Happy November & Updates!

Happy Wednesday Players and Happy November! It’s time for the National November Writer’s Month or NaNoWriMo challenge! Because I am planning to take part in the challenge (where I am tasked with writing 50,000 words on a novel) the month of November will be a bit different. I want to give a great effort for my first go round with the event. What that means is that the posts will most likely be lesser this month than normal.  I would say may 3 posts or so a week. If you could like to add me on the NaNoWriMo website my username is Luna26x.

Upcoming Posts:

This week I have a few posts set up and they will go out sporadically. I have a game review for the mobile app SpurtDot set to go up most likely tomorrow. I have an update on the mibile game Sky Island coming out soon and the Memoirs of a Villain post is being worked on as well. Lastly, I was nominated for the Perfectly Imperfect tag by Mahddyboy last week. My response and nominations of that post will be up sometime within the next week as well. I will try and have consistent content but Call of Duty WWII also releases this week soooo…. I’m going to be playing the game all weekend lol.  gaming

Also, whenever my WWE Slam Crate for this month arrives I will have an unboxing post as well. I’m excited because this month we receive an Alexa Bliss shirt and the final connecting piece to my attitude era ring (currently I have Stoine Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and the Undertaker)! While I am focusing on the writing challenge, I may reblog some of my favorite pieces of work from the year. If you have mised anything, make sure to check out the posts!

What are you up to this week? Is anyone participating in the NaNoWriMo Challenege? Let’s talk current projects!

-Luna 🙂

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Memoirs of A Villain: Cruella Deville!

“Simon Darling! How is my favorite typewriter doing?”

“The term is Copy Writer Cruella. What can I do for you today?” Simon says.

“Well I’ve just got a fantastic idea dear. To help launch my new line of furs, I want to write a memoir of my rise to fame.”

“You mean you want me to.”

“Of course! Ha! Could you imagine, me writing something for myself. That’s what I pay you for. Now get to joting down my thoughts.”

“Yes ma’am”

They call me Cruella Deville, the puppy napper. The world doesn’t understand greatness in it’s prime, not until they have died do people really apreciate their art, their eye for talent and fashion.

“Are you really comparing yourself to world reknowned artists?”

“I’m sorry do I pay you for your opinion? Oh ok, I thought not. Keep writing Simon.” Now where was I? Oh yeah, no one knows the true motives behind my acts and why the luxurious dog furs are the only pieces of clothing that I can wear. Let’s start from the beginning. As a girl, I was held hostage by family that was supposed to love and care for me. They kept me locked up and guarded with huge dogs. One day I tried to go downstairs for a drink and I was cornered by the beasts spilling my juice n the floor. I grabbed the towel in the kitchen and wiped the splatter from my neck and hands. As an innocent child, I tried to pet the pooches to calm them down and then it happened! “

“Oh my gosh, were you attacked Cruella? Is that why you’re crazy?”

“Silence you idiot and keep typing! I wasn’t attacked, something more disgusting happened. I couldn’t breathe! My throat closed up and as I was gasping for air my skin burned. It had to have been about 3 minutes before I blacked out and…”

“You’re allergic? That’s what you’re going with?” Simon smirks.


My temper needs to be tamed because I threw the chair that was next to me across the room.  “Will you stop interrupting and just listen!”

“Alright, alright. Calm down Cruella sheesh. You’re going to have a stroke one of these days.”

My patience is fleeting. The jitters from my hand drops my pack of cigarettes to the floor. Simon reaches over and hands me one of his and we both fill the room with clouds. 3 puffs and the jitters stop, the headache receeds and I’m back to the cool, fashionista that’s in high demand. I can’t let people see me like this, i’d be ruined.

“Shall we continue?” Simon asks.

I nod. “So something vile happened, I found out that I was having an allergic reaction to cotton. I’ve always been rather itchy, but this was a new low. When I awoke, the only thing that could soothe my rash was the hairs of fur left on the floor by the dogs. The epiphany occured and I knew that dog hair was where it was at. Fast forward 10 years, I started to make clothing out of the dog hair because my allergy to cotton became worse.

People started complimenting my designs and eventually started requesting for me to make pieces. I couldn’t suffice with the leftover hair on the floor so one day, I shaved one of the dogs! It was like the birth of a genius, it just felt so right!  My empire was born that day! I became a multimillionaire by selling the thing that saved my life. Dog hair!”

“So you’re just helping out the fashion world, huh?”

“Of course! I’m a regular guru, a trend setter, a business mogul that took a weakness and transformed it into strength!”

“Brillaint! I mean you’re delusional, but you have to admire your confidence.”

“Anyway Simon, the moral of the story is that you can’t let anything stop you from being great! Any obstacle can turn into your claim to fame!”

“So you’re not bothered by the fact that you abduct puppies?”


My anger is to an all time high. The last thing I remember is stepping over Simon to grab the typed up page from his typewriter. “Ughh it’ll due I guess.” I grab the hankerchief out of Simon’s lapel and wipe the debris from the page. Wlaking out of the room I smile at the start of my lie’s work.

“All I need now is another typewriter.” Flicking the remains of my cigarette on Simons body I hum my theme song and chuckle down the hall. ”





Memoirs of a Villain: The Joker


The glass seemed fuller when I ordered my drink. Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time that I was slighted. Look at me, I was on top of the world a week ago, money in my pocket, love in the air (literally, I blew up 2 lovebirds) and not a doubt in my mind that I would be crowned the best Matchmaker in the land.  Alas, the life of a villain isn’t all glitz and glam, we villains have it tougher than the rest. This memoir is to all aspiring villains out there, it’s a message to not give up when the world is against you and it’s a call to arms to once and for all carve your place in history and TAKE BACK WHAT’S YOURS! 

I received a call about finding a match for a poor, useless soul in a competition. Harley was away on some kind of wellness retreat, go figure, so I had some free time ahead and thought, why not? What better way could I find to spend my time than to help someone ruin their life forever, oh and I had a brand new suit that I was dyingggg to wear!

During my intial research, which consisted of looking at a picture and performing a quick Google search, hey I’m a busy clown, I found out that this Malboro fellow was stacked! He’d made so much money off of the Final Fantasy Franchise that it was ridiculous, and he is a villain! A man or plant after my own heart.  So I thought, why not use his fortunes to better the world for other villains, I was a philantrophist, a villain’s rights activist, a pillar of the community for crime and self gain. It was my responsibility to bring him into the fold.

Poison Ivy was the best option. She loves little green men, am I right? She agreed to marry him so that we can have access to his money, but she refused to dispose of him so that we can get filthy rich! All I did was make a litle call to my notary and had him adjust the marriage certificate that both Ivy and Malboro were to sign before the wedding. I added in a little clause of life insurance saying that should something happen to both the bride and the groom, that the sole beneficiary of all of their property would be… well ME!

As the two lovebirds said their vows and engage in a life of marriage, I remembered how marriage can put stress on a relationship. I remembered how my parents were after a few years, after the novelty of love wore off. I didn’t want my dear friend Ivy or new comrade in vile villainy to go through the hardships of a relationship crumbling. I wanted them to be happy, with smiles on their faces for the rest of their lives… So I blew them up! Not out of greed or the convenient life insurance policy that I was about to cash in, but for the love. For endless love! They died together on the happiest day of their lives, wth smiles from ear to ear. Read their love story by clicking here!

But no one understood. I was being called a selfish heathen. Even the millions of dollars that I inherited didn’t make me feel better. But, I was able to buy some new gadgets! There’s only one thing that makes me feel better… total chaos!

“Pour me another round barkeep! Hello?” Grabbing for the bottle of Jack left on the counter. “It’s hard to find quality service these days.” I gulp down afew swigs straight from the bottle. Sirens are screeching outside, the loud crash of chaos turns my frown into the devious smile that i’ve missed these past hours. “They’re here!”  I wipe my mouth and pour the rest of the drink on the bar, passing the unconscious bartendar.

Reaching into my pocket I bring out the small, lighter, with the features of it’s master. I slide my thumb over the pertruding white nose of the clown in disgust and flick open the top of the clown’s head. “Hmm I’ve got to talk to the patent office, this doesn’t look that much like me.” Fire!

“It’s showtime!” I light the end of my cigar that I have taken off of the bartender. “Can’t let this go to waste.” 3 Puffs and the clown lighter goes flying through the air as I walk onto the streets of rage where my minions have gathered. I rally my protege’s in the most invigorating speech since brave heart! “We will take back what’s ours! We Will rule as the princes of the world. Today, is the day of the Clown and this time, we’re not joking around!” Another rush of tears, this is the 2nd happiest day of my life! Now the real games can begin!


Thank you for reading the first installment of Memoirs of a Villain. This series of  fun posts will serve as a Memoir or Journal entry from some of my favorite villains. A few months ago I purchased a cool Journal that had the Joker on it and the first few pages of the journal had a journal entry form the Joker in it. I thought this was really cool and I came up with the idea to do journal entries from famous villains for the blog.  I started with my favorite the Joker and used the friendly Blogger Blitz competition as his motive. Tune in next week to see who’s taking their turn!

Five Sentence Story Prompt

Happy Monday Novas! I’ve come across a writing challenge on Mila (Doodling Panda’s) blog and thought that I’d give it a go. This is a fun challenge and I encourage all to take part! You can enter the challenge and read the official rules by clicking here! Pretty much, the rules are to make a 5 sentence story from the word of the week. I am writing a short scene from a story that I thought up last night. Let’s get started.

This week’s word: Passion

Enchanting was her birthright, not ruling or war. Her grace floated throughout the corridors of the great hall that’s filled with the memories of it’s latest muse. The feast was a success, and the nobles satiated; they’ve drunk their fill of blood and lust, and to the rhythm of the wind, she released her corset and took off her shoes. Each movement deliberate and without haste, her body’s swayed along to the melodious tune.
Betrothed to the one suitor that can carry her fancy, the one suitor that will never leave or forsake her, to her only love; Dance.

William Shire, 13th November , 1463, Festival of the Kings.

mary dance

What do you guys think? I’d love feedback as this is an idea for another story that I am thinking about writing. Join along with us and link me to your 5 word story!

-Luna 🙂