Luna’s Rankings: RPG Games!

Happy Tuesday Players! It’s time for another one of my rankings for the week! Today we are ranking my top RPG (Role Playing Games) from my least favorite to my favorite! Let’s see who makes the list today! Role Playing games are a staple in the video game world! They allow us to create characters, take on missions and even choose between some morally awkward situations. Each game offers something unique and different, that’s why I am ranking my top games from the RPG games that I have played!

Fable III – Fable III hits the bottom of the list for one reason; I could never finish it!   Fable IIIWhy? Well because this game was horrible, not in design or play through because all of that was great! It was horrible because of the choices that you had to make. You played as a Monarch and you had to overthrow your evil sibling from the throne. This of course now makes you the leader of the realm and you start to see why your brother was making choices that to the outside world seemed cruel. The choices that you make have consequences either way. Let’s just say that sparing a villager who committed a petty crime, could in turn cause hundreds to die. That game sucked just because of the choices lol.

Elder Scrolls Online – ESO is a really great game.  eso  This game takes the magic and wonder of Oblivion and Skyrim and adds in the multiplayer element that I completely love. Elder Scrolls takes on the same premise as all their games in Bethseda’s history, however, now we have factions and we can play with friends. During the midnight release all of my friends selected Aldemeri Dominion to start and we had… well we had difficulty getting into the server that night. I believe we were finally able to log in about 4 hours after the fact. This first impression is probably why ESO fell down in the rankings for me. But once we were in, we were able to have fun until the passion for the game burned out. Although I’m not currently interested in ESO, it is a game that I will always come back to!

Fable – The original Fable started my RPG gaming adventure!  fable  If you read my Evolution of A Gamer post, you will remember that I was gifted with my brother’s Xbox when the Xbox 360 released. Along with the system he gave me a few games and among them was the first Fable game (side not my brother Kenny never played it lol). This was the first game that I completed the story mode by myself! I didn’t ask for my brother’s help and I just grinded it out! The ability to make your own choices in the game and have free range (mostly) to steal or marry was a new development at the time of Fable’s release.

Fable II comes in at the number 3 slot.   fable II  It almost made it to number 1 but I have such fond memories of the game that occupies that ranking on my list. Fable II was an awesome game! I remember getting the game when it released and playing through the story. I loved that you were able to combine spells in this game and the option to select a female character was a bonus. The story was amazing and I had fun just playing side missions or making money as a Pie Maker! Don’t forget about all of the fun of kicking chickens!This game was a bit of a hack though,. When you went to the ton square in Bowerstone you could meet up with your friends (floating as orbs) and give each other money. My one friend gave us all 1 million dollars lol.

Phantasy Star Universe –  psu  PSU was an online MMORPG game that I played with friends back in the Xbox 360 days! This was one of my first experiences with upgrading weapons and grinding missions to receive gear.  I played as a mage class and I would always look for the best spells and staffs in the game. I vaguely remember having this one spell that would cast meteors from my staff. After upgrading it I could morph the move into casting meteors from the sky. I loved PSU because it taught me that the magic you used would be dependent on the type of creature you were facing. Similar to Pokemon, you went farther if you used magical spells that were super effective against the enemy. PSU also gave the added element of customization for not only your character (4th floor of the mall am I right?) but also for your room. I had trophies from defeating  bosses like De-Ragan or my personal favorite the Rappy Statues (they look like chocobos lol).

PSU had it all and I loved the interaction with other players. You could present moves, dances and even phrases.  PSU was an awesome game and I was sad when the servers closed for it.

Oblivion takes the number 1 spot for me because it is the first RPG game that I really delve into.  oblivion  This game set the standard for the Elder Scrolls Game for me and I am so grateful to have discovered it. My fondest memory was being a part of the Fighter’s Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood at the same time. I was running all over the place with the different side missions and contracts that I was to fulfill. Each play-thorugh I would make a Khajit (cat character) and level up my stats for stealth and agility. Needless to say, I’m always a thief or assassin! !  I spent HOURS on Oblivion and I still don’t believe that I completed everything that there was to do. The replay value of this game was amazing, because you could make alternate characters give them different skills.

Those are my rankings for my top RPG Games! What did I miss? What are your favorite RPG’s? Let’s talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂



Gamer’s Log: Part 3!

Happy Monday Novas and Players! Thank you for tuning into today’s post that will be a log of my current games and progress.

Roblox: Restaurant Tycoon –   restaurant  So with the addition of my new gaming PC I have downloaded and been playing games with it for the past week. If you recall, I did a Hidden Treasures post on the sandbox game Roblox a while back, you can read that post here! This week I started playing the mini game Restaurant Tycoon! Restaurant Tycoon is a game where you can customize and run your own Restaurant.  You have “Ekea” to shop for furnishings and you can hire staff. I started with a British Pub type feel but my restaurant quickly turned into a Family Style dining location! Checkpoint: I’ve completed all of the upgrades so now I’m just paying for fun!

Destiny 2 –   destiny3  So I’m working on my Destiny 2 review and that will be up in a few weeks. The First Impressions post will be up most likely Monday morning. Checkpoint: I’ve completed the story and am working on reaching 270 so that I can play the Raid. Currently, I’m at 250. Also, I’m undefeated in solo Crucible games at the moment. The game is really fun! check out the First Impressions post by clicking here!

Topps WWE Slam Cards- I have been slacking on my WWE trading card game. I log in everyday to collect my free coins, but I haven’t been going after sets like I normally am. Checkpoint: I received a specialty Seth Rollins Card from the No Mercy Pay Per View!!! All is right with the world lol. I also received some cool WWE Zombies cards this past week. If you want to add me to trade cards, my name is Luna26x.

Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist- I’ve been trying to complete all of the story modes in my Yugioh game! This game is really fun and I’m building different battle packas. I may play online tonight. Checkpoint: about 42% through the Yugioh GX story mode. 2 more to go after this one I believe.

Duelyst –   duelyst-2  This is a new card game that was recommended to me on my Facebook feed. It looks comparable to Smite Tactics where you select a champion and battle using the cards in your hand to defeat the other champion. I’ve played the tutorial and started story mode and this game looks fun so far. Checkpoint: I’ve played a few online battles!

Fortnite –   fortnite-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-24may17  Fortnite Battle Royale was available to download for free on PS4 so I have been playing. There’s no leveling up or anything unless you purchase the full game, but I’ve quite enjoyed jumping out of the bus and scavenging for goods among 100 other players. First Impressions Post coming later this week! Checkpoint: I’m just playing the Battle Royale mode since the survival mode in the game is unavailable.

Asteroid Challenge –   asteroid-challenge-trailer.mp4  I’m working on an asteroid shooter mobile game review so I have been playing the Asteroid Challenge game on my phone. This game is pretty awesome and I can feel myself slowly sinking deeper, and deeper into the game. Full review will be up later this week. Checkpoint: Battling through Asteroids!

Those are the games that I am currently playing at the moment. Which games are taking up your free time? Do you have any goals for your current games? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂



Bloggers Thoughts: Going from Players to Professionals!

Hiya Players and Novas! Today’s post will be a discussion post on the recent changes that I have been making on the blog. I really enjoy blogging, point blank. I am very social in real life so blogging and being social online is something that naturally appeals to me. I have met so many wonderful bloggers, gamers and downright awesome people so I want to keep on chugging! Recently I have added a few more bloggers to GamersUnitedGG so that we can increase the range of posts and diversity on the blog. The newest blogger to join us is Dale & his posts will show up as BTDPress! Check out his first post on The Psychology of Gaming here! Welcome to the team Dale!


I’ve been making some changes and upgrades to gain more exposure for the blog. We have a few social media outlets in which you can stop by and read/interact with the posts. My goal is to have a fully functioning blog that represents the gaming and geek culture. With that said I am branching out and trying to change a few minor things on the blog.

  1. The First Impression & Game Review Posts – will now have a ranking at the end of the post. This will appear directly below the Play/Skip sections. I saw a great option for Hearts on the DoubleJump blog that I may use.
  2. Dedication – I’m going to strive to have at least 1 First Impressions or full Game Review every 2 weeks. (I want to have one weekly but I figured I should start slow first lol)
  3. Patreon – I have been seeing a few of my blogging buddies have started using Patreon to help fund their efforts in blogging. I am setting up a Patreon account and it will go live soon for anyone interested in helping support our efforts.
  4. Activities – I am trying to be more active with the blogging community as a whole (Twitter, Tumblr, etc). The minor problem is that my job has now thrown off my work/blog balance (which is why I haven’t posted in 2 days) so I need to come up with another way to stabilize.


Current Projects:

  1. Halloween Challenge/ Guest Blog Posts – The Guest Blog Post for this week is Zombie Survival. There’s still time to enter your 500 words or less response to How will you survive. Enter and link your post on the original post for use to read!
  2. Game Review – I found a gaming company that wanted bloggers to review their mobile game. This will be our first request to review a game post so I’m making sure that I am thoroughly playing the game.
  3. October’s Question of the Month- Read our Question of the Month post on the video game mercenary that we would hire and then check out our blogging buddies responses! You can vote for your favorite over at Later Levels by clicking here! Their post goes up October 16th!
  4. NaNoWriMo – I am planning to participate in the National November Writer’s Month Challenge where you would write 50,000 words on a novel. This is my first undertaking of the challenge and I want to do well so I am outlining the story that I would like to work on.
  5. Collaborations – I love collaborating with other bloggers. I am looking to do more collaboration posts. If you would like to collaborate email us or comment below!
  6. Book Review The King’s Curse- so I started reading the Kings Curse again and it got realllll interesting. I’m about a 3rd of the way through so I look to finish the book and the review by the end of the month.

That’s what we’re working on so far. What are you currently working on? What are your plans? Are you making any upgrades or changes to your blog or blogging process? How are you going from Player to Professional? Let’s talk blogging!

Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂


October’s Question of the Month!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for tuning into today’s post which is my response to Later Level’s Question of the Month! Each month our friends over at Later Levels poses a question of the month and have readers vote on the best answer! The question that was selected was submitted by Imitaz , let’s see what we are working with:

If you had to pick a video game mercenary, who would you choose?

Ohhh mercenaries huh! I have a few in mind that would be a great choice for this month’s topic! I’m going to briefly go over some great mercenaries and then unveil my answer and choice!

Notable Mercenaries:

The Dark Brotherhood (Oblivion and Elder Scrolls Series)- If you’ve ever played any of the Elder Scroll series, you know that you are able to join different Guilds or Organizations. There’s the Fighter’s Guild where you prove your might in battles, the Mages Guild where you take on quests to assist in Magic and my personal favorite The Thieves Guild where you pretty much steal and sell off items to a “Fence.” Among all of the Guilds, the best mercenaries could be found in the Dark Brtherhood! The Dark Brotherhood is essentially a gang of assassins that are contracted to take out their target.

dark brotherhood
You have specific ways to take out the targets!

They are stealthy, efficient and never caught. This would be an excellent pick but because it’s more than 1 person this is not my pick today!

Fox Mcloud (StarFox Series)- Fox Mcloud is a great character in the StarFox series. He is essentially a hired gun and he roams around doing missions for the StarFox crew. Now that I think about it, he reminds me of Han Solo from Star Wars! While this is an excellent pick, I haven’t played too much of StarFox to make him my top pick. I have played with him plenty of times in Super Smash Brothers and he is agile, quick and fierce when he shoots his pistol! fox

My pick… Drum roll please….

Jesse MCcree (Overwatch Series) – That’s right! I would choose Mccree from Overwatch as my “Hired Gun” (get it, get it. Mccree is already a Bounty Hunter so he will be up for the job. His special ability and parter The Peacekeeper makes sure that he hits his target every time! Dead-Shot will make sure that he never misses so you can be sure that your target will be taken out.

Tell me he’s not getting the job done??? Lol

His agility and quick speed will also make him a hard opponent to defeat.

Thank you for reading today’s post and come back on Friday to vote for your favorites on the Later Levels Blog! Who would you choose as a mercenary? Who are your favorites? Let’s talk Video Game Characters!

-Luna 🙂


Halloween Story Challenge!

Check out Week 2’s theme and Enter the Writing Challenge! Posts due by Sunday Night!

GamersUnitedGG Blog

Happy Monday Players and thank you for turning on GamersUnitedGG! Last week we started a Guest Blog Challenge in which we want you guys to write short stories (500 words or less) in regards to our themes and submit them! The prize, well recognition of course, a spot on our Game Credits thank you page with your blog linked and a Guest Blog Post on GamersUnitedGG! We love interacting with the community and we’d love to get more bloggers to be featured on the site so have fun and participate!

Here’s my thoughts on the posts submitted:

I loved how Chris described the scenery of the mansion. He exhibited video game tendencies by allowing the reader to see the choices that were before him. I really felt like I was playing the game alongside of Chris and it was a big plus!  We’ve all been there choosing the wrong path…

View original post 499 more words

First Impressions: Destiny 2!

Hiya Novas and Players! Thank you for reading today’s First Impressions post of the new release, Destiny 2! Sooo this review has been completed for about 2 weeks, but my clips wouldn’t upload lol. The First Impression Posts are a brief overview of the game and what I like or dislike about it so far. The full game review will come at a later date when I am able to complete all of the main components of the game.

Backstory: So I thought that it would be appropriate to provide a little bit of a backstory on me and Destiny! Sooo… I never played the first one. My online friends have been telling me since the release date to play the game, because Bungie made it. I would shareplay with my friend Decaying Senpai all of the time, yet I never really built up an interest to go and get the game or even try it. Lately I have been having more of an open mind when it comes to playing games that do not interest me. Anyway fast forward to the review!

First Impressions: I COMPLETELY LOVE THE GAME!!!!! Well so far that is. Destiny has sooo much going on that if you get bored with one type of gameplay, you can transition to another. Destiny in a nutshell is a First Person Shooter (FPS) mixed with an RPG (Role Playing Game). I have completed the story which is fantastic at the moment. I find myself particularly drawn to Cayde-6 who is a robot Hunter.  destiny1  It’s cinematic excellence and the story makes sense.

I have also played other things like the multiplayer Crucible and public events.

Story: The story follows the new Guardian (which is the character that you create) as their world is threatened by  a leader known as Dominus! Side note: If you remember from my Halo Wars 2 Review, Bungie (who also made Halo Wars 2) inserted a similar character known as Decimus! I found that the antagonist in this story had similar motives and personality traits. Anyway, Dominus is taking the “light” which is the source of power for all guardians.   destiny2  Your job is to try and get that light back and save your home! I do like the missions, they are a bit too long in some cases then what I am used to, but it’s a great way to binge play the day away.

Side Quests: During the story, you unlock different planets like EDZ (Earth Dead Zone), Titan and Nessus. Each planet has a mob for you to face and side quests. These quests are known as “Adventures” and can help you level up or receive rewards. Side quests so far, do not seem as long as the main story missions.

Public Events: Public events happen continuosuly throughout the day. These are short battles with the enemy alongside other Guardians and Friends! The shortest things that you can do in the game, the public event has you facing off against loads of mobs and a few giant bosses to collect your loot!

The Crucible: The Crucible is the online multiplayer, competitive aspect of Destiny 2! You are able to play games such as Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and even Search and Destroy (gamemodes from COD but I don’t remember their names in Destiny). I haven’t played many Crucible games as of yet because I want to complete the story and reach level 20 first (currently lvl 18).

There’s plenty more to enjoy in Destiny like Raids and other events. I haven’t been able to play them as of yet, but I have seen them via share play.

I really enjoy the game so far and I can see myself getting lost in playing hours of Destiny 2. There’s far more to experience and do, but since this is not a full review post, I will just give you some of my thoughts via the Play and Skip sections!


  • Endless activities to keep you occupied
  • A fantastic story with awesome graphics and music
  • Customization and Social fluidness (you can download the app and find Guardians to play with)


  • Missions are too long for you to play
  • Not a fan of FPS

Those are my first impressions of Destiny 2! What are your thoughts on the game? Are you currently playing Destiny 2? Also, feel free to provide your username if you would like to play sometime, mines is Luna26x! Let’s talk Destiny 2!

-Luna 🙂

The Psychology of Gaming

“The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience. There is no winning or losing, but rather the value is in the experience of imagining yourself as a character in whatever genre you’re involved in, whether it’s a fantasy game, the Wild West, secret agents or whatever else. You get to sort of vicariously experience those things.”
– Gary Gygax

Roleplaying in any game is a unique opportunity to escape into the lives of a constructed persona, to live lives of adventure and cunning, battle and espionage. Tabletop games especially, such as Dungeons & Dragons, provide yet another critical aspect to this vicarious living – social interaction. Whether physically surrounded by friends or strangers, or communicating by headphone over the internet, gaming allows players to create their own story instead of just reading one that is already written. The unpredictability of the campaign is what is so compelling and often addicting, since with every conversation or combat encounter, everything could completely change. When I first started gaming, as an actor I was thrilled at the opportunity to perform and take on the personas of my characters. I would often make dozens at a time, even if I would only end up playing one, just to feel the rush of creation. But the performance aspect of roleplaying turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. By exploring the minds of the characters, I inadvertently discovered I was exploring my own mind as well.

One thing I had begun to notice over the years was that no one makes a character without reason. Something about their personality or backstory appeals to the player, and the player often injects the same traits into multiple characters – often without noticing. This develops a core pattern of the mutual psychology of gaming. Simple put, characters become reflections of the players. Most often when I’ve brought this up to players, they were completely unaware of this. Some players make the same types of characters over and over, while others are all over the map with a few unifying traits.

For example, a good friend of mine had a character whose father was addicted to painkillers and her goal was to find an “out” for him. I somewhat jokingly pointed out that all of her characters are either distanced from their parents, or helping them deal with addiction in some way. She later admitted that her real mother was currently suffering from addition and at risk of losing everything. She had never noticed the similarities in her characters until I said something.

Because characters become an extension of the player’s psyche, there are times the player can feel exposed or agitated when that extension is pointed out. Recently I played with someone who created a drunken drifter with no motivation. When I as the Narrator started asking why the character fell into drink, what he was hiding from, and what he wanted to do before becoming a drink, the female player grew rather angry and admitted that there were “personal reasons” behind the character. Soon thereafter the player quit the group.

Another player who expressed an interest in joining revealed an even darker side of human psychology. He asked if I’d allow a secretly evil character into the group, and this began a long discussion on why he felt butchering civilians and releasing plagues on innocent populations could be justified. I counter-argued, expressing my belief that because the rest of the party was good in nature they wouldn’t stand for it and would likely attack, abandon, or arrest his character. That’s when things started to get “real.” He compared the situation to real life and said, for example, “if we were best friends and I killed someone because he annoyed me, would you help me bury the body or coldly call the police despite everything we mean to each other.” This opened an entirely new can of worms. When I started discussing the fact that most humans have a moral and legal compass that would prevent them from assisting in murder, he claimed I had no concept of human psychology and promptly left. Needless to say it was a rather harrowing experience that made me realize just how deeply embedded psychology and mental relations are to the gaming experience.

Over the years I seem to have attracted players who have many deep-seeded issues that we’ve been able to address and, in some cases, heal through roleplaying. It’s a calling and responsibility I don’t take lightly. I’ve learned not to ignore players others may consider problematic. Instead I do my best to understand why players play certain characters in certain ways, good or evil. Even the lack of motivation or depth of character speaks volumes to me. In my opinion, there are no lazy gamers. Players participate in roleplaying games to portray a character and interact with in a social environment, which takes dedication and initiative. So to go through the process of finding or forming a group, getting a character created, and then keeping up with them on a weekly basis, having a background such as “his family was killed, and now he just drinks and takes up mercenary work all day” says to me that the player has issues delving into their own psyche. That’s why the character has none to probe. So, by chipping away at the lone-wolf, murder-hobo exterior of two-dimensional characters, it’s entirely possible to uncover a cavern of suppressed emotions, personal history, and family life. While I personally don’t force any player to self-analyze, nor do I recommend others press the issue, it’s worth noting that every character is in fact a manifested mask covering the face of the player. Some are comical, some serious, some valiant, some violent – but all are worth seeing with new eyes and an open heart.

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Overthrown Poem.

The battle was over and my house was crowned,

To rule the nation as the prince’s in town,

I was forth in line so I knew not how to lead,

Until the rebellion struck, now my brothers do bleed.

I need an heir to secure our reign,

Though I’ve hated her for my family she’s slain,

Her house is greedy but will never overthrow,

The house of Begirie, best in the world.

Happy Tuesday Novas! Starting tomorrow I will post a short story every Wednesday in connection to this poem. It will be a 4 segment series.

10/9/17 Monday Night Raw Recap & Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Normally I have small WWE posts here and there but mainly I try to cover the Pay Per View events. The last 2 nights for WWE have been pretty awesome and last night’s Monday Night Raw was so amazing, that I had to talk about it today! Please be advised that there are spoilers in the post! If you haven’t watched yet, stop reading. This is your official **SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!**

If you have checked Twitter or anything WWE related since about 8:10pm EST last night, you would have seen the crazy trend of #TheShield! It’s not nostalgia, it’s not a rumor, it’s a full blown fact now! Roman Reigns interrupted the Miz’s “Mizzie Awards” to pick a fight. When Miz challenged the Shield reunion rumors Roman Reigns only had this to say “Rumors, who said anything about RUMORS?”


It finally happened. After teasing us for sooooo long, WWE finally pulled the trigger in the building that The Shield both debuted and destroyed, our favorite faction resurrected!  I was beyond ecstatic that the Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro kept poking and prodding. You knew that eventually, if even for a night or a match that the Shield would come back. Get this, they have a match at TLC and Shirts!!! But on to that in a moment.

The Shield ran amuck on a tear throughout the night as only the Hounds of Justice could. But Miz and Friends weren’t their only target. The Shield went “Monster Hunting” in the words of Michael Cole. After Strowman defeated Matt Hardy, he tried to take his body with him back to the locker room. Who do you think stood in his way?


The Shield and they put Strowman through the announcers table. The match between the 3 vigilantes will be against the Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro ANDDDD Strowman! It’s set for the main event at TLC. It’s a Tables, Ladders and Chair Match and I cannot wait!

They’re getting a start on Tables, Ladders & Chairs!

 Side Note: This has to be our main event because wack Lesner isn’t wrestling with the Universal Title ughhhh.

Luna’s Thoughts on The Shield: This is a great move for Monday Night Raw. Reuniting the Shield accomplishes 2 things in my mind. It sets up (hopefully) a Shield versus Club match for Wrestlemania, but more importantly, it draws in the once strayed fans back to the hip of Roman Reigns. With the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose by his side, the fans can’t help but cheer any efforts Reigns will make in the coming months.

Welcome back Boys!

The Shield brings a brand new dynamic to Raw and I don’t think it will be long before Reigns is holding a title with the WWE Universe’s approval.

Ok, Ok all of the recap post will not be my admiration and praise of The Shield. Raw was a really good show last night. We had a fatal 5 way Women’s Elimination match for the chance to be Asuka’s first opponent at TLC. Now Asuka is an amazing Superstar finally brought up from NXT. She is fierce, strong and her character is very believable. She had NXT chanting “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” for about 2 years now. Facing her first on her main roster debut could go 1 of 2 ways; Either you pit her against a great, well established Superstar to showcase her true talents and credibility or you pit her against a mid level talent and let her dominance be known off rip. The fatal 5 way participants were Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox, Emma and Dana Brooke. Not a bad lineup.


The match was pretty good but a few miscues were noticeable. I love seeing Dana Brooke back in the mix of the Women’s division action because she’s a hard worker. She actually displayed a few new moves like her cart wheel corner bomb and somersault. The eliminations went as follows Dana Brooke and Bayley were eliminated quickly. This left Sasha Banks, Emma and Alicia Fox. Who do you think won? Nope. Emma! Yup, Emma snuck in while Sasha Banks made Alicia Fox tap and rolled up Sasha for a quick pin. So Asuka is going to have a dominant debut. In the words of the NXT fans, Emma… Asuka’s Gonna Kill You! lol.

The Main Event of Raw was a Crusierweight Title Match between Kalisto and Champion Enzo Amore. This match was decided by Kurt Angle when Enzo kept running his mouth about the No Contact clause. This fueled the GM to set not only a title match for that evening, but a Lumberjack match. The entire Cruiserweight division circled the ring and participated in the match, both throwing Enzo and Kalisto back in the ring and taking out aggression against each other.

This suplex from the top rope had the fans chanting This Is Awesome (one of the first times I can remember the chant for the Cruiserweights!)

It was very entertaining and I hope that this match really prompts WWE fans to watch 205 live. The Crusierweights are really amazing.

This match was entertaining because Enzo ACTUALLY wrestled! We’re use to Enzo taking cheap shots and doing the smack talking, but he really showed some technique out there tonight. It’s a great sight to behold. Due to interference from Mustafa Ali pulling Kalisto out of a pin, Kalisto was able to regain and hit the Selina Del Sol off of the top rope n Enzo. Ladies and Gentlemen,  we have our new Cruiserweight Champion… KALISTO! kalisto

Other Highlights From the Night:

  • Finn Balor met Sister Abigail – I’m really over the Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor feud. Balor has beaten him a few times and to be honest, I don’t understand why he is not in more high profile matches (like a title match). Balor is extremely talented and Bray Wyatt’s antics are starting to run stale. WE will see where this Sister Abigail thing leads. My guess would be her versus the Demon King.
  • Titus O’ Neil played his Banjo for Elias – Elias Samson is a pretty good in ring competitor. His whole drifter thing, while not my taste is a character that he has been developing since NXT. His feud with Titus Brand (currently Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil… what happened to Tozawa btw?) is not peaking my interest at the moment.
  • Mickie James received her title match versus Alexa Bliss at TLC – After defeating Nia Jax in a match, Kurt Angle rewarded the 6 time Women’s Championship with a title match at TLC. While I’m not sure if she will get the title, this feud is a repeat of their time on Smackdown Live.
  • Jason Jordan & The Club feud continues – Jason Jordan continues to feud with the The Club Luke Gallows and Karl Andersen. As Booker T said last night, he’s trying to get gold on his first time out and it seems like he is trying too hard. His character is a Face character but I’m not too sure many fans like him. At least this feud is more his speed, we will see where it takes him.

Those are my thoughts and a quick recap of last nights Monday Night RAW. What did you think about the night? Are you happy to see The Shield? How do you think things will unfold at TLC? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




Luna’s Rankings FT. Emily: Horror Games!

Happy Tuesday Players! We have another cameo by our favorite graphic artist, Emily and twice this week! Emily is an advent Horror Gaming fan so I wanted her to help out with this week’s Rankings post! Let’s see what her favorite Horror Games of all time are and list them from worst to best! It’s a top 10 list today so hold on to your seats and don’t open the door with the blood running down the side!

10-  Clock_Tower_1_Game Clock Tower was one of the first survival horror games I played that did not offer any type weapon for protection which is why this game made the list. This was a new concept that stressed me out when playing. Basically, you are a helpless girl trying to escape from an unstoppable creature that is fixated on killing you with a huge pair of scissors.  The only way to protect yourself is to hope you found the perfect hiding spot.

9-  FEAR_DVD_box_art F.E.A.R is unique video game that couples a first person shooter game with survival horror.  You are part of a Special Forces team called in to contain a supernatural phenomenon. This game makes the list because it avoids predictability with the source of horror coming from a ghostly little girl that resembles the character from the movie The Ring and if that’s not scary, I am not sure what is people.

8-  outlast Outlast Trinity contains all 3 outlast games. Although these games were released a while ago the trinity option is fairly recent. Outlast is a psychological horror game that takes place in the remote mountains of Colorado in an abandoned Asylum. The game mixes science and religion to produce a terrifying journey when trying to find your way out. This game made the cut because, well… why not? Tell me something scarier than an abandoned Asylum other than bills…I’ll wait…

7-  dead space Dead Space, you just made the list because this is probably one of the most uneasy games I’ve played so far. This game take place in 2508 and Earth is now uninhabitable causing humans to explore other planets for resources. A man made spacecraft designed to track planets and extract their resources has saved the earth by bringing back the resources year after year. However, this mankind saving spacecraft has just sent a distress signal resulting in earth dispatching a team to investigate.  Once you land on the spacecraft under investigation there is no way off because you damaged your own spacecraft in the process, you soon realized the ship was abandoned, but why? This game leaves you scared to find out more but with the pressure of mankind’s existence on your shoulders, can you really refuse?

6-  silent hill 4 Silent Hill 4 is a horror game that also contains mystery. You play as Henry living in South Ashfield Heights which is just a short ways from the town of Silent Hill. You wake up one day to realize you are trapped in your apartment “number 302”. Now at first, not having to go to work or socialize sounds great but when you realize there’s no cable it’s time to try and find a way out. After being trapped for a few days with no success in escaping, a hole appears in the bathroom wall of the apartment and Henry decides to take the risk of exploring it only to find out the “portal” leads him to different worlds where he witnesses the murders of people who are stuck in corresponding realms just like him.

5-  Silent-Hill-2-2 Silent Hill 2 is one of the scariest Silent Hill installments I’ve played for numerous reasons. The game takes place in the town of Silent Hill and you play as James Sunderland. Although his wife died years ago he receives a letter stating she is waiting for him in their “special place” located in Silent Hill. All places in the beautiful thriving town of silent Hill is their special place which confuses James but sends him on a journey to find his wife. After realizing the town is no longer the same, there is no turning back but the scariest part of the game is encountering Pyramid head which is a huge humanoid monster with a metal pyramid as its head. Pyramid Head pursues you throughout the game and attempts to kill you on numerous occasions but when you’re not encountering him you’re stuck in town with a dense fog and a static radio that goes off whenever a creature is near you but to make it worse, you can’t always see where the monsters are or where they’re coming from. If this doesn’t raise your anxiety level I don’t know what will.

4-  resident_evil_2_claire_and_leon_by_evanodinson-d6uztty Resident Evil 2 take place in Raccoon City  2 months after Resident Evil and was released as a 2 part game with the ability to play as Leon S. Kennedy the rookie cop from the local Police Department or Clair Redfield a college student looking for her brother Chris Redfield. After arriving in Raccoon City they soon meet up unexpectedly to realize the city is infected with “monsters” they decide to make their way to the Police Department for protection but it turns out they’re all dead too… or at least walking around looking for a snack. The way you came into Raccoon City is no longer an option for a way out so now it’s up to you to locate another way to leave the city with occasional help from Leon or Clair depending on who you select to play as. Of course puzzles are incorporated into game cause who wouldn’t love to solve a puzzle while trying not to be eaten by zombies?

3-   silent hill 3 Silent Hill 3 is another well-known video game that was part of my childhood and responsible for about half of my nightmares growing up. This game takes place 17 years after the first game Silent Hill and you play as Heather. The game starts with her running an errand for her father at a shopping center but the real fun begins when she falls asleep at a restaurant and dreams of Silent Hill. The distorted reality of Silent Hill soon takes over the mall forcing Heather to try and find a way out while learning something new in the process. The series itself is so amazing that when the newest addition “Silent Hills” was cancelled, devoted fans took it upon themselves to create video games like Visage and Allison Road that are inspired by the Silent Hills PT.

2 –   resident evil 3 Resident Evil 3 in my opinion is one of the most popular installments ever released within the series. The first half of the game takes place 24 hours prior to Resident Evil 2 while the second half takes place 2 days after. You play as Jill Valentine (my wife) from Resident Evil. The mission is to escape Raccoon City…alive, if possible.  This game makes the list because of the enemy that pursues you, NEMESIS. NEMESIS-T Type also known as “Pursuer” is an experimental form of a tyrant created by Umbrella Europe.  Basically, he was created to prove that anything infected by the T-Virus can still retain its intelligence by following orders; he is then programmed to eliminate all S.T.A.R’s members in Raccoon City during the outbreak a.k.a you. NEMESIS makes it really hard to succeed at multitasking as you try to escape the city while defending yourself from him as he pursues you throughout the game leaving no place safe (well… except the safe room of course). Ultimately, the kind of stress experienced in Resident Evil 3 makes it the very definition of horror within a video game.

1 –   Resident_Evil_1_cover Resident Evil is probably one of the most iconic horror games ever created… ever. You have the option to play as Jill Valentine (my wife) or Chris Redfield; both are part of the Alpha team unit searching for the Bravo Team who disappeared in the middle of their mission. This game takes place in the forest located in the outskirts of Raccoon City. After searching the forest and being attacked by dogs you take refuge in a nearby abandoned mansion. With the dogs roaming outside, you and the rest of the team are trapped inside. Right after entering the mansion you hear a gun shot and you are ordered to investigate only to discover a “monster” devouring someone. The creepy dead hunger filled stare the monster gives when slowly looking back at you will convince you that you are the hamburger he imagines you to be. The only other way out is solve the puzzles and survive the booby traps designed to keep a dark secret locked away. I placed this game number 1 simply because this game was released back in 1990 which allowed me to grow up with the entire series, making it one of my all-time favorite video games.

Emily’s Honorable Mention is Five Nights At Freddys!

Those are Emily’s rankings fr her top horror games! Do you agree with her list? What titles did she miss? What are your favorite horror games? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂