A Watchman To Look Out For


Hello all! Hope you’re having a good Saturday and excellent week! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things have been a bit hectic what with starting a new job and having life get back to normal, or semi-normal at the most.

Today I’m not writing on a Netflix/Hulu series (that won’t probably be till next week), but I’m writing on something else different–a book review! I used to write loads of these for my high school paper, and I didn’t see very many on them on here, so I figured I would write one for you all this weekend. You’re welcome. 🙂

The book I’m reviewing today is Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman. If the title sounds vaguely familiar, I did mention this novel in passing in one of my other reviews on this blog. It is closely related to To Kill A Mockingbird, which people are more acquainted with (whether by the original  book itself or the 1962 film adaptation). Even though it was written in the mid-1950s, it was not published until 2015, four years after being discovered in a safety deposit box. Now, I know there will be speculation about whether or not it is a sequel to Mockingbird, and I will leave that up to you completely. I’m just here to review it and nothing more.

Go Set A Watchman follows Jean Louise Finch (otherwise known as “Scout” and one of the main characters in Mockingbird as well) as she goes back home to Maycomb, Alabama, for an annual two week visit. She is now 26 years old, and living in New York where she has been working. As the novel progresses, we see events and revelations unfold that lead us to realize that things and people have changed since Mockingbird ended, leaving Jean Louise with more clarity and reflection–especially about her own father, Atticus.

I will admit, this novel is definitely not an easy read, and even more especially now, with the recent spike in racial issues and hate crimes. But it’s one that should not be missed or ignored either. Ever since I bought it, I have read it quite a few times since then. I give it a 5/5.

With that said, I hope all of you enjoyed this book review, and I will see you next week!


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Luna’s Blog (Lan) Partyyyy!

Happy Saturday Novas! I’ve finaly been able to set up this blog party and invite all of you to mingle and network with other blogs! Since we have reached the milestone of 300+ followers, I figured that now is the time to celebrate our community! The theme of this blog party will be video games, so I’m calling it Luna’s Lan Party! A Lan party is where gamers come together in the same room and play video games, hook up systems, host tournaments, etc.  Thank you once again for stopping by and without further adieu, let the party begin!

Party Rules:

  • Have Fun!
  • Mingle with others
  • Mention a Game that you have brought to the party
  • Leave a Link to your blog for others to find!

Alright, let’s get this party started. party1

The game that I have brought is a classic, Mario Party! Mario Party is an awesome way to game with friends and have fun in the competitive nature that Nintendo has intended. Along with the Mario Party games, I have also brought a great board game, Twister!

The comments are open and everyone is invited! Make sure to share the blog party with others so that they can join in on the fun!

Doki Doki Crate Unboxing W/ Xsanie!

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s unboxing post will be sponsored by my friend Stephanie (Xsanie). I spent last week with Steph in a different state and she received her Japanese goodies crate. A lightbulb popped in my head immediately and I asked her if we could feature the unboxing on the blog! She agreed and now, here we are!

This month’s theme was Back to School!


Stephanie loves the cutesy anime items, so she signs up for different subscription crates that ship internationally. The Doki Doki crates have cutesy items and collectibles that you can’t really find domestically.

Look, even the poster girl has one!

The Ball point pen was really cute and it pairs well with the Letter set and Notepad!

He’s realllly cute though!

The Totoro Cup she really loved (I have no idea who totoro is).

I tried to smuggle the owl home with me lol!

The plushie was really cute and her owl is white.

She received another Kakigori Hoppe Chan keychain. The funny part is that she broke the one on her phone the night before the crate arrived! Instant replacement. (I can’t find the picture that I took lol)


She also received this snack candy thing. It’s like Cheetos puffs, but they’re sweet and kind of weird. I didn’t like them because they were sweet but then had a fizzy taste, like soda. She loved it and so did everyone else who tried them lol.


It wouldn’t be an anime crate without a piece of clothing. This crate brought a cute ribbon that you can wear in your hair or on your clothes.

She was really happy with the items in her Doki Doki crate! Do you receive any international or uncommon subscription services? Let’s talk collectibles!

-Luna 🙂

Thank you for 300 Followers!

Hiya Novas! This week I’ve been taking a little break from writing on the blog (although I have pre-scheduled the posts being released daily) and I log into the site this morning to find that we’ve hit the 300 followers mark! Wow, thank you very much to all that decide to read our blog and ramblings. To celebrate, I’m going to take a hint from one of our lovely friends Holly over at BlogHollyBlog! Later next week I will post a Q & A and I would love for you all to ask me some questions that you would like to know. Please leave your questions in the comments and I will answer them in next week’s post!

As a part of the 300 Follower’s post, I’ve wanted to update you all on the projects that I am currently working on.

Upcoming projects

Enter a caption

Blogger’s Lan Party: Saturday we are finally going to host our very own Blog Party! the title of the post will most likely be something cheeky like a Lan Party or something, but I encourage everyone on the blog to stop by  and mingle with other bloggers! Since the theme it’s going to be a Lan Party, when you stop by, please mention a video game that you have brought to the party and leave a link to any blog post that you would like share with us. Next, mingle with guests, build new relationships, show off your dance skills and let’s live up the party!

Newsletter: I’ve decided to start releasing a Newsletter each month (starting on the first week of September). The Newsletter will have posts from our contributors, upcoming projects and spotlights on other great blogs included. There will be an official blog post released sometime next week with the details and how to sign up for the letter! Also, I will be asking for guest bloggers to contribute posts as well, very exciting.

Gaming Channel: My friend Emily and I are going to start a gaming YouTube channel showing off our competitive games and funny hi-jinks. The first video will be us playing Sonic Mania’s Competition mode! This will most likely go live mid September.

Community Gaming Leaderboards Challenge- Still working out the details for this event so it may be a while before it goes live. Pretty much we’re figuring out a way to have the Leaderboards from a game on Steam updated to the blog. Many kinks to work out still.

There’s a few more things in the works, but these are the most important projects at the moment. Also, please feel free to tell me what type of blog posts you really enjoy. The blog has produced great segments like the Ultimate TKO Fan Faction battles of 2 different characters and the Hidden Treasures post. If there’s anything you would like to see more of, just let me know!


Here are a few awesome blogs that you can check out in your spare time. Also, special shoutout to Maria and Nagems for contributing to the blog as well! When you see their posts on the blog, check them out!

  1. Adventure Rules – Ian refers to everyone as Adventurers and posts about different video game related topics. Currently, the blog has an excellent community event known as the #BloggerBlitz going on that myself and a few other bloggers are a part of. Check out the results tomorrow at 9am EST from my battle as The Joker against Teri Mae’s character Link and then check out previous battles as well!
  2.  Later Levels – Later Levels is a great blog mainly headed by Kim that talks about awesome gaming topics. You have a variety of posts and discussions and it’s one of my favorite gaming blogs!
  3. Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek – One of the first book blogs that I started following. He’s great, he’s sarcastic, he’s Drew and I LOVE IT! There’s a surge of content in his book reviews and poetry.
  4. AmbiGaming Blog – Athena is amazing and she provides real life conversations about how video games can affect an individual. There’s a variety of interesting topics addressed from gender roles to the consequences or lack there of, of video games.
  5. A Reluctant Hero– An underrated gaming blog hosted by Thero, that touches primarily on video games. He does unboxings for games in Steam and other great posts. Give him a try if you’re inclined!
  6. Reads & Reels- A fantastic blog that I have been following pretty much since I started about well books and movies! You’ve got to check out the daily posts from Shannanigans. She’s amazing and the reviews are well written.
  7. IgnitedMoth – A great eclectic mix of book,s comics, graphic novels, shows and more! Ignited Moth is another very near and dear blogger to my heart! She’s amazing and her posts are very entertaining.
  8. Arcane Halloween A great comic blog with an emphasis on fantastically funny posts and alliteration. We’re all “Agents” on the blog and you feel like a daring crime-fighter as you read each post!

There’s so many more amazing bloggers that I follow and love so please don’t think that I’ve left you out. I will do more shoutouts down the line. That’s all for today and again Thank you very much for stopping by!  The-Mask-Says-Thank-You-Animated-GifOh yeah, don’t forget to leave some questions for my Q & A post in the comments! Enjoy your weekend!

-A very happy Luna 🙂






Sky Islands Mobile Game Review!

Happy Thursday Novas! Earlier this week on the Friendly Trends post, I told you that my friend Stephanie introduced me to a new mobile game called Sky Islands, so why not write up a review?!

Title: Sky Island Anime Avatar World

Publisher: Suga Studio

Devices: Android Systems

Audience: Simulation Game Rated E (Everyone)

Premise: Sky Islands is a mobile MMORPG game that allows the players to make money by running a resort! You start off with a villa that you can decorate and rent out to patrons. Renting, cleaning and decorating the villas is your task. You can serve your guests food to gain additional money. Like any MMORPG Game you are able to fully customize your character’s appearance. Screenshot_20170819-123757

Gameplay: You are greeted by Milky; a cat butler that is sent to help and serve you. This game is very anime, so you are referred to as “Master” throughout the game.

You also take charge of a garden where you can grow different fruits. The fruits have different uses like serving customers food, upgrading items in your villas or dyeing your clothing and hair! You can unlock different hair styles, features, clothing and accessories at higher levels.Screenshot_20170819-123918

Mini Games- When you are waiting for tenants to leave or crops to grow, you can take advantage of different mini games to gain extra revenue. One of the most popular mini games will be the Pinata Party.

  1. Pinata Party At Pinata Parties each guest donates 2 candies when they enter the host’s hot spring. The host can start the party once 10 candies are received. When the party starts, pinatas will start popping up over your screen and your goal is to tap as many pinatas as possible before time runs out (kind of like whack a mole). The top 3 players get to click on a prize box to receve coins or gems. Everyone else gets 100 coins as a consolation prize.
  2. Cuttlefishing – Cuttlefishing is a mini game that you can play solo or with a group. There is a time limit and you use a boat with 3 different hooks to try and catch fish. The best method is to try and catch the most combined weight of the fish. the larger fish will be at the bottom and are often blocked by obstacles like rocks, while the smaller fish are closer to the boat and easier to catch. You win coins based on the most combined weight.
  3. Treasure Hunt – There’s a treasure hunt party in which 2 or more players try and collect the most treasures. The kicker with this game is that it’s mostly luck. You roll the die and take the number of steps displayed. To catch treasure, you have to land exactly on the treasure space; yup, you can pass right by the treasures and have to circle the map to get back. I do like that there are power-ups on the map that can help prevent others from winning.
  4. Word Guess – Every 2 hours players can head to a community park and participate in the word guess game. You will be given a question with a blank and you only need to guess the letter that is inside of the word used to complete the sentence or question. Even if you don’t know the answer, you can guess a letter and win!
  5. Hunting Area – The hunting area is my least favorte activity. It’s pretty much fishing, but you have to keep tapping the line to reel in the animal. The larger the animal, the harder it is to reel in. It’s not my cup of tea and it hurt my finger playing the game lol.

Quests and Areas – You can also earn money by completing various quests on the game. Each day, you wil have a list of Daily Quests to complete. Upon completion, you receive XP and coins. There are also developmental tasks that give you more exerience and coins than the daily tasks. Screenshot_20170819-123744

There are different areas that you can visit like the Community Park, Friend’s Hotspring, Hunting Area and Treasure Island. These areas can be accessed by clicking on the World Compass. Each area has a different mini game and activities.

There are additional community activities like Fashion Shows and Boss battles (I haven’t been on to play any of these events yet as they are more infrequent).

Final Thoughts: I really like the game. It is targeted to anime fans, and I think it is targeted a bit more towards females, but I’ve seen plenty of males playing as well. It’s a great social networking game; as you benefit more from having friends that can send you candies, needed for tasks like the Pinata Parties. I feel like the graphics are what you would expect from any anime type game and the colors definitely fit the part.

As with all of my reviews, my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” Sky Islands is listed below!


  • An addictive world building game like Farmville
  • Free To Play
  • A nice blend of activities


  • Do not like Player Development games
  • Can be Pay To Play to advance faster in the game
  • Prefer more action

Thank you for reading the mobile game review! Have you heard of Sky Islands? What type of mobile games are you currenlty playing? Let’s talk mobile gaming!

-Luna 🙂

Friendly Trends Ep 2: New Addictions

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading the second installation of the Friendly Trends post! This segment will pretty much discuss some of the trends that my friends have “Put Me On” to and it’s my way of sharing these trends with you! The first segment was me talking about some of the Guilty Pleasure trends that I was put on to. Check out that post by clicking here!

Today, we will go over a few new addictions that I was introduced to. Starting with a few YouTubers and music!

My co-worker Megan (nagems21) was telling me about some great YouTubers that perform covers to songs. William Singe and Alex Aiono perform some of the top songs today in collaboration and separately. They’re flipping amazing!!!! Here’s my favorite collaboration.

I now have discovered a few more awesome YouTubers who perform covers and I love it! Here’s another one of my favorite covers by Alex and it’s a song that Selena put me on to.

One of my best friends Stephanie got me hooked on this new mobile game called Sky Islands (game review coming soon). Sky Islands is pretty much a mobile RPG anime game where you make money running your very own villa! You grow crops, serve guests, play Pinata Parties and other little mini games, while you collect rent from renters at your villas. Steph has been playing this game for a few weeks now and she spends HOURS on it! It’s actually pretty fun. During my trip up their last week Stephanie, myself and her little sister were jumping into Pinata Parties and taking the top 3 spots everytime! Screenshot_20170815-161921

My friend Selena also put me on to different music that I wasn’t aware of. I go to Selena for the latest Hip Hop and R&B hits because she’s always “Woke” (her words lol). Some of the songs that she has put me on to is “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones, Torey Lane’s “Proud Family Remix” and “Or Nah” by Ty Dolla Sign. “Or Nah” is explicit so I recommend the edited version lol.

What are some new addictions that you were put on to by your friends? Do you find yourself developing new hobbies that your friends have? Let’s talk Friendly Trends!

-Luna 🙂




Late Night Thoughts: Writing Dilemmas!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading my discussion post at 3am in the morning! I have a dilemma and I would love to know your thoughts. I have prepped in advance posts that are scheduled to go up this week because I wanted to take a break from writing. I felt as if the quality of my posts were starting to decrease and feel rushed so I said that after Monday, I would take a break until Sunday. BUT NOW I HAVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS IN MY HEAD THAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! What should I do?


I think that taking a break is a great way to recharge and let your creativity reset. But what if it resets on it’s own before the time frame that you have slotted out? Should I continue taking the break or should I put pen to paper or words to laptop and let all of my ideas flow out? I think I’ve gotten in the habit of setting time aside each day to write something and now, I just feel like I should be writing. What woud you do?

Share your thoughts with me? What would you do? Should I continue the break or start back writing because the inspiration is there? What are some tips? Let’s talk, late night thoughts!

-Luna 🙂



Haiku Battle

Round 1


Erasers are pink
Who live on top of pencils
and Michael’s big head


Haikus are easy
But they don’t always make sense

Round 2


My cow gives less milk,
now that it has been eaten,
by a fierce dragon.


Your haikus are bad
I bet your dogs like me more

Round 3


Frank is your momma
and Sasha is a minion


Your haiku is lame
Their cow is less lame than you

Round 4


I am hungry now
and it is because of her
The girl next to you


Did you know goosebumps
actually means that you are
not really a goose?

Round 5


Michael thinks he’s cool
Michael thinks he is funny
He is in fact not


Nagems is hungry
Michael does not care at all
The fries are all mine

Hey guys, let us know how we did or who you think won!


Game of Thrones Ep 6: Beyond The Wall!

Happy Monday Novas! Man last night was a crazy night for TV! I had the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam and the new GOT episode. Needless to say, I didn’t get to bed until 3:30am. Today’s recap will not be in order of events, but more grouped together by relating scenes. Let’s jump into the recap and *Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert* inbound!

At the beginning of each episode there is a recap of previous events. Last night’s recap was the scene with Jon being given “Longclaw”  from Jorah’s father in the Night’s watch. Immediately you know that something is bound to happen between Jon and Jorah since they are both in the group Beyond the Wall, looking for a walker to take back. We catch up with our brave heroes beyond the wall where we can see the interactions of each character with another.  If you recall, last episode when everyone met up at the Wall, there was tension between each set of adventurers. There’s a quick a neat tie up of the issues lying between each each character during the opening segment.got Word’s spoken between Tormund and Jon will play a role later in the episode.

“Smart people don’t come up here looking for the dead!- Tormund

“The King beyond the wall never bend the knee. How many of his people died becuase of his pride?” – Tormund

Gendry confronts the Brotherhood without Banners about selling him to the red witch. Gendry wanted to join them and fight alongside of them, but we know how persuasive Melisandre can be. As Gendry is complaining about almost being killed by her, the Hound has some wise & hilarious words…

“This man’s been killed 6 times, you don’t hear him B******g about it!” – Hound

The Hound will offer up multiple funny scenes when he is pestered by Tormund. Tormund is one of my favorite characters along with the Hound and they both have similar personalities. The banter between the 2 was pretty funny and when Sandor figured out that Tormund fancies Brianne, the humor just piled on.

Jon and Jorah connect as Jon offers up Longclaw since he believe’s Jorah to be the rightful owner. Jorah of course declines because of the shame he has brought to his house.

Arya and Sansa speak again. This follows the event of Arya seeing the note that Sansa was forced to write to Rob in season 1. Arya prefaces the conversaion with a fond memory of her father watching and encouraging her. The talk quickly turns to Arya blaming Sansa for her father’s death and Sansa reacts by declaring that she won Winterfell! We know that Sansa brought the Knights off the Veil to the Battle of the Bastards (which I’m annoyed she didn’t just tell Jon that when they were trying to scrounge up allies), but pulling that card when Arya is already suspicious of her motives was a bad move in my opinion. Arya hits it right on the head, Sansa is afraid that the Northern Lords will not understand her position and turn on her.

Later on in the episode Littlefinger gets to Sansa and manipulates her again. He brings up Brianne (Sansa’s last trusted tie since he has destroyed her bond with Arya) and drops little suggestions about Brianne being obligated to interfere if a fight between Arya and Sansa occurs. At first I’m thinking that he is hinting that Brianne will protect the sisters from killling each other… but of course, that is not Littlefinger’s style is it. He’s looking for a sly way to break Sansa’s ties with anyone close. Of course, she falls for the bait and sends Brianne off to Kingslanding with Podrick. Littlefinger has successfully isolated Sansa.

The most cringy scene of the episode was when Arya sneaks up on Sansa. Sansa was snooping for the note that could make things very difficult for her. I can’t say that  Sansa is directly wanting to be Queen of the North, but her actions and the way the Littlefinger is pigeon holing her makes it seem as if she is. Sansa has of course had the thoughts about being the rightful ruler of the North, she is the trueborn daughter of the Starks and she did bring the reinforcements at the Battle of the Bastards. Let’s be honest, if I were Sansa, I would probably at least have the thoguht. We are defined by our actions and not our thoughts, so judging Sansa, even though I’m not a fan of hers, would be unfair.

Don’t separate your friends Sansa!

I really hope that she doesn’t fall for Littlefinger’s tricks next week but with no allies at her immediate side it’s feeling like a deer in headlights type of thing.

The fight scene beyond the wall was one of the most anticipated moments of last night’s episode. After tackling an undead bear, the group beyond the wall finally comes across their target; the undead army. This initial battle scene served 2 purposes in my mind, first they were able to trap a white walker to take back to King’s Landing. But most importantly was the discovery that killing a walker that turned the others would kill them as well. So essentially they do not have to defeat the entire undead army, but rather the leaders to win the battle of the long night. This information is going to play a huge role most likely next season.

I want to mention that I am super impressed that the undead army isn’t brainless! I have to admit that I thought fighting the wlakers would be similar to The Walking Dead, with them being brainless and inept to come up with battle strategies. I WAS WRONG!!! They hear, understand and come up with complex strategies as if they are still human. Remember when the Hound was throwing rocks? One soldier realized that the fragile surface once preventing the army from colliding with the group was now stable enough for them to cross. And then there’s the Night King! Wowwwwww!

We didn’t get a glimps at Cersei in King’s Landing this episode, but for the season finale everyone’s going to meet up. Who knows what traps are being set and what strategies are being drawn up. I know the season finale will be very dramatic and intense and I can’t wait! Also, we will be catching up with the Unsullied who I guess were not really affected by the disaster at Casterly Rock. Surprisingly, we didn’t lose too many people other than the random characters with the Brotherhood. The only major characters lost was Thorros and a Dragon, I want to say Visceron, which means that things will be bloody next week.

Other notable Scenes:

  • Tyrion taking Varys’ advice and challenging Dany for what he thinks is right
  • Jon and Berric talking about their roles in this war
  • Uncle Benjin coming in like a boss to save Jon
  • Jon and Dany’s undeniable connection
  • The Night King’s intelligence to control a dragon

Now for my favorite part, the best quotes of the night!

“How did a mad F***er like you live this long? – Hound

“I’m good at killing people!” -Tormund

“What are you fighting for?”  Jon. “Life. Death is the enemy, the 1st enemy and the last.” – Berric.

“I am the shield that guards the realm of men.” – Jon

“You’re angry Sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things.” – Sansa

“Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things. I’ll go with anger.” – Arya

“You know what I like about you, you’re not a Hero. Heroes get killed.” Dany

I think that the main raw of next week will be Cersei coming face to face with everyone that she has harmed. the meeting of the potential rulers will not go as smoothly as everyone hopes. Even with Cersei seeing the white walker, I do not think that she will ease up on her plots to keep the throne. What did you say to Ned in season 1? “When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

What did you think of last night’s episode? What are your predictions for the season finale? Who do you think will be killed off in anyone? Let’s talk GOT!

-Luna 🙂