Women’s History Month: Video Game Females at the Forefront!

Happy Monday Novas! Today we will provide another entry into Cupcakes and Machetes Women’s History Month Challenge! In honor of National Women’s History Month, bloggers are providing their own versions of posts dedicated to women in history! You can join in and read other great posts for the month by clicking here!  Power up Players for some known and unknown female protagonists in video game history!

Mrs. Pacman- mrs pacman

One of the more recognizable women in video game history has to be Mrs. Pacman. Mrs. Pacman was developed back in 1981 as a counter to the Pacman arcade game in hopes of attracting little girls to the arcade. Pacman is one of the 1st female protagonists and she headline her own game in the Pacman Series. Mrs. Pacman was a great addition to arcade games and provided a character that girls could identify with.

Ninja Princess – 220px-Ninja_Princess

In 1985 on the Sega System, an arcade game named Sega Ninja was released. Princess Kurumi is not going to wait around for her prince to come save her, she takes to the streets using throwing stars and knives to defeat her enemies. You are playing as the Princess in the Edo Era of Japan and are fighting to end the tyranny of the villain Gyokuro. Ninja Princess is said to be the first female protagonist (and ninja) in an action game. It’s also one of the first instances, that a Princess is doing the saving!


Samus Aran – Samus

Probably one of the more popular video game females of the 90’s, Samus served as a breakthrough in the video game history. As a surprise to all players, Samus’ gender is not revealed until the end of the game, allowing for the character to not be sexualized as many female characters were and still are. The exoskeleton power suit that Samus wears protects her from harmful environments and she uses her arm cannon to blast her way through enemies.


Tobi Kissy Masuyo – Masuyo_Tobi_(Namco_x_Capcom)

In 1985 Namco released a side scrolling shooter game known as Baraduke. Similar to Metroid, you play as Kissy in a spacesuit and try and clear waves of enemies. An interesting fact that I have found out is that Kissy was once married to the character from Dig Dug! They even had kids! I love seeing characters from other series crossover and connect. So does that mean that Baraduke and Dig Dug are based in the same Universe?

Jill Valentine – 220px-Jill_Valentine_original_outfit

Jill Valentine is 1 of 2 playable characters in Resident Evil game that was released in 1996. Jill is a Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) and she is the partner of Chris Redfield in the franchise. Jill is a great protagonist and is one of the first (if not the first) female protagonist in a survival horror game. Playing as Jill we see here bravery and loyalty as she is tasked with finding out what has happened in Raccoon City and eliminating the problem!

Lara Croft – tomb raider

So we couldn’t end this post without shining some light on another well known female protagonist. The Tomb Raider series of games brings in female and male gamers alike.  Lara Croft was born in 1996 for Sega Saturn and is one of the first action-adventure games with a female lead.  Lara is an English archaeologist that has to battle to find and keep her treasures. Think of Lara as the female Indiana Jones!


Those are some of the video game females in video game history that I wanted to feature in today’s post! Don’t forget to check out what other amazing women are being featured in the  What other female protagonists do you enjoy? What are their contributions to widening the video game industry and culture? Let’s talk video game females!


-Luna 🙂