WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! Tomorrow will be the Great Balls of Fire (I will never lke the name of this event lol) PPV event exclusive for RAW! Every Saturday before the WWE events, I will post a previews and predictions post detailing who I think will be victorious during the event. On the last predictions post, I believe I predicted all of the matches correctly, so I’m looking to sweep again this time around! Let’s get into the event!

Enzo Versus Big Cass: Yup, you’re read that right! If you haven’t been watching the past 3 weeks of Monday Night Raw, you had no idea that the iconic and comical team of Enzo and Cass is NO MORE! The Duo was attacked one monday night and upon an investigation, we found out that Big Cass was not attacked! He faked it and attacked his former best friend and tag team partner; Enzo. I can’t say that I am surprised, if you remember back, the Club Gallows and Anderson were constantly telling Cass that Enzo was bringing him down. There was even one time where Cass had a slight glance at Enzo, plus I feel as if this falls in line with my theory that The Club, The Shield and The Wyatt Family will eventually become the 3 major factions (it’s a long shot but hey). Prediction: I love Enzo and you want for him to win, but I feel like Cass is going to dominate him and cement a heel turn.


Tag Team Championship Match: The tag team championship match will be between the champions Sheamus and Cesaro versus the Hardy Boyz. This is the title re-match that the Hardyz are owed after their defeat in the Steel cage match.ย  This match will be another specialty match as it will be an Ironman 30 minute match. This feud has been going on since Wrestlemania and it’s a little stale for me(although I don’t mind watching teh Hardyz or Sheamus and Cesaro wrestle). Prediction: Sheamus and Cesaro have to retain, but I wonder if there will be some interference in the match…


Raw Women’s Championship Match: The Raw Women’s match will be between champion and “Goddess” Alexa Bliss versus the Boss Sasha Banks. After Alexa beat Bayley, it was Sasha’s turn to try and take down the ever confident and everย  manipulating champion in Alexa. Sasha has beaten Alexa Bliss in 1 on 1 and even 2 on 1 (the 2nd person being Nia Jax) competition so I wouldn’t be surprised if this match goes the Boss’ way. Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains. Somehow, she retains.


Bray Wyatt versus Seth Rollins: The feud between so called “god” Bray Wyatt and the Kingslayer Seth Rollins will collide with the 2 icons of the new era facing off. Bray Wyatt has been up to it again with his normal tricks and ambushes, however, the Architect has been dishing out some surprises of his own. No doubt this is going to be a great match and in my mind has the potential to be one of the best matches of the night. Predictions: I can’t bet against my husband Seth, Seth Rollins for the win!


Romans Reigns vs Braun Strowman Ambulance Match- so there’s going to be an ambulance match lol. Should be fun to watch. I love the feud between these 2 Superstars and I think this match has great potential. I will say that I think Braun’s character is a little cowardly versus Roman Reigns. He always attack from behind and he seems to step down from a fight some times (maybe it’s just me or my bias lol). Prediction: Roman Reigns, I love him and I want him to win.


Intercontinental Championship Match: The IC Title match will be between champion The Miz and Dean Ambrose… again. I’m a little tired of these 2 going at it as they were fighting over the IC title on Smackdown before the Superstart Shake-up. I honestly have no other opinions on this match as we know the hitory on it (since it has been massively played out). Predictions: The Miz retains I guess.


Crusierweight Championship Match: The King of teh Cruiserweights, Neville will take on Akira Tozawa for the championship. Tozawa, also being sponsored by Titus Brand Worldwide (rofl) has been a thorn in the champions side. Honestly, I’m ready for Neville to lose the championship and I hope Tozawa is the one to end his reign. I’m waiting for the WWE Universe to laugh at Neville (Ha, Ha Ha HAHAHAHAHHA lol). Prediction: Tozawa pleaseeeeeee winnnnnn.


Universal Championship Match: The main event will be the Beast Brock Lesner taking on the challenger and Destroyer Samoa Joe! Samoa (ughh) won the fatal 5-way at the last Raw PPV event and becase the number 1 contender for the Universal Championship. Remember when the Undertaker and Lesner went at it? How it was muy dramatica? Same thing this time around. Superstars were pulling them off of each other and holding them back, ramping up to the event.

Predictions: I hate Samoa Joe but I want him to win. Brock having the title is stupid, he doesn’t even wrestle consistently. Plus I have this scheme and dream that my husband will beat Samoa and take the championnship lol.

These are some of my predictions for the Great Balls of Fire PayPerView. What are yours? Which macthes are you loioking forward to? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚




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WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 8!

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope that your weekend is starting off well! The 30 day challenge is a blogging exercise that allows you to write blog posts each day on a specified topic. You will answer the questions provided and post your thoughts! This will be a really short post, but we have

If you could make 1 Wrestler World Champion, who would it be?

Since the World Championship is on Smackdown, I will pick a Smackdown Superstar for this answer. I would say Nakamura, but let’s face it… he will most likely become champion. My answer will definitely be unpopular, but I would love to see the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin become World Champion!


Baron Corbin is mean, tough and one of my avorite Smackdown Live Superstars at the moment. I love his grittyness and I think he can contest any Superstar on both brands. Corbin has been building up momentum for a while now and since he is Mr. Money In The Bank, he will definitely get his shot at the title and I love it!

Who would you like to see win the title? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚

Daily Prompt: Quill (A Monarch’s Choice)

Happy Friday Novas! There’s a Daily Prompt challenge for Quill and I’ve decided to write a bit on it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy your weekend!

Malice is covering her hands as the ink drips from her executioner. She was signing away something that even a monarch had no right to, she was opening the flood gates for the beckoned call of the heretics calling for her crown; her head. She knew that her choices were scarce and without having received a response from the military general Claude, she had no other alternative. The privy counsel hung on her every word. Maybe she could stall that which would change her kingdom’s fate.

Princess Ariana consumed the blood that she was forced to spill. Her gulps were confessing her sins and removing the veil from the un-chaste heir. Those lips as dark as a rose withering away; stained with the innocent virtue of a messenger at the wrong place, wrong time. The falsehood poured out of her parted lips, singing the song of a siren leading her masters to the sea. Her brown eyes pierced through the counsel and for just a moment, she allowed herself to hope. Until the boom of the cannon rocked the walls on the outside of the Tower. Until her hired gun carved the name of the English Footman who will serve as a martyr for her cause. Until the once gentle name of Ariana Marie, declared war.



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WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 7!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you’re having a fantastic day and that your weekend will be even better! I’m in a very bubbly mood right now as I have nailed the presentation at work this morning and I feel as though a path has been lit for my ultimate goal! Promotion here I Come!!!!!! Anyways, the 30 blogging challenge allows you toย  post each day about a specific topic and the question for that corresponding day! We are on day #7 of the WWE challenge and I can’t wait for the Great Balls of Fire PPV this Sunday (yes that’s the real name of the PPV) lol. I will post a preview and predictions post tomorrow as normal!

The Shield vs Everyone- The debacle started onย  SmackDown when Triple H told the Shiled that they were getting out of hand and needed to learn respect. He told them, they would have a surprise match as the main event. The Shield waited in the ring while the 11 Superstars scheduled for the “Match” walked out from behind the Titantron. As hard as the Shield fought, they were too many sUperstars for the team and they fell. Fast forward to Monday Night Raw! The offical 11 on 3 Match was set for the main event, but the Shield looked to even the score. They attactked some members of that match throughout the night leaving only 5 Superstars to face the team of 3.ย  Needless to say the Shield came out victorious and it was a great match!

Finn Balor vs Nakamura- Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura have fought a few times in NXT. There’s one match in particular that stood out was one of Balor’s last matches in NXT. This match had everythign you could want out of a wrestling match; tricks, hard hitting moves and great sync between the athletes. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the highlights for the match.

I’m sure there’s plenty more matches that I live, especially from the Attitude Era, but it’s hard to choose just one or remember them all on the spot! What are some of your favorite matches? Do you remember any of these iconic matches? Let’s Talk WWE!



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WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 6!

Happy Thursday Novas! Welcome to day 6 in the 30-day blogging challenge. The rules are simple, write a post daily for 30 days on the selected topics and corresponding days.

Today’s Topic: Favorite PayPerView

I’ve already read ShinyLightz’ post and he decided today his favorite pay-per-view event. I will name my favorite pay per view and favorite event. Starting with my favorite pay-per-view. I’ve written about this previously during WrestleMania week in April. So it’s no surprise that my favorite pay-per-view is Survivor Series. I’m definitely a fan of the traditional 5 on 5 matches and the event is different.

My favorite PPV event has to be Extreme Rules when the Shield battles Evolution! This match was crazy and I had to go back and watch it on the network (Because I wasn’t watching back then). Another great PPV event is definitely NXT Takeover Brooklyn. You were able to see Finn Balor defend his championship in his full demon get-up and the women’s Iron man match was Epic!

What’s your favorite PPV events? Let’s talk WWE!

30 Blog Challenge: WWE Day 5!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I hope everyone has had a great independence day (if applicable) and are now ready for the rest of the week! The 30 Day Blogging challenge challenges bloggers to write a post everyday on the predetermined topic. Each day you answer the question assigned and voila! You’re providing content consistently. If you’re joining in on this journey with me, make sure to comment below so that I can follow along with your answers! Let’s jump into today’s question.

Day 5- Favorite Theme Song

This is a toss up as there have been some great theme songs as well as entrances in the WWE. Hearing the guitar rift or the breaking of glass sends us fans into an uproar because we know who will be coming down the ramp next. Some notable, current entrances are Finn Balor’s song, Tye Dillenger and of course the “Glorious” Bobby Roode. I would have to save that my favorite theme song has to be between Attitude era Legends, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock!

This was the beginning of wrestling for me and my interest. Hearing the great theme songs interrupt Superstars as they were talking made me smile with entusiasm. In case you’re not aware, I have linked the 2 theme songs below!

What’s your favorite theme song? Are you participating in any blogging challenges of any sort? Let’s Talk!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚



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Another 30 Day Challenge!!!!!

Happy Tuesday and Independence Day Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s post! As you can see from the title, the month of July will be filled with daily answers to the new 30 day challenge. Thank you to ShinyLightz for blogging about it and peaking my interest. This blogging challenge will be about one of my favorite subjects; WWE! I wanted to post about this on Monday but I had already posted a few topics. Today I will answer the 1st 4 questions and then every day I will answer a new question! Let’s start with the list for the month.

wwe challenge

Day 1: Fav Current RAW Wrestler!

Well this is easy. Many of you will already know the answer to this question. My favorite RAW wrestler is none other than Seth “Freakin” Rollins! Rollins has been my favorite wrestler since I came back to watching WWE in 2015. I was on a hiatus for about 10 years lol and decided to come back to wrestling. Upon my return, Rollins was Mr. Money in the Bank and his wit quickly pulled me in. My brother Kenny, thought I would be in love with Dean Ambrose (maybe he thinks I’m crazy lol) and while I like Ambrose, Rollins was the star for me. I will say I had a bit of a bobble when Finn Balor was drafted to RAW… I was like who is my favorite now! While Finn comes in a very close 2nd, I’m still ride or Die for the The Architect, The Man, The Undisputed Future; The Kingslayer Seth Rollins!

Kingslayer in Gold, Finn in Black!

Day 2: Fav Current Smackdown Wrestler

This answer would have been Dean Ambrose before the Superstar Shake-up. Now I would have to say, who am I kidding, Hands down the king of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura! After Nakamura I would say Naomi (I never liked her until her re-brand with Feel The Glow). Nakamura has charisma, he has swagg, let’s face it he is the Japanese Michael Jackson! Nakamura is hands down my favorite Smackdown Wrestler. Notable mention will be Tye Dillenger, I mean he’s a perfect 10!

Day 3: Fav Current NXT Wrestler

emberย  Here I could go left and say Bobby Roode but he’s not my favorite. With the Superstar Shake-up and the draft all of my favorites have climbed their way to the main roster. There’s really not many (really no-one) left for me to root for. But there are 3 women that blow my mind; Ember Moon, Asuka and Nikki Cross. These 3 women have been tearing up the scene and I love each one. Asuka is so dominant, her character is changing a bit and I’m not that much of a fan but she is outstanding. Ember Moon is amazing using more high flying moves than I’ve seen from a woman wrestler (other than Lita) and Nikki Cross…. I love her because she’s bat crazy!ย  Picking my favorite, I’m rolling with Ember Moon!

Day 4- Fav Current Cruiserwight

Ahhhh… This is a good one. There’s TJP, Rich Swann and Austin Aries. I also love up-comer Mustafa Ali. TJP was the person I wanted to win the inaugural Cruiserwight Classic tournament last year so I love him. His moves are fresh and I love the Dab. Rich is amazing with his somersaults and kick-flips, he’s very entertaining. The same can be said about Mustafa and Aries… well I love a cocky, confident wrestler! I’m going to give some love to the new buck, Mustafa welcome to my “Favorites” club!

These are the first 4 days of the 30 day challenge! What are some of your favorites! Feel free to join me in the challenge as well! Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna โค


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Five Sentence Story Prompt

Happy Monday Novas! I’ve come across a writing challenge on Mila (Doodling Panda’s) blog and thought that I’d give it a go. This is a fun challenge and I encourage all to take part! You can enter the challenge and read the official rules by clicking here! Pretty much, the rules are to make a 5 sentence story from the word of the week. I am writing a short scene from a story that I thought up last night. Let’s get started.

This week’s word: Passion

Enchanting was her birthright, not ruling or war.ย Her grace floated throughout the corridors of the great hall that’s filled with the memories of it’s latest muse. The feast was a success, and the nobles satiated; they’ve drunk their fill of blood and lust, and to the rhythm of the wind, she released her corset and took off her shoes. Each movement deliberate and without haste, her body’s swayed along to the melodious tune.
Betrothed to the one suitor that can carry her fancy, the one suitor that will never leave or forsake her, to her only love; Dance.

William Shire, 13th November , 1463, Festival of the Kings.

mary dance

What do you guys think? I’d love feedback as this is an idea for another story that I am thinking about writing. Join along with us and link me to your 5 word story!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚




June Replay!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today’s post will be a quick recap of the blog and personal achievements during the month of June! Let’s replay our best moments and lock in our trophies for the ever-changing game of life (video game puns all around) lol. Ready… START!pacman

Achievement #1 – We finally finished reading the fantasy novel, Dark Blood! Not only did we finish it, but we wrote up our 2nd book review! Thank you to everyone (especially my book bloggers) who put me on the track to reading (I’ half-way done with the next book I’ve started :D) Ach2

Achievement #2 – I started back working on my own story and it’s going really well! My co worker recommended this outlining book to me that has really taken my writing to a new level! I was able to put the scenes in order and I actually know what’s going to happen at the end (or somewhat) now. I will start working on completing the story next week after my big meeting at work! Ach2

Achievement #3 – We reached 200 amazing followers! Thank you to anyone who reads the blog and decides, hey, this chick isn’t that crazy, I think I’d like to stay around lol. It’s really incredible and I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I was before but man life… sheesh.. really got busy lol. No worries, I’m trying to find balance in my week to write, blog, read and play games… better get that organizer dusted off lol Ach2

Those are all of the achievements for June (as I wasn’t too active :() but they’re still great conquests to be proud of. So for my achievements I have unlocked the best Trophy ever…

WWE2k18 will feature as the cover my husband SETH ROLLINS!!!!! Best believe I am pre-ordering the collectors edition lol. seth

To finish off the post I will share some of my goals for the month of July!

  • To finish reading The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write a review

  • To finish reading Outlining Your Novel and begin writing the story again!

  • To not get obsessed with Game of Thrones (ughhh that’s going to be tough)

  • To nail this presentation at work!

  • To buy 2 new video games

  • To review 1 game on the blog

  • To post at least 3 times a week

What goals have you reached in June? What are you working towards in the month of July? Let’s talk updates!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚







Series of The Week: The White Princess

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you are all having a great week! This week’s “Series of the Week” will come from the 8 episode Starz series The White Princess. This series takes places after The White Queen and you can read that review by cliking here! Every other Friday I will provide a review or a current series I am watching, whether it be on Netflix, Hulu or the ancient live television! I will give a brief overview of the show (spoiler free) and my top reasons why you should watch (Play) or why you would want to Skip the show. Let’s get to it.

The White Princess is the on screen adapation of the novel by Phllipa Gregory of the same name. I’m very intrigues with period pieces and The White Princess is a book that I have in my collection. I have yet to read this book (currently reading the Kingmaker’s Daughter that happens during the same time) so I can’t say how much is deviates, but let’s go based on what we know. The series begins where The White Queen ends with the battle of Henry VII and Richard III. Henry and the Lancasters win so Henry stays true to his promise of marrying the York Princess of Elizabeth (Lizzie) to unite the feuiding houses.


Lizzie is the daughter of former King Edward IV and niece of the slayed King Richard III. She despises the Tudor King and vows to take vengence on him for her family, yet she marries him out of duty. The series follows the historical timeline of their struggles as husband and wife, King and Queen and Lizzie’s varying feelings towards the new King. The series is filled with everything you would expect from a period piece; Drama, Romance, Scandal and Treason! When you step into the royal court, you have to decipher who amongst you is trustworthy and who is not plotting to get something. Who will rise by the couple? Who will try to tear them apart? and will their love blossom as the Tudor Rose is installed? These are the questions answered and the different degrees of conflict arising in The White Princess.


  • To see England before Elizabeth I and Henry VIII (Henry is the second son of Lizzie and Henry VII)
  • Drama and Historical Fiction told at it’s finest level
  • Excellent acting and portrayals


  • Not a fan of historical dramas
  • I’m realllll biased… Watch It! Lol

Check out the official trailer below:

Thank you for reading this week’s Series post! Have you watched any period pieces or specifically The White Princess/Queen? What’s you favorite time period to read about or watch? Let’s Talk TV!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚