Video Game 30 Day Challenge: Day 2 – Gaming Worlds!

Happy Saturday Players! Welcome to Day #2 of the GamersUnitedGG 30 Day Video Game Challenge! Yesterday we started the challenge by blogging about our Favorite Video Game Childhood Hero and it made me really think about who I looked up to as a child. Want to know who influenced me? Click here to find out!  You can join us and read the official rules by clicking here! Power up Players for Day 2 of the 30 Day Video Game challenge!


Day 2: Which Video Game World Would You Live In & Why?




Immediately the Mushroom Kingdom popped into my mind, specifically the Kingdom featured in Super Mario 64! I’ve already gushed on again and again about how revolutionary Mario 64 was for video games but talking more about the aesthetics, Peach’s castle and the different realms that you can travel to using a picture was AMAZINGGGG! I just realized that Mario also started using less and fewer warp pipes in this installment of the franchise, which is fine. I prefer the slides, the jumping through paintings and finding secret rooms in the castle method. Not only were the colors absolutely stunning in Mario 64, but there was so much to do and so much fun to have to visit Chomp, Thwomp or Penguin racing!

Honorable Mention:


The world of Pokemon, specifically Kanto and Johto Regions. I know I’m not the only one that wished I lived in the world of Pokemon. Imagin being able to catch and train Pokemon, participate in Gym Battles, Festivals and other competitions to show off your friends. I imagine having Pokemon will do wonders for self-esteem and people who often feel lonely as your Pokemon will never leave you. If I could live in the Pokemon world, I would want to be a Pokemon Coordinator like Dawn was. I’d want to showcase the Pokemon and their best attributes in a contest rather than have them battle it out in an arena.



I’m a big Fable fan and the world of Albion is where I would like to live. Albion takes into account all of the current fads that I’m into royalty, magic and a simple life. In Albion, I could be a Royal Princess with 2 magic gauntlets that fuses my abilities. I could go into the City of Bowerstone buy merchandise, make pies and kick chickens! I could be a blacksmith, make potions or just run around helping people in need. A life in the world of Fable has been intriguing to me which is why I’ve played each game in the franchise and spent countless hours making choices to help save or destroy the world. Breathtaking views, a sense of duty and a place where Heroes are made, I would choose to live in the world of Fable and Albion any day!


Tomorrow’s Question:

Who is Your Favorite Video Game Sidekick?


Which video game world would you live in? would you choose any of the worlds that I have listed?  Let’s talk video game worlds!

-Luna 🙂

Video Game 30 Day Challenge: Day 1- Gaming Heroes!

Happy Friday Players! Today is June 1st and the start of the GamersUnitedGG 30 Day Video Game Challenge! I’m super excited to answer the questions that I came up with and read the responses of anyone who wants to participate. You can join us and read the official rules by clicking here! Power up Players for Day 1 of the 30 Day Video Game challenge!

Day 1: Who is your childhood Video Game Hero?

My video game hero is Nancy Neil from Snowboard Kids and Snowboard Kids 2!


Snowboard Kids is a snowboard racing game that debuted on Nintendo 64, where you select your character, costume and race through really cool maps. I’ve never been the best at speed, but I have always loved performing in the trick portion of the game. Nancy was always my choice and upon reading the Snowboard Kids Story, she became a character that I could relate too. While Nancy was really skilled at tricks, she was always the nice mediator of the group that everyone loved. Nancy was friends with one of the meanest characters in the game, a snob name Linda, but she was there to orchestrate and attend Linda’s birthday party.


Snowboard Kids 2 was the very first game that was mine entirely (and not for me AND my brother) which holds a special place in my heart.  In Snowboard kids 2, an alien, evil child known as Damien appears. The kids have to race Damien in the story and while he is the antagonist, Nancy tries to extend the olive branch and invite Damien to the group. She’s such a great character and I have looked up to her for her tricks, personality and all that Nancy represents. To sum up her personality Nancy is fun, genuine and friendly, traits that I think my friends would now describe me as. Thank you Snowboard Kids and Snowboard Kids 2 for having such a positive impact!

There’s a more teenage version of Snowboards Kids called SBK where Nancy is completely the opposite. She is spoiled, stuck up and conceited. I’m super happy that I grew up admiring the 10 year old Nancy!


Tomorrow’s Question:

Which Video Game World Would You Like To Live In? Why?


Who’s your childhood video game hero? Have you ever played Snowboard Kids? Let’s talk Heroes!

-Luna 🙂


WWE 30 Challenge: Day 26-30

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for staying with us through this 30 day challenge! This will be the final post in the WWE challenge so let’s get to it!

Favorite Wrestlemania

So my favorite Wrestlemania of all time is hands this this year’s Wrestlemania 33! It was held here in my home town of Orlando, Fl and I attending all events that weekend. How can I not love the Wrestlemania where my husband Seth Rollins returned!

Favorite Finisher

I loveddddd Seth Rollins  Curb Stomp back in the day. Now I really like Dirty Deeds by Dean Ambrose and the Coup De Gras by Finn Balor. The curb stomp was a cool looking finisher that reminded me of the curb stomp execution curb stomp  from my favorite game, Gears of War. Dirty deeds looks like a devastating finisher as you plummet your opponents head into the ground dean-ambrose-dirty-deeds-randy-orton-o  . The Coup De Gras is just amazing!!! finn balor

Favorite Debut/Return

This has to pertain to Wrestlemania 3 again! The Monday after RAW my other husband Finn Balor returned from Injury! The following night Shinsuke Nakamura debuted on Smackdown. I was at both events and the crowd went insane!!!! Being at a live event is an indescribable feeling that you cannot capture on film. The atmosphere is so energetic and infectious that it’s crazy.

Earliest Memory of WWE

Stone Cold and the Undertaker’s feud. I vaguely remember Stone Cold inadvertently saving Stephanie Mcmahon from the Undertaker.

Favorite Match Stipulation

Survivor Series! I love the traditional 5 of 5 elimination rules. Another great stipulation is the Elimination Chamber. There’s so many great moments and matches in the WWE that it’s hard to pick just 1.

Thank you for staying with us on this 30 day journey through WWE! What are your favorite finishers and Returns/Debuts? Let’s talk WWE!




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WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 21-25

Happy Saturday  Novas! I hope your weekend is starting well! I’m a little late on this post because there has been so many posts going up this week. Anyway, here are days number 21-25 of the 30 day Blogging Challenge! The questions are becoming repetitiev as I ahve talked about some of my answers in previous posts. Because I don’t want to be repetitive I will make this post short.

Favorite Current Raw Female Wrestler

Alexa Bliss is probably my favorite Raw Women’s Superstar at the moment. Before Bliss, Sasha Banks was my favorite but now the tables have turned. Alexa Bliss plays an excellent heel and although her in ring work can use a bit of a boost, she is excited, rude and one of the best personalities on the roster for the women!

WWE Dream Match

– I don’t knowwwwwww lol

Fav Male Wrestler of All Time

– Stone Cold Steve Austin! He was the reason that I started watching WWE in the first place. Yes, everyone easily picks the Attitude Era as their favorite era of wrestling but that is also because back then, we (me in particular) were children and didn’t really comprehend that the matches were staged. Now as we are in the Reality Era, everyone wants to go back to the unpredictable, no way this is scripted era. Currently, we know I love Seth Rollins, but Stone Cold will always hold a place above the rest.

Favorite Female Wrestler of All Time

– I would have to say that right now, Lita would be my pick! She made it cool to be a slight tomboy wrestler. Lita was amazing and I looked up to her so much. She was hitting flips just like the Hardyz and here style was unmatched in my mind.


Favorite Feud of All Time

– I want to say Stone Cold vs Vince Mcmahon, but I actually loved the Rock vs Stone Cold! That was one of the more epic feuds at the time. I loved the John Cena and Seth Rollins feud as well. Rollins coming out adntheir banter was hilarious. Also, the Rollins and Cena double title match at Summerslam (I think) where my husband  won both titles (big ups to Jon Stewart lol) was one of my favorite matches.

Thank you for tuning in to today’s challenge post! What are your favorite moments in WWE? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



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WWE 30 Day Challenge Days 16-20

Happy Thursday Novas! We are continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge and today we will be answering questions 16-20. This weekend will be an overload of WWE content as I have received my WWE Slamcrate this morning (the unboxing post will be up tomorrow) and my traditional predictions and preview post for the WWE PayPerView event on Sunday will go up on Saturday! Let’s jump into the questions!

Day 16- Most Underrated WWE Wrestler

tyeI would say the most underrated wrestler at the moment will be Tye Dillinger. Don’t get me wrong, many will know the Superstar from NXT as he was a crowd favorite, but as of right now WWE does not seem to be doing much with the Perfect 10.  I would love to see him have a developing story line and be featured more.

Day 17- Most Overrated WWE Wrestler

The answer to this question is pretty funny. A few months ago, I would have said that AJ Styles was overrated because I didn’t like him that much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great brock Superstar but I didn’t like his character. Now, I’m going to say both Samoa Joe and Brock Lesner! Joe is really annoying coming in as “The Destroyer” and Brock, let’s face it… we don’t see him enough for him to be this hyped up.

Day 18- Favorite WWE Entrance

Currently, I love Seth Rollin’s entrance, Brock Lesner, Kevin Owens and The Hardy Boyz! Oh yeah, can’t forget Naomi, her entrance is really good. Of all time The Shield’s entrance is definitely up there along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! Their entrances were iconic and unforgettable.

Day 19- Favorite WWE Merch

Merchandise for WWE is a great way to support your favorite Superstars! Currently, I’m looking to get Roman Reigns new shirt with the Superman punch on the front. My favorite pieces of merchandise currently owned are the WWE United States Championship Belt, Seth Rollins Shirt and Finn Balor Shirt. Oh yeah, my Alexa Bliss wrist cuffs as well. I’m looking to get the Wrist cuffs for Reigns and I wouldn’t mine getting Heath Slater’s “I Got Kids, I Need This Job” shirt because it’s hilarious. CsSfuQuUAAEgS7w

Day 20- Favorite Current Smackdown Female Wrestler

Hands down Naomi! Since she has revamped her character I have been feeling the glow!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s installments of the 30 day challenge! Next week I will have days 21-25 posted! What are your answers to the questions? Are you watching Battlegrounds this weekend? Let’s Talk WWE!

Enjoy your Thursday!




WWE 30 Day Challenge Days 11-15

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s blog post will be the missed days of the 30 day blogging challenge. This installment focuses exclusively on WWE! I apologize for not posting these everyday, but I figure I would post 5 at a time, since these are sorter blog posts. Let’s get to the topics!

Favorite NXT Tag Team

The questions are a little hard to answer when you try to gauge if the question refers to “of all time” or just the current rosters. I will just answer the questions based on the current rosters unless the question specifically says “Of All Time.” With that said, Currently I do not have a favorite tag team in NXT. I loved DIY but…. yea that happened.  To be honest, I haven’t watched NXT in a few weeks so I’m not even sure which tag teams are even a thing other than Authors of Pain.

Favorite Title Belt

My favorite title belt by far is the Intercontinental Championship Belt. The IC Belt has always been my favorite because it looks so sleek and pretty.


Favorite NXT Match of All Time

There have been a few really good NXT matches. The Triple Threat between Asuka, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot was pretty good, NXT Takeover London when Finn Balor came out dressed like Jack the Ripper and the Triple Threat between DIY, AOP and The Revival at NXT Takeover Orlando during Wrestlemania weekend! I can’t decide but NXT has had some amazing matches!

Favorite Main Roster Champion

I will mention my favorite main roster current champion. This is probably going to surprise people but I love Alexa Bliss as champion along with Jinder Mahal. Both are heel characters and in my opinion they play their roles really well. I love really good heels as much if not better than a face character.

Favorite NXT Champion

My current NXT Champion has to be Asuka, even though her character is starting to rub me the wrong way. Asuka is a really great Superstar and I like her… when she’s not being too arrogant on the show.


Those are my picks for this week’s 5 questions! What are your favorites? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


WWE 30 Day Challenge Day 10!

Happy Monday Novas! Today is my “Friday” at work as I am off Tuesdays and Wednesdays ( yup these days off suck lol). I’m at work stalking the clock so that I can go home, but at least I was able to finish The Kingmaker’s Daughter book today! It was amazing and I can’t wait to start reading the comic Snot Girl (gross I know) when I get it our o my car later lol. Anyways, today’s post will be short!

Favorite Main Roster Tag Team

So here’s the thing. Enzo and Cass are no more and they were pretty entertaining. I’m not a fan of New Day never really was). I could go with the Hardy Boyz but I wouldn’ say they are my favorite. I guess I will have to go with The Usos or Sheamus and Cesaro!

The Usos have been favorites of mine for a few years now. I liked them better before the heel turn but they’re still entertaining to watch.

Look at the difference lol

Sheamus and Cesaro are amazing as tag partners. They grew from hating each other to being a truly dominant force in the tag team division. And they managed to make Sheamus likeable lol. Didn’t see that coming!

What are your favorite main roster tag teams? Are there any tag teams that you would like to see form? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



WWE 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9!

Happy Sunday Novas! Today is the Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View event for WWE! I can’t wait to watch the action unfold. We are marching on to day #9 of the 30 Day WWE Blogging Challenge. Today’s topic is a “No Brainer” for me so let’s get to it!

Fav WWE Faction of All Time.

Ummm…. THE SHIELD!!!!! shield 2  The Shield was a WWE faction that consisted of my husband Seth Rolllins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. The Shield took the WWE Universe by storm when they showed up out of nowhere (from NXT) and started attacking Superstars. Many thought they were hired guns by CM Punk who was champion at the time. The Shield was different, they entered the ring from the crowds, dressed in all black and called themselves the Hounds of Justice.

Side Note: I wasn’t watching during the time that The Shield was introduced and competing as a faction, but I do remember my brother nad his friends wearing black going to Wing House to watch the events lol.

The Shield dominated the scene for about 2 years and they held the Tag Team titles, battled the Wyatt Family, took on Evolution, held the United States title and shortly after their unfortunate end, shield3   all become World Champion (in the same night at one point lol). These 3 Superstars are sitting at the top of the pack and their reign as  a dominant group is thanks to their individual talents!

the shield

What is your favorite faction or group? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 8!

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope that your weekend is starting off well! The 30 day challenge is a blogging exercise that allows you to write blog posts each day on a specified topic. You will answer the questions provided and post your thoughts! This will be a really short post, but we have

If you could make 1 Wrestler World Champion, who would it be?

Since the World Championship is on Smackdown, I will pick a Smackdown Superstar for this answer. I would say Nakamura, but let’s face it… he will most likely become champion. My answer will definitely be unpopular, but I would love to see the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin become World Champion!


Baron Corbin is mean, tough and one of my avorite Smackdown Live Superstars at the moment. I love his grittyness and I think he can contest any Superstar on both brands. Corbin has been building up momentum for a while now and since he is Mr. Money In The Bank, he will definitely get his shot at the title and I love it!

Who would you like to see win the title? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 7!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you’re having a fantastic day and that your weekend will be even better! I’m in a very bubbly mood right now as I have nailed the presentation at work this morning and I feel as though a path has been lit for my ultimate goal! Promotion here I Come!!!!!! Anyways, the 30 blogging challenge allows you to  post each day about a specific topic and the question for that corresponding day! We are on day #7 of the WWE challenge and I can’t wait for the Great Balls of Fire PPV this Sunday (yes that’s the real name of the PPV) lol. I will post a preview and predictions post tomorrow as normal!

The Shield vs Everyone- The debacle started on  SmackDown when Triple H told the Shiled that they were getting out of hand and needed to learn respect. He told them, they would have a surprise match as the main event. The Shield waited in the ring while the 11 Superstars scheduled for the “Match” walked out from behind the Titantron. As hard as the Shield fought, they were too many sUperstars for the team and they fell. Fast forward to Monday Night Raw! The offical 11 on 3 Match was set for the main event, but the Shield looked to even the score. They attactked some members of that match throughout the night leaving only 5 Superstars to face the team of 3.  Needless to say the Shield came out victorious and it was a great match!

Finn Balor vs Nakamura- Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura have fought a few times in NXT. There’s one match in particular that stood out was one of Balor’s last matches in NXT. This match had everythign you could want out of a wrestling match; tricks, hard hitting moves and great sync between the athletes. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the highlights for the match.

I’m sure there’s plenty more matches that I live, especially from the Attitude Era, but it’s hard to choose just one or remember them all on the spot! What are some of your favorite matches? Do you remember any of these iconic matches? Let’s Talk WWE!



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