NaNoWriMo Finale: Did I Finish?

Happy Thursday Novas! This is the final post for the NaNoWriMo challenge and I know that you’ve been wondering, did she finish? Was I able to slay the literary dragon of 50,000 words in one month?  Let’s check my official word count and find out!

November 21st –0

November 22nd –2324

November 23rd –0

November 24th –1832

November 25th –0

November 26th –4387

November 27th – 2596

November 28th – 693

November 29th –2873


Drumroll Please….


Total 14705 – Overall 50,083


I did it! I’ve completed the NaNoWriMo challenged and wrote a novel in 30 days (really 29 days because I finished a day early!). It was really hard and as you can see from the numbers, I slowed down towards the end (Thanksgiving played a large role in the decline), but in the end, I’ve pushed through the days of laziness and the days where I’ve felt like i couldn’t write anything and it has paid off tremendously. Thank you to everyone who was rooting for me and everyone prticipating in the challenge.

With the other updates I have included an excerpt from the story, so I will include one final snippet from the book titled: A Dance With Destiny!

Blurb: A kingdom in turmoil, an heiress’ position being challenged, a forced betrothal. Can Princess Ariana carry on the family dynasty of the House of Tamlin with a 16 year old secret looking to take everything away? Told through the eyes of household characters, a journal floats around the land. How will she cope? Will she survive? And will she ascend as the ruler of the kingdom? It is truly a dance with destiny!

The first time that I realized that I could rule was when the Dauphin of France studied at the same library as I. I was away from court for 8 months at this time and my scholars had me studying the philosophies of Galileo. The Dauphin, Francois was announced and he walked through with the arrogance of a king in waiting. Francois was 4 years older than me and ordered everyone around as if he were already ruling the country. I took it upon myself to test all of the skills I have learned over the years through observation and awareness. I introduced myself to the Dauphin and with the flirtatious techniques learned with my mother, I posed intelligent questions that I knew a prince would know the answer to. After flaunting my brilliance and catering to the Dauphin’s ego, I started making suggestions as to how the library could improve its processes. The Dauphin was so impressed that he began to think the ideas were his and after a week, the changes were made. I knew then I had a talent for ruling and a talent for persuasion and the Dauphin set me on a path, that I could not return from.

You may be wondering, why I think that I can be a better ruler. On all of my campaigns, I had to travel through cities that were forgotten. There’s been crime, murder and a disregard for the monarchy. If we are anointed by God, why does so many of our people despise us? It’s because of greed and envy. They want us to treat them as equals when they have not worked for it. Their allegiances are wavering to whomever benefits them at the time and they do not know true loyalty or respect. One of the philosophers that I have been reading says that the only way to truly rule is through fear. Being loved and respected is great, but love is fickle and waivers to the person that is providing the most benefits at the time. I aim to have both. To the outside world I will be loved, the only surviving heir. But behind the scenes, I will have my mercenaries bring law and order through an iron fist and a merciless rule.

This is not the final chapter for me or my work. I am L, I am the only person that can truly bring greatness to our country. Not by kindness and the education of our people, but by ruling with an iron fist. Fear is the only option for a people so proud and entitled. Until I am old enough, I must play the part of the hand that I was dealt. But my supporters are lying in wait for me to rally the nobles and commoners to my side. I will take the throne, even if I have to take it by force.

–       L

Check out the first excerpt by clicking here!

You can read The Update and Excerpt 2 by clicking here!

What I’ve learned?



Since this was my first experience with NaNoWriMo and actually completing a story, I’ve picked up some great tips that I want to share.

  • Plan in advance – Creating an outline before you take on a writing task is highly recommended. I am a pantser and I can sit and write quickly once I have an idea, but sometimes I lose my way. That’s where the outline comes in handy! On days that I did not feel inspired to write, I read through my outline and it helped me gather my thoughts so that I could write through the writer’s block!
  • Just Keep Writing – My co-worker Mrs. Michelle is a writer and she has been invaluable through this experience. Any time I have a doubt or I start to freak out because of the pressure, she would give me sound advice. The best thing she told me throughout the process was “Just Keep Writing! Right now you are just shoveling sand in the sandbox. During the editing process you will create the castle.” I don’t know why that saying stuck with me but It did and the analogy helped me succeed.
  • Define Your Characters – So I had a very basic outline that did not have enough information in it, especially relating to my characters. This made it difficult and I had to use standard names until I found better ones to use. Thank God there is a Ctrl + F shortcode that allows you to find and replace words. It saved me in the end. Next time, I will define my characters, their traits and motives before writing.
  • In the end, everything will tie together – I was worried that my story wouldn’t make sense when I was getting to the end. Again, I was saved by my literary Angel Mrs. Michelle, she told me to trust in the system. She said that I would be surprised how everything ties itself together in the end and she was right! I knew somewhat about the ending, but i didn’t know where the gaps would fill in and with which characters, in the end everything seemed to naturally fit together with my outline of What if statements.

I’ve had an excellent experience with NaNoWriMo and I will definitely participate again next year. Now that I have tackled this mountain of a challenge, I will be back to writing full time on the blog starting Monday (a short writing break to recharge lol ). Have you participated in this challenge and what was your progress? Are you currently working on any projects? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 🙂


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NaNoWriMo Update & Excerpt #2

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, we are a day early but still, it’s a festive time of year. Today will be another update and excerpt from my first attempt at the NaNoWriMo challenge. To be honest, I feel really good and I know that I can make the goal (as long as I am not comatose from the meal tomorrow). Thank you for hanging with us! I know I haven’t been as active as previous months, but with everything going on in November it has been super busy. I promise to be back to normal next month! If anyone is participating in NaNoWriMo or working on any projects, let me know! I will be happy to check out your work.

November 12th – 1822

November 13th – 1277

November 14th – 2099

November 15th – 1398

November 16th -1593

November 17th – 1888

November 18th – 1339

November 19th – 1364

November 20th – 2711

Total = 15491  Overall total =35378

Writing is going pretty well at the moment. With all of my updates, I will include an excerpt from the story. This time we are introduced to a new character in the mix, Roheysia.

My Chambers, February 4th, 1524.

So this is where all of the royal secrets are being kept. I have to admit, I thought there would be a little more spice in a royal journal. No matter. My name is Roheysia Thorngold and  I am the head lady in waiting to our soon to be queen, Princess Ariana. Ari and I have been friends since we were 5, we’re 15 now. She’s such a great person and I have no doubt in my mind that she will usher in a new Golden Age for our kingdom. She has always been the loyal daughter in the eye of the court, but behind the doors of her personal court, there’s an entirely different game being played. I was 12 when I learned how to kiss. Ari and I would watch the queen’s ladies make their rounds at court. We figured they were gathering information because they were only being courted by court officials, high ranking nobles and diplomats.

Ari and I followed one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen. Her name was Ysmay. Her hair was auburn and her skin was as smooth as cocoa. Her hips were curved and her lips were lush. We would follow her and mimic her movements when we were alone. Ari has always been fascinated with women and the art of love. During feasts and gatherings we would watch the different dance styles from over the world shuffle into our court and across our tiled floors. Ari has always been fascinated with dance so she would ask questions to all of the musicians playing their foreign music.

You are probably wondering how I got my hands on the journal. I picked up a few tips from Ysmay and wanted to gather some information on my mistresses fiance. So I flirted with him and his advisor Sterling. Sterling always had a disapproving look at me and the prince when I would drop by to lighten his load. There was a lingering stare that Sterling would give me that gave me the idea of seducing him as well. When the prince and Sterling returned from their campaign in Mythonia, his grace sent for me to accompany him after his travel. I showed up in the finest silks that I could fine. The seamstress detailed the gown to accentuate my bust and peach shaped bottom. The gown was so tight that I felt as if I had nothing on at all. I followed the prince to his chamber that was connected to Sterling’s office and as the door shut I peered over my shoulder to see the advisor still admiring my assets.

After my visit with the prince, Sterling was staring at my bust and I noticed that he had this journal hidden underneath the papers on his desk. I engaged him in frivolous conversation and using the techniques that I had learned, enticed him to walk me back to my room. I planted a kiss on his cheek and he invited me to a picnic the next afternoon. My charms have never failed me, the nervous Sterling cleared his throat and walked off. Before the picnic the next day, I went back into the study and grabbed the journal. My Lord Sterling was predictably heading to the kitchen, I’m assuming he was checking on the dishes that he had prepared for our picnic. And now we are here!

Anyway, the journal entries from Lord Gabriel and Sterling are from outsiders looking in. I’m here to tell you the behind the scenes action only someone close to the princess would know. Great, Prince Adrian has called us all to the hall for an announcement. I will update the journal soon.


Have a great weekend! What are you currently working on? Any plans for the holiday? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

IBlogger Blitz Round 1: Matchmaker!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading my entry into round 1 of the Blogger Blitz competition, hosted by Adventure Rules! Round 1 will be between myself and Teri Mae and we are fighting to see which of our characters will be the best at the Matchmaker Competition!

Rules: The rules of the Blogger Blitz is simple, we were randomly drawn out of a bowl to find out our opponents and challenge. The challengers submitted their character of choice before hand and this character will be used each round that you advance. Once you receive your topic and opponent, you will write a post 500 words or less explaining why your character would win over the other opponent. Then neutral judges will read each post and vote on a winner!


“So I’m supposed to be providing a match for whatever this malboro person is, let’s take a look at his appear… AHHHHH! I drop the envelope with the picture of the malboro as the stench fills the air.

“Who in the world can I persuade to date this odious plant!” My devious smile curled all the way up to my eyes as I pick up the phone. “This has got to be my best idea yet! 

Hello? Ivy? Ivy doll, I’ve got a job for you…  Bwahahahaha hahahahah HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.”

“Now listen, all you have to do is put on that charm of yours and spray some feremones and he’ll be eating out of your hands.”

Ivy’s twisted glance to me indicates that she knows I’m not planning a normal matchmaking.  “Uhhuh and then what, Joker? I know you’re not in this to make someone else happy. What do you get out of this arrangement?”

Dang, it. She’s on to me. ” HA, you’ve got me doll. I’ve heard that the Malboro has an estate bigger than our friendly, neighborhood Bat! I want to have an unlimited resource of money.”

“I could use some cash. Fine, but he’s not to be hurt Joker, I mean it!”

She looks like she’s serious. No way I can persuade her to torch that plant after the ceremony. “Alright, if you insist.” The devious smile never left my face as I told her the plans.

Look at this putrid plant sitting on top of the alter, does he have no respect. I clear my throat. “Mr. Malboro sir, I’m sure you’re going to love the mate that I have found for you.” Oh my gosh that stench. I turn away to breath into a paper bag and quickly call Poison Ivy to me.

“Ah, this is Poi… um Ivy. This is Ivy!”

I can’t believe she’s actually going to marry that thing. Well, pretty soon I will be rolling in the dough. My watch is ticking too slow, come on, come on….

“You may now kiss the bride!”

“Yes! Woohooo… Congrats Ivy!” Silence. Oh yea, this is an improptu wedding and not many people are here.

“Why are you screaming?” Ivy looks like she suspects.

“I’m just happy that everyone has found love and that I’ve won a bet. Now you crazy kids have fun on your honeymoon!” I push them out of the door and hand them the keys to a special present.

“What’s this?”

“You’re wedding present, doll. You’re very own IVYMOBILE! I had it custom made to help you with photosynthesis or whatever it is that you plant folk do.”

Shes not laughing. I shrug my shoulder and shoo the lovebirds along.

They drive off in a puff of flowers and nectar, I had that personally installed. I can feel emotion and joy on this wedding day. I can feel the tears building up.

A big explosion in the direction of Ivy and Malboro.

“This is the happiest day of my life! I’m rich!” The tears are like waterfalls now.