Gaming De-Classified: Wouldn’t it be crazy if…

Greetings and hello my fascinating Novas! I was getting ready to write up a blog post when the best idea popped into my head out of nowhere! I was thinking about some of the lore and plots that we have grown up with in video games. Then my mind decided to go all Scooby Doo giphy.gif   and propose the question: Wouldn’t it be crazy if… we didn’t know the whole story? So now I’m severely interested and talking things over with my friends Erick & Emily about presenting a version of the story that’s likely to have been the case. If you’re not following me yet, don’t worry when I explain the first story you will tie all of the pieces together. So let’s get investigating gang!

Lore: Bowser is an evil dinosaur that hates Mario and always tries to abduct Princess Peach.

Question: Wouldn’t it be crazy if Bowser only hates Mario because he is MARRIED TO PEACH??????

Investigation: What’s the probability of Peach being married to Bowser.

Exhibit A: Bowser has kids…. The Koopa Kids but I do not recall them having a mother. He also has Bowser Jr.

  • Through the initial investigating phases, I have found a few suspect pictures that I would like to present. I sat down to a very intense interview with our Princess and here’s what she had to say.

Me: Good evening Peach! I’m just following up on a few leads and I would love to ask you some questions if you don’t mind.

Peach: No problem Luna! I’m happy to help anyone who is a friend of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Me: Ok great! Just a few quick questions here. First, how are things going with Mario?

Peach: Everything’s fantastic! Mario is very sweet and helpful and I don’t nkow what I would do without him.

Me: Oh That’s sweet! So, are you guys planning on getting married?

Peach: No, we haven’t talked about it. We’re both pretty busy at the moment.

Me: Oh… I was under the impression that you were engaged?

Peach: No I can’t be…. I mean of course not. What would make you think such a thing?

Me: Engagement ring? Also, why did you stop going by your maiden name, Princess Toadstool? For that matter, why have you changed your appearance and dyed your hair Princess?peach

Peach: This isn’t an engagement ring and I don’t like you prying into my personal life. This interview is OVER!


Exhibit B: Bowser has maddddd money to build contraptions and go after Mario

  • We know that I loveeee reading and watching pieces about royals and nobles. From this study of history I know that often times 2 kingdoms are united by marriage. Bowser is King of the Koopas and Peach is Princess of Mushroom Kingdom what if she was married off to Bowser to unite the Kingdoms?
  • bowser and peach

Exhibit C: The guy flying in the clouds recording everything has a 6 hour gap in his tapes!!!

  • I’ve interviewed a few citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom who prefer to keep their identity secret. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Interview with Kim from Later Levels:

Me: Hey Kim, thank you for sitting down with me. As discussed, I wanted to get your insight on an investigation that I am heading up. Since you are a guru in the video game realm, I thought you’d be the perfect person to help out!


Me :Have you seen any suspicious encounters between Bowser and Princess Peach?

Kim: It’s not the encounters we see that are suspicious – it’s the ones we don’t which are downright dodgy! Think about it: what does poor Mario find every time he goes off to save Peach from one of these so-called ‘kidnappings’? It’s Toad, telling him yet again that the princess is in another castle. If Peach had really been taken by Bowser – who’s meant to be this fierce, fire-breathing beast – why would he keep leaving behind a servant who gives the would-be rescuers clues as to the Peach’s location? Toad should be fried mushroom by now.

So maybe they aren’t real kidnappings after all. Maybe it’s just a cover-up for two star-crossed lovers who don’t want to ruin their reputations. Why on earth would you continue to play tennis and go go-karting with someone who keeps trying to abduct you, huh?


Diversion or Nah?


Me: Who do you think is the real mother of Bowser Jr?

Kim: The word on the Toad Town street is that Bowser revealed to Bowser Jr that Peach was his mum. Some are saying that this was a lie and just a way for the Koopa King to persuade his son to ‘rescue’ his mother from that ‘evil Mario’; but when you consider what I’ve already told told you about these ‘kidnappings’, who knows how many untruths we’re being fed?

Consider also that Bowser Jr looks particularly fetching when wearing pink. I wonder whether he got that trait from his mother’s side of the family…

Me: If Bowser and Peach were married, what would it mean for the Mushroom Kingdom?

Kim: I don’t know why the pair of them continue to try and hide their marriage. Sure, their reputations might take a bit of a knock to begin with – the royal princess falling for a bit-of-rough from the wrong side of the tracks, the power-hungry villain giving up evil in the name of love – but it could be a good thing. It could bring about peace for all mushrooms, you know?

No more warring factions fighting over the realm; divided Toads and Koopas brought together in harmony; an end to ferocious man-eating plants jumping out at you when you want to use the bathroom. And no more wasting tax-payers’ money on these stupid kidnappings!

Me: Lakitu is missing 6 hours of footage from June 18th between 4pm to 10pm. Also, the goombas and Koopas whereabouts are unknown from that block of time. Do you know where they were and why there is 6 hours of footage missing?

Kim: Let me guess: Princess Peach told you that this footage occurred during the time of her last kidnap and that the cameras were damaged during the scuffle when she was taken. How very convenient! Two words for you: date night.

Thank you for your time Kim!

I have a lot of evidence and more questions now. If only, I could find a …

ROYAL CORRESPONDENT TOAD REPORTS: If Bowser and Peach are actually married, there are some pretty far-reaching implications. Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, as we know, but there doesn’t seem to be a King or Queen and Peach seems to be de facto ruler of the Kingdom: she’s not just a member of its royal family, she would appear to be its head. If she’s actually married Bowser, this would make him a high-up member of the family too, and therefore potentially extremely powerful within the Kingdom’s government. We don’t know exactly what the lineage of the Mushroom Royal Family is, but Peach being the Princess and monarch apparent would make Bowser Prince Consort or something like that at the very least! Since we haven’t seen any evidence that there’s a president or prime minister, we can assume that the royal family does actually wield governing power, so Bowser probably has some say in what laws are made.

Mario might well bear the legal status of traitor and war criminal! All this is just assuming Bowser’s the one who married into the royal family, of course. But what if that’s not the case at all? What if Bowser was the actual hereditary member of the monarchy, and Peach is the one who gained her status and title by marrying? Imagine that! The Koopa line would be the true rightful rulers of the kingdom, with Mario little more than a blue-collar everyman mounting a one-man revolution.

-Chris, Overthinker Y


Based on the evidence and witness statements, what do you think? Do you think there’s a possibility that Bowser and Peach are secretly married? Have you seen anything suspicious in the Mushroom Kingdom or Mario franchise that would validate our claims? Let’s talk gaming conspiracies!


-Luna 😀


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Evolution of A Gamer

Hiya Novas! We’re about 5 days in to the WWE 30 day Blogging challenge and submitting all of the posts about video games and preferences from last month’s challenge, has gotten me thinking about my evolution as a gamer. I’m an open book so I would like to share with you my love of gaming, where it started and how I have noticed myself change. This is going to be a more lengthy post than normal, but it’s my way of sharing myself and my gaming background with you!

The Beginning: Growing up it was MYSELF, my brother KENNY and MY COUSINS PLAYING…

This was back when kids played outside but still had consoles in their room. My brother and I shared NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64 and a Gamecube growing up. Our house was considered the gaming party zone way before Lan Parties became a thing. Grandma would make snacks for the neighborhood and we would test our skills playing iconic games such as Street Fighter and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! power rangers   Since many earlier consoles allowed for only 2 players to game at a time, we would make rules so that the person who won or received the highest score would stay playing, while the loser switched out to the next gamer. Our roulette table or gaming was the highlight of the weekends and Summer!

Nintendo Heavy: The core consoles we bought (or wanted for that matter) were…

Nintendo based. I remember having the old school brick Gameboy and taking it everywhere! Even though I only played  Tetris, that handheld was the best thing ever. Do you remember being in the doctor’s office and trying to beat a level in pong? I do and it made waiting for my shot or teeth cleaning less scary. Mario was a huge part of my childhood and even now as an adult I can say that the Mario franchise star   (in my opinion) is the best and most influential one in the gaming industry. I now associate mushrooms with extra lives, stars as invincibility icons and flowers as a way to get fire!  You can see the characters in Mario evolve from basic types to having full fledged personalities and lives of their own.

Take for instance Peach and Daisy. At first Peach was only a character to rescue from Donkey Kong or King Koopa (Bowser). She quickly became a heroine with her own money, kingdom and look at life.  peach evo  Yes, we still associate Peach as the love interest of Mario, but at least now she isn’t as helpless. Both Peach and Daisy now have larger roles in the Mario franchise making them somewhat equal to Mario and Luigi.

A Hiatus: After Gamecube, VIDEO GAMES for me LEFT MY LIFE…

I still had consoles and my brother stayed with the gaming hobby, but I was more focus on this crazy thing called High school. Maybe I was going through a phase, but gaming was no longer a priority. I wanted to hang out with friends (away from games) go to the mall, catch a movie and attend any event (even if I wasn’t interested in it) at school. High School was a great time for me but something seemed to lack on my part. Something was missing.

At school my friends in the engineering club, were playing PC games like Unreal Tournament, Doom and Quake Online. After much persuasion, I joined them for a few matches and the addiction started to rear it’s early head.  I could start to taste the competitive rage, the satisfaction of killing players online, the urge to try and top the leader-boards; it was starting over again. I was obsessed with the zero gravity gameplay, being able to jump over my enemies and shoot them from above was gratifying. Unreal Tournament, now that I think about it, is probably why I gravitated towards the Halo games. It gave me the same feeling when playing online.

Slowly I started easing back into video games when my brother would have Lan Parties every Friday nights. Kenny had his High School buddies (3 years older than me) come over, order pizza and play on his Xbox all night. I started to miss my games, so one Friday night I did something no teenage brother would want his sister to do; I brought my own friends over to join in! After some whining to my grandmother (yes, I was that kind of sister back then lol) Kenny had no choice but to let me and my 3 best friends play! Not only were we hanging out with Seniors, but we were good! In the Dead or Alive 5 tournament, my tag partner Nicole and I beat all of the boys using Kasumi and Lei Fang! They were mortified, but they welcomed us back for more Lan Parties (mostly to retake the crown) and I was reunited with love again.

Xbox my Savior?: So we have reviewed that I CAME BACK TO GAMING through my brother’s original XBOX…

When the Xbox 360 was released, my brother immediately bought it. At this time, my brother started dwindling down on the number of hours that he was playing games. Since he had the new system, he gave me his original Xbox and a few games to start my collection (Fable was one of those games). I thought that it was fun to have a system to play in my spare time. This obsession grew and eventually, I was able to log more hours gaming then my brother. Slowly, I started playing different games and my brother introduced me to the lovely world of Xbox Live!

So now I’m playing Call of Duty and Gears of War on my brothers 360 online. When he was at work or out, I would ask to play and get online. In Gears of War I started playing with my boyfriend at the time and his friends, making a name for myself as a girl that can actually shoot (barbaric, I know). Then something amazing happened. I started playing alone without my brother’s friends or my boyfriends… I started making my own friends online. This started my crazy social life on Xbox Live. I’ve met so many amazing gamers over the years and many of them in real life as well. It was the best time ever playing games like Phantasy Star Universe (PSU), the newest COD Titles, Need For Speed, Fable, Halo and the list goes on. We had set times each night to play and I created my own account and ventured into the world of online gaming.

The Student Has Become The Master: I’m destined to SURPASS KENNY in VIDEO GAMES…

At this point I had convinced my grandma to buy me a 360 (well really I convinced Kenny to ask for the newest 360 at time, Xbox Elite). So I was able to get the hand me down (great white) 360 for myself. I WAS ECSTATIC!!!! I bought covers for the controller a skin for the Xbox, I bought a game rack to display my titles and a new microphone (Turtle Beaches). I was ready to be gaming all day and all night without having to ask for permission to play.  timmy  I had my normal posse that I rolled with and we always started the night with public Gears of War games that WE hosted! I remember having crazy set rules and switching weapons on the map. We had a rule called “Initiation” where friendly fire was on and each new person to join the game got killed by their team in spawn. If you let it go and continued playing, you were Epic; if not, well it was fun for us lol.

PlayStation 4: The day I finally grabbed MY FIRST PLAYSTATION…

was when PlayStation 4 was forced onto me by my friends. All of those 360 friends migrated over (due to Xbox One’s launch being sub-par at best) and beseech me to join the cult of a PlayStation player. My resilience wore down and I caved in, but my disgust for the vile system did not go unannounced. Each day I protested and spoke of my loyalty to the Xbox One still and everyday my friends laughed and said “But you’re on PS4 though.” I conceded, a small loss for the battle of the consoles and then… Xbox did better (well a litlle better).  (Wait am I supposed to be praising PS4 here? :p ). In reality I am happy and grateful that I finally went against my morals and bought a PlayStation. Now I have both systems and 0 limitations on the games that I can play.

Well Rounded Gamer: Presently I consider myself a WELL ROUNDED GAMER…

I’ve started delving into mobile and indie games, I’ve tackled the large consoles and I’ve even given PC gaming the time of day. Now I play board games, card games, RPG’s , Shooters, Strategy, Family Games, Sandbox games and anything that catches my eye. I can truly say that I am constantly evolving as  gamer and finding new things that intrigue me each day. I never watched YouTube or Streams, but now I watch COD tournaments and Minecraft videos all of the time (not to mention UpUp DownDown for Xavier Woods at WWE). I’ve given genres and titles chances that I wouldn’t have at the beginning stages of life. I was focused on shooters only! Other games were fun but could never hold my interest. I still prefer shooters and I never play their campaigns, but I am more of a well round gamer and I love every moment!


How have you started gaming? Do you notice any changes in your gaming habits now as compared to earlier days? What are you favorite consoles and genre’s to play? Let’s talk gaming habits and gaming life!

-Luna 🙂




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Xbox Game Pass Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope your weekend was spectacular! I wanted to post a quick blog about the new Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service that has launched for Xbox One. Shout out to Falcon Game Reviews for blogging about it, because as soon as I read it, I signed up lol. Sure enough I turned on my Xbox One and the trial was there for me to try out. So of course I did! Since I’ve previously been subscribed to PlayStation Now and Gamefly, I figured I could try out Xbox’s Version of paying to play!

What is it? The Game Pass Subscription is a service similar to PlayStation Now and Game-fly where you pretty much are able to download select games and play them at your leisure! Since the service is fairly new, the selection is limited but they are planning to update and cycle games continuously. You will also receive a discount on purchasing games to have permanently in your library. With the Game Pass service, you can quickly download and play games for as long as you have a valid subscription. Sounds easy enough, right?

My Experience: I was really happy to try out the new service. I immediately downloaded Saints Row IV, The Unwritten Tales 2, Halo 5 and Lego Batman . I haven’t played Saints Row IV before, but I am a fan of the series and The Unwritten Tales 2 game was interesting in it’s premise. I’ve never played a “Lego” game and wanted to try that out and I have yet to play Halo 5. I was happy with the speed in which the games downloaded and I started out with the Unwritten Tales 2!


Saints Row IV was amazing and everything that I thought it would be. I’m a little annoyed with myself because I was only able to play 2 days of my 14 day trial (my life has gotten soooo busy lately) which means I wasn’t able to play Lego Batman or Halo 5 as of yet. I want to actually talk more about The Unwritten Tales 2. I have never heard of this game but it looked fun from the appearance. The game aesthetics reminded me of Fable (you know how much I love Fable lol) so the game caught my attention immediately. Upon reading the games description…

“A fantasy story with over 20 hours of pointing and clicking The trademark BoUT-humor, lovingly spoofing LotR, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Discworld, The Hobbit, WoW and more Hundreds of weird, yet oddly logical puzzles…”

Yup, that description pulled me in 100%! The game is a point and click game which is fine, what I love is that you pretty much get to choose from the responses listed below. You also have to use clues presented to figure out what to do next. image   It’s not just spelled out for you. I highly recommend The Unwritten Tales 2 and it was a great find with the Game-pass program for me. I really enjoyed it so I will be continuing the subscription service for now.

I’ve decided to list my top reasons to Play or Skip the Xbox Game Pass Service based on my personal experience.

What Next?- I have committed to at least a month of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. I will be downloading and trying Payday 2, Farming Simulator and this Hexic puzzle game for sure. My downfall is I want to play so many games that I know I won’t have much time for (it’s what corporate America wants lol). You know what that means right? I’ll probably continue the service for more than a month bwahahahaha. Touche Microsoft… you’ve got me lol!


  • Easily access your gaming Library
  • Download multiple games that interest you
  • Try out games that you have never heard of with no commitment
  • Quick Start up of games
  • Different game genre’s from RPG’s to Indie games


  • You want to play specific games. Many of the games are plat-formers and games from Xbox 360.
  • You want more than about a 50 game selection (it actually may be less) at this time.
  • You do not find any games that you are interested in playing during your 14 day trial
  • $14.99 a month is out of your budget

Those are my thoughts on the Xbox Game Pass Subscription service. I really think it’s a great investment for me, however, we all know gamers come in all forms. I personally like being about to try out new games (plus there’s plenty of puzzle games for me to play). I also like finding hidden gems  I’ve never heard of and playing through the story. I hope you will give at least the trial a try. Have you ever purchased a gaming subscription before? Let’s talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂




Call of Duty Global Pro League!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s post centered on another interest of mine; Competitive Call of Duty! I’ve wanted to keep up more frequently with the Call of Duty teams, tournaments and standings as I have in previous titles since Call of Duty Black Ops II. The problem is that I really don’t like the new Infinite Warfare game (neither does most of the pros lol) so I haven’t been as focused on it this season. Recently (and by recently I mean the last 3 weeks) I have found myself dipping back into the world of Competitive Call of Duty. So there’s that… lol this post will be a quick recap and my thoughts on the turnout of the Global Pro League.

What is the Global Pro League?  For the first time EVER MLG (Major League Gaming) has answered the calls of the Pro scene and created a Global Pro Lan League! This is where teams will fly out to the MLG tournament center in Columbus, Ohio and play on LAN (no excuse for lag or internet connection here) in groups to determine the top 2 teams that will move on to the Season Playoffs. Pros are not only playing for top 2, 3rd place also gets guaranteed into Season 2 and 4th Place still gets a shot at Relegation.


Tournament Format- Teams qualified for the Global Pro League at the last CWL (Cod World League) Dallas event. The top 9 North American Teams, Top 5 EU teams, 1 Australian Team. Teams were randomly sorted into their groups by a group draw and each week 4 different teams competed. The rules are simply, beat the other teams in a best of 5 series and place top 2 (by map count and wins) to qualify for Playoffs, Season 2, as well as COD Champs.


Group Red Week 1 – The first weekend of matches saw Team Envyus (NA), Splyce (NA), Cloud 9 (NA) and Mindfreak (AU) face off. Each team played each other twice in a best of 5 series. The rotation of game modes were the standard Hardpoint, Search and Destroy (SND), Uplink, Capture the Flag (CTF), SND. First team to 3 wins takes the match!  The Results: Team Envyus and Splyce take 1 & 2 respectively while MindFreak takes 3rd and Cloud 9 sits in last place.

Group Blue Week 2 – The second weekend was my favorite as it included my favorite Pro Player Studdy and his Team Evil Geniuses (NA). The other teams in the group were FaZe Clan (NA), FNatic (EU) and Rise Nation (NA). After a 0-2 day on Friday my team Evil Geniuses were looking like they were going to have a tough road to try and make top 2. FaZe clan were the heavy favorites and Rise Nation were as inconsistent as EG. The Results: EG TAKES 1st!!!! FaZe narrowly takes 2nd, Rise 3rd and FNatic 4th.

Group Yellow Week 3 – Week 3 consisted of Luminosity (NA), eUnited (NA), Epsilon (EU) and Millenium (EU). Currently known as the second best team in the world right now eUnited took Friday and Saturday’s matches very convincingly. This left them guaranteed with a top 2 finish. It came down to a hope and a prayer between Epsilon and LG to see who would claim the 2nd place slot for Season Playoffs. Between the final match of eUnited and LG, Epsilon had to hope they lost to the undefeated eUnited team. The Results: eUnited 1st, LG 2nd, Epsilon 3rd and Millennium 4th, as you can see LG won that final matchup.

Group Green Week 4 – Group Green (Anyone else seeing the irony of Optic AKA “The Green Wall” being randomly sorted in the Green Group #illuminate lol. This group was Optic Gaming (NA), Enigma 6 (NA), Elevate (EU) and Red Reserve (EU). Optic Gaming is known as the best team in the world right now and their roster consists of one of my favorite players. Two time world champion Karma (my first favorite pro because in Black Ops II he shot bodies rofl). This group was a little easy to call. The Results: Optic 1st (Shocker… insert sarcasm here lol), E6 2nd, Elevate 3rd, Red reserve last.

Season Playoffs and Prizes – The top 2 teams from each group stage will compete in the Playoffs for the $700,000 prize pool. Rethinking being a professional gamer yet? Not to mention the million dollar COD World Championships in August (That’s going to be in my home of Orlando Yay!).

Those are the teams going forward into the Playoffs. The bottom 4 teams will go into relegation where they have another chance to fight for their spot in these loaded tournaments. Do you watch Competive Call of Duty or Competitive Gaming at all? What are your favorite pro players and games to watch? Let’s talk pro gaming!

Luna- 🙂


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Throwback Tuesday: Dead or Alive 5!

Happy Tuesday Novas! This week’s Throwback Tuesday post will be in regards to one of my favorite fighting games of all time; Dead or Alive 5! Growing up in the 90s I’ve played Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and even games like Super Smash Bros or Tekken, however, Dead or Alive 5 is quite possibly my favorite fighter game so let’s talk about it!

Dead or Alive is the 5th installment in the Dead or Alive franchise which released in 2012. I haven’t actually played any of it’s predecessors, but when my brother purchased his 360… this was one of the games he brought home with him. The game was released on the Xbox 360 along with the PS3 and has been a favorite of mine ever since. I remember my brother’s LAN parties every Friday night out our house. We would have friends and family come over to play all sorts of video games and system. Some nights wee had tournaments and the Dead or Alive Tournament was the best. We would play in teams and me and my best friend at the time played against all of the boys. I always picked Kasumi and she picked Lei Fang, we were unstoppable being crowned the winner a few times lol.

Something that I really liked about the game was the story mode and it’s progression. You are able to follow the journey of each character in the game rather they are the protagonists, antagonists or a character inserted for comic relief (enter in Gen Fu lol). I’ve only played a few story-lines that being Kasumi, Ayane and Hitomi but it was still a great experience.

Characters:  DOA5U_groupD_TeamBattle_01  The characters in the game were awesome! Yes, I’ve only really played with maybe 3 or 4 characters, but I still love playing against the others with their moves. Many different styles were represented from boxing, to ninjitsu to wrestling so the diversity in the game and fighting styles was fun. Kasumi is my all time favorite. She is quick and powerful and her moves are so fluid (very prettyyyy lol). In a tag team battle I would pair her with the even more hard hitting Hitomi who practices in Karate. The combination of quick strikes mixed with strong powerful hits is a great way to excel at the game (many battles were won with this duo lol). I have also used  Ayane  an assassin, Hayabusa another ninja, Lei Fang, and Gen Fu.

Check Out The Trailer below!

In conclusion, DOA5 is probably my favorite fighting game and I love it sooooo much. I love it so much that I was thinking of Cosplaying as Kasumi lol (which may still happen). Have you ever played DOA5? What is your favorite fighting game? Let’s talking fighting video games! Have a great Tuesday and thank you for reading!

-Luna 🙂


Gamers Hard Drive 2!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope that you all have had an fantastic weekend and start to the greatest month of all time: April! Today’s post will focus on the games that I have been playing and progress that I have made so far. You can view the inaugural post of the Gamers Hard Drive by clicking here!

WWE Topps Slam Trading Card App: I have made great progress in the trading app game and have now convinced most of my friends who love WWE to start playing. You pretty much collect sets of the trading cards to receive achievements and coins. You can also trade with other users to obtain missing pieces to your set. I like the prediction packs because each payperview you are able to pick your prediction of the winner. If you are correct you receive extra coins. I’m still not sure why I’m addicted to this game but I am. Currently I have 2200+ cards. If you want to start playing I have multiple duplicates to trade. Add me: Luna26X. Here’s a look at some of the new cards that I have collected!

FarmVille: Tropic Escape– FarmVille Tropic Escape is the adaptation on the original FarmVille game with a twist. Now you are running a tropical island resort where you make deliveries, grow fruits and vegetables for meals and complete treasure diving to receive special items for your resort. This game is pretty fun as I make sushi, beverages and souvenirs to sell to my guests at the resort.


Free Cell: Free Cell is the mobile app game that I play when I have a few minutes on break or in between commercials while watching TV. It’s really easy and like solitaire except all cards are displayed for you. The goal is to arrange the cards by suit and in ascending order from the Ace to King. There’s not a way to

Mass Effect: So I have never played Mass Effect and it was pretty much a blasphemous statement to my co-worker. He was appalled as he just finished Andromeda and pretty much said I’m lending you all of the Mass Effect games to try. So here we are! I’m starting with the original Mass Effect game and playing my way up unto Andromeda.

Sky Forge: Is a MMORPG Free to Play game on PS4. My friends wanted me to download the game so we have been playing the last few days. Think of it as ESO mixed with Neverwinter. You basically upgrade your character and skills to play the main story line and quests along the way. Currently I am on the 5th map of missions, but, there’s soooo much to do that I can see myself playing this game long term. I will have a full review of the game later this week!

sky forge pic

That’s pretty much how I have spent my last 2 weeks. Tune in Thursday for the Skyforge Video Game Review with game play clips! Which games are you currently playing? Have you played any of the video games on this list? Let’s talk video games!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Luna 🙂