Hulu Series of the Week: Harlots!

Happy Friday Binge-Watching Addicts and welcome to the first series review of 2018! I was actually watching the Hulu Original Series of Harlots when it was premiering each week. I’ve finally decided to review the series and bring it to your attention!

London in 1763 is booming, and one in five women makes a living selling sex. Women’s opportunity for economic advancement is to marry well or be a prostitute.

Overview: Harlots was introduced to me by Hulu’s recommended list. It was also highly advertise during the time that I was watching as a Hulu Original Series so I decided to give it a go. The first episode was interesting and captivating that it held my attention and I watched every Wednesday when the new episode would release.


Margart Wells (Left) & Lydia Quigley (Right)

Harlots is a series following the rival brothel houses and their owners Margaret Wells and Lydia Quigley in 18th Century England. On one side you have the high end escorts and courtesans of Mrs. Quigley and on the other side you have the respectable but indulgent gals working at Mrs. Wells. Mrs. Wells is raising her daughters and family in a world and a time where it is very difficult for women to have safety, security and any rights of their own. Each character has their own internal struggle to deal with and the struggles of their employers intensifies their anxiety.

Setting & Visuals –


Harlots takes place in the brothels and on the streets of 18th Century London. The dress, language and visuals will be reminiscent of Georgian London. As I watched the series there were lower light shades emulating a colder, overcast weather. The days seemed gloomy but the lights were brought to light with the candles and vibrant colors of the women working in the brothel.

Characters & Portrayals –


I don’t believe Harlots is based on actual events but it is based on the book Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies written by Hallie Rubenhold. I’ve never read the book so I am unable to comment on the portrayals and accuracy to the text. What I can comment on is the acting of the characters inside of the series and if they are believable. I enjoyed the acting of each character in the series. One of my favorite performances is by Margaret’s Daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte does an excellent job of portraying a woman that men would pine for, but also a smart business women as well. She protects her assets and comes to the aid of her family, especially her little sister Lucy who is old enough to become a professional.

Final Thoughts –

Harlots was very intriguing and a great show for my taste. Season 2 will be premiering sometimes this year. I will say that this show is not for everyone because there are some delicate scenes with maidenhoods being taken and the way women are treated in the show but I think it touches on what life was like in that time period. You will have your fill of powder makeup and powdered wigs, along with the seductively sensual language of people in the business of “pleasure.”




  • If you have read and enjoyed Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies
  • If you love period dramas
  • For a great story of rival ladies


  • Because of the graphic nature in the some of the scenes
  • If you do not enjoy period based shows
  • Recommended for a more mature audience

I rate Harlots a solid 4 out of 5 screens!


Thank you for reading! Have you watched or are interested in watching Harlots? Which shows are you currently binge watching on Hulu or Netflix? Any recommendations for additional period dramas that I should watch? Let’s talk television and shows!

-Luna 🙂

A War and Peace That Delivers


Hello all! It’s Maria, and I hope you’ve had an excellent week so far. Mine has been interesting to date…

Anyway, I’m here to bring you another Netflix/series review–actually it’s more along the lines of a miniseries review, since it’s not quite a full series. And that miniseries is humbly called War and Peace, based on the famous novel by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. Now, I got interested in this particular miniseries not because I have read the book–because I really haven’t, the closest I have gotten to existential Russian literature is the first half of Anna KareninaThe Cherry Orchard, and Doctor Zhivago–but because I am a huge history fan, and underneath the fictional veil of the plot, there is a strong historical basis, especially that of the French invasion of Russia.

But even if you’re like me and have never read the book, once you watch the miniseries, you will want to check out the original source of its inspiration. (I haven’t done so yet, because I’ve been re-reading Harper Lee’s supposed sequel to To Kill A MockingbirdGo Set A Watchman. But it’s still on my list of books to read, don’t worry.) Now, War and Peace cannot be found on Netflix, and I am not sure if it will ever come to Netflix, but it you have Hulu, then it is available on there.

Originally airing on BBC One in the UK (then A&E, Lifetime, and History Channel in the States) before coming to Hulu, War and Peace follows five aristocratic families before and during the French invasion of Russia. The miniseries, like the novel, starts in 1805 and ends in 1812, at the end of Napoleon’s failed efforts to conquer Russia. Though the aristocratic families and how they’re changed is the chief focus of the miniseries, particular individuals from these families are given special attention, as their personal development is of huge focus as well: Prince Pierre Bezukov (who is the most favorite illegitimate son of  Russia’s most wealthiest man), Natasha Rostova (the daughter of Count Ilya Rostov and his wife Countess Natalya Rostova), Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (the son of Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky and brother of pious Marya Bolkonskaya), and Nikolai Rostov (Natasha’s older brother). Though to be fair, Nikolai is more like a secondary character, so I would safely say that Pierre, Natasha, and Andrei are the three people you want to pay attention to while watching this.

In the beginning, these three are privileged, but want their lives to have meaning, in somewhat different ways. Pierre, who is highly intelligent and idealistic, wants to change the world for the better; Natasha wants to find true love; and as for Andrei, he is continously fed up with the superficiality of society and opts to seek a higher purpose. Which he does, of course, by joining the army. (To the dismay of his wife.) Once these three are introduced to us, the viewers, their lives change in such ways that it is far from impossible to turn away.

War and Peace is eight episodes long, and basically emulates the novel from front to back cover. (The actual novel is four volumes long not including the epilogue at the end.) After finishing the miniseries in two days–yes, it is that kind of series/miniseries that you binge watch–I can safely say that it is highly engaging, will grasp your interest, and you will not want to stop watching until it’s done.

My rating: 5/5


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Hulu Series Review: T@gged W/ Friends!

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for reading this week’s Hulu Series Review! I have recently binge watched a series called T@gged on Hulu with my friend Emily and decided it’s a greta show to review,,, with her! This review will be a bit different as I will go over the show and also what Emily and I’s theories were each episode! We kept pausing the action to talk to each other about what’s happening and how everything could be linked, so I pulled out my notepad and jotted down our theories.

Plot: Tagged is an 8 episode mini-series that follows 3 teen girls; Rowan, Hailee and Elysia. The 3 girls are caught up in a plot of violence and mystery by a character with the username M0nk3ym4nn. The girls have to follow the clues to find our who this mystery person is and how far they are willing to go in this week of fear. What is the countdown timer for? Who is M0nk3ym4nn? How are all 3 girls from different backgrounds connected? That’s what you’re trying to figure out!

Our Process: During episode number 2, Emily and I paused the show and decided to give “Codenames” to the main characters in order to keep our connections together. **Please be advised, the names may be a little aggressive so I’ve rate this a PG13 review, also, mild spoilers with the codenames**. Rowan we gave the codename Ho, Hailee was Druggy and Elysia was Cutter. Obviously, these codenames referred to situations that were prevalent in the show. Whenever one of us had a suspicion we would talk it out and make a list of the suspects. By the end of episode 6, we had a solid feeling for who this monkeymann was.

There were a few times that Emily and I had to pause and grab our 21 year old friend to ask about certain trends or short messages that were being sent. Since the show focuses on modern youths and the use of scoial media to intimidate the characters, there were a few things that Emily and I were confused about. I personally think that’s a great touch, adding in emoji’s and shortcodes in the series.

Check out the trailer for the series below.

This is the part of the review where I will list my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” this series on Hulu.


  • A dramatic mini series with plenty of teen drama (my guilty pleasure)
  • Short 22 minute episodes
  • A mystery to follow


  • Get annoyed with teens making stupid decisions
  • Not into Pretty Little Liars (because you will not like this series)

Thank you for tunin in to this week’s series! Have you been binge watching anything new? Have you seen or heard of T@gged? Let’s talk series!

Have a great Friday!

-Luna 🙂



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Shots Fired: First Impressions!

Happy Friday Novas! Today’s post was going to be the Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why, however, I was not able to b=get around to it yet. I’ve been binge watching other shows lol. One show that caught my eye is Shots Fired and I’ve been watching on Hulu. This series is playing on Fox and it has 4 episodes already out. I couldn’t stop watching so I will share some of my first impressions with the show.

Shots fired is a drama series that follows 2 main characters: Ashe and Perry as they are sent by the Department of Justice to investigate a controversial shooting. Ashe is the lead investigator who is brash, smart and quite often a loose cannon while Perry is her calm, by the book counter part who is the prosecutor on the case. You can already see where the diversity in the main character’s personalities can lead to some interesting moments. The series intensifies when they touch down in a small town in North Carolina to investigate the shooting of a Caucasian male teenager by an African American police officer.

While the 2 main characters are reviewing the case, many questions and inconsistencies arise. Because the story is set in modern times, other controversial cases involving racism and officer shootings are brought into the light.What I love is that you don’t really know what’s going on and who to believe.Was the officer’s shooting legit? Did he harbor a bias towards the victim? Was the victim aggressive towards the cop prompting the shooting? My mind is blown and after the 4 episodes I have no idea who’s telling the truth and which side everyone is playing for… which makes great TV!


  • A great story line with plenty of drama and suspense
  • The acting is so believable that I feel a cringe watching some of the more intense scenes
  • As far as I’ve seen, it’s not predictable


  • The language is a little vulgar in regards to race on all sides
  • There’s not too many happy moments. Piles and piles of crazy news pops up
  • If you’re trying to get away from modern news and social settings

So far the series is really good and I definitely recommend it for my crime loving Novas. I love that it rings true to real life and although the characters are investigating a National Tragedy, you still obtain a glimpse of their personal lives and struggles as well. Take a look at the trailer and check out the 10 part series if you like it!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I will try to have the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series watched and reviewed for next Friday! Have you seen Shots Fired? Which new shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk new series! Have a fantastic weekend Novas!

-Luna 😀

Hidden Treasures 7: UnREAL

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Thank you for reading this week’s Hidden Treasures post where I try to shine the spotlight on a video game, tv show or item that I feel is being “Overlooked.” This week I came across a great TV series on Hulu (which only happened because I fell asleep watching Family Guy and awoke to this show lol). Upon waking up (on Season 2) I went back to Season 1 and binge watched the entire 1st season. This series is AMAZING and I’m very surprised that I have never heard of it. Let’s get into the series! Oh yeah, check out the past Hidden Treasures Series by clicking here!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your favorite reality show? The creators of the TV Show UnReaL aim to answer these questions, in the most dramatic way possible! UnReaL is a dramatic television show that premiered on Lifetime, following the behind the scenes actions of the crew and contestants on a popular dating show. Yes, they pretty much made a drama about what could happen behind the scenes of a show like “The Bachelor.” Stick with me though this show is really good! You follow the main character Rachel who battles between her conscious and what’s best for ratings. Rachel has her own demons to battle with that the viewer becomes aware of from episode 1. Rachel is a producer who upon returning to the set of the multi-billion dollar production of “Everlasting” has to continue taking orders from her boss

Quinn, Executive Producer

Quinn to make each episode even more “Dramatic” then the last.


Something that I love about this show is the development of each character. You have the producers Jay, Shiya and Rachel, The Bosses Quinn and Chet, The Suitor , The Crew and The contestants who all represent typical personalities that you would expect to see on a dating show. Moreover I just love how the show is believable and not too much over the edge. Adam Cromwell is the British Suitor that is the center of the affections of the cast. He plays the part of millionaire bachelor very well.

Rachel is also working with other producers, unreal3  Jay and Shiya, who all pretty much bring in their own “Girls” to make the show. If their girl stays on a week they get a bonus, if their girls fight or have an amazing moment, bonus! See the trend? Quinn, the boss and Executive Producer makes sure to incentivize her team and keep the Everlasting Empire on top of the charts, even if they tend to go a little too far! UnREAL shows what happens when everyone’s secrets are exploited and exposed.


“Come on, come on, come on, I need sad faces OK! Your puppy died, your implants got infected, I don’t care just use it!” – Quinn

“You focus on your future husband OK, I’ll take care of it!” – Rachel

“We have a saying around here, sluts get cut.” – Chet

“That girl hates me. I made her s*** her pants on national television.” – Rachel

This series is fantastic! It has drama, romance and a little suspense from viewing how far the producers will go to make a great episode. The scary thing about this series is that it’s very believable. We as viewers don’t  unreal2  know what happens off air and how the editing is put together for packages displayed on reality tv. We know that things are scripted, yes, but due to confidentiality agreements and other miles of paperwork signed by the contestants, there can be a lot of things that we really don’t know behind the scenes. UnReal tackles the issues and how each producer could cover up or manipulate a scenario.


  • Highly entertaining
  • Extremely believable actions as not to go over the top


  • Adult themes and language
  • No interest in reality shows or drama

I definitely will be watching season 2 as a new suitor and cast of contestants will be featured. In my opinion the acting and story is pretty good for this show (but I love reality shows in general) and Lifetime definitely did a great job! Check out the trailer for season 1 here!

Let me know what you think! What other shows have you found that are currently “Overlooked?” Let’s talk Hidden Treasures! Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂


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Hidden Treasures 5: Sleepy Hollow T.V. Series

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today’s post will be the weekly Hidden Treasures post where I try and shine the spotlight on a movie, show or video game that I would regard as an “Overlooked” item. You can view all of our past Hidden Treasure entries by clicking here.  This week I want to give the space to one of my favorite current T.V. Shows; Sleepy Hollow! Sleepy Hollow is an American, historical drama series that follows characters Abby Mills and Ichabod Crane. slee

Forget what you know about Sleepy Hollow from the Headless Horseman to the Movie starring Johnny Depp, this show takes a slightly different approach to the original lore. Sleepy Hollow is a town in Massachusetts that has a small population. The new Detective in the town is Abby Mills and she is working with her partner and mentor August Corbin. One night when called to a disturbance at a nearby ranch, Abby sees something that she hasn’t experienced since her childhood, a supernatural event. images This spirals a string of events culminating with the discovery of a man named Ichabod Crane. What would you do if you woke up 150 years later? This is what Ichabod Crane has to cope with as he wakes up in the modern era. While waiting in the cell, Crane overhears Abby detailing the events that happened at the ranch. Astonished by what he is hearing, Crane lends his information over to the detectives and begins to team up with Abby to track down the culprit.

What I love about this series is that it melds together different tales and takes it stage in modern day America. Crane, who is from the 1700s wakes up in a world filled with technologies that he cannot fathom. The first season really drew me in with the banter he would have with Lieutenant Mills, an African American woman in the role of an officer.

Abbie Mills:
Mr. Crane, I’m Lieutenant Abbie Mills.

Ichabod Crane:
A female lieutenant. In whose army?

Abbie Mills:
You’re not gonna break character, huh?

Ichabod Crane:
You’ve been emancipated, I take it?

Abbie Mills:
Excuse me?

Ichabod Crane:
From enslavement.

Abbie Mills:
Okay. I’ll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I’m authorized to use it. On you.

Ichabod Crane:
If you’re insinuating I endorse slavery, I’m offended.

Abbie Mills:
Wait, back up. You’re offended?

Ichabod Crane:
I’ll have you know I was a proponent of the Abolitionist Act before the New York Assembly.

Abbie Mills:
Congratulations. Slavery has been abolished 150 years. It’s a whole new day in America.

I also love watching the growing relationships between the characters in the show. Due to the experiences each person shares, their bonds deepen and make for really good TV outside of the main story-line. I really believe that if more people gave the series a chance, they would like it. It’s witty, filled with drama, and contains pretty good action scenes. My top reasons to “Play” this series is listed below.


  • Provides a different historical retelling of some of our nation’s events.
  • Drama, Mystery, Action and Comedy are represented well throughout the series.
  • Currently on it’s 4th season so you will have plenty of episodes to keep you entertained.

Check out the Trailer here: Click Here For Sleepy Hollow Trailer.

All in all you can find the complete season on Hulu if you decide to give it a go. Have you watched Sleepy Hollow? Which shows do you watch that you think are being Overlooked? Let’s talk Hidden Treasures! Have a great week everyone!

-Luna 🙂