4 Reasons I love House Stark!

Happy Monday Novas! Since I was unable to watch Game of Thrones last week, I thought I would do a post listing the 4 reasons that I loveeee House Stark! I know, I know, what you’re thinking but like it’s House Flipping Stark! They may be boring to some, but to me they are the best House in Game of Thrones! If you haven’t watched GOT you might want to stop rading as there may be spoilers below! **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Wolves: The sigil for the house is the Dire Wolf which is a gigantic wolf. Dire wolves are beautiful and dangerous. Sansa and Arya said a great reference at the end of season 7. ” Father said that even if the  leader dies, the pack will survive.” or something like that. The leader Ned died, but the pack (well most of them) still live on.


Yes, the Starks will fight, yes they each have a different opinion on what needs to be done but as Sansa, Arya and Bran proved, no one, not even Littlefinger can tear them apart. They will in the end come together as a pack and destroy their enemies.


Fight: If you notice, all of the Starks are excellent fighters! Jon of course is a master swordsman and as dog fodder Ramsey described him “Probably the best fighter anyone has ever seen.”  jon fight  Arya is skilled in fighting, she took on Brienne in season 7 and has been carving up targets left and right (How many people are left on her list anyway?). Ned was an extroadinary swordsman as Jaime Lannister learned.  Jaime’s own men thought he was in danger to lose the fight and drove a spear into Ned’s leg.

Skills: Each member of the Stark family has an impressive skill that other houses just do not possess. Arya is an assassin and very skilled with weapons, Sansa has the diplomatic skills of a Lannister (which can be a double edge sword),  Jon has the leadership skills and tenacity of the best warrior around, Rob had the same leadership qualities and then there is Bran, the 3 eyed raven. Need I say more?

Honor: You cannot mention House Stark without mention their Honor! Many get mad at the Starks for not bending the rules and doing whatever they can to win, but I admire them for sticking to their morals. It is entirely easy to break the rules to get what you want.  ned  When you stand for something and stick to it no matter what, you should be commended. The Starks do not follow the crowd, their honorable and noble. Yes, it may get them into crazy situations but that’s the price or being honorable. Everyone in the 7 Kingdoms know that a Stark’s word will not be broked and can be trusted. It’s why they are so likeable by the other houses.

Those are my top reasons for loving House Stark! Which House is your favorite in Game of Thrones and why? Let’s talk GOT!

-Luna 🙂




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Memoirs of A Villain: Cruella Deville!

“Simon Darling! How is my favorite typewriter doing?”

“The term is Copy Writer Cruella. What can I do for you today?” Simon says.

“Well I’ve just got a fantastic idea dear. To help launch my new line of furs, I want to write a memoir of my rise to fame.”

“You mean you want me to.”

“Of course! Ha! Could you imagine, me writing something for myself. That’s what I pay you for. Now get to joting down my thoughts.”

“Yes ma’am”

They call me Cruella Deville, the puppy napper. The world doesn’t understand greatness in it’s prime, not until they have died do people really apreciate their art, their eye for talent and fashion.

“Are you really comparing yourself to world reknowned artists?”

“I’m sorry do I pay you for your opinion? Oh ok, I thought not. Keep writing Simon.” Now where was I? Oh yeah, no one knows the true motives behind my acts and why the luxurious dog furs are the only pieces of clothing that I can wear. Let’s start from the beginning. As a girl, I was held hostage by family that was supposed to love and care for me. They kept me locked up and guarded with huge dogs. One day I tried to go downstairs for a drink and I was cornered by the beasts spilling my juice n the floor. I grabbed the towel in the kitchen and wiped the splatter from my neck and hands. As an innocent child, I tried to pet the pooches to calm them down and then it happened! “

“Oh my gosh, were you attacked Cruella? Is that why you’re crazy?”

“Silence you idiot and keep typing! I wasn’t attacked, something more disgusting happened. I couldn’t breathe! My throat closed up and as I was gasping for air my skin burned. It had to have been about 3 minutes before I blacked out and…”

“You’re allergic? That’s what you’re going with?” Simon smirks.


My temper needs to be tamed because I threw the chair that was next to me across the room.  “Will you stop interrupting and just listen!”

“Alright, alright. Calm down Cruella sheesh. You’re going to have a stroke one of these days.”

My patience is fleeting. The jitters from my hand drops my pack of cigarettes to the floor. Simon reaches over and hands me one of his and we both fill the room with clouds. 3 puffs and the jitters stop, the headache receeds and I’m back to the cool, fashionista that’s in high demand. I can’t let people see me like this, i’d be ruined.

“Shall we continue?” Simon asks.

I nod. “So something vile happened, I found out that I was having an allergic reaction to cotton. I’ve always been rather itchy, but this was a new low. When I awoke, the only thing that could soothe my rash was the hairs of fur left on the floor by the dogs. The epiphany occured and I knew that dog hair was where it was at. Fast forward 10 years, I started to make clothing out of the dog hair because my allergy to cotton became worse.

People started complimenting my designs and eventually started requesting for me to make pieces. I couldn’t suffice with the leftover hair on the floor so one day, I shaved one of the dogs! It was like the birth of a genius, it just felt so right!  My empire was born that day! I became a multimillionaire by selling the thing that saved my life. Dog hair!”

“So you’re just helping out the fashion world, huh?”

“Of course! I’m a regular guru, a trend setter, a business mogul that took a weakness and transformed it into strength!”

“Brillaint! I mean you’re delusional, but you have to admire your confidence.”

“Anyway Simon, the moral of the story is that you can’t let anything stop you from being great! Any obstacle can turn into your claim to fame!”

“So you’re not bothered by the fact that you abduct puppies?”


My anger is to an all time high. The last thing I remember is stepping over Simon to grab the typed up page from his typewriter. “Ughh it’ll due I guess.” I grab the hankerchief out of Simon’s lapel and wipe the debris from the page. Wlaking out of the room I smile at the start of my lie’s work.

“All I need now is another typewriter.” Flicking the remains of my cigarette on Simons body I hum my theme song and chuckle down the hall. ”





Daily Prompt: Recreate (Poem)

The Tamlin’s family throne is up for grabs,

Their monarch is dead and only 1 heir lasts,

How can the crown pass down to her?

She betrayed her family enciting a stir,

Before her beheading a pardon was passed,


High Chancellor why am I not condemned?

Do you wish to sink, if so you’ll swim?

I wish to protect those whom I must hate

Then build up the realm and Recreate

A rule that’s just and fair for them.


A tattered shirt falls to the floor,

The mercernary can be no more,

I wash away my treason and shave,

Princess to Queen I must now behave,

Well dressed and regal , I approach the court.


Sworn to rule I also vow to defend,

My people and my court for the evil within,

The oath is taken and vows are said,

The verses are spoken, I bend my head

Another prayer I owe this win,


I kneeled as Serena, a child ordained

I ascend to the top of the mountain of kings,

Presented to the world as next in line,

They praise and shout my name to the divine

Long Live the Queen, Forever shall I reign.


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The Most Active Blogger Award!

Happy Saturday Novas! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and ready to enjoy the weekend! I’m super excited that this will be my final Saturday working for a while which means that I can have a normal weekend day off. How will I spend it? Playing video games of course! I just bought Destiny 2 post about that coming next week) and a gaming PC. It’s about to be lit!!!! Anyway the lovely Holly at BloggerinaBlogWorld nominated us for the Most Active Blogger Award! Thank you very much Holly, you guys should definitely check out her blog!

When you meet awesome bloggers!


Nominees, here are the rules:

1) Create a new post stating that you’ve been nominated by me, linking my blog to your post.

2) Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

Let’s Talk About Holly: I met Holly through the Community Pool one Monday. Her blog is a beautiful corection of writing but I particularly recommend her poetry! Holly’s writing drew me in and we have been great friends ever since. She’s super fun and super talented! Definitely take a look!

I’m extremely happy that I have a few more bloggers to add to my list of nominees for the most active blogger award.

My Nominees:

  • Reads & Reels – We all love Shanninagans over here! Her blog is an amazing collection of Books, Movies and more. She’s constantly providing content and I see her in my feed daily. She’s also super fun to get to know and talk to and I highly recommend her blog!
  • A Reluctant Hero – Thero159 has been participating in this month’s Anime 30 day challenge. You can visit the blog to read responses for the questions and also great video game posts. I feel like Thero is a very underrattedblogger and should be gaining more followers so drop on by and see if you enjoy the content!
  • Start Your Meeples– Luke runs a great gaming blog that also focuses on board games. I love seeing his posts in my feed. This blog is great for all gamers (who knew that the world of Board Games was so interesting lol).
  • Afterwards – Michael is another great writer that I have met. I love reading his lunchtime limmericks and other prose. The theme’s are always different, often funny and sometimes disturbing; it’s a fantastic mix of styles for anyone to enjoy!
  • Overthinker Y – Chris is a great buddy and is looking to grow his blog. He writes about video games and other interests but not so much reviews, more like opinion pieces and it’s really refreshing.

I have many other bloggers that I would like to nominate and since I have nominated these bloggers before, I’ll do a quick nomination list here! Some of my favorite blogs to read are:

  • IgnitedMoth – Comics, Series/Book reviews, random thoughts!
  • The Tattooed Book Geek – Primarily a book blog with humor, sarcasm and awesomeness!
  • The Shameful Narcissist – Final Fantasy lovers this is your stop! She also has great book reviews, gaming updates and thoughts and orginal writing!
  • Later Levels – I love Kim and the team at Later Levels. Video Game Enthusiasts, this is your stop!
  • Sheikah Plate – It’s funny, Teri has been on my Blog list for quite a while, but we idn’t really connect until we were pitted against each other in the community Blogger Blitz competion hosted by the Adventure Rules Blog! Her posts are amazing and quick congratulatons on making it to the finals Teri!
  • Lightning Ellen’s Release – A great gaming blog to watch out for!


Congratulations to all of the nominees and to everyone in general for being AWESOME!


For anyone that I have missed, I apologize. I encourage everyone to participate and let me know if you do so that I can take a look at your post! Thank you again to Holly ❤ and everyone who makes the blogging community amazing! Have a great weekend! Oh yeah, don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to see the Villain that is taking over in our Memoirs of A Villain Segment! This villain is one who you won’t Fur-get!

-Luna 🙂



Throwback Thursdays: Favorite Horror Creatures!

Happy Thursday Novas! This weekend my job at Universal Orlando will start the annuall Halloween Horror Nights event. In appreciation of horror classiscs, I’ve decided that today’s Throwback Thursday post will be dedicated to 3 or my favorite Horror Creatures of all time! From now until November, ever throwback thursdaypost will be Halloween related!


The Undead: The undead are really cool and we all know how the stock of Zombies have been on an incline since the Walking Dead premiered. Zombies are cool because aside form modern findins of stomping in their heads and burining the bodies, you really didn’t know how to get rid of Zombies. Like, how do you kill the Undead?


Vampires: Vampires are my first love for horror movie creatures. Maybe it’s because Vamps take on the forms of humans and you can’t really tell them apart unless their fangs are showing. Pretty much anyone can be a vampire and you wouldn’t know it until you turn the corner and catch them sucking on someone’s neck! Staying up all night and sleeping during the day, heck I may have been a Vampire in high school!


Ghosts: Ghosts will have to be my number 1 on this list of Horrible Creatures! I like the silliness of ghosts booing people and their invincibility. You can only really get rid of a ghost or spirit using Holy Water or something. I don’t believe that the Ghostbusters can exterminate my luminescent friends. Ghosts are notorius tricksters and just want to haunt an abandoned mansion in peace! Get it, get it? Rest I n Peace! Bwahahahaha.

Those are my 3 favorite Horror Creatures for today’s Throwback Thursday! What are some of your favotecreatures? If anyone says The Blob, you’re deleted!!!! Lol jkjk. Let’s talk horror! 

-Luna 🙂






Response: Are video games art?

Happy Wednesday Novas! I was reading a post by The Well Read Mage on Monday and it posed the question, are video games art? I decided to create a blog post to this response in 500 words or less. You can read other responses and the initial post by clicking here!

Yes! I believe that video games are indeed art for a few reasons.

Creative team combining music and aesthetics– Film is a type of art can we agree? There’s many video games now that take on the same challenges as films. Is this storyline predictable? Where can I add in bomb graphics that suit the scene and what about the music? All of these elements play a vital role in the creation of a video game. Some of the past Games of the Year have great features like Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age and Skyrim.  

  RPG games have amazing graphics and make you want to visit the world that you are playing in.

A well put together story– art or pieces or art like writing, drawing or even film tells a story. We are in an age now where advanced stories are told and even take on life like situations like in the Life is Strange game.

Art makes you feel something– Video games can make you feel a range of emotions from fear to happiness. I believe that anything that can tap into your emotion should at least be in the conversation of art. In Fable III, I’ve mentioned before the choices that you have to make makes you feel sympathy, anger, joy , etc.

What are your thoughts on video games being considered art? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂





Luna’s Rankings: Call of Duty

Happy Tuesday Novas! Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video where Chaos ranked the Call of duty Franchise from worst to best. I thought, why not do a rankings post every Tuesday! To start it off, I will of course start with Call of Duty. Each week I will rank a gaming series or genre from worst to best and ask for your lists to join in on the discussion. If you’re read my Favorite Call of Duty Post, you already know which title ranks in first, but what about the rest of them. Let’s start at number 10.

World At War??? – So my list doesn’t include World At War because I didnt really play this title. I mean I played it a bit, but I don’t even think that I’ve played 5 hours of World At War.


Infinite Warfare– IW was the first COD game that I didn’t buy. The game just didn’t appeal to me and after playing the BETA I knew that I wouldn’t like the game because of the movement, and I’m glad I didn’t buy it.


Modern Warfare 3 – Modern Warfare 3 was a pretty fun game until they added the payloads or whatever they’re called. Players just kept droppig the bulletproof vests and wouldn’t die. This game went downhill severely quickly.


Advanced Warfare – I liked advanced warfare. No real complaints, I just liked other games better.


Ghosts– This is where my list may get controversial, I really liked playing ghosts. The only thing I didn’t like was that the characters seemed slower in this COD than any other. The jumps seemed heavy but I loved the Game modes and the maps. I will say that the gun selection could have been better.


Black Ops – Black Ops one was pretty fun but I wouldn’t put it any higher on my list. I didn’t really like he levels or the guns, the only gun I used consistently was the Commando that you had to be like a level 70 to unlock, ughhh. No prestiging on this game.


Blops 2 – Black Ops 2 was the one that started competitive COD for me. My friends and I made a clan, played GBs, it was an awesome time. We even created a YouTube channel and I was able to learn editing so that we could showcase everyone. Black Ops 2 had great gameplay and people died when you shot them lol.


COD 4 – The original Modern Warfare game and my first call of duty. It was pretty fun but I didn’t play it until a few months before MW2 released. This game is where some of my friends and I met.


Blops 3– Black Ops 3 was a really great game.After playing the Beta I was convinced that the game would do well and it did. It’s a great game to play and watch competitively. All I can say is that Blps 3 is amazing.


MW2– Yup Modern Warfare 2 is my number 1 COD game. This was the first COD that I oicked up at midnight and it’s my favorite of all time. The Scar was my weapon and I loved the stages. This is also the first game ever where I started buying DLC.I really want them to remaster this game and bring it back t next gen consoles, so many memories.

Alright that’s my rankings for the Call of Duty Franchise! What’s your order? What’s your favorite COD games? Tune in next week when I rank my favorite Gears of War games of all time!

-Luna 🙂



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Story Deck vs User Deck; Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope everyone is being safe if you are affected by Hurricane Irma. I may or may not have power when this post goes live but I’ve tried to preset some posts to go out this week and this is one of them. Saturday night I was playing the Trading Card Game Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist on PS4. I’ve completed the main story and moved on to Yugioh GX which has to deal with fusions and stuff. When I played Yugioh physically, I played the normal version so I had little knowledge on fusions. Because of my ignirance, I decided to use the story mode decks for most of my battles; Big Mistake!!!! The story line decks are fine but some of the character’s setups are just plain annoying to play with. I know, I know that the premise is to teach you to adapt to your situation and such, but I like action! Some decks are passive like this one deck that was 98% trap and spell cards!!!!! I mean I won the duel after I was finally able to steal monster’s from my opponent (thank you monster reborn lol) but what if I couldn’t kill my opponent’s monsters??? I would have been a sitting duck lol.

So that experience prompted this discussion post. Do you use the story mode decks in TCG’s or do you make your own custom decks?

In the main story line, I made custom decks because I was familiar. My custom deck pretty much tore through any opponent that I was up against. It was pretty funny because playing online with my friends I was destrying as well. I highly recommend the Amazoness Deck build rofl. This deck can play against any normal deck pretty well, fusion decks will be your downfall but you can still put up a great fight. Let’s go through some of my favorite cards in this custom deck.


Doesn’t he remind you of Shere Khan from the Jungle Book?


Amazoness Tiger – This card is targeted first out of all Amazoness monsters on the field. This card also gets a buff of 400 ATK (attack) points per each Amazoness on the field! Can you see how this tiger can be devastating for an opponent? It starts with 1100 ATK and 1500 DEF (Defense).


The first card I’ve seen that can negate Mirror force!!!


Amazoness Scouts – The scouts have very low ATK and DEF points. So why are they useful? That’s because some cards can have special effects. During either player’s turn: You can Tribute this card; this turn, face-upAmazonessmonsters you currently control cannot be targeted by monster effects, and cannot be destroyed by card effects. This card is amazing!!! You can block and effect for your tribe, sooo bye bye  Mirror Force! I always have at least 2 scouts in my deck.


Amazoness Queen– With the Queen, any Amazoness monsters that you control cannot be destroyed by battle. You can have a full lineup firing away at your opponent until they’re pretty much frced to pull out like a black hole card to destroy ALL monsters on the field.

Some of my favorite Amazoness trap and spell cards are:


Can’t get rid of them all!


Queen’s Pawn– This trap card allows you to summon a level -4 amazoness monster when your amazoness in play destroys an opponent’s monster.


This card is LIT!!!


Amazoness Village– This is a spell card that allows you to buff all Amazoness monsters by 200 ATK. You’re also able to Special Summon an Amazoness monster equal to the Amazoness destroyed by battle or card effect.

As you can see, the Amazoness deck build provides a lot of versatility and can pack a punch if played correctly. The downside of this deck is that while you can gain ATK power quite quickly, the levels cap out quickly and typically before 3000 ATK. That’s why its crucial that you do not use this deck against fusion decks that can have average monsters of 3000 ATK or higher. If you attack quickly and with strategy, you can even defeat fusion decks but it’s going to be difficult. That’s why I add in a few high level monsters that can pack a punch!

So what type of strategies do you use in TCG’s? Do you play Yugioh, Magic or any trading card games? Do you prefer to use the story deck or a custom deck? Let’s talk trading card games!

Have a fantastic day!

-Luna 🙂



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Memoirs of A Villain: Louise Belcher!

Listen, I’m not a villain but I do have quite an impressive history of mischief! louise3  Before you pass any judgement, “Just remember that we are going to come out of this deal stinking rich!” The memoir deal that is!

Have you seen all of the crap that’s being marketed as “New York Times Bestsellers?” Most of the books on that list are self help mambo jumbo that even I could write up! So I will!

I’m a simple Belcher. My family owns a restaurant and are always coming across trouble or precarious situations. Who would think that this amount of excitement would be available at a burger joint? I’m an entrepreneur, I try and get in on the ground floor of every get rich quick scheme and after reading the memoirs of 2 famous villains; The Joker and Sesshomaru, I know it’s my turn to shine!

Let’s start from the beginning. Tina was crying over the latest fight between our father and her crush’s father, Jimmy Pesto! Jimmy runs the Italian place directly across the street form us and he has been terrorizing my father for as long as I can remember. Our place may not be the fanciest, but the food outweighs Pesto’s by a ton. This time, he went too far and banned Jimmy Jr, Ollie and Andy from talking to use Belchers. Tina was devastated and I’d had enough. It’s time to protect the family.

I’ve devised a few plans to stick it to Jimmy one and for all.

Plan #1 – I feed my brother Gene buckets of chili and send him over into Jimmy Pesto’s restroom. Unknowingly, I’ve placed cherry bombs in Gene’s back pocket. He’s sure to drop a few in the toilet as he relieves himself and then KABOOM! Gene cause a minor explosion while he is pooping and the smell causes everyone to evacuate the restaurant!

Nope, can’t do that Louise. Gene will be left behind and Jimmy will somehow blame dad.

Plan #2 – I get Andy and Ollie to let me into their father’s kitchen by telling them that we’re going to play a game of hide n seek.  louise2  I volunteer to be “IT” and let the twins go off and hide away from the crime scene. Then I find Jimmy’s special marinara sauce and stir in a very special ingredient that Zeke secured for me. He beat up the science club and made them concoct a tasteless liquid that causes diarrhea. One taste of this stuff and the entire restaurant will be sick! Those who didn’t have the marinara will be sick watching others throw up and poop their pants. It’s full proof.

“Hey Louise, Rudy is here” – Tina interrupts bursting into my room.

“Hi Louise!” Rudy waves with his free arm.

“Ughhh I’m trying to make us millions here guys. What is it?” I answer slamming my pen on the desk.

“Well I wanted to show you my new Roach Farm.” Rudy says. He walks over to the desk and places a container down.

“I want to see, I want to see” Gene screams running into the room.

We all gather around as Rudy takes off the sheet covering his new friends. In aw we all marvel at the roaches walking around.

“Aw, Rudy they look sad.” Tina says

“Yea, can’t you let them loose so that they can breathe?” Gene agrees.

I smile am evil grin as the belcher children and Rudy continue to play with the roaches. Clasping my hands I let out a maniacal laugh. “This is perfect! Bwahahahaha, bwahahaha.” louise1

Tina Joins in “Aha, aha hahaha” followed by Rudy “Hahahaha.”

“I want to feel included” Gene yells “ahahahahhaha.”

The next day…

We’re sitting in the restaurant and Tina is telling us for the Gazillioneth  time that she wants to run away if she can’t be with Jimmy Jr. Dad is trying to calm her down and mom is singing her a lullaby to ease her mind. Just then we hear screams from across the street. The family runs to window to see all of Jimmy Pesto’s customers running into the streets with little critters following them.

“Omg Lyn, do you see this?” Dad says.

“Let me see, let me see. Oh My Gosh, Bobby!” Mom replies.

“What’s going on dad?” Gene and Tina ask.

“It’s the best day of our lives kids. Jimmy Pesto’s has been infested with roaches and now everyone will know!” Dad yells.

It’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen my dad cry. Tears of joy roll down his face as the Health Department and the News crews pulled up in front of Jimmy’s. Everyone rushes outside to watch the descent of Father’s enemy, except me. I stand with my arms crossed and the smile of satisfaction on my face.

See, I’m not a villain, I am a simple daughter trying to save her family from ruin. I am Louise Belcher!


WWE Slam Crate Unboxing: Extremes!

Happy Friday Novas! Last week I received my September crate for my WWE subscription from lootcrate. The theme was Extremes and while this crate was pretty cool, I have to admit that it has not been my favorite crate. Anyway on to the items received!

Each lootcrate comes with a custom shirt that you cannot find anywhere else.  This month’s shirt was leaked along with the figure so we knew that the Hardy Boyz were going to be the new Hardy Boyz whci I was excited to have!

Next is the custom figure that’s included in each crate. If you viewed my last 2 slam crates, you will know that right now we are collecting the 4 ring pieces and Superstars from the Attitude Era. First I received Stone Cold Steve Austin, Next was Triple H and this time was the Undertaker! The Undertaker is one of my all time favorites (probably because I love villains lol). I was honored to have the Undertaker retire here in my home of Orlando, Fl this past April.


We also received pins from the Slam Crate and they have been the WWE titles. So I’m a little confused why the pin wasn’t the Hardcore Title. That would have fit in perfectly with the theme but it’s ok. We received the United States Championship title that looks really beautiful with the colors.

Kenny’s wall with the Stone Cold Smoking Skull Title!
The last item in the crate was to pay respect to Rowdy Roody Piper. It’s a kilt towel. The towels pretty cool but I’m not going to use it. It’s displayed on my brother’s wall at the moment lol.


We received the Extremes book that talks about the most extreme characters in the WWe and provides the background story for the Undertaker.


The poster this month is Braun Strowman but I’m actually going to hang up the inner picture which is the interview with Dean Ambrose.

That’s it for the crate this month. I feel like it didn’t have as many items, but the figure and the shirt more than paid for the cost of the subscription. What did you think of this month’s crate? Do you use subscription services? Let’s talk WWE and lootcrates!

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂