Luna’s Writing Prompt – Haunted Mansion Mania

Check out Lightning Ellen’s submission in our Guest Blog challenge that finishes tonight! It’s not too late to enter ūüôā

Sunday Update!

Happy Sunday Players! October has been a greta month and it’s already flying by. This is a quick update post on what’s to come this week! Also, thank you to everyone that’s commented on the Opinion Post. It’s really provided me a layout on what type of posts you all like to read.

Sunday 10/8/17 – Today is the Hell In A Cell Payperview match so I will be watching after work. I posted my preview post yesterday and tomorrow will be the results post!

Memoirs of A Villain- Today’s Memoirs of A Villain post was created by my friend Emily.

Also, today is the last day for the Guest Blog Challenge! If you want to enter, review the rules, write up your 500 word spooky story and leave a link to your post. The prize is a Guest Blog!

Monday10/9/17 – A recap of the WWE HIAC Event and the 2nd week of the Guest Blog Challenge!

Tuesday 10/10/17 – Luna’s Rankings with Guest Emily! Ranking our top Horror Games! Also a Poem will be uploaded.

Wednesday 10/11/17 – Creative Writing Series Start

Thursday 10/12/17 – Destiny 2 First Impressions Post (working on Fortnite and Divinity Original Sin 2 posts for later this month).

Friday – TBD

Saturday- TBD

Those are the posts that we have coming this week! What are you working on? Any plans for the week? Let’s talk plans and goals!

-Luna ūüôā



                  Happy Friday Everyone!


I just love The Office!

Today I wanted to post something a little different. As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Hence all the Pink on the page!) and traditionally on Friday’s, everyone wears pink to show support!

Even though I or my friends and family have not been affected by Breast Cancer, there are hundreds of thousands of women around the world who are affected by it everyday. I wanted to write this today to spread awareness, hope, love, and my love for the color pink of course..

In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates this year about 252,710 new cases of invasive Breast Cancer will be diagnosed in women and about 63,410 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer).


So now this raises the million dollar question, “How can I prevent it from happening to me, my friends or my family?”

Now even though there is no way to prevent it 100%, there are ways to reduce and lower your risks.

  1. Stay at a Healthy Weight– Increased body weight can lead to a stayactivehigher risk
  2. Stay Active- Make sure to work out at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous activities.
  3. Limit or Avoid Alcohol– This one is tough for a lot of us…and I mean A LOT OF US but alcohol¬†can increase the¬†risk of Breast Cancer. Even low levels of alcohol¬†like those Wine Spritzers ladies¬†have been linked with an increase in risk. The American Cancer Society recommends that women who drink have no more than 1 alcoholic drink a day. A drink is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits (hard liquor).

    Let’s try to keep it down to one or two…
  4. Make sure to get your regular Mammogram Screenings done -Call your doctor and get checked-every year! No one else knows your body or your BOOBIES like you do! Regular Mammograms can help with early detection and can even save lives!

Listen, there are more factors that can be reduced and you can learn more at the American Cancer Society website down below! If you would also like to donate, there is a red box at the top right hand of the American Cancer Society website! Every little bit helps!

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone and everyone you can! Let’s come together to get rid of this ugly Cancer once and for all!¬†I don’t know about you but I am still..

                                             HOPEFUL FOR THE FUTURE!breastcancer-fight



Tutu gang 2 (3)
Tutu Squad



A Super Spooky Tale Of Spookiness

Check out the Submission from Chris in our Guest Blog Post Challenge! It’s Spoookyyyyy lol ūüôā

OverThinker Y

Just when I thought I was done with doing a heck-ton of collaborations and guest posts and other things involving many other cool people, Luna from GamersUnitedGG went and set a challenge: who can write the best short Halloweeny story?

The brief is as follows:

Prompt: You are transported into a video game where you are inside of a Haunted Mansion. You hear a strange noise and open the door to find… what?

Complete the sentence and write your Halloween Themed post of 500 words or less! Once you are completed, post your link in the comments for everyone to read! The posts are due by Sunday Night October 8th and the Winner will be announced Monday October 9th!

Wow. I mean, I can’t resist giving this a go. I notice the brief doesn’t specify any particular video game, just that I’m in a haunted mansion, so let’s…

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Halloween Memes!

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday!

Since the other day, I have been scouring the web for anything and everything Halloween! (Just wait till Christmas…I am 10X more extreme!)¬† From DIY’s, craft projects, baking, costume ideas, decorations, and even Halloween memes, new2I have been searching and looking at it ALL! Yeah, I guess some would say that I have a bit of an obsession but I WANT TO DO IT ALL!!!

Anyways, as I was searching through Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, and GOD know’s what else…I kept laughing at all of the Halloween memes and images I saw and thought I would share them with you ALL!!!!!!!!! (Plus add in my own little comments!)

So I use to love playing Pac Man at small arcades when I was little because I always saw my Pop Pop (Pop Pop means grandpa) play and win and I never did so when this popped onto my screen, I laughed so hard! I also just realized that they are carrying the fruit from the game to his door!


If you love to¬†watch Scary/Horror movies during the month of October, this one is for you.tf15d¬†Could you imagine rolling over in the morning after a great night of sleep and seeing either Michael Myers or Jason next to you? You’d probably be dead a few minutes later! Every time I look at this picture, I just imagine them grabbing their weapons from the sides of the bed and giggling with excitement as they think of all the people their going to kill!

When the squad shows up..

I like this one more for the thought of the whole squad rolling up and having similar costumes! Plus look at that huge PUMPKIN that Charlie Brown is on! It makes me think of Pumpkin Pie!! Great…now I am hungry!




I may have laughed too hard at this one as I can relate to this one so much! Each morning before work, I have to tell myself to drop the orange and purple bows, black eyeliner, and fairy wings before walking out the door! Thank God Luna and I can dress up for work on Halloween or else this would literally be us at work!



Now I love Pumpkin Pie and other pumpkin goodies but too be truthful…I HAVE NEVER TRIED A PUMPKIN SPICE BEVERAGE FROM STARBUCKS BEFORE!!!!! I know many of you are¬†CHOKING on your PSL’s now as you read this but I will make it¬†one of my¬†goals this¬†month¬†to actually try it!

Last but not least (trust me, I could go on for days) but here is the last meme that I will share with you guys! I walked into Hobby Lobby at the end of July and they had already moved the Halloween decorations to Clearance racks and had over 5 rows of CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT!!!! WHAT THE PUMPKIN IS WRONG WITH THEM? I literally stopped dead in my tracks and took a Snapchat picture to show all of my two friends…They had Christmas Trees fully out, lights, ornaments, angels, yard d√©cor, and everything else RED, GREEN, and WHITE littered throughout they aisles. Trust me, I love Christmas but not in July, August, September, October, and for most of November!



I know those were only a few of the hundreds of memes that are out there but these are just a few to start off our Halloween/Fall Season! If you have any you would like to share, comment them below!




Opinion Post/Poll: What do you like?

Hiya Novas! I am sitting here wallowing in miseray and trying to pre plan posts for next week and I just had a though to myself. ” I wonder which posts do you guys enjoy us posting on the blog? I have a few series that I love to write about, but I’m curious as to what you guys think.¬†¬†thinking¬†¬† If you wouldn’t mind helping me with my research, please comment below on the types of¬† posts that you really enjoy reading from us!

Ultimate TKO Series – The Ultimate TKO Series was my first bit of outside of the box writing on the blog. Each week I would pit 2 characters from 2 different games, stories, universes, movies etc against each other to see who would win this Fanfiction battle!

Memoirs of A Villain The Memoris of a Villain posts are journal entries from some of my favorite villains. I write as if I’m that person and I make up a story as to how, why and what the memoir would be, if they were to write one!

Netflix/Series review – Posts about the newest shows on Netflix or Game of Thrones!

First Impressions – The First Impressions posts are my mini snippets of a new game thoughts. It’s not quite a full game review (not like I do a full out review anyway lol) but it’s a taste of the game after a few hours of play.

WWE Posts- I loveeeeeee WWE! My predictions and Preview posts are a regular before each event, but should I add more WWE content?

Collaboration Posts- When I incorporate ideas and answers to questions with others! I like to collaborate with other bloggers and also my friends outside of writing.

Creative Writing Posts– These are my short stories and poetry posts. It’s pretty much my outlet as a writer when I’m feeling especially creative.

Hidden Treasures Posts- Hidden Treasures was another one of those early posts in whicl I would try and highlight a show, game or item that I thought was underrated. (I’m actually thinking of revamping this post to include interviews with others).

Throwback Posts- Those nostalgia posts about everything from the past! Games, TV, Movies, etc!

Discussion Posts- More interactive posts where we talk about games and stuff!

These are some of my favorite posts, but tell me honestly, What would you like to see more of on the blog? What are some of your favorite posts? Let’s talk!



Guest Blog Challenge!

Don’t forget to write your post and enter our Guest Blogger Competition! Submissions of 500 words or less due by Sunday Night!

GamersUnitedGG Blog

Hiya Novas! I have loved participating in Daily Prompts and different writing prompts lately and I wanted to start my own weekly writing prompt! I also want to highlight bloggers on the site so the winner will be able to Guest Blog on the site! Everyone’s welcome to participate!

Game Guide ( Rules)

  • Each week there will be a theme revealed for the challenge (these themes can be anything from pop culture, to movies, to of course video games and more)
  • You will submit your blog post of no more than 500 words relating to the theme
  • Link back to the themed post and paste your link in the comments
  • Each theme will go up on Monday and all posts are due by Sunday Night
  • Each week the winner will be able to choose the next week‚Äôs theme, and receive a Guest Blog Post of their choosing on GamersUnitedGG !

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5 Amazing Co-Op Video Games You Should Play With Your Friend

Check out The Game Freak Show’s top 5 co-op games that you should play!


We love playing games because of how enjoyable they are and how we as a player can get lost in the world of a game that we play. But 2 is always better than 1 and thus we have Co-op Vidoe games. Co-Op video games have been around in the industry for a long time and they still have a really good market when it comes to sales and revenue. There is nothing you can complain about if you play a good Co-op game with a GOOD friend.

Today we are counting down 5 best Co-op games you should play with your friends

5. Army of Two

Image result for army of two

Army of two deserves the wait and buzz all around it. It is a true one of a kind experience when it comes to looking out for your buddy in the middle of a war. ‚ÄstMEGamers

The slick presentation and intensely fun…

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Happy October Everyone! More importantly, it’s October 3rd

Mean Girls

I cannot lie when I say that I have been waiting to post this since about a week ago. Not only is this one of the most iconic and remembered lines from the movie Mean Girls, it’s also one of the most relatable moments for teen girls everywhere. I mean c’mon, we all remember that intense, euphoric, butterfly feeling that we got when we saw our Middle/High School crush walking down the hall or whispering something to us in English class…

Plus, who doesn’t love Lindsay Lohan?

Enter a caption

Anyways, I am so excited for what this Fall Season has to bring! All I can think about is candy, leaves falling from trees, light breezes, scary movies,¬† pumpkin flavored everything, maroons, blacks, purples, and of course HALLOWEEN! My goal for the month of October¬†is to post¬†at least 3-4¬†times a week this¬†Fall/Halloween season…

I get a little crazy when it comes to the Holiday’s so I am super pumped! I have so many ideas on what I want to write, make, and share with you all! I may even try to bake…*cue scary music*.

All month long…

So far we are three days into¬†October and I have already watched the Addams Family Movie on Netflix , worn two sweaters (keep in¬†mind, I live in¬†Florida), made a frozen pumpkin pie cause I am too lazy to make one from scratch¬†and have made Halloween inspired Disney Ears for Mickey’s¬†Not So Scary¬†(I’ll post pictures sometime this week!). I feel like I am off to a Spooktacular start!

Can you tell how excited I am??