Pokemon Battledome: Who do you choose!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Today will be a discussion post on you guessed it, Pokemon! For today’s post I wanted to ask other gamers which 3 Pokemon would they take into battle. This can be from any generation. Personally, I would take Charmander, Combusken, and Dratini because they are my favorites. Battle wise, I could be countered easily as 2 of my choices are fire types (but that’s only if my opponent knows who I am using bwahahaha).

Let’s set the scene: You are summoned to a battle arena for a tournament, but the details are vague. The only requirement is for you to bring 3 Pokemon to battle with… WHO DO YOU CHOOSE and WHY?

Luna- Aside from my answer above, I would probably really bring Machop, Haunter and Combusken.  imageedit_2_2981487739  I feel as though, that’s a pretty good mix of characters and types to have with you in a blind battle and they are some of my favorites. Let’s check in with some of our friends to see who they are bringing to the rumble!

Mikey – My coworker Mikey prides himself on being a competitive Pokemon Player! He’s so crazy about it that he wanted more details on the rules and who he would face (type, tier level, etc). I again approached him with the description above on this post lol. After many changes he finally decided on 3…Here’s his response…

I would select Whimsacott, Slowbro and Megametagross. imageedit_4_3530078019  Whimsacott is the Lead setup against opponents and fastest taunter. Slowbro will be my defensive specialist tank that can take hits and output damage. Megametagross is my priority sweeper who hits hard and great has a finisher! 

Erick: My co-worker Erickkkkkk who is another self proclaimed Pokemon master, selected Chimchar, Espeon and Blastoise as his partners in crime. imageedit_6_8096274036

Chimchar because hes my personal favorite and I love him! Espeon because they are beautiful and one of the most powerful special attackers and Blastoise because… well because NOSTALGIA!!!!

Rare: My homie from PS4 chimed in with his top picks for a Pokemon Battle as well!

I’d choose Dragonite because he’s super strong, Gengar for the strats and Dewgong because he’s crazy strong, especially against dragon types. imageedit_8_2477493524

Nathan From Hurricane Thought Process: I would choose Cubone, Squirtle & Eggsecutor because they are my all time favorites! imageedit_10_5602307796

Tim from Geek Out SouthwestDusclops because darn good defense. Haxorus because he’s only bested by Rayquayza for attactk, but her has a nicer move pool. Volcarona for Speed, Quiver Dance and great offense. imageedit_12_3001041546

Chris from Overthinker Y Rapidash, Hitmontop and Wailord because there are my favorites! imageedit_14_2215176843

NekoJonez -Absol, Alakazam and Groudon because they are my favorites. imageedit_16_8565110385

Kevin from The Mental AtticI’m one for the classics so I would choose Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. I love those birds! imageedit_18_7600937720

You know how you have your Notable or Honorable mentions when selecting your favorites? Yea, well that doesn’t apply for my friend Emily here! She has more of an Un-Notable mention because of her answer!

Emily- I would choose Eevee because, I mean it’s Eevee!

Luna – Ok great and who else?

Emily – You don’t need anyone else, it’s Eevee!

Luna – Sooo you can’t do that?

Mikey – Yeah Emily, that’s against the “Species Clause.”

Luna – Is that a thing?

Emily – I don’t care, I would take 3 Eevees.

Luna – They’re all normal types, you have no diversity.

Emily – I’d have a pocket full of stones and no matter who is summoned, I can evolve Eevee right on the spot!

Mikey – You can’t evolve during a match -_-

Luna – Plus you can only evolve like 3 Eevee types with stones. Do you know anything about Eevee?

Emily – I mean it’s Eevee. THEY’RE CUTE!

Mikey & Me – Okay Em! lol imageedit_20_3363362111

You can view the battle where Mikey played with some of our favorite Pokemon by clicking the link below! http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-613856839

Thank you to all of the bloggers and friends that participated in this Pokemon Battle Challenge with me! To my readers, who would you choose for a 3 on 3 battle? Comment below on the Pokemon you would take and for a little added content, take the poll on which lineup you would like to face!

Fellow Gamers, I Choose You!

-Luna 🙂


Credits: Pokelife.com


Game of Thrones Ep: 4 Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was another epic episode of one of my favorite binge watching series, Game of Thrones. Want to read our thoughts from last week, click here. Please be advised, that this is the official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert** Stop reading now if you have not watched the episode yet because this post will be more of a recap and discussion.

The episode starts off with Jamie, Bronn and the Tarlys looting High Garden after the battle at the end of last episode. Here we see Bronn take another secondary role as he is rewarded for his efforts and in classic Bronn fashion asking for more; a castle. bronn Bronn will play an important role later in the episode. This scene sets up the next scene with Cersei paying the Lannister’s debt back to the Iron Bank and surpassing her father in strategy, fear and intelligence.

The long awaited scene of Arya returning to Winterfell is not far behind. You can see how Arya is disconnected from the world as she is asking for characters that were killed off seasons ago like Sir Roderick and Maester Luwin. Because of this disconnect, the guards doubt her identity. The reunion of Arya and Sansa raises a few questions. Sansa is trying to gauge if Arya is serious about her List and Arya is trying to gauge what Sansa’s new ambition is. Both sisters reunite in the crypt at the memorial of their father Ned Stark. Arya is also reunited with Bran where a symbolic event occurs; Bran gives Arya the Valyrian Steel dagger. I know that this event is symbolic in some way, not only by Bran’s cryptic presentation of the dagger, but I’m not sure what this event is pointing towards.

Another important event is Jon showing Dany that the Whiterwalkers are real. He unveils his findings in the cave where they are set to harvest Dragonglass. The cave is marked with drawings from the Children of the Forest (no clue who they are but I’m sure it will be explained later). The whitewalkers are shown on the wall with the first men fighting together. I believe this is a set up for Dany and Jon starting to align.


I will fight for you, I will fight for the North… when you bend the knee! – Dany

My people will not follow another Southern lord – Jon

They chose you to lead them, they chose you to protect them. Isn’t their survival more important than your pride? -Dany

The enemy is real, it’s always been real. – Jon

Arya vs Brienne had me on the edge of my seat. You know that Brienne is a talented fighter and that Arya is amazingly dangerous. When Arya spotted Brienne in the courtyard and ask to train with her, it was almost too much for my heart to handle. You see Brienne hold back a bit at first until she is bested, then her true skill is unleashed. By the end you’re wondering who’s going to stop who! Arya’s face lights up when she is tested and you can see her alternate side of an assassin coming out. I do wonder what Sansa and Littlefinger were thinking during the battle as they watched from above?

There was the awkward encounter of Tyrion and Dany when the news is unveiled that, although High Garden has fallen, the Lannister army got away and took down another ally; Olenna. Jon Snow and Sir Davos look away as Tyrion is scolded and almost accused of not really wanting his family dead. Another great moment happens here where Dany asks Jon for his advice (that she doesn’t use). All of these scenes with Dany and Jon and their attraction to each other makes me think that there may be talks of them ruling together. Maybe as King and Queen… sure they’re related but they don’t know it and it’s not like GOT is shy about family relations lol.


Key moments in the Episode:

  • “We don’t have marriage in Naath so the term bastard doesn’t exist.” – Missandei to Jon
  • Jon taking Tyrion’s advice from last episode and asking around about why people follow Daenaerys.
  • The reunion of Jon and Theon
  • Olennas’ last words coming to fulfillment about Cersei being the downfall of Jaime?
  • Bronn’s role in the episode. His skill, his guts and vow to protect.
  • The closing battle of the Dothraki Army, Drogon, Dany and the Lannister army

What did you think of last night’s episode? What do you think will happen next week and what are your thoughts on what has happened so far? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!






Daily Prompt: Shimmer


If once you’ve blinked I’d know you’re mine,

Then all the stars on us will shine,

Breath taken quickly from my lungs,

If I can keep you hanging on,

A perfect shimmer will do just fine.

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer 




Six Word Story Challenge: Poem

Happy Sunday Novas! I’ve found another blogging challenge and this one is for the 6 word stories! Here is my entry into this week’s post!

Her fire ignited his crimson spell.

Feel free to join the challenge over at the Sometime’s Steller Storyteller blog by clicking here. 

This post will be a short poem on the 6 word story that I have submitted.

Ember’s breathe, a volcanic eruption,

Brought on by his dark seduction,

Wildly flying to escape his gaze,

Knowing not his trap, his maze,

Trying her best not to consume,

The tempting lust in the room,

He cornered her before she could strike,

And tamed her beast before the night,

Merlin cast his spell so well,

It iced and smothered her mood to kill,

Blinding lights she could not see,

The reality of this fantasy,

Merlin loved the beast so wild,

Reluctant as though she were a child,

Ember found a way to love him back,

Saving her from her devious acts,

Now they fly hand in hand

The dragon and her magical man.

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂






Friendly Trends 1: Guilty Pleasures

Happy Sunday Novas! You know how you can hang around someone so much that you start picking up their habits and sometimes even their interests? That’s what I have noticed has been happening to me and my co-workers lately. Each week I will introduce the blog to this new segment called “Friendly Trends” that basically will catalog the trends that I have been “Put On” to by my friends. The inaugural post will feature my friends Selena and Erick and the Guilty Pleasures that they have introduced me to!

The Beginning: Selena and I were looking for a way to bond and have something that we could talk about (we have little in common).

The Trends: The trend that Selena has put me on to is the teen drama on YouTube. So let me set the scene: Selena is 21 and very young. She is constantly on her phone watching videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Instagram Drama!

She has been following the drama of these teens fighting on Instagram and it slowly led into me being mildly entertained. I will say right now as a PSA that I DO NOT CONDONE the behavior and I haven’t went as far as to “Follow” their accounts, but I was introduced into this world that slowly transitioned into me watching people on YouTube.


Now I follow few new channels on YouTube that shows young adults vlogging and doing challenges. She has also put me onto beauty tutorials with makeup and natural hair that I watch more than the teen drama stuff now.

Erickkkkk Mi Corazon!

The Trend(s) – Erick is a hardcore advocate for just about anything it seems. Erick has put myself and others on to a number of things that we would otherwise not have bothered with. The 2 main “Put Ons” are Game of Thrones and Comics! Around January of this year Erick was pleading with me (who had never seen an episode) to download HBO Now and watch Game of Thrones. He was recommending GOT to me because I was consistently talking about or watching historical dramas. He figured it was right up my alley and I am so thankful that I listened!

The suspense is killing me!



Erick also put myself and Selena on to comics. I was always interested in reading comics but there was never a drive strong enough to make me start. That is until Erick. He started recommending comics that suit each of our personalities. When you find friends that really understand you, it is an indescribable feeling!

Those are the few trends that will start off this series. What items have you been “Put On” to by your friends? Let’s talk Friend’s Trends!

-Luna 🙂





Love Flash Fiction Collaboration!

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope your weekend is starting out well! A few weeks ago I was approached by a fellow blogger regarding writing a collaboration post together. We decided to write a flash fiction about Love. Shoutout to Gauri at A Sea Full of Dreamcatchers! Make sure to take a look at her blog for other great pieces of emotional writing! The lines are separated in red for Gauri and Purple for me, we hope that you enjoy it!

Love so pure it put diamonds to shame. Love so fatal it destroyed grenades. Love so fragile it tip toed over a strand of hair. She always knew that her feelings could kill, little did she know it could revive. Opposites attract they say, what about people who are identical? Is their love doomed from the start, or is it theirs that stand out, unique from the others.

Fear that’s so strong, he cannot breathe,

Fear that paralyzes enough to make you scream.

Why is it her love, that renders him still?

Why can’t he commit and follow his own will?

Opposites attract they say, but she is his equal in every way. Her breath is warm enough to melt his cold heart, she holds all the power to force him to start.

Little did he know, he would be her knight in shining armor, little did he know of what he can do. One simple stare was enough for her wall to come crashing, the wall she for so long built, brick by brick. They both were like ice, but had each other burning, they’re lives were so different, yet in a way the same.

She whispered in Subtlety, giving life a name,
No longer did she need to pride and claim,
Her purpose was clear, she was meant for him
His burdens were hers and Love was them,

He grabs her hand when he can finally move,
Sparking a flame that can’t be extinguished or removed.

The flame continues burning, sending sparks to the sky, the ice within them is melting, the froth within them dies. Wick by wick, the fire lights every candle around, piece by piece they’re hearts are found .

She wakes before him and stares out the glass,
Wondering how long, can this feeling truly last,
He wakes soon behind her, seeing the bliss on her face

He vows to her that never more, will her tears go to waste.

I’ll protect you forever and guard you from harm,
You’re the Princess who’d save me, I’m the Knight heavily armed.

They both were warriors, holding onto dear life, they both needed saviors, which they found in each other. Their hands locked each other’s, signaling their forever, their heads touched each other, refusing to let the other fall

Will their love last? Only time will tell, let their fires keep burning, until then!

Thank you for checking out today’s post! If you would like to collorate on a post as well, let me know! Have a great Saturday!

-Luna 🙂




Blogger Blitz: Retail Rumble – Indiana Jones vs. Lightning Farron

Check out the results for the 1st battle in the Blogger Blitz, hosted by Adventure Rules!

Adventure Rules

Hello adventurers and welcome to the first match of the Blogger Blitz competition! Today, NekoJonez and LightningEllen face off in the ultimate test of ability – salesmanship. Each blogger has selected a character to bring to the match, and their mission is to prove that their character can choose and market a better product than their opponent.

To compete, each blogger submitted an article earlier this week on Monday. If you’ve missed those articles, you’ll want to read them first, as this post will discuss the results of their bout. You can read the argument for Indiana Jones here, and the argument for Lightning Farron here. Be sure to check out the articles and give those bloggers a follow if you haven’t yet!

Once those posts were submitted, a panel of five hardworking judges began analyzing. They looked at the characters, their products, and their marketing strategies to…

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The Unique Blogger Award!

Happy Wednesday Novas! This week I was nominated for the Unique Blogger award by the lovely Blogging Holly! Thank you Holly and everyone should definitely checkout here blog! It’s filled with great poems and short stories and I love reading them!

Game Guide (or The Rules lol):

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Here are the questions I was asked from Holly!

What are the goals you have set for your blog and how do you hope to achieve those goals?

The goals I have set for the blog are everchanging. When I started the blog, it was supposed to be an extension of the GamersUnitedGG website where gamers could watch streams and upload videos. Quickly I loved blogging more than the website so I decided to concentrate all of my efforts here. My goals are to connect with other bloggers, explore writing opportunites, increase my writing skills and have a place to talk about things that I’m passionate about!

What inspires you to write, especially when you have writer’s block?

So this is a great question. If I have writer’s block I just work on someting else! In the writing world, I’m known as a “Pantser” because I  write by the seat of my pants. Which pretty much means I prefer bouncing around tumblr_inline_mfaeuomaL11r7k9y5  . If I have writer’s block on 1 section, I always refer to my journal of topics and pick something else to write about. Anytime you have an idea, write it down and who knows, later you may be able to use it. I just love talking, so writing helps me talk about all the crazy ideas that I have!

Give a random fact about yourself! 😀

A random fact about myself? Hmmm… I feel like I’ve shared most of my interesting facts lol. So I have this weird obsession (mild) with cats. Also the reason that I call myself Luna lol from Sailor Moon! I loveee cats, too much that I reference alot of things in cat terms. giphy I also Meow alot in real life lol. Yup, cats! Ta’s my interesting fact lol.

Wheew! That was painless, although now you may all think that I’m a crazy cat lady lol. On to my Nominees!


My 3 questions are:

  1. What are your favortie topics to blog about?
  2. Name a guilty pleasure of yours?
  3. If you were a Billionaire, what was your claim to fame?

This is an open challenge to anyone who I didn’t mention and would like to participate! Once again, thank you to Holly and enjoy your Wednesday!

-Luna 🙂






July Replay!

Happy Tuesday Novas! July has been a crazy month and we have soared right through everything! This post will recap our goals for the month of July, if we met those goals and what we anticipate and plan for August!

July Goals 

  • To finish reading The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write a review

  • To finish reading Outlining Your Novel and begin writing the story again!

  • To not get obsessed with Game of Thrones (ughhh that’s going to be tough)

  • To nail this presentation at work!

  • To buy 2 new video games

  • To review 1 game on the blog

  • To post at least 3 times a week



imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I did finish The Kingmaker’s Daughter and write up a review for it! You can check out the post by clicking here!

Goal: I did not finish reading Outlining Your Novel, but, I did work on my story and complete an outline for it! The tips and information provided in Outlining Your Novel was very valuable and I intend to finish it this month!

Goal: I am obsessed with Game of Thrones! So much so that I am now writing weekly thoughts on the episode each Monday! You can check out the first post by clicking here!

imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I did really well on the presentation that I was invited back to 2 more. Fingers cross that promotion I want is right around the corner!

Goal: I did not buy 2 new video games. I bought 1 called Portal Knights, but that was it. The review of Portal Knights will be coming in the future!

Goal: I did not review a game on the blog. I did provide my thoughts on Sonic Mania that will be releasing on August 15th. You can read those thoughts by clicking here.

imageedit_1_3706275708Goal: I was able to successfully post at least 3 times a week! I’m very happy about the consistency that I had for the month of July and I hope that I can continue this through August!

Now on to what we have accomplished in the month of July!

In an effort to keep consistent content on the blog, we have welcomed a new contributor to the site! Maria will be provided Netflix/ Show reviews weekly on the blog! You can read her first review of a show called Glitch, by clicking here!

July was the blog’s best month to date! We had 1318 Views, 615 Visitors and we published 40 total posts for the month! This is fantastic and I thank each and everyone who has read, commented, liked or interacted with the blog in any way. It will never cease to amaze me that people actually care about reading and writing and sharing my ideas with everyone has been a highlight of my day!  rush hour

Collaborated with a few bloggers on upcoming posts!

Entered creative writing posts!

To be honest, July went by in such a blur that I do not remember everything that was accomplished lol.


Goals for August 2017!

  • Finish reading and reviewing The King’s Curse Book
  • Buy and review at least 1 video game!
  • Stay consistent with at least 3 posts per week!
  • Host a “Lan Party” blogging party!
  • Start integrating more social and discussion posts
  • Look for another blogger to start contributing to the blog!
  • Host a contest for a guest blogger!

Thank you for staying on this journey with us! Since I’m back on social media, feel free to add us by following the links below! What are your goals for August? What have you accomplished in July? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

Social Media:

Twitter – @xGamersUnitedx

Facebook Page & Group – Facebook.com/GamersUnitedGG/

Instagram – GamersUnitedGG







WWE 30 Challenge: Day 26-30

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for staying with us through this 30 day challenge! This will be the final post in the WWE challenge so let’s get to it!

Favorite Wrestlemania

So my favorite Wrestlemania of all time is hands this this year’s Wrestlemania 33! It was held here in my home town of Orlando, Fl and I attending all events that weekend. How can I not love the Wrestlemania where my husband Seth Rollins returned!

Favorite Finisher

I loveddddd Seth Rollins  Curb Stomp back in the day. Now I really like Dirty Deeds by Dean Ambrose and the Coup De Gras by Finn Balor. The curb stomp was a cool looking finisher that reminded me of the curb stomp execution curb stomp  from my favorite game, Gears of War. Dirty deeds looks like a devastating finisher as you plummet your opponents head into the ground dean-ambrose-dirty-deeds-randy-orton-o  . The Coup De Gras is just amazing!!! finn balor

Favorite Debut/Return

This has to pertain to Wrestlemania 3 again! The Monday after RAW my other husband Finn Balor returned from Injury! The following night Shinsuke Nakamura debuted on Smackdown. I was at both events and the crowd went insane!!!! Being at a live event is an indescribable feeling that you cannot capture on film. The atmosphere is so energetic and infectious that it’s crazy.

Earliest Memory of WWE

Stone Cold and the Undertaker’s feud. I vaguely remember Stone Cold inadvertently saving Stephanie Mcmahon from the Undertaker.

Favorite Match Stipulation

Survivor Series! I love the traditional 5 of 5 elimination rules. Another great stipulation is the Elimination Chamber. There’s so many great moments and matches in the WWE that it’s hard to pick just 1.

Thank you for staying with us on this 30 day journey through WWE! What are your favorite finishers and Returns/Debuts? Let’s talk WWE!




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