A Thank you and update!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today’s post will pretty much be  a recap of 3 weeks in blogging and a thank you message to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts. Starting with the Thank You’s! thankful-emoticon-283

I have appreciated each and every comment or like my posts have received. Knowing that someone else has enjoyed reading my work and opinions has been one of the best experiences (among having an outlet to just ramble about my interests 🙂 ). It’s hard to put into words how I feel each time I log in and see that a post was commented on or liked so thank you very much and I hope that I can continue bringing exciting content worth reading.

Special Shoutouts! I have also wanted to personally say thank you to some bloggers that have really made an impression on me, whether it was through their posts or interactions. You should definitely check out their blogs as well! Of course there’s no particular order as I value everyone equally (had to throw in the disclaimer lol).

These are just a few bloggers who have inspired me in some way or another and I am truly happy to have interacted with them.

Now on to my thoughts on the blogging journey so far. It has been about 3 weeks since I have started and I have about 15 posts published. I originally thought that I would just get on here a few times a week, post something about video games and then go on about my normal life. Somewhere along the way I began getting d2f0b9276dd85d9c97ba546b81d974bd hooked on blogging and READING! I am reading a ton more since starting the blog. I’m reading books that I’ve had for some time without so much as cracking a page and I’m reading other bloggers posts. Blogging gives me something to look forward to each day. I am learning a ton of new information about comics, anime and books from the awesome bloggers or WordPress and it’s quite fascinating.

Blogging is definitely 5d98315c1467fe049409623a6c048602 a great outlet in which I will continue to write about anything that interests me (plus it makes me feel better about binge watching Netflix :p ). I look forward to continuing to allow readers a glimpse into my life and to share my interests with anyone that will listen. I am excited to see the posts by bloggers that I follow and validate their creativity and thoughts as mine have been validated. Thank you again for any comments, likes and follows and I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have!

-Luna 🙂


Ultimate Thursday TKO: Crazy Carry

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends and thank you for tuning in to another week of “Ultimate Thursday TKO.” We will put together an analysis of 2 characters from different video games to see who would be the winner (In my opinion) if they were to cross paths. This week I will be fulfilling a request from IgnitedMoth to feature Jinx (League Of Legends) versus Loki (Smite). Let’s start with their ability breakdown.

The request was to feature Jinx from League of Legends and I had to mull over in my head who would make a great match-up for her from Smite. Loki comes to mind because he is just as twisted and mischievous as Jinx, so why not let them battle it out. We will start with the challenger Loki. Loki is the mischievous, Trickster god who is bent on causing confusion and chaos wherever he goes. Loki’s roll is that of an assassin so his moves will focus on dealing significant damage to a single target. Loki’s abilities are as follows:

  • Behind You (Passive)- Loki deals increased damage when attacking an enemy
    from behind.
  • Vanish- Loki disappears in a puff of smoke gaining movement speed,
    immunity, increased damage and bleeding on any target hit.
  • Decoy- Loki deploys a decoy version of himself that taunts (mainly minions) before dealing damage in an explosion
  • Aimed Strike- Increased attack damage and slowing effects on the targeted enemy.
  • Assassinate- teleports and back stabs target doing damage and stunning.

What about Jinx? Jinx is a mayhem loving character with an insatiable craving to cause panic and destruction, who hates being bored. What other way to have fun and cause mischief then to light up her enemies with an arsenal of weapons. Her weapons cache consists of pistols, shock guns, explosives and her favorite mega rocket that will rival the stock of an army base. Her abilities are:

  • Get Excited (Passive)- Increased movement and attack speed when damaging an
    enemy or object that is destroyed within 3 seconds.
  • Switcheroo- Jinx’s basic attack switches between her Pow Pow minigun and Fishbones Rocket launcher.
  • Zap- Zapper shock pistol that damages, slows and reveals enemy.
  • Flame Choppers- Snare grenades that explode after 5 seconds igniting
    enemies and rooting.
  • Super Mega Death Rocket- ranged rocket gaining damage as it travels.
    damaging a single target and surrounding enemies.

The Battle: Loki hears about an interesting “Villain” running amuck in the city of Piltover. “Hmmm who is this interesting menace?” Loki says as he sits upon the throne of his latest conquest. “Being a king is boring, time to shake things up! (insert creepy, manic laugh here)” Loki arrives in Piltover just in time to watch a fleet of patrol cars speeding down the road. “Yup, I’m definitely in the right place.” he says as he follows. Before he knows it the fleet of cars in front of him are decorating the sky in a symphony of fire and debris. He dodges one of the car doors flying towards him “That was close” before feeling the thump of a rear-view mirror on his head. Loki falls to the ground and awakes to a a figure standing on top of the destruction holding a huge rocket launcher and smiling uncontrollably. “Ah, this is who I’m looking for!” He says and brushes himself off as he rises.

“Well, well well… who do we have hear?” Jinx asks as she is lining Loki up in her sights. “You don’t look like no officer around here.” she says. “You are mistaken child, I’m the great Loki and..” before Loki could finish Jinx blasts him with Zapper pistol. Loki’s body surges with the electroshock racing through his body. He smirks and vanishes. “What, where’d he go?” Jinx says as she looks around frantically. image_4-4 “Behind You!” Loki chuckles as he uses Assassinate! Due to his increase in damage Jinx stumbles a bit before jumping forward and pulling the Switcheroo. Firing rapidly at the spot where she was hit. As she touches down, Jinx tosses her Flame Choppers. When the smoke clears Loki is no where in sight. “Pfft, not as tough as he looks.” Jinx laughs. Loki pops Decoy and Jinx falls for it firing at will. The decoy explodes and Loki hits his 5 hit basic attack combination on Jinx. She falls to the floor. jix

“Guess I’ve traveled here for nothing.” Loki sighs. He looks at Jinx’s body sprawled on the concrete one last time before flipping a coin and taking flight away from the scene. “You can’t find good competition anywhere these days.” Loki says. He hears a whistling sound getting closer and closer. Loki stops mid flight and searches for the source of the noise. When he realizes the noise is coming from n=behind him its almost too late. Loki turns to see a Super Mega Death Rocket approaching and before he could make a sound… Jinx, still glaring through the crossair on her death rocket finally lowers the cannon to the ground when she see’s the fireworks in the air. “I love the 4th of July!” she laughs (it’s definitely February lol). Jinx tends to her wounds, reloads her weapons and prank calls the police department “Can I speak to Detective Vi?”. 5

What did you think about this week’s match up? Did you agree with the outcome, if not what would you change? Let’s talk TKO! Feel free to comment below and let me know who you would like to see featured!



Leveling Up!

Hiya Gamers, Bloggers and Friends!

This is my first attempt at the Daily Writing Prompt and since I do not have a post scheduled for today, I figured it would be a great time to keep those writing muscles sharp! The daily writing post game me a great idea to start a writing series of tips and tricks that I have used to create a more efficient blog. pzo1128_500 Each post in this section will discuss my struggle and the solution similar to how a strategy guide for a game would cover different topics.If you are having some of the same troubles that I am, maybe my “Strategy Guide” segment can assist you and have you Level Up your blog!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am fairly new to blogging (not new to writing ) and sometimes I find it difficult to Resist the urge to write or more specifically, the urge to immediately post an article! In my daily life I love being social. I tend to ramble on and jump from topic to topic as I never want conversations to end. This has trickled down to my writing. I currently have 3 posts completed that I want to post immediately because I want people to read them and like them or even comment on whether they agree or disagree. I have had to find ways to resist the urge to write and immediately post topics. So how did I do it?

It’s actually cqjqqxcwuaaytx4 a simple remedy. I have just started scheduling the posts for different days of the week. I’m not sure why this works for me but it tricks my brain into thinking that the post is completed and distributed or something. The urges I have to immediately post the article literally disappears and I am able to get on with my day without that anxious feeling. That’s it! Short Daily Post prompt today. I would love to know if anyone else has been having this issue and what you would or have done to fix it!


Thank you for reading my ramble and Game On!


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Throwback Tuesday: Diddy Kong Racing

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Today will be our weekly Throwback Tuesday post where I will feature, well you know something old and we can stroll down memory lane. This week will be one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games; Diddy Kong Racing!

Diddy Kong Racing is an awesome single or multiplayer racing game in which you are able to select your character and vehicle depending on the map. This game was awesome as you had a story mode, racing mode and battle mode. The colors and sound effects in the game were so bright and vibrant that you couldn’t help but smile while you play. did My favorite characters to play with were Pipsy (the little mouse) and Conker the squirrel! Just like in Mario Kart the characters that you would select affected specific racing attributes such as speed, power and handling so you would choose you characters wisely. You were able to choose some of your favorite characters like Diddy  or Banjo!

The Vehicles- You were able to select an airplane, a hovercraft or a race car for the various levels in which you would be competing. Story mode was cool because your boss battles consisted of beating the boss character in a 1 on 1 race, never mind the fact that all of the bosses were huge in comparison. did2All in all, Diddy Kong racing was an awesome game to play and my pick for this week’s Throwback Tuesday! What games do you miss playing? Have you ever played Diddy Kong Racing? What other racing games come to mind? Let’s talk retro/ old school!

Remember slow and steady wins … well not this race!


Hidden Treasures 2: Nerve

Hiya readers and friends! This week’s installment of Hidden Treasures will touch on a movie that I rarely hear anything about; Nerve. Just a quick recap, the Hidden Treasures post will go over a movie, show or video game that I believe more people should be watching. Every Monday I will highlight this “Hidden Treasure” and open up the floor for discussion or recommendations. Let’s jump into the movie!

Nerve is the story of an over achiever named Vee . nerve-pic1 The story takes place during Vee’s senior year of high school when she is debating on going to college close to home or going out on a limb and going to an art school across the country. Vee is the normal protagonist character who does whatever she is told and never commits to anything outside of her comfort zone. One day her best friend tells her to live a little and sign up for a virtual truth or dare game called Nerve. Vee was originally going to sign up as a “Watcher” who pays to watch the “Players” perform outrageous dares. The incentive for the “Players” in performing the user suggested dares is simple, they receive money for each dare completed.

The movie takes a turn when Vee gets upset and switches her status to Player mode. This is where the action picks up as the timid Vee begins to peel out of her comfort zone and perform for the watchers.  nerve2-opt She is also paired up with a partner for most of her dares courtesy of the “watchers” whose name is Ian. Ian does his best to continue pushing Vee to perform the dares as his completion becomes dependent on her.The dares grow significantly harder and turns this high school drama into an all out thriller movie.

I think that Nerve is a pretty good movie to watch because it shifts from a cheesy High School movie to an entertaining series of events. Yes, most of the scenes will be predictable but its a new concept on a classic Truth or Dare game. I can say that the ending scenes did catch me by surprise. Stop by Redbox and check out Nerve, this week’s pick for an overlooked movie. The question is are you going to be a Watcher or Player?

I triple, dog dare you! 😉


2017 Royal Rumble Results & Recap!

Good morning friends! If you’re a fan of WWE then you know that the 30th anniversary Royal Rumble was last night January 29th, 2017 in the Alamodome in Texas. If you didn’t catch it on the WWE Network or if you missed anything, here’s the recap of the event!

Pre Show- There was a special start time for the Royal Rumble preshow at 5pm Eastern. The Preshow hosted a panel of Renee, Booker T, Jerry (King) Lawler and special guest Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. The panel went over their predictions and previews for the upcoming matches in the actual Rumble. There were also 3 matches that took place during the preshow.

  1. 6 Woman Smackdown Tag Match. wwe_royal_rumble_2017_women_tag The teams were Natayla, Mickie James and Alexa Bliss versus Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. This match was booked due to the constant attacks on Becky Lynch from Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Also, Nikka Bella has a brooding rivalry with Natalya at the moment. The match was pretty good as there were a few more acrobatics with Naomi in the mix. The match ended with Alexa Bliss (Smackdown Women’s Champion) being pinned by Naomi.
  2. The next preshow match was for the Raw Tag Team titles between Cesaro & Sheamus versus the club in Luke Gallows & Karl Andersen. wwe_royal_rumble_2017_tag_champs If you have tuned in to Monday Night Raw recently then you know that there was a discrepancy in the last championship match that left Gallows and Andersen the winners, however, they won by DQ so Sheamus and Cesaro retained the Championship. This is the rematch that featured 2 referees. The match was very chippy and a attempts to end the match early by slippery tactics were sniffed out by the refs. In the end the bullet club finally obtained the Raw Tag Team Championship Belts by pinning the champs. I will say that Sheamus Brogue Kicked one of the referee’s before the match was over, so we will see if the club actually keeps the titles on Raw tonight!
  3. The 3rd match was a little of a disappointment as it was Sasha Banks versus Nia Jax. Sasha tried her best but we all know how this match was going to turn out. With Sasha on an “injured” knee and Nia Jax being larger in size and strength, even on a good knee this was quite a hill to climb. Nia Jax trucked Sasha a few good times and even after the Banks statement was locked in, was able to force her way out of it. No surprises here, Nia Jax won via pin fall.

The Event! If you missed NXT Takeover on Saturday night then you didn’t know that Seth Rollins interrupted the show and called out Triple H. This act of defiance was replayed throughout the event and ended with an explanation of Stephanie Mcmahon stating she will handle Rollins tonight on Monday Night Raw. She also banned the Superstar from the Alamodome and the Royal Rumble event. But would he show up anyway? Let’s take a look at the events.

  • The 1st match up was the WWE Universal Championship match of Kevin Owens (Universal Champ) versus Roman Reigns. This match had a twist as GM Mick Foley attempted to stop Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho from interfering with the matches. To remedy this, Jericho was suspended in a Shark Cage for the duration of the match above the ring. It was a great title match, with Jericho of course interfering still by dropping a pair of brass knuckles to KO. Roman Reigns put up a good fight but in the end KO and Jericho left with the Universal Championship.
  • The 2nd match was the Raw Women’s Championship with title holder Charlotte Flair versus Bayley. Charlotte is currently undefeated in Pay Per View events, a record in itself, and Bayley currently holds 3 wins to nil over Charlotte in 1 on  competition. The battle was good and as expected, Charlotte retains her winning streak and the Women’s Title.
  • The 3rd match was the Cruiserwight Championship between champion Rich Swann and WWE Veteran Neville (Who believes that he is King of the Cruiserweights). This rivalry has been building up on both Raw and 205 Live as both participants interfered in each others matches, an altercation original started by Neville. 20170109_royalrumble_swannneville-274ced054bbca3800f44d49940bf87bf-vresize-335-220-high-77 Neville’s return to the squared circle came with a heel turn so he is ruthless in his pursuit of what should have been rightfully his at the inauguration of the Cruiserweight Division. As always, the Cruiserweights put on an  excellent show with high flying maneuvers, lighting quick strikes and a burst of entertainment. WWE Universe welcome your new Cruiserweight Champion and King of the Cruiserweights, Neville!
  • The final match before the Rumble match was between WWE World Champion AJ Styles and the actual face that runs the place John Cena. This match was chippy as well with AJ Styles wanting to prove that Cena is a Part- timer and irrelevant and Cena chasing Ric Flair’s 16x Championship record. There were multiple times where we could call the match yet the opponent kicked out. Cena was hit with several Styles’ Clash moves, Styles was hit with just about every Cena move. The final blow was an AA from Cena to Styles, into another AA from Cena culminating in something that I predicted, Cena is you 16x WWE World Champion.
  • The Rumble! The actual Royal Rumble match was the height of anticipation. The 1st entrant was Big Cass facing off against Chris Jericho. Jericho wins the award for me in staying in the Rumble the longest as often times he was on the sidelines lying down on the ground. Some early entrants were Dean Ambrose, Braun Strowman and a surprise debut at slot 10 by none other than the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. The rumble ensued with middle entrants on the Wyatt Family with Randy Orton, Apollo Crews and leaving the big 3 for the last few slots. Brock Lesner entered 1st clearing most of the ring until Goldberg came out and dominated the beast again.  The 29th slot was drawn by the Undertaker who eliminated most of the ring and entrant 30 was none other than…. Roman Reigns? Yup, no Balor, No Samoa Joe, and no Rollins? Once the dust settled it was down to Orton and Reigns. Congratulations Randy Orton on winning the 2017 Royal Rumble! wwww-e1485749466345

Tonight Monday Night Raw should be interesting with the recap and more importantly (at least to me) the ramifications of Seth Rollins’ actions on NXT. All in all, even though I was very upset at the end of the rumble (because I wanted Balor or Joe and even fricking Rollins!) the event was as bad as it seems. A few differently placed entrants would’ve made all the difference. That wraps up this review and recap! Did you watch the Rumble? What were your favorite parts? Were you surprised by any of the outcomes or entrants? Let’s talk WWE!

As the dust settles, we pick up the pieces and head towards the Elimination Chamber (Smack Down Exclusive). Welcome to the Road to Wrestlemania!


My Top 5 WWE Pay Per View Events!

Hiya friends and wrestling fanatics! This post is spontaneous as I did not intend to write it, but do to my love of WWE and the Royal Rumble Pay Per View event I’ve made an executive decision to make a discussion post (Thanks to Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek‘s inspiring post!). This discussion post will go over my top 5 WWE events and why I personally think they’re the best, then I will open up the discussion for community comments and opinions. Let’s get to it starting from my bottom, yet still favorite event!

5) Extreme Rules! – Extreme rules makes my top 5 because it’s an awesome pay per view that pretty much incorporates “Hardcore” rule sets (oh how I miss there being a Hardcore Title 😦 ).hqdefault Typically Superstars will challenge each other to crazy matches featuring chairs, pins count anywhere and crazier terms such as last year’s Asylum match featuring the Lunatic Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. Only Dean Ambrose could think of having a match with different asylum props and thumbtacks! 184_rules_05222016mm_1342-e74bb779b84bfb36e30b4b56891db72a Yes, we know the WWE is “Scripted” but those thumbtacks look like they’d hurt lol. Extreme rules can bring a different dynamic to watching a WWE match and I love the surprises that are included. You know what happens when I’m entertained, do you? Extreme Rules…. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

4) The Pay Per View event that I would personally rank 4th is going to surprise a lot of people, but I have my reasons. I would put Wrestlemania here. I know, I know, Wrestlemania is the marquee event and should be higher up but from the past few years, while I have enjoyed Wrestlemania, it just hasn’t (in my opinion) lived up to the hype. With that said, I’m not an idiot and Wrestlemani is awesome and still makes the list. I’m admitting straight away that I am bias so my favorite Wrestlemania moment may be a jab to the throat for some lol. 5pvqdx My favorite Wrestlemania moment was hearing the music of the Architect, Seth Rollins and seeing him run towards the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase (Usain Bolt couldn’t catch him that day!). I was a fan of Rollins before it was the accepted thing to be and everything he did (with or without help) was entertaining. Wrestlemania has provided some of my favorite moments like watching Ronda Rousey intimidate Stephanie Mcmahon or Stone Cold dancing with the New Dayaustinxavier-0-0 . You know, before the Stunner lol.

3) My number 3 position will be given to the Royal Rumble. This event has been around for years and is an awesome way to see all of your favorite Superstars go at it in an  all out brawl. The Royal Rumble always features other matches (This year being 3 Championship matches) yet the main event, the Rumble itself is what we fans look forward to. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the Royal Rumble in Orlando and it was fantastic! Being in the live atmosphere, counting down the seconds until to the next Superstar is revealed, ajhearing the eerie silence as we wait for the music to start playing and then erupting out of our seats once we knew who was entering was the best part of seeing the event live. We went crazy for AJ Styles last year! The great thing about the Rumble is that you may know who is entered into the match, but you can never predict in which order Superstars are going to emerge. The anticipation and over the top eliminations makes the Royal Rumble Sheer “Phenomenal!”

2) Number 2 of the list is going to be another shocker for readers and WWE fans as I am going to rank Summer Slam above Wrestlemania. Honestly, Summer Slam has been one of my favorite WWE Events the last 3 years.

In 2016 an incredible match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins took place and before that Rollins versus Cena in my opinion was a better match then Lesner versus the Undertaker. Yes, I know that my favorite moments seem to feature Seth Rollins, but let’s be honest… He’s 100% one of my favorites, if not my favorite current Superstar. Summer slam has been the Wrestlemania for me so I had to rank it pretty high up on the list. So which Pay Per View could this crazy chick have possible selected for her favorite event? thinking-emoticon1) Are you surprised to see Survivor Series at the top of the heap? Well don’t be, I enjoy the traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series matches and I have always enjoyed them. There’s not much for me to say about Survivor Series, I just enjoy the elimination style of wrestling. (Insert Seth Rollins Comment Here… You knew it was coming lol) I remember before Rollins went out with his injury, he and Reigns put together a team for the 5 on 5 match. It was amazing seeing Reigns come down to the ring, followed by the Usos, Ryback (I miss Ryback 😦 ) and Dean Ambrose. I have to admit, it was the one time I believe that I have rooted against Seth Rollins lol. rawvsmackdown This past Survivor Series with the brand split was amazing as well (but let’s be honest, on paper I think that RAW 100% win that match) lol. Even the RAW before Survivor Series when the Smackdown Live Superstars came through the crowd was awesome! I still die of laughter when Jericho was going down the list and spots James Ellsworth on the side lines “What the heck is that?” Of course I have also enjoyed watching the “Beast” Brock Lesner get “Victimized, Defeated and Conquered” by Goldberg!

Well that wraps up my top 5 WWE Pay Per Views list. What are your Favorites? Do you agree with my list? What are your favorite moments from some of these Pay Per Views? Let’s Talk WWE!

“And that’s why I’m the Champ!”


WWE Royal Rumble Thoughts!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumbleeeeee!!!! Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Today’s blog will consist of my thoughts on what will happen at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View this Sunday January 29th, 2017 at the Alamo Dome in Texas. This will be the 2nd time since the brand split and separate Pay Per Views that both Smackdown and Raw Superstars will be in the same ring on the same night (Survivor Series). I am very excited about the event so let’s jump right into my predictions on what will happen.

Pause… I should probably go over what the Royal Rumble Event is for readers who may not be aware lol. The Royal Rumble is a WWE Pay Per View event that has Superstar’s “Draw Numbers” to see where they will enter in the lineup. Basically there are 30 slots, distributed between all of the entrants. You would ideally want to pull a number as close to 30 as possible so that you do not have to wrestle as many people and it increases your chances of winning the Rumble. kofi-0 Entrants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope with BOTH feet touching the ground and new entrants arrive every few minutes. The last person standing in the ring will go on to headline Wrestlemania in the main event for a title opportunity. Got it?

Now, for my thoughts on the Rumble. finn One prediction that I will stick by is that Finn Balor will make his return!  I am hoping and praying that Balor returns at the Rumble. He we out back in August due to a shoulder injury after Summer Slam and was expected to be out 6 months for recovery. It’s been about 6 months and athletes tend to heal quicker than non athletes so my money is on Balor’s return!

Next thought will be in reference to Seth Rollins losing his spot in the Rumble to Sami Zayn on the past Monday Night Raw. There is absolutely NO WAY that Rollins will not be competing. My thought, is that he will be entered in the Rumble and will either win it or come very very close. Maybe 3rd to last eliminated. I know that this prediction is a long shot, but come on… do you think Seth Rollins wouldn’t be in the Rumble after missing it and Wrestlemania last year?

Do I think Brock Lesner will get revenge on Goldberg? Nope. I think it will be a better fight this time around, but ultimately the icon will come out on top. As far as the Undertaker, I think it’s going to be a very interesting match. This is the first year that so many of the participants in the Royal Rumble have been announced so I believe the last 10 slots will be phenomenal. Also, I think that Samoa Joe will debut from NXT. Joe has been main roster ready for a while now and since he no longer holds the NXT title, the next step in his career is to go be pushed up to Smackdown or Raw.

john-cena-the-champ-is-hereThose are my main predictions and thoughts. I have considered that Austin Aries may debut as well, but that’s a little more far fetched. No matter what, an NXT member will be ascending to the main roster and making their debut. The only other prediction I would dare say is that John Cena will become the 16x champion , unless the match ends in a DQ… period!

That’s my thought on the Rumble. What are your predictions? Oh yeah, before I leave… Bayley will beat Charlotte but it may end in a DQ sooo… we shall see. Leave your comments below and I will have a recap on Monday!


Have a great day and Remember the Rumble!





Funko Friday: Royal Rumble Edition!

Hiya Gamers & Friends! Welcome to Funko Friday where I will feature Funko Pops from my personal collection. Because the Royal Rumble will take place this coming Sunday, I’ve decided to feature pops from my WWE collection! The pops that will be featured will have prominent roles in the Royal Rumble (Spoilers from Raw Inbound)! My first pop will be the traditional Seth Rollins Pop (I say traditional because there is an exclusive SummerSlam Edition Pop with Seth in white). 41s7v4wksll

If you watched this past Monday Night Raw then you will know that do to a faux appearance of the Triple H (Meaning his theme music played but that’s about it) Seth lost the match to Sami Zayn. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if Stephanie Mcmahon hadn’t made the match a winner gets entrance into the Royal Rumble Match. Yup, Seth lost his spot (Tune in tomorrow for my predictions and insights for the Royal Rumble).

The next Super Star I will feature is none other than John Cena. Despite what many may believe, I love John Cena and his character and I am hoping for him to become he 16x WWE World Champion this Sunday Versus AJ Styles. jc

John Cena is awesome and I can not wait to see his championship match. Well those are the 2 pops that I will feature today from my collection. Which WWE or Funko Pops do you collect? Next Friday I will feature 2 Pops from my Movie’s Collection! Have a fantastic Friday and …The Champ Is Here!!!!!


Netflix Series of the Week: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hiya Gamers & Friends. Ready for Installment 2 of the Netflix Series of the Week? This week I binge watched Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Aside from the elongated name, if you haven’t heard about this series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Created from the book series, tested in theaters featuring Jim Carrey as Count Olaf and now adopted by Netflix, we follow the lives of 3 “orphans;” the Baudelaire children. I have been waiting a few weeks for the series to be released and was ecstatic when January 13th (Friday the 13th , real creepy) arrived. As always, no spoilers I promise and let’s get right in to the action!

The Story- So… its a series of unfortunate events, plain and simple. We follow the Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus and Sunny through a very despairing time. After a tragic accident the children are placed in the care of banker Mr. Poe who is charged with delivering them safely to their next of kin. Simple right? To the children’s surprise they are left to a relative who’s only ambition (apart from his dreadful acting career) is to get his paws on the Baudelaire fortune by any means (and I do mean any) necessary.


The Characters- Violet is the eldest Baudelaire child and a very skilled inventor. She is smart and able to create or fix anything around. Her signature move is to tie her hair up in a ponytail, a symbolic act of a brilliant idea on the horizon. The middle child is Klaus, a remarkable scholar who can solve any problem, given a book to reference that is. The youngest is an inaudible toddler Sunny, well who quite frankly uses her teeth to chew through the hardest of substances. Together the Baudelaire children have an answer for every situation. There’s Mr. Poe who is the dimwitted social worker in charge of placing the children with a capable relative and of course there’s the antagonist Neil Patrick Harris’ role, Count Olaf. Count Olaf is the distant relative of the children and  their custodial guardian. He’s also a non talented actor who’s fueled by greed, ambition and his dastardly acting troupe of minions. The Nurturer of the series is Justice Strauss, the neighbor of Count Olaf and Justice of the Peace. Justice Strauss provides the hope for the series.

The story of the Baudelaire children is told through the narrative of investigator Lemony Snickets. lsHe appears frequently throughout each episode to provide filler information regarding the scene at hand. After his brief narratives, the viewer watches the cascading events unfold. The narrative is a story that has already happened and we the viewers are given a glimpse of the series of unfortunate events. I really enjoyed the humorous elements of the series as well. As you can often see Lemony Snicket in the background of the scene, he will not be interacting with the Baudelaires. One observation that I found humorous was that he would often dress for the scene that he is narrating like wearing a swimsuit at the beach.

What to expect- From the opening credits you are urged to “Look Away” because this story will not be a typical happy childhood sort of tale. Each episode growing more disturbing and uncomfortable then the next. You can expect a considerable amount narration from Lemony Snickets and a decent amount of singing throughout the entire series. You can also expect to want to rescue the children from their compromising positions. You can expect to to feel uncomfortable.


Play- The Play areas of my blogs will list the reasons why I would recommend adding the series to your watchlist!

  • Neil Patrick Harris’ performance (even though I would rate Jim Carrey’s execution of Count Olaf above him) is done rather well. You feel as if Count Olaf is a terrible actor who is playing different roles unconvincingly. If that didn’t make any sense, I mean he plays an actor attempting to play different roles (pretty much it’s believable lol).
  • I felt personally affected by the misfortunes of the Baudelaire children which must mean that atop of the execution of the actors, the story-line itself pulls at the heart strings. I felt sorrow, hope and a need to shake the people who couldn’t pick up on what was happening (mainly Mr.Poe!).
  • You have hour long episodes to enjoy. In the movie that came out a few years ago, I wanted to keep watching the story yet the time was limited. Although we touched on the same scenes in the Netflix Series, I didn’t feel rushed while watching.

Skip- The Skip areas will not necessarily be a reason not to watch. I will actually explain what I personally didn’t like about the show.

  • Mr Poe!!!! This reason to skip honestly is based on the brilliant acting and writing of the story. I couldn’t understand why Mr.Poe continued to be bamboozled through the series. I know it’s a part of the story but it’s still infuriating!!!! Ughhh (even writing this and thinking about certain scenes I just want to say YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS lol).
  • Narrative. Personally I enjoy Lemony Snickets weaving in and out of the story, however, if you’re not a fan of a narrator commenting on the events in question (sometimes in the middle of the action) then you might not like this series.

Trailer for Lemony Snickets’ A Series of Unfortunate Events!

Pretty much I was very intrigued with Netflix version of the books. I’d say 8 out of 10 would recommend! Thank you for reading my rant. Comment below if there is a Netflix series that you want me to watch and feature! Next week we will be switching to the Netflix original series Frontier! I’m very excited because Khal Drogo (from Game of Thrones) will be the main character and mannn is he beautiful lol.

Until Next Time, Game On!

-Luna ^-^