the throne. This of course now makes you the leader of the realm and you start to see why your brother was making choices that to the outside world seemed cruel. The choices that you make have consequences either way. Let’s just say that sparing a villager who committed a petty crime, could in turn cause hundreds to die. That game sucked just because of the choices lol.

Elder Scrolls Online – ESO is a really great game.  eso  This game takes the magic and wonder of Oblivion and Skyrim and adds in the multiplayer element that I completely love. Elder Scrolls takes on the same premise as all their games in Bethseda’s history, however, now we have factions and we can play with friends. During the midnight release all of my friends selected Aldemeri Dominion to start and we had… well we had difficulty getting into the server that night. I believe we were finally able to log in about 4 hours after the fact. This first impression is probably why ESO fell down in the rankings for me. But once we were in, we were able to have fun until the passion for the game burned out. Although I’m not currently interested in ESO, it is a game that I will always come back to!

Fable – The original Fable started my RPG gaming adventure!  fable  If you read my Evolution of A Gamer post, you will remember that I was gifted with my brother’s Xbox when the Xbox 360 released. Along with the system he gave me a few games and among them was the first Fable game (side not my brother Kenny never played it lol). This was the first game that I completed the story mode by myself! I didn’t ask for my brother’s help and I just grinded it out! The ability to make your own choices in the game and have free range (mostly) to steal or marry was a new development at the time of Fable’s release.

Fable II comes in at the number 3 slot.   fable II  It almost made it to number 1 but I have such fond memories of the game that occupies that ranking on my list. Fable II was an awesome game! I remember getting the game when it released and playing through the story. I loved that you were able to combine spells in this game and the option to select a female character was a bonus. The story was amazing and I had fun just playing side missions or making money as a Pie Maker! Don’t forget about all of the fun of kicking chickens!This game was a bit of a hack though,. When you went to the ton square in Bowerstone you could meet up with your friends (floating as orbs) and give each other money. My one friend gave us all 1 million dollars lol.

Phantasy Star Universe –  psu  PSU was an online MMORPG game that I played with friends back in the Xbox 360 days! This was one of my first experiences with upgrading weapons and grinding missions to receive gear.  I played as a mage class and I would always look for the best spells and staffs in the game. I vaguely remember having this one spell that would cast meteors from my staff. After upgrading it I could morph the move into casting meteors from the sky. I loved PSU because it taught me that the magic you used would be dependent on the type of creature you were facing. Similar to Pokemon, you went farther if you used magical spells that were super effective against the enemy. PSU also gave the added element of customization for not only your character (4th floor of the mall am I right?) but also for your room. I had trophies from defeating  bosses like De-Ragan or my personal favorite the Rappy Statues (they look like chocobos lol).

PSU had it all and I loved the interaction with other players. You could present moves, dances and even phrases.  PSU was an awesome game and I was sad when the servers closed for it.

Oblivion takes the number 1 spot for me because it is the first RPG game that I really delve into.  oblivion  This game set the standard for the Elder Scrolls Game for me and I am so grateful to have discovered it. My fondest memory was being a part of the Fighter’s Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood at the same time. I was running all over the place with the different side missions and contracts that I was to fulfill. Each play-thorugh I would make a Khajit (cat character) and level up my stats for stealth and agility. Needless to say, I’m always a thief or assassin! !  I spent HOURS on Oblivion and I still don’t believe that I completed everything that there was to do. The replay value of this game was amazing, because you could make alternate characters give them different skills.

Those are my rankings for my top RPG Games! What did I miss? What are your favorite RPG’s? Let’s talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂





Response: Are video games art?

Happy Wednesday Novas! I was reading a post by The Well Read Mage on Monday and it posed the question, are video games art? I decided to create a blog post to this response in 500 words or less. You can read other responses and the initial post by clicking here!

Yes! I believe that video games are indeed art for a few reasons.

Creative team combining music and aesthetics– Film is a type of art can we agree? There’s many video games now that take on the same challenges as films. Is this storyline predictable? Where can I add in bomb graphics that suit the scene and what about the music? All of these elements play a vital role in the creation of a video game. Some of the past Games of the Year have great features like Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age and Skyrim.  

  RPG games have amazing graphics and make you want to visit the world that you are playing in.

A well put together story– art or pieces or art like writing, drawing or even film tells a story. We are in an age now where advanced stories are told and even take on life like situations like in the Life is Strange game.

Art makes you feel something– Video games can make you feel a range of emotions from fear to happiness. I believe that anything that can tap into your emotion should at least be in the conversation of art. In Fable III, I’ve mentioned before the choices that you have to make makes you feel sympathy, anger, joy , etc.

What are your thoughts on video games being considered art? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂





Video Game Tag

Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Friends! I have read several different “Book Tag” posts in which you would answer questions about books that you have read and pass the questions over to other bloggers to share. These are really interesting blog posts that I desperately want to participate in, but I feel that I have not read enough books to be able to complete the questions. So why not adapt this style of post to something I know and love; Video Games! That’s right gamers, let’s start a Video Game tag and learn more about each other!


  • Thank & Tag the Blogger
  • Shout Out The Creator (GamersUnitedGGBlog)
  • Answer the Questions
  • Tag Other Bloggers (Your choice on the number of Players)
  • Create 5-7 Video Game Questions for your Players to Answer!


  • What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.).
  • Which system do you prefer to game on?
  • Who is your favorite video game character?
  • Which game do you believe has the best plot?
  • What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?
  • What game are you waiting for?
  • If you were taken to an island and  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose?
  • Which games do you feel have the best replay value,
  • Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?
  • What game did you grow up on?
  • Which game would you like to see come back?

My responses:

What is your favorite video game genre? There’s so many great genre’s out there but if I had to select my absolute favorite, it would have to be First Person Shooters. Not necessarily First person, but games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Gears of war I thrive on and can’t see myself being without.

Which system do you prefer to game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Handheld, Retro, etc.? Xbox One. I have been day 1 A1 with Xbox after the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube went downhill (which I still have of course 🙂 ).

Who is your favorite video game character? Yoshi!!!! Yoshi is currently still relevant and AWESOME! I always play with Yoshi in Mario Kart or Mario Party when he is available. Recently I have used Yoshi to win on Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games! My swimming game is epic!

Which game do you believe has the best plot? My answer to this question is a game that really didn’t receive a lot of praise, Thief! I really loved the game-play of Thief and how you are able to pickpocket guards and things. It reminds me of the Fable games where if no one sees you commit a crime or act, then you get away with it. Thief had some interesting elements in that you were also developing supernatural abilities along with trying to stop a nefarious character. I love the aspect of solving puzzles along with fighting (although it is not intended for straight up combat, you have to be sneaky).

What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver? I am going to say Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. I am a little wary of saying this game as I have not played it, not even the Beta. For the past 7 titles or so I have always bought the newest Call of Duty game for midnight release. After watching the pro players play, something about the game was not catching my eye. The game-play seemed liked it was worse off than the last 3 titles. The mechanics and maneuvering were bothering me as the game is set after Call of Duty Ghosts, yet it looked slower. I don’t know that’s just my thought on it.

What game are you waiting for? I would say it is a toss up between Kingdom Hearts 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you were taken to an island and  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose? This is a hard one. Ughhh, (why did I make this question, I can’t decide between 3 games lol). I would say Gears of War 4, Civilization 6 and Mario Party. I have a FPS, a Strategy Game and a Silly no stress game. I guess these 3 will be my picks, but like 5 games would be better lol.

Which games do you feel have the best replay value? Civilization 6 and The Sims have the best replay values to me. The games can be different depending on the options that you select and with DLC and different game modes a developer can really just keep adding on to the game.

Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play? I think that everyone should play Mario Kart. It is a true classic and for me cannot be replicated. Any version of Mario Kart is fine, old school N64 version, Double Dash or Mario Kart 8! Just get to racing and throwing shells (the blue shell was devastating lol). My favorite map of all time would have to be Wario Stadium from the original Mario Kart game (with and without cheating to jump over the side 🙂 ).

What game did you grow up on? I grew up on Super Nintendo and Sega classics like Street Fighter, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros and Tetris! Does anyone remember Sonic Spinball? That has to be one of my favorite games.

Which game would you like to see come back? I would like to see Wave Race from Nintendo 64 get a reboot. It was one of my favorite racing games!

My Challengers:

Thank you for taking a look at today’s post! Have a fantastic Saturday and feel free to try out the Video Game Tag!

Stay Gaming!

-Luna 🙂

Game Tutorials: Yay or Nay!

Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I am taking today to play some video games and I have re-downloaded Magic Duels on Xbox One. Since I have already played the game before I really don’t need to play the tutorial, yet I feel as though I should because I am a little rusty. This prompted me to write today’s post (as Wednesday is an unscheduled day for me 🙂 ) and I wanted to post the question to Gamers Worldwide: Do you play game tutorials?

When I first buy a game let’s say a shooter classic like the Call of Duty franchise I NEVER play the tutorial! Maybe it’s because I figure I know how to point shoot and toss grenades (as the button configuration of these elements never change in the franchise), yet if I play a strategy game or even a RPG Tutorials are a MUST (against my inherent nature to just jump in the deep in and figure it out lol). So is it the game type that compels me to play the tutorial or not? Am I simply too impulsive to play the tutorials often?

I want to say that the game type is seldom relevant because I have started playing Civilization 6 civilization-districts.png and skipped right past the Tutorial straight into a game. Yes, I have played Civilization before but this was my first time in PC (I played Civilization Revolution for Xbox 360). There are some games where you cannot skip the tutorial, built in “How To’s” at the beginning of a game. Those I would love to just skip past but I cannot, take for instance the Dark Souls games. In Dark Souls III you have to play through the tutorial to finally get to the actually game.

Don’t get me me wrong, tutorials can bring understanding to a game and we really should be playing through them ,but I do not. I figure everything I am going to learn will come about some way during the game-play. Some tutorials really annoy me like the Minecraft Tutorial. It’s a really fun game and I love to play, but when I first started and played the tutorial, I was like “What is this? I’m just going to punch tress all day?” When you really delve into a game, for me that’s where the love and respect comes in. Tutorials really don’t give me anything other than controls (which I can find in the Options menu). Am I crazy lol?

That’s pretty much my short rant for today, tell me what your thoughts are in playing tutorials for a game. Are you for a tutorial or not really? Which games have you played the tutorials for? Which games have the best tutorials? Let’s Talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂

Is She Crazy?

Sprinkle-cy (The Sprinkles Conspiracy). Hiya all! I swear the most interesting situations come about with me and my friends. Tuesday a co worker of mines was going around asking everyone if she was crazy due to her observing a difference in a product. I will tell you the story and I would love for you to vote if she is crazy (you do not agree) or if she is not crazy (you do agree). This should be a fun every once in a while segment. So let’s decide if Emily is crazy! The verdict for me is in, I’m voting yes Emily is crazy ( 10 out of 10) lol.

The Conspiracy: The whole thing started when we were talking about getting Twistee Treats Ice Cream (it’s an ice cream chain) and Emily stated that she wanted a vanilla cone with sprinkles. This is where things get interesting 🙂 . Emily then digressed asking if she was crazy and weren’t there 2 different types of sprinkles? I of course thought that she was talking about chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, but she said no they’re both rainbow. Then I amended my answer saying oh yeah there’s the long sprinkles and the circular sprinkles, wrong again. She believes that there are 2 different kind of rainbow long sprinkles sprinkles (view image to the right). She asked other coworkers prefacing the sentence with “Tell Me I’m Not Crazy!” I jumped off her conspiracy train (that I will forever name the Sprinkle-cy , you get it :-p ) and said yes, Emily you definitely are!

Now I would love to know your opinion. Is Emily crazy or are there 2 different types of the long rainbow sprinkles? Cast your vote and feel free to comment! Have you ever had an Am I Crazy moment? Let’s talk!

Have a fantastic weekend!

-Luna 🙂