Game of Thrones S7: Ep 3 Thoughts

Happy Monday Novas! I hopw that your weekend went well! Last night was episdoe 3 of the new season in Game Of Thrones and it was an excellent episode in my opinion. Please be advised that Mild Spoilers will be listed below so if you don’t want the episode spoiled, please stop reading now! Right, let’s have a quick recap of what happened before episode 3.

Recap of season so far: This season of Game of Thrones started with showing where season 6 left off. We caught up with Arya in her tear of vengeance across the Seven Kingdoms, checked in on The Hound and The Brotherhood With No Banners, witnessed one of the most anticipated scenes of Dany returning to Dragonstone, witnessed the life of Sam in the Citadel, watched as Cersi ruled King’s Landing and of course, checked in with Jon Snow, King of the North. We’ve had battles, lost characters and now we are really in the fight for the Iron Throne.

This episode is more like the intense battle of wit and strategy. The long awaited scene of Jon Snow meeting with Daenarys, was as  intense and cringy as one of the gory, action packed, fight scenes.  jon You see the 2 strong willed leaders with 1 asking the other to bend the knee, while the other is asking for assistance in a much more important fight; The Long Winter. The battle of Kings and Queens all took place in the throne room at Dragonstone. Each monarch reached their boiling point and was backed up by their trusted advisors (Missandei and Davos). Both tempers were brewing and each were correct in their own right. We shall see how this plays out for the rest of the season and if Dany and Jon will become enemies or allies.

“Please don’t blame a daughter for the sins of her father…” -Dany

“Please don’t hold me to the oath of my family…” -Jon

Both the opening and ending scenes were really some of the best moments. **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** We waved goodbye to one of my favorites; Olenna Tyrell. Jaime Lannister definitely learned from his mistakes in past battles and launched an unsuspecting attack on on High Garden, which is the home of the wealthiest family, the Tyrells. Olenna went out like a G! Knowing that her army wasn’t bred to be great fighters, she welcomed Jaime into her suite for her final scene. Afer drinking the poison that Jaime brought to kill her painlessly, olenna  Olenna boldly said the best line of the night, “Tell Cersei I did it (Killed Jeoffrey), I want her to know it was me.”

We also were invited to see Euron’s gift to Cersi, Ellaria Sand and one of her surviving daughters. If you recall, Ellaria poisoned Myrcella before she departed back to the Seven Kingdoms and Cersi never forgot it about it. We are actually able to see the emotion in Cersi’s face as she talks about her daughter; her Only Daughter before rendering the punishment to Ellaria. **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** Ellaria is sentenced to watch her daughter die in the same chamber as her, by the same poison used on Myrcella. Dangggg Cersi!!!!

Other notable scenes:

  • Sam & the Archmaester
  • Bran’s arrival to Winterfell (meeting Sansa)
  • Littlefinger’s “Lesson” to Sansa

This episode we did not see Arya or The Hound. Next episode will probably begin with us catching up with them and seeing how Dany and Tyrion will approach the deceit of the Lannisters. We will find out what is happening with Dany and Jon Snow as well.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Did you enjoy it? What do you think will happen moving forward? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂



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Daily Prompt Lust: Explosive Love

Inhaling the fumes,

Till their lungs collapse,

They didn’t assume,

That I’d have the last laugh!

She is a beauty, In her own right,

Comparable to none, She can’t escape my sight,

Waiting too long, Has always been my way,

Longing to touch her; Today is the day.


She’s wearing red and trying to seduce,

I finally have her, Now she can let loose,

The strands of black, tumble behind,

Her perfectly shaped head, I caress and Pine;


For her, that’s a fact, but it’s not enough!

For her sister in arms, Do I also Lust!

I’ve held her once, I’ve kissed her hand,

There’s more to love, in her compact can

She gives me strength and takes away my fears,

She gives me joy; Everyone else, Tears.


My forbidden love, do I toss in the air,

Each guests’ eyes marvel, when she falls down there,

Her twirl, her scent; all will consume,

Walking in with her sister; as she quiets the room,

It’s time for Tiny Nimble Tina, to play her part,

Her music comes crashing and stopping hearts,

I am the Joker, if you couldn’t see,

My lust for Tear Gas and TNT!

Inhaling the fumes,

Till their lungs collapse,

They didn’t assume,

That I’d have the last laugh!

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So I Think I Had A Night Terror!

Happy Sunday Novas! Today’s post will be a discussion post about our dreams and what they may mean.

So I forceably woke myself up this morning. I knew it was a forced awakening because my body was completely numb and I couldn’t move for a few minutes. I imagine this is how it would fee if you were hit by something. As I lay there in my immobile state, I noticed that I wasn’t in the same position as when I fell asleep. Normally I lay horizontally on my bed from foot to head. When I woke up, I was sprawled diagonally across the width of the bed and my heart was racing. Between the paralyzation, rapid heart beats and positioning, I have concluded that… I Think I Had A Night Terror!

When I was young (oh how I miss my youth lol), I’ve always had bizarre dreams that either punched me out of the dreamworld or snatched at my hair when I woke to discover that I was under my bed. Due to my crazy past and struggles with sleeping, I am no stranger to having night terrors at all. One of my infamous, scary dreams growing up was Goldar (yes, from Power Rangers) jumping out of my closet trying to eat me. The reason this dream was so terrible was for 1 it occured all of the time (maybe had this dream 20-30 times… not even exaggerating) and I would always “Wake Up” in the dream, look at the closest and then he would jump out again. I never knew when I was really awake lol.

My concern and the reason to the blog post is Why? Why did I have a night terror? Why does anyone have night terrors? To try and understand this (and because I think it’s an interesting blog post discussion) you will probably want to know what the dream was about.


Here is what I can remember….

My boyfriend moved into a house with his friends, all female. They have been friends since childhood so of course there’s going to be a different bond, but I can still feel myself getting jealous and enraged at some of the things they would do. He then decided that it would be “funny” to tease me by pretending that he and his friends were making out in the bathroom. Understandably, I got upset and was about to leave. Of course it didn’t go down that way, I was heated and I pushed him into the tub while they all laughed. He ran after me and explained everything, blah blah blah. Im’ still upset hahaha. Someone’s entire family (mom, dad, sisters, uncles, a dog…) barged into the house wth food and stuff (I’m guessing a house warming party) and I decided to take my leave.

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

As I’m leaving, a group of islanders gathered around the bay window for the living room and stared into the house. I knew something was wrong so I dialed (frantically, like in a horror movie) 911. The leader of this group stopped me and asked me to participate in chants with them. I did so, with 911 on the line. Certainly, the operator will hear us and I would provide clues to our location so that she would know. She hung up! I wasa enraged again. But the leader had no knowledge of this and let me go. As I’m backing up I called the cops again and sped away… then I woke up.

So why was this dream a night terror? What was so bad about it that had me tossing and turning in my sleep? What are your thoughts? Have you had any crazy dreams that knocked you out of your normal sleep patterns? I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences! Let’s talk, dreams!

-Luna 🙂



WWE 30 Day Challenge: Day 21-25

Happy Saturday  Novas! I hope your weekend is starting well! I’m a little late on this post because there has been so many posts going up this week. Anyway, here are days number 21-25 of the 30 day Blogging Challenge! The questions are becoming repetitiev as I ahve talked about some of my answers in previous posts. Because I don’t want to be repetitive I will make this post short.

Favorite Current Raw Female Wrestler

Alexa Bliss is probably my favorite Raw Women’s Superstar at the moment. Before Bliss, Sasha Banks was my favorite but now the tables have turned. Alexa Bliss plays an excellent heel and although her in ring work can use a bit of a boost, she is excited, rude and one of the best personalities on the roster for the women!

WWE Dream Match

– I don’t knowwwwwww lol

Fav Male Wrestler of All Time

– Stone Cold Steve Austin! He was the reason that I started watching WWE in the first place. Yes, everyone easily picks the Attitude Era as their favorite era of wrestling but that is also because back then, we (me in particular) were children and didn’t really comprehend that the matches were staged. Now as we are in the Reality Era, everyone wants to go back to the unpredictable, no way this is scripted era. Currently, we know I love Seth Rollins, but Stone Cold will always hold a place above the rest.

Favorite Female Wrestler of All Time

– I would have to say that right now, Lita would be my pick! She made it cool to be a slight tomboy wrestler. Lita was amazing and I looked up to her so much. She was hitting flips just like the Hardyz and here style was unmatched in my mind.


Favorite Feud of All Time

– I want to say Stone Cold vs Vince Mcmahon, but I actually loved the Rock vs Stone Cold! That was one of the more epic feuds at the time. I loved the John Cena and Seth Rollins feud as well. Rollins coming out adntheir banter was hilarious. Also, the Rollins and Cena double title match at Summerslam (I think) where my husband  won both titles (big ups to Jon Stewart lol) was one of my favorite matches.

Thank you for tuning in to today’s challenge post! What are your favorite moments in WWE? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



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Hulu Series Review: T@gged W/ Friends!

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for reading this week’s Hulu Series Review! I have recently binge watched a series called T@gged on Hulu with my friend Emily and decided it’s a greta show to review,,, with her! This review will be a bit different as I will go over the show and also what Emily and I’s theories were each episode! We kept pausing the action to talk to each other about what’s happening and how everything could be linked, so I pulled out my notepad and jotted down our theories.

Plot: Tagged is an 8 episode mini-series that follows 3 teen girls; Rowan, Hailee and Elysia. The 3 girls are caught up in a plot of violence and mystery by a character with the username M0nk3ym4nn. The girls have to follow the clues to find our who this mystery person is and how far they are willing to go in this week of fear. What is the countdown timer for? Who is M0nk3ym4nn? How are all 3 girls from different backgrounds connected? That’s what you’re trying to figure out!

Our Process: During episode number 2, Emily and I paused the show and decided to give “Codenames” to the main characters in order to keep our connections together. **Please be advised, the names may be a little aggressive so I’ve rate this a PG13 review, also, mild spoilers with the codenames**. Rowan we gave the codename Ho, Hailee was Druggy and Elysia was Cutter. Obviously, these codenames referred to situations that were prevalent in the show. Whenever one of us had a suspicion we would talk it out and make a list of the suspects. By the end of episode 6, we had a solid feeling for who this monkeymann was.

There were a few times that Emily and I had to pause and grab our 21 year old friend to ask about certain trends or short messages that were being sent. Since the show focuses on modern youths and the use of scoial media to intimidate the characters, there were a few things that Emily and I were confused about. I personally think that’s a great touch, adding in emoji’s and shortcodes in the series.

Check out the trailer for the series below.

This is the part of the review where I will list my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” this series on Hulu.


  • A dramatic mini series with plenty of teen drama (my guilty pleasure)
  • Short 22 minute episodes
  • A mystery to follow


  • Get annoyed with teens making stupid decisions
  • Not into Pretty Little Liars (because you will not like this series)

Thank you for tunin in to this week’s series! Have you been binge watching anything new? Have you seen or heard of T@gged? Let’s talk series!

Have a great Friday!

-Luna 🙂



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Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Happy Thursday Novas! Thank you for tuning into today’s post! A big thank you for Kim from Later Levels for nominating me in this blogging challenge. With blogging challenges you answer the question on your blog and then nominate others to participate! Blogging challenges are a great way to connect with the blogging community and provide content for your blog. Without further adieu, here are 10 things that make me happy!

Video Games – Of course I wanted to start of with the extremely obvious, my hobby (more like my life lol) video games. Video games have been in my life for a longgggggg time, practically my entire existence (apart from a hiatus here and there) and honestly they have helped me cope with the loss of family members or the pressures of high school (click here to read my Evolution of a Gamer post). Many times I took out my frustrations on games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row and in turn, held less pent up anger which could cause an unstable teenager to do reckless acts. Video games will always be something that caan make me happy instantly!

Friends – It’s funny, I’ve read a few of these posts and I haven’t seen anyone say that their friends make them happy. I am fortunate enough to have some completely AWESOME  friendships that I would not trade for any amount of money in the world. I have my bestest friends from school and childhood. Were so inseparable, that people on Facebook are always commenting on how we stuck together after high school and college. I also have some AMAZING co-workers whohave quickly become greta people in my life. They uplift me and we have a ball singing Karaoke, going out, playing games or just making jokes.

Family – Family is a big one for me.My mother and my brother, while sometimes lovethey   completely annoy me, I love them so much and I will do anything for them. My mom made decisions when we were young to leave me with my grandma to be raised. As a child you don’t quite understand, but as an adult I am grateful to her. My childhood and the way I was raised couldn’t have been any better and I still saw my mom weekly. My brother is the closest person to me and I can tell him anything. It’s weird I’ve always wanted a sister, but I would never trade my brother. He protects me, he mentors me and he makes me a better person. Also, my boyfriend is lumped in with my family. What more can I say othen than, I am the luckiest to have him!

Writing –  writing  Writing has been a passion of mine since I could write. There’s something about chronicling your day or creating a story that makes me feel complete. I remember writing stories in 1st grade about a secret valley that you could only get to by taking daring risks. I graduated from short stories to writing poetry all through middle and high school (I still have most of my writing notebooks too). Finding blogging has really just made this year all that more fulfilling as I conect with some many of you amazing bloggers. Thank you for allowing me to live in this community with you!

TV – Television will always make me happy! I have so many shows that I binge watch or have waiting in my Netflix Queue to watch. This past week I’ve watched Me Before You (balling my eyesout of course lol), completed Pretty Little Liars and this Hulu Original Series T@gged (which will have a review this week or next week). TV or YouTube or Netflix or anything that you can watch can evoke so many emotions, happiness is the one that I look for. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want there to be an ending that agrees with the story I’m not sure how  I have time to do all of this lol.

Food – Food is burgeran    instant comfort. My favorite foods would be Burgers and Mashed Potatoes. I’m happy when I can eat some great food, similar to the live of a Sim on The Sims franchise. If the character eats bad food, their mood and overall happiness decreases, but if they eat great food, their mood instantly elevates. Our senses are a big part of who we are and how we will react to situations during the day. Being in a great mood after a meal makes me more social (as I already talk a lot lol) and positive!

Traveling– Traveling and changing my scenary makes me really happy. I take a trip a few times a year to see my friends in Illionois and each time I am super sad when I have to return home and to life. Don’t get me wrong,  world  I love Orlando and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but there’s something about being in a new city or location that makes me happy.  I love looking at nature or the cityline and seeing different aspects of culture and personality. I took a road trip from Florida to Illinois the 1st time I went to see my friends (did I mention that I met them on Xbox 🙂 ) and it was amazing. I seen the mountains of Tennessee, the underground mall of Atlanta and so much more!

Activities – Activities make me happy! living in a tourist city like Orlando comes with its perks! There’s so much to do here! I can literally goggle anything and find a place in Orlando to go and have some fun. I’ve went to dance classes, painting, pottery, escape games, mini golf, go karts, theme parks, trampoline parks, indoor skydiving and so much more over the course of my life. When I’m active and able to try new things, whether alone or in a group, I’m very happy!

Meeting New People – I’m very social and friendly so meeting new people and connecting with them has always made me happy. It’s like you can learn so much from different people. I am the girl that visits places on my day off and start talking to people with no real plan other than to learn about their life. Learning is another thing that makes me happy. When I want something, I set my mind to it and try to learn as much about it as I can. Yes, I was the bookworm and goody two shoes student in school, but like why wouldn’t you want to learn! Knowledge is Power lol!

Favorites – All of my “Favorites”  vulpix  make me happy! This can be any item or anything dealing with my favorite characters or items. Seth Rollins, Scooby Doo, Regina from Once Upon a Time, The Joker, Sesshomaru, Vegeta, Belle you name it. If it’s a favorite or mine, it can make me happy anytime and any place! Having favorites, whether you connect with their personalities, or you model them after your family (Scooby Doo was a childhood homage to my brother!) gives you something to think about and something to feel proud in.

Wheeeew! That was a doozey of a post! Thank you for taking the time to read the 10 things that make me happy. Now for my nominees:

If I haven’t mentioned you, still participate and share something about yourself! Don’t forget to link me or leave a comment so that I can know to look at your post! What are somethings that make you happy? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂



Five Sentence Story Prompt: Mistake

Happy Wednesday Novas! This post will be my entry into this week’s 5 sentence story prompt! The prompt word will be Mistake.I have written a short poem as my entry into this week’s prompt. For the rules and to enter, check out the link below! Click Here.

Submissive, Impressive and beauty divine,

The gods will smite out of envy, what’s mine,

A twisted game of castles and fate,

My prize is bound; a perfect mate.

I hope I’m not cursed from this rare find.

Thank you for reading? What do you think of the story? Do you particiapte in blogging challenges? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 🙂


Sonic Mania Video Game

Happy Wednesday Novas! Today’s post will be focusing on a video game that I have just learned will be releasing this year; Sonic Mania! Sonic was one of the iconic games of my childhood so when I was rummaging through the PlayStation store (because my Xbox One just got fried by a storm :((((( ) the new Sonic game immediately caught my attention.

Sonic Mania is a 2D video game that allows you to play with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles as you take on stages and battle against Dr. Eggman. The levels are re-imagined, classic levels like a newer version of Green Hill Zone, Casino Night or the Chemical Plant stage. This reboot of a classic also brings with it the new Drop Dash move! From what I can see, it looks like you are able to drop down (while in ball form) and quickly dash in the direction of your choice. This is a great add on because it’s all performed in one single motion. No more losing coins because you didn’t properly jump on the enemy. Look at the comparisons between the original Casino Night Stage and the new Casino Stage below!

I love a classic Sonic game, but my favorite will forever be Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. The introduction of Shadow and the Chao Gardens are a formula that was unmatched in the franchise’s history. Some questions I have are how many levels will be included in the game? Are you able to switch between the 3 main characters at any time?

Sonic Mania looks to be really fun and I’m always up for some nostalgia.  I have listed below my top reasons that I would want to “Play” or “Skip” Sonic Mania.


  • Classic 2D Game play
  • Very reasonable price $19.99
  • Upgraded features (60 FPS, Drop Dash Ability)


  • Not a Fan of Sonic Games

Check out the trailer for the game below!

Have you heard of the new Sonic Mania game? Are you a Sonic fan? Do you think you will want to purchase this game? Let’s talk Sonic!



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Snotgirl : Comic Review!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for tuning in to my very first Comic Review! My coworkers and I are in a so called “Comic Club” in which we each purchase comics and then let each other read them. We talk about the issue and decide if we want to continue the series or not. Selena was up and she picked a comic that was SO HER! The volume that she bought contained 6 issues of the story (it ends on a cliffhanger!) and I have completed  reading it and would like to share my thoughts!

Title: Snotgirl: Green Hair, Don’t Care Vol. 1

Publishing Date: February, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/ Romance/ Fashion/ Comedy

ISBN: 978-1-5343-0036-1

Creators: Bryan Lee O’Malley & Leslie Hung

Publisher: Image Comics Inc.

Lottie Person is a glamourous fashion blogger living her best life- at least that’s what she wants you to think. The truth is, her allergies are out of control, her friends are terrible people, her boyfriend traded her up for someone younger, and she may or may not have killed somebody! It’s the first volume of Snotgirl, and things will never be the same!

My Thoughts:

I definitely enjoyed the first volume of snotgirl. You’re left trying to put a few pieces together and really, nothing is explained. It’s great becuase it keeps the reader engaged in everything going on and I couldn’t stp turning the pages.  Lottie is a well known fashion blogger, but what is her like really like? Sure, she knows about the latest trends and are invited to all of the best parties, but what is life like behind the blog.? It’s like a VH1 Behind the Music Special and I can tell you, her life is nothing like it seems!

The characters in the comic are not really relatable. They are exaggerated versions of what one would think the world of a fashion blogger and their friends would be. Lottie gives nicknames to everyone she meets and these names are representations of how Lottie views the person. You will read names like Normgirl and Cutegirl come up often.

The Aesthetics:

The art is beautiful in my opinion. The bright and vibrant color scheme reflects the modern and trendy  personality of the main character, Lottie. The character personalizations are pretty well detailed and I like that each character has their own personal style.


Something hat I think can be improved are the transitions from one scene to the other. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not fluent in reading comics, but some transitions seemed a little sudden. It was as if there should have been 1 or 2 more panels of dialogue before the next scene started. Also, the comic is marketed towards a specific demographic. The use of emoji’s and socail media language is widely integrated.

As with any review that I write on the blog, I would like to provide my top reasons to “Play” or read the comic and my reasons you might want to “Skip” this series.


  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Funny Story
  • Interesting characters and plot


  • Not Interested in the life of a Fashion Blogger
  • If you find looking at Snot Disgusting
  • Looking for a more action packed story


IGN 9 out of 10

Comic Book Roudup 8.6 out of 10

Thank you for reading my first comic review! What are your thoughts on Colume 1 of Snotgirl? Have you read or heard of this series? What comics are you currently reading? Let’s talk comics and graphic novels!

-Luna 🙂



WWE Battlegrounds Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the Smackdown Live special ; Battlegrounds! The Smackdown roster of Superstars battled it out at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia! Right on shcedule we have the recap and results from the matches.

Tag Team Championship Match– The starting match of the PayPerView pitted the rough and tough champions The Usos verus the longest reigning tag team champions, The New Day! The New Day fought using Kofi and Xavier Woods, sidelining the powerhouse, Big E. Woods and Kofi made a great tandem starting off hot with kicks, flips and tricks. The Usos answered back with hard hitting moves and signature high flying tricks. The match started the night off correctly, having the crowd screaming “This Is AWESOME” early. Results: Your new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions are the New Day!

Nakamura Versus Baron Corbin– Next up Nakamura came out (finally uninterrupted in his intro) to face Mr. Money In The Bank, Baron Corbin. Nakamura started the match uninterested in Barons tough exterior, he started throwing punches and kicks off rip. Corbin answered back with extreme speed and power catching Nakamura off guard a few times. This match was pretty entertaining. Results: Nakamura wins by DQ (Corbin low-blowed Nakamura to get disqualified).

United States Championship Match – Champion AJ Styles came out confident against Kevin Owens. After Styles’ insane and unexpected win at the house show in Madison Square Garden, the WWE Universe erupted in cheer for the new champ. This match wasprobably the most anticipated match of the night for me. Styles put up a great fight and Owens studied his opponent well pulling out counters ever so often. The highlight was when Styles went for the Styles Clash, KO reversed the move and flung AJ into the Ref! It was insane! Results: KO is the New United States Champion due to a controversial pinfall, but pinfall none the less!

Women’s 5 Way Elimination Match – The Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi joined the commentators during the women’s 5 way elimination match! I originally thought the Superstars will come out 1 at a time, but I was incorrect. The match started with all 5women going at each other. Tamina dominated early tossing women left and right. Charlotte and Becky Lynch put on masterful displays of technique and precision, wile Lana… well she was yelling at everyone in Russian. The order of elimination was as follows: After trying to save Lana for the bagillionth time, Tamina tapped out to Becky Lynch’s Disarmer, followed shortly by Lana herself. Becky was eliminated soon after leaving Charlotte and Natalya… the 2 women I didn’t want to win. At this point I was rooting for Nattie. Results: Natalya is the number 1 contender to challenge champion Naomi at Summerslam!

Flag Match – John Cena took on Rusev for a flag match. The match was ok at best in my opinion, with all of the action and suspense appearing towards the end of the match. Both flags were half-way up the ramp and Rusev had enough. After putting Cena in a few accolades, the Bulgarian Brute set 2 tables up side by side next to the USA podium. There was blood in his eyes as he was looking for a way to humilate Cena. Results: Cena reversed Rusev’s evil intentions and hit his Attitude Adjustment off of the USA Podium, onto the very tables that Rusev stacked! Cena Wins!

Sami Zayn Vs Mike Kannelis– OK, honestly did not care about this match so I fast foward through it. Results: Sami Zayn lands the Helluva Kick for the win!

Punjabi Prison Match – The WWE Champion Jinder Mahal fought the Viper Randy Orton inside of the Punjabi Prison. At first glance, the structure looked like a bamboo jungle gym lol. I was worried about watching the match (I don’t know how the fans in the building were able to watch). 3 of the 4 doors inside of the cage were locked early, with both Superstars battling with about 30 seconds left on the last door. Then the SIngh Brothers came out from under the ring and pulled Mahal out of the 1st cage. Orton eventually slithered out and put up a great battle knocking out the Singh Borthers and beating Mahal with a Kendo Stick. This battle got bloody and brutal quick. Results: Jinder Mahal retains…. with an assist from The Great Khali!

Those are the results from the event! This prediction for me was the worst! I only predicted maybe 2 things correctly (which I admittedly knew would happen). This time around, I predicted what I wanted to happen, but I wasn’t too suprised (Other than AJ losing the title). What are your thoughts? What do you think this means for Summerslam? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂