Gamers House Week 3: Trimming The Fat!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to week 3 of the Gamers House reality show! Last week we had our very first DOUBLE ELIMINATION and the disks were ejected for both Diddy Kong and Duke Nukem. This week the contestants are in for a surprise as it will be a PURGE week and multiple characters will be eliminated. Let’s jump straight into the action.

** Cue The Host*


Welcome Players to Week 3. This week we will have a tournament for the challenge featuring some of the best Video Game Fighters in history! It’s another Solo challenge that can determine your fate in the game. We will see you bright and early for the challenge.


Challenge Day:

The challenge is a fighting Tournament where Players will compete in 3 matches. The contestant with the most Wins, will will the tournament. Let’s bring out their opponents.


Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

Ryu from Street Fighter

Kasumi from Dead or Alive

Each Player will challenge their opponents in a best out of 3 fight on their game! That’s right, due to liability reasons the opponents will not physically fight our Players, but they will take them on head to head on a vintage arcade machine! Turok, since you are the MVP you can set today’s order in which Players will compete AND you have the privilege of selecting the order in which the opponents will fight. This will be a ladder style challenge in which Players can only advance to the next round if they win. This is also Purge week which means the bottom 4 Players will be automatically up for elimination AND 4 other Players will be nominated by their peers. This week 8 Players will be up for elimination and only 2 will return. High stakes. To add on to this tumultuous week, the MVP will have more power than any other week. Let’s get started, Turok what’s the lineup?


Turok’s Lineup:

  1. Kratos
  2. Nemesis
  3. Jensen
  4. Masterchief
  5. Marcus Fenix
  6. Snake
  7. Spyro
  8. Bowser
  9. Shadow
  10. Lightning
  11. Zelda
  12. Peach
  13. Sonya
  14. Aloy
  15. Turok
  16. Peppy


The Players will first face Ryu in round 1, if they advance they will face Kasumi in round 2 and round 3 will be Scorpion. Kratos, you’re up first!


Round 1 Fight!


The first round of the challenge seems to be the easiest opponent. Turok could’ve really shaken things up with putting the most intimidating opponent up first but he decided to go another route. In Match 1 Kratos easily beat Ryu in Street Fighter using M Bison as his character. Ryu fought with his character and was swiftly defeated with a 2-0 victory in favor of Kratos.


The 2nd match pitted Nemesis against Ryu who was snarling at the opponent during his entire Kratos match. You could see the sweat rolling down Ryu’s face and when it came time for his match with Nemesis, we couldn’t find him! The 10 minute time limit faded and Nemesis advanced due to a forfeit.


Jensen, Masterchief and Marcus all advanced with a 2-1 victory, losing their initial battles with Ryu. Before long, each Player was feeling a little more optimistic about their chances.. Especially with Nemesis still glaring at Ryu during each of his matches. When we tried to pull Nemesis aside for an interview, he had only this to say..

Luna: Nemesis you breezed through the first round but we have to know, why are you intently watching Ryu?

Nemesis: Starsssssss

Luna: There you have it folks, Nemesis is trying to make Ryu see Stars.

Lightning: I’m surrounded by idiots *Spyro smirks*


After a tense first round the Players that were eliminated are Peach, Shadow, Bowser and Spyro. Surprisingly, Peppy was able to use his fighter pilot skills to quickly pick up combinations and defeat his opponent. All the while keeping his same Peppy spirit and quoting lines from his Strafox64 game.


Round 2 Fight!


Kasumi took out most of the competition in the second round. Her lightning quick reflexes and knowledge of the fighting styles used allowed Kasumi to hand out defeats left and right. One constant from the first round is that Nemesis spooked the competition. When it was his turn to battle, Kasumi was unavailable and forfeited the match. The Players that advance to round 3 are Nemesis, Sonya Blade, Jensen and Masterchief.


Final Round:

In the final round Scorpion quickly defeated Masterchief and Jensen leaving only Sonya and Nemesis in the final battle. Sonya has frequented arcades so her skills are superb and Nemesis… welll quite frankly he just scares off his opponents. During the final match both Players excel so we have ourselves a tie. This week both Sonya and Nemesis will be the MVP.

This is a purge week so the characters up for elimination are:

  • Jensen
  • Shadow
  • Masterchief
  • Turok


But there’s more. On Wednesday 4 more Players are up for elimination and they are:

  • Aloy
  • Spyro
  • Kratos
  • Peppy

3 will be eliminated this week. Cast your vote on Twitter to save the character of your choice from now until Thursday! Click Here To Vote!


Gamers House Elimination: Week 2!

Welcome everyone to the 2nd week elimination on Season 1 of Gamers House! During this week’s challenge our Players needed to prove their skills in a Triathlon A LA The Legend of Zelda where 3 activities tested their Climbing, Riding and Archery Skills. After 9 grueling heats of head to head action, the points were tallied and our winner is none other than Turok! Turok has been MVP and has moved into the MVP room. Let’s see which Players are up for elimination this week:

  1. Duke Nukem
  2. Bowser
  3. Diddy Kong
  4. Nemesis
  5. Solid Snake


During the Twitter Instant Save Vote we had a little mix up as Snake was not showing on the Instant Save which mean no one had the chance to vote for him. This will change things up with the elimination this week but first let’s see a confessional post from one of the Players not up for elimination.


Confessional Solid Snake:

There was no reason for me to be up for elimination this week, especially with how well I did in the Triathlon. Security is pretty lax here so I took it upon myself to even the odds. These elimination posts are pre-scheduled and for some reason, the Twitter vote didn’t post on time. I offered to look at the problem with the computer and they really let me in unattended. So I removed my name from the elimination results and slithered back under my box in the corner of the room. When the mistake was spotted, it was too late. Luna and the Producers said they couldn’t place me in the elimination now as it would be an unfair advantage. So pretty much I crafted my own fate and now I get to watch these 4 in a brutal double elimination.

So my brilliant idea in espionage has taken a turn. Everyone is giving me the stink eye and I’m not in much conversation about ANYTHING this week. At dinner, Bowser and Nemesis held each other back from leaping across the table at me. No matter, I was ready with a horse tranquilizer that was sure to take either of the 2 down, but it’s still a little eerie. The Princesses passed me in the hall and turned their noses at me. I’m a pirarah in this house. I wanted to gauge exactly how mad the house was so I decided to hide in a bush this time. All the kids are talking about the bushes in Fortnite and I overheard more than I would want to hear.

Better than the boxes, Snake.

Marcus: That Snake is a slippery one. Yea we are getting what we want with a higher chance that Nemesis will be eliminated, but we need to watch what he does from now on.


Kratos: It doesn’t matter Marcus. That’s the problem with you humans, you care too much about what people think. He did what was best for him and it isn’t necessarily against the rules.


Marcus: Bowser and the others up for elimination would disagree. It’s a form of cheating if you will. Bending the rules as it is.


Kratos: In any case Snake has placed a target on his back for the remainder of his life in the game. We can get rid of a huge threat or 2 with this elimination. I’d say we owe him a drink.

Well not everyone is upset with what I did. Maybe next week will look up. One thing is for sure, I really need to win the challenge next week by any means necessary. Time to start looking for an alliance.



Confessional Princess Peach:

I’m recovering well after last week’s surprise of Princess Zelda entering the house. My new plan is to get rid of her as quickly as possible and this week’s elimination may help set up for her downfall next week. I need to make sure that I can save Bowser and Duke Nukem to pull it off. The antics of Snake may be of great use to me so I need to speak with him alone.

Peach: Everyone’s giving you the cold shoulder.

Snake: *Silence from the bush*


Peach: I know you’re in there Snake. It’s fine if you don’t speak, less suspicious, but I do have a proposition for you.

Snake: *Rustling in the bushes*

Peach: I’ll take that as your undivided attention. This game still has a lot of players in it which can only mean that the last few weeks will start crashing down like an avalanche. We need to start forming alliances and you are just the man I need to have on my team. There’s already an alliance of Turok and Aloy and another with Marcus, Masterchief and Kratos. I’m not sure how many more are out there but that’s what I need you to find out.

Snake: *Rustling continues*

Peach: Here’s my deal. I will keep the heat off of you with my influence. All I need is for you to find out who is loyal to who in the house. I would also love if you could find out who is loyal to Zelda. Do this and I can bring you with me to the end. Do we have a deal?

Snake: * A leaf is expounded from the bush in the shape of a Y*

Peach: Thank you for your service. We will meet again next week.



*Cue The Host*

prof oak

“Welcome back to the elimination week 2 on Gamers House! This week the challengers competed in the Triathlon that pays homage to RPG games like The Legend of Zelda and Turok reigned supreme as the MVP. Turok is immune from elimination and he will have an advantage in next week’s’ challenge. Now on to the elimination. It will be a double elimination this week and with the antics of Snake he is no longer on the chopping block.

The Twitter Instant Save Vote Winner is:


Can’t get rid of me that easily… Bwahahaha!

“King Koopa will NOT be eliminated this week and can rest up for next week’s challenge. That leaves Diddy, Nemesis and Duke Nukem up for elimination. The cast were asked to vote for save 1 person and the character with the most votes will be saved and moves on to next week. Shy Guy, let’s tally the votes please:

shy guy
He’s such a good assistant.
  1. Turok- Nemesis
  2. Peach – Duke Nukem
  3. Kratos – Diddy Kong
  4. Aloy- Nemesis
  5. Shadow – Diddy Kong
  6. Snake – Nemesis
  7. Spyro – Nemesis
  8. Zelda – Diddy Kong
  9. Jensen – Diddy Kong
  10. Marcus – Diddy Kong
  11. Sonya – Nemesis
  12. Peppy – Nemesis
  13. Masterchief – Nemesis
  14. Lightning – Nemesis

These votes are kept secret from the Players, but the audience can see who voted to save which contestant.


The last Player saved is… Nemesis!

How is he still in the game?

In a shocking twist, Nemesis is spared from elimination this week. This means that Diddy Kong and Duke Nukem games are over. Thank you for participating guys.

The competition is heating up and with hot heads like Bowser and Nemesis back in the house, how will the remaining Players stay in the game? Tune in Monday for Episode 3 of Gamers House!


Guest Blog Challenge!

Hiya Novas! I have loved participating in Daily Prompts and different writing prompts lately and I wanted to start my own weekly writing prompt! I also want to highlight bloggers on the site so the winner will be able to Guest Blog on the site! Everyone’s welcome to participate!

Game Guide ( Rules)

  • Each week there will be a theme revealed for the challenge (these themes can be anything from pop culture, to movies, to of course video games and more)
  • You will submit your blog post of no more than 500 words relating to the theme
  • Link back to the themed post and paste your link in the comments
  • Each theme will go up on Monday and all posts are due by Sunday Night
  • Each week the winner will be able to choose the next week’s theme, and receive a Guest Blog Post of their choosing on GamersUnitedGG !

This week’s theme will be Halloween!

Prompt: You are transported into a video game where you are inside of a Haunted Mansion. You hear a strange noise and open the door to find what?


Complete the sentence and write your Halloween Themed post of 500 words or less! Once you are completed, post your link in the comics for everyone to read! The posts are due by Sunday Night October 8th and the Winner will be announced Monday October 9th!

Have fun with the challenge and I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories! Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂



Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA and RDR fans have been awaiting the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer as the official release date has yet to be announced. For any newbies, Red Dead Redemption is the western cousin of Grand Theft Auto featuring open world exploration, missions and a good ole fashion shoot out every now and them. The original Red Dead redemption installment of the franchise consisted of a variety of modes to keep gamers playing with DLC that followed months thereafter. Since there is limited information available for RDR2, I will provide a list of features that I loved from Red Dead Redemption and would love to see incorporated in RDR2.

Outlaws to The End Co-Op Mode- One of my favorite game modes rode in on the Outlaws to the End DLC. This game mode allowed you to play co-op missions with 2-4 players.  This game mode added a new element to the game along with new hideouts and back stories. You were also able to alter the difficulty and select your class each time you played. This co-op capability extends your maximum play time; however, I hope that in RDR2 more than 6 missions will be incorporated.

Legendary Animals- The integration of seeking out legendary animals was a huge bonus to the game as well. Whether you were traversing Bear Claw Camp looking for the giant bear who is crazy fast or freezing in the wood cabin waiting for the viscous legendary cougar it was a fun feat to try and take down the legendary creatures (the cougar was hands down the hardest lol). Adding more than 4 legendary animals to fight in my opinion will be a great additional to the game.

Gang Hideouts- When roaming through the Free Roam mode you can come across gang hideouts. You run in guns blazing killing everything in sight and collecting a huge reward (not to mention new weapons) was the majority of life spent playing RDR. I have no doubt that this feature of the game will continue on to Red Dead Redemption 2.

These are just a few of the features from Red Dead Redemption that I would like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. I played several hours (as with GTA) roaming through the west shooting people off their horses and stealing them if it was a better fit. The customization feature was fun as well, selecting different types of characters to play as and upgrading outfits and mounts. I hope that Rockstar Games releases Red Dead Redemption 2 sooner than later.  You are able to start pre ordering the game through Gamestop or Amazon, however, it has not been announced as of yet if there will be any pre order bonuses so I would hold off. Take a look at the current trailer for the game and comment on what features you want to see included in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

As always, Stay Classy, Never Trashy and Game On!


Netflix Series of the Week- Medici: Masters of Florence

Hiya gamers, geeks and friends! Ever wanted to find a new Netflix binge worthy show to watch? Of course, you have! The purpose of this weekly blog post will be to view and review Netflix made series and provide my opinion on whether it is “Binge Worthy.” I will start off selecting some of the top recommendations from my personal Netflix queue however, I will be more than happy to take suggestions from the readers! If you have a series that you don’t want to get invested in until you have heard someone’s opinion, simply comment on the weekly post and I WILL watch and provide insight. This week’s post will be from a great period piece, Medici: Masters of Florence.

Once of the most influential families in Italy from the 13th century on would be the Medici family. In that time, Italy was pretty much divided in to factions more than as a whole. Florence is where the Medici family came into “power” and ruled the city through their intellect and let’s be honest, their money. The Medici’s were bankers that brokered deals to control trade and even the Pope’s shipments. With the amount of money the Medici’s procured, the same amount of influence and status followed. The interesting fact about this family and their rule was that the Medici’s alone did not have a crown or royal blood (through the family line they have bought their way into royalty). As we know, empires and dynasties are more commonly referred to Houses of Nobility and Royalty, yet the story of the Medici Family does not start from these enviable positions of status.

The series follows the life of Cosimo Medici and his brother Lorenzo. Cosimo is an artist, he indulges in beauty, art and the aesthetics while his brother Lorenzo is more of a loose cannon. Their father is getting set to pass the reigns of the Medici Bank (largest bank in Florence) over to one of his son’s. Though neither of the 2 particularly care for the banking life, Lorenzo and Cosimo compete for their father’s blessing. The series starts off with a mix of emotions and flashbacks through the 2 brothers lives. During the series you will notice little nuisances that will alert you to the “Flashback” happening such as the longer hair of the characters. Cosimo and Lorenzo must keep the family name and banking business from falling to the likes of politically corrupt characters, riots and religion. It’s a fantastic series even if you’re not into the whole period drama phase (as I most certainly am J). Surprisingly, the series will provide you with an ample amount of action (Plus watching the expressions on some of the characters faces when the wool is pulled is priceless) and more dramatic circumstances.


I guess here I should talk about the timeline and how true to the original story (Yes this is based off of the true lives of the Medici) the series gets. Most of the historical aspects of the series (buildings, schemes, etc.) are fairly accurate as I have researched it to make sure. There are a few places where you wonder if that person really exists (as there’s no mention of some characters) which is not an uncommon thing. History is written by the winners and people with the most influence. Whether characters were really in love with others below their station or not, there must be some amount of drama incorporated. If that means creating an insatiable, forbidden love, so be it.

Before I give my recommendation, I will admit that I have been drawn to the earlier century dramas such as Reign or The Tudors ß (would recommend, Henry VIII is crazyyy lol). Due to my current obsession, I would of course jump at the chance to watch another series of the same (especially since the Medici family is present in Reign). In my opinion the Netflix series of the Medici is a good one and 10 out of 10 would recommend (not that I am giving it a perfect 10 lol). Let me know your thoughts! If you have watched the series what was your impression of it? Next week the Netflix series discussed will be “Series of Unfortunate Events” which I hear is fantastic!

Have a great week!