December Wrap Up and New Year Goals!

Happy New Year’s Novas, Players and SuperStars! This year has been fantastic and I feel really blessed to have completed another year of life, love and happiness. There are always challenges ahead, but pushing through those challenges and completing (or attempting) your goals can give you an incredible sense of peace. When I started the blog back in January, I was looking for a place that I could talk about video games and create a community of people with similar interests. Somehow the blog grew and transformed with me into the fun thing that we have now and I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged and journeyed with us!

December Recap:

Number of Posts # 32

Number of Views # 1316

Number of Visitors # 778

Number of Likes # 436


This is the end of the year post where I will recap our year and list my goals for the blog in 2018!


Number of posts # 309

Number of Views # 12,379

Number of Visitors # 6156

Number of likes # 4224


Top Posts of the year (This is subjective to dates of posting)



  1. Read and Review at least 10 books
  2. Buy and Review at least 5 Video Games
  3. Add 2 additional Contributors to the Blog
  4. Open the YouTube Channel for gaming
  5. Finally Launch the GamersUnitedGG Newsletter
  6. Complete the editing process for my book, A Dance With Destiny!
  7. Improve my writing and content


Achievements of 2017:

  • Completed NaNoWriMo and my first novel!
  • Gained 488 Amazing followers
  • Competed in 3 community blogging events

trophy 1

Next Year the Blog’s anniversary will be around January 17th! I want to do a giveaway to celebrate the year of awesomeness so we will be holding a blogging contest! More details will be revealed on January 8th so tune in on that Monday for the chance to win a mystery box of gaming and geeky items! Happy New Year and let’s start 2018 off with a bang!


-Luna 🙂

12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Video Game Resolutions!

Happy New Year’s Eve Players! We have 1 day left in 2018 and 2 days left in the Christmas Collaboration event hosted by Kim over at Later Levels! I have no idea where the year has gone, but it has been a great rollercoaster of a time and I appreciate everyone who has followed us throughout the year! To show our appreciation, we will be hosting a mystery box giveaway on the blog next month to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. More on that will come on Tuesday when we go over our recap for the year and our goals for 2018. Now the rules are simple, answer the designated questions on the days assigned and have fun! You can view the official rules and participate in the remaining 2 days of the challenge by clicking here!

Today’s Topic:

Midnight rolls around and it’s time to pick a New Year gaming resolution to see you through the next 12 months. What’s your choice for 2018?


I have increased my amount of gaming this year, but I have to admit there are some goals that I have been wanting to fulfill.

  1. Buy A Nintendo Switch– I have been wanting a switch all year but have not purchased one as of yet. This is a goal that I have for 2018
  2. Streaming & YouTube – My friends are a very eclectic bunch and we run into the most hilarious situations when we play together. I want to share my love for gaming and our hilarious situations with the world. To do this, I need to purchase a camera and a capture card to have the best quality.
  3. Buy More Games – I haven’t bought as many games as I had in previous years of my life. I want to pre-order and purchase at least 5 games in 2018. One game that I am looking forward to is Red Dead Redemption 2 (please release soon lol) as it was announced 2 years ago, yet we are still waiting for the game to fully release. Hopefully this means that Rockstar is enhancing the game and it will launch without a glitch!
  4. Find More Time for Video Games – My last gaming goal of 2018 is to find more time to enjoy what I love to do so much. Right now my schedule with work and life in general gets in the way of me having ample time to play, but I’m starting to find gaps in my schedule that lets me enjoy the escape of video games. I aim to continue this process throughout the New Year!

gaming new year

Those are my gaming resolutions and goals for 2018! Which games are you looking forward to in 2018? Do you have any gaming resolutions for the year? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂


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