Happy Friday Players and Novas!  I hope everything is going well! Today’s post will be a short update on what’s going on with myself and the blog! It’s the Burger of The Day post, if you will lol.

Vacation: Firstly, I’m on vacation lol. I’m currently typing to your from my friends living room (because she’s still asleep) in Illinois. Now I’m a Floridian so being in Illinois when it’s pretty cold to me is crazy. But hey, I promised her that I would visit to go to Six Flags and Fright Night with her (doing that tomorrow). I’m a little skeptical because I am used to the high end Halloween Horror Nights and Howl O Scream events, but I’m sure I’ll have fun either way (If I don’t freeze to death lol).

Patreon: I know I mentioned starting a Patreon account in the Bloggers Thoughts: From Players to Professionals post last week. Well that dream is a reality now. The Patreon Page is live and you can help support the blog if you wanted by clicking here. Also, if you have any ideas for the page I’m happy to hear them!

Upgrades: Does the site look different to you? We received our first sponsored post a few days ago. With the earnings, I upgraded the blog to Premium and now we have access to better themes. It’s a work in progress but I’m upgrading the look and feel of the site (it looks wayyyy better on mobile now). How does the new theme look?

NaNoWriMo – The outline is complete for my story that I’m going to be working on during National November Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo) and I’m debating on posting snippets of the story here during the month of November. Let me know if that would be a good idea. I’m writing the story of a journal from medievel times, following the life of a royal court and a Princess. The journal’s going to be written from different perspectives as it winds up in a few different character’s possession.

Upcoming Posts: This coming week we will have posts coming out that I have been working hard on.

Saturday 10/21/17 : WWE TLC Preview and Predictions! 20161114_TLC_Logos_rendered--39a157fbe4ce365b2bc8b62f00db7a18

Sunday 10/22/17 : Memoirs of a Villain: Bowser! Bowser

Monday 10/23/17 : WWE TLC Recap & The Short Story Challenge Week 3!

Tuesday 10/24/17 : Luna’s Rankings: Best Video Game Villains!

Wednesday 10/25/17: Fortnite First Impressions! fortnite

Thursday 10/26/17: TBD

Friday 10/27/17 : Still Star Crossed Series Review! still star

That’s what I have planned this week, assuming that nothing changes at the moment! Are you working on any projects? What do you have scheduled this week? Are you looking forward to any of the posts? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂








First Impressions: Destiny 2!

Hiya Novas and Players! Thank you for reading today’s First Impressions post of the new release, Destiny 2! Sooo this review has been completed for about 2 weeks, but my clips wouldn’t upload lol. The First Impression Posts are a brief overview of the game and what I like or dislike about it so far. The full game review will come at a later date when I am able to complete all of the main components of the game.

Backstory: So I thought that it would be appropriate to provide a little bit of a backstory on me and Destiny! Sooo… I never played the first one. My online friends have been telling me since the release date to play the game, because Bungie made it. I would shareplay with my friend Decaying Senpai all of the time, yet I never really built up an interest to go and get the game or even try it. Lately I have been having more of an open mind when it comes to playing games that do not interest me. Anyway fast forward to the review!

First Impressions: I COMPLETELY LOVE THE GAME!!!!! Well so far that is. Destiny has sooo much going on that if you get bored with one type of gameplay, you can transition to another. Destiny in a nutshell is a First Person Shooter (FPS) mixed with an RPG (Role Playing Game). I have completed the story which is fantastic at the moment. I find myself particularly drawn to Cayde-6 who is a robot Hunter.  destiny1  It’s cinematic excellence and the story makes sense.

I have also played other things like the multiplayer Crucible and public events.

Story: The story follows the new Guardian (which is the character that you create) as their world is threatened by  a leader known as Dominus! Side note: If you remember from my Halo Wars 2 Review, Bungie (who also made Halo Wars 2) inserted a similar character known as Decimus! I found that the antagonist in this story had similar motives and personality traits. Anyway, Dominus is taking the “light” which is the source of power for all guardians.   destiny2  Your job is to try and get that light back and save your home! I do like the missions, they are a bit too long in some cases then what I am used to, but it’s a great way to binge play the day away.

Side Quests: During the story, you unlock different planets like EDZ (Earth Dead Zone), Titan and Nessus. Each planet has a mob for you to face and side quests. These quests are known as “Adventures” and can help you level up or receive rewards. Side quests so far, do not seem as long as the main story missions.

Public Events: Public events happen continuosuly throughout the day. These are short battles with the enemy alongside other Guardians and Friends! The shortest things that you can do in the game, the public event has you facing off against loads of mobs and a few giant bosses to collect your loot!

The Crucible: The Crucible is the online multiplayer, competitive aspect of Destiny 2! You are able to play games such as Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and even Search and Destroy (gamemodes from COD but I don’t remember their names in Destiny). I haven’t played many Crucible games as of yet because I want to complete the story and reach level 20 first (currently lvl 18).

There’s plenty more to enjoy in Destiny like Raids and other events. I haven’t been able to play them as of yet, but I have seen them via share play.

I really enjoy the game so far and I can see myself getting lost in playing hours of Destiny 2. There’s far more to experience and do, but since this is not a full review post, I will just give you some of my thoughts via the Play and Skip sections!


  • Endless activities to keep you occupied
  • A fantastic story with awesome graphics and music
  • Customization and Social fluidness (you can download the app and find Guardians to play with)


  • Missions are too long for you to play
  • Not a fan of FPS

Those are my first impressions of Destiny 2! What are your thoughts on the game? Are you currently playing Destiny 2? Also, feel free to provide your username if you would like to play sometime, mines is Luna26x! Let’s talk Destiny 2!

-Luna 🙂

Call of Duty WWII Beta Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday Novas and Gamers! This past labor day weekend was the last chance for players to get in on the WWII Beta before the game releases November 3rd, 2017. I started playing last weekend with the early access beta for PS4 and I’d like to share some.of my thoughts. First, I was only able to play maybe a total of 6 matches both weekends because I had a pretty busy schedule, ughh. I’m actually pretty annoyed that I didn’t have more time to play.

The beta included 3 maps but I don’t think I’ve played 2: One was a a building in like a wooded area. There was a bunker, a tank and I want to say a church or something. This map had 3 clear lanes, left to the water and woods, right to the building and down the middle y the tank. The other map I played was a town or a compound with a few buildings.I honestly don’t remember too much of the map, all I remember is going through the tunnel and shooting people in the back rofl.


  • A person on my team with the CMPR clan tag, yet he went 3 and 22! (sooo did you not camp?? lol).
  • The molotov cocktails! – Seeing people go in flames with the molotov cocktails hit them
  • Running to the spawn and getting a triple kil… before running out of sprint and getting killed myself lol

What I Liked:

  • The game play- With this COD game we are back to boots being n the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the jetpack and super jump feeling of the last 3 games, but I’m ready for something else. More drop and jump shots are going to be used this time. I didn’t have any trouble with my bullets registering or dying too fast. The beta seemed pretty balanced for me.
  • The Feel – It’s definitely Call of Duty. I love the feeling it gave me when I was yelling out “Just install your game now, you’re trashhhhhh” lol. Ok I can get intense when playing but it’s all fun and I missed having that feeling.


What I didn’t Like:

  • Dude, where’s my perks?– One of my main grievances was the setup of the classes. I’m used to being able to place marathon, sleight of hand and ninja on my classes as a perk. I didn’t really find a custom perk setup ike previous games had. Yes, you can get marathon by using the Airborne class and you can add on attachments to give you  sleight of hand or steady aim, but I didn’t want to use a slot on my gun for it.
  • Maps– The Maps were fun but I’ve never been a fan for maps with more than 1 building. The 2 maps that I played were god sizes althoungh the one map reminded me of a map from Black Ops II.
  • The Weapons– I didn’t play World at War which is supposed to be the inspiration for WWII so I wasn’t quite sure what guns to expect (other than you know, old school guns). Again, I didn’t get much playing time because it was a busy 2 weekends for me, but I didn’t like the guns that I was playing with. This can definitely change because I only had a few things unlocked.

Overall I liked the game enough to decide to keep my pre-order. I hope that the actual game is a bit more customizable with the weapons, but other than that it was a great time! Did you play the beta? What’s your favorite COD game? What did you like about the game or hope that they would install? Let’s talk Call of Duty!

-Luna 🙂




Evolution of A Gamer

Hiya Novas! We’re about 5 days in to the WWE 30 day Blogging challenge and submitting all of the posts about video games and preferences from last month’s challenge, has gotten me thinking about my evolution as a gamer. I’m an open book so I would like to share with you my love of gaming, where it started and how I have noticed myself change. This is going to be a more lengthy post than normal, but it’s my way of sharing myself and my gaming background with you!

The Beginning: Growing up it was MYSELF, my brother KENNY and MY COUSINS PLAYING…

This was back when kids played outside but still had consoles in their room. My brother and I shared NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64 and a Gamecube growing up. Our house was considered the gaming party zone way before Lan Parties became a thing. Grandma would make snacks for the neighborhood and we would test our skills playing iconic games such as Street Fighter and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! power rangers   Since many earlier consoles allowed for only 2 players to game at a time, we would make rules so that the person who won or received the highest score would stay playing, while the loser switched out to the next gamer. Our roulette table or gaming was the highlight of the weekends and Summer!

Nintendo Heavy: The core consoles we bought (or wanted for that matter) were…

Nintendo based. I remember having the old school brick Gameboy and taking it everywhere! Even though I only played  Tetris, that handheld was the best thing ever. Do you remember being in the doctor’s office and trying to beat a level in pong? I do and it made waiting for my shot or teeth cleaning less scary. Mario was a huge part of my childhood and even now as an adult I can say that the Mario franchise star   (in my opinion) is the best and most influential one in the gaming industry. I now associate mushrooms with extra lives, stars as invincibility icons and flowers as a way to get fire!  You can see the characters in Mario evolve from basic types to having full fledged personalities and lives of their own.

Take for instance Peach and Daisy. At first Peach was only a character to rescue from Donkey Kong or King Koopa (Bowser). She quickly became a heroine with her own money, kingdom and look at life.  peach evo  Yes, we still associate Peach as the love interest of Mario, but at least now she isn’t as helpless. Both Peach and Daisy now have larger roles in the Mario franchise making them somewhat equal to Mario and Luigi.

A Hiatus: After Gamecube, VIDEO GAMES for me LEFT MY LIFE…

I still had consoles and my brother stayed with the gaming hobby, but I was more focus on this crazy thing called High school. Maybe I was going through a phase, but gaming was no longer a priority. I wanted to hang out with friends (away from games) go to the mall, catch a movie and attend any event (even if I wasn’t interested in it) at school. High School was a great time for me but something seemed to lack on my part. Something was missing.

At school my friends in the engineering club, were playing PC games like Unreal Tournament, Doom and Quake Online. After much persuasion, I joined them for a few matches and the addiction started to rear it’s early head.  I could start to taste the competitive rage, the satisfaction of killing players online, the urge to try and top the leader-boards; it was starting over again. I was obsessed with the zero gravity gameplay, being able to jump over my enemies and shoot them from above was gratifying. Unreal Tournament, now that I think about it, is probably why I gravitated towards the Halo games. It gave me the same feeling when playing online.

Slowly I started easing back into video games when my brother would have Lan Parties every Friday nights. Kenny had his High School buddies (3 years older than me) come over, order pizza and play on his Xbox all night. I started to miss my games, so one Friday night I did something no teenage brother would want his sister to do; I brought my own friends over to join in! After some whining to my grandmother (yes, I was that kind of sister back then lol) Kenny had no choice but to let me and my 3 best friends play! Not only were we hanging out with Seniors, but we were good! In the Dead or Alive 5 tournament, my tag partner Nicole and I beat all of the boys using Kasumi and Lei Fang! They were mortified, but they welcomed us back for more Lan Parties (mostly to retake the crown) and I was reunited with love again.

Xbox my Savior?: So we have reviewed that I CAME BACK TO GAMING through my brother’s original XBOX…

When the Xbox 360 was released, my brother immediately bought it. At this time, my brother started dwindling down on the number of hours that he was playing games. Since he had the new system, he gave me his original Xbox and a few games to start my collection (Fable was one of those games). I thought that it was fun to have a system to play in my spare time. This obsession grew and eventually, I was able to log more hours gaming then my brother. Slowly, I started playing different games and my brother introduced me to the lovely world of Xbox Live!

So now I’m playing Call of Duty and Gears of War on my brothers 360 online. When he was at work or out, I would ask to play and get online. In Gears of War I started playing with my boyfriend at the time and his friends, making a name for myself as a girl that can actually shoot (barbaric, I know). Then something amazing happened. I started playing alone without my brother’s friends or my boyfriends… I started making my own friends online. This started my crazy social life on Xbox Live. I’ve met so many amazing gamers over the years and many of them in real life as well. It was the best time ever playing games like Phantasy Star Universe (PSU), the newest COD Titles, Need For Speed, Fable, Halo and the list goes on. We had set times each night to play and I created my own account and ventured into the world of online gaming.

The Student Has Become The Master: I’m destined to SURPASS KENNY in VIDEO GAMES…

At this point I had convinced my grandma to buy me a 360 (well really I convinced Kenny to ask for the newest 360 at time, Xbox Elite). So I was able to get the hand me down (great white) 360 for myself. I WAS ECSTATIC!!!! I bought covers for the controller a skin for the Xbox, I bought a game rack to display my titles and a new microphone (Turtle Beaches). I was ready to be gaming all day and all night without having to ask for permission to play.  timmy  I had my normal posse that I rolled with and we always started the night with public Gears of War games that WE hosted! I remember having crazy set rules and switching weapons on the map. We had a rule called “Initiation” where friendly fire was on and each new person to join the game got killed by their team in spawn. If you let it go and continued playing, you were Epic; if not, well it was fun for us lol.

PlayStation 4: The day I finally grabbed MY FIRST PLAYSTATION…

was when PlayStation 4 was forced onto me by my friends. All of those 360 friends migrated over (due to Xbox One’s launch being sub-par at best) and beseech me to join the cult of a PlayStation player. My resilience wore down and I caved in, but my disgust for the vile system did not go unannounced. Each day I protested and spoke of my loyalty to the Xbox One still and everyday my friends laughed and said “But you’re on PS4 though.” I conceded, a small loss for the battle of the consoles and then… Xbox did better (well a litlle better).  (Wait am I supposed to be praising PS4 here? :p ). In reality I am happy and grateful that I finally went against my morals and bought a PlayStation. Now I have both systems and 0 limitations on the games that I can play.

Well Rounded Gamer: Presently I consider myself a WELL ROUNDED GAMER…

I’ve started delving into mobile and indie games, I’ve tackled the large consoles and I’ve even given PC gaming the time of day. Now I play board games, card games, RPG’s , Shooters, Strategy, Family Games, Sandbox games and anything that catches my eye. I can truly say that I am constantly evolving as  gamer and finding new things that intrigue me each day. I never watched YouTube or Streams, but now I watch COD tournaments and Minecraft videos all of the time (not to mention UpUp DownDown for Xavier Woods at WWE). I’ve given genres and titles chances that I wouldn’t have at the beginning stages of life. I was focused on shooters only! Other games were fun but could never hold my interest. I still prefer shooters and I never play their campaigns, but I am more of a well round gamer and I love every moment!


How have you started gaming? Do you notice any changes in your gaming habits now as compared to earlier days? What are you favorite consoles and genre’s to play? Let’s talk gaming habits and gaming life!

-Luna 🙂





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Gamers Hard Drive 2!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope that you all have had an fantastic weekend and start to the greatest month of all time: April! Today’s post will focus on the games that I have been playing and progress that I have made so far. You can view the inaugural post of the Gamers Hard Drive by clicking here!

WWE Topps Slam Trading Card App: I have made great progress in the trading app game and have now convinced most of my friends who love WWE to start playing. You pretty much collect sets of the trading cards to receive achievements and coins. You can also trade with other users to obtain missing pieces to your set. I like the prediction packs because each payperview you are able to pick your prediction of the winner. If you are correct you receive extra coins. I’m still not sure why I’m addicted to this game but I am. Currently I have 2200+ cards. If you want to start playing I have multiple duplicates to trade. Add me: Luna26X. Here’s a look at some of the new cards that I have collected!

FarmVille: Tropic Escape– FarmVille Tropic Escape is the adaptation on the original FarmVille game with a twist. Now you are running a tropical island resort where you make deliveries, grow fruits and vegetables for meals and complete treasure diving to receive special items for your resort. This game is pretty fun as I make sushi, beverages and souvenirs to sell to my guests at the resort.


Free Cell: Free Cell is the mobile app game that I play when I have a few minutes on break or in between commercials while watching TV. It’s really easy and like solitaire except all cards are displayed for you. The goal is to arrange the cards by suit and in ascending order from the Ace to King. There’s not a way to

Mass Effect: So I have never played Mass Effect and it was pretty much a blasphemous statement to my co-worker. He was appalled as he just finished Andromeda and pretty much said I’m lending you all of the Mass Effect games to try. So here we are! I’m starting with the original Mass Effect game and playing my way up unto Andromeda.

Sky Forge: Is a MMORPG Free to Play game on PS4. My friends wanted me to download the game so we have been playing the last few days. Think of it as ESO mixed with Neverwinter. You basically upgrade your character and skills to play the main story line and quests along the way. Currently I am on the 5th map of missions, but, there’s soooo much to do that I can see myself playing this game long term. I will have a full review of the game later this week!

sky forge pic

That’s pretty much how I have spent my last 2 weeks. Tune in Thursday for the Skyforge Video Game Review with game play clips! Which games are you currently playing? Have you played any of the video games on this list? Let’s talk video games!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Luna 🙂


Gamer’s Hard Drive! (Gaming Log Post)

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today in lieu of the Hidden Treasures post I will be starting a segment that pretty much analyzes the video games that I have been playing in the past week and my current progress. I’m happy that I have been able to start playing my games regularly. This is a way to keep track of my progress and set new gaming goals each week. Welp, let’s get to it!

Halo Wars 2 :

The Boss Teleported in as we were destroying the base lol

My progress with Halo Wars 2 went really well last week as I have finally finished the Co-Op campaign with my friend (because of our varying schedules this was a challenge). So far we have completed the campaign and played a few skirmishes. I have yet to play online or play the new game mode “Blitz” but I will be focusing on those 2 modes in the coming weeks!

  • Campaign completed
  • Achievements unlocked

Thief: I know Thief isn’t everyone’s (or anyone for that matter) favorite game, but I quite enjoy it. I purchased the game with Halo Wars 2 and have finally opened it and popped it into my disk tray. Previously on 360 I’ve played maybe half way through the game (before getting scared off from a creature looking like Gollum!!!! I thought this was a stealth game not Lord of the Rings!!!).  Because I chickened out, I never completed the game. Now I will attempt to redeem myself and complete the game

  • Completed the first 2 missions

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare:

I’m Lunar Godd3ss 21-11. We may have won if I joined at the start of the game lol

I know I have talked soooo much stuff in the club about Infinite Warfare being the 1st Call of  Duty game that I did not pick up at the midnight launch. I had no interest in this Call of Duty game at all, but from a mix up at RedBox I was gifted 2 free game rentals. Guess which game was available? My curiosity was peaked and I grabbed Infinite Warfare. I’m not sure if it is because I haven’t played a FPS (because Gears of War 4 doesn’t count) in a while that my biases were subsided, but I actually enjoyed the game. I was playing, boosting, shooting people online (going like 21-11 on my first few games) and I missed the COD franchise. Will I buy the game, meh, maybe not, but it was more fun than I anticipated.

  • Advanced to level 7 rank in multiplayer

WWE Topps Slam Trading Card Game:  com.topps.slam   Recently as in the last month I have upgraded my SD card in my phone so I have been on a mobile game download FRENZY!!!! If you recall my WWE Slam Crate Unboxing post (click here to read it) you remember that I have received 3 WWE Topps Cards. It also gave me free packs to open in the app so of course, i downloaded it. I didn’t realize how fun it would be to play a card game and collect sets. In this game after a week I have collected over 1000 cards. Feel free to add me if you play: Luna26x.

  • Successfully traded for Special Edition Seth Rollins Cards (Yes Drew, you know I had to lol). seth
  • Collected all of the St. Patrick’s Day Special Edition Cards (Becky Lynch, Sheamus and Finn Balor)
  • Completed the White Base Set and collected my reward (185 cards sheesh)

Cooking Fever Mobile Game:     cooking  Again, I have sooo much space on my phone now. Cooking Fever is a game where you have to serve customers in a timely manner to collect enough stars to proceed to the next round. Each round gets harder. You start with burgers, then move to burgers and hot dogs, then add toppings.. It gets pretty crazy. There are multiple levels and shops as well.

  • Completed all levels of the Burger Shop with 3 stars
  • Unlocked the Bakery and currently working on completing all levels

Free Cell:    free cell  This is just a way to quickly pass time. No real update or stats are kept in this game. It’s like revers solitaire. All of the cards are displayed and you move cards to try and put the cards in order from Ace to King. You have 2 “Free” sections to work with, one you can place ANY card there to move it out of the way. The second area ONLY accepts the cards in order (Ace through King in that specific suit).

4 Pics 1 Word-  4 pics  I just like puzzles so I’ve downloaded this game that shows 4 different pictures and you have to guess the common word. It’s fun and pretty easy right now.

  • Completed all 25 levels in 5 different groups

That’s all for the games that I have been playing last week! Which games are you currently playing? Have you played any of the games I’ve listed and if so, where’s your progress at? Do you keep a gaming journal? Let’s talk our Gamer Hard Drives! Have a fantastic day and thank you for reading!

Luna 🙂


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