Luna’s Q & A!

Happy Saturday Novas! Last week on the 300 Followers Post I asked for questions that you would like for me to answer on this Question and Answer post! I’m going to answer a few common questions that always come up and questions from you all! Let’s get to it!

Common Questions:

  • How did you get into blogging? Funny story, I was getting ready to start up the gaming website again that I had active for about a year. Once thing that was missing from the site last time was the constant and easy integration of gaming news. I found that WP works great so I thought that I would create a blog and link it to the website. But then something crazy happened, I enjoyed blogging wayyy more than running a website and voila! You’re stuck with me now lol.
  • How do you find inspiration to blog consistently?It’s not easy. At first I couldn’t find a balance and I would run out of ideas. After reading other bloggers and talking to people that write, I picked up the habit of writing down my thoughts and ideas in a journal (as well as a memo pad on my phone). Along with these ideas I would write a short description. If I couldn’t stop everything and write at that moment, I could always return to my handy notes. Another handy tip is when I get into a creative mode, it lasts for a while. I drop everything and start writing up posts. If I finish one, I would start on another and schedule them out later in the week.
  • What are your favorite things to blog about?I loveeeeee video games so that would be my number 1. The problem is that life has been so busy lately that I haven’t had nearly enough time to play as much as I would want. So I had to find fillers. I loveeee Netflix and TV in general so I started the Netflix Series Reviews. This way I don’t feel like a complete sloth when I binge watch series for a purpose! I loveee writing (and talking) so naturally the creative writing part of the site developed itself.

Emily’s Questions:

  •  ZombieAttack-399x550  There’s a Zombie Apocalypse, where’s the first place you go? I’m going to the mall! There’s an Outdoor World that I can pick up hunting equipment and survival stuff. There’s a department store where I can stock up on batteries. There’s the food court. Why hasn’t anyone locked down a mall!!!!! If I didn’t have enough people to lock down a mall, Wal-Mart here I come!
  • Since you work at Universal Studios if you could host your own Halloween Horror Nights Event, what houses would you make?  I would bring in some of my favorite houses like the Freddy versus Jason House, Saw, American Werewolf, etc. Those houses were some of the best.
  • If you can be a character from any book that you have read, what character would you be? –  I would want to be Eve Dallas from the In Death series. She’s awesome, a detective, rich and living in the normal world. There’s no monsters or anything like that, I mean other than the countless murders that she has to solve, her life would be great.

Drew @TheTattoedBookGeek

1). If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Mashed Potatoes or Potatoes in general! Potatoes are the best thing known to man and I could take them to a desert island and be SET! Even on games like Minecraft I opt to eat Potatoes over Steak lol. Potatoes are also very versatile, you can do some much with it! You can stuff them, fry them, mash them, roast them, the sky is the limit! Potatoes also pair well with many foods. You can have them with all of the meats beef, chicken, steak, fish, etc. I have even added potatoes to my chili before and it was amazing!

2). What’s your favourite ever game? This is a tough one. Ughhh. I’m not quite sure what my favorite game ever is. For racing hands down Mario Kart, for Shooters Hands down Gears of War (yes over the original FPS 007 Goldeneye as well) and for strategy games hands down Civilization Revolution. But to pick one game, ughh I just can’t do it! If you ask me  my favorite type of game or genre I could answer FPS hands down, drop the mic, I’m out!!!!

3). Who wins in Game of Thrones? Jon, oh excuse me **Spoiler If you have Watched, stop READING NOWWWWW!!!** Aegon Targaryen!

4). If you could see Seth Rollins face any wrestler from any promotion in any era in any type of match who would you pick and what match type would you choose? Hands down my all time favorite wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin! imageedit_1_8338285617 I don’t even know who I would want to win, I just would want to see it! New school versus old school! I’m a fan of the steel cage matches so seeing one of those would be awesome as well. My 2 favorites going up against each other! Emily over here says that she would like to see him go against the Rock because he is so big. She figures he’s more agile and can jump around the ring doing coll moves. “It’s anyone game!” She says lol.

5). You are writing a memoir of your life, what do you call the book? This is a great question. Hmmm… 50 Shades of Luna! Nahhh not that one lol. “What the Flip!” could be a great name. The memoir will be a comedic descent into my so called life lol. Another title could be “So… No?” This memoir would be an account of the stupid questions or favors that I’ve been asked over the years *cough cough* Emily, *cough cough.*

Thank you for reading today’s Q&A! What are your thoughts and answers to the questions? Let’s chat!

Have a great weekend and come back tomorrow to see which Villain has taken to writing their Memoir!

-Luna 🙂






Memoirs of a Villain: The Joker


The glass seemed fuller when I ordered my drink. Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time that I was slighted. Look at me, I was on top of the world a week ago, money in my pocket, love in the air (literally, I blew up 2 lovebirds) and not a doubt in my mind that I would be crowned the best Matchmaker in the land.  Alas, the life of a villain isn’t all glitz and glam, we villains have it tougher than the rest. This memoir is to all aspiring villains out there, it’s a message to not give up when the world is against you and it’s a call to arms to once and for all carve your place in history and TAKE BACK WHAT’S YOURS! 

I received a call about finding a match for a poor, useless soul in a competition. Harley was away on some kind of wellness retreat, go figure, so I had some free time ahead and thought, why not? What better way could I find to spend my time than to help someone ruin their life forever, oh and I had a brand new suit that I was dyingggg to wear!

During my intial research, which consisted of looking at a picture and performing a quick Google search, hey I’m a busy clown, I found out that this Malboro fellow was stacked! He’d made so much money off of the Final Fantasy Franchise that it was ridiculous, and he is a villain! A man or plant after my own heart.  So I thought, why not use his fortunes to better the world for other villains, I was a philantrophist, a villain’s rights activist, a pillar of the community for crime and self gain. It was my responsibility to bring him into the fold.

Poison Ivy was the best option. She loves little green men, am I right? She agreed to marry him so that we can have access to his money, but she refused to dispose of him so that we can get filthy rich! All I did was make a litle call to my notary and had him adjust the marriage certificate that both Ivy and Malboro were to sign before the wedding. I added in a little clause of life insurance saying that should something happen to both the bride and the groom, that the sole beneficiary of all of their property would be… well ME!

As the two lovebirds said their vows and engage in a life of marriage, I remembered how marriage can put stress on a relationship. I remembered how my parents were after a few years, after the novelty of love wore off. I didn’t want my dear friend Ivy or new comrade in vile villainy to go through the hardships of a relationship crumbling. I wanted them to be happy, with smiles on their faces for the rest of their lives… So I blew them up! Not out of greed or the convenient life insurance policy that I was about to cash in, but for the love. For endless love! They died together on the happiest day of their lives, wth smiles from ear to ear. Read their love story by clicking here!

But no one understood. I was being called a selfish heathen. Even the millions of dollars that I inherited didn’t make me feel better. But, I was able to buy some new gadgets! There’s only one thing that makes me feel better… total chaos!

“Pour me another round barkeep! Hello?” Grabbing for the bottle of Jack left on the counter. “It’s hard to find quality service these days.” I gulp down afew swigs straight from the bottle. Sirens are screeching outside, the loud crash of chaos turns my frown into the devious smile that i’ve missed these past hours. “They’re here!”  I wipe my mouth and pour the rest of the drink on the bar, passing the unconscious bartendar.

Reaching into my pocket I bring out the small, lighter, with the features of it’s master. I slide my thumb over the pertruding white nose of the clown in disgust and flick open the top of the clown’s head. “Hmm I’ve got to talk to the patent office, this doesn’t look that much like me.” Fire!

“It’s showtime!” I light the end of my cigar that I have taken off of the bartender. “Can’t let this go to waste.” 3 Puffs and the clown lighter goes flying through the air as I walk onto the streets of rage where my minions have gathered. I rally my protege’s in the most invigorating speech since brave heart! “We will take back what’s ours! We Will rule as the princes of the world. Today, is the day of the Clown and this time, we’re not joking around!” Another rush of tears, this is the 2nd happiest day of my life! Now the real games can begin!


Thank you for reading the first installment of Memoirs of a Villain. This series of  fun posts will serve as a Memoir or Journal entry from some of my favorite villains. A few months ago I purchased a cool Journal that had the Joker on it and the first few pages of the journal had a journal entry form the Joker in it. I thought this was really cool and I came up with the idea to do journal entries from famous villains for the blog.  I started with my favorite the Joker and used the friendly Blogger Blitz competition as his motive. Tune in next week to see who’s taking their turn!

A Watchman To Look Out For


Hello all! Hope you’re having a good Saturday and excellent week! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things have been a bit hectic what with starting a new job and having life get back to normal, or semi-normal at the most.

Today I’m not writing on a Netflix/Hulu series (that won’t probably be till next week), but I’m writing on something else different–a book review! I used to write loads of these for my high school paper, and I didn’t see very many on them on here, so I figured I would write one for you all this weekend. You’re welcome. 🙂

The book I’m reviewing today is Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman. If the title sounds vaguely familiar, I did mention this novel in passing in one of my other reviews on this blog. It is closely related to To Kill A Mockingbird, which people are more acquainted with (whether by the original  book itself or the 1962 film adaptation). Even though it was written in the mid-1950s, it was not published until 2015, four years after being discovered in a safety deposit box. Now, I know there will be speculation about whether or not it is a sequel to Mockingbird, and I will leave that up to you completely. I’m just here to review it and nothing more.

Go Set A Watchman follows Jean Louise Finch (otherwise known as “Scout” and one of the main characters in Mockingbird as well) as she goes back home to Maycomb, Alabama, for an annual two week visit. She is now 26 years old, and living in New York where she has been working. As the novel progresses, we see events and revelations unfold that lead us to realize that things and people have changed since Mockingbird ended, leaving Jean Louise with more clarity and reflection–especially about her own father, Atticus.

I will admit, this novel is definitely not an easy read, and even more especially now, with the recent spike in racial issues and hate crimes. But it’s one that should not be missed or ignored either. Ever since I bought it, I have read it quite a few times since then. I give it a 5/5.

With that said, I hope all of you enjoyed this book review, and I will see you next week!

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Luna’s Blog (Lan) Partyyyy!

Happy Saturday Novas! I’ve finaly been able to set up this blog party and invite all of you to mingle and network with other blogs! Since we have reached the milestone of 300+ followers, I figured that now is the time to celebrate our community! The theme of this blog party will be video games, so I’m calling it Luna’s Lan Party! A Lan party is where gamers come together in the same room and play video games, hook up systems, host tournaments, etc.  Thank you once again for stopping by and without further adieu, let the party begin!

Party Rules:

  • Have Fun!
  • Mingle with others
  • Mention a Game that you have brought to the party
  • Leave a Link to your blog for others to find!

Alright, let’s get this party started. party1

The game that I have brought is a classic, Mario Party! Mario Party is an awesome way to game with friends and have fun in the competitive nature that Nintendo has intended. Along with the Mario Party games, I have also brought a great board game, Twister!

The comments are open and everyone is invited! Make sure to share the blog party with others so that they can join in on the fun!

Friendly Trends Ep 2: New Addictions

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading the second installation of the Friendly Trends post! This segment will pretty much discuss some of the trends that my friends have “Put Me On” to and it’s my way of sharing these trends with you! The first segment was me talking about some of the Guilty Pleasure trends that I was put on to. Check out that post by clicking here!

Today, we will go over a few new addictions that I was introduced to. Starting with a few YouTubers and music!

My co-worker Megan (nagems21) was telling me about some great YouTubers that perform covers to songs. William Singe and Alex Aiono perform some of the top songs today in collaboration and separately. They’re flipping amazing!!!! Here’s my favorite collaboration.

I now have discovered a few more awesome YouTubers who perform covers and I love it! Here’s another one of my favorite covers by Alex and it’s a song that Selena put me on to.

One of my best friends Stephanie got me hooked on this new mobile game called Sky Islands (game review coming soon). Sky Islands is pretty much a mobile RPG anime game where you make money running your very own villa! You grow crops, serve guests, play Pinata Parties and other little mini games, while you collect rent from renters at your villas. Steph has been playing this game for a few weeks now and she spends HOURS on it! It’s actually pretty fun. During my trip up their last week Stephanie, myself and her little sister were jumping into Pinata Parties and taking the top 3 spots everytime! Screenshot_20170815-161921

My friend Selena also put me on to different music that I wasn’t aware of. I go to Selena for the latest Hip Hop and R&B hits because she’s always “Woke” (her words lol). Some of the songs that she has put me on to is “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones, Torey Lane’s “Proud Family Remix” and “Or Nah” by Ty Dolla Sign. “Or Nah” is explicit so I recommend the edited version lol.

What are some new addictions that you were put on to by your friends? Do you find yourself developing new hobbies that your friends have? Let’s talk Friendly Trends!

-Luna 🙂



Late Night Thoughts: Writing Dilemmas!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading my discussion post at 3am in the morning! I have a dilemma and I would love to know your thoughts. I have prepped in advance posts that are scheduled to go up this week because I wanted to take a break from writing. I felt as if the quality of my posts were starting to decrease and feel rushed so I said that after Monday, I would take a break until Sunday. BUT NOW I HAVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS IN MY HEAD THAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! What should I do?


I think that taking a break is a great way to recharge and let your creativity reset. But what if it resets on it’s own before the time frame that you have slotted out? Should I continue taking the break or should I put pen to paper or words to laptop and let all of my ideas flow out? I think I’ve gotten in the habit of setting time aside each day to write something and now, I just feel like I should be writing. What woud you do?

Share your thoughts with me? What would you do? Should I continue the break or start back writing because the inspiration is there? What are some tips? Let’s talk, late night thoughts!

-Luna 🙂


Haiku Battle

Round 1


Erasers are pink
Who live on top of pencils
and Michael’s big head


Haikus are easy
But they don’t always make sense

Round 2


My cow gives less milk,
now that it has been eaten,
by a fierce dragon.


Your haikus are bad
I bet your dogs like me more

Round 3


Frank is your momma
and Sasha is a minion


Your haiku is lame
Their cow is less lame than you

Round 4


I am hungry now
and it is because of her
The girl next to you


Did you know goosebumps
actually means that you are
not really a goose?

Round 5


Michael thinks he’s cool
Michael thinks he is funny
He is in fact not


Nagems is hungry
Michael does not care at all
The fries are all mine

Hey guys, let us know how we did or who you think won!


IBlogger Blitz Round 1: Matchmaker!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading my entry into round 1 of the Blogger Blitz competition, hosted by Adventure Rules! Round 1 will be between myself and Teri Mae and we are fighting to see which of our characters will be the best at the Matchmaker Competition!

Rules: The rules of the Blogger Blitz is simple, we were randomly drawn out of a bowl to find out our opponents and challenge. The challengers submitted their character of choice before hand and this character will be used each round that you advance. Once you receive your topic and opponent, you will write a post 500 words or less explaining why your character would win over the other opponent. Then neutral judges will read each post and vote on a winner!


“So I’m supposed to be providing a match for whatever this malboro person is, let’s take a look at his appear… AHHHHH! I drop the envelope with the picture of the malboro as the stench fills the air.

“Who in the world can I persuade to date this odious plant!” My devious smile curled all the way up to my eyes as I pick up the phone. “This has got to be my best idea yet! 

Hello? Ivy? Ivy doll, I’ve got a job for you…  Bwahahahaha hahahahah HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.”

“Now listen, all you have to do is put on that charm of yours and spray some feremones and he’ll be eating out of your hands.”

Ivy’s twisted glance to me indicates that she knows I’m not planning a normal matchmaking.  “Uhhuh and then what, Joker? I know you’re not in this to make someone else happy. What do you get out of this arrangement?”

Dang, it. She’s on to me. ” HA, you’ve got me doll. I’ve heard that the Malboro has an estate bigger than our friendly, neighborhood Bat! I want to have an unlimited resource of money.”

“I could use some cash. Fine, but he’s not to be hurt Joker, I mean it!”

She looks like she’s serious. No way I can persuade her to torch that plant after the ceremony. “Alright, if you insist.” The devious smile never left my face as I told her the plans.

Look at this putrid plant sitting on top of the alter, does he have no respect. I clear my throat. “Mr. Malboro sir, I’m sure you’re going to love the mate that I have found for you.” Oh my gosh that stench. I turn away to breath into a paper bag and quickly call Poison Ivy to me.

“Ah, this is Poi… um Ivy. This is Ivy!”

I can’t believe she’s actually going to marry that thing. Well, pretty soon I will be rolling in the dough. My watch is ticking too slow, come on, come on….

“You may now kiss the bride!”

“Yes! Woohooo… Congrats Ivy!” Silence. Oh yea, this is an improptu wedding and not many people are here.

“Why are you screaming?” Ivy looks like she suspects.

“I’m just happy that everyone has found love and that I’ve won a bet. Now you crazy kids have fun on your honeymoon!” I push them out of the door and hand them the keys to a special present.

“What’s this?”

“You’re wedding present, doll. You’re very own IVYMOBILE! I had it custom made to help you with photosynthesis or whatever it is that you plant folk do.”

Shes not laughing. I shrug my shoulder and shoo the lovebirds along.

They drive off in a puff of flowers and nectar, I had that personally installed. I can feel emotion and joy on this wedding day. I can feel the tears building up.

A big explosion in the direction of Ivy and Malboro.

“This is the happiest day of my life! I’m rich!” The tears are like waterfalls now.


Last Week At GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Sunday Novas! Before we get into today’s post, I wanted to run something by you. My friend Mikey was asking me if I did a newsletter or if I were going to start sending out a newsletter for the blog. What do you think? Should we have a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter going out? My idea would be to promote the top posts by views and likes, shoutout a blog that everyone should check out and talk about any events on the blog (I’m working on a blogger’s challenge event and Gaming Challenge event now). If you think it’s a good idea or not, please vote using the poll below. I will make a decision in about a week or so.


Anyway, on to today’s post. Today we’re pretty much doing a recap of our posts and some gaming news because there has been so much happening on the blog lately. Let’s start with the gaming news; as there’s only a few things that I want to highlight:

  • Sonic Mania released August 15th
  • Pre-order the Call of Duty WWII game to have access to the Beta on August 25th
  • Call of Duty World Champions for Infinite Warfare: Optic Gaming!

Last week at GamersUnitedGG, we had some great posts! If you missed them, here’s what happened:

What a busy week! Thank you to everyone who visits the blog, we’re almost to 300 followers :D. If you missed any posts and would like to read them, you can click the corresponding links above to catch up! Don’t forget to vote or comment about the newsletter idea.

What are you up to? Are you working on any current projects? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic week!



Daily Prompt: Recite

I’m marching to the beat of the rifleman’s arms,

Thinking about everyone who’d do me harm,

I am a Tamlin and we have no fear,

The sanctuary’s tolling sounds all too near,

Reciting the prayers I’ve grown to love,

Soon I’ll be soaring, with the doves,

Silas catches my gaze and before he could speak,

I warn him off, the price is too steep,

My piercing stare has broken his heart,

Mouthing “I Love You” from the spectators, please, don’t start,

The flood gates are opening, holding back the storm,

Chanting “Down with the traitor” a reception so warm,

My next step is wobbly, old noodles for legs,

Straighten your posture and hold up your head,

This crowd’s not behind me, they wish me dead,

I’ve taken their freedom with 1 single piece of lead,

Their ruler was a monster and had to be stopped,

“Do you wish to repent?” Sadly Father, I do not,

In truth I’ve saved them from hunger and strife,

Paid the piper my ferry; my mother’s life.

I Recite my final words and then don’t hear a sound,

The executioner beheads the talk of the town.


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