Happy Sunday & WWE Backlash!

Happy Sunday Novas! I apologize for the stop of posts last week. I ended up getting sick on Tuesday and have been in bed binge watching The White Princess and The White Queen on Starz (reviews will be coming on these shows as they’re absolutely amazing). Now I find myself out of town and completely spaced on creating my WWE Backlash predictions post. We are about to head to the beach so quick predictions are inbound with no explanation lol.

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens- Aj Styles

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal – I want to say Orton but I have a feeling it will be Mahal.

Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler – Nakamura

Usos vs Breezango – Usos

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin- Corbin

Harper vs Rowan- Harper

Six Women tag match- Naomi, Becky Lynch and Charlotte (Charlotte will probably flip).

Tye Dillenger vs Aiden English will be on the preshow. I’m hoping for a perfect 10 there!

These are my quick predictions for tonight’s event. I will have a full recap of the event tomorrow. What are your plans for today? Do you agree with my picks? Let’s talk WWE Backlash!




Check out our friends at Anime Girls NYC Versus Tuesday post! I voted for Pokemon!!!!

Anime Girls NYC


It’s versus Tuesday. Yayy it’s Pokemon vs Digimon.

So, I can not participate because I never really watched Digimon. I’ve only saw one episode and it was okay. Nothing special.

I just know both shows have little monsters and they are cute haha. Plus they all battle.

So, tell me which show did you like best Pokemon or Digimon?

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Ultimate TKO Tuesday: Poison Ivy Vs Swamp Thing!

Happy Tuesday Novas! After a long hiatus with the TKO battle series, I’m brining it back for Tuesdays! The inaugural Tuesday match will begin with Poison Ivy Vs Swamp thing! For anyone new to this series, in TKO battle matches I pair 2 characters (most of the time from different realms or universes) and create a fan fiction battle how I would imagine it. If you like this series, feel free to request characters that you want to see battle it out!

Swamp Thing is tired of the DC Universe! He’s heard about the Dark Knight trying to “Clean” up Gotham. 598dec4f164b69e847b5e9c804c311e4  While his intentions are noble, now he has to worry about a certain “Penguin” and Ice Man murking up his swamp waters. The new “tenants” arrived about a month ago with their schemes and even dared to freeze some of the foliage in their area to create a decadent ice facility. “I will not let anymore of this eco system die off.” swamp thing broods. “Something has to be done and the Dark Knight must be held responsible.”

“Ya know, Gotham’s been a little quiet lately, huh?” Harley says. She walks around the house running her finger tips across the counter.  harley  “Yea… a little too quiet if you ask me.” Ivy responds. She walks through the darkness as if she was modeling for Home & Garden. “Where is Batman anyway?” Ivy asks. Harley screams “Doll, Look!” Ivy runs over to the TV. The Breaking News… Batman has been abducted by a strange green monster. “Well we’ve lucked out.” Harley says laying across the sofa chair with her head over the arm rest. Ivy’s gaze is hardened at the screen. “Guess we don’t have to worry about the Bat anymore. He’s gone and got himself kidnapped.” Harley continues. The room is eerily quiet. “Doll?” Harley asks. She falls onto the floor and looks around. “Doll? Ivy? … Now where did she go?” A trail of flower petals leads out the mansion.

“You have destroyed my home and now I will destroy you!” Swamp Thing says to an unconscious Batman. As he goes to turn on the poisonous gas, a poisoned rose needle pins his hand to the wall. “Tisk, Tisk babe… don’t you know not to touch what doesn’t belong to you?” Ivy says as she walks into the room. Her long, flowing red locks cascade down her back. “Ivy…” Swamp Thing acknowledges. “What are you doing here?” he says. “You have something of mines and I’ve come to collect it.” Ivy’s gaze catches the Bat’s limp body. “I trust, he isn’t dead.” she snarks. Ivy uses the vines in Swamp Thing’s home to start unlocking the container Batman is held in. “He has upset the balance of my swamp! Banishing these villains here to destroy our eco system. You of all people should understand why I have to do what I have to do.” Swamp Thing says. Ivy smirks and nods her head. “Oh I understand and if it was anyone else I’d leave you be…. but as I said you have something that belongs to me and I’ve come to collect him.” Ivy snaps her fingers and the vines wrap up Swamp Thing. “This’ll only take a sec.” she says winking and walking past him. “You can’t have him!”

Swamp thing enrages and breaks through the constricted vines. He launches a devastating punch at Ivy sending her flying across the room.

Ivy rubs her head. “Ouch, is this the fight you really want?” she says brushing herself off. “Ye…” before Swamp Thing can finish his sentence another vine is smacking him in the face. Swamp Thing turns on the poisonous gas. “Ummm 2 things… I’m immune and you’re crazy.” Ivy laughs. Swamp Thing smiles at the plant Goddess. “The Gas isn’t for you.” Ivy’s eyes are ghost as she realizes Thing’s intention. She jumps to grab Batman but is quickly tossed to the side of the room by Swamp Thing. “Stop!” she screams. “hahahaha” a hoggish voice laughs through the green gas filling up the room. “What is this?” Ivy asks, staring at Swamp Thing. She can tell by the befuddled look that it wasn’t his call. “Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Hoggish Greedly and I have a proposition for you.”   1761523-hoggish01  The silhouette of a giant pig emerges with The Penguin and Mr. Freeze behind him.

“What’s going on?” Thing says. “Don’t you get it?” Ivy responds rising to her feet with tears in her eyes. “This was a set up from the beginning.” she says. Swamp Thing nods. “Since you 2 have embraced your dark side, some of us for a second tie huh Ivy? I think that we should become partners.” Greedly continues. “I refuse.” Swamp Thing says and turns off the gas. “Me as well.” Ivy chimes in. “Oh well it wasn’t a request!” Greedly continues and signals to Mr. Freeze. “No!” Ivy screams and uses her vines to push Swamp Thing out of the way of Mr. Freezes’ Ice Beam. She succeeds but is soon frozen herself. The lack on sunlight has weakened her. “Let her go.” Swamp Thing yells throwing toxic punches at his enemies. To no avail he is frozen after the brawl. The startled face of Poison Ivy and the defeated look of Swamp Thing is loaded unto a flatbed and carried out of the room. “I have big plans for you 2, big plans.” Greedly says. As they leave the room an unconscious Batman balls up his fist.

What did you think of this week’s TKO Battle? Did you expect that outcome? Who would win in your battle? What characters should I do next? Let’s talk TKO!

-Luna 🙂

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Video Game Tag

I love to see that people are actually participating in the Video Game Tag that we created a few months ago! I’ll definitely reblog and shot out the Gamers who have decided to play (P.S. we’re making a new one soon 🙂 ). Check it out!

Otaku Outcasts

I gotta thank my mansMattfor tagging me for the video game tag. It’s a rarity that I talk about my own interest outside of news, reviews and the like. So you’ll get the chance to know a little bit about me.


  • Thank & Tag the Blogger
  • Answer the Questions
  • Tag Other Bloggers

What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.)?

Which system do you prefer to game on?

Who is your favorite video game character?

Which game do you believe has the best plot?

Honestly I think the Mass Effect Franchise had the best plot in gaming. I say that because the player had the ability to alter the plot to an extent with their decision making.

What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?

The Divisioneasily didn’t live up to the hype. That game had the most bootleg damage model…

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Call of Duty Global Pro League!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s post centered on another interest of mine; Competitive Call of Duty! I’ve wanted to keep up more frequently with the Call of Duty teams, tournaments and standings as I have in previous titles since Call of Duty Black Ops II. The problem is that I really don’t like the new Infinite Warfare game (neither does most of the pros lol) so I haven’t been as focused on it this season. Recently (and by recently I mean the last 3 weeks) I have found myself dipping back into the world of Competitive Call of Duty. So there’s that… lol this post will be a quick recap and my thoughts on the turnout of the Global Pro League.

What is the Global Pro League?  For the first time EVER MLG (Major League Gaming) has answered the calls of the Pro scene and created a Global Pro Lan League! This is where teams will fly out to the MLG tournament center in Columbus, Ohio and play on LAN (no excuse for lag or internet connection here) in groups to determine the top 2 teams that will move on to the Season Playoffs. Pros are not only playing for top 2, 3rd place also gets guaranteed into Season 2 and 4th Place still gets a shot at Relegation.


Tournament Format- Teams qualified for the Global Pro League at the last CWL (Cod World League) Dallas event. The top 9 North American Teams, Top 5 EU teams, 1 Australian Team. Teams were randomly sorted into their groups by a group draw and each week 4 different teams competed. The rules are simply, beat the other teams in a best of 5 series and place top 2 (by map count and wins) to qualify for Playoffs, Season 2, as well as COD Champs.


Group Red Week 1 – The first weekend of matches saw Team Envyus (NA), Splyce (NA), Cloud 9 (NA) and Mindfreak (AU) face off. Each team played each other twice in a best of 5 series. The rotation of game modes were the standard Hardpoint, Search and Destroy (SND), Uplink, Capture the Flag (CTF), SND. First team to 3 wins takes the match!  The Results: Team Envyus and Splyce take 1 & 2 respectively while MindFreak takes 3rd and Cloud 9 sits in last place.

Group Blue Week 2 – The second weekend was my favorite as it included my favorite Pro Player Studdy and his Team Evil Geniuses (NA). The other teams in the group were FaZe Clan (NA), FNatic (EU) and Rise Nation (NA). After a 0-2 day on Friday my team Evil Geniuses were looking like they were going to have a tough road to try and make top 2. FaZe clan were the heavy favorites and Rise Nation were as inconsistent as EG. The Results: EG TAKES 1st!!!! FaZe narrowly takes 2nd, Rise 3rd and FNatic 4th.

Group Yellow Week 3 – Week 3 consisted of Luminosity (NA), eUnited (NA), Epsilon (EU) and Millenium (EU). Currently known as the second best team in the world right now eUnited took Friday and Saturday’s matches very convincingly. This left them guaranteed with a top 2 finish. It came down to a hope and a prayer between Epsilon and LG to see who would claim the 2nd place slot for Season Playoffs. Between the final match of eUnited and LG, Epsilon had to hope they lost to the undefeated eUnited team. The Results: eUnited 1st, LG 2nd, Epsilon 3rd and Millennium 4th, as you can see LG won that final matchup.

Group Green Week 4 – Group Green (Anyone else seeing the irony of Optic AKA “The Green Wall” being randomly sorted in the Green Group #illuminate lol. This group was Optic Gaming (NA), Enigma 6 (NA), Elevate (EU) and Red Reserve (EU). Optic Gaming is known as the best team in the world right now and their roster consists of one of my favorite players. Two time world champion Karma (my first favorite pro because in Black Ops II he shot bodies rofl). This group was a little easy to call. The Results: Optic 1st (Shocker… insert sarcasm here lol), E6 2nd, Elevate 3rd, Red reserve last.

Season Playoffs and Prizes – The top 2 teams from each group stage will compete in the Playoffs for the $700,000 prize pool. Rethinking being a professional gamer yet? Not to mention the million dollar COD World Championships in August (That’s going to be in my home of Orlando Yay!).

Those are the teams going forward into the Playoffs. The bottom 4 teams will go into relegation where they have another chance to fight for their spot in these loaded tournaments. Do you watch Competive Call of Duty or Competitive Gaming at all? What are your favorite pro players and games to watch? Let’s talk pro gaming!

Luna- 🙂


Credits: Call of Duty.com

YouTube: MlgCod

Playing This Week at GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Novas! First off Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I hope that today brings you peace and fun with your family and loved ones.   Hope that you all are enjoying your weekend! This week I have swapped TKO Thursday to Tuesdays and I will have Throw Back Thursdays going forward. I will alternate each Friday with a Netflix Series of the Week and Funko Pop Friday post.   Here’s this week’s upcoming posts!

Monday Call of Duty Global Pro League Standings

Tuesday- Ultimate TKO Tuesday Poison Ivy vs Swamp Thing

WednesdayCreative Writing Pt. 3

Thursday- Throwback Thursday: Childhood Games (Freeze Tag, Kickball, etc.)

Friday- Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why

What do you have planned for this week? Are you looking forward to any of the posts this week? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

April Lootcrate Unboxing

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope your month of May is going well and don’t forget about Mother’s Day observance tomorrow! Today I will go over my May Lootcrate Unboxing with the theme of Investigate! Last week I did the WWE Slamcrate (Masters of the Mic) unboxing and you can view the post here! Let’s get into it!

Stranger Things T-Shirt:  20170512_070621  Each Lootcrate as you know by now will always include and exclusive shirt. This month’s crate included a Stranger Things T- Shirt. I have yet to watch the series and the shirt looks cool but I gave it to my brother lol.

Gotham Color Changing Mug:   20170511_045231   There was a cool Gotham Color Changing Mug included in this month’s crate. I’m not really a Batman fan and I thought that my brother would appreciate it more. Another gift to Kenny! This month’s crate may not be my favorite but my brother is making out like a bandit!

X Files Pencils & Sharpener:  20170511_045429   Yup… The X Files Pencil and Sharpener was included in this month’s crate…. Enough said lol.

Jessica Jones Figure:   20170511_045406  Each Lootcrate will include some type of figure or collectible. This month was a pretty cool Jessica Jones figure that is already mounted on my shelf. I admit I have not yet checked out Jessica Jones (may have to add it to my Netflix Series of the Week) but I love a great female crime fighter and she’s wearing purple!!!!

Feel Free to Use My Promo Code to save on your subscription! Lootcrate Promo Code

This month’s crate was a little lackluster for me to be honest. I’m very happy that my WWE Slamcrate arrived at the same time and was AMAZING so the disappointment in this lootcrate wasn’t as bad. I’m probably going to try out the LootGaming crates as the regular Lootcrates aren’t that interesting to me. What did you think of this month’s crate? Did you like any of the items included? Do you have any subscription services? Let’s talk!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Luna 😀


WWE Slamcrate Unboxing!

Happy Sunday Novas! This week I’ve received 2 Lootcrates; one for my bi-monthly WWE Slamcrate and one for the monthly standard Lootcrate. Today’s post will be the WWE crate and Tuesday I will show the standard Lootcrate. The theme for this month’s crate was “Master of the Mic!” It features some of the best trash talkers in WWE history so I was very excited for it’s release. Let’s get into the contents!

If you remember my Favorite wrestler’s of all time post, you will know that Stone Cold is my FAVORITE!!!!

The first item I was interested in was the T Shirt. Each crate brings an exclusive T Shirt and this one was the Finn Balor shirt. Side Note: I already knew 2 items that were going to be in this month’s crate because I was able to preview the crate at Wrestlemania Axxess last month.


The Next Item was a pair of WWE Microphone glasses. One was to pay tribute to the Smack Talker C=Skywalker, Enzo Amore and the other was a standard WWE Mic used to lay the verbal Smackdown on any and every Superstar from the best in the biz!


This next item I was super excited for. You know I collect Pops and other collectibles so having this WWE Ring figure with Stone Cold Steve Austin is the best prize I could ask for! A little inside tip is that the next 3 boxes will also include these figures so that you can collect all 4 and make a full ring! Great marketing as I have subscribed for 6 additional months to collect all of the ring figures lol.


There’s a great Masters of the Mic booklet that shows some of the greatest trash talkers and their best moments! Remember “Austin 3:16 says I just Whipped Your A..” or “The Doctor of Thuganomics.” It’s a great book recounting some of the best rivalries and their iconic phrases.

Lastly we have the WWE Universal Championship pin. Each crate includes a collectible pin as well.


This is probably my favorite crate by far as I love EVERYTHINGGGGG in the crate this month. Also I have a new poster for my wall in THE GREAT ONE!!!!

Feel Free To Use My Promo Code to Get Started! http://looted.by/fw2yz Lootcrate Promo Code

What did you think of this month’s items? Do you subscribe to any Lootcrate or Subscription services? Let’s talk subscriptions! Have a great Sunday all!

-Luna ❤

Question of the month: May 2017 edition

Gamers and Novas! Check out this month’s question from our friends at Later Levels!

Later Levels

It’s that time again: the question of the month is back and will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since it first turned on the NES. We’re going up against our friends and blogging neighbours in order to find the ultimate response in less than 100 words – and we’re asking you to choose the winner by voting in our poll.

But first, let’s take a look at last month’s question and find out who won…

Last month’s results: what’s the best Easter-egg within a video game?

We received 18 votes in our poll – slightly less than in previous months but still great nonetheless – and received a range of additional answers from the community. Here’s the breakdown:

Poll answers:

  • 3 votes: ‘Romero’s Head’ in Doom II: Hell on Earth, submitted by Kevin from The Mental Attic
  • 3 votes: ‘There…
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    WWE Payback Results

    Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s recap post from last night’s Raw Exclusive Pay Per View event; Payback! You can read my prediction post by clicking here. Payback was the first event after Wrestlemania 33. Some of the story lines that developed after the ultimate thrill ride met up here at Payback. Let’s get into the matches!

    Kickoff Show- The kickoff show is where the night’s events are broken down by analysts. On this show we seen a match between tag teams Enzo and Cass versus The Club Gallows and Anderson. I didn’t do a prediction for this match since it was a kickoff match, but I was really happy when Enzo and Cass won!

    Also in the kickoff show we had Finn Balor as a special guest on Miz TV with the Miz and Maryse. After our hosts being denied entrance into the Balor Club (by the wwe universe and Finn Balor) the insults rained down unto Balor.  pb7  Results: Finn Balor derails Miz TV and shuts the Miz up!

    United States Championship Match- The first match up was between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. This match had a few glimpses of Wrestlemania where KO survived the Walls of Jericho by the TIP of his fingers lol. This match went the way I predicted and ushered in a new member of Smackdown.  pb6   Results: Chris Jericho wins the United States Championship!

    Crusierweight Championship Match- The next match up on the card was the Cruiserweight Championship match between King of the Cruiserweights Neville and the ever confident Austin Aries. If you recall these 2 met at Wrestlemania where Neville clawed at Aries’ eyes to retain his title. After Aries winning a #1 Contender match versus Jack Gallagher, TJP and Mustafa Ali (one of my new favorite cruiserweights) he set his sights back on the champion. My predictions were semi correct in this match.  pb5  Results: Austin Aries Wins!!!!! …. by disqualification so he is not the champion -_-. Well played Neville!

    Raw Tag Team Championship Match- The Raw Tag Team Champions the Hardy Boyz faced Sheamus and Cesaro in a match for the titles. This match was entertaining and after the “Sportsmanship” each team had shown each other the past 2 weeks on Raw you expected it to be a graceful exchange… or not. My prediction was pretty much spot on for this match. Results: The Hardy Boyz retain their titles… but Sheamus and Cesaro attack them after the match solidifying them as a Heel team.

    Raw Women’s Championship Match- Up next was a match that I was really eager to see. The Women’s Championship match between new Raw Superstar Alexa Bliss and the champ Bayley. I love Bayley but I actually like Alexa Bliss more. Here character suits her really well as a Heel and I’m super happy with the decision to change from a Face (Back in NXT) to a Heel character. There’s too many “Face” Superstars with titles right now so I’m not surprised by Alexa Bliss having a title shot. Prediction’s correct again.  pb3   Results: Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women’s Champion!

    Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe- It’s funny that the card for this Pay Per View thrusted all of the title matches first and saved the closing matches to non title, straight up brawls. My husband Seth Rollins defeated Triple H at Wrstlemania on his way to a new “Face” role at WWE. The path to redemption has to go through The Destroyer; Samoa Joe who made his debut onto the main roster by attacking The Architect on behalf of Triple H. This match has been brewing over the weeks and culminated with Samoa Joe locking in the Cocina Clutch on Rollins. My predictions held strong.  pb8  Results: Seth Rollins for the Win! F=Via rolling over and pinning Joe while he had the sleeper hold in rofl! Brains over Brawn prevails! 

    House of Horrors Match- The long awaited rematch between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt was pretty good. The House of Horrors match consisted of both Superstars meeting in well a creepy house to fight. They tore down the walls of the house and took us through the different rooms with haunting memories and dolls? lol. It was a pretty good match but it really could have taken place in the ring as I wasn’t that impressed with the “House” element.  pb2   Anyway Results: Bray Wyatt defeats Randy Orton.

    Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns- The main event was the Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman match. This match probably excited the WWE Universe the most becuase they want to see Roman beat down. I wasn’t really feeling this match but probably becuase I was upset lol. So you know the outcome (even though I wished my prediction would be rigt lol).  pb1  Results: Braun Strowman destroys Roman. Happy now WWE?

    The event was pretty good and entertaining to me. I’ve enjoyed the matches and most of my predictions were correct. What did you think of the event? What were your favorite matches or not so favorite moments? What do you think will happen now on tonight’s Monday Night Raw? Let’s talk WWE?

    -Luna 🙂


    Credits: WWE.Com