Gamer Reality (Poem)

Bring me back to REALITY,

When I seem to drift away,

My subconscious likes to run and float,

I’m begging it to stay,

Keep me from that fictioned world,

In which I always go,

Pinch me once and call me twice,

It really works you know,

Take note of all my strategies,

I’m losing all control,

How can I pass this level,

With a guide I can’t decode?

So bring me back to reality,

By boat or plane or car,

The final boss is staring wild,

My fear; his upper scar,

My resources are dwindling,

All combinations are the same,

4K was once my clarity,

It’s time to switch the game.




Upcoming Posts!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Have a fantastic Spring and start the season off right with fresh posts! The past 2 weeks have been super busy but I am now settling back into my normal life. This means that I can commit to my weekly posts again and keep a normal schedule (Yay!). Take  a look at the upcoming posts this week and thank you for reading!

Sunday 3/12/17Gamers Paradise (Poem)

Monday 3/13/17 Hidden Treasures 7: UnReaL (TV Show)

Tuesday 3/14/17 Throwback Tuesday – Fable Series (Video Game Franchise)

Wednesday 3/15/17 Dark Blood (Book First Impressions)

Thursday 3/16/17Ultimate Thursday TKO – Rogue Vs Android 18 (Sorry I couldn’t get this post up last week)

Friday 3/17/17Netflix Series of the Week: Magi Adventures of Sinbad (Finally got around to watching it lol)

I know some of these posts were supposed to be released a week or 2 ago but it wasn’t in the cards. This week I have loaded the slate with additional posts and half of them are already written so we are good to go! Don’t forget today is “Spring Froward” so we lost an hour of sleep (if your clocks didn’t automatically change make sure to set them ahead 1 hour). Thank you again to everyone who reads our blog here and have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂

Mystery Blogger Award!

Happy Friday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! We have been nomintaed for the Mystery Blogger Award by Moonid! Thank you Moonid for the nomination! Be sure to check out their blog for Manga and Anime content! Shout out to the creator of the award over at Okoto’s Enigma Blog as well! I love doing the blog award posts because you can find out interesting information about fellow bloggers and potentially find new bloggers to follow! It’s definitely worth writing about especially if you do not have a post scheduled (hehehe like me today 🙂 ). Let’s jump into the post details!  party

Rules of the award:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. List the Rules.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  5. Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  6. Answer five questions from the nominee.
  7. Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers.
  8. Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog.
  9. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question.
  10. Share the link to your best post.

3 Things About Myself:

  • In my daily life I work for a major theme park in Orlando, Fl. It’s a fantastic job and I am always happy to go off to work! I sit at a computer and answer questions via social media and the website about our parks.
  • If you haven’t figured it out from my other blog posts my 3 favorite passions are Video Games, WWE and Binge Watching TV Shows! These are the types of posts that you will often see on my blog.
  • I like to try out new activities. I get into moods where if I want to do something, I’ll research it and try it out (perks of living in a large city). Some activities I want to accomplish this year are Pottery lessons,  Traveling, Paintball, Escape Rooms and for some reason I want to traverse a giant corn maze!


Nominator’s Questions:

  1. Which anime/manga genre is the one you like the most? I really love the Romantic Comedy Anime like School Rumble. Harem anime like Ouran School Host Club or Shuffle are great as well!
  2. If you were to introduce a friend to your favorite genre, what would be your best recommendation to help him get hooked into the genre? Hahaha I think I have answered this above. I really, really like School Rumble. That would be my go to.
  3. Can you relate something that happened in your life with something you watched in an anime/read in a manga? Absolutely! This is going to sound weird but in the anime “The Devil is a Part Timer” the main character, Sadao and his ambitions remind me of myself at work. I’m always looking for the promotion and to make sure that I’m doing the best that I can lol. This Anime is pretty funny as Sadao thinks the key to conquering the world lies in taking over “McRonalds!”
  4. What is your favorite Youtube Channel? Currently I would say my favorite YouTube Channel is Up Up Down Down the channel by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. I also love a good Minecraft channel like Lachlan or Vikkstar123.
  5. Write something about the culture in your country. I live in the United States of America so the culture here is pretty diverse. Many people would say that we have no culture but I disagree. We celebrate holidays like our Independence day and President’s Day. It may not include special preparations or rituals but its important to us. What I love the most is that we can have different festivals like the color run or Caribbean Festival that celebrates the diversity in the Country.

  mlp My Nominees:

  1. FraziersRacket
  2. BizarreBrunette
  3. MediGamer Matt
  4. Retro Gamer Ireland
  5. Intentergy
  6. Darth Toothpick
  7. Love, Luna
  8. Gamely Giving
  9. TwoGirlsGaming

My Questions:

  • Which Movie are you looking forward to releasing this year?
  • If you can make a theme park out of any game, which game would you select and why?
  • With the rise of Major League Gaming, should it have its place among ESPN?
  • Should Colleges start Major League Gaming teams and fund-raise similar to Sports?
  • Streaming vs. Blogging: How do you connect with your favorite gamers and communities?

Thank you again Moonid for the nomination! Congrats to all of my nominees and I look forward to your answers if you choose to participate! Have a great weekend!

_Luna 🙂


Throwback Tuesday: Nintendo 64

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Today’s Throwback Thursday post will highlight one of my favorite gaming systems of all times, the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 or N64 for short was released back in 1996 for both the Japanese and North American markets. N64 was the 3rd system released by Nintendo and brought with it some of the more revolutionary games, titles and advancements for it’s time. Let’s jump into some facts about our N64.

The Name: Not many people know why the console was called the Nintendo 64. Obviously the “Nintendo” part was branding the company but why the 64? Easy, the 64 referred to the (then) amazing 64 bit processing system that the console consisted of. It was light years above the Sega and Super Nintendo consoles and the graphics were amazing for that time frame.

The Composition: Another awesome feature of the N64 was the way it was built along with its capabilities.  n64   The N64 in my knowledge was the first system I had that allowed more than 2 people to play at one time! We had 4 regular plug in slots!!!! It made waiting for your turn to play on relevantly non existence. Also the controller was a spectacle in itself. This controller was the first of it’s kind consisting of 3 handles and a joystick! I still remember trying to hold the controller for the first time and the trigger on the back is still one of my favorite features for ANY console.

The Games: The Nintendo 64 produced some of the more iconic games that still reign high up on a gamers list of favorites.    n64 games  Some of these iconic games were Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark , Wave Race, Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing(see Throwback Tuesday post here! )and Super Smash Bros. If you haven’t played some or any pf the games listed here then you are missing out!

Super Mario 64– Super Mario 64 to some may seem like just another Mario game, however, this game really pushed the boundaries of the gaming world. It was the first time that the gamer was able to explore different camera angles, movements and actions as compared to the Side Scrolling predecessors. Compare the difference below.


As you can see Mario used his Mushroom to upgrade to a revolutionary character in the Nintendo 64. Along with Super Mario was the introduction of one of the best racing game Mario Kart 64! Mario Kart 64 allowed you to race with your favorite Mario characters through customized maps like Donkey Kong Jungle and Yoshi’s Island! You were able to do a traditional race or a battle where your goal was to eliminate the other players. What made this game amazing was that you would use items from a traditional Mario game like Shells and Stars in order to slow down or get away from your opponents. Not only did you want to be a skilled racer (Yoshi with the smooth moves 🙂 ) but you also had to play strategically to not get hit or stop your opponents.

Since Mario 64 and Mario Kart were massive hits, why not continue this trend of Mario games by unleashing my all time favorite Nintendo game; Mario Party! Mario Party was a multiplayer digital board game that allowed gamers to play as their favorite Mario characters in mini games to earn coins and stars. You win the game by satisfying the win requirement or having the most Stars at the end of the game. Of course there were twists in the game like “Taking it to Boo!” I was a fair player until someone did me dirty, then I would take it to Boo and steal either coins or Stars from the person who double crossed me.   mario party boo  Mario Party is still one of my favorite games from Nintendo and I hope the new Nintendo Switch keeps the franchise alive!

Wave Race-    wave race  Wave Race was an awesome Jet skiing racing game in which you could either race or play the Trick mode. I played trick mode the most because I loved learning new tricks like he “Barrel Roll” and using them in a traditional race to show off! Wave Race was really fun traversing the different maps and trying to earn the most medals. Dolphin Park was my favorite map!

Goldeneye 007- I couldn’t end the post without mentioning the Godfather of all FPS games, Goldeneye 007. This game was so amazing from the use of the weapons to playing the missions to playing with your friends and family! I believe this game gave First Person Shooters their life. I can still remember having tons of fun making up rules like you can’t use odd job or the female scientist because they were HACKS!   odd job   Odd job was too short to aim at and the female scientist may as well have been the Flash with her speed. We also took out the Golden Gun because 1 shot kills with that thing were crazy, but occasionally we would play on License to Kill mode! Sometimes my brother and I would make challenges with our friends like rockets only (That was hilarious!). The DD214 was my favorite pistol and I had to find the AK-47 to mow down my enemies. Goldeneye, thank you! From a lover of FPS games thank you, you are where my love for a good FPS began.

There are plenty of notable games not mentioned like Snowboard Kids, Pokemon Stadium and the Wrestling games, however, I can’t mention all of them here. What did you like about the N64? What were some of your favorite games? Let’s talk N64!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂


I do not own these images

WWE Fastlane Recap!

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! We are about 27 days away from Wrestling’s biggest event; Wrestlemania. On the Road to Wrestlemania the last PayperView event was claimed by Raw for Fastlane and premiered last night, Sunday March 5th, 2017. Let’s go over the results and see how my predictions did!

Preview:  The match during the kickoff show was a tag team match between Akira Tozwa and Rich Swann versus Noam Dar and The Brian Kendrick. The cruiserweight matches are super exciting and high flying, making it a tag match made it even better. My prediction was for Swann and Tozwa to win. The Winners Are… Rich Swann and Tozwa! I’m 1 for 1 on the night.

The first match of the actual Fastlane PayPerView was the match between NXT greats Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe burst onto the scene of WWE’s Main Roster by causing an upset (mainly myself) by taking out Seth Rollins. During his interviews he insults Sami Zayn and well the match pretty much wrote itself. The Destroyer, Samoa Joe’s nickname came out swinging hard but the strong willed Zayn was not going to make the match easy, pulling out awesome moves of his own. My prediction was unfortunately Samoa Joe taking the match. The Winner Was…  Samoa Joe via submission. The specialist put Zayn asleep in the middle of the ring L.

Next up we had the Raw Tag Team Championship match between Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Bullet Club) versus the ever entertaining Enzo Amore and Big Cass. This match went better than I expected and the Tag Team division is looking pretty good on Raw. My prediction was Enzo and Cass becoming champions! The Winners Are… The Bullet Club Gallows and Anderson. Somehow I knew they would retain but I still put my hopes out there for Enzo and Cass. The results were a little scandalous because Enzo had his foot on the rope, yet the referee didn’t see it. No doubt that will be addressed tonight on Raw.

Next up is Sasha banks vs Nia Jax. This match was in the making after Nia blames Sasha for costing her a chance at the Raw Women’s title. After Sasha was injured during a match with Charlotte Nia attacked her during rehab. With all this tension building, the match was sure to be a hit for both women Superstars. My prediction was for Sasha to “Slay the beast” and find a way to win. The Winner Was… The BOSS Sasha Banks Baby!!!! She used her speed, intelligence and skill to score a pinfall (after being thrown around the ring) and I couldn’t be happier.    f7 Sasha’s fight was great with many  believable submission attempts, but the Kyrptonite of the Nia was the small package roll up for the win.

Bonus match Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro due to Mahal and Rusev complaining during the pre show to Mick Foley about not being featured in the show or Wrestlemania! The impromptu match was created with both Mahal and Rusev waiting for a “Surprise” opponent to enter.  Cesaro and Sheamus comes out to meet Mahal and Cesaro gets in the ring for the match. This match was pretty quick as I feel it was a filler match. Cesaro wins via pinfall. Rusev attacks Mahal after the match and awaits his blind match.

Rusev vs Big Show-  The tall Big Show comes out of the back ready to fight. The Winners determine if they are able to have a match at Wrestlemania.  Big Show dominating most of the match until Rusev clips big shows leg.  Big Show hits 3 choke slams Rusez, to win the match!  f8

Next up was Crusierweight greatness with Neville vs Jack Gallagher for the Cursierweight Title,- commentated by Austin Aries. Gallagher with his unconventional moves provides a lot of diversity and excitement to the Cruiserweight division. Neville taking a more physical and powerful approach to the match. I predicted Gallagher to topple the “King of the Cruiserweights” and bring home the title. The Winner Was… Neville! He pulled out the signature Red arrow by to retain the championship. This match was really good so I definitely recommend watching it. Seeing the quirky antics of Gallagher mixed with the sheer ferocity of Neville proved to be a hit!

Paul Heyman surprise interview with Charlie backstage. Paul Heyman showed up Detailing why Brock Lesner will be the winner no matter who wins the Universal Championship. He did what Paul Heyman does best, he talked up his client and why he is excited to get his hands on Goldberg!

f2 New Day came out to announce themselves as the Wrestlemania Hosts. They also unveiled the new ice cream cart decorated with New Day Pops!

f4Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman was next. This match was pretty good as well with Bruan showing his strength and resilence, to Roman doing what Roman does by brining the “Big Fight.” No matter what Roman Reigns did, Braun Strowman would recover even when he seemed to topple. My prediction was for Roman Reigns to come out vistorious. The Winner Was…   Roman Reigns baby!!!

The next match was the Raw Women’s Championship match between Champion Bayley and Charlotte Flair. This match was riddled with controversy and Charlotte called Bayley a cheater because she won by Sasha Banks interference. But why was Sasha there? Because Charlotte’s protege Dana Brooke  f1 interfered first. This match was personal and fantastic with both women having something to prove. Charlotte wants to retain her 16-0 record on PayPerViews and Bayley wants to prove she can walk into Wrestlemania as Champ! I predicted Bayley to overcome the odds and “Break That Streak.” The Winner… It’s Bayleyyyy. Give the assist to Sasha Banks who made sure Charlotte didn’t cheat to win. (Hmmm Sasha Versus Bayley and Wrestlemania or a Triple Threat with Charlotte is what I see in the future 🙂 )

The final match was the Universal Championship match of champion Kevin Owens taking on Icon Goldberg! This match was crazy, KO stalled beofre the match even began taunting Goldberg and walking around the ring.   f3 The he finally gets into the ring to only be interrupted by Chris Jericho. Distracted Goldberg spears KO and hits the Jackhammer for another less than 1 minute match win. I predicted Goldberg to take the title and he did. Goldberg versus Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania for the Universal Championship!  f5

Those are the results from WWE Fastlane. I will write up a prediction post on what I think will happen at Wrestlemania, my Wrestlemania!!!! What did you think of teh PayPerView? Did Your Predictions come through? What matches do you think will form now? Let’s Talk WWE!

Have  a great day!

-Luna 🙂


I do not own these images.

Weekly Update!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Friends, Geeks and Techies! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s upcoming posts blog. I have been busy so some of y posts have been delayed or never showed up (I swear I will get around to the Netflix Series of the Week Magi: Adventure of Sinbad lol) but literally I’ve been super busy. This week at work I have an important business presentation that can open the door to my dream job so I’ve been preparing. Because of this I only have a few posts scheduled. After this week I should return to normal lol.

Monday 3/6/17 – WWE Fastlane Recap

Tuesday 3/7/17 – Throwback Tuesday Nintendo 64!

Thursday 3/9/17 – Ultimate TKO Thursday: Rogue (X-Men) Versus Android 18 (Dragonball Z)

Those are the posts that I will commit to this week, however, if I have time I’ll definitely through out some more posts! What are your goals this week?

Have a fantastic week everyone!

-Luna 🙂

WWE Fastlane Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! We are less than a month from Wrestlemania and the last stop on the Road to Wrestlemania will be the Raw Exclusive Pay Per View Event, Fastlane. This is where the final picture for our Wrestlemania matches will finally take shape. The previous WWE post and PayPerView gave us a new WWE World Champion in Bray Wyatt at the Elimination Chamber, now we will see what the fate of WWE’s longest reigning Universal Champion Kevin Owens will yield. Last preview post I had a  record of predicting all of the outcomes (except for the double count off of Nikki Bella and Natayla) so I look to keep the momentum here. This will be a quick predictions post so let’s get to it!


The Kickoff match is sure to be exciting with tag team Cruiserweight action! We will see former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann team with Akira Tozawa to take on the team of Noam Dar and The Brian Kendrick. I really enjoy watching the explosive Crusierweights so this match should be awesome and a great way to kick off the night. I will roll with Swann and Tozawa to come off victorious. Then Rich will hit the old school dance moves on them in the middle of the ring. I’m sorry I have to say this though … Noam Dar “Alicia Foxxxxx.” lol noam-dar


Sami Zayn Versus Samoa Joe- I can’t stand Samoa Joe since he made his heel turn back in WWE turning  on then NXT Champion Finn Balor and that hatred for Joe intensified when he dare touch Seth Rollins at the command of Triple H. With that said, Samoa Joe is really good in the ring. I want so bad to type that Sami Zayn will take this match but I just don’t see it happening, however, if a certain “Architect” causes a distraction… this match can go the way of Sami Zayn. Hmmm Finn Balor can also appear to stir up some trouble (Finn, Finn, Finn). As much as it pains me, I’m betting my money on Samoa Joe in this match.


Sasha Banks Versus Nia Jax- This match up just seems unfair and out of Sasha’s reach due to Nia being stronger, taller and let’s face it, Sasha is a toothpick in comparison. I doubt she’s going to get beat to a pulp again so I will take Sasha Banks in this match. Slay the giant Sasha, Slay the Giant!


Roman Reigns Versus Braun Strowman- Has anyone else heard the rumor of Roman being traded to Smackdown Live for AJ Styles? There’s no way Smackdown is letting Aj go is there? It would be interesting having Styles and the rest of the club, now Tag Team Champions Gallows and Anderson together. Anyway down to this match, I’m taking Roman. I know many WWE Fans have a sour taste in their mouths for Roman Reigns but he’s still amazing and I still can’t stand Strowman. Roman will “Reign” again, even if the WWE Universe tries to push against it (You’re still buying his merchandise lol).


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Versus Enzo Amore and Big Cass for the Tag Team Titles- All titles will be defended in the Fastlane PayPerView event, but will any titles change hands. I love Enzo and Cass (Badaboom Realest Guys in the room, HOW YA DOING!) and they have been pillars n the tag team community bringing us laughs and new phrases like 0 DIMES! Will they finally achieve greatness and take down the rugged Gallows and Anderson team? Yes, Yes Yes! I’m seriously hoping for new champs and Enzo and Cass would be awesome picks. On Smackdown Live the NXT super talents American Alpha has claimed Gold, so it’s time for the most entertaining duo in the biz to get their spotlight. As unlikely as it seems, I’m sticking with Enzo and Cass becoming the New Raw Tag Team Championsssss!


Bayley Versus Charlotte Raw Women’s Championship – I have to say that I am really happy with the talent on both Raw and Smackdown Live as far as the Women’s division goes. I found myself unfortunately fast forwarding through the Women’s matches (Formerly Divas) a few years ago because they just didn’t seem interesting. Now I look forward to the Women’s matches and I’m proud of WWE for letting them grow into high caliber Superstars. That said I am sick of Charlottes 0 loss PayPerView streak and I’m rooting for Bayley to not only retain, but END THAT STREAK! That being said Charlotte is an amazing athlete and I know this match will be Awesome!


Neville Versus Jack Gallagher Cruiserweight Championship- The addition of the Cruiserweights has really been an excellent addition to the WWE lineups. I’m really looking forward to this match as I quite like he heel turn of Neville. Couple that with Gallagher’s comedic antics and both Superstar’s abilities in the ring and we have another explosive match. I want Gallagher to take the championship so I’m rooting against Neville in this match.


Kevin Owens Versus Goldberg Universal Championship- The main event will be Kevin Owens defending his Universal Title against the Icon Goldberg. I’m not too sure how this match will play out, Owens has been champion for a while and if WWE is planning to set up the Owens versus Jericho match at Wrestlemania the outcome of this match will be crucial. I see Owens retaining but I can also see Goldberg taking it. Anything can happen, Lesner can show up and interrupt, Jericho or even Finn Balor (Yes I’m still on the Balor returning train lol). He never lost the Universal Championship and “The Demon” may want his title back! finn For predictions sake I will say Goldberg wins, but I’m not too confident in that prediction lol.

What are your predictions for Fastlane? Who do you want to see come out on top and what matches are you predicting for Wrestlemania? Will there be any surprises happening at this event? Let’s Talk WWE Fastlane and Wrestlemania!

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂


I do not own these images.

WWE Slam Crate Unboxing!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks, Friends and WWE Enthusiasts! I have been receiving the WWE Slam Crate since the inaugural crate last year in August. If you’re read any of my previous posts, you will know that among video games and Netflix, that I love the WWE. So of course I would sign up for a monthly subscription service with collectibles that I can’t buy directly from WWE. Originally I did the unboxing video but after reading Love, Luna’s Unboxing post, this way suits me a little better. Check out her February Lootcrate Unboxing post here! This month’s crate was pretty awesome to me so let’s go through what we have!

I love how the box is a ramp leading into the ring!

The WWE Slam Crate is a bi-monthly subscription from lootcrate filled with your WWE collectibles. Each month you will have a preview of 1 item being contained in the crate, yet everything else will be under wraps until you receive your shipment. On Raw one night Seth Rollins was wearing a new shirt that wasn’t showing in the WWE Store… low and behold we found out that it was an exclusive in this Slam Crate. I had to have this box!!! 20170302_210139

Next is a pretty cool WWE Championship Fanny Pack! To me this was a crucial item because I didn’t want to carry my purse at Wrestlemania. Now I don’t have to! I’m walking in the place like “The Champ Is Hereeeee!” 10 out of 10 would recommend the fanny pack for any WWE events. This thing will get used for sure.

You will always receive some type of collectible figure in your Slam Crates. This month we received the Brahma Bull himself, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I already have a Rock Funko Pop but this Die Metal Cast Collectible is pretty cool and will find its home on my Funko Pop display shelf. 20170302_204904

We have also been receiving collectible pins in the last 2 crates. This pin is the Road to Wrestlemania WWE World Heavy Weight Championship pin. I now have the first WWE World title, The Intercontinental Title and now the current WWE World Title that is held by Bray Wyatt. 20170302_203737

I’ve received 3 of the WWE Topps cards as well as a free code for another pack on the WWE digital trading card app. Actually, let me download this app now lol. The 3 cards that came in the crate for me are John Cena, Charlotte Flair and Kevin Owens. Anyone want my Charlotte Flair card? No but for real, do you??? lol.


You also receive as with any Lootcrate subscription the guide of your items that turns into a poster. This poster is the Undertaker! That’s all in this month’s Slam Crate. Tune in for the next unboxing in 2 months rofl. Pause… does that mean it will be a Wrestlemania Crate.

Btw feel free to sign up for your own lootcrate. You can even use my referral code if you’d like lol (insert shameless self promotion here). No but really they have EVERYTHING! You can do an Anime crate, Marvel Crate, etc. Click the link below for the referral code. Loot Crate

Do you sign up for any monthly subscription services? What’s your favorite item received from a collectible crate? Let’s talk monthly subscriptions!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂

A Sense of Community and February Update!

Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I didn’t have anything scheduled to post today but recent events and a few blog posts that I have read from my peers made an impression on me. Firstly I will do a quick February Update!


  • In February We have made it to 80+ Followers so thank you everyone!
  • 33 Posts were Published on the blog
  • WE had 388 Visitors
  • We had 338 Likes and 238 Comments

Personal Goals:

  • I purchased 3 Video Games. (Halo Wars 2, Thief and Game of Thrones)
  • Purchased all the tickets I wanted for Wrestlemania! (Wrestlemania, Raw, Smackdown and WWE Axxess VIP for Seth Rollins 🙂 )
  • I have been writing at least 5 times a week! (Now I need to start working on my book lol)
  • Met amazing bloggers!  thumbs-up


Now I wanted to say how incredible it is to find other bloggers’ posts and opinions. I find myself wanting to rush to my laptop to read other blog posts or communicate with some of the bloggers that I have met. I feel a great sense of community here, as I am an extrovert I’m very aware that it’s easier for me to communicate with someone standing in front of me or over a computer screen.

But the reality is that you never know who is sitting across the screen from you typing their thoughts and opinions. It can be a next door neighbor, a grandmother that doesn’t have much family around, a gamer that revels in online gaming, a sarcastic kid who doesn’t have many friends, a socialite that can’t tell their friends about the newest technology craze for fear of rejection and so on. We are all made up of completely different personalities yet we find ourselves drawn to others blogs and posts. Why? Myself I love the “Individual.” Someone who is doing their own concept, creating their own genre, staying true to what they believe. We may not always agree, but we can respect each other. I’m drawn to creative individuals, bloggers that make me feel a certain way or feel anything at all. Bloggers who are seeking to provide a service, express their thoughts, vent, provide the raw and real emotions of their soul and lay it out on the table for anyone who’s hungry to come and eat.

The point of this rant I guess it is, is to say that I love and respect all of the bloggers that I have had a chance to interact with. I feel like we are a community and that people can care and value others opinions. I fancy myself a humanist, I want us all to succeed and to keep the people by our side that have cheered us on the entire way. Some of you I can call “friend.” What you write resonate with me and I enjoy the banter we may have. From the people that I have met to the others that I will meet in the future, I appreciate you and I am glad that we are taking this crazy journey called “blogging” as far as each of us personally can. mlp-wheels  Let’s ride this thing until the wheels fall off with the wind in our hair, the Pepsi in our hand, the beats of our favorite song playing as loud as we dare and with the friends that make this life feel a little less lonely. 

Thank you and have a fantastic March!

-Luna 🙂