June Update!

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s quick post. So I am really proud of the progress that I have had on the 30 day challenge, however, day 20 was my last post for a few reasons. The first and most important reason is that I bought a book on Outlining Your Novel and I have been working on a story that I created years ago using the tips in the book. Another reason is that some of the questions remaining seem to be repeating a bit. I’ve answered similar questions that will be the same answers, so instead of writing a repetitive post, I’m just going to concede here.

The month of June has been a little busier than what I was expecting it to be. To start, some friends and I finalized our plans for another Comic Convention next month in July. We will be attending Tampa Bay Comic Con and I’m super excited about it. We have been planning out our cosplay for the event (currently thinking the Amazon Wonder Woman and Storm hybrid).  Amazon_Vol_1_1

Also, I have finished the Dark Blood book and I will have the review on this book next week, It was AMAZING!!!!! I am now reading “The Kingmaker’s Daughter” by Phillipa Gregory! I’ve also watched the Series Finale of Reign and I’m really sad that there are no more seasons on the horizon. Feel free to read the Hidden Treasure’s review on Reign by clicking here!

Work has been going well. That big presentation that I had at work in April has paid off. I am being invited to 2 additional Marketing and Events meeting due to my first presentation. I’ve been working on that as well so June has really been a fantastic month! I will resume normal posts starting Monday of next week. Have a fantastic weekend all!

-Luna 🙂



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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 20!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I am super excited as today I have FINALLY finished the book Dark Blood that I started reading a few months ago. I wrote up a first impressions post a few months ago as well and now I can write the full book review. It should be up this week! Thank you to all of the book bloggers that have enticed me to start back reading! Also, I’m super excited that I have been writing on my story. My co-worker suggested a boo called Outlining Your Novel and it has helped tremendously with me created a generic outline that I can follow to finish my story. I’m using the brain mapping technique in which you create a chart with a central theme or plot and then you connect as many different plots, subplots, characters and incidences as you want. This allows me to have a general structure for the story but also gives me choices in which way to take things. I LOVE IT!!!! Any way on to today’s post.

Day 20 – Favorite genre.

This one is pretty easy to me. For about 8 years now I have been massively interested in the First Person Shooter genre. With the exception of the most recent COD game (Call of Duty Infinite Warfare) I have picked up each new release in the franchise at midnight on launch day. I really like a great shooter game but I am also really into sandbox, RTS and RPG games at the moment as well. For me though, shooters are still my day 1 A1 genre!

Which genre is your favorite? What are your currently working on or playing? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂


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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 19!

Happy Monday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s challenge post in our 30 day blogging challenge. Haha I though I auto-scheduled this post to go our yesterday. Guess I didn’t. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Day 19 – Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

This is a great question. Where would I want to live… hmmmm….. I will go with Super Mario Sunshine! This world was super cool and awesome when I was growing up!

This is my choice for a gaming world that I would like to live in. Where would you want to live? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂



Money In The Bank Recap!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was Smackdown Live’s Money in the Bank match and today we will go over the results. As per my preview post, I was 5 for 5 in my predictions! Check out that post here! Money in the Bank is a Pay Per View event in which a ladder match is done with a briefcase containing a contract. This contract allows the SuperStar to challenge for the title AT ANY TIME!!!! It pretty much guarantees that the holder will be champion (as long as they use it correctly). Last night’s historic event featured both a traditional Money in the Bank match and for the first time ever a women’s Money in the Bank match!

Women’s Money in the Bank match- The show opened up with the 1st every women’s MITB match. The participants were Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Natayla and Carmella. The match was pretty good for the 1st of it’s kind.

I believe that the women fought hard and really started the show off in great fashion. The Results: Carmella is now MRS. MONEY IN THE BANK!!!!! Give the assist to Ellsworth lol.  


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match- The next match was featuring Tag Team Champions The Usos versus the fan favorites The New Day! New day was up to their old antics have Xavier Woods play as a distraction (big ups to the new Francesca, she’s green), Kofi Kingston with the high flying moves and Big E with the power. The Results: The Usos get themselves counted out… yea that happened. I’m sure this will be addressed on Tuesday when GM Daniel Bryan returns! 082_MITB_06182017dg_2675--96b11f7d2a7e241960f4f93b425eb20c

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match- The Women’s Championship match was between Champion Naomi and challenger… Lana? Yea, somehow Lana weaseled her way into a championship match. The champion started fiercely against the novice showing her dominance and Lana gave up a pretty good fight.

Then Carmella’s theme music played!!!!!! But it was all a hoax, Carmella didn’t cash in last night. The Results: Naomi wins via submission and retains her title. 083_MITB_06182017cm_2932--60e07da11f298b043f89157c4f8609ea

WWE Championship Match – The rematch for the WWE title was between Champion Jinder Mahal versus challenger Randy Orton. Money in the Bank was in Orton’s home town of St. Louis and his father Bob Orton was in attendance along with other notable hall of famers like Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter. The match was pretty good with Mahal using some of the Hall of Famers moves on the Viper. There was much aggression and plenty of RKO’s. The match took a turn when the Singh Brother’s were kicked out of the match. Upon returning to the locker room they came across Orton’s father….No, No, No… Randy put them in their place.

The Results: The distraction and blind rage for saving his father cost him the match. Put some respect on the Maharaja’s name! Mahal retains!

Money In The Bank Match- The main event was of course the Money In The Bank Match. This match was the most anticipated match for me persoally, as it bolstered some if not all of Smackdown Live’s premier talent. The participants were AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, United Staes Champion and Face of America Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and the ever entertaining Shinsuke Nakamura. The entrances weren’t even finished when Corbin attached Nakamura from behind at the start of his entrance. baron   This took the Superstar out of the match. The rest of the field displayed their moves while integrating the ladders into the match. Nakamura would return right as Corbin tried to claim glory and he destroyed the field. Alas, all good things must come to an end. The Results: Baron Corbin is Mr. Money In The Bank!

There was also a match with Breezango and the unknown team running amuck. The Fashion Police took on the Ascension and won!

What did you think of the event? Did any of the news surprise you? What do you think the fallout will be when Daniel Bryan returns on Tuesday? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

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30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition Day 17 & 18!

Happy Father’s Day Novas! Thank you for reading today’s double feature! I hope your Sunday is going well! I apologize for not uploading the 30 day challenge post yesterday. Some friends and I went to a gamer bar last night and had a great time! I didn’t get home until really late so I was not able to get the post our.

Day 17 – Favorite antagonist.
Day 18 – Favorite protagonist

We will start with Day 17’s post. As soon as I read the topic I knew exactly who I wanted to pick; General Raam from Gears of War! General Raam was the king locust and his entrance was as magnificent as his downfall. Raam came in wielding a huge sword and killing off one of the main characters on the original Gears of War game. raam_composite_still-ac725ef5f5084be499a5edd5d6da4856   He commanded the locust armies bringing in new hybrids and showing his dominance. This character towered over everyone else, both human and alien and was built Ford Tough! Raam had great fighting skills and he would unleash his Krill (pretty much bats that eat you) in combination with swift punches and a swing of his blade. Raam was so amazing in the GOW series that he became a downloadable character on Killer Instinct Gold! General Raam I salute you!

If we’re talking other video games, remember in the Xbox Game Pass post that I mentioned downloading Lego Batman? Another great antagonist is hands down the Joker! You are able to play as good guys or Gotham’s finest criminals in the Lego franchise. THe Joker is amazing (and demented) with his silly puns, joke-ster traps and mayhem seeking personality. Joker has been one of my favorite villains of all time.

Some other notable antagonists are from video games and comics: Magneto, Megatron, Star scream, Bowser etc.

On to Day 18 which is the flip side… my favorite protagonist.

This topic was a little more difficult to think about. Many of the video games I play are based around you creating your own character. This makes it hard to select a protagonist. Some of my favorites would be Yoshi, Kazooie, Baird and Cole (I know i’ve mentioned all of these names in previous challenge posts)  or even Chun- Li or Kasumi! There’s plenty to pick from.

Those are my answers for this 2 part post. Who are some of your favorite protagonists and antagonists in video games? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂


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YouTube- Xbox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzrjBID4bHU

YouTube- SonicPhantom47


Money In The Bank Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It is finally Sunny back here in Orlando so I’m excited for the weekend! Tonight some friends and I are heading to this gamer bar called “Player 1.” It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait to play some pinball (I really miss playing pinball in arcades lol). Today’s prediction post will be shorter then normal as I am less than 100 pages from finally finishing the book Dark Blood! Review on that will be posted maybe next week.

Money In The Bank is a specialty Pay Per View event that has a Money In The Bank Ladder Match. This match pits about 6 Superstars against each other with a breifcase suspended above the ring. The goal is to beat your opponents by ascending a ladder and ripping down the Money In The Bank briefcase. Why would you want the briefcase you may say? Because it contains a contract that guarantees you a shot at the World Championship Title… AT ANY TIME! That’s right, you can get a shot at any time.. even after an opponent has been beaten to a pulp… CHA CHINGGGGGG Cash in that contract and become champion! My favorite Money in the Bank Cash in is of course when Seth Rollins cashed in at Wrestlemania on Brock Lesner! All Hail the CHAMP!!!


Ok let’s get into the preview and predictions.

WWE Championship Match-  20170602_MITB_MahalOrton--34416f0df01ed06b32258db9086badb9   The WWE Championship match will be a re-match between champion Jinder Mahal and past champion Randy Orton. I’m expecting this match to be pretty good but there’s no way Orton is getting the title back. Maybe a DQ will come in to play which will still leave Mahal wtth the title. My prediction: All Hail THE MAHARAJAH!!!!! Jinder Mahal retains!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match-  20170602_MITB_UsosNewDay--65e741c27ae907c829d64423b56858c8   The reigning champs the Usos will take on The New Day for the Tag Team Championship. The New Day are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time. This match should be great as the New Day haven’t really had a match lately. This will be their Payperview resurgence and I can’t wait. My Prediction: The Usos retain! I really don’t want the New Day to win the Smackdown titles.

Smackdown Women’s Championship-  20170606_MITB_NaomiLana--1bc59893670f49dc16a22f2544dae6e3   This match is a little weird to me. The Champion Naomi will be taking on the ravishing Russian,… Lana???? Yup, Lana (without her husband Rusev) will be participating in a title match. I really don’t know why lol. Hopefully the match will be good, but I don’t want Lana to win. My Prediction: Naomi retains!

The next 2 matches will be the Money in The Bank Match andddddd The Women’s Money In The Bank Match (That’s new)!!!!!!

Women’s MITB Match-  20170602_MITB_WomenLadder--3c948664588094cfa324b23beefeafd1   So the women will, for the first time that I can remember, have a Money In the Bank ladder match for the Smackdown Women’s Title. The participants are Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Natayla, Carmella and Tamina. This is awesome! I feel as though the winner has been foreshadowed a few times. Let’s see if I’m correct. My Prediction: Carmella wins the contract.

Mens MITB Match-  20170602_MITB_Laddermatch_mens--113dc8daf1225b84d9cf83780a3bb714   The main event will most likely be the men’s Money in the Bank match (or the wwe championship match). The participants are US Champion Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zane, Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler. this match is filled with potential. We all want Nakamura to win but we know this is a long shot. My prediction: Baron Corbin will win the contract.

These are my predictions for the Money In The Bank event tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it and with my new schedule I get off in plenty of time to watch. what are your predictions? Do you agree with my choices? Let’s Talk WWE!



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30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 16!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope your week has went well and that you’re now excited for the weekend! Some friends and I are going to a gamer bar tomorrow night so I’m very excited about it! I’ve been there before, but the crowd I was with last time weren’t the biggest gamers. Now I’m going with friends who geek out more than me so it should be really fun (and competitive :P). Anyway, thank you for tuning in to another 30 challenge post. Let’s get to today’s topic…

Day 16 – Game with the best cut scenes.

This one is pretty easy for me. I really enjoy the Saint’s Row franchise and I think  that is provides the best cut scenes. I can totally picture the scenes if a gang turf war as an action movie. I would put Mark Wahlberg as Gat and run amuck! I love that the cut scenes have everything that you need for a great movie; action, suspense, comedy and romance.

What’s your favorite cut scene from a video game? Better yet, which game would make a great movie in your mind? Let’s talk video games! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-Luna 🙂

Credits: YouTube – IGN

200 Followers Thank You Post!

Whoop whoop! Thank you Novas for your comments, likes and especially helping us reach the 200 followers milestone! who knew that so many people would be interested in reading our obsessions with Netflix, our passion for Video Games and my semi delusional engagement to WWE Superstar Seth Rollins! Let’s take a moment of silence to revel in his beauty please…


Hey, you… QUIET IN THE BACK….. Now where were we…


Ok, Ok I’m done lol. I was thinking about what I wanted to do for this achievement (hahaha Gamer pun) and I’ve decided to write a riddle for an upcoming post that I’m super excited about! It’s really short!

We accept stories as fact, no evidence or plea,

But have you ever stopped to think of what could be,

History’s written by the  victors we know,

Gaming De Classified’s here, so the truth can be shown.

I like to fancy myself a pretty open person. I’m going to go back to planning my blog posts each week and I would love your input on the topis you would like for me to blog about. On Tuesday I will post another TKO battle featuring Deadpool and ….. (Insert Suggestion Here lol). Wednesday will be the final installment of the Creative writing 4 pictures post. The new Gaming De-classified inaugural post will be up either this weekend or sometime next week I’m really excited about it). An official list of upcoming posts will be posted on Sunday. Also, I would love to write collaboration posts with other bloggers so let me know if you are interested!


Once again, I would like to say thank you! I appreciate every like, comment and discussion I have with this community. I have become a better human since blogging from my friends at Reads & Reels and Drew @TheTattoedBookGeek providing me books to read in the future (Yup I’ve actually been reading) to TheComicVault, Arcane Halloween, Matt-N-The-Hat and IgnitedMoth giving me awesome recommendations and background on comic characters to my new friends of TheReluctantHero, TheShamefulNarcissit, FalconGameReviews and Kim with Later Levels always having my back with video games! the inspirational bloggers I have met such as Intentergy and The Happiest Pixel have filled my days with hope and confidence. for anyone I haven’t mentioned, I apologize as my mind is going swiftly these days lol.

Have a fantastic day!

-Luna 🙂






30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 15!

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well! I’m getting extremely excited for the Money In the Bank Pay Per View this weekend! I’ll have a preview and predictions post up on Saturday about my thoughts on the event! Anyway, today’s day number 15 in the daily writing challenge that focuses on Gamers! Let’s see what today’s topic is.

Day 15 – Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.

Currently, I’m playing Gears of War 4 (Shockerrrrr lol). I’ve decided to post a short clip instead of a screenshot lol. I was playing king of the hill with color blast kait!

Which games are you currently playing? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 😀

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 13 & 14

Happy Wednesday Novas! Thank you for reading this 2 part post of the blogging challenge. I ended up picking up overtime at work yesterday so I was unable to post the topic. Today will be a short post on days 13 and 14. Let’s see what the topis are!

Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times.
Day 14 – Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.

Starting with day 13. There’s been plenty of games that I have played more than 5 times. I’m assuming this question is referring to beating a story mode more than 5 times. I’m a weird gamer, I can’t beat a story mode in a game and then go back and play it again. It’s weird, I will postpone beating games like fable or oblivion as long as I can before playing the main story lines. So I guess I’ll answer this question in terms of which game I can see myself going back to playing more than 5 times. For that the answer would be a multiplayer game like call of duty, Mario kart or even Mario party. I can play Tropico 5 multiple times as well.

Tropico 5 is a strategy game similar to Civ Rev in which you are the ruler of a tropical island. There are several game modes that you can play and the DLC allows you to have different experiences. What I love about the game is that you can set up trade ports to make additional money for your island. My favorite DLC is the Espionage one where one of your story missions are to become a Super Villain! The objective is to build a giant laser in which to destroy your enemies! You will also gain additional buildings like the beach hotels and monuments that you can build to increase your tourism rating on the island. 2836005-t5-sv-capsule_main

For day 14 my current wallpaper is the halo theme on my Xbox one. I really love halo and the theme came with the master chief collection I believe. Also, I have the Scooby Doo game theme on my phone which has been there since I upgraded in December.


Those are my answers for today’s questions. Do you have a game that you have played or can play more than 5 times? What’s your current wallpaper? Let’s talk gaming!

-Luna 😀

Credits: Gamespot.com