Throwback Thursday:Case Closed Recipe for Murder!

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I’m going to try to write a consistent piece every Thursday highlighting a throwback game, anime, show etc. This inaugural week will showcase one of my 1st (and favorite) anime series; Case Closed. I tend to gravitate towards mystery and thriller concepts, which places Case Closed naturally in my path (along with Scooby Doo!). The series follows the kid detective Jimmy Kudo’s life as a pint sized boy genius. Of course he wasn’t always this little, Jimmy is actually a high school-er that was poisoned with the effects having an unexpected reaction turning and shrinking Jimmy’s body. Now he helps solve mysteries with his best fried Rachel and her private investigator father Richard Moore. Jimmy goes by Conan, protecting his identity for fear of the nefarious characters who poisoned him harming the people he cares about.

What’s cool about this series is that Conan uses gadgets from his old inventor friend Dr. Agasa, to overcome his current stature. One of the nifty gadgets in Conan’s repertoire is conan_bowtiethe notable watch that shoots small sleep darts to put anyone to sleep. He uses the watch coupled with his bow-tie voice changer to solve the mystery and bring the culprits to justice, without drawing attention to himself.

The specific episode I am featuring is called Recipe For Murder Parts 1 & 2. The episodes in question are located in Season 5, Disc 2 episodes 116 & 117 (it’s a two parter so you know it’s fantastic!). In Recipe for Murder, Conan & Richard escort Rachel to an evening French Cuisine Cooking Class with the hopes of scoring free food. There are other students present at this class that is hosted by a renown Chef. In the middle of the lesson, someone is attacked with all of the suspects are in the same room. It’s up to Conan to uncover what really happened and more importantly, why? Everyone has a motive and more importantly an alibi, so how could they have pulled it off?

I’ve selected this episode because it challenged me to figure out who the guilty person was, since everyone in attendance had a decent motive for the act. I’d definitely recommend watching Case Closed and especially this episode, although you may want to start from Season 1. Take a look at the general Case Closed trailer (I couldn’t find the one for this particular episode :().

Case Closed Trailer

I hope you have enjoyed my Throwback Thursday post! Feel free to comment below on your Throwback Thursday item!

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Ultimate Thursday TKO!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Firstly, thank you for checking out the blog! Today I will be starting Ultimate Thursday TKO (duh) which will be a weekly segment that pits a League of Legends character against a Smite character for the ultimate MOBA showdown! I will present the arguments and have you the reader decide who would win that battle.Today’s showdown will be Bastet (Smite) versus Nidalee (LOL) so let’s Pounce into the action!

Lore- Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of the Cats and daughter of the Sun god Ra. Nidalee is the Bestial Hunter raised by cougars in the Kumunga Jungle. From the lore alone we can start pointing out a few similarities between these 2 fierce feminine felines (say that 3 times fast!). Both have inherited primal traits from the cat and cougar. Bastet has a more domestic side, however her claws can come out when approached with danger while Nidalee has that raw, carnal persona from having to survive the deadly jungle.

Abilities- Let’s start  with Nidalee’s abilities. She has Prowl, Javelin Toss/Take down, Bushwhack/Pounce, Primal Surge/Swipe and Aspect of the Cougar. Aspect of the Cougar is an ability that allows Nidalee to transform into a Cougar which is why she has double abilities. The 1st part of her abilities are in human form and the other will be in primal cougar form. Here’s a quick overview of each skill:

  • Javelin Toss– Nidalee tosses her Javelin dealing magic damage. Takedown– The next attack deals additional damage
  • Bushwhack allows our champion to trap, damage and reveal it’s target. Pounce allows Nidalee to lunge in the targets direction dealing damage to nearby enemies
  • Primal Surge heals target allies and buffs attack speed. Swipe will allow the cougar to claw at her enemies in a target direction.

Now let’s take a look at Bastet’s abilities. Open Would, Pounce, Razor Whip, Declaw and Cat Call.

  • Open Wound is the passive that does additional DOT (damage over time) damage for 3 seconds after a target is hit.
  • Pounce allows the goddess to leap to a target location dealing damage and return back to the initial location within 4 seconds.
  • Razor Whip is a swipe move that causes bleed damage for 4 seconds.
  • Declaw allows Bastet to throw her dagger both slowing and damaging the target.
  • Cat Call is the ultimate that summons 3 large cats to attack and slow enemies.

Roles- Both characters are assassin’s due to their speed and critical hit potential so their roles are simple, Jungle. The assassins jump in and out of the Jungle dealing
high critical attack damage on a single target.

The Battle- Nidalee starts things off with a Javelin Throw that Bastet dodges by Pouncing in the air towards Nidalee. Nidalee counters with Bushwhack trapping Bastet. With the target trapped, Nidalee uses Aspect of the Cougar to transform and Pounce dealing damage.nidalee-run Bastet use Declaw after being hit slowing the cougar. With Nidalee slowed and taking DOT damage due to Open Wound Bastet uses Razor Whip which is met by Nidalee’s Takedown and Swipe. With both assassins wounded Nidalee Pounces towards Bastet again. Bastet also Pounces jumping over Nidalee and releasing her ultimate Cat Call to corral the cougar. About 3 seconds afterwards Bastet pounces back to her original position where Nidalee is swiping at the 3 large cats and finishes her opponent with Razor Whip.

Bastet towers over her opponent with only 1 large cat remaining as the victor with a bittersweet feeling of remorse. Bastet is the sworn ruler and protector of cats and even as Nidalee lies on the Jungle floor, she feels responsibility and sympathy for the cougar. Nidalee opens her eyes to find Bastet stroking her pelt and lets out a cry of respect. Nidalee returns to her feet on all fours, bows her head towards Bastet and walks back into the Kumunga Jungle from which she emerged. The great warrior has nothing to be ashamed of, a well fought battle leaves her with insight and a new friend.


That’s my opinion of the outcome of Ultimate Thursday TKO, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with the winner? How would you change the battle? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, which Champions would you like to see featured in an Ultimate Thursday TKO battle?

Thank you for watching as the action unfolds, tune in next time for another Dragon Ball… Wait… hahaha… for another Ultimate Thursday TKO (had to do it lol)!

-Luna 🙂

Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you Matt-in-the–Hat for nominating me for the Blogger’s Recognition award. Seeing as the blog is about a week old and you have a massive following, I truly appreciate it. I have read your recognition post and after reading your Sailor Moon blog I can say that you are a great person and blog is amazing! Since I am fairly new to blogging this should be an interesting reflection!

Here are the award rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Well I have thanked awesome blogger Matt-in-the Hat so I can check it off of the list (Matt you’re awesome!). Next is to write a post to show the award (Bwahaha check!). Ah, here we are how did I start blogging…


I began blogging because I wanted to have a place that I can submit blogs, gaming news, rants, blah blah blah and have them easily transferred to my website. Rewind—Hiya, my name is Luna and I am the owner of! I guess to finish out the short bio on my  blogging life, I should start from the recent beginning.  GamersUnitedGG is a community of gamers who want to network, read interesting articles and display their videos and content. I am relaunching the website February 1st and I’m very excited about it. Now we can continue the story of my blogging origin. Long story short, WordPress is an awesome way to blog and upload gaming news, reviews, anime, comics and everything else geeky into the website. The integration will be simple and more efficient then how I was copying and pasting articles before.

I started searching for people who enjoyed the same quirky interests as me. When I started the website (the 1st time) I originally wanted to find a forum to talk and meet new gamers. Because I like to talk (wayyy too much at times) it escalated into a lot of geeky conversations. So I created a place to feature this stuff and also recognize awesome individuals. I want to give a voice to everyone (no matter the following) as long as they’re creative and genuine. That’s my blogging beginning in a nutshell I suppose.


  • My first piece of advice is to be active with the community. It’s crazy how  you can take a genuine interest in someone or their content to find out interesting facts and can end up making a friend in the process. I believe in reading the entire post before commenting, not just skimming through and posting a generic comment. Being active is one of the great parts of being a blogger so far!
  • Write what you know and love! No matter what the topic is, if you know about it and love it, put it out there for the universe to see. What is that crazy saying? Something like “You fail 100% of the tasks that you do not try.” Or something along those lines. You don’t want to regret writing about a topic that you enjoy, so do it!

My nominations!

Because I am new, I do not have 15 nominations but from the blogs that I have read the nominees are:

Well thank you for reading my new adventure and tale! I have nominated some awesome individuals in the community so far, so you know check them out! I hope that my post was interesting and I look forward to continuing this journey (and launching the website AHHHH 8 days to go!). Now it’s your turn to spread the love…


Have a fantastic week Gamers and Friends! Love, Friendship and Pass the Chips!


Hidden Treasures 1: iZombie

Hiya! Gamers and Friends.

Have you ever discovered something, a show, video game or book that was so awesome and you found yourself asking “Why are more people not into this?” As I scroll through reviews and blogs I have noticed that it is a trending theme and I am ready to bring those underground treasures to the forefront! Each week I will submit a post about a “Hidden Treasure” that in my opinion has been overlooked and should be receiving more popularity.This week I will present my case for a pretty cool spin on a zombie show; iZombie. So here me out on this and don’t worry, no spoilers!

iZombie is a series, loosely based on a comic, about a woman named Liv. Simple enough right? You’re typical Jane Doe. Liv is completing her residency at a hospital and is well on the road to becoming a doctor(Insert compliments here, beautiful, intelligent and living a perfect life). One night (the pilot episode of course) things take a turn and Liv is turned into a zombie. Now let’s take a guess at the preferred cuisine of a Zombie? You’re guessed it, Brains! Liv has to feed in order to survive so she alters her career path and starts working at a place where she can satisfy her appetite and not be found out; a Morgue! Working here Liv is able to safely sustain herself by feeding on the brains of murder victims. This is where things become even more intriguing with this series as a new perspective on zombies will be introduced. Liv begins to inherit attributes as well as memories of the murder victims for a period of time


Did I grab your attention yet? Well now you will have to watch the series to know more and see what happens next!

The story line and acting in my opinion is top notch and more people should be watching! Yet I know less than a handful of people who have even dared to watch episode 1. I’m very impressed with this new twist on zombies and I love a great mystery series. Don’t worry there’s plenty of action and the story will follow more than Liv’s secret. iZombie’s first 2 seasons can be found on Netflix.

If you are watching or have watched iZombie, what are your thoughts? Also, what are some “Hidden Treasures” that you know of and want to tell people about? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Hold on to Your Heads!


A Nostalgic, Yet Unfamiliar Terrain

Hiya, Gamers, Friends, Bloggers and Geeks!

I guess to start off this blog I should introduce myself. I am LaQuita, but I go by Luna or Lita online, unless you remember me from Xbox where ScoobyGirl was my alias (I do not have multiple personalities I SWEAR!). I am the owner of the website and xGamersUnitedx twitter account. A brief Segway, I have been gaming for as long as I could remember. I have an older brother so when he would have LAN parties and such I was always there snooping around. How crazy is it that I am not a bigger fanatic then he? Who would have ever guessed??? Anyway, I came up with a crazy idea to start a video gaming website (mostly because I couldn’t find an active forum in which to talk about games, movies, anime, etc.). I didn’t really find everything that I wanted all in one centralized location so I said you know what, start your own website! When I embarked on this journey I never realized how intense and fulling everything would be. But I met many awesome people and actually launched a pretty decent website! So what happened? Well reality set in. I was spreading myself too thin trying to please everyone and not staying true to what I enjoyed. So with the laser start that I had, I stepped away because quite frankly I wasn’t having fun anymore. After a year or 2 of a break I am back! I am refreshed and I am more ambitious than ever (Which is also due to having my perfect career path at the moment). Well that’s it in a nutshell. I want to blog, network, share my thoughts and create an awesome atmosphere for people to connect and geek out! Enough about me.

What is GamersUnitedGG? We want to be know as a community that assists and encourages everyone to do what they love and share it with the world. When we like or RT a post/video, you will know that we have personally taken the time to read or watch your craft. It’s not a lame RT or Like. It’s a substantial chance to see what other creative minded people are up to and if we absolutely LOVE your content, you will know it as we will extend a permanent offer to share your content on our site. People rarely interact in the real world anymore so GamersUnitedGG is here to bridge the gap and allow for open, honest, creativity. We are not limited to just video game reviews or news, we support artists, collectors, binge watching Netflix (One of the blogs that will be featured here) and every type of creative expression that we can find.

What is different this time around? This time around I know exactly what I want and I am determined to get it. I don’t want to sell out or try to please everyone, what you see will be what you get! Over the next 2 weeks I will be trying to develop a fan base and continue working on the website for launch (haha my new career in social media put me in contact with an awesome friend who is currently studying digital design and coding, yes!). I will be looking for contributors to have your posts featured on the website. If you are a writer/blogger in the areas of Pop Culture, Video Games, Anime, Comics, Netflix Binges, Art etc. Please contact me and we can see about getting your content on the website. Likewise, if you are a streamer and actively looking to stream, contact me as well. I want to eventually have a network of dedicated streamers so that we can always have someone streaming anytime the website has a visitor (but this will take a while with schedules and such). I just want to RANT!!! Lol

Finally, what to expect from this blog. This blog will be both a personal outlet for me and a way to communicate what is going on with my journey to launching and running a website. As of now I will have posts regarding

  • Netflix (Binge Series of the Week),
  • My Pop Collection,
  • Weekly website updates,
  • Occasional book/game reviews
  • Whatever rant I decide to do at the moment.
  • Maybe even the progress of my other hobby (the book that I am writing).

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and Welcome! Write me anytime about topics or anything you want to hear (BTW I live in Orlando, Florida so maybe I’ll through on some theme park and entertainment tips).

Smile Every Day, Shoot for the Stars, They call me Luna, I’m orbiting around Mars!

-Luna :p