WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 6!

Happy Thursday Novas! Welcome to day 6 in the 30-day blogging challenge. The rules are simple, write a post daily for 30 days on the selected topics and corresponding days.

Today’s Topic: Favorite PayPerView

I’ve already read ShinyLightz’ post and he decided today his favorite pay-per-view event. I will name my favorite pay per view and favorite event. Starting with my favorite pay-per-view. I’ve written about this previously during WrestleMania week in April. So it’s no surprise that my favorite pay-per-view is Survivor Series. I’m definitely a fan of the traditional 5 on 5 matches and the event is different.

My favorite PPV event has to be Extreme Rules when the Shield battles Evolution! This match was crazy and I had to go back and watch it on the network (Because I wasn’t watching back then). Another great PPV event is definitely NXT Takeover Brooklyn. You were able to see Finn Balor defend his championship in his full demon get-up and the women’s Iron man match was Epic!

What’s your favorite PPV events? Let’s talk WWE!

30 Blog Challenge: WWE Day 5!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I hope everyone has had a great independence day (if applicable) and are now ready for the rest of the week! The 30 Day Blogging challenge challenges bloggers to write a post everyday on the predetermined topic. Each day you answer the question assigned and voila! You’re providing content consistently. If you’re joining in on this journey with me, make sure to comment below so that I can follow along with your answers! Let’s jump into today’s question.

Day 5- Favorite Theme Song

This is a toss up as there have been some great theme songs as well as entrances in the WWE. Hearing the guitar rift or the breaking of glass sends us fans into an uproar because we know who will be coming down the ramp next. Some notable, current entrances are Finn Balor’s song, Tye Dillenger and of course the “Glorious” Bobby Roode. I would have to save that my favorite theme song has to be between Attitude era Legends, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock!

This was the beginning of wrestling for me and my interest. Hearing the great theme songs interrupt Superstars as they were talking made me smile with entusiasm. In case you’re not aware, I have linked the 2 theme songs below!

What’s your favorite theme song? Are you participating in any blogging challenges of any sort? Let’s Talk!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚



MrKaneEraV2- YouTube

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Another 30 Day Challenge!!!!!

Happy Tuesday and Independence Day Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s post! As you can see from the title, the month of July will be filled with daily answers to the new 30 day challenge. Thank you to ShinyLightz for blogging about it and peaking my interest. This blogging challenge will be about one of my favorite subjects; WWE! I wanted to post about this on Monday but I had already posted a few topics. Today I will answer the 1st 4 questions and then every day I will answer a new question! Let’s start with the list for the month.

wwe challenge

Day 1: Fav Current RAW Wrestler!

Well this is easy. Many of you will already know the answer to this question. My favorite RAW wrestler is none other than Seth “Freakin” Rollins! Rollins has been my favorite wrestler since I came back to watching WWE in 2015. I was on a hiatus for about 10 years lol and decided to come back to wrestling. Upon my return, Rollins was Mr. Money in the Bank and his wit quickly pulled me in. My brother Kenny, thought I would be in love with Dean Ambrose (maybe he thinks I’m crazy lol) and while I like Ambrose, Rollins was the star for me. I will say I had a bit of a bobble when Finn Balor was drafted to RAW… I was like who is my favorite now! While Finn comes in a very close 2nd, I’m still ride or Die for the The Architect, The Man, The Undisputed Future; The Kingslayer Seth Rollins!

Kingslayer in Gold, Finn in Black!

Day 2: Fav Current Smackdown Wrestler

This answer would have been Dean Ambrose before the Superstar Shake-up. Now I would have to say, who am I kidding, Hands down the king of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura! After Nakamura I would say Naomi (I never liked her until her re-brand with Feel The Glow). Nakamura has charisma, he has swagg, let’s face it he is the Japanese Michael Jackson! Nakamura is hands down my favorite Smackdown Wrestler. Notable mention will be Tye Dillenger, I mean he’s a perfect 10!

Day 3: Fav Current NXT Wrestler

emberย  Here I could go left and say Bobby Roode but he’s not my favorite. With the Superstar Shake-up and the draft all of my favorites have climbed their way to the main roster. There’s really not many (really no-one) left for me to root for. But there are 3 women that blow my mind; Ember Moon, Asuka and Nikki Cross. These 3 women have been tearing up the scene and I love each one. Asuka is so dominant, her character is changing a bit and I’m not that much of a fan but she is outstanding. Ember Moon is amazing using more high flying moves than I’ve seen from a woman wrestler (other than Lita) and Nikki Cross…. I love her because she’s bat crazy!ย  Picking my favorite, I’m rolling with Ember Moon!

Day 4- Fav Current Cruiserwight

Ahhhh… This is a good one. There’s TJP, Rich Swann and Austin Aries. I also love up-comer Mustafa Ali. TJP was the person I wanted to win the inaugural Cruiserwight Classic tournament last year so I love him. His moves are fresh and I love the Dab. Rich is amazing with his somersaults and kick-flips, he’s very entertaining. The same can be said about Mustafa and Aries… well I love a cocky, confident wrestler! I’m going to give some love to the new buck, Mustafa welcome to my “Favorites” club!

These are the first 4 days of the 30 day challenge! What are some of your favorites! Feel free to join me in the challenge as well! Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna โค


WWE Youtube.


30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition Day 17 & 18!

Happy Father’s Day Novas! Thank you for reading today’s double feature! I hope your Sunday is going well! I apologize for not uploading the 30 day challenge post yesterday. Some friends and I went to a gamer bar last night and had a great time! I didn’t get home until really late so I was not able to get the post our.

Day 17 โ€“ Favorite antagonist.
Day 18 โ€“ Favorite protagonist

We will start with Day 17’s post. As soon as I read the topic I knew exactly who I wanted to pick; General Raam from Gears of War! General Raam was the king locust and his entrance was as magnificent as his downfall. Raam came in wielding a huge sword and killing off one of the main characters on the original Gears of War game. raam_composite_still-ac725ef5f5084be499a5edd5d6da4856ย ย  He commanded the locust armies bringing in new hybrids and showing his dominance. This character towered over everyone else, both human and alien and was built Ford Tough! Raam had great fighting skills and he would unleash his Krill (pretty much bats that eat you) in combination with swift punches and a swing of his blade. Raam was so amazing in the GOW series that he became a downloadable character on Killer Instinct Gold! General Raam I salute you!

If we’re talking other video games, remember in the Xbox Game Pass post that I mentioned downloading Lego Batman? Another great antagonist is hands down the Joker! You are able to play as good guys or Gotham’s finest criminals in the Lego franchise. THe Joker is amazing (and demented) with his silly puns, joke-ster traps and mayhem seeking personality. Joker has been one of my favorite villains of all time.

Some other notable antagonists are from video games and comics: Magneto, Megatron, Star scream, Bowser etc.

On to Day 18 which is the flip side… my favorite protagonist.

This topic was a little more difficult to think about. Many of the video games I play are based around you creating your own character. This makes it hard to select a protagonist. Some of my favorites would be Yoshi, Kazooie, Baird and Cole (I know i’ve mentioned all of these names in previous challenge posts)ย  or even Chun- Li or Kasumi! There’s plenty to pick from.

Those are my answers for this 2 part post. Who are some of your favorite protagonists and antagonists in video games? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚


Credits: Gearsofwar.com

YouTube- Xbox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzrjBID4bHU

YouTube- SonicPhantom47


30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 16!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope your week has went well and that you’re now excited for the weekend! Some friends and I are going to a gamer bar tomorrow night so I’m very excited about it! I’ve been there before, but the crowd I was with last time weren’t the biggest gamers. Now I’m going with friends who geek out more than me so it should be really fun (and competitive :P). Anyway, thank you for tuning in to another 30 challenge post. Let’s get to today’s topic…

Day 16 โ€“ Game with the best cut scenes.

This one is pretty easy for me. I really enjoy the Saint’s Row franchise and I thinkย  that is provides the best cut scenes. I can totally picture the scenes if a gang turf war as an action movie. I would put Mark Wahlberg as Gat and run amuck! I love that the cut scenes have everything that you need for a great movie; action, suspense, comedy and romance.

What’s your favorite cut scene from a video game? Better yet, which game would make a great movie in your mind? Let’s talk video games! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚

Credits: YouTube – IGN

30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 12!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s blogging challenge post. By now you know the rules but if not, we are participating in a daily writing challenge. Each day, for 30 days, bloggers will post about the topic of the day (refer to the 1st post to view the entire month’s questions). Let’s get into today’s topic!

Day 12 โ€“ A game everyone should play

Now, I’ve already answered this question before in the Video Game Tag that we’ve created (click here to read post!). Since there are so many video games to play, I can definitely recommend some more. I’ve had to think about this question because I didn’t want to mention games that I have already posted about. One game I think that everyone should play is Minecraft on PC. I’m sure you know about the game phenomenon Minecraft by no. It is available on consoles, handhelds and PC’s but everyone should play the PC version.

Why PC Minecraft? – While I do prefer console gaming, Minecraft is one of the exceptions to the rule. PC Minecraft is amazing because there’s so much you can do on it compared to consoles. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the community can create maps, games, servers and more for others to enjoy. I’ve played games like the Blocking Dead survival (get it, get it), Block Party (which is essentially musical chairs) , Hunger Games and even Hide N Seek! You can play group games like factions, have scavenger hunts or just lay a good ole survival game. Playing on PC also allows you to insert mods, custom skins and texture packs for your games (I’m currently playing on the My Little Pony texture lol). It’s just amazing and there’s so many games and servers to play on. One of my favorite experiences was playing on a Mianite Fan Server.


Mianite was a YouTube survival multiplayer series by Syndicate, Jericho, Captain Sparklez and more. It was a daily series that I watched on YouTube so when a fan server came out, I had to play (and record some episodes lol). Pretty much you joined a god’s team: Mianite god of good, Ianite goddess of justice and balance or Dianite god of evil. Based on your joined team, you would try to use those core values when playing (I was Ianite). It was really fun! Here’s one of my mini games recorded a few years ago.

That’s my answer for today’s topic. Have you played Minecraft on PC? What’s your recommendation for a game that everyone should play? Let’s talk games!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚




YouTube (Scoobygirl).


30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 10!

Happy Saturday Novas! Welcome back to day number 10 in our 30 day blogging challenge! You’re welcome to comment or even participate in the challenge to talk about some of your favorite video game topics! I love this challenge because it’s a quick way to make sure that you are blogging everyday! And did I mention it’s fun! Shout out to our other blogging buddies that are participating in the challenge : The Shameful Narcissist, Thero159 & Khinjarsi! Feel free to check out their answers to the questions of the day as well! If you are also participating in the 30 day blogging challenge, let me know so that I can read your responses! Now on to today’s topic:

Day 10 โ€“ Best Game-Play

What I love about video games is that everything is subjective to what your personal interests are. We have gamers that love First Person Shooters (FPS), Gamers who love Strategy and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. We have our fighting community, our RPGs (Role Playing Games) and even our puzzle gamers. Today’s question is definitely going to be based on your personal tastes more than anything.

My first choice for Best Game Play is a RTS game known as Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. Civ Rev on Xbox 360 was my first encounter of a Real Time Strategy game in quite some time. I remember my friends on Xbox were telling me about the game and there was a free trial available so I gave it a go. I fell in love and since then , I have played and purchases Civilization 5 & 6 on PC. With Civ Rev, you select a leader (leader’s from history like Lincoln, Genghis Khan and Napoleon and build your cities. Each leader will have special advantages based on the type of civilization you are controlling. For instance, the Romans and Caesar have a cultural bonus boost, the Germans are military force and the Japanese have boosts to science and technology. You will use these bonuses to try and win a victory before the other players in your game.

What Makes this game amazing? – I love that there are so many moving parts to think about when you are playing. You start with 1 group of settlers and you have to create your capital city. The strategy comes in by deciding what’s going to be the best way to start off your civilization. Certain areas of the map allow you to obtain core resources that are essential to your city’s development and growth. Green spaces provide food for the population, mountains provide production for your buildings, water provides science for your colony’s advancement, all of those things are taken into account when playing. Once your city is established you are in charge with developing your city and taking over! diplomacy

Another feature of the game is that you can create armies and take over other cities. The win requirements of a normal game would be by Domination Victory, Economic Victory, Cultural Victory or Scientific Victory. The first player to satisfy the win requirements for any of these options wins the game. Domination Victory means that you have captured all of the other capital cities in the game by force. Launch your warships, ready the tanks or catapults if you’re brave) and send your troops to take over. Any cities captured are added to your civilization and will bring their resources to help your fight! Check out the official trailer below.

Welp! This post ran longer then I thought with my choice of Civ Rev so this will be the only game play option today (can you tell I really love this game lol)! Have you played any of the Sid Meier’s Civilization games? Which games are your picks for best game play? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚



WhereIsNovember – YouTube Channel

IGN – YouTube channel

Bit Tech Net

30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 8!

Happy Thursday Novas! I’m cheating on this answer as well because I don’t want to repeat games that have already talked about. Trying to keep it a little diverse here. Oe of the features that make’s video games amazing are the memories that we associate with them. One of the most powerful forms of association is the integration of music, more specifically the soundtracks in the video game. Let’s see what today’s topic is.

Day 8 โ€“ Best soundtrack.

Iย ย rockbandย  would say the game with the best soundtrack is Rock Band 2. Yes, this is a cop out answer because it has hundreds of songs in the library that you can download and play. Rock Band 2 had so many fantastic songs from some of my favorite artists. Between rock band and guitar hero games, my spotify has songs that are so nostalgic to me. Some of the songs I’ve first heard on the video games. It’s funny because I was listening to Can’t be Saved in the car and I just moved my hands as if I were playing the guitar. It was a great feeling.

My real answer to this question would probably be oblivion, ย fable 2 or super Mario 64. These games have amazing soundtracks to me. Starting with Oblivion. I love how the music in the town differed from music in the dungeon. Even in ESO now, you will have great music throughout the game that will have you feeling happy, anxious or scared for your life. The subtle shifts in the music is what makes games great for us to play.

Fable 2 is the same way. When you’re going through the village, the music is calming and warm. You can feel the community atmosphere. When you’re learning new abilities the music changes to a more determined theme. When you’re fighting monsters a more heroic style of music plays. As a gamer, your style of play adjusts to the music that you are hearing as well.

Lastly, Super Mario 64! I can still hear the music in Peach’s castle after completing a level. It’s so uplifting and fun. You feel as if you want to explore and play around with Mario’s different jumps (ya, yahoo, ย whoopie) lol. Playing the dark levels where you would encounter Bowser or a boss fight was epic. The shift in the musics undertones allowed you to get in the competitive mind frame. You start to feel the adrenaline pumping, your hands my become clamy, hearts racing… its amazing! Check out my favorite song below!

Those are my picks for the best soundtracks. I’ve stayed true to games that I’ve actually played. I’ve watched gameplay for Dark Souls, Dragon Age and Bloodbourne, but since I haven’t played it myself I won’t mention them. Also notable games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have amazing soundtracks, but again I haven’t played these games. Which video games do you think have the best soundtracks? Let’s talk video game music!

-Luna ๐Ÿ˜

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YouTube: GilvaSunner

30 Day Challenge Video Game edition: Day 7!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for stopping by on our 30 day blogging challenge journey! I’m switching up today’s post just a tad, so let’s see what the topic is!
Couples! The twist that I’m bringing to today’s post will be to blog about my favorite video game “Duos” instead of couples. There’s been historic duos that we all know and love. The best duos to me in video games are the ones that compliment each other well. You know the duos that work so well in tandem that any task can be completed. ย Those duos! I’m going to skip common duos like Sonic and Tails or Mario and Luigi because we know they’re awesome!

Day 7 โ€“ Favorite game couple

My first duo that I love is Banjo and Kazooie from well Banjo and Kazooie! Playing Banjo and Kazooie and Banjo To lie on Nintendo 64 was awesome growing up. I was able to beat all of the levels myself and I love the combination or Banjo’ s strength matches with Kazooie’ s agility and flight.


Cole Train and Baird! There’s no secret on my blog that I’m a hugeeee Gears of War fan. From the GOW franchises story mode a great friendship has developed between Cole and Baird. Baird is the intelligent weapons expert while Cole Train is the Brawn. He runs straight into every battle like “Leeroyyyyyy Jenkinsssss.” Cole was a pro football player before E Day so his speed, strength and agility is unmatched. I love the snarky comments each make within the franchise and their snippets when killing locusts. Cole and Baird are the unsung heroes of Gears of War to me. Vulgar language inbound on these clips. GOW has obscene language and violence.

Johnny Gat and Pierce from Saints Row are a pretty awesome duo. Gat is the leader, mentor and total awesome character of the Saints whole Pierce is the comic relief! I love doing missions with Pierce and Gat because driving in a car and listening to them bicker is the best. I’m between the missions you can listen to full conversation and interactions between both characters. For that fact Shaundi and Pierce are a great duo as well.


My last duo will be the annoying creeper and skeleton duo in Minecraft. The skeletons take all of your attention by shooting you with bows while the creepers sneak up behind you! I would rather fight any other combination of 2 mins than creepers and skellies.

What do you think of the duos I’ve highlighted today? Which duos are your favorites? Let’s talk video game duos!

-Luna ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ

Check out Yesterday’s Post on the most annoying video game characters by clicking here!

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30 Day Challenge Gamers Edition: Day 5

Happy Monday Novas! I hope your week is starting off well. We are continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge for Gamers and today’s topic had me scratching my head trying to come up with an answer. After a few hours in deep thought, I’ve finally come up with the answer! Let’s see who I picked!

Day 5 โ€“ Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

Today’s topic wants me to answer the question on which video game character I feel I am most like. I’m taking it back to Nintendo; Mario to be exact. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself and see if anyone can guess the Mario character I picked. I like to say that I am a jokester, always trying to make jokes and keep everyone in a good mood. I like playing pranks on my friends and family. I’m pretty friendly and my most used emoji is the tongue sticking out one :p.ย  I also daydream and float off into the space of my own mind quite often. Back in middle school I jumped out of my art class everyday in the hopes of scaring my friend Kelly! Which character do I feel I am most like? Drum roll please….


BOO! No, no, no Boo! I feel like I am most like the free spirited, trickster Boo from Mario! Boo has been one of my favorite Mario characters since the Mario Party franchise began. Remember there was a spot on the map in which you could “Hire” Boo to steal coins or stars from the other players. While I do not fancy myself a thief, I did use Boo’s services when I felt the situation was justified. I would make my way to Boo’s shop and ask him to retrieve items (which I always referred to as taking it to Boo) from my brother and friends. Boo also can disappear and reappear. I’d like to think that trait refers to my ability to adapt and blend in with situations (I was really reaching on that one lol).

I’d like to answer the alternate part of the question as well! If I could be character, i’d be Princess Daisy in Mario!Princess Daisy was amazing! She wasn’t as much drama as Peach and she seemed more fun and free spirited. Also, who wouldn’t want to be a princess? i first started using Daisy in Mario Double Dash and Mario golf. When Yoshi wasn’t available, I had to pick an alternate character. Daisy was my pick!


Thank you for reading today’s post! Which video game character do you feel you are most like? Who would you want to be? Let’s talk video game characters! Have a fantastic day and we will see you for tomorrow’s post!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚

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