SuperStar Shake Up Predictions & Thoughts!

Happy Monday SuperStars! Wrestlemania is the event in WWE where all SuperStars on the roster try to make a huge impact. Think the Super Bowl or NBA Finals but for Wrestlers. Last week I neglected to post mypredictions and a recap of teh event because I was just sooo excited and forgot to set aside time for the a great prediction post. In lieu of my poor planning, this weekend I’m going to post my predictions on what will happen during the SuperStar Shake Up on Monday and Tuesday!

What is a SuperStar Shake Up? – For the past 2 years, since the brands have split, Smackdown and Raw have essentially “Traded” WWE SuperStars from 1 brand to the other.

Why does this matter? – A SuperStar Shake Up is both best for business and best for the fans because:

  • We can see new potential match-ups, feuds and rivalries
  • It keeps viewing numbers up no both shows by providing different SuperStars (for example, I don’t really watch Smackdown but it Seth Rollins is traded to SD, I’ll be a faithful viewer every week lol)
  • Allows SuperStars to build a bigger fan base and widen their repotoir.


My Predictions For SuperStars coming to Monday Night Raw!

  1. The Usos –  usosThis is probably my biggest and most likely to happen prediction. Since the Usos have changed their persona and became a “Heel” team on SD Live, they’ve elevated their game and fan base. the Usos held the Smackdown Live Tag Title for most of the year and continues to put on a great show against their biggest rivals; The New Day! While their perormance is always one of my favorites, it’s stale and moving the tag team to Raw will  shake things up and provide great matches. I can see the Tag Team interrupting one of the matches in the Tag Team Elimination Tournament and continuing their successful heel turn through Monday nights.
  2. Naomi-   naomiSince Jimmy Uso and Naomi are married, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the ex- Smackdown Live Women’s Champion on the Monday nightshow. Other than the spousal reason, I feel that moving Naomi over is a great move for Raw’s Women divison. The one area where Monday Night Raw has lacked was the Women’s Division. Bringing a crowd favorite and top notch performer like Naomi to the show will hopefull breathe life back into the division on Raw. Plus with the bump of Ember Moon to the main roster, there’s bound to be great battles ahead and (fingers crossed) a Women’s Tag Team Title in the works!


My General Predictions!

The general predictions are things that I believe will happen, but I’m not sure which brand will reap the benefits.

  1. Riott Squad Vs Absolution!
  2. Bullet Club Supremacy Battle- The Phenomenal Vs The Extraordinary!
  3. The feud between Asuka and Charlotte will continue on one of the brands

My concerns:

  • Will the brands switch United States and Intercontinental Titles?

Those are my predictions for tonight’s SuperSatr Shake-Up! What do you think will happen? Who will be switching brands? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

WWE Slam Crate March ( Late) Unboxing!

Happy Saturday SuperStars! This past week was Wrestlemania 34 and to celebrate, I’ve finally received my Slam Crate to be unboxed! The past few crates have been arriving late, but it’s finally here and I couldn’t wait to open it!

Every Slam crate we looters receive a shirt worn by the WWE SuperStar that’s being featured. This month we have received the Bobby Roode Slam Crate Exclusive shirt and it was GLORIOUS!


There’s an exclusive figure inside of each month’s Slam Crate and each figure comes wth a corner of the ring. This series of 4 focuses on the “Statement Makers” and  Finn Balor in Demon Form was included with this month’s crate!

I really enjoy the new figures that are exclusively available with the Slam Crate and next month we have received a preview that my husband Seth Rollins will be the next figure in the set! Sasha Banks and Finn Balor, make room for The Architect, The Man, Monday Night Rollins!

The WWE Pin that we received in this crate was the United Kingdom Championship Belt. While I love the belts being the Pins of the crates, I wonder what will happen when we run out of belts? Maybe the crate will go back and start including old school belts like the Hardcore Championship. The UK Pin is one of my favorites out of all of the ones we have received. 20180322_212728.jpg

Remember the first crate of the year that included the WWE Planner? Well in this follw-up crate the Planner Stickers are included. The planner stickers are cool but I felt like they should’ve been included with the planner. What happened was a misprint of the planners and now we have double Sundays! So the stickers were created as an after thought to be able to cover up that mistake. 20180322_212744.jpg

A cool Macho Man Beanie and Scarf was in the crate which I won’t use that much (because I love in Florida and it’s HOTTTTT!) but I’m probably going to hang it somewhere on my wall. 20180322_212808.jpg

Next Month’s Theme is “The Grandest Stage” and features items from Stone Cold Steve Austin, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins! If you would like to  try out the WWE Slam Crates, feel free to use my looter code for a discount.  Click Here For Lootcrate Discount!20180322_212723.jpg

Those were my inclusions in the Slam Crate and I’ve really enjoyed everything this month. The quality of the shirts and figures adds up to the cost of the crate itself. Which items did you like? Did you watch Wrestlemania? Do you receive any subscription crates? Let’s Talk WWE and Subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂


Check Out The Like A Boss Unboxing Here!


Pokemon Go Week 4 Update!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Every Thursday I am currently posting my updates for the week, while playing Pokemon Go! This past week has been really well and although I didn’t go to Crane’s Roost as I normally do on Wednesday Mornings, there was plenty of activities for the week.

New Pokemon: The Hatching Marathon Event ended on Monday April 2nd. This mini-event allowed me to hatch quality and rare pokemon out of the 2 KM eggs. With the addition of the Super Incubators (I bought a bundle lol) I was able to hatch many eggs in 1 Km.

  • Hatched Pokemon – Chansey, Wingull, Feebas, Beldum, Bagon, Slakoth, Cyndaquil Smoochum and Porygon. I was bale to hatch other Pokemon but I already had them registered to my Pokedex.
  • Evolved – Magby into Magmar, Skitty into Delcatty and Meowth into a Persian
  • Best Catch– Smoochum! She’s soooo cute!
  • Strongest CP – 1342 Magmar


Research & Field Quests


It was exciting when the Research and Field Quests were released for the Pokemon Go game. One of the cooler parts of the research quests is the reward for a random wild Pokemon. I was able to fight Squirtle for my first one which ended up being my first Squirtle pokemon. I’ve completed 4 out of the 6 field research quests so far and I am on 3 out of 8 tasks on the Mythical Discovery quest. I hope to complete these quests within the next week.

Adventure: This week was a bit busy so I was unable to walk around with my friend to Pokestops. I was walking with my brother Kenny around my neighborhood to take over gyms and collect Pokestops. It was fun until my phone died and we had to walk back home smh.

Right now a new event the Kanto regino Pokemon celebration is going on. From now until April 17th, more Kanto Region Pokemon will appear!

This week was a bit slower but with the Mareep Community Event launching on Sunday April 15th, I expect to have a better update next week! Are you currently playing Pokemon Go? Which Pokemon are you currently searching for? Let’s talk Pokemon Go!

-Luna 🙂

Aprils Question of the Month: Survive Your Apocalypse!

Power up Players for April’s Question of the Month Response, hosted by the Later Levels Blog! In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I’m diligently participating in the monthly gaming question and this month and we have a super fun one! This challenge is open to all bloggers so feel free to get involved, publish your answers and check out the other answers!

So the question this month was:

Which three video game characters would you choose to help you survive the apocalypse? The type of apocalypse and enemy you’ll encounter will depend on your birthday…

Month Disaster Date Enemy
January Nuclear winter 01-03 Sentient AI
February Asteroid 04-06 Mutants
March Flood 07-09 Raiders
April Ice age 10-11 Robots
May Volcano 12-14 Vampires
June Overpopulation 15-16 Zombies
July All-out war 17-19 Aliens
August Disease 20-21 Mother Nature
September The Rapture 22-24 Insects
October Solar flare 25-26 Graboids
November Plague 27-29 Plant-life
December Mass drought 30-31 Killer Tomatoes

To properly Answer this question, we have to find out what I will be fighting and surviving against. Based on the chart my birthday of April 26th will have me surviving in an “Ice Age” against “Graboids (remember the movie Tremors lol).” Yea, Graboids are the huge sandworms that rely on vibrations and can crash through structures and eat you. This should be fun! Let’s see who I would use!

Steve from Minecraft (The Builder/Scout/Varietyman): –


Before you start laughing, think about it. Steve is very, very useful. Steve knows helpful crafting recipes and he is a master builder! Steve will be able to help build the shelter and reinforce it against the Graboids. I’d probably commission steve to make a shelter that is surrounded on all sides by a lava pit! This way, if the Graboids try and break through, they will end up fried instead. Steve is also an expert farmer and explorer so he will be able to adapt to the frigid temperatures and help build a self sustaining farm!

Pyramid Head (The Enforcer) –

pyramid head

Listen this may not seem like a likely choice but think about what Steve will be doing. Steve is going to be constructing a shelter, tools and other things which will drive the attention of the Graboids. Since they rely on vibrations on the ground to catch and kill their prey, we’re going to need a bodyguard and I can’t think of a better one than Pyramid Head. This Silent Hill Villain boosters Super Strength, Agility, Stamina, and due to his Type 2 Immortality, Durability. Pyramid Head is a great character to use for fighting off the Graboids and any other threats until our shelter is complete.

Dr. Mario (Medic) –


You can’t survive any apocalypse without a medical person on hand. Dr Mario is my pick in this band of misfits because, he has a pill for everything (I hope he knows CPR and how to bandage legs lol). Mario can also be used to help keep Pyramid Head in check. Since he is essentially created by the victim, Mario treats him like Fred from the Drop Dead Fred movie and keeps him sane and stable with his different pills (that got weird really fast haha).

Those are my picks for Surviving the Ice Age of Graboids terrorizing the planet. What 3 characters would you choose? Do you think my team can help me survive? Feel free to join in the Question of the Month and check out our blogging buddies and their responses. Let’s talk video game characters during the apocalypse!


Update, Happy April and Thank You!

Happy Easter Novas, Players and Friends! March has passed us by and now we are entering my favorite month (can you guess why?). At the end of this month I will be celebrating my birthday and I’m super happy and blessed to have made it this far in life. Today’s post will be a brief update and announcement on what will be happening in April!

Firstly, THANK YOU for 600+ Followers!

Thank you.

I know we hit this goal a while a go in March, but as life throws you a mess of things, you tend to start something and completely forget to post it. I dropped the ball but I am eternally grateful. So why has my life been extraordinarily busy lately? Probably my resolution to get out more and experience different things. I’ve had myweekend booked since my trip in February with wonky activities like “Curling” rofl or this weekend’s “Renaissance Faire.” I’ve also completed my first editing pass in my novel. It’s super exciting to have made it this far and hopefully I can have the book published. It’s been exciting but I miss having a consistent blogging schedule so I’m going to make one for 3 posts a week right now. Let’s quickly recap our stats for March!

March was our lowest month to date but I’m still proud of the work that was accomplished.

Views: 777

Visitors: 479

Likes: 227

Comments : 59

Posts: 13

Favorite Posts of the Month : Pokemon Go Week 3 Update, Pacific Rim Uprising Spoiler free Review and Women’s History Month Video Game Females!

Upcoming Posts to Look Out For:

  • Evolution of Black Characters in Gaming Pt. 2
  • GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition
  • Santa Clarita Diet and Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 series reviews
  • Pokemon Go Updates!
  • 2 Lootcrate Unboxings

Goals for April:

  1. Continue the Evolution of Black Characters In Gaming Part 2
  2. Release the 2nd GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition
  3. Review 1 game and 2 series
  4. Post at least 3 times per week

These are my goals for April, what are some of yours? How was March for you? What are you planning on accomplishing this month? Let’s talk April and Goals!

-Luna 🙂

Play Minecraft, Raise Money For Charity, What’s Not To Like?

Check out the stream and play today! Help support a great cause!

OverThinker Y



What’s two weeks today? Well, I’m getting to that.

On April 3rd, which just happens to be around World Autism Awareness time, the company I work for is going to be kicking off a 24-hour Minecraft marathon in aid of two charities. It’s the fifth year that we’ve done it, although I’ve only been with the company about nine months so it’s my first time! It should be a lot of fun, and hopefully help a good cause while we’re at it.

So a bit of background: I work for a company called Brain in Hand, and basically we help people to become more independent through using a bit of technology. Our system is a personalised support kit, letting people work on their best coping strategies…

View original post 543 more words

Pokemon Go Week 3 Update!

Happy Friday Novas! This past Sunday was my first experience with the Community Events and we have been prepping for the evening all week. Catch up on week 2 by clicking here! Power up Players for this week’s update while playing Pokemon Go!

Community Event:

This month’s event allowed multiple Bulbasaurs to populate during a 3 hour window. For me on the East Coast that window was 2pm to 5pm on Sunday. Sadly it’s during my work hours so I was unable to take full advantage of event. I was able to play on my lunch break at 3 PM so I was walking around the parking lot catching Bulbasaurs. The event provided the Frenzy Plant move to a Venusaur that was evolved during that 3 hour window. I was unfortunately I didn’t collect enough candy to evolve into a Venusaur, BUT…. I CAUGHT A SHINY BULBASAUR!!!!!! It was a great moment as I was reviewing my Pokemon and noticed that 1 Bulba had 3 stars next to its name. All was not lost. Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-44-37.png


Adventure: I really love playing with friends, it’s truly the best part of the game. Remember Emily from the Pokemon Battle and other posts? Yea, she’s the girl who would take 3 normal Eevee’s into a Pokemon battle (facepalm) lol. Well she is starting to play with us and when I was telling her to select a buddy Pokemon so that she can receive candy from them, she surprised me by already having one set. It wouldn’t be Emily if it wasn’t another facepalm moment. When I asked Emily who was her buddy she smiled and screamed that is was an Oddish names Curry!

  • When driving from a Wal-Mart that was stacked with Pokemon, one of my friends screamed out “THERE’S A SNORLAX AROUND, PULL OVER!!!” I’m dyingggg lol
  • We ran into some more people playing Pokemon Go on Wednesday at Cranes Roost. We did 3 laps on the lake, stocked up our bags and I personally hatched 9 Pokemon with the 2 KM event going on.

    Cranes Roost is a hotspot for Poke Stops!

New Pokemon: Because of our Adventure mode and the community event, I was able to add many Pokemon to my collection this week.


Hatched- During the Event I was able to hatch an Igglybuff, Pichu and Mudkip. Aside from the Community Event on Sunday, Thursday started an event where you can hatch more rare Pokemon from 2KM and 5KM eggs. I have 6 incubators going and I’m walking everyday to hatch some great Pokemon!

    Evolved– I evolve Bulbasaur into Ivysaur and a shiny Bulba into a shiny Ivy.

Best Catch – This week it has to be the Shiny Bulbasaur who is now a beautiful Shiny Ivysaur with a gold bulb on his back ❤

  Strongest CP – Snorlax! I hatched a 1838 CP Snorlax on Wednesday!



Gym Progress – This week we took over 5 Gyms. 2 At Cranes Roost, 1 in Kissimmee, 1 at the library and 1 at the church on my street.


  • Shiny Pokemon- I’ve discovered that if you see the rare 3 stars next to your Pokemon, then they are shiny Pokemon.
  • Star Pieces – You can receive additional Stardust by activating a star piece that lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Niantic will be releasing story and research quests soon!


My goals last week were to participate and complete the Community Event. While I did participate, since it was during my work hours, I was unable to catch enough Bulbasaur to evolve in Venusaur and receive Frenzy Plant. My second goal was to evolve my Ralts which I did successfully.

My goal for next week is to evolve the Feebas!

This week was my most productive and fun week in Pokemon Go! I’m still walking to hatch all of the 2 KM eggs as the event ends April 2nd. How’s your progress going? Are you playing Pokemon Go? Who are your favorite Pokemon? Let’s talk Pokemon!

-Luna 🙂


Women’s History Month: Video Game Females at the Forefront!

Happy Monday Novas! Today we will provide another entry into Cupcakes and Machetes Women’s History Month Challenge! In honor of National Women’s History Month, bloggers are providing their own versions of posts dedicated to women in history! You can join in and read other great posts for the month by clicking here!  Power up Players for some known and unknown female protagonists in video game history!

Mrs. Pacman- mrs pacman

One of the more recognizable women in video game history has to be Mrs. Pacman. Mrs. Pacman was developed back in 1981 as a counter to the Pacman arcade game in hopes of attracting little girls to the arcade. Pacman is one of the 1st female protagonists and she headline her own game in the Pacman Series. Mrs. Pacman was a great addition to arcade games and provided a character that girls could identify with.

Ninja Princess – 220px-Ninja_Princess

In 1985 on the Sega System, an arcade game named Sega Ninja was released. Princess Kurumi is not going to wait around for her prince to come save her, she takes to the streets using throwing stars and knives to defeat her enemies. You are playing as the Princess in the Edo Era of Japan and are fighting to end the tyranny of the villain Gyokuro. Ninja Princess is said to be the first female protagonist (and ninja) in an action game. It’s also one of the first instances, that a Princess is doing the saving!


Samus Aran – Samus

Probably one of the more popular video game females of the 90’s, Samus served as a breakthrough in the video game history. As a surprise to all players, Samus’ gender is not revealed until the end of the game, allowing for the character to not be sexualized as many female characters were and still are. The exoskeleton power suit that Samus wears protects her from harmful environments and she uses her arm cannon to blast her way through enemies.


Tobi Kissy Masuyo – Masuyo_Tobi_(Namco_x_Capcom)

In 1985 Namco released a side scrolling shooter game known as Baraduke. Similar to Metroid, you play as Kissy in a spacesuit and try and clear waves of enemies. An interesting fact that I have found out is that Kissy was once married to the character from Dig Dug! They even had kids! I love seeing characters from other series crossover and connect. So does that mean that Baraduke and Dig Dug are based in the same Universe?

Jill Valentine – 220px-Jill_Valentine_original_outfit

Jill Valentine is 1 of 2 playable characters in Resident Evil game that was released in 1996. Jill is a Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) and she is the partner of Chris Redfield in the franchise. Jill is a great protagonist and is one of the first (if not the first) female protagonist in a survival horror game. Playing as Jill we see here bravery and loyalty as she is tasked with finding out what has happened in Raccoon City and eliminating the problem!

Lara Croft – tomb raider

So we couldn’t end this post without shining some light on another well known female protagonist. The Tomb Raider series of games brings in female and male gamers alike.  Lara Croft was born in 1996 for Sega Saturn and is one of the first action-adventure games with a female lead.  Lara is an English archaeologist that has to battle to find and keep her treasures. Think of Lara as the female Indiana Jones!


Those are some of the video game females in video game history that I wanted to feature in today’s post! Don’t forget to check out what other amazing women are being featured in the  What other female protagonists do you enjoy? What are their contributions to widening the video game industry and culture? Let’s talk video game females!


-Luna 🙂






Pacific Rim Uprising Spoiler Free Movie Review!

Happy Friday Novas and thank you for tuning into this week’s Spoiler Free Review of the new release movie Pacific Rim! I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the movie on Wednesday night and I’m posting the review today so that you can have a heads up on what to expect without spoiling the movie or major plots.

Story: We join Jake Pentecost, son of Major Pentecoste and brother to Mako from the first Pacific Rim movie, as he is living a life unlike his heroic families name would suggest. Jake is played by ( John Boyega ) who you can most recently remember as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Jake makes it clear from the beginning that he is NOT his father and we join him in a less than glorious life, 10 years after the last Kaiju uprising. During a typical day for Jake, he is bested by a unknown assailant who has been affected by the past Kaiju attacks and has a special place in their heart for the Jaegers used to protect and save the world. Film Title:  Pacific Rim UprisingRewind… Lesson Time if you haven’t watched the first Pacific Rim movie:

  1. Kaiju – The name given to the monsters attacking the world. Think Godzilla, Godzilla!
  2. Jaeger – Jaegers are the giant robots that are controlled by pilots. Think you and your friends wearing a VR headset and being able to control the “Gundam (rofl)” with your movements. You both have to be connected through your minds which is called “Drifting.”
  3. Drifting – Allows you to be compatible with your partner and the bot.


Ok got it? Now back to the story. Jake and his new recruit Amara’s fates are both now connected as both struggle with being pilots in the eventuality that the Kaiju return.

Visuals & Sounds: The soundtrack on the movie was hyped to be a great addition to the movie. While I didn’t notice anything groundbreaking, the soundtrack wasn’t bad at all. The sounds in the movie from the different actions and fight scenes was really well done. The movie is a bit brighter than the original but still has the dark elements of a Jaeger being built, maintained and operated. The cinematic quality is top notched and looks realistic. pc2


Characters: The characters in this movie are played really well. I especially like the performance of Amara. She plays her part very well and displays excellent emotion. Pacific Rim has more comedy in it than the original (which seems to be a trend with many action movies in the past few years). Jake is the source of the majority of the comedy and the actor also took on the role of co-directing the movie.

Action: There’s a fair amount of action right from the jump of the movie. The fighting sequences with the Jaegers are well done. I love that there are different types of Jaegers each with their own unique abilities and drifting pilots needed. My favorite Jaeger is Saber Athena and of course Scrapper. When you see those 2, you will likely understand why lol. str2_dapacrim2_jaegers_MAIN_da-1170x480

Final Thoughts: The new additions to the Pacific Rim franchise seems to cater to a new generation. You don’t need to have watched the first Pacific Rim as there are flashbacks and a very good explanation on what is going on in the movie. I have to admit that I was only going to see this movie because I knew my brother Kenny really wanted to see it, however, I was really happy with it and wouldn’t have mind paying for the tickets if I didn’t get the perk!


  • A great sci-fi action movie with a hint of comedy
  • A well thought out story that’s intriguing and easy to understand
  • Brilliant acting and believable


  • You do not enjoy action movies
  • If you didn’t really enjoy the first movie (although this one is hands down better, I was one of those “not really impressed” movie goers)

That’s my review of Pacific Rim! Have you watched the first movie? Are you planning on seeing this movie? What are you expecting to see from Pacific Rim? Let’s talk Pacific Rim!

-Luna 🙂

Pokemon Go Update: Week 2 and Community Events!

Happy Thursday and Power Up Players for week 2’s Pokemon Go update! In week 1 we stumbled upon the world of Pokemon Go once again, but this time, we’re invested in actually playing the game! I was able to visit a few Poke Spots and catch many Pokemon that had eluded me when Pokemon Go first become a thing. This week I’m going back in to new Poke Spots and discovering new Pokemon and Tips! Let’s see how the week began (you can check out last week’s post by clicking here).

Week 1:

  • Received 4 Gym Badges
  • Controlled 3 Gyms
  • 8 Eggs to Hatch (4 incubating)
  • 192 Pokemon

My Goals for this week are to: Catch a Dratini and evolve my Chikorita into a Bayleef!

New Pokemon:

  1. It’s Sunday and on my first break I hatched a Pidgey and…. DRATINI!!!!!!
  2. Slugam was caught in the Millenia Mall
  3. Electrike was caught in CityWalk at Universal!
  4. Heracross was caught at Publix!


I hatched a Ralts!


Best Catch: Sudowoodo ( he took 18 great balls smh, but he’s worth it!)

Strongest CP: Heracross


  1. Buddy Pokemon – This week I’ve discovered that you can walk with a Pokemon of your choice, known as your Buddy Pokemon. Once you have walked the distance needed, your Buddy will provide you with a candy. This is a great way to get candy to evolve that Pokemon.
  2. Pinap Berry – Pinap Berries can be thrown before you catch a Pokemon to make them drop extra candy. This is useful when catching rare Pokemon and needing candy to evolve them.
  3. Hidden Stats- You can find out which Pokemon are best by using the appraisal system. Since you can power up the CP on any Pokemon, having one with an appraisal status of “Strong” or “Awesome/Amazing” means that they are the best in their class. This made transferring Pokemon back to Professor Oak extremely easy!
  4. Transferring Pokemon – You can get rid of duplicate Pokemon and save space by transferring Pokemon back to Professor Oak. Each transfer is final and you will receive 1 candy for your trade.
  5. Community Events – There are community events that allow you to gain extra xp, better Pokemon and more. This weekend starting today, the 2 KM eggs will hatch rarer Pokemon! Make sure to start hitting your Pokestops and hatch those 2 KM eggs. Also on Sunday the 25th, it’s a rare Bulbasaur day. Bulbasaur will appear more frequently, but only for 3 hours in your region! The hours are 11am PST and 2pm EST until 2pm PST and 5pm EST. With this event you will also receive the “Frenzy Plant” move by evolving a Bulbasaur to an Ivysaur or to a Venusaur during the 3 hour window!


Gym Progress:

  • I took over 1 gym at Turkey Lake Park with Roselia… It’s now being held by Rhyhorn (see Adventure Updates lol).
  • I took over 3 more gyms during the week: 1 at the library, 1 at Publix and 1 at a park.


Adventure Updates:

  1. This weekend I participated in The Great Inflatable Race 5K at Bill Frederick’s Park At Turkey Lake (Turkey Lake Park for us locals lol) and in between the obstacles, I was playing Pokemon Go. I was able to take over one of the gym’s there and I placed a 933 Roselia (caught in my room the night before) in the gym. Not even 30 minutes later Roselia returned to me!!!!! So I went back to the park after my friends and I ate breakfast and I retook the gym, this time placing in my Rhyhorn.
  2. One night my friend and I had to leave the house for a few minutes at night. We drove to Publix down the street and took over the gym, then drove around to a few Pokestops. When we were driving back home, the Publix had been taken over!!!! There was a white truck that pulled up when we were there and we laughed saying they were playing Pokemon. Apparently we were right because the gym was overrun by Team Instinct (Team Yellow). No worries, we retook the gym and held it for the remainder of the night collecting 50 Poke Coins each.
  3. I was able to complete both goals and I hatched a Dratini and evolved my Chikorita into a Bayleef! Screenshot_2018-03-21-18-09-03.png


Unusual Sightings/ Misc:

  • Universal Studios is a great place to catch Pokemon and rack up on Pokestops. (right hand side)
  • Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte is another great area to rack up on Pokestops, but the gyms there are super strong. You need a party to overtake and hold them. (left hand side)

Goals for Next Week:

My Goals for next week are to participate in the Community Event and Evolve my Bulbasaur to receive the Frenzy Plant move. I also want to evolve my Ralts so I’m hoping to hatch once in a 2 KM egg to receive more candy.

That’s my update for Pokemon Go this week! What are you currently playing? Are you working towards any Pokemon Go goals? Are you going to participate in the community events? What are some tips that you have learned? Let’s talk Pokemon!

-Luna 🙂