Megacon 2017 Convention!

Happy Memorial Day Novas! This past weekend I attended the Megacon Convention in Orlando and this short post will show some of the cosplayers I met! This was my second convention going in cosplay and I was FINALLY able to complete my Lana Kane costume. Let’s start the post with a comparison of Lana and my version of her!

Artist: One of the things I loveeeee about conventions would be the Dealer Rooms and Artist Alleys. You are able to pick up awesome pieces to take with you and some artists will actually customize your piece in front of you. We purchased a Wonder Woman spray paint picture and the artist created it in under 3 minutes! Take a look!

Another great part of conventions is the people watching! Some many cosplayers from different parts of the globe arrive with their costumes. The normal characters appeared like Deadpool, Joker, Harley Quinns and Overwatch Characters. What’s even more amazing is that there were plenty of couples dressed alike as well. We seen Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online and Ariel and Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid!  Here are some of the cosplayers that I had to highlight!

Swagggg- On Friday we were able to participate in several events. These events concluded with us getting swagg to take home. We also received great coupons and deals on entertainment like Medieval Times. Also, I had to pick up a few things for myself and friends as well. Here’s what I obtained.

Thank you for taking a look at my convention weekend! We had a blast and I cannot wait until my next one! What did you think of the post? Have you ever cosplayed or attended a convention? Let’s talk Geek!

-Luna 😀

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Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo!

Happy Thursday Novas! This has been a crazy exciting month and it’s not over yet! This past weekend some friends and I attended the C2E2 convention in Chicago Illinois! My friends stay about an hour from Chicago so I spent the majority of last week staying with them (which is why I didn’t post really anything last week). I have taken a few pictures to share with you!

I was planning to go as Lana Kane from Archer, however, I could not find everything that I needed for her outfit. My friend Kira said that I should change to Bumblebee (Teen Titans not Transformers lol) and here are the comparisons lol.


I was able to meet some great Cosplayers at the event and my favorites I have taken pictures of. Let’s start with Bob’s Burgers!

This Beefsquatch Gene and Louise were super awesome! Let’s see what other cosplayers we came across.

Jon Snow and Sansa from Game of Thrones! I think both were really wel done (minus the glasses on Snow lol). You can follow Sansa @TessDinerstein on Twitter #LittleDoveCosplay.

The Star Wars Cosplayers were out in full force last weekend! Kylo Ren and the Storm Trooper were my personal favorites. There was a really good Ren walking around with a wagon carry a homemade BB-8. I couldn’t find her again to take a picture :(.


I am really upset that I couldn’t dress as Lana, especially when I ran across Archer and Katya! He even did the “DANGER ZONEEEEE” yell lol.

Childhood nostalgia was at an all time high! We came across Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, Him, Mojo Jojo, Fluttershy and I FOUND WALDO!!!!!

The convention was really fun and I did enjoy dressing in cosplay. My next convention will be Megacon here in Orlando next month May 26th-28th. I am definitely going as Lana to this convention as I have ordered the items that I was missing from her outfit. To end the day we went by Starbucks looking for the Unicorn Frappachino, but they were out of the sour stuff. It was fine as we bought the Pokemon Go one which is the same except for the sour stuff.


Thank you for reading! Have you ever visited a convention? Have you dressed in Cosplay or would like to dress in cosplay? If so, who would you or have you dressed as? Let’s talk conventions!

Luna 🙂

WrestleMania Axxess!

Happy Saturdaay Novas! Last night I went to WWE Axxess at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. It was really awesome and I will share a few pictures and videos from my time there. Axxess is the fan event that happens up until the Wrestlemania matches each year. Here you can watch matches, have meet n greets with WWE Superstars and try your hand out at some interesting activities all centered around being a WWE Superstar! Let’s Jump in to some of the activities that you can do.

WWE can be great entertainment, especially when you learn how to cut a great Promo. Promos are pretty much the storylines behind the action that takes place in the center of the ring. They’re the rivalries, the catch phrases and at some points, the most interesting and exciting parts of the WWE. Some great Promos include the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind and more recently the Shield or Noam Dar (Alicia FOXXXXXXXX lol). It was awesome, my brother and I cut a promo and you’re able to keep and download the video (mind you I didn’t remember where the camera was lol). Take a look!

A WWE Superstar’s Entrance is a great way to connect with the character you watch every week. When you here the banging of the drum, the eerie whistle of the bayou or a fun and loud intro by Big E (AHHHHHH ORLANDO! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR…) you want to erupt in excitement because you know your favorite wrestler is about to enter the arena. At Axxess you are able to walk in to your favorite entrance and walk down the ramp. I was changing the entrance that I wanted to do the whole way up to the curtain. Here’s who I decided on!

Being a Superstar of the WWE means being in the spotlight and posing for photographs. Well there were plenty of photos taken as you can find your favorite WWE Standee posted around the building. Here are a few paparazzi shots that I took (don’t mind my brothers lack of focus with a camera 😦 ).

Here’s additional photos from structures and cool features around the building.

On to the main event. The actual reason I wanted to attend Axxess on Friday night. The Man himself, many know him as the Architect or most recently the Kingslayer. No no Jamie Lanister… SETH ROLLINS!!!!! I had to do the meet n greet with my husband and when he said “What up Bae?” as I walked over to him I almost fainted lol. I really should have hugged him but I was wayyyy too nervous for that (me nervous, who’d a thunk lol). Anyway I recorded some segments in the line and took a photo. Take a look!

This is the raw footage, so I didn’t edit it. At the beginning I forgot to take the camera off of zoom , but it’s not too bad lol. Well that’s some of the things we did at Axxess. I had a great time and the highlight of the night of course was meeting Seth Rollins! I can’t wait to continue the weekend! Have a great weekend all and I’ll keep you posted on the events that I attend for WrestleMania!

-Luna 😀