Video Game 30 Day Challenge: Day 6 – Favorite Games!

Happy Wednesay Players! Welcome to Day #6 of the GamersUnitedGG 30 Day Video Game Challenge! Yesterday a sneaky fence sold some of the video game worlds best weapons! Click here to find out which weapons were selected!  You can join us and read the official rules by clicking here! Power up Players for Day 6 of the 30 Day Video Game challenge!

Today we are tackling a question that is most likely in ALL video game challenges:

What is your favorite game?


I always have a hard time answering these questions because my interest in game change from time to time. So… I have a few games listed that are or have been my favorite at one time or another. Most of these titles may not be a surprise to you


Tropico 5 –


Tropico 5 is probably my current favorite game that I am playing right now. Tropico 5 is a civilization building game where you are the President of a small island. You start in the Colonial Era where you are dependant on a larger country to extend your mandates and provide some financial assistance. You develop your island and progress through the Eras with increasing difficulty. Obstacles you may face are pirates raiding your island, hostiles, drought, disasters, military coups and rebel uprisings just to name a few. You have to balance your leadership with the well being of your people and make money in the process. It’s a great economic tool and you literally control EVERYTHING! Even how much your citizens are making! It’s super fun and super addicting!


Gears of War –


Gears of War has made my list of Favorite Game before. This was one of my first Xbox 360 games and really the first time I engaged in the Online Multiplayer World (aside from Unreal Tournament). Following the Cogs and Locusts in their battle for supremacy, shotgunning enemies, using the torque bow to tag them and watch them explode. It’s gorey, but it’s great! Gears of War will always make my list of “Favorite Games.” I rant more about Gears of War here!


Modern Warfare 2



Call of Duty was a passion of mines for a longgggg time. The very first midnight release that I’ve attended was the Modern Warfare 2 release. This is by far my favorite Call of Duty game of all time and of course had to make the list. I rant and rave about this and other COD titles in my Ranking’s Post. You can review them by clicking here!


Mario Kart –

mario kart

Mario Kart is a staple in many millenials’ lifetime. The original Mario Kart was fun but my favorite is Mario Kart 64. The Nintendo 64 is probably my favorite console of all time. MArio Kart 64 is sooo much fun and to this day I can play it for hours with my brother and friends. I would use Yoshi or Daisy if Yoshi isn’t available to rain down havok on the other karters. Favorite Stages are Wario Stadium, Bowser’s Castle and Koopa Troopa Beach!


Fable –

fable II

I’ve ranted and raved about Fable many, many times. This is one of my favorite video games of all time. I loved the story, decision making system and abilities in this world. You can read more about my times with Fable by clicking here!


Civilization Revolution –

civ rev

Civ Rev is the strategy game by Sid Meier created for Xbox 360. It was my first experience with the Civilization games and I had so much fun playing it. Funny enough, I started playing the demo with a friend just to pass the time and fell in love with the series. Now I’m playing Civ V and Civ VI on PC and Civ Rev was the starting part in this adventure.




Finally to round out my favorite games Oblivion has to make the list. Oblivion was one of the 1st single player story games that I was able to play on Xbox 360. I was immersed in the world of Oblivion operating as a member of the Fighter’s Guild, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild and Dark Brotherhood while not losing my standing with any of my comrades. It was a great game and has truly made me appreciate RPG’s.


Those are my favorite video games! What are yours? Let’s talk favorites!


-Luna 🙂

Luna’s Rankings: Favorite Star Wars Movies!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I hope the New Year is starting off well for everyone! Every Tuesday I will try to upload a Rankings post where we rank our top 5 items in a category from the least loved to the totally binge watch rankings. If there are more than 5 items in the category, the top 5 results are essentially my favorites and I am ranking their placings. This year I want to try something new, so I will be asking for your feedback as well to feature in the next week’s rankings!

Game Guide:

  • Respond in the comments with your top 5 placings
  • Tune in the following Tuesday to view the results of the Community’s Rankings and see your answers featured!

It’s that easy! Furthermore, if you would like to participate in my Rankings Post each week, let me know in the comments and we can set topics to post each Tuesday!


Now onto the Rankings….


But First: I have been super excited to make this Rankings Post because my co-worker Dan and I have talked about our rankings just before The Last Jedi movie released. He told me that my #1 choice is NO ONE”S FAVORITE and that I’m ALLOWED TO BE WRONG! Lol, it’s super funny because I told him that I would do this post. I’m aware that my favorite will probably not make anyone else’s.

#5 Revenge of the Sith –


Revenge of the Sith is one of my favorite movies in the 2nd set of Star Wars Trilogies, mainly because you see the foreshadowed and anticipated turn of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is upset, he’s scared and he is very, very angry. The puppeteer Darth Sidious tapped into every emotional imbalance that he could find to get Anakin to make the turn, but it wasn’t until seeing the fate of his beloved Padma did Anakin let the darkness consume him which lead to one of my favorite lightsaber battles; Anakin versus Obi Wan Kenobi.

#4 The Force Awakens –


The Force Awakens makes my lists for a few reasons, one of which being that a main character and Jedi was portrayed as a female lead. I personally take pride in seeing Rey develop her skills and learn that she is destined for more than a life as a scraper. We also receive a more humanized point of view of the Storm Troopers in Finn. Finn gives us a point of view that was never explored in the previous Star Wars movies and when he connects with Rey, a new journey begins.

#3 Empire Strikes Back –


The Empire Strikes Back is one of the original 3 Star Wars movies and one of the most well known movies. This is the movie where Vader reveals his secret to Luke, where Luke trains with the infamous Yoda and Han Solo meets with a beautiful Princess Leia. Empire Strikes Back is the most recognizable and action packed episode and it’s the one that I remember the most from my childhood. Empire Strikes Back “I Love you!”…. “I Know!”

#2 The Last Jedi –


I should have prefaced this post by saying that I feel like I hold the millennials view of the Star Wars Saga. I don’t remember too much of episodes 4, 5 and 6 but I do remember my brother lovinggggg the movies. With that said, you will find that the originals are pretty scarce in my list so I’m excited to see what the community votes as their favorites. I really enjoyed the Last Jedi despite the arguments on both sides and it comes near the top of the list. You can read my review about why I loved the movie so much by clicking here!

#1 The Phantom Menace –


Listen! Dan has already grilled me about being incorrect and that the Phantom Menace couldn’t possibly be my favorite. But it is. The Phantom Menace is one of the reasons I became re-invested in the Star Wars movies. Seeing my favorite Character Darth Maul and how cool he was (no matter how short lived) and seeing the strength of Queen Amidala amongst the pressures of the Federation just lit a spark in mie that is not easily distinguished. I LOVEEEEE THIS MOVIE! Jar Jar, The Gongons, Qui Gon, Podracers… what more can you ask?

Those are my top 5 movies in the Star Wars Saga. It’s time to get everyone involved and I would love if you would tell me your top 5 in the comments. Each movie will receive a number and the movies will be ranked on the Community board which will be announced next week! So what are your top 5 Star Wars Movies? What do you think of my list? Is Phantom Menace really that bad? Let’s talk Star Wars!

-Luna 🙂



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Favorite Video Game Duos!

Happy Friday Novas and thank you for reading today’s post! A duo is a team of 2 that, when working together, creates a fantastic tandem! Duos work well individual, but when they team up the results are impeccable and that’s what today’s post will highlight; Video game duos! I’ve compiled the responses from our blogging buddies and we’ve come up with our favorite gaming duos!

Baird and Cole Train (Gears of War)-


The duo of Baird and Cole Train in the Gears of War franchise is one of my favorite all time duos in video game! Baird is the sarcastic engineer while Cole Train is the charismatic brawn of the Gears. When they are paired together on 2 Player missions, the banter between the 2 is one for the ages! Cole Train points out the obvious while Baird uses his cynical views on the depleting humanity to try and lighten the mood. This duo works well because you have the classic mix of Brains and Brute that makes a winning combination every time!   tumblr_ops5myZgHb1u7skpbo2_500  What’s even more fantastic *Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert* is that both characters manage to survive all of the series of the franchise, something must be going well for the 2!

Now let’s here from some of our friends. Guys, who do you think makes a great video game duo and why?

The Last GuardianKim from Later Levels takes an interesting approach to the question!


In The Last Guardian, you take on the role of a young boy who awakens in a strange cave with Trico. Your initial attempts at helping this mistreated creature get you slammed at a wall and knocked unconscious; but slowly he starts to become used to your presence, even accepting some food and letting you pull bloody spears from his body.

Over time the protagonists learn more about themselves and each other, even finding a way to communicate, and their relationship is one built on trust. When Trico can’t move because he’s scared of the stained-glass eyes dotted around the environment, it’s up to you to smash the artifacts to pieces. When you’re trapped on the other side of a canyon, Trico mewls at you to give you the confidence to make the jump and catches you before you plummet.

The bond depicted in The Last Guardian is one of the most believable bonds between a human and animal within a video game, and this is what makes the boy and the creature such a great duo. Everybody needs a Trico by their side.

Sam & MaxKevin from The Mental Attic touches on a classic theme.


A dynamic duo from the LucasArts archive that is often forgotten is Sam & Max, Freelance Police, despite that thanks to Telltale Games, they had a successful outing well past the demise of LucasArts itself, with three seasons of adventure games that you can only describe as zany, if not completely and utterly bonkers.
Sam & Max have been through everything together and they keep each other in check. Without Sam’s steady hand, the psychotic white rabbitty thing Max would surely destroy the world on a whim, but what is truly interesting and which the Telltale games showed was that without the murderous lagomorph, Sam becomes a brooding violent detective, crossing the line from hardboiled to truly vicious.
The Freelance Police are both functional(ish) but together they’re stronger, making up for each other’s weaknesses and keeping the insanity levels to tolerable levels, though nothing can ever contain the power of Max’s sarcasm.
We all could use a Sam in our lives to keep us in check and make sure we don’t do something profoundly stupid, but you know what? I could do with a little buddy who just cracked me

Banjo & KazooieLuke from Hundstrasse regards a duo that can trust each other.


I may have been late to the party having only taken the reins of these two for the first time earlier this year, but I can see why the bear and bird known collectively as Banjo Kazooie are well regarded as one of the best duos gaming has to offer. They form a single combined entity; Banjo merrily bouncing along with Kazooie safely tucked in his backpack ready to pop his legs out at the seams and role reverse at a moment’s notice.  kazooie  There is an unparalleled trust as Banjo carelessly drops on to his back in the knowledge that Kazooie will bear the burden and catapult them into the air. It’s an excellent demonstration of creative character design that shows why Rare was such a powerhouse developer at the time.

Ratchet & ClankChris from Overthinker Y has some fun with a classic pairing.


A Lombax in a world with no more Lombaxes. A war mech who just isn’t cut out for war. A ton of planets needing to be saved from diabolical evil. It’s a combination for the ages, and the pair of Ratchet and Clank have to be one of the archetypical odd couples of gaming, having now saved the galaxy in more than ten adventures across fifteen years. Clank’s your logical but occasionally gigglesnarky robot who helps Ratchet traverse the world with his jetpack, while Ratchet just wants to use lots of very big and very ridiculous guns to blow up lots of stuff. It’s perfect!

Notable Classic Duos

  • Mario & Luigi
  • Sonic & Tails
  • Shrek & Donkey

There you have it, some of our favorite video game duos! Who are some of your classic video game duos and why? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂