WWE SlamCrate Unboxing: Like A Boss!

Happy Friday SuperStars and thanks for suplexing into today’s unboxing post. Like the last SlamCrate, this one was delayed (most likely due to the holidays) as I was supposed to receive it before the end of December. It just arrived in the mail on Tuesday.

Theme: Like A BOSS!


Roman Reigns T-Shirt –


The Big Dog, Roman Reigns adorns the shirt in this month’s crate and he is performing his signature Super Man Punch! Roman is “The Guy” in the WWE at the moment and it’s his yard. He is the boss of his own destiny and now with the backing of the newly reunited Shield, Roman is unstoppable!


Sasha Banks Slam Stars-

Sasha Banks is the “Legit Boss” as her moniker states and she is the exclusive figure in this month’s crate. Just like the last set of Slam Stars you will receive a corner of the ring with your figure that you can connect when you receive the other figures. Next month’s figure is Finn Balor in demon form so I’m super excited! Sasha starts the new “Statement” collection so I can’t wait to see the remaining figures! Also, the Boss is the first Woman Superstar to come as a figure in the crate.


NXT Championship Belt Pin –


Each crate there is an exclusive pin and this month the NXT Championship Belt is the one we received.


You Suck! Kurt Angle Coffee Mug –


We received a coffee mug from Kurt Angle and it bears the You Suck chant.


WWE 2018 Planner –


The planner is probably my favorite item even though I already bought one!!!! Had the crate arrived on time last month, I wouldn’t be currently trying to use 2 planners lol.


What’s inside –


This crate didn’t have many items, but I really enjoyed the quality of the items that are included. The poster included is Daniel Bryan during the YES movement and it’s going straight on my wall. We also have the interview with Bobby Roode in the pamphlet.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not receive the booklet that we normally get in the crates with more detailed information on other “Bosses” in the WWE. Hopefully, that was just an oversight and will be included in the next crate. We did receive a preview of the collectible to be included in next month’s crate…

Finn Balor!!!!

Do you receive any subscription services? What are you currently geeking out over? Which items did you like in the crate? Hopefully this will be the last of the month late crates lol. Let’s talk subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂


Luna’s Rankings: Favorite Star Wars Movies!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I hope the New Year is starting off well for everyone! Every Tuesday I will try to upload a Rankings post where we rank our top 5 items in a category from the least loved to the totally binge watch rankings. If there are more than 5 items in the category, the top 5 results are essentially my favorites and I am ranking their placings. This year I want to try something new, so I will be asking for your feedback as well to feature in the next week’s rankings!

Game Guide:

  • Respond in the comments with your top 5 placings
  • Tune in the following Tuesday to view the results of the Community’s Rankings and see your answers featured!

It’s that easy! Furthermore, if you would like to participate in my Rankings Post each week, let me know in the comments and we can set topics to post each Tuesday!


Now onto the Rankings….


But First: I have been super excited to make this Rankings Post because my co-worker Dan and I have talked about our rankings just before The Last Jedi movie released. He told me that my #1 choice is NO ONE”S FAVORITE and that I’m ALLOWED TO BE WRONG! Lol, it’s super funny because I told him that I would do this post. I’m aware that my favorite will probably not make anyone else’s.

#5 Revenge of the Sith –


Revenge of the Sith is one of my favorite movies in the 2nd set of Star Wars Trilogies, mainly because you see the foreshadowed and anticipated turn of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is upset, he’s scared and he is very, very angry. The puppeteer Darth Sidious tapped into every emotional imbalance that he could find to get Anakin to make the turn, but it wasn’t until seeing the fate of his beloved Padma did Anakin let the darkness consume him which lead to one of my favorite lightsaber battles; Anakin versus Obi Wan Kenobi.

#4 The Force Awakens –


The Force Awakens makes my lists for a few reasons, one of which being that a main character and Jedi was portrayed as a female lead. I personally take pride in seeing Rey develop her skills and learn that she is destined for more than a life as a scraper. We also receive a more humanized point of view of the Storm Troopers in Finn. Finn gives us a point of view that was never explored in the previous Star Wars movies and when he connects with Rey, a new journey begins.

#3 Empire Strikes Back –


The Empire Strikes Back is one of the original 3 Star Wars movies and one of the most well known movies. This is the movie where Vader reveals his secret to Luke, where Luke trains with the infamous Yoda and Han Solo meets with a beautiful Princess Leia. Empire Strikes Back is the most recognizable and action packed episode and it’s the one that I remember the most from my childhood. Empire Strikes Back “I Love you!”…. “I Know!”

#2 The Last Jedi –


I should have prefaced this post by saying that I feel like I hold the millennials view of the Star Wars Saga. I don’t remember too much of episodes 4, 5 and 6 but I do remember my brother lovinggggg the movies. With that said, you will find that the originals are pretty scarce in my list so I’m excited to see what the community votes as their favorites. I really enjoyed the Last Jedi despite the arguments on both sides and it comes near the top of the list. You can read my review about why I loved the movie so much by clicking here!

#1 The Phantom Menace –


Listen! Dan has already grilled me about being incorrect and that the Phantom Menace couldn’t possibly be my favorite. But it is. The Phantom Menace is one of the reasons I became re-invested in the Star Wars movies. Seeing my favorite Character Darth Maul and how cool he was (no matter how short lived) and seeing the strength of Queen Amidala amongst the pressures of the Federation just lit a spark in mie that is not easily distinguished. I LOVEEEEE THIS MOVIE! Jar Jar, The Gongons, Qui Gon, Podracers… what more can you ask?

Those are my top 5 movies in the Star Wars Saga. It’s time to get everyone involved and I would love if you would tell me your top 5 in the comments. Each movie will receive a number and the movies will be ranked on the Community board which will be announced next week! So what are your top 5 Star Wars Movies? What do you think of my list? Is Phantom Menace really that bad? Let’s talk Star Wars!

-Luna 🙂



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4 Reasons I love House Stark!

Happy Monday Novas! Since I was unable to watch Game of Thrones last week, I thought I would do a post listing the 4 reasons that I loveeee House Stark! I know, I know, what you’re thinking but like it’s House Flipping Stark! They may be boring to some, but to me they are the best House in Game of Thrones! If you haven’t watched GOT you might want to stop rading as there may be spoilers below! **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Wolves: The sigil for the house is the Dire Wolf which is a gigantic wolf. Dire wolves are beautiful and dangerous. Sansa and Arya said a great reference at the end of season 7. ” Father said that even if the  leader dies, the pack will survive.” or something like that. The leader Ned died, but the pack (well most of them) still live on.


Yes, the Starks will fight, yes they each have a different opinion on what needs to be done but as Sansa, Arya and Bran proved, no one, not even Littlefinger can tear them apart. They will in the end come together as a pack and destroy their enemies.


Fight: If you notice, all of the Starks are excellent fighters! Jon of course is a master swordsman and as dog fodder Ramsey described him “Probably the best fighter anyone has ever seen.”  jon fight  Arya is skilled in fighting, she took on Brienne in season 7 and has been carving up targets left and right (How many people are left on her list anyway?). Ned was an extroadinary swordsman as Jaime Lannister learned.  Jaime’s own men thought he was in danger to lose the fight and drove a spear into Ned’s leg.

Skills: Each member of the Stark family has an impressive skill that other houses just do not possess. Arya is an assassin and very skilled with weapons, Sansa has the diplomatic skills of a Lannister (which can be a double edge sword),  Jon has the leadership skills and tenacity of the best warrior around, Rob had the same leadership qualities and then there is Bran, the 3 eyed raven. Need I say more?

Honor: You cannot mention House Stark without mention their Honor! Many get mad at the Starks for not bending the rules and doing whatever they can to win, but I admire them for sticking to their morals. It is entirely easy to break the rules to get what you want.  ned  When you stand for something and stick to it no matter what, you should be commended. The Starks do not follow the crowd, their honorable and noble. Yes, it may get them into crazy situations but that’s the price or being honorable. Everyone in the 7 Kingdoms know that a Stark’s word will not be broked and can be trusted. It’s why they are so likeable by the other houses.

Those are my top reasons for loving House Stark! Which House is your favorite in Game of Thrones and why? Let’s talk GOT!

-Luna 🙂




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Luna’s Q & A!

Happy Saturday Novas! Last week on the 300 Followers Post I asked for questions that you would like for me to answer on this Question and Answer post! I’m going to answer a few common questions that always come up and questions from you all! Let’s get to it!

Common Questions:

  • How did you get into blogging? Funny story, I was getting ready to start up the gaming website again that I had active for about a year. Once thing that was missing from the site last time was the constant and easy integration of gaming news. I found that WP works great so I thought that I would create a blog and link it to the website. But then something crazy happened, I enjoyed blogging wayyy more than running a website and voila! You’re stuck with me now lol.
  • How do you find inspiration to blog consistently?It’s not easy. At first I couldn’t find a balance and I would run out of ideas. After reading other bloggers and talking to people that write, I picked up the habit of writing down my thoughts and ideas in a journal (as well as a memo pad on my phone). Along with these ideas I would write a short description. If I couldn’t stop everything and write at that moment, I could always return to my handy notes. Another handy tip is when I get into a creative mode, it lasts for a while. I drop everything and start writing up posts. If I finish one, I would start on another and schedule them out later in the week.
  • What are your favorite things to blog about?I loveeeeee video games so that would be my number 1. The problem is that life has been so busy lately that I haven’t had nearly enough time to play as much as I would want. So I had to find fillers. I loveeee Netflix and TV in general so I started the Netflix Series Reviews. This way I don’t feel like a complete sloth when I binge watch series for a purpose! I loveee writing (and talking) so naturally the creative writing part of the site developed itself.

Emily’s Questions:

  •  ZombieAttack-399x550  There’s a Zombie Apocalypse, where’s the first place you go? I’m going to the mall! There’s an Outdoor World that I can pick up hunting equipment and survival stuff. There’s a department store where I can stock up on batteries. There’s the food court. Why hasn’t anyone locked down a mall!!!!! If I didn’t have enough people to lock down a mall, Wal-Mart here I come!
  • Since you work at Universal Studios if you could host your own Halloween Horror Nights Event, what houses would you make?  I would bring in some of my favorite houses like the Freddy versus Jason House, Saw, American Werewolf, etc. Those houses were some of the best.
  • If you can be a character from any book that you have read, what character would you be? –  I would want to be Eve Dallas from the In Death series. She’s awesome, a detective, rich and living in the normal world. There’s no monsters or anything like that, I mean other than the countless murders that she has to solve, her life would be great.

Drew @TheTattoedBookGeek

1). If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Mashed Potatoes or Potatoes in general! Potatoes are the best thing known to man and I could take them to a desert island and be SET! Even on games like Minecraft I opt to eat Potatoes over Steak lol. Potatoes are also very versatile, you can do some much with it! You can stuff them, fry them, mash them, roast them, the sky is the limit! Potatoes also pair well with many foods. You can have them with all of the meats beef, chicken, steak, fish, etc. I have even added potatoes to my chili before and it was amazing!

2). What’s your favourite ever game? This is a tough one. Ughhh. I’m not quite sure what my favorite game ever is. For racing hands down Mario Kart, for Shooters Hands down Gears of War (yes over the original FPS 007 Goldeneye as well) and for strategy games hands down Civilization Revolution. But to pick one game, ughh I just can’t do it! If you ask me  my favorite type of game or genre I could answer FPS hands down, drop the mic, I’m out!!!!

3). Who wins in Game of Thrones? Jon, oh excuse me **Spoiler If you have Watched, stop READING NOWWWWW!!!** Aegon Targaryen!

4). If you could see Seth Rollins face any wrestler from any promotion in any era in any type of match who would you pick and what match type would you choose? Hands down my all time favorite wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin! imageedit_1_8338285617 I don’t even know who I would want to win, I just would want to see it! New school versus old school! I’m a fan of the steel cage matches so seeing one of those would be awesome as well. My 2 favorites going up against each other! Emily over here says that she would like to see him go against the Rock because he is so big. She figures he’s more agile and can jump around the ring doing coll moves. “It’s anyone game!” She says lol.

5). You are writing a memoir of your life, what do you call the book? This is a great question. Hmmm… 50 Shades of Luna! Nahhh not that one lol. “What the Flip!” could be a great name. The memoir will be a comedic descent into my so called life lol. Another title could be “So… No?” This memoir would be an account of the stupid questions or favors that I’ve been asked over the years *cough cough* Emily, *cough cough.*

Thank you for reading today’s Q&A! What are your thoughts and answers to the questions? Let’s chat!

Have a great weekend and come back tomorrow to see which Villain has taken to writing their Memoir!

-Luna 🙂







August Lootcrate Unboxing: Kingdoms!

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend Novas! I apologize for the lack of posts this week but I was exhausted and slept most of my days off lol. So today you all will receive 2 posts! The first is the surprise lootcrate unboxing that I’ve received. Why a surprise you may ask? Well because I cancelled the subscription but the generous people at lootcrate still sent me August’s crate! The theme this month was Kingdoms so let’s get to it!

All lootcrates will include a booklet that describes each of the items in your crate. This month we have a cool introduction to the creative behind the theme of Kingdoms!

Welcome To Your Kingdom!
Each month you receive an exclusive lootcrate shirt. Since we are in the month of Kingdoms, the shirt included represents Link and the kingdom of Hyrule!

8-bit Legend of Zelda!
You will also receive at least 1 collectible figure in the crate. We’re now in the well know realm of Adventure Time and the Land of the Ooo’s with the Ice King! This figure is really cute with the penguins and the Ice King. I’m not the biggest fan of Adventure Time but I have seen it and appreciate this figure!

All hail the Ice King!
My favoritre item in this crate has to be the Lord of the Rings Color Changing Glass! It’s really cool and beautiful!

Fav Item!
Another great item was the artwork of Isengard. I have the LoTRTrilogy on DVD and it’s one of my favorite movies. Personally, I prefer The Two Towers! This piece of art is perfect to hang on my wall.

2nd Fav Item!
Something that I haven’t mentioned was that you also receive free webcomics as a part of your subscription. This month’s web comic looks to be a parody with princesses, warriors and bards! I’ll probably read and write up a quick review.

Looks awesome!
The box is one of the cooler things about lootcrate that sets them apart from other subscritpion services to me. This month’s box turns into a nifty Shield with a handle to help you protect your Kingdom, wherever it is! I have al of my lootcrate boxes still because they’re just so cool and don’t forget the loot pin! 20170829_212546[1]

What did you think of this month’s theme and items? Do you subscribe to lootcrate or any other subscription services? Let’s talk Lootcrate and Subscriptions! Want to try out Lootcrate? Be on the lookout for my WWE Slamcrate Unboxing next week! Use my promo link below to save $5!

Click Here To Save $5

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂

May Lootcrate: Guardians Theme!

Happy Thursday Novas! Thank you for checking out last month’s lootcrate unboxing post. I apologize that the post is a week late, however, my brother didn’t tell me that I had a package until a few days ago haha. Last month’s theme was Guardians so let’s see what we have!

Each Lootcrate contains a T shirt. This shirt was a cool Goonies T Shirt. The Goonies is an old school movie. I’m not quite sure how this fits into the Guardians theme, so if you know feel free to comment below!


Next we have our collectible Rocket and Groot figure. I love this figure and it’s my favorite item in the crate this month. Of course the figure is in relation to the new movie release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I should make it a point to watch the first movie and the new one hahahaha.


Next we have a Star Wars Coloring book with colored pencils and a sharpener. Not bad, I might find some time to color in it. The outside of the coloring book looks stunning so it’s a great collectible for me to have (I love C3P0 🙂 ).

We have some Destiny patches. I was actually awarded 2 sets of 3 patches. I’m not quite sure if that was intentional or not. I’m not a Destiny fan at all, not even in the slightest but the patches are pretty cool. I think I will put them on my bag.

Lastly we received an Avatar pin. I like Avatar so I’ll definitely keep this pin for my collection.


Of course, there’s the product booklet telling you with items are inside. There’s also a puzzle book that I will complete in my spare time.

This box is the last in my 3 month subscription and honestly I wasn’t that impressed with the items. Because of my lack of interest, I’m not going to renew the original Lootcrate subscription, however, I’m very interested in the LootGaming crates.I have a code for trying that crate so I’m going to do a 3 month subscription.

Thank you for viewing my lootcrate unboxing post. Do you have any subscription services? Which items did you like in this month’s crate? Let’s talk Lootcrate!

-Luna 🙂

Megacon 2017 Convention!

Happy Memorial Day Novas! This past weekend I attended the Megacon Convention in Orlando and this short post will show some of the cosplayers I met! This was my second convention going in cosplay and I was FINALLY able to complete my Lana Kane costume. Let’s start the post with a comparison of Lana and my version of her!

Artist: One of the things I loveeeee about conventions would be the Dealer Rooms and Artist Alleys. You are able to pick up awesome pieces to take with you and some artists will actually customize your piece in front of you. We purchased a Wonder Woman spray paint picture and the artist created it in under 3 minutes! Take a look!

Another great part of conventions is the people watching! Some many cosplayers from different parts of the globe arrive with their costumes. The normal characters appeared like Deadpool, Joker, Harley Quinns and Overwatch Characters. What’s even more amazing is that there were plenty of couples dressed alike as well. We seen Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online and Ariel and Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid!  Here are some of the cosplayers that I had to highlight!

Swagggg- On Friday we were able to participate in several events. These events concluded with us getting swagg to take home. We also received great coupons and deals on entertainment like Medieval Times. Also, I had to pick up a few things for myself and friends as well. Here’s what I obtained.

Thank you for taking a look at my convention weekend! We had a blast and I cannot wait until my next one! What did you think of the post? Have you ever cosplayed or attended a convention? Let’s talk Geek!

-Luna 😀

Header Credits: Megacon.com

April Lootcrate Unboxing

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope your month of May is going well and don’t forget about Mother’s Day observance tomorrow! Today I will go over my May Lootcrate Unboxing with the theme of Investigate! Last week I did the WWE Slamcrate (Masters of the Mic) unboxing and you can view the post here! Let’s get into it!

Stranger Things T-Shirt:  20170512_070621  Each Lootcrate as you know by now will always include and exclusive shirt. This month’s crate included a Stranger Things T- Shirt. I have yet to watch the series and the shirt looks cool but I gave it to my brother lol.

Gotham Color Changing Mug:   20170511_045231   There was a cool Gotham Color Changing Mug included in this month’s crate. I’m not really a Batman fan and I thought that my brother would appreciate it more. Another gift to Kenny! This month’s crate may not be my favorite but my brother is making out like a bandit!

X Files Pencils & Sharpener:  20170511_045429   Yup… The X Files Pencil and Sharpener was included in this month’s crate…. Enough said lol.

Jessica Jones Figure:   20170511_045406  Each Lootcrate will include some type of figure or collectible. This month was a pretty cool Jessica Jones figure that is already mounted on my shelf. I admit I have not yet checked out Jessica Jones (may have to add it to my Netflix Series of the Week) but I love a great female crime fighter and she’s wearing purple!!!!

Feel Free to Use My Promo Code to save on your subscription! Lootcrate Promo Code

This month’s crate was a little lackluster for me to be honest. I’m very happy that my WWE Slamcrate arrived at the same time and was AMAZING so the disappointment in this lootcrate wasn’t as bad. I’m probably going to try out the LootGaming crates as the regular Lootcrates aren’t that interesting to me. What did you think of this month’s crate? Did you like any of the items included? Do you have any subscription services? Let’s talk!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Luna 😀


Art Feature by Artist EF

Happy Friday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic week and are ready to enjoy the weekend! This past Wednesday was my birthday and hanging out with my friends and family was a blast. Today I will feature one of my friends artwork that we found on Thursday.

We were cleaning off my friend Emily’s porch and came across one of her old drawing pads. Both Storm and Spiderman look fantastic don’t you think? By the way it wasn’t a full size journal drawing, maybe like half the size of a normal sheet of paper.

I really like the shading in these 2 pictures. It’s crazy to watch people with natural talents create pieces of art. With Emily she is also very talented in the speed in which she can produce drawings. One of the fastest people I have ever known with pretty god quality in my opinion.

My two favorites are Storm and Naruto in a bowl of Ramen lol. I would leave her Twitter  information butttttt she has not taken my advice as of yet and set one up lol. Her Instagram is @emy_37. I’m just about to create her a portfolio on here until she creates her own lol. By the way she does graphic designs as well. Which are your favorite drawings? Do you draw, paint, etc? My creative outlet is in writing because I can’t even make stick figures look good lol.  Thank you fo reading and have a fantastic weekend!

-Luna (Blasting off againnnnnnnn lol) ❤

100 Followers Thank You!

Hello Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I wanted to do a special shout out and post for having 100+ amazing followers! I have been blogging here since January and I am truly grateful for each and every follower that has decided “Hey, this blog isn’t have bad lol.” This post is dedicated to all of you! I actually want to name the blog followers something so let’s take a poll if you don’t mind.

Shout Outs:

I want to make some special shout-outs to other bloggers that are amazing and interact with us often. Make sure to take a look at their blogs!


Thank you all, you have no idea how I’ve enjoyed our conversations! 10 Gold Stars for each of you! For anyone I have missed, I am sorry and throw salad at me lol.

For this post I would like to include a small quick poem that I wrote at work one night. I was on break sitting outside looking at the stars that shown especially brighter that night.

What Happened to the Stars that we looked upon that night,

They cuddled us and kept us safe, they taught us how to fight,

For all of our hopes and wishes, sent floating up to thee,

We made a wish once everyday and drifted off to sleep,

Before the dawn would break the dipper really saved,

A sip from its plentiful cup, our thirst forever craved,

I think I saw a meteor once, but no one would believe,

The cascading line across the sky, pixels it did leave,

I traveled with it on its path, at least as far as I could see,

The ball of fire left behind, a fragile broken me,

How I’ve longed to go with it across the milky way,

To taste the dew and feel the warmth of night switching to day,

Now when I stare above my eyes no longer gleam,

The twinkle that I’ve once felt isn’t what it seems.

thank you  Also I would like to welcome all of the blogs New Followers and Friends! Here at GamersUnitedGG we look to chat about Video Games, Netflix shows, Movies and anything Geek or Gaming that may come up! Originally I was going to just write about Games, Next I added Netflix and Funko Pops, Next I added the TKO Battles and Throwback posts, from amazing Book Blogs I’ve added book posts and of course my passion WWE! I’m very happy with the direction of the blog and again thank you! So I have decided to post  3 of favorite posts for any new followers to view if they wish!

  1. Throwback Tuesday: Nintendo 64
  2. Ultimate Thursday TKO: Nasty Ninjas (Scorpion Vs Master Shredder
  3. Creative Writing

Once again thank you to everyone following the GamersUnitedGG blog. We really appreciate it and it means the world that you’re interested in our quirky, gaming and geek posts! We’re very social if you haven’t noticed so feel free to recommend topics for our re-occurring series and give your opinions.

I would love to know what some of your favorite posts are and what you would like to see more of! Thank you for making this blogging experience amazing! Have a great weekend!

Luna 🙂