Showcase Sunday! Top 5 Current Video Games!

Good morning and Happy Superbowl Sunday all! I do not have any posts scheduled for Sundays, so I will be starting a new weekly series called Showcase Sunday! Basically I will showcase my top 5’s of a different subject that I would like to showcase and share with you all. This week we will start with my passion for video games. Below will be a list of my top 5 current video games to play. The list will be in descending order starting with number 5 on the list and culminating with #1 on my list. Then I will open up the comment section for discussion where the readers can place their own lists of top 5’s for the week. Perfect let’s get started with number 5 on the list of my top 5 favorite video games that I am currently playing!

#5 Smite- This maxresdefault shouldn’t be too much of a shocker if you have read the 1st two installments of my 1’Ultimate TKO Thursday” posts. I currently feature characters from Smite and League of Legends and propose a fan fiction battle to determine the winner (check them out here if you would like!). Smite is an Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that allows you to select a different god to play with and battle another team in a variety of game modes. Level up your abilities and kill your enemies. Plain and simple :).

#4 Tumblestones- Tumblestones is an action puzzle game on Xbox One where you must clear a game board by matching 3 of the same color blocks. tumblestone-screenshot-02-psvita-ps3-ps4-us-6nov15 I know it sounds easy but as the levels progress you receive different colored blocks or blocks that impede your progress at certain clicks on the board. As you can see from the picture above, some colors on the board will be blocked by others. You can only remove 1 color at a time so you must figure out the best pattern in which to clear the board.I love a great puzzle/strategy game that challenges you to think a figure out a way to advance!

#3 Tropico 5- trop Tropico 5 is an economy building strategy game where you are able to build a civilization. The game has different modes where you can win by completing a  challenges or satisfying the win condition of the game. Win conditions can range from having 3 dolphinariums, making it to Space, etc. You start off with a small city where you have 1 dock, a few houses and a capitol building along with 2 plantations.You must develop your city by providing food to your people and delegating workers to obtain resources or products for trade. As your population grows, you are able to unlock different technologies and buildings. You can make money by shipping off resources and setting up trade contracts with other civilizations. I love this game because you have to budget, make money, keep your citizens happy and build a society based on how you feel it should be ran. Any law enacted or decision made will have positive and negative effects on your city.  It’s a great way to test your skills as a ruler, just don’t make your military mad and start a coup!

#2 Sims 4- I play the-sims-4-backyard-stuff-official-trailer-0793 the Sims 4 on my laptop and it has taken sooo many hours of my life away. The Sims 4 is a game where you basically can create a life with 1 or more sims. You must simulate real actions such as making sure your sim eats, helping them reach promotions and work to starting a family. You can customize each sims personality traits, looks and house. Pretty much you live the life you’d like to have lol. It’s great because you can be anything from a criminal to a doctor to a person who moves in and lives off of another.

#1 Gears of War 4- My top game 3138903-gears4_screenshot_squad_combat that I am currently playing will have to be Gears of War 4 hands down. Gears of War was the first game that I have played on the Xbox console so it holds a special place in my heart. In this 3rd person shooter classic you pretty much use different weapons to eliminate enemies. I have yet to play the story mode as I am more of an online player. There are a variety of game modes from King of the Hill to Team Deathmatch. My favorite mode is called “Dodgeball” where each team has 5 players. You will need to eliminate all players on the other team. Simple right? Well with dodgeball rules, anytime you get a kill, you can revive a teammate after a few seconds. So basically you need to kill of the other team before they can revive anyone, it’s fantastic!  Gears of War 4 is my favorite way to relieve stress, shooting the swarm and other characters and watching their bodies explode is very therapeutic lol.

Well these are my top 5 current video games that I am playing. What games would you add to the list? What are your top 5 games that you are currently playing? Let’s talk video games!

Video games are love, Video games are life!



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Ultimate Thursday TKO: Crazy Carry

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends and thank you for tuning in to another week of “Ultimate Thursday TKO.” We will put together an analysis of 2 characters from different video games to see who would be the winner (In my opinion) if they were to cross paths. This week I will be fulfilling a request from IgnitedMoth to feature Jinx (League Of Legends) versus Loki (Smite). Let’s start with their ability breakdown.

The request was to feature Jinx from League of Legends and I had to mull over in my head who would make a great match-up for her from Smite. Loki comes to mind because he is just as twisted and mischievous as Jinx, so why not let them battle it out. We will start with the challenger Loki. Loki is the mischievous, Trickster god who is bent on causing confusion and chaos wherever he goes. Loki’s roll is that of an assassin so his moves will focus on dealing significant damage to a single target. Loki’s abilities are as follows:

  • Behind You (Passive)- Loki deals increased damage when attacking an enemy
    from behind.
  • Vanish- Loki disappears in a puff of smoke gaining movement speed,
    immunity, increased damage and bleeding on any target hit.
  • Decoy- Loki deploys a decoy version of himself that taunts (mainly minions) before dealing damage in an explosion
  • Aimed Strike- Increased attack damage and slowing effects on the targeted enemy.
  • Assassinate- teleports and back stabs target doing damage and stunning.

What about Jinx? Jinx is a mayhem loving character with an insatiable craving to cause panic and destruction, who hates being bored. What other way to have fun and cause mischief then to light up her enemies with an arsenal of weapons. Her weapons cache consists of pistols, shock guns, explosives and her favorite mega rocket that will rival the stock of an army base. Her abilities are:

  • Get Excited (Passive)- Increased movement and attack speed when damaging an
    enemy or object that is destroyed within 3 seconds.
  • Switcheroo- Jinx’s basic attack switches between her Pow Pow minigun and Fishbones Rocket launcher.
  • Zap- Zapper shock pistol that damages, slows and reveals enemy.
  • Flame Choppers- Snare grenades that explode after 5 seconds igniting
    enemies and rooting.
  • Super Mega Death Rocket- ranged rocket gaining damage as it travels.
    damaging a single target and surrounding enemies.

The Battle: Loki hears about an interesting “Villain” running amuck in the city of Piltover. “Hmmm who is this interesting menace?” Loki says as he sits upon the throne of his latest conquest. “Being a king is boring, time to shake things up! (insert creepy, manic laugh here)” Loki arrives in Piltover just in time to watch a fleet of patrol cars speeding down the road. “Yup, I’m definitely in the right place.” he says as he follows. Before he knows it the fleet of cars in front of him are decorating the sky in a symphony of fire and debris. He dodges one of the car doors flying towards him “That was close” before feeling the thump of a rear-view mirror on his head. Loki falls to the ground and awakes to a a figure standing on top of the destruction holding a huge rocket launcher and smiling uncontrollably. “Ah, this is who I’m looking for!” He says and brushes himself off as he rises.

“Well, well well… who do we have hear?” Jinx asks as she is lining Loki up in her sights. “You don’t look like no officer around here.” she says. “You are mistaken child, I’m the great Loki and..” before Loki could finish Jinx blasts him with Zapper pistol. Loki’s body surges with the electroshock racing through his body. He smirks and vanishes. “What, where’d he go?” Jinx says as she looks around frantically. image_4-4 “Behind You!” Loki chuckles as he uses Assassinate! Due to his increase in damage Jinx stumbles a bit before jumping forward and pulling the Switcheroo. Firing rapidly at the spot where she was hit. As she touches down, Jinx tosses her Flame Choppers. When the smoke clears Loki is no where in sight. “Pfft, not as tough as he looks.” Jinx laughs. Loki pops Decoy and Jinx falls for it firing at will. The decoy explodes and Loki hits his 5 hit basic attack combination on Jinx. She falls to the floor. jix

“Guess I’ve traveled here for nothing.” Loki sighs. He looks at Jinx’s body sprawled on the concrete one last time before flipping a coin and taking flight away from the scene. “You can’t find good competition anywhere these days.” Loki says. He hears a whistling sound getting closer and closer. Loki stops mid flight and searches for the source of the noise. When he realizes the noise is coming from n=behind him its almost too late. Loki turns to see a Super Mega Death Rocket approaching and before he could make a sound… Jinx, still glaring through the crossair on her death rocket finally lowers the cannon to the ground when she see’s the fireworks in the air. “I love the 4th of July!” she laughs (it’s definitely February lol). Jinx tends to her wounds, reloads her weapons and prank calls the police department “Can I speak to Detective Vi?”. 5

What did you think about this week’s match up? Did you agree with the outcome, if not what would you change? Let’s talk TKO! Feel free to comment below and let me know who you would like to see featured!



Throwback Tuesday: Diddy Kong Racing

Hiya Gamers and Friends! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Today will be our weekly Throwback Tuesday post where I will feature, well you know something old and we can stroll down memory lane. This week will be one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games; Diddy Kong Racing!

Diddy Kong Racing is an awesome single or multiplayer racing game in which you are able to select your character and vehicle depending on the map. This game was awesome as you had a story mode, racing mode and battle mode. The colors and sound effects in the game were so bright and vibrant that you couldn’t help but smile while you play. did My favorite characters to play with were Pipsy (the little mouse) and Conker the squirrel! Just like in Mario Kart the characters that you would select affected specific racing attributes such as speed, power and handling so you would choose you characters wisely. You were able to choose some of your favorite characters like Diddy  or Banjo!

The Vehicles- You were able to select an airplane, a hovercraft or a race car for the various levels in which you would be competing. Story mode was cool because your boss battles consisted of beating the boss character in a 1 on 1 race, never mind the fact that all of the bosses were huge in comparison. did2All in all, Diddy Kong racing was an awesome game to play and my pick for this week’s Throwback Tuesday! What games do you miss playing? Have you ever played Diddy Kong Racing? What other racing games come to mind? Let’s talk retro/ old school!

Remember slow and steady wins … well not this race!


Ultimate Thursday TKO!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Firstly, thank you for checking out the blog! Today I will be starting Ultimate Thursday TKO (duh) which will be a weekly segment that pits a League of Legends character against a Smite character for the ultimate MOBA showdown! I will present the arguments and have you the reader decide who would win that battle.Today’s showdown will be Bastet (Smite) versus Nidalee (LOL) so let’s Pounce into the action!

Lore- Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of the Cats and daughter of the Sun god Ra. Nidalee is the Bestial Hunter raised by cougars in the Kumunga Jungle. From the lore alone we can start pointing out a few similarities between these 2 fierce feminine felines (say that 3 times fast!). Both have inherited primal traits from the cat and cougar. Bastet has a more domestic side, however her claws can come out when approached with danger while Nidalee has that raw, carnal persona from having to survive the deadly jungle.

Abilities- Let’s start  with Nidalee’s abilities. She has Prowl, Javelin Toss/Take down, Bushwhack/Pounce, Primal Surge/Swipe and Aspect of the Cougar. Aspect of the Cougar is an ability that allows Nidalee to transform into a Cougar which is why she has double abilities. The 1st part of her abilities are in human form and the other will be in primal cougar form. Here’s a quick overview of each skill:

  • Javelin Toss– Nidalee tosses her Javelin dealing magic damage. Takedown– The next attack deals additional damage
  • Bushwhack allows our champion to trap, damage and reveal it’s target. Pounce allows Nidalee to lunge in the targets direction dealing damage to nearby enemies
  • Primal Surge heals target allies and buffs attack speed. Swipe will allow the cougar to claw at her enemies in a target direction.

Now let’s take a look at Bastet’s abilities. Open Would, Pounce, Razor Whip, Declaw and Cat Call.

  • Open Wound is the passive that does additional DOT (damage over time) damage for 3 seconds after a target is hit.
  • Pounce allows the goddess to leap to a target location dealing damage and return back to the initial location within 4 seconds.
  • Razor Whip is a swipe move that causes bleed damage for 4 seconds.
  • Declaw allows Bastet to throw her dagger both slowing and damaging the target.
  • Cat Call is the ultimate that summons 3 large cats to attack and slow enemies.

Roles- Both characters are assassin’s due to their speed and critical hit potential so their roles are simple, Jungle. The assassins jump in and out of the Jungle dealing
high critical attack damage on a single target.

The Battle- Nidalee starts things off with a Javelin Throw that Bastet dodges by Pouncing in the air towards Nidalee. Nidalee counters with Bushwhack trapping Bastet. With the target trapped, Nidalee uses Aspect of the Cougar to transform and Pounce dealing damage.nidalee-run Bastet use Declaw after being hit slowing the cougar. With Nidalee slowed and taking DOT damage due to Open Wound Bastet uses Razor Whip which is met by Nidalee’s Takedown and Swipe. With both assassins wounded Nidalee Pounces towards Bastet again. Bastet also Pounces jumping over Nidalee and releasing her ultimate Cat Call to corral the cougar. About 3 seconds afterwards Bastet pounces back to her original position where Nidalee is swiping at the 3 large cats and finishes her opponent with Razor Whip.

Bastet towers over her opponent with only 1 large cat remaining as the victor with a bittersweet feeling of remorse. Bastet is the sworn ruler and protector of cats and even as Nidalee lies on the Jungle floor, she feels responsibility and sympathy for the cougar. Nidalee opens her eyes to find Bastet stroking her pelt and lets out a cry of respect. Nidalee returns to her feet on all fours, bows her head towards Bastet and walks back into the Kumunga Jungle from which she emerged. The great warrior has nothing to be ashamed of, a well fought battle leaves her with insight and a new friend.


That’s my opinion of the outcome of Ultimate Thursday TKO, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with the winner? How would you change the battle? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, which Champions would you like to see featured in an Ultimate Thursday TKO battle?

Thank you for watching as the action unfolds, tune in next time for another Dragon Ball… Wait… hahaha… for another Ultimate Thursday TKO (had to do it lol)!

-Luna 🙂

Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA and RDR fans have been awaiting the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer as the official release date has yet to be announced. For any newbies, Red Dead Redemption is the western cousin of Grand Theft Auto featuring open world exploration, missions and a good ole fashion shoot out every now and them. The original Red Dead redemption installment of the franchise consisted of a variety of modes to keep gamers playing with DLC that followed months thereafter. Since there is limited information available for RDR2, I will provide a list of features that I loved from Red Dead Redemption and would love to see incorporated in RDR2.

Outlaws to The End Co-Op Mode- One of my favorite game modes rode in on the Outlaws to the End DLC. This game mode allowed you to play co-op missions with 2-4 players.  This game mode added a new element to the game along with new hideouts and back stories. You were also able to alter the difficulty and select your class each time you played. This co-op capability extends your maximum play time; however, I hope that in RDR2 more than 6 missions will be incorporated.

Legendary Animals- The integration of seeking out legendary animals was a huge bonus to the game as well. Whether you were traversing Bear Claw Camp looking for the giant bear who is crazy fast or freezing in the wood cabin waiting for the viscous legendary cougar it was a fun feat to try and take down the legendary creatures (the cougar was hands down the hardest lol). Adding more than 4 legendary animals to fight in my opinion will be a great additional to the game.

Gang Hideouts- When roaming through the Free Roam mode you can come across gang hideouts. You run in guns blazing killing everything in sight and collecting a huge reward (not to mention new weapons) was the majority of life spent playing RDR. I have no doubt that this feature of the game will continue on to Red Dead Redemption 2.

These are just a few of the features from Red Dead Redemption that I would like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. I played several hours (as with GTA) roaming through the west shooting people off their horses and stealing them if it was a better fit. The customization feature was fun as well, selecting different types of characters to play as and upgrading outfits and mounts. I hope that Rockstar Games releases Red Dead Redemption 2 sooner than later.  You are able to start pre ordering the game through Gamestop or Amazon, however, it has not been announced as of yet if there will be any pre order bonuses so I would hold off. Take a look at the current trailer for the game and comment on what features you want to see included in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

As always, Stay Classy, Never Trashy and Game On!


Here Comes Resident Evil 7!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends. As you may be aware Resident Evil 7 will be releasing this Tuesday January 24th, 2017. Here are a few things that you may want to know before jumping in!

A New Way to Play:

  • The resident evil franchise has upped its ante by allowing the player a realistic 1st person point of view. Playing a horror survival game intensifies when your peripheral and back are more exposed. Coupled with the creepy soundtrack of the game, you will be jumping out of your seat in no time.
  • Along with the point of view enhancement, Resident Evil 7 will be PlayStation VR compatible. If you have PlayStation VR the experience is going to be even more immersive when you journey through the Bayou of Louisiana.

Story Line:

The story will follow Ethan Winters are he investigates the disappearance of his wife. Too bad a crazed family known as the Bakers will be in his way.



  • You can play Resident Evil 7 Early if you are a Pro Member and pre order with Gamestop. Pro members can play as early as 9pm on January 23rd, 017. Also with your GameStop pre order you will receive receive a survival kit of herbs, first aid and a lucky coin. Not to mention the early access to “Madhouse Mode” (an extremely harder difficulty). GameStop will also be offering a +50% trade for pro members towards the purchase of RE 7 and +40% for non members.
  • Pre ordering the digital copy for Xbox will include the Survival Pack and “Madhouse Mode.
  • Pre Ordering From PS4 you will receive the Survival Kit, access to “MadHouse Mode,” Resident Evil theme and a code for 40% off of the Resident Evil Movie Collection on the PlayStation Store.

The deluxe versions of Resident Evil 7 will include the Season Pass.


That’s it in a brief nutshell. If you are looking for the next version of a horror survival game then you only have to wait 5 more days! Enjoy and Game On!


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