Hidden Treasures 5: Sleepy Hollow T.V. Series

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today’s post will be the weekly Hidden Treasures post where I try and shine the spotlight on a movie, show or video game that I would regard as an “Overlooked” item. You can view all of our past Hidden Treasure entries by clicking here.  This week I want to give the space to one of my favorite current T.V. Shows; Sleepy Hollow! Sleepy Hollow is an American, historical drama series that follows characters Abby Mills and Ichabod Crane. slee

Forget what you know about Sleepy Hollow from the Headless Horseman to the Movie starring Johnny Depp, this show takes a slightly different approach to the original lore. Sleepy Hollow is a town in Massachusetts that has a small population. The new Detective in the town is Abby Mills and she is working with her partner and mentor August Corbin. One night when called to a disturbance at a nearby ranch, Abby sees something that she hasn’t experienced since her childhood, a supernatural event. images This spirals a string of events culminating with the discovery of a man named Ichabod Crane. What would you do if you woke up 150 years later? This is what Ichabod Crane has to cope with as he wakes up in the modern era. While waiting in the cell, Crane overhears Abby detailing the events that happened at the ranch. Astonished by what he is hearing, Crane lends his information over to the detectives and begins to team up with Abby to track down the culprit.

What I love about this series is that it melds together different tales and takes it stage in modern day America. Crane, who is from the 1700s wakes up in a world filled with technologies that he cannot fathom. The first season really drew me in with the banter he would have with Lieutenant Mills, an African American woman in the role of an officer.

Abbie Mills:
Mr. Crane, I’m Lieutenant Abbie Mills.

Ichabod Crane:
A female lieutenant. In whose army?

Abbie Mills:
You’re not gonna break character, huh?

Ichabod Crane:
You’ve been emancipated, I take it?

Abbie Mills:
Excuse me?

Ichabod Crane:
From enslavement.

Abbie Mills:
Okay. I’ll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I’m authorized to use it. On you.

Ichabod Crane:
If you’re insinuating I endorse slavery, I’m offended.

Abbie Mills:
Wait, back up. You’re offended?

Ichabod Crane:
I’ll have you know I was a proponent of the Abolitionist Act before the New York Assembly.

Abbie Mills:
Congratulations. Slavery has been abolished 150 years. It’s a whole new day in America.

I also love watching the growing relationships between the characters in the show. Due to the experiences each person shares, their bonds deepen and make for really good TV outside of the main story-line. I really believe that if more people gave the series a chance, they would like it. It’s witty, filled with drama, and contains pretty good action scenes. My top reasons to “Play” this series is listed below.


  • Provides a different historical retelling of some of our nation’s events.
  • Drama, Mystery, Action and Comedy are represented well throughout the series.
  • Currently on it’s 4th season so you will have plenty of episodes to keep you entertained.

Check out the Trailer here: Click Here For Sleepy Hollow Trailer.

All in all you can find the complete season on Hulu if you decide to give it a go. Have you watched Sleepy Hollow? Which shows do you watch that you think are being Overlooked? Let’s talk Hidden Treasures! Have a great week everyone!

-Luna 🙂

Netflix Series of The Week: The Santa Clarita Diet!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! It’s that time again for our Netflix Series of the Week! This week I have binge watched “The Santa Clarita Diet.” Let’s jump right into my thoughts! During the first 3 minutes of the series I honestly wanted to stop watching, yet stayed true to creating a well informed review. So glad I didn’t turn the series off! Even though I’m not a Drew Barrymore fan, the series literally made me laugh out loud! It’s a bit cheesy and predictable but a great way to pass the time. Set in lively California some interesting themes about drug legality, dirty cops and eccentric housewives are littered throughout the show. The show can get a little vulgar with language and innuendos so I would not recommend watching with children. Without further adieu, let’s jump into the story line!

Premise- Married couple Joel and Sheila Hammond  are Suburban, joint realtors who live with their daughter Abby in Santa Clarita, California.  Sheila, after a very grotesque series of intense vomiting started changing her personality santa and really craving life! The diagnosis: Sheila is a zombie and craves raw meat. Her cravings start with raw beef and chicken and slowing develop to a taste for flesh. How can she live the traditional Suburban life with her new appetite? With the dedication of her husband Joel that’s how.

The Hammond family live in between 2 cops a Sheriff of Los Angeles named Dan and an Officer of the city named Rick. Both cops have their own opinions on what law enforcement should be and both despise each other! Abby has to adjust to her new “Normal” while balancing school and hiding her family’s secret. She becomes friends with Dan’s step son Eric who loves technology. Eric and santa3 Abby play prominent roles in the series assisting Joel and Sheila with the cover up. You will be following the family through their daily lives of trying to stay normal.

“What if I’ve tasted human flesh and now I can’t go back? What if ______ was just not fresh enough? -Sheila.”

I’ve really enjoyed the series after giving it a fair chance and not immediately turning it off. You can expect 10 episodes of about 30 minutes so it is a quick series to binge watch. Check out my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” The Santa Clarita Diet below.


  • Comedic showing of life as a Zombie in Suburban California
  • Interesting plot lines and characters to follow
  • Brilliant setting and colors that are conducive with the story


  • The acting style of drew Barrymore. (As mentioned I’m not a fan because her characters are the same, however, it does fit this comedy).
  • You’re not into the cheesy acting and over dramatization of situations
  • You’re looking for a more serious and believable show
  • Vulgarity and suggestive themes

Click Here For The Trailer!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Netflix Series of the Week! Have you watched Santa Clarita Diet? If so what did you think about it? Which Netflix Original Series have you watched? Feel free to comment below and recommend any Netflix series of your choice. Let’s talk binge TV!

-Luna 🙂


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Netflix Series of The Week: The Seven Deadly Sins!

Happy Friday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I’m super excited about this week’s Netflix Series of the Week: The Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix original Anime series that follows the journey of Princess Elizabeth on her quest to find the outlaws and criminals known as the Seven Deadly Sins. On her journey, Elizabeth finds and teams up with a boy and tavern owner of The Boar Head with his companion, a talking pig named Hawk . There’s definitely something interesting about this boy and he almost immediately agrees to help the Princess find the outlaws that she is searching for.

The Holy Knights are the most powerful warriors in the kingdom and protectors of the realm. They are after

A Few Holy Knights

the 7 deadly Sins and will stop at nothing to rid the realm from the renegades that have attacked the kingdom long ago. Each Holy Knight has special abilities that are used to control the lands. The series takes an interesting turn when you learn that there are 2 types of Holy Knights, the originals and the New Generation. That’s about all I can tell you without spoiling the series.

“You can lie to yourself all you want, but there’s no way you can fool your own heart!”-Meliodas

The 7 Deadly Sins are The Dragon Sin of Wrath, The Serpent Sin of Envy, The Fox Sin of Greed, The Grizzly Sin of Sloth, The Goat Sin of Lust and The Boar Sin of Gluttony.

seven-deadly-sins-01I love how the 7 Deadly sins all have abilities and personalities that match their sin. Take for instant Ban who is the Fox Sin of Greed! His personality is  that of a greedy individual who will do anything they can (however moral or immoral) in order to get what they want. That’s the personality piece, however, the magical version of his abilities allows him to use clever powers such as “Snatch” in which he can take an opponents item.


  • If you love anime with action packed battle scenes that are cut by comedic outbursts.
  • Well written story and relatable characters
  • 24 episodes to provide a lengthy experience in watching (Season 2 set to be released February 17th, yay!)


  • If you are wanting to figure everything out in the first few episodes, as each episode is great about sticking to 1 theme.
  • If you’re not fond of blood (can get a little gorey during battle scenes)
  • If you’re an emotional wreck like me and can’t handle emotional scenes lol

I highly recommend this anime series as I found myself wanting to binge watch all 24 episodes (sooo glad it wasn’t a 12 episoder 🙂 ) 7-sins in one sitting. 10 out of 10 would recommend the Seven Deadly Sins, Netflix did an amazing job! Check out the trailer: The Seven Deadly Sins!

Tune in Next Friday for the Santa Clarita Diet(Hint: They’re not eating burgers 😉 ). Leave any comments about this series if you have watched or general thoughts! Also, feel free to tell me if you want a certain series reviewed!

Have an Awesome Day!

-Luna 🙂


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Throwback Tuesday:Game Shows for Kids!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Welcome to another Throwback Tuesday post! This week my childhood nostalgia will reach an all time  high as I will share some of my favorite Game Shows for Kids. We have all seen a show that we wouldn’t mind being a part of. When I was a girl (in the 90s and early 2000’s) Nickelodeon had some of the best game shows around for kids to participate in. I will list my top 3 in descending order from 3 to 1.

#3Double Dare – I was such a fan girl of Double Dare, Family Double Dare and Double Dare 2000 where kids would answer questions and compete in challenges (mostly with slime!) to earn cool prizes.

Yeah They’re Picking A Nose! (Family Double Dare) 🙂

You would compete in different challenges to earn points. If you won a challenge, trivia questions were asked to score more points. If you didn’t know the answer or if you think that your opponents didn’t you could choose not to answer and “Dare” them. The points doubled and if the other team didn’t know they could “Double Dare” you back. At the Double Dare level you could answer for triple the original points or opt to take a “Physical Challenge” in which you would play a game to win the points. If you lose the control goes to the other team. The team with the most points moves on to a cool “Slopsticle Course” to win more prizes.

#2 Guts- “Do You Have It? (Guts) Do Do Do Do You Have It? (Guts!)..” Anyone that has ever seen this game show knows that was the opening theme song!  Guts was an obstacle based game show that consisted of 4 different activities and the Aggro Crag Mountain at the end of competition. During the obstacles and challenges, there are 3 contestants who gain 100, 200 or 300 points per challenge based on their placing.

The challenges will be sports based like extreme basketball, hurdles or even modified boogie boarding. The points are elevated when it’s time to climb the Aggro Crag Mountain and the contestant with the most points win and gets to take home a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag!

#1 Legends of The Hidden Temple- This is my favorite game show (even to this day) as a kid. You would play different temple games and race through obstacles to become the final team. The show started with 8 teams of 2 (Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes were my JAM!). The last team standing would take on the temple to try and find the ancient artifact from the story told at the beginning of the show. While you are playing the quests against other teams to get to the temple, you will have a chance to win tokens.

These tokens are used to trade for an extra life if you are caught by a temple guard (there are 3 guards in the temple). If you are caught without a token you are taken and your partner has to finish the temple. Once you grab the artifact all doors open and you will race to finish line before time is up. Win and you get awesome prizes! (Come on does anyone remember the talking rock head Olmec?).

He was a little creepy though!

There are some other notable games from the Nick’s Games and Sports line up such as Figure It Out, What Would You Do and Wild And Crazy Kids. What are some game shows that you would want to be on? Should Nickelodeon bring back the Nick Games and Sports (GaS) afternoons? Let’s Talk Game Shows and Nickelodeon!

The choices are yours and your alone! (Phrase from the Giant Temple Head from Legends of The Hidden Temple lol).

-Luna 🙂

Hidden Treasures 3: Allegiant!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Welcome to week 3 of the Hidden Treasures weekly post (click here to view Hidden Treasure 1: iZombie or here for Hidden Treasures 2: Nerve ). To familiarize you with the post, each Monday I will talk about an item that I believe is “Overlooked” and should have the attention of more people. This section can range from Video Games to Movies or Series. There overview done, now let’s get to this week’s topic the “Allegiant” movie. Before you decide to stop reading, hear me out on this movie and why I think that more people should give it a chance. I have read the Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant books by Veronica Roth. I was very excited when the films were being released and Divergent was one of my first film reviews (maybe I’ll post that review one day). This was the first time that I had read the book first and then watched the movie.

Allegiant is the 3rd movie in the Divergent Series (both the film and books). Divergent is the story of Tris and others who are raised in the post dystopian city of Chicago. The world as we know it is in ruin and the city of Chicago built up walls and a fence to guard against anything negative beyond the wall (sounds like Game of Thrones doesn’t it :-p). To keep the city and people under control they are divided into 5 factions in which the personalities of each individual will be utilized to further the succession of the city. divergent These factions are Candor ( The Honest), Abnegation (The Selfless), Erudite (The Intelligent), Dauntless (The Brave) and Amity (The Peaceful). Each one of these factions controlled an essential part of Chicago and allowed for the city to grow and prosper. The Candor controlled the courts, Abnegation ruled the government, Erudite were the Doctors and Scientists, Dauntless were the protectors and Amity were the farmers. Everyone co existed together harmoniously. So how were people placed in the factions you may ask? Well the teens had to take an aptitude test. The aptitude test that each citizen took as a teenager placed them in their correct faction in which they would live out their lives. This meant that some families would be broken up and the teens would go to live with their new “families.”

There were citizens who received test results placing them in more than 1 faction. This was considered being a Divergent as you did not fit into 1 category. Divergents are considered abominations and are sought out and disposed of. That’s the premise of the series. Now lets fast forward to the 3rd film Allegiant. Allegiant is the story of Tris and friends leaving their long time home in Chicago and heading out to see if there’s life beyond the wall. For 200 years they thought Chicago was the last surviving city and now they’re going to find a world beyond their comprehension. the_divergent_series_allegiant_hd_screencaps-21 The journey will even finally reveal what being “Divergent” really means. How would you feel if everything you have ever known and believed was turned upside down? What would you do?

Allegiant is the 3rd film and did not get as many ratings as the 1st and 2nd films. I believe that the decline in attendance was caused by the 2nd film Insurgent. Insurgent had a pretty good turn out in theaters, however the movie didn’t follow the books as much as Divergent did. A few of the concepts were a little weird and they made the movie in 3D which didn’t help out with the story line. Allegiant actually stayed pretty true to the book. In my opinion it was very well portrayed, the action aligned well throughout the story and you are able to see the connections within each individual character (I’m being pretty vague here as I don’t want to spoil anything in case you decide to watch 🙂 ). The movie has action, mystery and a bit of romance.

All in all, watch the trailer and think about watching Allegiant! Do you really need to watch Insurgent and Divergent first? I would recommend watching Divergent for sure. Insurgent, even though it wasn’t as good you can still watch for more back story, however, as I have stated it veered away from the book so I don’t really think it is needed to be able to enjoy Allegiant. Take a look at the trailer below and then make your choice.

Allegiant Trailer

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Hidden Treasures! What movies do you really enjoy but many people have not seen? Have you seen Allegiant? If so, what did you think about it compared to Divergent and Insurgent? Let’s talk Movies!

“I don’t want to be just one thing. I can’t be. I want to be brave, and I want to be selfless, intelligent, and honest and kind. Well, I’m still working on kind.” -Four. This quote is from Divergent I know, but it still relates to Allegiant.

-Luna 🙂


Netflix Series of the Week: Frontier

Hiya Gamers, Geeks & Netflix Connoisseurs! Welcome to week 3 of my Netflix Series of Week where I will locate, binge watch and complete a short review on the series. This week I have watched Frontier, check out my thoughts below!

Frontier is  an 18th century historical drama that follows the story of the Hudson Bay Trading company’s dominance of the fur trade industry. The series will travel between several locations including London, North America, Fort James and Montreal. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then you will recognize one of the lead actors Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo from GOT) as he play’s Declan Harp the former Hudson Bay Company worker who is now a rogue and working against the corporation.

You’re immediately hit in the face with action from the beginning scenes of the show. Frontier is the story of the Hudson Bay Company and other businesses who are trying to make the most money out of the fur business. Declan Harp (Jason Momoa) is one of the main characters in the series who is off the grid and throwing a wrench at every turn in the plans of the HBC. The story line is pretty well lain with multiple threads to follow.The main story line follows Declan Harp and a prominent businessman frontier-chesterfield-michael-benton-838x559 at the HBC, Lord Benton. You can tell that there’s more to story between these 2 polarizing individuals and I have found myself trying to piece together the puzzle of their sorted history. Why is Declan rebelling? Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist? What does this all have to do with furs? Another story line follows that of Michael Smith, an Irish beggar from London.

The supporting characters in the series will be Captain Chesterfield, Lord Benton’s right hand man in the British Army, Michael Smith, an Irish beggar caught up in the main story line and Grace Umberly, zoe-and-chesterfield-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x724 an ambitious woman who owns the local bar in the new world. What I have really enjoyed about the series is that everyone plays a role and can stand independently with the story. With a mix of characters and a cutthroat trade, there’s no shortage of adventure, drama and a hint of romance.

The ending was of course one that leaves your wondering what will happen next. I figured the series ended that way so at they can have flexibility in case they were not picked up for another season (which they were, yay!). Below you will find what I believe are the top reasons to watch the series (Play) or reasons you may not enjoy it (Skip).


  • A great story line with multiple threads to keep you interested in the series
  • Action packed and dramatic scenes that will keep you entertained the whole way through.
  • The acting from Jason Momoa and other characters is fantastic and believable.


  • The length of the pilot season spans about 42 minutes an episode for a total of 6 episodes.
  • If you are not into period pieces, this series takes place in the 18th century and does not feature modern items.

I have really enjoyed watching Frontier and cannot wait until Season 2 is released (Yes, Netflix has renewed the series for Season 2 🙂 ). 8 out of 10 would recommend!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Luna 🙂

Hidden Treasures 2: Nerve

Hiya readers and friends! This week’s installment of Hidden Treasures will touch on a movie that I rarely hear anything about; Nerve. Just a quick recap, the Hidden Treasures post will go over a movie, show or video game that I believe more people should be watching. Every Monday I will highlight this “Hidden Treasure” and open up the floor for discussion or recommendations. Let’s jump into the movie!

Nerve is the story of an over achiever named Vee . nerve-pic1 The story takes place during Vee’s senior year of high school when she is debating on going to college close to home or going out on a limb and going to an art school across the country. Vee is the normal protagonist character who does whatever she is told and never commits to anything outside of her comfort zone. One day her best friend tells her to live a little and sign up for a virtual truth or dare game called Nerve. Vee was originally going to sign up as a “Watcher” who pays to watch the “Players” perform outrageous dares. The incentive for the “Players” in performing the user suggested dares is simple, they receive money for each dare completed.

The movie takes a turn when Vee gets upset and switches her status to Player mode. This is where the action picks up as the timid Vee begins to peel out of her comfort zone and perform for the watchers.  nerve2-opt She is also paired up with a partner for most of her dares courtesy of the “watchers” whose name is Ian. Ian does his best to continue pushing Vee to perform the dares as his completion becomes dependent on her.The dares grow significantly harder and turns this high school drama into an all out thriller movie.

I think that Nerve is a pretty good movie to watch because it shifts from a cheesy High School movie to an entertaining series of events. Yes, most of the scenes will be predictable but its a new concept on a classic Truth or Dare game. I can say that the ending scenes did catch me by surprise. Stop by Redbox and check out Nerve, this week’s pick for an overlooked movie. The question is are you going to be a Watcher or Player?

I triple, dog dare you! 😉


Netflix Series of the Week: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hiya Gamers & Friends. Ready for Installment 2 of the Netflix Series of the Week? This week I binge watched Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Aside from the elongated name, if you haven’t heard about this series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Created from the book series, tested in theaters featuring Jim Carrey as Count Olaf and now adopted by Netflix, we follow the lives of 3 “orphans;” the Baudelaire children. I have been waiting a few weeks for the series to be released and was ecstatic when January 13th (Friday the 13th , real creepy) arrived. As always, no spoilers I promise and let’s get right in to the action!

The Story- So… its a series of unfortunate events, plain and simple. We follow the Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus and Sunny through a very despairing time. After a tragic accident the children are placed in the care of banker Mr. Poe who is charged with delivering them safely to their next of kin. Simple right? To the children’s surprise they are left to a relative who’s only ambition (apart from his dreadful acting career) is to get his paws on the Baudelaire fortune by any means (and I do mean any) necessary.


The Characters- Violet is the eldest Baudelaire child and a very skilled inventor. She is smart and able to create or fix anything around. Her signature move is to tie her hair up in a ponytail, a symbolic act of a brilliant idea on the horizon. The middle child is Klaus, a remarkable scholar who can solve any problem, given a book to reference that is. The youngest is an inaudible toddler Sunny, well who quite frankly uses her teeth to chew through the hardest of substances. Together the Baudelaire children have an answer for every situation. There’s Mr. Poe who is the dimwitted social worker in charge of placing the children with a capable relative and of course there’s the antagonist Neil Patrick Harris’ role, Count Olaf. Count Olaf is the distant relative of the children and  their custodial guardian. He’s also a non talented actor who’s fueled by greed, ambition and his dastardly acting troupe of minions. The Nurturer of the series is Justice Strauss, the neighbor of Count Olaf and Justice of the Peace. Justice Strauss provides the hope for the series.

The story of the Baudelaire children is told through the narrative of investigator Lemony Snickets. lsHe appears frequently throughout each episode to provide filler information regarding the scene at hand. After his brief narratives, the viewer watches the cascading events unfold. The narrative is a story that has already happened and we the viewers are given a glimpse of the series of unfortunate events. I really enjoyed the humorous elements of the series as well. As you can often see Lemony Snicket in the background of the scene, he will not be interacting with the Baudelaires. One observation that I found humorous was that he would often dress for the scene that he is narrating like wearing a swimsuit at the beach.

What to expect- From the opening credits you are urged to “Look Away” because this story will not be a typical happy childhood sort of tale. Each episode growing more disturbing and uncomfortable then the next. You can expect a considerable amount narration from Lemony Snickets and a decent amount of singing throughout the entire series. You can also expect to want to rescue the children from their compromising positions. You can expect to to feel uncomfortable.


Play- The Play areas of my blogs will list the reasons why I would recommend adding the series to your watchlist!

  • Neil Patrick Harris’ performance (even though I would rate Jim Carrey’s execution of Count Olaf above him) is done rather well. You feel as if Count Olaf is a terrible actor who is playing different roles unconvincingly. If that didn’t make any sense, I mean he plays an actor attempting to play different roles (pretty much it’s believable lol).
  • I felt personally affected by the misfortunes of the Baudelaire children which must mean that atop of the execution of the actors, the story-line itself pulls at the heart strings. I felt sorrow, hope and a need to shake the people who couldn’t pick up on what was happening (mainly Mr.Poe!).
  • You have hour long episodes to enjoy. In the movie that came out a few years ago, I wanted to keep watching the story yet the time was limited. Although we touched on the same scenes in the Netflix Series, I didn’t feel rushed while watching.

Skip- The Skip areas will not necessarily be a reason not to watch. I will actually explain what I personally didn’t like about the show.

  • Mr Poe!!!! This reason to skip honestly is based on the brilliant acting and writing of the story. I couldn’t understand why Mr.Poe continued to be bamboozled through the series. I know it’s a part of the story but it’s still infuriating!!!! Ughhh (even writing this and thinking about certain scenes I just want to say YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS lol).
  • Narrative. Personally I enjoy Lemony Snickets weaving in and out of the story, however, if you’re not a fan of a narrator commenting on the events in question (sometimes in the middle of the action) then you might not like this series.

Trailer for Lemony Snickets’ A Series of Unfortunate Events!

Pretty much I was very intrigued with Netflix version of the books. I’d say 8 out of 10 would recommend! Thank you for reading my rant. Comment below if there is a Netflix series that you want me to watch and feature! Next week we will be switching to the Netflix original series Frontier! I’m very excited because Khal Drogo (from Game of Thrones) will be the main character and mannn is he beautiful lol.

Until Next Time, Game On!

-Luna ^-^

Throwback Thursday:Case Closed Recipe for Murder!

Hiya Gamers & Friends!

I’m going to try to write a consistent piece every Thursday highlighting a throwback game, anime, show etc. This inaugural week will showcase one of my 1st (and favorite) anime series; Case Closed. I tend to gravitate towards mystery and thriller concepts, which places Case Closed naturally in my path (along with Scooby Doo!). The series follows the kid detective Jimmy Kudo’s life as a pint sized boy genius. Of course he wasn’t always this little, Jimmy is actually a high school-er that was poisoned with the effects having an unexpected reaction turning and shrinking Jimmy’s body. Now he helps solve mysteries with his best fried Rachel and her private investigator father Richard Moore. Jimmy goes by Conan, protecting his identity for fear of the nefarious characters who poisoned him harming the people he cares about.

What’s cool about this series is that Conan uses gadgets from his old inventor friend Dr. Agasa, to overcome his current stature. One of the nifty gadgets in Conan’s repertoire is conan_bowtiethe notable watch that shoots small sleep darts to put anyone to sleep. He uses the watch coupled with his bow-tie voice changer to solve the mystery and bring the culprits to justice, without drawing attention to himself.

The specific episode I am featuring is called Recipe For Murder Parts 1 & 2. The episodes in question are located in Season 5, Disc 2 episodes 116 & 117 (it’s a two parter so you know it’s fantastic!). In Recipe for Murder, Conan & Richard escort Rachel to an evening French Cuisine Cooking Class with the hopes of scoring free food. There are other students present at this class that is hosted by a renown Chef. In the middle of the lesson, someone is attacked with all of the suspects are in the same room. It’s up to Conan to uncover what really happened and more importantly, why? Everyone has a motive and more importantly an alibi, so how could they have pulled it off?

I’ve selected this episode because it challenged me to figure out who the guilty person was, since everyone in attendance had a decent motive for the act. I’d definitely recommend watching Case Closed and especially this episode, although you may want to start from Season 1. Take a look at the general Case Closed trailer (I couldn’t find the one for this particular episode :().

Case Closed Trailer

I hope you have enjoyed my Throwback Thursday post! Feel free to comment below on your Throwback Thursday item!

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
-Marcus Garvey
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Have a great day and remember, “One Truth Prevails.”
-Luna 🙂

Hidden Treasures 1: iZombie

Hiya! Gamers and Friends.

Have you ever discovered something, a show, video game or book that was so awesome and you found yourself asking “Why are more people not into this?” As I scroll through reviews and blogs I have noticed that it is a trending theme and I am ready to bring those underground treasures to the forefront! Each week I will submit a post about a “Hidden Treasure” that in my opinion has been overlooked and should be receiving more popularity.This week I will present my case for a pretty cool spin on a zombie show; iZombie. So here me out on this and don’t worry, no spoilers!

iZombie is a series, loosely based on a comic, about a woman named Liv. Simple enough right? You’re typical Jane Doe. Liv is completing her residency at a hospital and is well on the road to becoming a doctor(Insert compliments here, beautiful, intelligent and living a perfect life). One night (the pilot episode of course) things take a turn and Liv is turned into a zombie. Now let’s take a guess at the preferred cuisine of a Zombie? You’re guessed it, Brains! Liv has to feed in order to survive so she alters her career path and starts working at a place where she can satisfy her appetite and not be found out; a Morgue! Working here Liv is able to safely sustain herself by feeding on the brains of murder victims. This is where things become even more intriguing with this series as a new perspective on zombies will be introduced. Liv begins to inherit attributes as well as memories of the murder victims for a period of time


Did I grab your attention yet? Well now you will have to watch the series to know more and see what happens next!

The story line and acting in my opinion is top notch and more people should be watching! Yet I know less than a handful of people who have even dared to watch episode 1. I’m very impressed with this new twist on zombies and I love a great mystery series. Don’t worry there’s plenty of action and the story will follow more than Liv’s secret. iZombie’s first 2 seasons can be found on Netflix.

If you are watching or have watched iZombie, what are your thoughts? Also, what are some “Hidden Treasures” that you know of and want to tell people about? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Hold on to Your Heads!