Throwback Tuesday: Snick!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Do you remember the Saturday night Nickelodeon shows? That’s what this week’s journey down memory lane will focus on Saturday Night Nickelodeon commonly known as Snick!

All That- 0323-all-that-cast-nickelodeon-4 All That was the teen variety sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. All of the faces of Nickelodeons shows would preform small comedy sketches throughout the night. Many of your favorite shows like Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Bynes Show and even Zoey 101 stemmed from All That providing the talent a platform in order for their spinoff to be successful.

kenan-and-kel-feature-375x500 Kenan & Kel- Kenan and Kel was a teen comedy show and spin off of All That, following the life of best friends Kenan and Kel. Kenan is always coming up with a scheme and Kel goes along willingly on this comedic trip through their lives in Chicago. This show was one of my favorites because I was in LOVEEEEE with Kel. You might remember them from the “Good Burger” Nickelodeon Movie as well.  “AWWWW Here It Goes!”

Are You Afraid of the Dark- are Are you afraid of the dark was a teen horror anthology that creeped me out as a kid I still remember one episode where a kid was swimming and the pool turned to blood. I didn’t want to swim all summer because of that episode lol. Are you afraid of the dark was the original teen horror show before the Goosebumps series started. Each week kids would go to a campfire in the woods and tell creepy stories to scare the other members of their club.

The Secret World of Alex Mack- The Secret World of Alex Mack was a great show that followed a teenage girl’s journey through life after a freak accident. She was drenched in a chemical substance that gave her supernatural powers like telekinesis and turning into a chemical puddle. What would you do if you started down this unpredictable double life road? You’d enjoy every moment!

index Kablam- Kablam was an animated cartoon type sketch show that brings comic book characters Henry and June right off of the page! One of my favorite segments of Kablam was Prometheus and Bob! It followed the advance development of the Alien Prometheus as he tried to teach old cave man Bob essentials such as building a fire or fishing. It was hilarious because bob would always find a way to mess up the experiment and get Prometheus upset.

Animorphs- Animorphs was a teen fantasy show derived from the book series published by Scholastic, that allowed the teens to turn into different animals. Of course the teens had to keep their powers secret or run the risk of the army taking them away. I’ve always wanted to have the power to morph into something else as a kid. That would’ve been awesome!

Those are some of my favorite SNICK shows! What are yours? Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂

Throwback Tuesday: Handheld Gaming

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I was really excited about this week’s post for Throwback Tuesday we will be taking that nostalgic journey back to Handheld Gaming! Let’s get right to the trip down memory lane. Sidenote: I have some surprise entries for Handheld gaming that may not immediately come to mind. We will start with a well know handheld classic.

Gameboy Color: game_boy_color Gameboy Color was an awesome handheld system that released on October 21, 1998. What were you doing in 1998? Myself, I was in maybe 7th grade jamming out to Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees! some of the games we played were Rampage: World Tour, Pokemon Red and Blue, Super Mario Deluxe and Tetris!

Sega Game Gear: The Sega Game Gear was awesome and came out October 6th, 1990. this handheld was the game-gear combatant of Nintendo’s well know original Gameboy! Some of the Game Gear games were Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Batter Up and Double Dragon! Funny story- My brother and I were blessed to have the Game Gears presented to us as an early birthday present (we are both born in April). Our first game was the Batter Up Baseball game that we took EVERYWHERE! This is where it gets interesting. We wanted to have new rollerblades to go skating with and our grandmother gave us the ultimatum; Gamer Gear or Skates. We really took the skates lol. What kid can you tell me today would make the same choice? We had a blast with the rollerblades though going to parks, birthday parties and all.

Giga Pet/Tamagotchi : When you first giga clicked on this post, did you think that the Giga Pets would make a cameo? Many of us have forgotten that this tiny virtual, handheld was essentially a video game. The Giga Pet was released in 1997 as a competitor for the Tamagotchi. The premise was to take care of your little monsters/pets by feeding them, playing with them and even scooping up their messes (a more censored way to say it lol). I remember playing with my Giga Pet all of the time. I couldn’t get a real pet so this was the next best thing. These were the pride and joy of my middle school days. If I recall you were able to have “Play Dates” with your friend’s pets by tapping them together (or am I imaging that lol).

Tom & Jerry Handheld: This tom-and-jerry was one of my favorite handheld games back when the Tom & Jerry Movie was released in 1992. This handheld was so fun where you would jump over potholes and collect cookies. There were other handheld video games like this, but I personally had the Tom & Jerry version.

GameBoy: Last but not least gameboy-classic I couldn’t end the post without featuring the OG Gameboy Classics AKA The Brick! The classic was released on April 21st, 1989. What can I say, playing games like Dr. Mario and the original Tetris on the brick was awesome. Just think if someone wanted to mug you all you had to do was bop them over the head with that thing “FLAWLESS VICTORY!”



There are plenty other notable handhelds like the Gameboy Advance and PSP. What are some of your favorite handheld games? Do you remember the ones in my list? Let’s talk throwback handheld games!


-Luna 🙂

Throwback Tuesday! Favorite Candy!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! This week’s installment of Throwback Tuesday will be themed for Valentine’s Day (Happy Valentine’s Day btw 🙂 ) so I have decided to feature some of my favorite old school candies and snacks of all time!

squeeze-pop Squeeze Pops! Do you remember these? They were gooped candy that came in a tube (probably super bad for you). I remember having these sometimes when my brother and I were allowed to have 1 candy from Blockbuster (movie and game rental company). They were always messy and I don’t now what I was thinking lol.

push-pop Push Pops- Push Pops were awesome and I love the little clips that you can use to clip them to your jeans! There were several different flavors and you could have it all day!

dunkaroos Dunkaroos- Dunkaroos were a snack that contained cookies and icing. The premise was simple, dunk your cookies and eat them lol. I actually still find Dunkaroos every blue moon at a 1 off store in the middle of nowhere lol.

ouch Ouch Bubblegum- The Ouch Bubblegum tins were awesome to keep your change in after you have chewed all pieces of the gum. I preferred Fruit Strips to Ouch but as a kid you are not going against any offer of candy lol. I remember seeing this candy in grocery stores and Toys R Us!

ice-cream Ice Cream Chews- These things bring back sooo many memories. We had a candy lady (and flip lady) behind our house growing up. My brother and I were able to go there with $1 each and stock up on candy (as the candies were 5 and 10 cents lol). The Ice Cream Chews were some of my favorites. They came in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. There were also fruit chews manufactured by the same company.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s Throwback Tuesday post! What are your favorite candies that are not around as much anymore? Do you remember any of the candies listed above? Let’s talk Candy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Luna 🙂


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Throwback Tuesday:Game Shows for Kids!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Welcome to another Throwback Tuesday post! This week my childhood nostalgia will reach an all time  high as I will share some of my favorite Game Shows for Kids. We have all seen a show that we wouldn’t mind being a part of. When I was a girl (in the 90s and early 2000’s) Nickelodeon had some of the best game shows around for kids to participate in. I will list my top 3 in descending order from 3 to 1.

#3Double Dare – I was such a fan girl of Double Dare, Family Double Dare and Double Dare 2000 where kids would answer questions and compete in challenges (mostly with slime!) to earn cool prizes.

Yeah They’re Picking A Nose! (Family Double Dare) 🙂

You would compete in different challenges to earn points. If you won a challenge, trivia questions were asked to score more points. If you didn’t know the answer or if you think that your opponents didn’t you could choose not to answer and “Dare” them. The points doubled and if the other team didn’t know they could “Double Dare” you back. At the Double Dare level you could answer for triple the original points or opt to take a “Physical Challenge” in which you would play a game to win the points. If you lose the control goes to the other team. The team with the most points moves on to a cool “Slopsticle Course” to win more prizes.

#2 Guts- “Do You Have It? (Guts) Do Do Do Do You Have It? (Guts!)..” Anyone that has ever seen this game show knows that was the opening theme song!  Guts was an obstacle based game show that consisted of 4 different activities and the Aggro Crag Mountain at the end of competition. During the obstacles and challenges, there are 3 contestants who gain 100, 200 or 300 points per challenge based on their placing.

The challenges will be sports based like extreme basketball, hurdles or even modified boogie boarding. The points are elevated when it’s time to climb the Aggro Crag Mountain and the contestant with the most points win and gets to take home a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag!

#1 Legends of The Hidden Temple- This is my favorite game show (even to this day) as a kid. You would play different temple games and race through obstacles to become the final team. The show started with 8 teams of 2 (Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes were my JAM!). The last team standing would take on the temple to try and find the ancient artifact from the story told at the beginning of the show. While you are playing the quests against other teams to get to the temple, you will have a chance to win tokens.

These tokens are used to trade for an extra life if you are caught by a temple guard (there are 3 guards in the temple). If you are caught without a token you are taken and your partner has to finish the temple. Once you grab the artifact all doors open and you will race to finish line before time is up. Win and you get awesome prizes! (Come on does anyone remember the talking rock head Olmec?).

He was a little creepy though!

There are some other notable games from the Nick’s Games and Sports line up such as Figure It Out, What Would You Do and Wild And Crazy Kids. What are some game shows that you would want to be on? Should Nickelodeon bring back the Nick Games and Sports (GaS) afternoons? Let’s Talk Game Shows and Nickelodeon!

The choices are yours and your alone! (Phrase from the Giant Temple Head from Legends of The Hidden Temple lol).

-Luna 🙂

Throwback Tuesday: Diddy Kong Racing

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Today will be our weekly Throwback Tuesday post where I will feature, well you know something old and we can stroll down memory lane. This week will be one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games; Diddy Kong Racing!

Diddy Kong Racing is an awesome single or multiplayer racing game in which you are able to select your character and vehicle depending on the map. This game was awesome as you had a story mode, racing mode and battle mode. The colors and sound effects in the game were so bright and vibrant that you couldn’t help but smile while you play. did My favorite characters to play with were Pipsy (the little mouse) and Conker the squirrel! Just like in Mario Kart the characters that you would select affected specific racing attributes such as speed, power and handling so you would choose you characters wisely. You were able to choose some of your favorite characters like Diddy  or Banjo!

The Vehicles- You were able to select an airplane, a hovercraft or a race car for the various levels in which you would be competing. Story mode was cool because your boss battles consisted of beating the boss character in a 1 on 1 race, never mind the fact that all of the bosses were huge in comparison. did2All in all, Diddy Kong racing was an awesome game to play and my pick for this week’s Throwback Tuesday! What games do you miss playing? Have you ever played Diddy Kong Racing? What other racing games come to mind? Let’s talk retro/ old school!

Remember slow and steady wins … well not this race!


Throwback Thursday:Case Closed Recipe for Murder!

Hiya Gamers & Friends!

I’m going to try to write a consistent piece every Thursday highlighting a throwback game, anime, show etc. This inaugural week will showcase one of my 1st (and favorite) anime series; Case Closed. I tend to gravitate towards mystery and thriller concepts, which places Case Closed naturally in my path (along with Scooby Doo!). The series follows the kid detective Jimmy Kudo’s life as a pint sized boy genius. Of course he wasn’t always this little, Jimmy is actually a high school-er that was poisoned with the effects having an unexpected reaction turning and shrinking Jimmy’s body. Now he helps solve mysteries with his best fried Rachel and her private investigator father Richard Moore. Jimmy goes by Conan, protecting his identity for fear of the nefarious characters who poisoned him harming the people he cares about.

What’s cool about this series is that Conan uses gadgets from his old inventor friend Dr. Agasa, to overcome his current stature. One of the nifty gadgets in Conan’s repertoire is conan_bowtiethe notable watch that shoots small sleep darts to put anyone to sleep. He uses the watch coupled with his bow-tie voice changer to solve the mystery and bring the culprits to justice, without drawing attention to himself.

The specific episode I am featuring is called Recipe For Murder Parts 1 & 2. The episodes in question are located in Season 5, Disc 2 episodes 116 & 117 (it’s a two parter so you know it’s fantastic!). In Recipe for Murder, Conan & Richard escort Rachel to an evening French Cuisine Cooking Class with the hopes of scoring free food. There are other students present at this class that is hosted by a renown Chef. In the middle of the lesson, someone is attacked with all of the suspects are in the same room. It’s up to Conan to uncover what really happened and more importantly, why? Everyone has a motive and more importantly an alibi, so how could they have pulled it off?

I’ve selected this episode because it challenged me to figure out who the guilty person was, since everyone in attendance had a decent motive for the act. I’d definitely recommend watching Case Closed and especially this episode, although you may want to start from Season 1. Take a look at the general Case Closed trailer (I couldn’t find the one for this particular episode :().

Case Closed Trailer

I hope you have enjoyed my Throwback Thursday post! Feel free to comment below on your Throwback Thursday item!

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