Community Game of the Year Challenge!

Power Up Players for a community collaboration! God of War took home 2018’s Game of the Year and it got me thinking about the games that I’ve played this year. 2018 has been a great year in gaming for me personally, from the long awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a nostalgic Super Mario Party, to the first Call of Duty game that I’ve wanted to play in years. The end of the year is quickly approaching and I want to know what is the Community’s Game of The Year!


Normally, I would ask what is your favorite game that has released this year, but since many of us gamers are not able to play ALL of the new games that we would like, I’ve decided to open this up to ANY video game that you have played this year. Your blog post can be as creative as you like while giving praise to the video game that is your personal Game of The Year.


How to Participate:


To Participate, write a post on a video game that you have played this year ( does not need to have been released this year) on why you nominate this game as your personal Game of the Year. Link back to this post so that I can read and tally everyone’s votes.


Your entry should be posted by December 29th so that I can tally the votes and compose the ending results.


On December 31st, I will release the Community’s Game of the Year post highlighting everyone’s post and vote and revealing which games the community voted for!


Have a great December and I look forward to reading the video game that you pick as your Game of the Year!

-Luna 🙂


Meet The Cast: GamersUnitedGG Video Game Reality House!

We are less than a week away from the premier of the Video Game Reality House Season 1, set to take place on Monday October 1st. After all of the interviews and video game characters looking to make a name for themselves, we have narrowed down our competitors and today, they will be revealed. As an added bonus, we have some of the interviews from characters that were rejected.


  1. Princess Peach – Mario  peach1
  2. Unknown Character   imageedit_6_2102873127
  3. Bowser – Mario  bowser.png
  4. Spyro – Spyro  spyro-the-dragon

  5. Jensen – Deus Ex  Jensen

  6. Peppy – StarFox64  peppy

  7. Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid  Metal-Gear-2-Solid-Snake-Leather-Jacket-450x600

  8. Nemesis – Resident Evil 2  nem

  9. Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn  Aloy

  10. Kratos – God of War  Kratos

  11. Duke Nukem – Duke Nukem  duke

  12. Orchid – Killer Instinct Orchid

  13. Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat sonya_blade_by_zabzarock-davzx3s

  14. Marcus Fenix – Gears of War gow

  15. Diddy Kong – Diddy Kong Racing diddy kong

  16. Shadow – Sonic Adventure 2 shadow

  17. Masterchief – Halo mastercheif

  18. Lightning – Final Fantasy lightning

  19. Turok – Turok  turok-remastered-xbox-one



  1. Luigi –   LuigiNSMBWSo Mario was too busy for the show. When Luigi heard the plumber would not be able to attend, he graciously offered to take his place. The problem is that Luigi’s interview was BORING! Anything he talked about revolved around Mario and pasta. We don’t want the other contestants to fall asleep so we had to decline his interest. Don’t worry, we offered him a role on the production team instead.
  2. Doomguy-    Doomguy_2016The interview with the Doomguy was umm… interesting. He didn’t speak at all and damaged our offices in the process. During out interview Doomguy would pull out his gun and shoot at the monsters that somehow got past our security protocols. Our location is Hyrule Castle, I can’t imagine returning it to the royal family with holes in the walls.
  3. Niko Bellic –   NikoUser3See we had high hopes for Niko but during his interview his bad boy persona turned out to be a little much. We have the safety of the contestants to think about. It didn’t help either that after Niko’s interview a few company vehicles and electronics went missing. He’s too much of a liability to have on hand and quite frankly, he scares me. What happens if her gets eliminated.. I’m not going to be the one to tell him.
  4. Pac Man-   pacmanProbably one of the saddest rejections was for Pacman. He wasn’t invited to interview but somehow he caught wind of the show and demand an interview. Pacman is trying to revive his career and become relatable for the new generation of gamers. The problem is that Pacman really doesn’t have any abilities to help him in this contest, other than his insatiable hunger. A silver lining, we asked Pacman to come back next year with a few of his Ghost friends. That would make an interesting show.


These are the characters that will be entering the house on Monday. Tune in to read Episode 1 where our first challenge will allow the house guests to get to know each other better. Don’t forget, you will be able to participate by posting why your favorite character should advance to the next round and by voting on Twitter for the Instant Save on Wednesday Next Week! Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂

Casting The Video Game Reality House: Welcome Princess Peach!

The bottom line is that you can’t possibly have a reality show without a beautiful Princess to gather the affections of the guys.

You can’t have a show without me *smooches*

The Princess definitely knows how to turn on the charm to get what she so desires.  Toad-0 I have to admit, when the short mushroom looking agent requested an audience, I knew we struck gold. Not because of her charm or cuteness… but because of how unhinged she really is…

So princess, what have you been up to now that you are outside of the video game world?

I haven’t struggled a bit. This “reality” world has been very accepting of me. I currently have a huge Loft in New York with summer homes in the Hamptons and Miami. I’m looking at property in California as well. I’m invited to all of the fashion shows and galas across the world which keeps me very busy. Poor Toad has a hard time planning out my weeks.

So you’re a Socialite?

A party is considered dull affair if you do not have A List celebrities and I’m as A List as it gets.

What about Mario?

What about him? This interview is for the Video Game Reality House is it not? Is Mario going to be there? 

It’s a meee!


I can’t reveal who will be in the house, but rest assured that everyone will go through the same interview process. I take it you 2 are not on speaking terms?

If Mario ever has anything interesting to say, I would gladly oblige an audience with him. Seeing as his vocabulary is full of “It’s a meee or Mama miaaaa” I doubt we will be speaking outside of traditional pleasantries.

I’m sure our readers would love to dive more into your personal life. How is your cousin Daisy?

She’s fine. Last time we spoke Daisy was jet setting the world helping out people in need and going on safaris. I have Toad draft a letter to my cousin once a month to keep up appearances.

So you’re estranged from her too then?

I wouldn’t call it estranged. There’s so many distractions in this world that it’s easy to get sidetracked. We all have taken different paths and at the moment, our interests do not align is all. So tell me more about this competition? Toad only provided a few details and said a winner would be crowned which would naturally be yours truly.

Well we have decided to catch up with video game characters and the best way to do so is to lock—  

We wouldn’t lock them in lol

I mean place select characters into a house filled with competition. It’s called a reality show in this world. Each week you will compete for advantages and there will be an elimination at the end of the week. The last character standing will be crowned the Video Game Champion and receive a trophy along with additional perks.

I see. I accept your invitation to be the Star of the show and enter the house.

Well, your highness I didn’t offer…

I will have Toad fax over my requests for the house. I have certain products that I need to have with me at all time and I will do you the favor of promoting this show on my Instagram feed. You will have 4.5 million followers viewing the activities at the house. You’re welcome.

That’s fine but there’s a selection…

Look at the time. I have a meeting with a fashion designer. We are creating a new line for my Pretty In Pink collection coming out next Spring. I have to go. Don’t forget to fax over the agreement contract to my agent.

peach 3

Wait but we didn’t…

Smooches darling oh and since I’m the star I expect to have the priority reveal. Toodles!

Well… I guess we have our first contestant. Even if I didn’t formally offer her the spot.

How do you think Princess Peach will fair in the Video Game Reality House? What other characters would you like to see in the house and why? Tune in later this week for the 2nd character entering the house!

-Luna 🙂

Video Game World Cup Submission!

Power up Players for the Video Game World Cup event hosted by Pix1001 over at Shoot the Rookie! Pix looks to create the best video game soccer team to compete against the best athletes and teams competing in the World Cup. I’m not an expert in soccer by any means, but I did play for a season in 10th grade. I’m selecting my characters based off of what I remember from those glorious days of playing Sweeper or Half-back. For official rules and to enter your characters, click here!


For my submission, I have selected 4 great characters that many may not have considered as great additions to the team. Let’s start off with one of my star players; Beat from Jet Set Radio!


In the Jet Set Radio games, Beat is the lead character who rollerblades around at ridiculous speeds. His agility, speed and reaction times can greatly assist in scoring. I would put Beat at the Forward or Half-Back Position. Beat This way he can play defense or offense using his speed. Beat has tremendous Power, Above Average Technique and Outstanding Graffitti skills (I mean in case he has to tag someone lol).

My second star player shouldn’t be much of a surprise; Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2.


Shadow is a great pick for his speed, sick moves and determined attitude. Just like with Beat, Shadow would do well as a Forward or Half-Back as he’s not likely to shy away from a rough battle with an opponent. Shadow can also hone the power of a Chaos Emerald to increase all of his abilities and senses. With Shadow, he can out maneuver players, slide through opponents and quickly shift gears to score the goal. Did I mention that Shadow can keep up with Sonic? shadow1


We need a great Sweeper to play defense and help out the goalie. My sweeper would be Crash Bandicoot!


Why, you may ask? Remember Crash is use to jumping, sliding and spinning his way through different terrains and obstacles. Crash can use these abilities to block the ball when players are taking a shot at the goal. Even better, Beat can graffiti the soccer ball as one of the fruits from the Crash series and Crash’s motivation will be amplified.  It’s full proof! Crash is an excellent sweeper and will greatly help out the only character that I would have in the goal… I’ll give you a hint… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


My goalie is none other than the King Koopa himself… BOWSER! Bowser1

Tell me Bowser wouldn’t be a great goalie? He takes up most of the goal by size alone, he can roar loud enough to change the direction of the ball and have you seen Bowser in Mario Tennis? This big Koopa has moves! He can dive, scratch and claw his way to protecting the goal at all costs. In a shootout situation, Bowser’s intimidation techniques alone will send the soccer players running for the hills. Bowser His corner kicks will reach the other side of the field where Shadow and Beat can capitalize and score the goal.

I think I have put together a great team of characters for Pix to choose from! Do you agree with my picks? Who would you choose? Feel free to participate in the comments and write your own submission post to the contest. Pix is accepting submissions up until July 10th!


-Luna 🙂

Video Game Challenge Backlog- Days 12-18.

Happy Monday Players! This past week has been super busy with work, editing my first book and 2 of my friends BOTH had their babies. Needless to say I was crazy busy which is why there were no updates on the 30 day Video Game Challenge! No worries, I will be compiliing a few of my answers together until life slows back down. Here are the responses that I have missed! Power Up Players for the Day 12- 18 answers!


Day 12: What is the hardest game that you have played? Why was it hard?

dark souls

Dark Souls III is probably the hardest. I think the controls are weird, with the pauses between combos. I went into that game not having played the first 2 and I was under the impression that the motions are fluid like in Fable. I was wrong. The constant dodging and parrying are not my idea of fun. I like all out attack so this wasn’t the game for me. Granted I didn’t try too hard, I was just annoyed by the motions… camera angles too.


Day 13: Do you have a favorite video game villain?


Bowser! I love Bowser and he is my video game villain of choice. I’m on the side of Bowser because I think Peach is playing both sides… just saying lol.


Day 14: You jump down Mario’s Warp Pipe, where do you end up?

mario kart1I’m taking from IgnitedMoth and her answer. I would probably end up in Mario 64 or Mario Kart! Actually, I wouldn’t mind ending up in the Wave Race game too. Being able to race on jet skis would be awesome.


Day 15: What is your favorite video game Power-Up?

I don’t think I have a favorite but I would love to score a pair of Sonic’s Speed Shoes! Being able to quickly outrun any and everything would help out tremendously in sports lol. I also wouldn’t mind the 3 red shells that revolve around you. The red shells are probably my favorite Mario item to use because they’re heat seeking and can devastate your enemies.


Day 16: What’s your favorite party game?


Mario Party is always a great game to play with friends. That or you can lose friends by playing Mario Kart lol.


Day 17: What is your favorite handheld system?


Gameboy Advance is my favorite handheld system.


Day 18: Do video games have a meaning to you? Why do you play?

Yes. I played during my childhood because games were super fun and we could play when it was raining outside (you know when kids played outside lol). I left video games during middle school and some of highschool until I found that playing games made me less stress. I use video games as a way to connect with friends, unwind and de-stress from the pressures of life. When I need to get my mind of off something or just relax after a stressful week, video games are the best remedy.


Those were some of my responses to the challenge. What are yours? What’s the hardest game that you have played? Where would Mario’s Warp Pipe bring you? Who’s your favorite video game villain? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂


Video Game Challenge: Day 9 &10

Happy Sunday and E3 Day Players! This weekend is going to be busy so I am combining the questions for Days 9 & 10!

Day 9: What is your favorite childhood video game title?

super mario

I guess this question is based on what age I consider my childhood. I remember countless times playing Super Mario Brothers with my brother and having a great time. It’s the only game that I felt confident in playing as a child. With Super Mario Bros my brother and I would pick either Mario and Luigi and then take turns trying to beat each level. I was a sneak and when my brother would leave the room to use the restroom or get food I would play his level haha.

pokemon snap

If we move to middle school I would probably pick Pokemon Snap for the N64 as I played that game for HOURS trying to get great shots of Pokemon. Afterwards I would take my memory card to Blockbuster (remember them) and print out the photos as the Pokemon Snap Kiosk. There was and still is a fascination with taking pictures of Pokemon and looking for those secret locations and being semi-cruel and pushing Charmeleon into a lava pit so that he would evolve into Charizard haha, gasing the bushes to make bulbasaurs jump out… Now that I think about it, there were some sketchy situations with pokemon snap lol.


If I were thinking about the arcade, I would go with Galaga. This game is super addicting and when I visit arcades or places with old school arcade machines, I have to give Galaga at least 1 turn. In Galaga you are a spaceship that has to shoot the creatures and dodge projectiles. Each level the number of enemies and difficulty increases.

What are your favorite childhood games? Should we notify PETA about the Pokemon Snap Game? Let’s talk childhood favorites!


Day 10: What childhood video game would you recommend and why?



Yesterday we talked about the different childhood video games. If I had to recommend 1, I would recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This game was amazing in terms of the multiplayer action and stages that you had to go through. You could be in the sewers, on the streets or in Shredder’s lair tackling members of the Foot Clan, Mutants or Shredder himself. I loved the variation in the stages where you were walking, running or even skateboarding through the levels. All the while you had to dodge attacks, trample enemies and keep your health bar up by eating pizza slices.


Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 11: Which video game has the best memories?


Which childhood game would you recommend? Have you played the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the Super Nintendo? Let’s talk childhood games!

-Luna 🙂

Video Game Challenge: Day 8 – Video Game Pets!

Happy Friday Players! Welcome to Day #8 of the GamersUnitedGG 30 Day Video Game Challenge! Yesterday we planned a bank heist with some partners! Click here to see who we chose!  You can join us and read the official rules by clicking here! Power up Players for Day 8 of the 30 Day Video Game challenge!

Today’s Question:

What’s your favorite videogame pet?


Riley –


The video game pet that I am selecting comes from the Call of Duty franchise. In Call of Duty Ghosts that released in 20  , you would receive a guard dog to play with who was also included in the story. Riley is her name and she is my favorite video game pet! Riley is loveable, protective and will have your back in any situation, what more could you want from this beautiful German Shepard?




Yoshi from the Mario series came to mind as an awesome pet. The problem is that I now see Yoshi as more than a companion or dinosaur that you can ride on and force to eat Koopas. With the launch of iconic video games like Mario Party, Mario Golf and Yoshi’s Islands, Yoshi has become a staple playable character. Because he has transcended his role as a mount in the Super Mario Bros. days, Yoshi is no longer considered a pet in my mind.


Chaos –


The Chaos from Sonic Adventure Battle 2 would be a great option for favorite pet. In the game you can visit the Chao Gardens and raise Chaos to be anything you want! It gives a new meaning to the phrase “You can be whatever you want to be!” During missions, each character can collect up to 10 items to bring back to the Chaos Garden. Each item will have buffs in a specific area like strength, swimming and flying. These items increase your Chaos level and you can use them in races or tournaments against other Chaos. You can even send the Chaos to school to learn unique talents. Chaos are awesome and while they are pets, I consider them more like children that each character will raise lol.


Chomp –


One pet that I would love to have is Chomp from the Mario series. Chomp is the giant chained dog that looks like a bowling ball. Can you imagin the amount of protection you would have if Chomp was at your side? He’s fast, strong and dangerous to anyone that’s an enemy. You could also ride Chomp around and have a great day of bonding with your dog.

Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 9: What is your favorite childhood video game title?

Those are my favorite video game pets, what are yours? Do you consider Chaos children? When’s the next Yoshi game coming out? Let’s talk video game pets!


-Luna 🙂

Video Game Challenge: Day 7, We’re Robbing A Bank!

Day 7: You’re in a Western video game and need to rob the bank, which video game character will be your partner?

Listen team… your mission should you choose to accept it is to assist me with robbing the bank! Upon successful completion we will split the take and go our separate ways. Are you in?


Sombra: I’m in.

Walugi: Waluigi’s the winner!


Yea, that sounds about right. My name is Luna and I’m a fugitive. I’m on the run from some very vile people who think that they are the only ones who can make the rules… AND BREAK THEM. But this story isn’t about me… it’s about the bank in Blackwater that is said to hold over 3 million dollars in cash and gold. The life of a fugitive is costly with our weapon repairs and need to always spend dough at the card tables. Link is one of the bounty hunters on to me and we must strike before he has a chance to stop us.

The Team: The upside of being an outlaw is that you can easily find others to help you rob a bank. I’ve found 2 great helpers: Sombra and Waluigi.


Sombra is an expert in stealth and hacking abilities. She will be able to get us into the safe undetected so that we can unload the cash. She’s pretty handy with a pistol in case we have a shootout with the Sherrif. Yes, I realize she’d probably be better at robbing a modern bank with her hacking abilities, but I still have faith in her with the Western bank!


Waluigi… well let’s face it… he’s the distraction. While Sombra and I are loading up the getaway vehicle, Waluigi will be tasked with watching the perimeter… then a cleverly planted alarm on his back pocket will sound forcing everyone to converge on his position. By the time Waluigi is captured, me and Sombra will be out of dodge and heading to safety. No worries, I will be sure to put some money on Waluigi’s jail account. I’m pretty sure his brother Wario will find a way to break him out anyway… I just really need a distraction haha.

Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 8: What’s your favorite video game pet?

Who would you use to rob a bank? How much time do you think Waluigi will be facing? Let’s talk partners in crime!


-Luna 🙂

Video Game Challenge: Day 5- Best Weapons!

Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and Creatures to the Replay Thrift Shop & Emporium! Today we are featuring some of the greatest video game weapons from realms across the video game universe.

Choosing the right video game weapon can get you out of sticky situations. Whether you’re looking for a weapon to protect yourself, to slow down your friends or to just have fun, you can’t go wrong with some of the options I have procured on my video game travels.

Energy Sword from the Halo Franchise –

energy sword

If I’m going into a battle, I’d love to have the Energy Sword from Halo. This One-Hitter-Quitter weapon comes equipped with a jump and speed boost when using the weapon. Icons such as the Arbiter and Master Chief have mastered and elevated the Energy Sword in their battles. Taking home this sword will make you the most powerful and formittable character!




This pretty contraption hasn’t been used since 2002. I found this relic on an island battered and worn by the sun. After a few repairs and spitshine, I was able to restore the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device once used by that famous plumber that we know and love, Mario in his Mario Sunshine days. The FLUDD is great for cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, but you can also use the device to fly! That’s right, point the hose at the floor and you can seamlessly fly over obstacles. You can protect the planet from pollution and protect your feet from hurting with this nifty device.


Red Shell, Fire Flower and Star –

red shell

Speaking of that plumber, I was also able to procure a Red Shell, Fire Flower and a rare Super Star from a vault beneath Peach’s Castle. Yes, I had to sneak passed a few guards and shimmy up a window seal, but the finds in this bundle was worth it! First I opened up a Question Mark Block and this beautiful Red Shell appeared. I know you fine players will have use for a shell that heat seeks the player in front of you.

fire flower

I’ve traveled the world and viewed exotic wildlife but the next treasure in this vault was something that took even my breath away. A rare Fire Flower! This beauty will allow you to become a fireball shooting fiend. The effects of this flower will last until you are wounded in battle so shoot wisely!

mario Star

The 3rd item found in the vault almost eluded me. I was packing up the shell and flower when a painting on the wall caught my eye. It was a Super Star painting, quite normal looking in fact. That is until I shone my flashlight over it and revealed the sparkles in the painting. That’s no ordinary paint. I reached into the painting and pulled out the authentic Super Star. Even touching it seemed to build me up with confidence and strength. I was skeptical about letting this one go, but rest assured your invincibility will come in handy on your many adventures… for a price that is. Keep in mind that this weapon ,while awesome, has a short life span so use it wisely.


Alright, that’s all of the products I have for today’s auction! Let’s open the phone lines and let the bidding begin! For the right price you can take home one of these priceless relics that will sure aid you in your next adventure. Who’s ready to bargain!


Which video game weapons would you choose? Would you make a bid for any of the items on sale? Thoughts on 5 finger discounted weapons? Let’s talk video games!


-Luna 🙂


Video Game Challenge: Day 4 – Toughest Bosses!

Happy Monday Players! It’s Day #4 of the GamersUnitedGG 30 Day Video Game Challenge! Yesterday we talked about our favorite sidekicks and Tails took home the crown!  Click here to read the nominees!  You can join us and read the official rules by clicking here! Power up Players for Day 2 of the 30 Day Video Game challenge!

Today’s Question:

Day 4: What was the toughest boss that you had to face?

There have been plenty of tough bosses in the realm of video games. My first experience with the Dark Souls franchise quickly showed me that the world is a horrible and dark place for gamers lol.

Scorpion Robotnik-

scorpion robo

I remember playing Sonic Spinball as a kid and getting to the Scorpion Robotnik boss. I was sooo angry because I could never beat him. I’d either  die from the poison he would spray or fall all the way back down to the beginning of the level. As a kid this really made me mad because I couldn’t beat it so I did the only thing I could think of.. I called my older brother to beat the level for me lol. Sure enough Kenny made it easy by jumping inside of the Scorpion Robotnik and hitting him in the core. Pretty soon the boss’s tail broke off and it was a matter of time before I was propelled to the next section.


Elite Four Pokemon Fire Red –

fire red

The Elite Four were hard for me to beat in my youth. I would try and beat them without using any revives or portions which didn’t work out too well in the beginning.


Jack of Blades-


Jack of Blades in Fable was a boss that took me a while to beat. WithFable, you can’t move as fast as you would want so when you are in the midst of a combination move, the only thing to do is try to dodge if you miss your target. I would miss and get chopped up by Jack forcing me to rethink my strategies.


The boss I’m selecting for the hardest in my gaming career has to be Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat 2.

shao khan

Fighting games are super fun but I have to admit that I am not good at them. When you are facing the final boss in Mortal Kombat 2, I choked and could never beat him. As with previous mentions, I simply passed the controller to my brother who finished off the villain for me. I think my problem is that as a kid I used to just press buttons to find out how to do moves. I would remember the pattern of buttons that I would press and those would be my default moves. I never took the time to go to practice or exercise modes which show you the moves list. As I got older, I started going through the tedious task and became better at fighting games. If I can take on Shao Kahn now, I’m sure I would be the victor!

Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 5: If you can have a video game weapon, which would you choose?


What was the toughest boss that you had to face? Have you ever beaten them? Am I the only one passing the controller to my brother lol? Let’s talk video game bosses!

-Luna 🙂