Video Game Reality Show: Location Revealed!

Happy Monday Players! The GamersUnitedGG Community Event is taking shape and as we wait for the casting to be completed, we have secured the location for Season 1 of the Video game Reality Show! Remember, you can participate by creating a blog post on why your character should be selected for the competition and placing the link to your post in the comments. Our Producers will be voting on which characters to place in the house and compete for Best Video Game Champion! See Official Rules by clicking here.

Today we are revealing where are contestants will stay and take place in the competition. Drum Roll Please……


The Producers and I have secured HYRULE CASTLE as the house that will be featured in the Video Game Reality Show!

Why Hyrule?

real Hyrule
We Transported Hyrule into the Real World!

Hyrule offers a comfortable living area for the characters to eat and sleep. The massive size of the castle offers secret passages and secluded areas for the housemates to use. There’s also plenty of room outside for challenges and portals that can be used to dimension hop.

What about the Royal Family?

The Royal Family has graciously decided to take a trip and offer up their full hospitality for our contestants.

Producers Chris (OverthinkerY), The Gaming Diaries & Pix (Shoot The Rookie) voted on Hyrule Castle and why Season 1 should take place there. Hyrule provides portals, large areas for competition and secret passages where we can have cameras ready to pick up the contestants every move.

Producer Pix took on the task of exploring the land and provided great photos of the Castle.

What’s Next?

With the location of the show finalized we will start revealing the characters participating in this season of the Video Game Reality Show! Tomorrow our first character will be revealed and the details of their interview will be posted here. Make sure to submit your post as to why your video game character should be cast in our reality show.

See ya tomorrow!

-Luna 🙂

30 Day Anime Challenge Responses: Days 1-6!

Happy Thursday Novas! Megan over at A Geeky Gal Blog has started an awesome 30 day Anime Challenge and today marks the start! While I love anime, I’m not going to be able to participate in the entire 30 days, but I will answer questions throughout the month. You can read the full rules by clicking here! This week I have answered questions 1-7.

  • Day 1 – What was your very first anime? My very first anime that I ever watched was either Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha ( I can’t remember which one). I remember watching on Cartoon Network at night during their Toonami programming when multiple anime shows would air around 10pm. I want to say I was in 10th grade in High School when I first discovered anime.


  • Day 2 – Who was your first anime crush? Inuyasha and Koga were my first crushes in an anime, but I want to cheat and say that my FAVORITE crush from Inuyasha is his older brother Sesshomaru. I loved his character and pay homage to him in my Memoirs of A Villains post.


  • Day 3 – Do you prefer Subs or Dubs? I am one of the lazy people who prefer Dub. I know there’s been debate about the voices and how they sound in the dubbed version versus he subbed version, but I just prefer enjoying the show without having to read the subtitles. With that said, there are a few anime shows that I have to read the subtitles to because the later seasons are not available as dubs and that’s fine too.


  • Day 4 – What anime deserves more love? I really enjoy School Rumble and I think it’s probably my favorite of all the anime shows I have watched.

school rumble

  • Day 5 – What is your guilty pleasure anime? Again, School Rumble lol.


  • Day 6 – What anime recommendation have you tried this year? Currently, I am watching an anime called Food Wars that was recommended to me back in August. food wars I am loving the show so far. It follows Soma Yukihira who is the 2nd best chef at his family’s restaurant Yukihira Eatery. His father Joichiro is the best and Soma constantly tries to beat his father with no luck. When his father sends him to cooking school, Soma realizes that there’s more to his dad and his past. The cooking school is elite and all conflicts are settled with a cook off known as Food War. It’s a really great show (although a bit disturbing at some points).


Those are my first 6 answers to the 30 day Anime Challenge. What are your responses? Which anime shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk anime!

– Luna 🙂



Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable!

Insatiable has been recommended to me since it released on Netflix and while I had a slight interest to watch it sometime in the future, I didn’t click Play on the series until the frequent tweets and post about Insatiable being “Controversial.” This reminded me of the reviews for 13 Reasons Why and viewers being upset about the type of message that could be sent out to teens. Today I write my series review on Insatiable and try to analyze, why this show has been tagged controversial.

Premise: Insatiable follows the story of Patricia Bladell and a lawyer named Bob Armstrong during Patricia’s senior year of high school.   Fatty Patty as she is known by at school is struggling with her weight and after an unfortunate incident, returns back to school skinny with 1 thing on her mind; revenge! insat You follow Patty’s turbulent response to those who had bullied her. Patty’s entire life has revolved around her insatiable need to eat. When she drops the weight and doesn’t worry about her need to eat, her insatiable cravings turn into a need for revenge. Where does Bob fit in? Bob attempts to help Patty (and himself) by turning her into a beauty pageant contestant.


Settings & Visuals: Insatiable is set in Georgia where appearances are everything. Bob and his family navigate the social hierarchy while Patty and her friends deal with the drama that comes with being a high school teenager. The visuals are fine as this story is set in the present. The dark comedy has bold, bright colors that contrasts with the story being told.


Characters:  patty The characters are the interesting points in this show for me. The accents are exaggerated to be Southern and there are varying personality types in the show. The acting is exaggerated in this show, but I believe that is the point of the series and it makes the show more comedic in a twisted way. You have your traditional High School characters like Brick Armstrong (High School Crush) or the mean girls from Patty’s past. Once Patty believes in the “Skinny is Magic” teachings of Bob, she turns into a character that you would love to hate.


Final Thoughts: I can see why people would love or hate Insatiable as it hits a few topics that hard to talk about like religion, eating disorders and the LGBTQ community. Personally, I didn’t feel that Insatiable had anything that was straight offensive to either side of an argument. I did find the show entertaining enough to binge watch the entire series in 1 day. The ridiculousness of Insatiable balances out the uncomfortable parts that are meant to be in jest. hotdog The episodes are about 40 minutes long and have enough conflict that you want to immediately play the next episode to view what will happens next. I love that underneath the main conflict, there are issues with the characters Patty and Bob interact with as well. Most of my intrigue came from finding out the secrets that are mentioned with a specific character and “Brazil.” When the revelation finally came about what happened in Brazil, I felt a sense of closure.

Next are my top reasons that you will want to Play or Skip Insatiable


  • An interesting high school dark comedy series
  • Highlights Hot Button Issues with a twist



  • Non Traditional Main Character
  • Exaggerated Characters and Themes



Have you watched Insatiable? Did you like the series? What series are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk Netflix!


-Luna 🙂

GamersUnitedGG Community Event: Video Game Reality House!

Happy Friday Players! GamersUnitedGG will be launching our 2nd Community Event on October 1st.


We are starting a Video Game Reality House and the interview process for the characters to be accepted is brutal. You can help us narrow down the characters that will be admitted into Season 1. To participate, post a blog response with the video game character you would like to see in the house and your reasons why they would win! You can link your responses in the comments so that our Producers can review and vote. The final cast will be revealed between now and Episode 1’s start date of October 1st so post your responses by September 17th!


Additional details on the event and other ways to participate will be unveiled over the coming month on the blog and Twitter.


What is the Video Game Reality House?


Contestants will be placed in a house where the goal is to be crowned the Video Game Champion. Like many Reality Shows, the characters will have to survive the social and physical games to make it to the Final Boss Battle. Contestants will compete in video game related challenges where a MVP will be crowned. The MVP will have immunity for the week and gain privileges to help further their position in the game. At the end of each week, characters will be nominated for elimination and 1 or more characters will run out of lives.


How you can participate:

The community will be able to try and save their favorite characters via the Twitter Instant Save Vote or by writing a Confessional Post on the Wednesday before the elimination. The Confessional Posts will be your way to champion for your character as to why they shouldn’t be eliminated and add to the excitement of the Reality Show by revealing secrets the character may have witnessed during the week.

Confessional: Snake from Metal Gear Solid

After the challenge today we all gathered back at the house for a barbecue. Everyone was off in their cliques talking strategy and preparing for the elimination vote and I was doing my own thing… 

They’ll Never See Me Coming!

hanging out in boxes you know. I overheard 2 Players scheming on a member of their alliance. They’re planning to get the other Players in the House to vote for their buddy in the coming elimination. This is why I prefer to stay close to my box… you can’t trust anyone. Who were the 2 culprits you say? You’d never believe me if I told you…

metal gear
Caught Redddd Handed

The Confessionals can be used to save your character, throw others under the bus and cause more drama for the eliminations and episodes. Nothing is off limits in the confessionals.

The Twitter Instant Save Vote will be posted on The GamersUnitedGG Twitter from Tuesday until Thursday as a Pinned Message. You can vote to instantly save a character from being eliminated.

Both the Confessional Posts and Twitter Instant Saves will be taken into account during the eliminations each Friday.


What Next?


Now we start the selection process for the video game characters that should be placed in the house for Season 1. 16 Characters in total will be chosen for this first season.  You can nominate 1 or multiple characters up until September 17th. Tune into the blog and Twitter to see which Characters have been selected! Well, what are you waiting for? Post to your blog which video game characters would be great additions to the Video Game Reality Show and don’t forget to link your responses in the comments so that we can see who you are nominating.


I’m super excited for this event and hopefully this can turn into a multi-season community event! Have Fun!


-Luna 🙂

August Question of The Month: My Video Game Family!

Happy Monday Players! Each month the great people over at Later Levels hosts a Question of the Month segment where gamers are encouraged to participate. With the new format, select volunteers are coming up with the questions and this month Brandon from That Green Dude wanted to find out which video game characters would be in your video game family. Power up Players to meet my video game family!

Many of us say that we would like to live in a video game world but surely we would have a family. My question is, which video game characters would be a part of your family in a gaming world of your choice?



Pets can be like family and Yoshi would be my pet dinosaur and best friend! I can see this being a Scooby and Shaggy type relationship where we do everything together!



Orisa from Overwatch would be my mother. She is kind and very protective. In Overwatch, Orisa’s ability involves a shield to protect the team, a gravity ball to throw enemies off balance and her ultimate boosts the attacks of her teammates. Just like a mother, Orisa is hard to take down and makes sure to protect those that she loves!

Cayde-6 –


Cayde-6 from Destiny is one of my favorite characters for his wit, his cunning and his skills on the battlefield. I can see Cayde being a brother in my family. One of the reasons I love Cayde is that he is always looking for the easy way out, whether neglecting his responsibilities or getting someone else to do his duties. He has the antics, the humor and the protective ability to be an older brother and I would love to have him on my team.

Scorpion –


My dad would be non other than Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat Franchise! Get Over Hereeeee! Yup Scorpion would keep the family in line and make sure that I have my head on straight, even if he has to force it.

Chun-Li –


I have always looked up to Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series since I was a little girl, so I couldn’t see my family being complete without having her as a sister. I would probably be the youngest and Chun-Li would be the eldest of the 3 of us.

Minecraft Sheep and Cow-

Moomers and my brethren the Minecraft Sheep would be my friends. You can’t have a complete family without having those friends that are like family visiting you everyday. When I play Minecraft I often wear the skinned sheep skin and walk around with my brethren in the field. Moomers, the minecraft cows have always understood me and we get into antics when I’m leading them across the water with wheat in hand. Good times!

Now that my family is set, where would we live? Kirby’s Dream World is a great option! I can just see the clouds and the different fun and bright stages. I like things to be light and fun so Kirby’s dreamland would be my choice!

Doesn’t this look beautiful!

Those are the video game members of my family! Who would you have as members of your family and why? Let’s Talk Video games!

-Luna 🙂

Harry Potter Tag

Happy Saturday! Yesterday I was reading Links Loves by Megan at A Geeky Gal and she really loved the Harry Potter Tag that she read during the week. I was in love with the concept so I decided to participate!


  • Write 30 character names on pieces of paper.
  • Put them in a jar/mug/cup.
  • Randomly choose two pieces of paper for every question. In each of the 15 questions, you have to decide which of the two characters fits the question and which one is not good enough.


  1. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE SPOT ON YOUR SPELLING BEE TEAM. WHO DO YOU PICK TO COMPLETE YOUR TEAM?  The 2 names I drew from the pot were #23 Professor Moody and #3 Hermoine. This is a no brainer… I’m choosing Hermoine every time for the Spelling Bee. If I had to choose the character myself without leaving it to chance, I’m choosing Hermoine. Who else would you choose?
  2. BOTH CHARACTERS WANT TO KILL YOU. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU KILL FIRST SO YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVING? In This match I was hoping to pull the name of a villain so I didn’t have to fight any main characters. No such luck, should have had Professor Slughorn whip up a lucky potion. I selected #2 Ron and #22 Hagrid. Hands down I’m killing Hagrid first. I feel like I can take Ron right now as a muggle lol
  3. YOU’RE ON THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE AND YOU’RE DOWN TO THESE TWO CHARACTERS. WHICH ONE ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE YOUR ROSE TO? For this question I gave my Day 1 A1 co-worker Liz (Also my Harry Potter guru lol) the pot so that she could select my 2 contestants. She chose #11 McGonagall and #5 Cedric. I love me some Robert Pattinson so I’m going to choose Cedric for the win!
  4. YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR THE HUNGER GAMES. WHO WOULD MOST LIKELY VOLUNTEER IN YOUR PLACE? Liz again picked for me and she chose 2 horrible prospects; #19 Dudley and #29 Horrace Slughorn. Initially I was going to say Slughorn but then I remembered… I could probably trick Dudley into going in my place lol. I promise I did not test for Slytherin lol.

    Have Fun tribute lol


  5. YOU’RE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND WITH AN ACTIVE VOLCANO. WHICH CHARACTER WOULD YOU THROW INTO A VOLCANO AS A SACRIFICE? Liz chose #24 Gilderoy Lockhart and #4 Luna. I’m definitely not throwing Luna in the Volcano as a sacrifice so bye bye Lockhart. Luna can help me scarifice him to the Volcano lol.
  6. YOU’RE THE NEXT DC/MARVEL SUPERHERO (WITH YOUR OWN T.V. SHOW, OF COURSE). WHO IS YOUR SIDEKICK? Liz chose #15 Voldemort and #14 Bellatrix. Hands down I’m choosing Bellatrix! Bellatrix would be an awesome sidekick, she’s loyal, she’s entertaining and she’s crazy powerful. I can’t trust Voldemort.
  7. YOU’RE A MANAGER OF AN AVOCADO-ADMIRING COMPANY. WHO WOULD YOU FIRE FOR LACK OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS? Liz decided to have the rest of the team participate. Sam selected #12 Dumbledore and #6 Seamus. Bye Bye Seamus lol
  8. YOU’VE JUST FINISHED A BOOK IN WHICH YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIES. WHICH CHARACTER IS MOST LIKELY TO COMFORT YOU? Mrs Veronica picked again and selected #18 Aunt Petunia and #10 Nearly Headless Nick. Petunia is not comforting anyone other than her husband and son so I’m going with Nearly Headless Nick.
  9. UGH, IT’S HIGH SCHOOL. WHO WOULD MOST LIKELY BE PART OF THE POPULAR CLIQUE? My lead Sasha picked #1 Harry and #17 Dobby. As much as it pains me to pick Harry, it has to be him. Harry’s reputation will have everyone flocking to his side, whether friend or foe. Don’t believe me… remember when Draco tried to recruit Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone? Poor Dobby, he’d be my friend though!
  10. THE DAY HAS ARRIVED – YOU’RE FINALLY A YEAR OLDER! WHO WOULD HAVE THE NERVE TO FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY? Megan from work chose #16 Hedwig and #7 Draco Malfoy. Hands down Draco is forgetting my birthday. Hedwig would never and she’s probably delivering all of the birthday cards to me that morning lol. I’ll save her a slice of cake.
  11. YOU’VE JUST FOUND AN UPCOMING BOOKTUBE STAR! WHO WOULD IT MOST LIKELY BE? Liz grabbed the pot back and chose #25 Ginny Weasley and #8 Crab. This one was tough because I could see Ginny having a channel where she’s spying on her brothers and showing how to survive in a family of older brothers. On the other hand I can see Crab doing extreme sports or something like the Ridiculous show. After consulting with my co-workers we decided that Ginny would be the bigger Star!
  12. SLEEPOVER TIME! UNFORTUNATELY, YOU CAN ONLY INVITE ONE PERSON. WHO WOULD YOU INVITE? Liz chose Lucius Malfoy #20 and #26 Fred Weasley. Lucius is hot. He’s coming to my sleepover. Sorry Fred.
  13. BAM, YOU’RE PREGNANT. WHO IS THE FATHER/MOTHER? Next #13 Sirius Black and #9 Goyle. I mean Sirius Black hands down. Sirius would probably have been a top contender if the choices were not random so when I seen his name first, the 2nd character didn’t even matter lol.
  14. YOU’VE JUST WRITTEN A SUPER IMPORTANT TEXT. WHO WOULD SEE IT, BUT NOT REPLY? This time #27 George Weasley and #30 Kingsley Shacklebolt was selected. George would definitely reply but Kingsley would be too concerned with the Ministry of Magic to reply to my texts. that and you know, fighting against Death Eaters lol.
  15. YOU’VE JUST WOKEN UP AND IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST. YOUR MUM’S BEEN REPLACED BY… WHO?! The last remaining pair were #28 Dolores Umbridge and #21 Severus Snape. Would anyone pick Umbridge? She is horrible!!!! Thank God for Severus. He would keep me sane, teach me magic and I would be powerful!
Dear Mummy…. YIKES!

This was really fun to participate in and just for some added content below are my responses if I didn’t have to randomly Select characters:


  1. Hermoine
  2. Voldemort Vs Umbridge… I would choose to Kill Voldemort first
  3. My final 2 are Lucius Malfoy and Sirius Black. I’m choosing Sirius
  4. I can see Harry Potter volunteering in my place
  5. Gilderoy Lockhart
  6. Bellatrix
  7. Dudley
  8. Molly Weasley
  9. Draco Malfoy
  10. Neville Longbottom (If he doesn’t have his Remembral lol)
  11. Ginny Weasley
  12. Luna Lovegood
  13. Lucius Malfoy
  14. Kingsley Shacklebolt
  15. Professor McGonagall


Those are my answers to the Harry Potter Tag! Thank you to Megan from A Geeky Girl’s Blog from highlighting this challenge and thank you to A Perfectly Tolerable Blog! Are you going to take the challenge? Who would you choose? Let’s Talk Harry Potter!

-Luna 🙂


700 Followers and What’s Next!

Happy Friday Players! A week or so ago GamersUnitedGG reached the 700 followers milestone! Thank you for reading and following the blog. It’s awesome to have reached such a high number and I hope that the quality of our posts keeps you interested and following for a long time.

Thank you for 700 Followers, you rock!

Photo Credits:

What’s next for GamersUnitedGG?


Now that I have completed the editing process of my first book, I can focus on playing video games, binge watching shows and blogging about them here. This past week I’ve posted Raft:First Impressions, Overcooked 2: First Impressions, Favorite Call of Duty Perks, Our Patreon Reboot and Our Discord Servers! It’s been a interesting week and next week should bring more exciting posts.


Here’s What you can expect to read next week:

  • Memoirs of A Villain – Hopefully I can finally finish Bowser and add in ____ from the Blogger Blitz Round 1 Match-up taking place on the Adventure Rules Blog!
  • Netflix Series of the Week: Insatiable -(this series has had controversial feedback so I decided to watch and see for myself)
  • Harry Potter Tag
  • Luna’s Rankings – Favorite Harry Potter Characters
  • Preparing for my first RPG game in real life!


On Patreon:

  • An inside look at Game Night with friends!


On Discord:

  • Talking About New Fortnite Skins
  • Talking About Early Access Games
  • Talking About Red Dead Redemption 2

That’s what the week will look like in my world. Feel free to drop by the Discord Servers to talk about your favorite games and post your latest video game blog post! If you have Overcooked 2 on PC, I will be playing Friday after 7pm EST and Sunday all day.

What are you currently working on? Are you close to any milestones? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

Join Our Discord Server!

Happy Thursday Players! GamersUnitedGG has created a Discord server and you’re all invited to join!

What is Discord?  – Discord is a communication server where you can talk or text with others around the globe. Discord is a free service to use and is widely used by gamers to communicate.

Click Here To Join!


My plans for the server is to provide a community where gamers can connect, talk about their favorite games, post any projects, streams or new gaming videos and get feedback for new collaboration ideas for the blog. Here you can also talk with other gamers and maybe find a squad to play games with. Spread the word and join discord on your PC or Phone!

Have a great day and game on!

-Luna 🙂

GamersUnitedGG Patreon, Pt 2!

Happy Wednesday Players and thank you for tuning into today’s post. So we started a Patreon in October of last year. Patreon allows creators to receive backing from the community to support their creative efforts. In return, the Patrons that pledge will receive a few perks as a thank you for the help and support. I haven’t been using my Patreon or promoting it really at all this year because it was not successful, but now I’m back with a new passion and realization that it wasn’t truly successful because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!


I’m a fairly impulsive person and I jumped into Patreon without doing my research and really evaluating how this platform could help the blog. So you know what I did yesterday… I researched! I read other creators tier programs and what they were ultimately using Patreon for. I’m now properly able to launch my Patreon and the Tiers I have set are focused on the blog and being a gamer (rather then the writing tiers I originally started with).

So what does this mean…..

I’m ready to re-launch the Patreon page today with a focus on gaming and providing quality blog content. The Tiers are updated and my Goals are clear.


This is also a way to show how I come up with the different posts and topics. Right now, any pledge will bring access to my “Inside the Mind of A Villain!” audio where I talk about creating the Memoirs of A Villain posts. This week I will also release a snippet of  my book which is in the process of being published.



Why Start A Patreon?

My intention is to be able to provide more quality posts and grow the blog into a blogging and gaming society. I want gamers to have access to a private Discord server where we can chat and also bounce blogging ideas off of each other. We can also play games together and fully take advantage of the community of gamers just like us.

The Patreon Page is officially Re-Launched and there will be a mention of our Patreon at the bottom of each post going forward. If you would like to help us out on this journey, feel free to donate any amount to the cause.

<a href=”; data-patreon-widget-type=”become-patron-button”>Become a Patron!</a>


Are you currently working on a Patreon? What are your goals for the year? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

Luna’s Rankings: Favorite Call of Duty Perks!

Happy Tuesday Players! This past weekend was the Call of Duty World Championships and after watching several of the matches, it got me thinking about my Favorite Call of Duty Perks of all time! Power Up Players for my Perks Ranking List!

Since there are plenty of perks that morph from game to game, this will be a 3 part series where I will rank my favorite perks depending on the Class that I am using. Today’s post will be my ranking on the Perks I MUST have when using an Assault Rifle (AR) Class. Assault Rifles are my preferred guns to use when playing Call of Duty ( or any First Person Shooter FPS). The Perks that I pick for this class help me have the movement of a Sub machine gun player, without having to be all up in the heat of the battle.


#5 Scavenger


The Scavenger perk allows you to pick up backpacks of ammo and tacticals from dead bodies on the map. Scavenger is a must have perk when I’m running an AR because I don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. I rarely use my sidearms (unless you count me using my knife lol) so making sure I have plenty of Bullets in my Scar or M16 is vital to my survival.


#4 Overkill-


Overkill is a perk that I’ve always used in Black Ops 2. Overkill allows you to trade in your sidearm for another primary weapon. This class was very useful when I was playing Black Ops 2. I could have a sniper class with a secondary as a sub machine gun in case I needed it for close range combat. My primary use of Overkill was to have my AR the M16 in hand with a side arm of the MSMC sub machine gun.


# 3- Stopping Power –

stopping power

Stopping power is a perk that I like to have on an AR class. Depending on the game you are playing, Stopping Power has different uses. My favorite version is the use in MW2 where Stopping Power has increased bullet damage and can assist in destroying player streaks faster like shooting down a Pavelow or Harrier plane.


#2 Lightweight –


Lightweight is a very useful perk as it allows the player to move faster. I can’t play any class without having lightweight because it’s so slow without it.


#1 Sleight of Hand –


Sleight of Hand is my favorite perk because it lets you reload faster. This perk can be found in just about all COD games, but my favorite version is from the Modern Warfare 2 where unlocking the Pro version of Sleight of Hand gives you Fast ADS (Aim Down Sight). Faster aiming is great because after sprinting I can engage in a battle quickly.

Those are my favorite Call of Duty Perks for my assault rifles. Do you play Call of Duty? Did you watch the Call of Duty World Championships this weekend? What are your favorite perks? Let’s talk FPS!


-Luna 🙂