Summer Slam Preview & Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s time again for my WWE Pay Per View event preview and predictions. This time, we are previewing the biggest event of the summer; SummerSlam! SummerSlam is the 2nd largest WWE event of the year (after WrestleMania) and it’s a cross brand show that will feature both Raw and SmackDown Live matches in Brooklyn, NY! Prepare for a lengthy prediction post because there are a lot of matches taking place on Sunday! I’m super excited for SummerSlam so let’s get into the preview and predictions!

Raw Tag Team Title Match raw tag team This is my most anticipated match that I have been calling on for weeks now. Us fans are finally able to see 2/3 of The Shield re-unite with my Husband and Dean Ambrose mending things. They have been attacked week after week, by first the Miz-tourage and then, the RAW Tag Champs Sheamus and Cesaro. After officially reuniting, Kurt Angle came out and made the title match! There’s no way the WWE can tease us with the reunion for a month and not deliver on them ascending to the top of the Tag Team Division. My Prediction: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are your NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!!

WWE World Championship Match – world Jinder Mahal will take on challenger Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE World Championship Title! I have to be honest, I haven’t paid too much attention to SmackDown so I have no idea how this match happened. Well, that’s not entirely true; I know that Nakamura and John Cena fought for the number 1 contender in which Nakamura won. What I don’t know is how that match was set up. My prediction: I reallyyyy want Nakamura to become WWE Champion, but is it too soon?

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt finn Bray Wyatt has been messing with Finn Balor since he returned to RAW the Monday after WrestleMania. He’s been interrupting his matches, sending his cryptic warnings and telling the WWE universe that their hero is nothing. I knew that Summer Slam would have to be special for Finn becuase it was his first PayPerView on the main roster last year and when he was injured as the first Universal Champion and had to relinquish the title. Bray pushed Balor too far and you can see the build-up of anger. On RAW he had one thing to say…

Bray Wyatt has his demons… and I have mine!

That’s right we finally get to see Finn bring out the Demon King at SummerSlam (it hasn’t been seen since last year’s SummerSlam) and I’m sure the entrance is going to be AMAZING! My prediction: Demon King trumps False Prophet! Finn Balor for the Win!

SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Match- smack womens Natalya won the women’s elimination match to become the number 1 contender for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship against Naomi. I can’t stand Natalya, but her more recent mean streak seems to be standing up better than ever. I don’t want Naomi to loose, especially to Natalya. I feel as though Naomi will not walk out of Brooklyn with her title. My prediction: Carmella, the Princess of Staten Island, cashes in her Money in The Bank Contract.

Raw Women’s Championship Match raw womens The Raw Women’s Championship match will be between champion Alexa Bliss and her worst nightmare, Sasha Banks. Alexa has tried to get away from fighting Sasha Banks for awhile now, but finally her plots are over and Sasha Banks is her official opponent. Sasha has beaten the champ a few times (non-title matches) and she looks to be a 4 Time Women’s Champion. I have to say that I can’t see Sasha getting her 4th title this quick. I want Sasha to win, but I don’t know. My Prediction: Alexa Bliss remains women’s champion.

Universal Championship Match- fatal The fatal 4 way match will be between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. This will most likely be the main event and one of the highlighted matches of the evening. After Brock defeated Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire, the search for the Number 1 contender was on the way. After interruptions from Reigns, Joe and Strowman, GM Kurt Angle did the best thing ever; he made it a Fatal 4 way match. These 4 have been mixing it up in matches on RAW ever since and the kicker is that Brock Lesnar AND Paul Heyman said that if Brock loses, they both leave WWE. Now I’ve been hearing rumors about Brock not being able to compete anymore due to health or something. If this is true, it’s the reason for all the theatrics. My predictions: against popular opinion I think that all 3 Shield members will win titles and Roman Reigns will be the new Universal Champion. Side Note: I mean it could be Strowman’s turn, too lol.

John Cena vs Baron Corbin – john The John Cena and Baron Corbin feud is another one that I have not paid attention to on SmackDown (blahhh) so I don’t know how this match was even set up. At the last SmackDown Live special, Corbin was bent on destroying Nakamura. My Prediction: Cena Will Win.

Rusev Vs Randy Orton- rko I’ve already mentioned that I haven’t really been paying attention to SmackDown Live (everyone I love with the exception of a few people are on RAW) so I’m not sure how this feud even started. Because I’m not quite sure what’s going on, I will jump right into my prediction. My prediction: Rusev will win.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship match- new day The New Day vs The Usos. The 2 tag teams have been battling since the New Day debuted on SmackDown Live. This is the rematch for the titles that the Usos lost during the last SmackDown Live event. I’m not a fan of the New Day having the titles again so this is going to be very biased. My prediction: The Usos reclaim the titles.

Big Show vs Big Cass (with Enzo Suspended in a Shark Cage)big Since the traumatic split of fan favorites Enzo and Cass, we have seen Enzo take on help from another 7 footer, The Big Show. The Big Show is playing the role that Cass once played; in being the defender of Enzo when he gets in over his head, which is often. This match will have Enzo suspended above the ring so that he cannot interfere with the match. My prediction: Big Cass will win.

United States Championship Match- AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens with special guest referee Shane McMahon- ustitle The rematch of champion AJ Styles and KO for the United States Championship will take place on Sunday. Due to discrepencies in the match, Shane McMahon annoyingly decided to be a special guest referee for the match. I know I haven’t watch SmackDown, but why Shane, why? This is just as annoying as him placing himself in the Survivor Series 5 on 5 match, I just don’t see a point. My prediction: AJ Styles will retain, he’d better!

Cruiserweight Championship Re-match- akira HA HA HA HA, laugh at ’em Tozawa! Titus Brand Worldwide is taking over with the new Champion Tozawa taking down the King of the Cruserweights (I mean shouldn’t he change that title now lol). Akira won the title on Monday Night Raw, and after being attacked on 205 Live the next night, the match for Summerslam was confirmed. I love Tozawa and I think he will make a great champion! My Prediction: Tozawa Retains!

Six Man Tag Match- hardyz The 6 man tag match will be between The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan versus The Miz and The Miztourage. This feud started about 2 weeks ago on RAW when the Miz insulted Jason Jordan on Miz TV. He was taking jabs saying that Jordan is given special treatment because of his father being GM Kurt Angle, among other things. In a battle with the Miz, the Hardyz ran to the ring to help out and voila, a Summerslam Kickoff Match was made! My prediction: The Hardyz and Jason Jordan will win.

Wheeew! That was a long prediction post, but we’ve made it! What are your thoughts on the SummerSlam Matchups? Which matches are you most looking forward to and what are some of your predictions? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


July Animation Lootcrate Unboxing!

Happy Friday Novas! This post seems a bit delayed by the title, but I literally just received the Lootcrate a few days ago. July’s theme was Animation and it was set to feature some awesome cartoons like Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Futurama. To me, this seemed like the most appealing standard Lootcrate that they have released, so I had to have it. About halfway through the month, I received an email from Lootcrate saying that they RAN OUT OF SHIRTS and new ones had to be printed. So that’s the reason for the delay, but I FINALLY received the crate! Let’s see what I have!

Each Lootcrate comes with an authentic T-Shirt. For the Animation crate I received a cool TMNT shirt; although I was hoping for a Bob’s Burgers Shirt. 20170817_100136

The box will definitely be kept as it’s a Bob’s Burger, Burger of the Day Box! If you don’t know, I loveeeeee Bob’s Burgers!

Staying on topic for Bob’s Burgers, I received the Burger of the Day recipe card set… This was a bit disappointing as I have the complete book already (I had to buy it lol). At least I can now leave my book at home and take out individual recipes when I want to make a burger (the bet is all on Black Garlic Burger being next).

Each Lootcrate also contains a collectible figure and this month’s figure was Rick from Rick and Morty. **PG-13 Content Inbound!!!* If you have ever watched Rick & Morty, you will know that it is inappropriate for all ages and the figure was no exception. Rick is literally giving everyone the finger lol. 20170817_100408

I also receive a cup holder sleeve thingy; you know the thingies that keep your hands from being too cold or warm from touching your beverage. 20170817_100421

You always receive a Lootpin in each box as well and I receive Gene from Bob’s Burgers! 20170817_100154

While I didn’t get anything Louise (which is what I was banking on) I’m not too upset with the items in this crate. Do you have any subscription services that you sign up for? What service would you want to sign up for? Let’s talk subscription services!

-Luna 🙂

Pokemon Battledome: Who do you choose!

I’ve updated and properly displayed the teams in the Pokemon Post! Check it out and vote for who you would want to battle!

GamersUnitedGG Blog

Happy Tuesday Novas! Today will be a discussion post on you guessed it, Pokemon! For today’s post I wanted to ask other gamers which 3 Pokemon would they take into battle. This can be from any generation. Personally, I would take Charmander, Combusken, and Dratini because they are my favorites. Battle wise, I could be countered easily as 2 of my choices are fire types (but that’s only if my opponent knows who I am using bwahahaha).

Let’s set the scene: You are summoned to a battle arena for a tournament, but the details are vague. The only requirement is for you to bring 3 Pokemon to battle with… WHO DO YOU CHOOSE and WHY?

Luna- Aside from my answer above, I would probably really bring Machop, Haunter and Combusken.  imageedit_2_2981487739  I feel as though, that’s a pretty good mix of characters and types to have with you in…

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Monopoly Gamer Board Game!

Happy Thursday Novas! Today’s post will be a review of the board Game Monopoly Gamer that I was able to play during my vacation last week with friends. Monopoly Gamer is not a traditional Monopoly Game that can take hours to complete. It is actually a game that ends once you fight the final boss in the bosses deck and the winner is the person who has the highest total points. Let’s jump into how you play!


Just like any Monopoly Game, each player chooses their character and receives “coins” from the bank. The initial setup of the coins will be 1 “5 coin” and 5 “single coins.” The coins are used to buy properties on the map and also to fight the bosses. Each player takes a turn rolling 2 dice; one for movement and the second for Power Up Ability actions.


Think of the Power Up Abilities as you would if you were playing Mario Kart. The Red Shells can hit any player of your choice and force them to “drop” 3 coins on their current space. The Green Shell will make the player directly in front of you drop 3 coins. The Squid will allow you to steal 2 coins from any player. The POW icon will force all other players on the board to drop 1 coin. The 3 coins icon will allow you to receive 3 coins from the bank.

Character Abilities: Each character in the game has different abilities that you can use. There’s the Power Up ability and the Superstar Ability. When you roll the Power Up die, if you land on your characters specific power up, you get an added bonus. For instance, I use Yoshi and his Power Up Ability is the Green Shell. Instead of automatically hitting the person in front of me, I could hit the person behind me for coins. Yoshi gets the choice! On the map there are Star Spaces, if you land here you can use your Superstar Ability. The game starts with 4 characters; Peach, Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong, but you can buy alternate characters to use. We bought Rosalina, Fire Mario and Boo!

Board Spaces: When you are hit, you leave coins on the space that you are currently on. To make the game feel more like Super Mario, there are a few different spaces. The Warp Pipe allows you to move to the next Warp Pipe on the board (for added fun, make the warp pipe sound each time someone lands on the space lol). The Thomp Space makes you drop 2 coins (I make the Ummpf sound on this space lol). The Go To Jail Space is standard and we have explained the Star Space. The last space, other than property, is Coin Block Space. You will roll the numbered die and take that many coins from the bank (the ba ding! sound is best used here lol).

Gameplay and Bosses: So we have established that you roll your dice and move your character. Just like standard Monopoly, you buy up spaces to collect rent (each property also has points attached). If you don’t want to buy the property or you do not have enough coins, the property will be auctioned amongst the remaining players in the game. Any space that you pass with coins on them are yours to pick up (if you don’t forget). When you pass go, you collect 2 coins from the bank and you flip over the top “Boss Battle” card. 20170810_183726

The player who passes Go gets to fight a boss by paying the number of coins on the card. To win, you must roll the number equal to or higher than the number shown on the boss card. If you lose, the next player can pay the fight requirement and battle until someone beats the boss. Each boss card also brings a perk that you can use at anytime like being able to force a trade between 2 players. Spoiler alert, you’re fighting the Koopa Kids and ending with Bowser!

Once Bowser is defeated, the game immediately ends and the players tally their points. You add the number of points on your owned properties, to your boss fight points and the number of coins you have to decide the winner. Every 5 coins count as 10 points. That’s it! Bragging rights goes to the person who has the most points in the game and you didn’t have to play for 5 hours.

My winning setup! Yoshi is OP because he collects all coins on the board lol.

Here are my top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” Monopoly Gamer:


  • A fresh new spin on Monopoly
  • A quick family board game
  • The character abilities makes each game interesting so the replay value is high
  • Affordable at about $24


  • You don’t like Monopoly

I would give Monopoly Gamer a 4.5 out of 5! I wish there were more bosses as an expansion pack that you could buy (fighting the same bosses can get tideous).

What do you think of Monopoly Gamer? Have you played any different versions of Monopoly? If so, which are your favorites? What type of board games do you love to play? Let’s Talk Board Games!

-Luna 🙂


Grainy Ambition- Poem

Another roulette of suitors appear,

To bid for my hand like a souvenir,

Their finest silks and gold trimmed arms,

To seduce the kingdom with wealth and charm,

Pour them ale, overflow their cups,

The poison of pride, vanity and lust,

Touches their fingers and drips off their lips,

Powerful gluttons drinking sip after sip,

White foam is emerging from.2 of them now,

The party’s still going, feasting anyhow,

Now 3 or 4 more have taken a turn,

A grainy bit of poison all soon will learn,

Was sprinkled in the chalices of select lords,

They prayed for mercy so it’s given with a sword,

A swift stroke to relieve and ease,

The suffering of a noble brought on by me,

The banker’ s daughter who’s just as skilled,

As the person they’d swindled, my father they’ve killed.
via Daily Prompt: Grainy


Fragile Poem

Knowing you can have me, Knowing that I’m yours,

Fears keeping me up at night, scars that burn,

Knowing that I’d come to you as soon as you would ask,

Realizing you’d soon after throw me in the trash,

Saying that I’m “Over It,” climbing out of your web,

Anxious that I’m too fragile to ever take that step,

You’re the rock that shattered me the first time and the last,

Allowing you so dangerously to break through all of my glass,

Each cut I want to be next to you, each breath of mine you control,

I’m locked in your Pandora’s Box, you’ve darkened my sweet soul.

Gaming Bailouts!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I have spent the last week with some friends and we have been playing all sorts of board games (review on Monopoly Gamer coming soon!). It’s crazy how much fun you can have making up scenarios and just playing with friends. Today’s post will collaborate with some of my blogging buddies to talk about some of our favorite Gaming Bail Outs in board and video games. What’s a gaming bailout? It’s when you use a feature of the game to get out of a sticky situation. Well let’s get to it!

My initial reason for this post was because we played a Monopoly Game called Monopoly Gamer. All of the properties were bought and we were running out of coins to pay people’s rent. So myself and my friend’s husband decided we were going to try and roll the exact number to step on the “Go To Jail” space rofl. That’s right, we wanted to go to jail so that we could forego paying rent for a few turns, tell me you haven’t done that before???


Chris from Overthinker Y told us about his favorite gaming bailout.

Fast travel to get me out of awkward situations would be amazing. Or quicksaving to try every conversation outcome and make sure I don’t say something dumb!

Adventure Rules chimed in as well!

In RPGs with a rest function (like KOTOR or Neverwinter Nights) if a group of enemies was giving me trouble I’d always run away, close the doors so they didn’t see me and start following, and then rest to get all of my health and abilities back. Then go back, open the doors and continue fighting!

Nathan from Hurricane Thought Process and I’s answers go hand in hand!

Mid boss fight when you’ve run out of health potions.  Oh, like when playing an RPG or Moba and you run out of mana. I would always hit the opponent with a basic and roll around until I regained enough mana to attack 😂🤣🤣


Kim from Later Levels Added in her gaming bailout as well:

In old-school adventures, when you get stuck, open your inventory and try everything with everything! You’ll usually find something completely random and illogical that’ll work.

Those are some of our favorite video game bailouts! Make sure to check out everyone’s blog for great video game content! What are some of your classic gaming bailouts? Are there any bailouts that you wish existed? Let’s talk video games!

Enjoy your Wednesday and Game On!

-Luna 🙂



Game of Thrones Ep.5 Eastwatch Recap and Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! Omg I can’t wait to give you my thoughts and opinions on this episode so let’s jump straight in, but before we do **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** I will be recapping significant scenes from last night’s episode so if you haven’t watched it, stop reading. To read last week’s recap and thoughts, click here!

First we have grown accustomed to the opening themes of the show revealing different locations and this opening featured Eastwatch on the wall. We start with Jaime and Bronn getting out of the water. Bronn starts scolding Jaime for being reckless in the fight last episode. Bronn had some funny and choice words for Jaime:

…You saw the dragon between you and here? -Bronn

Till I get what I am owed, a dragon doesn’t get to kill you, you don’t get to kill you, I do! – Bronn

Bronn is definitely giving me life both in the series and by Jaime’s side. I just hope he doesn’t become a casualty of war or fodder for Drogon.

Next we find that Tyrion is walking the ashes of the fallen soldiers of the battle. His path ends with Drogon perched on a mountain top with Dany ready to address the survivors of the battle. As Dany is settling into being a ruler, she knows that at this point she is at war and must assert herself. The Tarly’s Randall and Dickon are faced with a choice along with the rest of the soldiers:

I offer you a choice. Bend the Knee and Join Me… If you refuse, you will die! – Dany

Randall Tarly takes his proud stance and unknowingly seals his and his son’s fate. As much as Tyrion pleaded for mercy, “Dracarus!” was the last thing that the Tarly duo heard and fire was the last image they saw.

Jaime returns to Kings Landing and addresses Cersei bringing with him not only the news of the lost battle, but the dying message of Olenna. Cersei almost in disbelief questioned Jaime further and ended with these words:

I shouldn’t have listened to you. She should have died Screaming! -Cersei

This is a climatic scene not for the obvious reasons of her finding out the truth and Olenna’s final wish being fulfilled. Because you can see in the anger in Cersei’s face that she is starting to trust Jaime’s opinion less and less. Another intriguing part of the episode is when Cersei reveals that she is pregnant and that Jaime is the father again. What should have been a joyous moment of relief turned into Cersei bluntly warning Jaime not to betray her again. That makes me wonder if she really is pregnant or if she’s using this as leverage to reel Jaime in.

Jon and Dany are also reunited after the battle is over. Another climatic scene is unveiled when Drogon snarls in Jon’s face. Jon actually reaches out and pets the dragon. Of course Dany is watching and taking in everything that is happening, my guess is the attraction between the 2 monarchs was just increased again. But more than that, Drogon identifies with Jon which is why he allows himself to be touched. We all know that Drogon is the least friendly of the trio of dragons so this is a great moment that is backed up by a blanket statement made by Guilly later in the episode.

Did you catch it? Guilly was reading the details that 1 arch maester wrote down from the number of steps at the Citadel to the number of Windows at the Sept. The 1 fact that was not mindless was the record of the annulment of Rhaegar Targaryen and a secret marriage to someone else in Dorne. Think about it… Lyanna Stark who is Jon’s mother was held in the Tower of Joy. The Tower of Joy is in Dorne. Are you catching on? If this record is legitimate then so is Jon. He is no longer a bastard and now arguably the rightful heir to the Iron Throne… OVER DAENAERYS!!!!  I’m mind blown right now. I really don’t want to talk about anything else but let’s dissect the rest of the episode. jon

Arya is being played by Littlefinger. Remember last week when I inquired into Sansa and Littlefinger watching Arya. Now I know why. It was all a trap for Littlefinger to set up Arya. He really is so clever isn’t he? This act of deceit piled on with Sansa accepting praise from the northen lords is all the evidence Arya needs to start hating her sister. We will see how it all plays out as Arya has already questioned Sansa’s intentions earlier in the episode.

Davos finds Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son and takes him to Jon. Against Davos’ advisement, Gendry introduces himself for real to Jon and travels with the others (exceptionally fast) to the wall. Here we also meet the Brotherhood with No Banners and the Hound as they join Jon, the Wildlings and Jorah Mormont to end the episode by journeying beyond the wall.

What an episode. Let’s end it here with some notable moments and quotes.


“Nobody Mind me, all I’ve ever done was lived to be a ripe old age.” -Davos

“If I don’t return, at least you don’t have to worry about the King in the North.” – Jon “I’ve Grown Use to him.” -Dany

Here We are at the edge of the world, all together, heading in the same direction for the same reason –

“He’s right. We’re all on the same side” – Jon “How can we be?” – Genry “We’re all breathing.” -Jon

Notable Moments:

  • Bran seeing the army of the dead
  • Tyrion and Varys Talking
  • Sam addressing the Maesters
  • Sansa taking in the praise of the Northern Lords
  • Arya Confronting Sansa
  • Jon finds out Arya and Bran are alive
  • Jorah returns to Dany

We still need to catch up with Grey Worm and the rest of the Unsullied. We still need to find out just what has happened to Yara in her captivity by Euron. There’s so much we still need to catch up on and start to piece together, but I don’t know how this will happen with2 episodes remaining.

Ok I have rambled on enough. What did you think of Sunday’s episode? Are you interpreting the scene with Gilly the same way I am? What would it mean if Jon wasn’t a bastard? What do you think will happen next? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-una 🙂




Favorite Call of Duty Game!

Happy Sunday Novas! Today is the culmination of the Call of Duty World Championship tournamnet that is taking place in my home of Orlando Florida! The COD World Championships is the biggest event of the year for professional COD PLayers and holds the largest prize pool: $1 Million Dollars. It’s no secret that this year’s Call of Duty Game (Infinite Warfare) wasn’t a fan or even pro favorite. Because I wasn’t really into the game, I didn’t watch too  much of the professional Call of Duty Scene this year. This also stems over to the World Championships. Since I’m out of town on vacation (ughhh I did want to attend the event but timing lol) I chose to just check Twitter for updates on the event. Anyway, because it’s a COD weekend, I wanted to have a discussion post about your favorite Call of Duty game!

My favorite Call of Duty Game of all time is Modern Warfare 2! Modern Warfare 2 or M Dubs as we called it, was the first COD game that I bought at a midnight release. This game holds some of my funnest and fondest gaming memories and was released November 10th, 2009. I remember playing the Spec Ops mode in which you were able to team up with friends to complete challeneges outside of the story mode. If you’re read most of my gaming posts, you will know that I am not one for playing a story especially in multiplayer heavy games. Spec Ops will little side missions that were super fun to play. My favorite missions were the stealth ones where you would used your Ghillie suits to blend in and snipe enemies.

The Multiplayer levels and movement of M Dubs was pretty awesome in my opinion as well. I don’t remember ever having too much lag or crazy things happening in the game due to conection. The controls were easy to use (and the same in just about ever FPS) and the levels themselves were pretty cool. My favorite level would have to be Estate but High Rise and Terminal were fun as well.

One of my favorite weapons appeared in MW2 as well, it was the Scar- H. This gun had no recoil, was insanely accurate and powerful. I actually thought that I was too good with this gun once I have my attachments and perks set up so I only used it when I was going try-hard mode.

My killstreak setup for multiplayer was almost always UAV, Harrier Strike and Pave low or UAV, Predator Missile and Harrier Strike! The UAV gave you enemy recon so that you could see enemies (not wearing cold blooded) on the map. the Harrier Strike was 3 jets flying over and dropping a bombardment of missiles on a single loctation and then 1 Harrier Jet stayed in the air to shoot enemy equiptment, players and even other airborn weapons,

the Pave Low was a helicopter that stayed in the air and shot at enemy opponents and the Predator Missile was a guided missle drop from the air.  Also the sound effects and soundbytes were some of the best “Tactical Nuke Incoming, It’s Over!” “Enemy Ac 130 Above!”

The Perks that I would use in the game varied based on the gamemode I was playing. I played mostly Team Death Match so I would use Marathon to sprint longer, Stopping Power to have increased bullet damage and Ninja to move silently (no one was hearing my feet lol).  I was mostly an AR player in MW2 but sometimes I would switch to a sub or sniper, depending on the level. For a Submachine Gun my perks would be Sleight of Hand to reload faster, Lightweight to move faster and Steday Aim to have increased hip fire accuracy. For a Sniper class I went all stealh with Scavenger to pick up extra ammo and equiptment, Cold Blooded to be undetectable by UAVs and Ninja to be silent.

If you haven’t played it, it is remastered and available on Xbox as well as PC.

Modern Warfare 2 is my pick for my favorite Call of Duty game of all time. What are your favorite COD games and why? What are your favorite perks, weapons or killstreaks? What are some of your favorite levels from any COD game? Are you following Competitive COD or any competitive game? Let’s talk Call of Duty Favorites!

Have a great Sunday!

-Luna 🙂



YouTube – xFearless Killax


Video Game Playlist

Happy Thursday Novas! Thank you for tuning in to today’s post. I want to apologize for the content slipping this week, but I am on vacation at the moment so getting around to blogging hasn’t been an easy task. Today’s post will be a look into music that I love to listen to while playing videos games!

It’s funny, I turn on music when I’m playing alone in games like Gears of War, Call of Duty or a sandbox game like Minecraft. Why, you say? Because music can help you focus, put you in a great mood and help you forget about your stresses. I like to consider myself a bit eclectic so the songs I will list here will span different genre’s. I encourage everyone to share some of your favorite songs to game to and I’ll add them to a spotify playlist for everyone to download.

The beginning: listening to music while playing video games started for me in the original Xbox days. If you have read my Evolution of a Gamer post, I talked about gaming starting with my brother Kenny and his journey into the new consoles. Well Kenny introduced me to games I probably would never have played, one of which was the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Games. I remember him first playing Pro Skater on his computer and her would have music paying in the background. When the game released for Xbox, Kenny would still have music playing through his computer and he pretty much put me on to music like Staind and Nickelback.

Once I had my own system, I started burning music on to the 360 to listen to at my leisure.  tony Here are some of my favorite songs in which I played during Tony Hawk Games:

  • This is How You Remind Me – Nickelback
  • Price to Play – Staind
  • Hero – Nickelback
  • Senorita – Justin Timberlake

Most of the songs I listened to were Alternative and Pop while playing Tony Hawk. I’m not sure if it was the beat, the lyrics or the feeling on the songs, but they seemed to mesh well when I was kicking flips or grinding on rails lol.

First Person Shooters – When I delved into the world of First Person Shooters, the music that I turned on changed. Gears of War and Call of Duty 4 were my first experiences with FPS games and before party chat, I would play alone with my mic muted and play music. Here:s a sample of my FPS Playlist:

  • Lose Yourself – Eminem
  • Forgot about Dre – Dr Dre & Eminem
  • Lollipop – Lil Wayne
  • Shots – Lil Jon

You can kind of see the difference in the music choices for each game. I wanted more upbeat or hardcore music when I shooting people’s faces off lol. I wanted to feel like I was watching an intense action movie and the playlist had to match.

Strategy or RPG Games: When I started playing games like Fable and Oblivion, music still played a huge role in gaming. When you’re playing games like this and you’re alone, you have to do quite a bit of farming to gain the resources you may want or need. This tideous bout of compleing the same quests, killing the same enemies or searching for the same item can get monotonous. How do you combat the endless farming? Music of course! Here’s a sample of my RPG or RTS playlist:

  • La La Land – Demi Lovato
  • Hey Daddy – Usher
  • Danza Kuduro -Don Omar
  • The Way – Ariana Grande

This final playlist features more pop songs than anything. I need to be energized and feel motivated to continue questing. Below is a sample of my current Video Game Playlist!

That’s a list of some of my favorite songs to play video games to, what are yours? Do you have a specific time that you listen to music when you are gaming? Are there any memories that you have specifically about gaming and listening to music? Share your thoughts! Let’s talk Video Game Playlists!

-Luna 🙂