I’m Back and Upcoming Posts!

Happy Saturday Gamers and Friends and Welcome Back to GamersUnitedGG! Well, it has been a while since I have blogged or uploaded any video game posts. Life has just been busy, but I’m finally balanced enough to get back to blogging a few times a week ( by a few I mean probably 2 times a week for now). This is going to be a wrap up on what’s been keeping me so busy lately and an intro into the new format and upcoming posts I have planned.


Life: So I started dropping off blogging last year around November when NaNoWriMo hit because I was participating in the challenge. NaNoWriMo takes place every November and writers are encouraged to write a novel (50,000 words or more) in a month. A tall task, but I was more prepared this year than I was last year with a proper outline. The story was the continuation of the book I wrote last year (which I will publish this year).  The Destiny Series follows fictitious rulers in 16th Century Europe and the inaugural book A Diary of Destiny takes place between the sacred pages of a nobleman’s bastard grandson, appointed squire to the King of Tamlonia. Gabriel recounts the events taking place as the King’s Daughter, Princess Ariana has become of age to marry. I’ve had a great time writing this series and look to continue it with book 3.


Work: Work has been busy lately so I’m picking up overtime to save up for my trip in April. Along with my normal job assisting Travel Agents, I’ve started selling Scentsy on the side as well. Scentsy is wax melts, warmers and different product fragrances. This is my 3rd month and it’s a really fun way to make that extra money. I always have my Scentsy Kit with me with testers, catalogs and my beautiful Vega the Unicorn Scentsy Buddy that smells amazing. Never heard of Scentsy, ask me questions!    www.WhiffablesByLuna.com

Upcoming Posts:

  • I am participating in the Tracking Shells collaboration over on Normal Happenings so my post about my fondest Mario Kart memories will be released soon.
  • I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books (for the 1st time) and I have a post or 2 I want to write. The first will be: Which Hogwarts House Should They Really Be In?  I’m really excited about this post, should be completed next week
  • Even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been playing video games way more than last year. I have my first impressions of Lego Harry Potter, I still have a Red Dead Redemption 2 post and new content with the Nintendo Switch.
  • Bookclub: My co-workers and I have started a bookclub in January and I plan to write about the 3 books we have already read.
  • Question of the Month: Kim and Later Levels hosts the gaming questions of the month. I haven’t participated in a few months but I plan on catching up and answering each question since January (because they seem to be connected). I encourage you to also join in on the fun and meet new bloggers by visiting http://www.LaterLevels.com
  • Captain Marvel Movie Review
  • Game of Thrones Countdown


Some exciting posts coming up soon and I’m happy to have the time to balance blogging and life again. What have you been up to? Playing any new games? Watching any new shows? Let’s talk!


-Luna 🙂


Charming & Open: Board Games!

Power up Players for today’s collaboration with Ian from Adventure Rules! The Charming and Open event is where Ian accepts questions from the community and attempts to answer them in a single post. He has recently started including the community in these questions and here we are!

What are the questions?

We have decided to talk about board games for this post.I have asked Ian:“In a tabletop RPG, which character do you like playing the most (type and favorite character)?”


You can read my question for Ian by clicking here!


My challenge is to answer:

What parts of playing tabletop are you best at? Where can you improve?


This is a pretty interesting question. As I am fairly new to tabletop gaming, I asked the help of my gaming buddies for this question. Jaysen told me that I excel at picking up the rules quickly and that he really likes that I am open minded about the type of games we are playing. A few times a month we get together for a game night and select a game from their massive collection that only seems to continue growing in size. My bucket list has become to play every board game that they own.


So I’ve started thinking more in depth about the type of role that I normally play. We played a co-op dungeon game called Gloomhaven and I was immediately drawn to the mage character for several reasons. I’m a creature of habit so choosing the female or the purple tokens are a given, just as much as choosing Yoshi or Daisy in a Mario game is for me. The mage was a female purple caster so I was immediately drawn to her.

It looks more complicated than it is lol

Mages are great characters to use when you want to deal out a ton of damage from a rather safe position (normally behind your teammates lol). Gloomhaven was my first experience with a dungeon diving game and I was super happy to play it cooperatively with my team. My co-worker and his husband have game nights where I am a frequent guest. What I love is that they have a ton of games to play and each with more intricacies than then the previous game.


Root is a board game that I’ve recently played with my friends during our weekly game night. In Root, characters battle for control of the land using the resources of their kind. What I have found fascinating about Root is that every faction has different strengths and ways that they can win the game. I played as the Woodland Alliance where my main objective was to spread sympathy to rally supporters for my cause. Once I was able to build sympathy on a designated clearing, I could take control by moving my soldiers into that space.


The more areas of the forest that your character controls, the more options you have when attacking or initiating an action.

My Secret Cards!


Root is my example on a way that I know I can improve my board gaming experience. I came in 2nd in Root having played a great game where I was seemingly last until the final few rounds where my plan started coming together. I am the type of player that loves the flashy plays and this tendency pushes me to play “The Long Con” game. A long con is basically looking like I’m always a step behind because I am playing for the huge playoff at the end of the game. Long Cons are super fun to play when they pay off and you see the reaction of the other players in the room ( which happened the 2nd to the last round where I lept into first place).

I’m the green!

All was looking good for me except for 1 fatal flaw… my long con plan to release a large scale attack and score points was thwarted by my miscalculation. When I pulled the move I added my points incorrectly placing me 1 space from winning. During that same round after my turn, my friend Carl who played Marquis de Cat was just 3 spaces from the end and casually walked past me to score his final points and win.


Root isn’t the only board game where I failed at the long con, falling just shy of the victory. Because this strategy requires you to think several moves ahead, one mistake and you can find yourself in 2nd place or worse, still in last waiting to make your final move. I believe I can improve on the timing and farming needed for long cons to really play a well rounded game.


My game nights with my co-worker has really opened my mind in the possibilities of playing board games and playing outside of my comfort zone. I am eager to learn and willing to try any and all games to see if I enjoy them or not. Have you played any board games recently? What are your go to roles and where do you think you can improve? Let’s talk board games!

-Luna 🙂

Video Game Reality Show: Location Revealed!

Happy Monday Players! The GamersUnitedGG Community Event is taking shape and as we wait for the casting to be completed, we have secured the location for Season 1 of the Video game Reality Show! Remember, you can participate by creating a blog post on why your character should be selected for the competition and placing the link to your post in the comments. Our Producers will be voting on which characters to place in the house and compete for Best Video Game Champion! See Official Rules by clicking here.

Today we are revealing where are contestants will stay and take place in the competition. Drum Roll Please……


The Producers and I have secured HYRULE CASTLE as the house that will be featured in the Video Game Reality Show!

Why Hyrule?

real Hyrule
We Transported Hyrule into the Real World!

Hyrule offers a comfortable living area for the characters to eat and sleep. The massive size of the castle offers secret passages and secluded areas for the housemates to use. There’s also plenty of room outside for challenges and portals that can be used to dimension hop.

What about the Royal Family?

The Royal Family has graciously decided to take a trip and offer up their full hospitality for our contestants.

Producers Chris (OverthinkerY), The Gaming Diaries & Pix (Shoot The Rookie) voted on Hyrule Castle and why Season 1 should take place there. Hyrule provides portals, large areas for competition and secret passages where we can have cameras ready to pick up the contestants every move.

Producer Pix took on the task of exploring the land and provided great photos of the Castle.

What’s Next?

With the location of the show finalized we will start revealing the characters participating in this season of the Video Game Reality Show! Tomorrow our first character will be revealed and the details of their interview will be posted here. Make sure to submit your post as to why your video game character should be cast in our reality show.

See ya tomorrow!

-Luna 🙂

GamersUnitedGG Community Event: Video Game Reality House!

Happy Friday Players! GamersUnitedGG will be launching our 2nd Community Event on October 1st.


We are starting a Video Game Reality House and the interview process for the characters to be accepted is brutal. You can help us narrow down the characters that will be admitted into Season 1. To participate, post a blog response with the video game character you would like to see in the house and your reasons why they would win! You can link your responses in the comments so that our Producers can review and vote. The final cast will be revealed between now and Episode 1’s start date of October 1st so post your responses by September 17th!


Additional details on the event and other ways to participate will be unveiled over the coming month on the blog and Twitter.


What is the Video Game Reality House?


Contestants will be placed in a house where the goal is to be crowned the Video Game Champion. Like many Reality Shows, the characters will have to survive the social and physical games to make it to the Final Boss Battle. Contestants will compete in video game related challenges where a MVP will be crowned. The MVP will have immunity for the week and gain privileges to help further their position in the game. At the end of each week, characters will be nominated for elimination and 1 or more characters will run out of lives.


How you can participate:

The community will be able to try and save their favorite characters via the Twitter Instant Save Vote or by writing a Confessional Post on the Wednesday before the elimination. The Confessional Posts will be your way to champion for your character as to why they shouldn’t be eliminated and add to the excitement of the Reality Show by revealing secrets the character may have witnessed during the week.

Confessional: Snake from Metal Gear Solid

After the challenge today we all gathered back at the house for a barbecue. Everyone was off in their cliques talking strategy and preparing for the elimination vote and I was doing my own thing… 

They’ll Never See Me Coming!

hanging out in boxes you know. I overheard 2 Players scheming on a member of their alliance. They’re planning to get the other Players in the House to vote for their buddy in the coming elimination. This is why I prefer to stay close to my box… you can’t trust anyone. Who were the 2 culprits you say? You’d never believe me if I told you…

metal gear
Caught Redddd Handed

The Confessionals can be used to save your character, throw others under the bus and cause more drama for the eliminations and episodes. Nothing is off limits in the confessionals.

The Twitter Instant Save Vote will be posted on The GamersUnitedGG Twitter from Tuesday until Thursday as a Pinned Message. You can vote to instantly save a character from being eliminated.

Both the Confessional Posts and Twitter Instant Saves will be taken into account during the eliminations each Friday.


What Next?


Now we start the selection process for the video game characters that should be placed in the house for Season 1. 16 Characters in total will be chosen for this first season.  You can nominate 1 or multiple characters up until September 17th. Tune into the blog and Twitter to see which Characters have been selected! Well, what are you waiting for? Post to your blog which video game characters would be great additions to the Video Game Reality Show and don’t forget to link your responses in the comments so that we can see who you are nominating.


I’m super excited for this event and hopefully this can turn into a multi-season community event! Have Fun!


-Luna 🙂

Join Our Discord Server!

Happy Thursday Players! GamersUnitedGG has created a Discord server and you’re all invited to join!

What is Discord?  – Discord is a communication server where you can talk or text with others around the globe. Discord is a free service to use and is widely used by gamers to communicate.

Click Here To Join!


My plans for the server is to provide a community where gamers can connect, talk about their favorite games, post any projects, streams or new gaming videos and get feedback for new collaboration ideas for the blog. Here you can also talk with other gamers and maybe find a squad to play games with. Spread the word and join discord on your PC or Phone!

Have a great day and game on!

-Luna 🙂

12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Holiday Game Night!

Happy Friday Novas,  Players and Superstars! We are holding on strong with the Creative Christmas Collaboration posts set up by Kim from Later Levels! If you have been reading our previous posts, you know the drill but for anyone new to the post and the blog, you can view the official rules and participate in the remaining days of the challenge by clicking here!

Today’s Topic….

The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?

This is an easy one. I loveeeeee playing Mario Party or Mario Kart during the Holidays! The multiplayer Mario games are a great way to get both children and adult gamers involved after dinner.

mario kart
King Boo!

This past Christmas we played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe before and after dinner at my aunt’s house. My cousins and I traded off the Switch controllers to play the Grand Prix (I won with orange Yoshi! ) and battle modes. My youngest cousin is 12 years old and she was having a blast playing as Toadette with us adults! Yoshi has always been one of my favorite characters (along with Daisy) to use in the Mario Franchise games. In Mario Kart, Yoshi is normally a mid range, flexible character which pretty much means he has great handling (smooth moves) and average speed. He’s a great all around character and his sharp turns can help you avoid the dreaded red and green shells being launched in your direction.



Mario Party is another game that we have played on Christmas in the past.


The ability to play with up to 4 people and play mini games is a great way to keep the party going all night long. I always tend to use characters like Yoshi or Daisy to stick it to the competition. One of my favorite Mario Party games of all times is a game from the original Mario Party game called Cast Aways! In the Cast Aways game everyone stands on an island with a fishing pole and a roulette of Coins, Money Bags and Treasure Chests float by. Your goal is to catch the most money! The Coins were worth 1, Money Bags are worth 5 and Treasure Chests are worth 10 points! I’ve never been beaten in this game mode :), challenge me when I get a switch if that game mode is on the newest installment!

Shy Guy Says is another iconic mini game. Shy Guy Says is the Mario and Friends version of Simon Says. Shy Guy is the captain of a ship and all players are the shipmates, mateys if you will. Shy Guy will raise either a red or white flag. Your job is the hit the button to the corresponding flag. If you are caught holding the incorrect flag, you WALK THE PLANK! Shy Guy is not so shy when he is forcing overboard. The game continues until there is 1 player left. Shy Guy says is a classic mini game.


shy guy 1
Aarg..Don’t Cut Me Loose Now Matey!

Let’s hop on the Sleigh from Santa’s new “Dragon Sleighing” business (investors are still welcome lol) line and read what our buddies are playing!


Athena’s Reindeer Games!

Lightning Ellen

Chris’s Holiday Gaming!

The Gaming Diaries


That Geeky Write Chick’s Christmassey Game

Kim from Later Levels’ Christmas Winter Games

Those are 2 or my favorite video games to play on Christmas with family and friends! Which video games are you playing on Christmas? What’s your favorite video game to play during the Holidays? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6, A Gift for Santa!

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays Reindeers and Snowflakes! We are coming up on a week of Festive Holiday posts in the 12 Days of Christmas: Gamer’s Edition event hosted by Kim over at Later Levels! A quick update, Kim was lovely enough to give us a few days off from the collaboration post so that we can enjoy time with family and friends. With that said, this will be the last post until Wednesday, December 27th! Take this time to enjoy each other and if you need to catch up on our first 5 posts, the links will be posted below. Don’t forget about the other Reindeers taking part in the festive fun! I will include a few of their links in the remaining posts as well. Head on over to the Workshop at Later Levels for official rules if you would like to participate!

Today’s Topic is…..

You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?


Awesome! We’re helping Santa deliver the presents. I meannnn I have already posted on a great character that can assist Santa and even do a better job than Santa on December’s Question of the Month. Check out the video game character that could step in and take Santa’s place if her were ever abducted or missing!

So I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV Online lately and the game is very fun. In most MMO and RPG games, there is a teleportation system of some sort. In FFXIV, you teleport by Aether Stones placed in every region of the game. aether


  1. Santa can quickly evaporate and reappear in a designated area of the world within an instant!


  • Aether Stones are not free. You have to pay gil (in game currency) to travel and depending on your location, you may be spending 500+ gil to teleport each time.
  • You can only teleport to Aether Stones that you have already attuned. Which means you would have had to visit the area that you are traveling to. This can be difficult as new residential areas are being developed/.
  • Has anyone really done the research on these Aether Stones? I would be afraid that too much teleporting would burn out my brain cells or something. That can’t be good for their bone density? Just Saying!


Sooo that was my cheeky answer but not my real response. While the use of Aether Stones would be easy, it can start racking up like taking a toll roll. Santa would have to start charging premiums for areas that are farther from the North Pole. I mean the man works on COOKIES! There’s no way that Santa can pay the travel cost and I’m sure that the whole “Ho, Ho, Ho I’m Santa Claus” thing can only get him free travel so many times. “Merry Christmas to you too St. Nick… that’ll be 234 gil please!”

My response has more holes in it than swiss cheese, but it’s funny so why not? I would recommend that Santa uses DeRagen ( a boss dragon from Phantasy Star Universe) DeRagan-2 or the Dragon from Skyrim to help make his deliveries! Think about it, a dragon is an excellent means of transportation AND they’re super long so they will have plenty of space to hold the presents. I figure the dragon’s scales can be rigged up like a pirate ship, with rope ties so that Santa can drop the presents in the Chimney. Also, I figure not many children these days are getting great gifts so Santa will have an UNLIMITED supply of COAL! He can throw branches for the dragons to burn and the resulting charcoal will fall in the place of the gifts. It’s full proof!

**No Dragons were harmed in the making of this post!**

Fly on over to our friends participating in today’s question by using the links below!

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Kim from Later Levels


What item or vehicle would you recommend to Santa? Did you like my dragon answer? Are you ready to write me a blank check for Santa’s new the Dragon Sleighing Business (Get it, Get it lol)? Let’s have some Holiday Fun in the comments! Let’s Talk!

-Luna 🙂

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 Favorite Gaming Memory!

Happy Holidays Players! Today is day numbre 2 for the Creative Christmas Gaming Collaboration hosted by our friend Kim over at Later Levels! The rules are simple, post your response to the questions designated for each day and share the Holiday fun with the blog-o-sphere! Make sure to check out posts from our friends participating as well! Want to join in on the fun and spread your holiday cheer? Check out the rules here!

Today’s Topic: 20 December 2017:

You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?


Up on the Rooftop, Reindeer paws,

Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus,

Down through the chimney with lots of toys,

All for the little ones, Christmas Joys!


If you couldn’t tell, I would be listening to the older Christmas tunes from my childhood. I would most likely have put together a mega mix that included Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, All I want for Christmas and The Ghetto Christmas List (don’t ask lol).

One of my favorite Christmas Gaming Memories would be when we received our Sega Genesis!

Growing up, my brother and I lived with my grandmother and everyone would come over for the Holidays. My cousins loved being at our house because we always had video game systems that we could all take turns playing. One year, I remember us receiving the Sega Genesis and it was awesome! Would would go outside and play around the yard and when the sun went down it was time to game!

Some of the games we would play are Sonic games and most importantly Mortal Kombat! One Christmas we hosted a series of Mortal Kombat Tournaments in which we would play rock, paper scissors to determine which 2 gamers would start the tournament. The rules were simple, Win and you play the next challenger, Lose and you’re passing the controller to the next gamer to try their luck. I have never been a great “Fighting Game” gamer but I could luckily win a a few rounds (so I spammed kicks, I was young haha).

My favorite sequence on the controller was the infamous back, back, forward A, combination. I’m not sure what it did, but I was able to break a combo or mess someone’s face up and it was hilarious.

We would go eat snacks that my grandma would cook and that night we asked if our cousins could stay the night. We played games all night and fell asleep with the controllers in our hands! It was one of my favorite gaming memories of all time!


You can also use Santa’s Sleigh to stop by and read the posts from the good little elves blogging with us today below:

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What are your favorite gaming memories? What festive tunes are you listening too? What are your favorite Holiday Songs? Let’s talk memories!



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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 Gamer Gifts!


Happy Holidays Players! This has been a great year of blogging and collaborations with the blogging community and we loved it so much that we jumped on board the Holiday Gaming Collaboration hosted by our friend Kim over at Later Levels! The rules are simple, post your response to the questions designated for each day and share the Holiday fun with the blog-o-sphere! Make sure to check out posts from our friends participating as well! The good little elves blogging with us are:

Kim from Later Levels of Course! <—- Check out the preview post here!

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👪   Joey from AlunaRL
🎅   Athena from AmbiGaming
🎶   Analog Action
❤   ClanGeek
🦌   Me
🎄   Nathan from Hurricane thought process
🦃   LightningEllen from LightningEllen’s Release
🎮   NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
👗   Dan from nowisgames.com
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🎉   Austin from Reaper Interactive
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👼   Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie
🍪   The Dragon’s Tea Party
⛄   The Gaming Diaries
🕯   Kevin from The Mental Attic
🤶   The Shameful Narcissist Speaks
🔔   Daniel from True Video Games

 19 December 2017:   You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?

Remember my friend Emily from a few other blog posts (She Also Made The Featured Image!)?

She has become one of my best friends in the past year and something that we share is our love of video games! Shopping for a video game for Emily will consists of 3 crucial elements: Action, Gore and Zombies! Emily’s favorite games are ones where she has to battle through zombies, aliens or otherworldly beings with only her survival instincts and the resources that she can scavenge. I will be looking for something similar to Resident Evil, but since she buys every Resident Evil game in advance, I would want to select another title.

Something I would take into account is the scary factor of the game! Emily loves to be scared and if a “Horror” classified game doesn’t make her jump off of her cat food box (she doesn’t use a chair lol) it’s not worth playing for her. I would look online for reviews and indie games that are meant to be scary.

If I were picking out a video game today for Emily. I would choose… Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice or Dollhouse, both on PS4.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice:  hellblade  From the makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DmC: Devil May Cry, comes a warrior’s brutal journey into myth and madness.Set in the Viking age, a broken Celtic warrior embarks on a haunting vision quest into Viking Hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover.

Dollhouse:  dollhouse  Dive deep into a sinister world with Dollhouse for PS4. Choose one of 14 characters and eviscerate or retain memories to build the game’s storyline, using its Anamorph features to see through the eyes of your stalker as you fight to stay alive. Influenced by 1950s film noir and packed with horror-themed elements, Dollhouse is both immersive and beautiful.

These 2 games stick out to me as perfect gifts. Hellblade is a great game that merges puzzles and action into a psychological thriller that Emily would get enjoyment out of. While Dollhouse takes on the creepy vibe of paranormal proportions! I believe she would love both of these games and get hours of enjoyment out of them!

Thank you for reading today’s Holiday Collaboration post! Don’t forget to check out our friend’s blogs each day to see if they have answered the question as well! Tomorrow we will talk about our Favorite Christmas Video Game Memory!  What video game would you choose for a friend and why? Let’s talk, gift giving!

-Luna 🙂