Daily Prompt: Recreate (Poem)

The Tamlin’s family throne is up for grabs,

Their monarch is dead and only 1 heir lasts,

How can the crown pass down to her?

She betrayed her family enciting a stir,

Before her beheading a pardon was passed,


High Chancellor why am I not condemned?

Do you wish to sink, if so you’ll swim?

I wish to protect those whom I must hate

Then build up the realm and Recreate

A rule that’s just and fair for them.


A tattered shirt falls to the floor,

The mercernary can be no more,

I wash away my treason and shave,

Princess to Queen I must now behave,

Well dressed and regal , I approach the court.


Sworn to rule I also vow to defend,

My people and my court for the evil within,

The oath is taken and vows are said,

The verses are spoken, I bend my head

Another prayer I owe this win,


I kneeled as Serena, a child ordained

I ascend to the top of the mountain of kings,

Presented to the world as next in line,

They praise and shout my name to the divine

Long Live the Queen, Forever shall I reign.


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Daily Prompt: Recite

I’m marching to the beat of the rifleman’s arms,

Thinking about everyone who’d do me harm,

I am a Tamlin and we have no fear,

The sanctuary’s tolling sounds all too near,

Reciting the prayers I’ve grown to love,

Soon I’ll be soaring, with the doves,

Silas catches my gaze and before he could speak,

I warn him off, the price is too steep,

My piercing stare has broken his heart,

Mouthing “I Love You” from the spectators, please, don’t start,

The flood gates are opening, holding back the storm,

Chanting “Down with the traitor” a reception so warm,

My next step is wobbly, old noodles for legs,

Straighten your posture and hold up your head,

This crowd’s not behind me, they wish me dead,

I’ve taken their freedom with 1 single piece of lead,

Their ruler was a monster and had to be stopped,

“Do you wish to repent?” Sadly Father, I do not,

In truth I’ve saved them from hunger and strife,

Paid the piper my ferry; my mother’s life.

I Recite my final words and then don’t hear a sound,

The executioner beheads the talk of the town.


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Grainy Ambition- Poem

Another roulette of suitors appear,

To bid for my hand like a souvenir,

Their finest silks and gold trimmed arms,

To seduce the kingdom with wealth and charm,

Pour them ale, overflow their cups,

The poison of pride, vanity and lust,

Touches their fingers and drips off their lips,

Powerful gluttons drinking sip after sip,

White foam is emerging from.2 of them now,

The party’s still going, feasting anyhow,

Now 3 or 4 more have taken a turn,

A grainy bit of poison all soon will learn,

Was sprinkled in the chalices of select lords,

They prayed for mercy so it’s given with a sword,

A swift stroke to relieve and ease,

The suffering of a noble brought on by me,

The banker’ s daughter who’s just as skilled,

As the person they’d swindled, my father they’ve killed.
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Daily Prompt: Shimmer


If once you’ve blinked I’d know you’re mine,

Then all the stars on us will shine,

Breath taken quickly from my lungs,

If I can keep you hanging on,

A perfect shimmer will do just fine.

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Six Word Story Challenge: Poem

Happy Sunday Novas! I’ve found another blogging challenge and this one is for the 6 word stories! Here is my entry into this week’s post!

Her fire ignited his crimson spell.

Feel free to join the challenge over at the Sometime’s Steller Storyteller blog by clicking here. 

This post will be a short poem on the 6 word story that I have submitted.

Ember’s breathe, a volcanic eruption,

Brought on by his dark seduction,

Wildly flying to escape his gaze,

Knowing not his trap, his maze,

Trying her best not to consume,

The tempting lust in the room,

He cornered her before she could strike,

And tamed her beast before the night,

Merlin cast his spell so well,

It iced and smothered her mood to kill,

Blinding lights she could not see,

The reality of this fantasy,

Merlin loved the beast so wild,

Reluctant as though she were a child,

Ember found a way to love him back,

Saving her from her devious acts,

Now they fly hand in hand

The dragon and her magical man.

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂






Daily Prompt Lust: Explosive Love

Inhaling the fumes,

Till their lungs collapse,

They didn’t assume,

That I’d have the last laugh!

She is a beauty, In her own right,

Comparable to none, She can’t escape my sight,

Waiting too long, Has always been my way,

Longing to touch her; Today is the day.


She’s wearing red and trying to seduce,

I finally have her, Now she can let loose,

The strands of black, tumble behind,

Her perfectly shaped head, I caress and Pine;


For her, that’s a fact, but it’s not enough!

For her sister in arms, Do I also Lust!

I’ve held her once, I’ve kissed her hand,

There’s more to love, in her compact can

She gives me strength and takes away my fears,

She gives me joy; Everyone else, Tears.


My forbidden love, do I toss in the air,

Each guests’ eyes marvel, when she falls down there,

Her twirl, her scent; all will consume,

Walking in with her sister; as she quiets the room,

It’s time for Tiny Nimble Tina, to play her part,

Her music comes crashing and stopping hearts,

I am the Joker, if you couldn’t see,

My lust for Tear Gas and TNT!

Inhaling the fumes,

Till their lungs collapse,

They didn’t assume,

That I’d have the last laugh!

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Daily Post: Lollipop

Happy Thursday Novas! I wanted to write about today’s daily prompt word so you will be receiving the daily prompt today and the 5 sentence story tomorrow! Today’s post will be a short poem.

Daily Post Topic: Lollipop

Till my lungs collapse, I’m living this horrid dream,

What once possessed such promise, was nothing more than a gleam,

The prospects and allowances that were once to be,

Transformed and beguiled, a young, pretentious me.

I opened up to life, as a church will open it’s doors,

They admired and beheld, my graciousness once stored,

Giving to the world and never asking for keeps,

Meeting my best friend Arielle, who seemed just as sweet.

We conquered school together, leaving  hearts at every turn,

Arielle located my weakness, making sure I was to burn,

Arielle came into my life, like a whirlwind of friend,

The sweetest smile you’d ever seen; the deadliest of weapons,

She sucked all of the life, out of a grateful soul,

Her body wrapped in poison; “I’m your friend” she told,

Silently my spirit drained, a most decrepit health,

Making me her lollipop, my friends, my heart, my wealth,

Blindly I allowed her to take what she would pursue,

Take care with whom you allow in your life; an unrecognizable you.


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Daily Prompt: Savor, Young Love

Happy Sunday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend filled with blogs, games, friends, family, comics, books and everything else under the sun! We’re doing another daily challenge and I definitely encourage everyone to join in! Enjoy!

Delilah was a spectacle to behold each day that she decided to come to class. Today was no exception. She had on the ripped, dark blue jean shorts that had gotten her kicked out of the room several times before. Her short cut, black tank top rested just above her belly, exposing the jeweled martini glass ring that settled neatly in her button. “Sorry I’m late” she said. Uh-oh, Ms. Penelope is not impressed, she’s glaring at Delilah through her black, boxed rimmed glasses. Does she even have a prescription? I thought. Ms. Penelope gestures toward the seats and Delilah skips on by.

“Hi, Tyler!”

“You know you’re late right?”

Delilah tilts her head to the side and cracks a smirk. “So…” she laughs and punches me in the arm. Even her flirty punches are something that even her flirty punches are something that seem majestic and out of a novel. “She’s already got it out for you.” I gesture to Ms. Penelope who is still peering out of her glasses at my best friend. “She’ll be alright, so what’s for lunch?”

Before I could answer the bell was echoing through the halls and we were out for our hour lunch. Delilah grabs my ice cold hand and interlocks it with hers, as we walk to the cafeteria. She will never know how much I admire her, how much I want her and how much I will actually do for her.

“Hey, Ty… I’m going to get us some drinks. Be right back.”

“Sure thing!”

I can’t take my eyes off of her. Delilah doesn’t walk; she glides across the tile floor with ease. I bite my lip at the thought of having her in my arms. Today’s the day that I will taste what it’s like to be entranced by a siren. I stand up with authority as she returns to the table with our drinks, take her by her curvy waist and pull her into my body. Our eyes meet with intensity, her big hazel eyes cannot shy away from me any longer.


“Shhh don’t say another word.”


My hands slide up to the back of her neck and I pull her into my kiss. I promised myself that when I finally gave in to my desires that I would make the most of it, that I would savor every taste, every sound and every moment that she was in my arms.

Delilah drops the tray of food on the table where we are sitting.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing.”

I grab a carrot stick from the plate and take a bite with the biggest smile. I can still taste Delilah’s sweet, berry lips, even if it was just a dream.




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Daily Prompt: Quill (A Monarch’s Choice)

Happy Friday Novas! There’s a Daily Prompt challenge for Quill and I’ve decided to write a bit on it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy your weekend!

Malice is covering her hands as the ink drips from her executioner. She was signing away something that even a monarch had no right to, she was opening the flood gates for the beckoned call of the heretics calling for her crown; her head. She knew that her choices were scarce and without having received a response from the military general Claude, she had no other alternative. The privy counsel hung on her every word. Maybe she could stall that which would change her kingdom’s fate.

Princess Ariana consumed the blood that she was forced to spill. Her gulps were confessing her sins and removing the veil from the un-chaste heir. Those lips as dark as a rose withering away; stained with the innocent virtue of a messenger at the wrong place, wrong time. The falsehood poured out of her parted lips, singing the song of a siren leading her masters to the sea. Her brown eyes pierced through the counsel and for just a moment, she allowed herself to hope. Until the boom of the cannon rocked the walls on the outside of the Tower. Until her hired gun carved the name of the English Footman who will serve as a martyr for her cause. Until the once gentle name of Ariana Marie, declared war.



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