Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable!

Insatiable has been recommended to me since it released on Netflix and while I had a slight interest to watch it sometime in the future, I didn’t click Play on the series until the frequent tweets and post about Insatiable being “Controversial.” This reminded me of the reviews for 13 Reasons Why and viewers being upset about the type of message that could be sent out to teens. Today I write my series review on Insatiable and try to analyze, why this show has been tagged controversial.

Premise: Insatiable follows the story of Patricia Bladell and a lawyer named Bob Armstrong during Patricia’s senior year of high school.   Fatty Patty as she is known by at school is struggling with her weight and after an unfortunate incident, returns back to school skinny with 1 thing on her mind; revenge! insat You follow Patty’s turbulent response to those who had bullied her. Patty’s entire life has revolved around her insatiable need to eat. When she drops the weight and doesn’t worry about her need to eat, her insatiable cravings turn into a need for revenge. Where does Bob fit in? Bob attempts to help Patty (and himself) by turning her into a beauty pageant contestant.


Settings & Visuals: Insatiable is set in Georgia where appearances are everything. Bob and his family navigate the social hierarchy while Patty and her friends deal with the drama that comes with being a high school teenager. The visuals are fine as this story is set in the present. The dark comedy has bold, bright colors that contrasts with the story being told.


Characters:  patty The characters are the interesting points in this show for me. The accents are exaggerated to be Southern and there are varying personality types in the show. The acting is exaggerated in this show, but I believe that is the point of the series and it makes the show more comedic in a twisted way. You have your traditional High School characters like Brick Armstrong (High School Crush) or the mean girls from Patty’s past. Once Patty believes in the “Skinny is Magic” teachings of Bob, she turns into a character that you would love to hate.


Final Thoughts: I can see why people would love or hate Insatiable as it hits a few topics that hard to talk about like religion, eating disorders and the LGBTQ community. Personally, I didn’t feel that Insatiable had anything that was straight offensive to either side of an argument. I did find the show entertaining enough to binge watch the entire series in 1 day. The ridiculousness of Insatiable balances out the uncomfortable parts that are meant to be in jest. hotdog The episodes are about 40 minutes long and have enough conflict that you want to immediately play the next episode to view what will happens next. I love that underneath the main conflict, there are issues with the characters Patty and Bob interact with as well. Most of my intrigue came from finding out the secrets that are mentioned with a specific character and “Brazil.” When the revelation finally came about what happened in Brazil, I felt a sense of closure.

Next are my top reasons that you will want to Play or Skip Insatiable


  • An interesting high school dark comedy series
  • Highlights Hot Button Issues with a twist



  • Non Traditional Main Character
  • Exaggerated Characters and Themes



Have you watched Insatiable? Did you like the series? What series are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk Netflix!


-Luna 🙂

Netflix Series of the Week: The Crown Season 1!

Happy Friday Novas! Remember last year when I did the Netflix Series of the Week? Well I’m bringing that series back to blog every other week! To start things off, since it is Women’s History Month I thought the perfect series to review would be The Crown Season 1! Recognizing a strong, woman in history is what March’s Women’s History Month is all about so why not highlight one of the greatest and longest reigning women in history; Queen Elizabeth II.  Get your popcorn and sit back for this spoiler free review of the series!

It’s very clear by now that I am in love with Royalty, Medieval Adventures and most Period Dramas. For about a year my co-workers have been raving about The Crown and asking me to watch it. This could have easily been one of my “You Should Try…” posts  with the number of people asking me to watch this show. I’ve finally been in the mood to watch the show and I’m happy that I did, although we’ve had a rough go at the series in the beginning.

Story: The Crown is a series inspired by true events, of Britain’s Longest Reigning Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch is currently still in power today. She inherited the throne at a young age, and the Crown gives us a look into her life, her struggles and how she has dealt with the burden placed on her literal head. We get a look at what happens behind the cameras and tabloids and we are able to chronocial the Queen’s life by watching a few hours of the series (which I’m sure she oversaw and approved).

Season 1: I’m curently trying to finish up Season 2 of the Crown, but Season 1 is the beginning of Queen Elizabeth taking her place. She is getting used to making decisions and running the country with her Prime Minister, the great Winston Churchill. Elizabeth battles with the struggle of balancing her personal life with the demands of being the sovereign of England and it’s commonwealths. The season is not only viewed through the Queen’s eyes, we also take a journey with the other members of the family like her mother, a displaced queen, her sister a royal princess and her husband as consort to the queen. We also get a glimpse into The Prime Minster’s, Lead Secretary and other government officials tasks as the country transitions to Elizabeth’s rule.


Setting & Visuals The setting on the series is in the early 1900’s in the United Kingdom. You arrive on the scene just before Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to her long fond of mate, Philip.  crown wedding The costumes and decor of the palace immediately alerts the viewer that they are taken back in time. The Crown has wonderful stills and integrates footage from the actual events into the series. We travel around the world to different Commonwealth territories of the United Kingdom and each location has a specific weather and color scheme which really helps with the story.


Character & Portrayals One of my favorite characters in the Crown is Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister. Margaret is entirely opposite of Elizabeth and filled with a need to Shine or be accepted. Truth time… I tried to watch 3 episodes of the Crown before and I was not into it at all. It was kind of boring to me. But after finishing the Royal Pains book and reading about it’s final entrant, Princess Margaret, I had to continue watching just for her.  princess-margaret  Prince Philip MountBatten is a great character as well. You can see how being a spouse to a monarch can make someone feel trapped or useless. I really like the way that we are invited to share in the struggles of every member of the Royal Family, not just the star… the Queen. Each character has a completely different outlook and problem that they are facing. I found myself loving characters, pitying others and completely despising some. My array of emotions bodes well for the relatable characters and the series does a great job at making you feel some kind of way.


  • A great storyline on the history of Britain’s current Monarch
  • In depth and well portrayed characters


  • If you’re not into Period Dramas or Historical Pieces



Final Thoughts: I have to admit that for some reason I was not interested in The Crown when I first began watching. Somewhere along the way, I found interest in it and I am now propelling through Season 2 as if I was always invested in the show. The lead actress and supporting roles were played brilliantly and I find myself connecting with each character. I haven’t studied on the Royal Family so I’m not sure how accurate the series is in regards to the events that have occurred, but I would imagine that it is spot on with the events, but a little embellished on some of the character’s part.

I give The Crown 3.5 out of 5 Screens!



Thank you for reading today’s Netflix Series of the Week! Have you watched The Crown? Which shows are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk tv!

-Luna 🙂

You Should Try…Arrow!

Power up players and novas! I hope November is going really well for everyone. So NaNoWriMo is going really well and currently I am expected to finish the novel by November 28th, 2017 if I stay on the course that I am currently writing. I can already feel the pressure as my mind is circling thoughts of “Is this story good? Will anyone like it? What if this is for nothing? Etc.” I’ve been pushing those thoughts out of my mind and powering through although I have many doubts. Personally, I think the process of pushing through and completing your goals, no matter the results is the best part of this writing challenge. On to the topic of today’s post. We’ve all had friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances telling us that we should try watching a show or playing a game. I’ve been more open to playing games that I initially have no interest in and trying out shows that have been recommended to me over the years. This segment will probably go out every 2 weeks, detailing the activity that I have tried.

This week I will be talking about a series that was recommended. This show has been recommended to me a few times over the years. I finally listened to my friend Xsanie when I was on vacation last month. The topic: You Should Try… Watching Arrow!


Arrow is the show following DC Comics character, Oliver Queen. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Oliver was a privileged kid who grew up in Starling City. The Queen’s own a large company and contribute to Starling city as one of the “It” social families. Oliver was reckless, he was selfish and he was “The Male Lindsey Lohan.” How could this billionaire bad boy turn into a vigilante against crime? A new death experience of course!

My initial bias of Arrow – We know that Netflix and the media have been revamping comics and superhero movies for a few years now. I initially confused Arrow with the Green Lantern and had no interest in watching another jaded superhero battle his demons and criminals.

After Episode 1 – After watching the pilot episode of Arrow I noticed that there was a pretty good underlying story. I found myself not much interested in the vigilante fighting crime, but in the flashbacks to see exactly why Oliver became the Arrow. This curiosity fueled my need to binge watch the first season of the show. Each episode a problem was presented, it was solved and a new question emerged. Great way to get someone hooked!

Honor Thy Father

After Season 1 – I’m invested in Arrow now. I will continue watching even though there are a few things that annoy me about the show. Look out for the season 1 preview of Arrow next week.


Final Thoughts: Arrow is a great show and I can see it’s appeal. You do not have to have knowledge of the comic to enjoy the show. I really enjoyed that all of the questions presented in the series, were answered before the end of the season. I was pretty annoyed with Laurel’s character. Her facial expressions were exactly the same whether she was angry, confused, happy etc. I also didn’t like her character and what she would think about situations. Then again, I’m more of a villain person anyway.

Have you watched Arrow? What shows have you been recommended to watch? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂


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More Than Dicks

Hey all! It’s Maria, and I’m quite sorry about not posting on here in a while. Things have been a mix of work, GMAT studying, and also scouting out new and exciting things on Netflix!

With that being said, I’m here to introduce all of you to a very new show on Netflix itself, and one I was unexpectedly connected to last weekend (mostly because I really didn’t feel like watching Hawaii Five-0 or anything else). Everyone, please say hello to…


I’m going to be honest here: I was aware of American Vandal before I caught glimpse of it on Netflix, all because of Facebook. The leading actor in the show, Jimmy Tatro, has an official fan page on there, and that’s how I got wind of it. And if that name sounds familiar to some of you, it would be because he got big on YouTube (starting with Total Frat Move videos). That’s how I originally discovered him.

But anyway, onto the plot line of American Vandal. Oceanside High School senior Dylan Maxwell, who is the class clown of his graduating class, is accused of spray painting dicks (yes, dicks) on all of the cars in the faculty parking lot as a prank during one weekend. The show, in a nutshell, follows two sophomores, Peter Maldonado and  Sam Ecklund, as they launch and forge through an investigation to uncover if Dylan was really the one behind the crime, and if he wasn’t, who was really responsible for it in the first place. From episode to episode, I was strongly reminded of Riverdale and the nail-biting, intense investigation into who killed Jason Blossom, only here there was no Riverdale and Jason Blossom.

Not going to leave any spoilers here about who was responsible for drawing the dicks, but if you ever decide to watch the show, as a heads up you will be in for one crazy and wild ride because it is that crazy when it comes to finding out who did. Also, at the end of the season (first season is eight episodes long), you will be questioning life itself. I found myself getting angry and depressed because there really are people like Dylan who aren’t given chances to prove themselves because others won’t let them. Either way, you will not regret viewing this.

I give it a 5/5.

I will be back tomorrow with another review on another show…not saying what it is but you won’t be disappointed. I hope you liked this review, and I hope you all have a good night! 🙂

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A Very Gilded Drama


Good day all! It’s Maria again, and as promised, I’m here to review the Hulu series Versailles. I figured that since my review of Split was on the dark end, I would bounce back with something a bit more cheerful and pleasant.

I understand that some of you may have watched this before, and a girl I know actually recommended this series to me a while ago. However though, I did not get around to watching it until fairly recently. Versailles can be found on Hulu, and originally aired on Canal+ in France before going to Canada, Britain, and ultimately here in the States. Currently, there are two seasons of the show, and a third one in the works.

In a nutshell, Versailles is pretty self explanatory–it is, of course, about the historic structure in Versailles, France, which was built by King Louis XIV during his reign from 1643 to 1715. But the series is far more complex than that; it actually goes into more than the obvious construction of the famous Palace. You will see yourself looking into the lives of Louis XIV, his family, and the nobles who have found themselves living there despite their feelings of rebellion against the monarchy. There is definitely a lot of drama, secrecy, and political maneuvers going on underneath the gilded and lofty outer facade of Versailles.

I will admit, I like watching shows whose premise is drama and secrets: Gossip GirlRiverdale, etc. But a show with genuine historical background makes it much more gripping and interesting. And that is what Versailles is. As you continue to watch the show you’re basically trapped into the inner workings of what the Palace really was: a place of glory, brutality, politics, and most of all, intrigue. And that is why it’s definitely enjoyable. And you will not want to stop watching it.

I give it a 4.5/5.


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We Need to Talk About Kevin


Hello all! Maria here, and I hope you all are doing great this week! And yes, I am here with another review, but this one is different. Why, do you ask? Well, it’s not a review for a Netflix series or even a basic television series at that, as are most of the reviews on this blog, but it’s a review for a film. I don’t see as many reviews for films on here, so today’s review is going to be a treat for you all.

(Actually, I stand corrected…I shouldn’t say “today’s review” because I will be writing another review right after this one, for a series on Hulu called Versailles. You’ll see it either today after this one or tomorrow, depending on when I finish it.)

This film review is going to be all about one of the most recent M. Night Shyamalan film, Split. I had the opportunity to watch it last weekend with a good friend of mine on Netflix, and let’s just say…it was very interesting. And dark in a few places. I would say, actually, it’s kind of disturbing to boot. But my eyes stayed stuck to that film, no matter what.

A brief synopsis: Split is about a guy, Kevin, who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (otherwise known as multiple personalities). His psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher, has witnessed 23 of them, but there is one that has yet to materialize. At least, not until he kidnaps three teenage girls in a parking lot after knocking out the father of one of them. If you’ve seen the trailer for this movie when it first came out, then you may recall this scene. What happens after that, though, and after you see the girls imprisoned under the basement of a zoo, things themselves begin to spiral as you see Kevin go into one personality after another, eventually getting to the 24th mysterious one.

As I said before, this movie is anything but lighthearted, it is one of the more disturbing films I have ever seen. I’m sure some reading this will be asking, “Why did you keep on watching it? Why didn’t you choose something else on Netflix?” Well, there a few reasons why. First off, I wanted to see if the girls were going to get out alive; second, just seeing Kevin in his various personalities was intriguing, and having been a psychology major, anything psychology related always fascinates me. This film was basically the Netflix film I could not put down.

(As far as being lighthearted, there was one part in the film which made me laugh a little. I’m not sure if any of you watch Adventure Time, or have in the past, but there is a character on there called the Earl of Lemongrab, who is known for his “UNACCEPTABLE” scream. One of Kevin’s personalities, “Dennis”, is looking at the bathroom connected to where the girls are being kept, and he says that it’s in “unacceptable” condition. And to be fair, “Dennis” looks a bit like Lemongrab.)


In summary, I would have to give Split a 4.5/5.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed this review, and be sure to stay tuned for Versailles!


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Netflix Series OZARK-

If you are in a dark and spiraling Show-hole, like many Netflix users after a long weekend of binge-watching, then I have found your saving grace or at least your next addiction…OZARK. **Episode 1 Spoiler Alert, Again Spoiler Alert!**


Now I know what you’re thinking,.. “What the heck is that?”

Don’t worry. It can’t be as bad as what I thought. The name literally made me think of Noah’s Ark and I’m not even that biblical.

OZARK is a hot, new  original Netflix Series that started this year. So far, there is 1 Season with 10 Episodes, each lasting about 1 hour. The show stars Jason Bateman, who plays Marty Byrde,ozark2 an extremely, intelligent, financial advisor who must devise a radical plan to make millions to save the lives of himself and his family after his Business Partner/Best Friend  cheats a dangerous client. Oh, and did I mention that the dangerous client is apart of the second biggest Mexican Drug Cartel… Yeah, it’s pretty intense!

In Episode 1: Sugarwood we learn that…

  • Marty is a financial advisor who secretly cleans and launders money for Del-a Mexican Drug Cartel Lord-
  • Marty’s Business Partner/Best Friend-Bruce- has cheated Del over 8 million dollars in the past three years….(spoiler Alert….he dies).
  • Marty’s wife of 22 years-Wendy- is cheating on him and making DIY Adult Films every week with a lawyer (he dies too).
  • Marty has promised Del that he can clean and launder hundreds of millions dollars at Lake OZARK without any US Federal Agency finding out.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Marty isn’t having a good day when we first meet him. ozark-serie-2

The entire first episode consisted of me, sitting on the edge of my couch, holding my hands to my face, screaming “OHHHHHMYYYGAWDDD!” I felt as if I was riding an emotional roller-coaster with a twist and turn at every corner! So far, I have only watched the first episode but trust me when I say that I will be watching this to the very end!

Best Episode Quote: Marty Byrde: Money is not peace of mind. Money’s not happiness. Money is, at its essence that measure of a man’s choices.





A Glitch Worth Noticing

Hello all, I’m Maria, and new to this blog. Nice to meet you all! 😀

To preface tonight’s post–as well as a little bit about myself–I like to expand my horizons, which usually entails means traveling to places I’ve never been, delving into new interests, and furthering my new hobby as a foodie. It also means finding new and intriguing shows and films on Netflix. Which is what I’m about to write about on this now-cooled Sunday evening (I live in Florida, so lately it’s been rainy when it’s not humid and the reverse when it’s not coming down).

And tonight, I am going to introduce and review Glitch.

A few months back, I was introduced to this Netflix Original show by a very good friend of mine, who described it as a show about people “who rise from the dead”. And that is exactly what happens, in a small rural town in Australia.

Now, when someone says a show is about those “who rise from the dead” usually they are referring to those with zombie plot lines, like The Walking Dead and its prequel Fear The Walking Dead. (Which I’ve also enjoyed watching as well. Now if Fear The Walking Dead would end up on Netflix as well, that would be awesome.)  But no, Glitch is definitely different from all of that. And that is what helps to make it much more intriguing. But back to its plot.

In a town called Yoorana, through strange circumstances (which may or may not be linked to a pharmaceutical company), six individuals who are dead find themselves miraculously undead (and in perfect health). A local police officer, Sergeant James Hayes, along with the town doctor, Elishia McKellar, take it upon themselves to figure out what exactly is going on–and this means, especially for James, keeping this a secret from everyone else he knows, especially his overly inquisitive colleague, Vic Eastley.

As the show progresses, you see the six seemingly undead people try to figure out what their identities are, why they died, and especially why they have come back from the dead.

Now, this show originally first came onto the Netflix scene in 2015, and the first season is only six episodes long, but the first ten to fifteen minutes will grip one’s curiosity and    wonder what’s going to happen next. That is what happened when I started watching it, and the season finale left me, as it will with others, with loads more questions than answers.

If I had to rate this show I would give it a 5/5, and while the second season has not even made its way to Netflix yet, you can bet I will be one of the first ones to catch it.



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Netflix Series of The Week: Riverdale!

Happy Friday Novas! It’s been a few weeks but the Netflix series of the week posts are back. They will be posted every other Friday! I know I have to review 13 reasons why but honestly I haven’t felt like watching it lately. Not because I don’t think it’s good, but because I know it’s really sad. Eventually I will watch it. I actually binge watched Riverdale last week so what a way to revamp the series!

Plot: Riverdale is the series on The CW where the old school comics of Archie are brought into the modern era. I haven’t read Archie, but I remember the shorts in the newspaper when I was a kid. As someone who didn’t know the back story I really, REALLY enjoyed the series. The story takes place in the city of Riverdale, just after summer break. You’re placed smack down in the middle of a missing person investigation.

Jason Blossom, son of the wealthiest family in town went missing on the 4th of July at Sweetwater River. The last person to see him; his twin sister Cheryl. Archie and friends are living their lives around the biggest town mystery and the normal turbulence of a teenager’s high school days.

Characters: I’ve read some reviews on Riverdale and the controversy between how characters are portrayed in the series. Personally, I really liked the characters and the actors commissioned to star in the role did an amazing job. You have Archie, the friendly boy he is all about helping people. Archie has some deep dark secrets and those are revealed early on in the series. Next you have Archie’s best friend and typical girl next door Betty. Betty is smart, beautiful and determined. Yet, Betty also has secrets in her life. Betty is one of my favorite characters.

You have Jughead, the neighborhood couch surfer that writes about the lives around him. Jughead is from the wrong end of the tracks and has a slew of problems ranging from family life to personal struggles. Lastly, you have the new girl in town Veronia Lodge. From the moment Veronica hits the scene you know that she is rich, snobby and out to make the most of her new life.

Alternate characters that I love are Cheryl Blossom and Josie. I really think that the actress playing Cheryl did a great job of playing the antagonist. I love shows that have convincing antagonists that you love to hate. It makes the series that much more interesting. I figure it’s the same premise as a good book having a great villain. Cheryl is popular, rich, beautiful and smart. That makes her character more engaging when shes stirring up trouble between Archie and the gang. She’s the typical mean girl in school.that you hate, yet everyone wants to be her friend.

There’s a new take on Josie and her cats. Josie takes on a more cool role then from the comics. She’s a total diva and her crew are beautiful, talented pussycats take over all of the school’s music functions. Josie doesn’t take no for an answer, she doesn’t let anyone take the reigns of her crew and she doesn’t care. Her sassyness and talent are interesting contrasts to the series.  Both Josie and Cheryl are awesome female powerhouses that add interesting elements to the series.

This is the section of my reviews where I will list my top reasons to watch or “Play” and not watch or “Skip” the series.


  • A fresh new take on the Archie series.
  • A great teen drama/mystery show
  • Episodes are more interesting the further you get
  • Cole Sprouse!


  • You don’t like variations in classic stories
  • You get annoyed with teens doing stupid things lol
  • Don’t skip, watch itttttt lol

Thank you for tuning in. Have you watched Riverdale? Have you read the Archie comics? What are you currently binging on Netflix? Let’s talk Netflix!

-Luna 😁

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Netflix Series of the Week: Sense 8

Happy Friday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Sorry for not posting a TKO Battle yesterday but I was a little strapped for time this week. Today’s Netflix Series of the Week will be the dramatic thriller Sense 8. I’ve had a coworker telling me for months that I would love this series and she was right! You may remember Emily from the “Is She Crazy” post and poll that was up on the blog a month or so ago (btw I will write the reveal post today if I get a chance). I’m excited about this post so let’s get to the show!

Plot: Sense 8 focuses on 8 strangers from different cities around the world that one day are able to sense what the others are feeling. It’s a bit more complex then that, actually they are able to feel, smell, taste, see and hear what each other are going through. Through methods described as “Visiting” and “Sharing” in the series, our strangers can visit and interact with each other or they can share their experiences, languages, training, etc. What type of series would this be if there were no conflict? Of course as with any Sci-Fy -esque (new word lol) film the main antagonist will be people working for a government agency known as BPO to track down and take the “Sensates.”

The Characters: I’ve always enjoyed a show or movie that adds in diversity, Sense 8 does not fail here. The different characters that you interact with will be split up into 8 different cities around the world. These cities are San Francisco, Mexico City, Seoul Korea, Mumbai India, Chicago, Nairobi Africa, Berlin and London. The characters that you are introduced to will have different backgrounds and occupations.  fight  We have The DJ, The Cop, The Actor, The Mogul, The Thief, The Driver, The Scientist and The Hacker (can you see how each individual’s skills are already defining how they can help each other?). Each character has a story, a problem in their life and a purpose it’s quite fascinating really. If one person has training in fighting, another stranger can access those skills for that time, if someone speaks a different language, when Sharing” any of the 8 strangers can speak that language.

The Aesthetics: For being a show about Senses the series did a great job of helping the viewer feel what is going on. For instance, a character was was DJ-ing. The music from the party carried over and sounded like someone was playing music loud for the other character. When you are in Nairobi the music is adventurous and upbeat while the background is dusty filled with deep browns and oranges. This setting is different from Seoul where the setting is sleek and precise. Each location

I’m losing my mind… No It’s just EXPANDING! people who have been born with the abilities to access each others thoughts, feelings and skills while being separated across the world.   chosen people. You can automatically see how they are visited by Angelica, the women who “Gave Birth” to their powers. Very explosive and first scene.


  • Great story and acting by the characters
  • Slowly unveils more information on what the Sense 8 can do allowing you to feel immersed in the plot
  • The colors, sounds and effects are believable and authentic to the location and scene


  • Adult themes and situations (Nudity, Violence and Sex Scenes. Not recommended for children)
  • It takes a while for the story to unfold, if you like to know what’s going on and why quickly, you may not like the show

I’ve really enjoyed this series and Season 2 is available so I will continue watching. I’d rate the series 4 out of 5 Luna Stars! I’ve enjoyed it but there are a few things that bugged me about the execution of the Visiting and Sharing sessions. The characters can’t control when something happens but anytime they’re in trouble they can seem to connect to the exact person with the skills to help them. I feel like it would be a little more of a random selection than that, but hey it made for a great series. Check out the trailer below:

What do you think? Have you seen Sense 8 or a similar show? If you could connect with someone, what skill would you have to offer? Let’s Talk Sense 8 our Netflix Series of the Week!

Have a great Friday!

-Luna 😀



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