Top Moments of The Week

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for tuning into the Top Moments of the Week post by myself and my friend Nagems! This post will go up each Friday or Saturday and will detail the funniest, weirdest, most out of control moments in our lives each week.

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT???—So we work for Universal Orlando at a call center and we have been receiving an influx of new hires because it’s a busy season for us. This one representative said something that made me cringe. I’m guessing that she could hear the guest’s children in the background and she decided to make a joke saying something like.. “Oh it sounds like your kids are wild, Hahaha…”  Immediately I face-palmed because I knew she was about to get chewed out by the guest.

Why, just Why?

Long story short, she immediately started apologizing saying that it’s a joke because she has kids.

You have to keep it G bro!!! – We had our Team Member preview for the annual Halloween Horror Nights event. When going through the Scarecrow: the Reaping house (which is fantastic by the way!!!!) there were these 2 guys behind my group. I was the person in the back on this house and boy was it funny. This dude kept jumping and screaming higher than my friend Selena who was terrified. At one point he grabbed me and was like, can I hang on to you? At the end of the house he laughed saying he doesn’t know how he will bring his girlfriend to the event.  I turned around and said, “bruh you gotta keep it G!”   stay cool

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid – The raid for Destiny 2 came out and everyone has been scrambling trying to complete it. Before I bought my copy this week, I was shareplaying wth my friend Decaying Senpai on PS4. They put together a group and 2 hours later did not complete the raid. One guy kept dying over and over and over. At one point he died before the round started. I had my mic muted laughing and then one of the members o the Fireteam finally said ” Listen, you gotta stop dying, it’s not that hard.” Called him out in front of everyone. To be fair the guy kept killing himself in the water, it was a little suspect.

These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!! – Sooo we have some new contractors at work as IO mentioned earlier. It’s a bit crazy because one individual keeps walking into my supervisor’s desk and taking a bin to I guess place their feet on. Yesterday, they came to the desk as my supervisor was there and was told that they cannot take the bin because quite frankly they never asked. Fast forward to last night, the individual came back after my sup left and tried to take the bin again!!!! WE stopped them in their tracks and said that we overheard the conversation. These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  out of control

Go Away Big Brother “check up on these new people who need it. Just saying lol.” One individual at work keeps getting called by our workforce team because they are always in after call “taking notes.” If you haven’t worked in a call center, you are supposed to notate while you are on the call to minimize after call work. This person got upset and started saying “Big Brother is at it again.” Noooo you are at it again, why are in your after call and you didn’t even pull up a reservation????

Nagems Top Moments of the Week!

Playing Spicy Uno- The other night, for my friends birthday, a group of us were playing Spicy Uno, you know the game where you lose all your friends… and instead of picking up a card from the deck to play, I asked if anyone could help me out. An array of hands popped into my view and i looked around the room to see who i could trust. I looked over at my best friend and her sly smile and then I see my boyfriend has his hand out as well. Right before I was about to make a decision, my boyfriend pulled his hand back and said ” I can’t do it”. everyone immediately was like “awwww” and started laughing. It was so sweet but funny. 

Yesterday Burns
Megan: *walks into room* Michael why are you sitting at my desk?
Michael: Oh you mean, your unassigned seat?
*everyone in room laughs*
Megan: Thats fine, i’ll just sit next to laquita and look at her beautiful face
Michael: thats good, looking at my face all day is torture
Megan: No, just dating you is…


Queen Petty: I should just quit, hand my Id in and leave..
Megan: Oh, 6 people just said hallejuah in their heads

Sasha: I’m going on break.
Megan: Aren’t you always on break?
Those are some of our top moments of the week? what’s been happening in your life and job? Has anything weird occurred this week? Let’s talk about our top moments!
-Luna & Nagems!

Luna’s Blog (Lan) Partyyyy!

Happy Saturday Novas! I’ve finaly been able to set up this blog party and invite all of you to mingle and network with other blogs! Since we have reached the milestone of 300+ followers, I figured that now is the time to celebrate our community! The theme of this blog party will be video games, so I’m calling it Luna’s Lan Party! A Lan party is where gamers come together in the same room and play video games, hook up systems, host tournaments, etc.  Thank you once again for stopping by and without further adieu, let the party begin!

Party Rules:

  • Have Fun!
  • Mingle with others
  • Mention a Game that you have brought to the party
  • Leave a Link to your blog for others to find!

Alright, let’s get this party started. party1

The game that I have brought is a classic, Mario Party! Mario Party is an awesome way to game with friends and have fun in the competitive nature that Nintendo has intended. Along with the Mario Party games, I have also brought a great board game, Twister!

The comments are open and everyone is invited! Make sure to share the blog party with others so that they can join in on the fun!

5 Sentence Story Celebration Post!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s update post! We’ve won Week 4’s Five Sentence Story Prompt for the word HIDDEN, so I’ve decided to do a quick celebratory post. Want to read my winning post? Click Here!  Thank you again to the team that is hosting these weekly prompts and I encourage everyone to give them a follow!

  1. Diganta Misra from Plastic Souls
  2. Sparsha Mishra from ImaginateWeb 
  3. Riya from AestheticGraphy
  4. Mila from DoodlingPanda

This week’s prompt word is ADMIRE. Join in on the fun and write your 5 sentences and submit them by the end of the week! This week, the prompt’s being hosted by Riya! Voting starts Saturday! For official rules and to enter, click here!

What does your room look like? As a gamer, I figure I would provide some pictures showing what my room currently looks like.


I have my TV, Xbox One, PS4 and DVR

I loveeeee collecting posters and cool items to put on my wall.


Here we have my Scooby Doo items, an Alexa Bliss article from one of the previous WWE Slamcrate Unboxings (will have a new WWE Unboxing up this week) ,My Kevin Durant Picture, Build a Bear and Keyboard. The picture to the top right is my Once Upon A Time Poster and snapshots with co-workers and then I have my Autographed WWE United States Title (Signed by Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania!), Kylo Ren poster, Harley Quinn print and Stone Cold Steve Austin poster.

Thank you again for following and reading with the blog! Feel free to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook Page or email us for any collaboration requests! Want to be a guest blogger? Fill out the contact form below!  Accepting all Gaming and Geek Topics!

What does your room/gaming setup look like? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

-Luna 🙂

Creative Writing Pt. 3 The Discovery

Happy Wednesday Novas! I know this post is longggg overdue, but here is part 3 of my 4 part creative writing series. You can check out parts 1 and 2 by clicking the respective links at the bottom.of the post. For all of my new Novas and to refresh your memory, this series allows me to create a story from pictures sent to me by a friend. We have agreed to create a story comprises of 4 pictures. Here’s today’s picture.

Kyrie blinks his eyes repeatedly searching for the voice that told him he could never leave. With his go pro in hand, Kyrie decides that now is the time to record the events in the house as he knows no one would ever believe his story. Kyrie starts by grabbing a candlestick holder. He reaches in his pocket searching for a lighter. “You don’t smoke. What are you doing?” He says to himself. Kyrie has a flash of a memory. He could feel the smoke filling his lungs. The heat feels all to real as his core is warmed by the ash. Kyrie exhales and the clouds of smoke starts to take form as a shape. A face of a girl. At that moment Kyrie feels the cold metal of the lighter and wakes from his trance. Drenched in sweat Kyrie reaches in his pocket and pulls out the lighter.

With the candle lit, our friend looks up and starts mapping out his path. He takes a step on the winding staircase. Then another. Kyrie swivels the candlestick from left to right revealing the cracks in the walls. “The walls look like marble. ” he acknowledges.  The pictures on the wall are taking form. First they’re there, then they’re not. The staircase is lit; the staircase is dark. Everything’s changing on him, but he manages to reach the top floor.

He starts hearing the same chime as before. It’s echoing and directing him towards the room on the right at the end of the hall. The paint in the hallway’s faded; then its not. The house is silent and now it’s not. The chime is still going but now he hears a radio,  laughter and can smell fresh bread baking. “Am I going crazy?” Kyrie finally makes it to the room. He sets the candlestick down on the floor and looks around. The chiming has stopped. Kyrie spots a newspaper in the corner and picks it up. The dust is messing with his allergies and he sneezes releasing excess dust in the air. The sneeze brings to light the a revelation. The horror he’d witness in the piano room and the reason why he is here. The blood is all on Kyrie’s hand and this time it’s not a hallucination!

What did you think of the 3rd part of the story? Are you starting to piece together what’s happening? What do you think will happen in the conclusion? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 😁

Gamers Hard Drive 2!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope that you all have had an fantastic weekend and start to the greatest month of all time: April! Today’s post will focus on the games that I have been playing and progress that I have made so far. You can view the inaugural post of the Gamers Hard Drive by clicking here!

WWE Topps Slam Trading Card App: I have made great progress in the trading app game and have now convinced most of my friends who love WWE to start playing. You pretty much collect sets of the trading cards to receive achievements and coins. You can also trade with other users to obtain missing pieces to your set. I like the prediction packs because each payperview you are able to pick your prediction of the winner. If you are correct you receive extra coins. I’m still not sure why I’m addicted to this game but I am. Currently I have 2200+ cards. If you want to start playing I have multiple duplicates to trade. Add me: Luna26X. Here’s a look at some of the new cards that I have collected!

FarmVille: Tropic Escape– FarmVille Tropic Escape is the adaptation on the original FarmVille game with a twist. Now you are running a tropical island resort where you make deliveries, grow fruits and vegetables for meals and complete treasure diving to receive special items for your resort. This game is pretty fun as I make sushi, beverages and souvenirs to sell to my guests at the resort.


Free Cell: Free Cell is the mobile app game that I play when I have a few minutes on break or in between commercials while watching TV. It’s really easy and like solitaire except all cards are displayed for you. The goal is to arrange the cards by suit and in ascending order from the Ace to King. There’s not a way to

Mass Effect: So I have never played Mass Effect and it was pretty much a blasphemous statement to my co-worker. He was appalled as he just finished Andromeda and pretty much said I’m lending you all of the Mass Effect games to try. So here we are! I’m starting with the original Mass Effect game and playing my way up unto Andromeda.

Sky Forge: Is a MMORPG Free to Play game on PS4. My friends wanted me to download the game so we have been playing the last few days. Think of it as ESO mixed with Neverwinter. You basically upgrade your character and skills to play the main story line and quests along the way. Currently I am on the 5th map of missions, but, there’s soooo much to do that I can see myself playing this game long term. I will have a full review of the game later this week!

sky forge pic

That’s pretty much how I have spent my last 2 weeks. Tune in Thursday for the Skyforge Video Game Review with game play clips! Which games are you currently playing? Have you played any of the video games on this list? Let’s talk video games!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Luna 🙂


This Week At GamersUnitedGG 3/26/17

Happy Sunday Novas! That’s right, from the poll released in the 100 Followers Thank You Post, the majority of you voted to be called Novas! A Nova is “a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months” …. Interestingly enough Nova is also the name of one of my characters in the Fantasy Story that I was telling you about! So it’s official, I’m Luna and you’re all Novas :D.

Anyways, here’s the weekly update on the posts coming up this week. Because it is Wrestlemania Week (Which I will be attending yayyyy) Most of the posts will be dedicated to Wrestling and the WWE. For those of you who are not aware, Wrestlemania is the biggest Wrestling Spectacle of the year (Sooo the Superbowl of Sports Entertainment). This year the festivities will take place in my hometown of Orlando, Florida and I cannot wait! Any who, let’s see what we have planned this week!

Sunday 3/26/17 – Halo Wars 2 Review!

Monday 3/27/17 – Favorite Wrestlers of All Time

Tuesday 3/28/17 – Throwback Tuesday: Favorite Wrestling Moments and Matches!

Wednesday 3/29/17 – Creative Writing Part 2: the Curse (Wrestling Ode)

Thursday 3/30/17 – Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions

Friday 3/31/17  Lootcrate Unboxing (Theme is Future Tech!)

seth and new day
Let’s Start the Week Off Right!

It’s going to be a fantastic week! What do you have planned this week? Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming posts? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award

Happy Saturday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I was nominated for 3 community awards last week and I couldn’t have been happier. I could not have imagined the blog doing as well as it has (because who really wants to read me ramble) so I am grateful for every follower, friend and award nomination. Today I will do the Versatile Blogger Award and in the coming week I will do the other awards so thank you to everyone who is supporting the blog with your thoughts and participation! I would like to thank TheBrunetteBookwormBlog for my nomination. Her blog is amazing and it focuses on well, books! She has a great writing style and her topics and opinions on the books she features are informative, fun and most importantly NOT A SPOILER! Definitely give her blog a follow! Now, on to the Rules:

The Rules:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.

7 Facts about Me:

  1. I love Video Games (Who’d a Thunk It lol)
  2. Seth Rollins is my favorite current WWE Superstar (Stone Cold Steve Austin is my ALL TIME favorite) lol
  3. My Favorite Shows are currently Bobs Burgers, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time (But I watch a lottt of TV).
  4. I am currently writing a Fantasy book that I’m super proud of! (It’s the reason I’ve started blogging so that I can hone my writing skills).
  5. My all time favorite character is Scooby Doo (Just picked up the Scooby Doo Apocalypse Comic yayy!!! Review to come soon!)
  6. I’m very friendly even in real life to the point that I KNOWWWWW people look at me crazy lol. What can I say, being born in a tourist spot like Orlando you learn to smile A LOT! 😀
  7. Wrestlemania Weekend for me starts in 6 days when I meet my husband Seth Rollins at WWE AXXESS!!!! :)))))
Drum Roll Please!

My Nominees:

Here I would like to nominate some of my newer followers and blogs that I have had the chance to visit! Please make sure to take a look at any blog that seems interesting to you so that we can continue building up the community!

  • Beyond The Loading Screen– Excellent Video Game Content and reviews!
  • Falcon Reviews Blog– A Fantastic Video Game Review Blog!
  • QTX– His Quickly Tap X blog is a Video Gamers collage of reviews and opinions.
  • Hundtrassee– Rambles about Games!
  • Recreational Hobbyist– An awesome blog featuring books, board games and other hobbies!
  • TheAlbumWeb– A great, well rounded blog about video games, food and movies!
  • Anime_Girls_NYC– A great Anime Blog! I especially love the Battles on Versus Tuesdays!
  • NekoJonez– A fantastic video game and review blog!
  • TripleBlackTri– A Great Creative Writing blog focus on a central Fantasy Universe and Story!

Once again thank you for the nomination and congratulations to all of my fellow bloggers. This is a great way to add a post to your blog and have some fun sharing yourself to your readers, however, it is not necessary. Have a great day all!

-Luna 😀


Throwback Tuesday: Old School Cartoons

Happy Tuesday All! Thank you for reading today’s Throwback post! This week I am highlighting some old school cartoons from my childhood. I grew up in the 90’s with awesome cartoons (you know back when cartoons were better in my opinion) that provided fun, morals and a way to escape our hard lives of school and …. well pretty much just school right? This post is to pay tribute to some of my favorite and forgotten Cartoons!

Notable Mentions that will not be covered in depth because let’s be honest, we probably already think of these shows anyway! I have included a poll where you can vote for the cartoons that automatically popped into your head when you read the title of this post!

Now on to the 6 Cartoons that I have decided to feature on this journey to the past! Let’s start with one of my personal favorites. Keep in mind that this list is generalized and doesn’t have a ranking over the Notable Mentions or Cartoons not featured!

Darkwing Duck:  darkwing   Darkwing Duck was the story following everyday man Drake Mallard, his niece Gosalyn and side kick Launch Pad. Drake Mallard has a secret, he is the crime fighter DarkWing Duck along with his side kick (who is also Launch Pad from Ducktales) who goes out to stop the villains in St. Canard. This series used to come on after school when I was a girl and featured characters from Ducktales like Gizmo Duck! Apparently Darkwing Duck was the first Disney action cartoon soooo congrats Darkwing Duck, “Let’s Get Dangerous!”  dw

Rocket Power:  rocket power Rocket Power was the  cartoon that followed Reggie Rocket, her brother Otto and their friends Twister and Sam through their active lifestyle of sports and competitions in Ocean Shores California. Rocket power really made me want to surf and play sports growing up ( I blame this show for playing Tennis and Softball in the same season lol). Their Father Raymundo owned a little tiki shack restaurant with his best friend down by the beach. The kids would hang out there, grab food and then catch waves at the beach located in front of the shack. My favorite episode was when Reggie (the girl) was being overlooked for a surfing competition because she is a girl. She surfed with a mask on and **SPOILER ALERT** when she WON even her brother Otto had to give her madddd props! It was one of my first introductions to a tomboy (like me 🙂 ) being respected in a cartoon!

Arthur:  Arthur  “And I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day, where we can learn to work and play and get along with each other…”Arthur was a show on PBS that followed the aardvark Arthur and his family. I oved watching shows on PBS as a kid. Arthur came across many different scenarios in 3rd grade that he had to get through with his friends or family. I read the Arthur books as a kid so when the show was airing I was front and center in front of the TV. My favorite characters are DW (Arthur’s little sister) and Francine (The Tomboy… go figure lol). Til this day if I need a relaxing show to watch, Arthur is what I have on my Netflix queue lol.

Courage the Cowardly Dog:  courage Courage the Cowardly dog was awesome as it shows the weird things that happened in Courage’s small town. Courgae lived with Muriel a sweet elder woman and her husband Eustis who really didn’t like Courage and tried to get rid of him at every pass. This show was the more paranormal side of the cartoon shows (like Invader Zim!) but it was funny and awesome! I wish I had a dog like Courage around!

Pirates of Dark Water:   pirates   Pirates of Dark Water followed the Prince Ren and his companions as they combat the oil like substance know as Dark Water. Dark Water swallows up ships and people, the only way to stop it is to purify the water. Ren and friends search for the Treasures of Rule to assist in purifying the water and saving their Planet of Mer. The Monkey Bird thing Nibbler was my favorite, well him and Tula the Sorceress. Of course every action/adventure cartoon needs a villain and that villan was Bloth! He was evil and looking to rule by stealing the Treasures for his own nefarious acts. Many people may not remember this show but I remember it quite vividly, down to the fruits that Niddler ate!

Aah Real Monsters:   suit_by_garvals  Aaaah Real Monsters was a great show about little monsters (Ickis, Oblina and Krumm) in training to become full fledged monsters! The trio goes through classes and at night, take their antics out for a test run. The Headmaster Gromble, wants to make sure that all monsters are properly certified in the art of frightening humans. Each episode an assignment is given and the 3 students try and complete their assignments. Each monster has their own special abilities and struggles. It’s another great take on problems that anyone can face… Even Monsters!

Captain Planet:   captain-planet   Before School each morning Captain Planet would play. Captain Planet was the show that taught us to recycle and not pollute with the help of the Planet Teers. The Planet teers were teens from different walks of life who were gifted with rings of all of the Earth’s elements: Earth, Fire, Wind Water and Heart! These gifts were bestowed by Gaia who was essentially Mother Earth lol. When the Planet -Teers combined their powers, Captain Planet was summoned!  … I still remember the theme song (We’re the Planet-teers, you can be one too, cause saving our planet is the thing to do! Looting and Polluting is not the way, hear what Captain Planet has to sayThe Power is Yours!) no judgement please :D.

These are some of the cartoons that I felt should have the spotlight shown on them, however, there are soooo many that we can mention like: Ducktales, TaleSpin,  Why Why Family, Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Bonkers, Gargoyles,  Animaniacs, Tom and Jerry Kids,  X-Men, Freakazoid, Sonic, Rocko’s Mordern Life,  Beetlejuice, Cow and Chicken, Angry Beavers, Johnny Bravo and Bobby’s World!

Btw most of these shows can still be found on channels like boomerang and some are even on Netflix! So which one’s did I miss? I know there are so many cartoons from our childhood that I may have missed so share your thoughts! Let’s talk Cartoon! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

-Luna 🙂


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Playing This Week at GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks, Friends and Fellow Bloggers! Thank you for reading this week’s upcoming posts! I am very proud of myself for sticking to my posts for last week and putting up some backlogged posts! This week we will keep the momentum going with another full week of exciting, gaming, geek and pop culture posts with me your friendly Princess Luna ( Ms. Luna if you’re NASTY…. nevermind rofl). This week I have an exciting lineup scheduled and since I’m back on my normal schedule I can write more often. This week there will not be a Hidden Treasures post, but I will replace it with my current Gamers Hard Drive Post! Let’s jump into what you can expect!

Sunday 3/19/2017- Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review!

Monday 3/20/17-  Gamer’s Hard Drive! (A journal of the games I’m currently playing and my progress).

Tuesday 3/21/17- Throwback Tuesday  Old School Cartoons!

Wednesday 3/22/17- Sandbox Playground (Creative Writing)

Thursday 3/23/17- Ultimate TKO Thursday (Not Sure Who’s Battling this week as of yet)

Friday 3/24/17- Netflix Series of the Week : Sense 8

This week’s upcoming posts will be fun. Also, I will write my Halo Wars 2 game review as I finished the campaign yesterday. Look for this post as well! What are your goals for the week? Are you looking forward to any posts? Feel free to recommend options for the TKO Thursday Battle! Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂



Upcoming Posts!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Have a fantastic Spring and start the season off right with fresh posts! The past 2 weeks have been super busy but I am now settling back into my normal life. This means that I can commit to my weekly posts again and keep a normal schedule (Yay!). Take  a look at the upcoming posts this week and thank you for reading!

Sunday 3/12/17Gamers Paradise (Poem)

Monday 3/13/17 Hidden Treasures 7: UnReaL (TV Show)

Tuesday 3/14/17 Throwback Tuesday – Fable Series (Video Game Franchise)

Wednesday 3/15/17 Dark Blood (Book First Impressions)

Thursday 3/16/17Ultimate Thursday TKO – Rogue Vs Android 18 (Sorry I couldn’t get this post up last week)

Friday 3/17/17Netflix Series of the Week: Magi Adventures of Sinbad (Finally got around to watching it lol)

I know some of these posts were supposed to be released a week or 2 ago but it wasn’t in the cards. This week I have loaded the slate with additional posts and half of them are already written so we are good to go! Don’t forget today is “Spring Froward” so we lost an hour of sleep (if your clocks didn’t automatically change make sure to set them ahead 1 hour). Thank you again to everyone who reads our blog here and have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂