WWE May Slamcrate: The Grandest Stage Unboxing!

Happy Friday Superstars! Thank you for tuning into this month’s WWE Slamcrate unboxing, featuring the theme: The Grandest Stage! In the last unboxing I mentioned that this crate would feature WWE SuperStars like Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin and AJ Styles! Let’s see what we received in this Wrestlemania themed Crate (that actually came ino time this month lol)!

What I love about the Slam Crates is that you always received some notable items. The real value in the crates are the high quality T-shirts and figures. This month’s T featured my favorite wrestler of all time…AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE!

Because Stone Cold Said So!

I have already worn my Stone Cold T and I’m happy to add him to my collection of WWE shirts. Great job Lootcrate!

I give the shirt an A+ ranking!

To go along with apparel, we received the Phenomenal AJ Styles Socks! Not too shabby if I don’t say so myself lol. 20180503_101251.jpg I will probably keep these packaged for awhile until I visit my next Live WWE event. Then, I’m sure to break them out with the rest of my WWE attire.

I give the socks a B+ ranking!

Since we are still dressing, the next item received is this awesome Universal Title Fanny Pack!  20180503_101303.jpg If you remember last year’s unboxing (click here to view), we received the WWE World Title Fanny Pack and I used it during Wrestlemania. I remember being at the WWE Fan event and EVERYONE stopping me to ask where I bought the fanny pack. I was sad to tell them, that it was the Slamcrate, you couldn’t purchase one haha. I know the Slamcrate creatives tried to mask the high demand for these by creating the Universal title counterpart, but the novelty has already wore off for me.

I give the title a C+ Ranking!

My figure! This series of 4 WWE Superstars is named Statement Makers! We started with Sasha Banks, the Finn Balor and now my husband Seth Rollins takes his place on my display shelf.

There are 3 variations of the figure, so I’m super happy that I have received the gray and black version.

This one’s easy, I give the figure an A+++++++++++ Ranking lol.

Lastly we have the collectible pins. In the WWE Slamcrates, the pins have been titles in the WWE.  20180503_101310.jpg The new Tag titles are the star of this box and makes the final item in my crate. The Tag Titles are dope and I’m happy to add it to my collection.

I give the pin a B Ranking!


That’s this month’s crate! I can say that the number of items have seemed to dwindle down from the beginning, but we are receiving better quality items. This is not my favorite crate, but it was pretty decent and still worth the price just by the shirt and figure alone. Next month’s crate will feature the Braun Strowman figure that will complete my 2nd set of WWE Superstars! If you want to try this or any other lootcrates, click the link below to use my looter code for a discount!

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Do you receive any subscription crates? what’s your favorite item in my crate this month? Let’s talk Subscriptions and WWE!


WWE Slam Crate March ( Late) Unboxing!

Happy Saturday SuperStars! This past week was Wrestlemania 34 and to celebrate, I’ve finally received my Slam Crate to be unboxed! The past few crates have been arriving late, but it’s finally here and I couldn’t wait to open it!

Every Slam crate we looters receive a shirt worn by the WWE SuperStar that’s being featured. This month we have received the Bobby Roode Slam Crate Exclusive shirt and it was GLORIOUS!


There’s an exclusive figure inside of each month’s Slam Crate and each figure comes wth a corner of the ring. This series of 4 focuses on the “Statement Makers” and  Finn Balor in Demon Form was included with this month’s crate!

I really enjoy the new figures that are exclusively available with the Slam Crate and next month we have received a preview that my husband Seth Rollins will be the next figure in the set! Sasha Banks and Finn Balor, make room for The Architect, The Man, Monday Night Rollins!

The WWE Pin that we received in this crate was the United Kingdom Championship Belt. While I love the belts being the Pins of the crates, I wonder what will happen when we run out of belts? Maybe the crate will go back and start including old school belts like the Hardcore Championship. The UK Pin is one of my favorites out of all of the ones we have received. 20180322_212728.jpg

Remember the first crate of the year that included the WWE Planner? Well in this follw-up crate the Planner Stickers are included. The planner stickers are cool but I felt like they should’ve been included with the planner. What happened was a misprint of the planners and now we have double Sundays! So the stickers were created as an after thought to be able to cover up that mistake. 20180322_212744.jpg

A cool Macho Man Beanie and Scarf was in the crate which I won’t use that much (because I love in Florida and it’s HOTTTTT!) but I’m probably going to hang it somewhere on my wall. 20180322_212808.jpg

Next Month’s Theme is “The Grandest Stage” and features items from Stone Cold Steve Austin, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins! If you would like to  try out the WWE Slam Crates, feel free to use my looter code for a discount.  Click Here For Lootcrate Discount!20180322_212723.jpg

Those were my inclusions in the Slam Crate and I’ve really enjoyed everything this month. The quality of the shirts and figures adds up to the cost of the crate itself. Which items did you like? Did you watch Wrestlemania? Do you receive any subscription crates? Let’s Talk WWE and Subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE SlamCrate Unboxing: Like A Boss!

Happy Friday SuperStars and thanks for suplexing into today’s unboxing post. Like the last SlamCrate, this one was delayed (most likely due to the holidays) as I was supposed to receive it before the end of December. It just arrived in the mail on Tuesday.

Theme: Like A BOSS!


Roman Reigns T-Shirt –


The Big Dog, Roman Reigns adorns the shirt in this month’s crate and he is performing his signature Super Man Punch! Roman is “The Guy” in the WWE at the moment and it’s his yard. He is the boss of his own destiny and now with the backing of the newly reunited Shield, Roman is unstoppable!


Sasha Banks Slam Stars-

Sasha Banks is the “Legit Boss” as her moniker states and she is the exclusive figure in this month’s crate. Just like the last set of Slam Stars you will receive a corner of the ring with your figure that you can connect when you receive the other figures. Next month’s figure is Finn Balor in demon form so I’m super excited! Sasha starts the new “Statement” collection so I can’t wait to see the remaining figures! Also, the Boss is the first Woman Superstar to come as a figure in the crate.


NXT Championship Belt Pin –


Each crate there is an exclusive pin and this month the NXT Championship Belt is the one we received.


You Suck! Kurt Angle Coffee Mug –


We received a coffee mug from Kurt Angle and it bears the You Suck chant.


WWE 2018 Planner –


The planner is probably my favorite item even though I already bought one!!!! Had the crate arrived on time last month, I wouldn’t be currently trying to use 2 planners lol.


What’s inside –


This crate didn’t have many items, but I really enjoyed the quality of the items that are included. The poster included is Daniel Bryan during the YES movement and it’s going straight on my wall. We also have the interview with Bobby Roode in the pamphlet.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not receive the booklet that we normally get in the crates with more detailed information on other “Bosses” in the WWE. Hopefully, that was just an oversight and will be included in the next crate. We did receive a preview of the collectible to be included in next month’s crate…

Finn Balor!!!!

Do you receive any subscription services? What are you currently geeking out over? Which items did you like in the crate? Hopefully this will be the last of the month late crates lol. Let’s talk subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂


WWE SlamCrate Attitude Unboxing!

Happy Monday Novas! Last week I FINALLY received my WWE Slam Crate (that was supposed to arrive in October) and it was worth the wait! The WWE Slam Crates are for WWE fans and are distributed via Lootcrate. Let’s se what items came in the Attitude themed crate!


The shirts for the WWE Slam Crates are often released in advance so we knew that the Goddess of the WWE Alexa Bliss was going to be the featured shirt! I was super excited as now I have the Alexa Bliss shirt to go with my Alexa Bliss Blissfit cuff! Alexa is easily one of my favorite Women in the WWE at the moment!


In the last crate, we seen a preview of the silhouette for this month’s pop! Since the crate was themed “Attitude” and the last 3 figures were Stone Cold Steve Austin, triple H and the Undertaker, there was no mistaking the Great One being the last piece of our ring set. That’s right, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports entertainment, The Rock, was the final piece of the 4 ring set collection! 20171127_091358-1163206355.jpg


20171118_124853318314684.jpgEnzo Amore has been lighting up the Cruiserweight Division and giving them much needed exposure. Say what you want about his character being annoying, he is entertaining and allowing other great stars to shine on 205 live. Enzo had 2 appearances in this month’s crate. The first was the Cold Compress.


The second was the Lunch Bag! I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know what to do with this lunch bag lol.

Each lootcrate you will receive an exclusive pin. This month we received the smoking skull belt from Stone Cold Steve Austin. The pin matches my brother’s belt!


Also included in this month’s crate were the WWE Championship Coasters! My friend really enjoyed the coasters, more than anything. This may be a sign that she is getting old lol.

We also received a pamphlet with a poster of Bret the Hitman Hart!

The crate this month was pretty good, I’m only disappointed with the Lunch Bag, but if I ever have to pack a lunch, I ‘m definitely going to be a Certified G! We also received a preview for the collectible for next time which is going to be Sasha Banks! I’m hoping this means that the 4 collectibles will be the 4 horsewomen of NXT. Looks like they have me trapped in for at least 4 more shipments!

Do you receive any subscription services? Do you like the items received in lootcrates? What are some of your favorite items received in a mystery box subscription service? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

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WWE Slam Crate Unboxing: Extremes!

Happy Friday Novas! Last week I received my September crate for my WWE subscription from lootcrate. The theme was Extremes and while this crate was pretty cool, I have to admit that it has not been my favorite crate. Anyway on to the items received!

Each lootcrate comes with a custom shirt that you cannot find anywhere else.  This month’s shirt was leaked along with the figure so we knew that the Hardy Boyz were going to be the new Hardy Boyz whci I was excited to have!

Next is the custom figure that’s included in each crate. If you viewed my last 2 slam crates, you will know that right now we are collecting the 4 ring pieces and Superstars from the Attitude Era. First I received Stone Cold Steve Austin, Next was Triple H and this time was the Undertaker! The Undertaker is one of my all time favorites (probably because I love villains lol). I was honored to have the Undertaker retire here in my home of Orlando, Fl this past April.


We also received pins from the Slam Crate and they have been the WWE titles. So I’m a little confused why the pin wasn’t the Hardcore Title. That would have fit in perfectly with the theme but it’s ok. We received the United States Championship title that looks really beautiful with the colors.

Kenny’s wall with the Stone Cold Smoking Skull Title!
The last item in the crate was to pay respect to Rowdy Roody Piper. It’s a kilt towel. The towels pretty cool but I’m not going to use it. It’s displayed on my brother’s wall at the moment lol.


We received the Extremes book that talks about the most extreme characters in the WWe and provides the background story for the Undertaker.


The poster this month is Braun Strowman but I’m actually going to hang up the inner picture which is the interview with Dean Ambrose.

That’s it for the crate this month. I feel like it didn’t have as many items, but the figure and the shirt more than paid for the cost of the subscription. What did you think of this month’s crate? Do you use subscription services? Let’s talk WWE and lootcrates!

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂

August Lootcrate Unboxing: Kingdoms!

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend Novas! I apologize for the lack of posts this week but I was exhausted and slept most of my days off lol. So today you all will receive 2 posts! The first is the surprise lootcrate unboxing that I’ve received. Why a surprise you may ask? Well because I cancelled the subscription but the generous people at lootcrate still sent me August’s crate! The theme this month was Kingdoms so let’s get to it!

All lootcrates will include a booklet that describes each of the items in your crate. This month we have a cool introduction to the creative behind the theme of Kingdoms!

Welcome To Your Kingdom!
Each month you receive an exclusive lootcrate shirt. Since we are in the month of Kingdoms, the shirt included represents Link and the kingdom of Hyrule!

8-bit Legend of Zelda!
You will also receive at least 1 collectible figure in the crate. We’re now in the well know realm of Adventure Time and the Land of the Ooo’s with the Ice King! This figure is really cute with the penguins and the Ice King. I’m not the biggest fan of Adventure Time but I have seen it and appreciate this figure!

All hail the Ice King!
My favoritre item in this crate has to be the Lord of the Rings Color Changing Glass! It’s really cool and beautiful!

Fav Item!
Another great item was the artwork of Isengard. I have the LoTRTrilogy on DVD and it’s one of my favorite movies. Personally, I prefer The Two Towers! This piece of art is perfect to hang on my wall.

2nd Fav Item!
Something that I haven’t mentioned was that you also receive free webcomics as a part of your subscription. This month’s web comic looks to be a parody with princesses, warriors and bards! I’ll probably read and write up a quick review.

Looks awesome!
The box is one of the cooler things about lootcrate that sets them apart from other subscritpion services to me. This month’s box turns into a nifty Shield with a handle to help you protect your Kingdom, wherever it is! I have al of my lootcrate boxes still because they’re just so cool and don’t forget the loot pin! 20170829_212546[1]

What did you think of this month’s theme and items? Do you subscribe to lootcrate or any other subscription services? Let’s talk Lootcrate and Subscriptions! Want to try out Lootcrate? Be on the lookout for my WWE Slamcrate Unboxing next week! Use my promo link below to save $5!

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Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂

Doki Doki Crate Unboxing W/ Xsanie!

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s unboxing post will be sponsored by my friend Stephanie (Xsanie). I spent last week with Steph in a different state and she received her Japanese goodies crate. A lightbulb popped in my head immediately and I asked her if we could feature the unboxing on the blog! She agreed and now, here we are!

This month’s theme was Back to School!


Stephanie loves the cutesy anime items, so she signs up for different subscription crates that ship internationally. The Doki Doki crates have cutesy items and collectibles that you can’t really find domestically.

Look, even the poster girl has one!

The Ball point pen was really cute and it pairs well with the Letter set and Notepad!

He’s realllly cute though!

The Totoro Cup she really loved (I have no idea who totoro is).

I tried to smuggle the owl home with me lol!

The plushie was really cute and her owl is white.

She received another Kakigori Hoppe Chan keychain. The funny part is that she broke the one on her phone the night before the crate arrived! Instant replacement. (I can’t find the picture that I took lol)


She also received this snack candy thing. It’s like Cheetos puffs, but they’re sweet and kind of weird. I didn’t like them because they were sweet but then had a fizzy taste, like soda. She loved it and so did everyone else who tried them lol.


It wouldn’t be an anime crate without a piece of clothing. This crate brought a cute ribbon that you can wear in your hair or on your clothes.

She was really happy with the items in her Doki Doki crate! Do you receive any international or uncommon subscription services? Let’s talk collectibles!

-Luna 🙂

July Animation Lootcrate Unboxing!

Happy Friday Novas! This post seems a bit delayed by the title, but I literally just received the Lootcrate a few days ago. July’s theme was Animation and it was set to feature some awesome cartoons like Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Futurama. To me, this seemed like the most appealing standard Lootcrate that they have released, so I had to have it. About halfway through the month, I received an email from Lootcrate saying that they RAN OUT OF SHIRTS and new ones had to be printed. So that’s the reason for the delay, but I FINALLY received the crate! Let’s see what I have!

Each Lootcrate comes with an authentic T-Shirt. For the Animation crate I received a cool TMNT shirt; although I was hoping for a Bob’s Burgers Shirt. 20170817_100136

The box will definitely be kept as it’s a Bob’s Burger, Burger of the Day Box! If you don’t know, I loveeeeee Bob’s Burgers!

Staying on topic for Bob’s Burgers, I received the Burger of the Day recipe card set… This was a bit disappointing as I have the complete book already (I had to buy it lol). At least I can now leave my book at home and take out individual recipes when I want to make a burger (the bet is all on Black Garlic Burger being next).

Each Lootcrate also contains a collectible figure and this month’s figure was Rick from Rick and Morty. **PG-13 Content Inbound!!!* If you have ever watched Rick & Morty, you will know that it is inappropriate for all ages and the figure was no exception. Rick is literally giving everyone the finger lol. 20170817_100408

I also receive a cup holder sleeve thingy; you know the thingies that keep your hands from being too cold or warm from touching your beverage. 20170817_100421

You always receive a Lootpin in each box as well and I receive Gene from Bob’s Burgers! 20170817_100154

While I didn’t get anything Louise (which is what I was banking on) I’m not too upset with the items in this crate. Do you have any subscription services that you sign up for? What service would you want to sign up for? Let’s talk subscription services!

-Luna 🙂

WWE Slamcrate Unboxing :July

Happy Friday Novas! I’ve finally received my WWE Slamcrate for the month and it’s time for another unboxing post! This month’s theme was “Stables.” Honestly, I had no idea what that meant until I read the booklet that came with the crate. Pretty much, the Stables theme focuses on some of the more iconic groups to hit the WWE! The loot this month was definitely tier 1 for me, so let’s see what we got!


Each crate contains a shirt! I’ve already mentioned in previous unboxings my love for the WWE Shirts as opposed to the normal lootcrate shirts. These shirts are better quality. This month we received an exclusive Sasha Banks Shirt!

Each crate contains a collectible of some kind. This month I have received the 2nd installment of the ring characters, Triple H (last time we received Stone Cold Steve Austin). The new pack also included the connector piece so that we can put together the ring.

You also receive a collectible pin. For the Slamcrates, the pins have been different titles. This month we have received the NWO Title. Also, we have received the Bray Wyatt Socks that I wil never wear because they are sooooo beautiful. To the wall you go Bray! You can’t talk about groups without mentioning the ever popular New Day! They were represented well with the foam finger, unicorn horn!


The poster that was included this month is already up on the wall; The Shield… Need I Say More?????

I have the colectible booklet and the pamphlet letting you know what each item is in the crate. This is one of my favorite boxes so far (my favorite being the Wrestlemania box). If you want to sign up for any loot crate subscription you can use my code to receive $5 off of new crates.

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Have you signed up for any subscription services? What type of service would you sign up for? Let’s talk Lootcrate!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Luna 🙂

May Lootcrate: Guardians Theme!

Happy Thursday Novas! Thank you for checking out last month’s lootcrate unboxing post. I apologize that the post is a week late, however, my brother didn’t tell me that I had a package until a few days ago haha. Last month’s theme was Guardians so let’s see what we have!

Each Lootcrate contains a T shirt. This shirt was a cool Goonies T Shirt. The Goonies is an old school movie. I’m not quite sure how this fits into the Guardians theme, so if you know feel free to comment below!


Next we have our collectible Rocket and Groot figure. I love this figure and it’s my favorite item in the crate this month. Of course the figure is in relation to the new movie release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I should make it a point to watch the first movie and the new one hahahaha.


Next we have a Star Wars Coloring book with colored pencils and a sharpener. Not bad, I might find some time to color in it. The outside of the coloring book looks stunning so it’s a great collectible for me to have (I love C3P0 🙂 ).

We have some Destiny patches. I was actually awarded 2 sets of 3 patches. I’m not quite sure if that was intentional or not. I’m not a Destiny fan at all, not even in the slightest but the patches are pretty cool. I think I will put them on my bag.

Lastly we received an Avatar pin. I like Avatar so I’ll definitely keep this pin for my collection.


Of course, there’s the product booklet telling you with items are inside. There’s also a puzzle book that I will complete in my spare time.

This box is the last in my 3 month subscription and honestly I wasn’t that impressed with the items. Because of my lack of interest, I’m not going to renew the original Lootcrate subscription, however, I’m very interested in the LootGaming crates.I have a code for trying that crate so I’m going to do a 3 month subscription.

Thank you for viewing my lootcrate unboxing post. Do you have any subscription services? Which items did you like in this month’s crate? Let’s talk Lootcrate!

-Luna 🙂