WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions!

Happy Sunday Novas! Somehow I completely forgot to post my predictions post yesterday for tonight’s Elimination Chamber WWE Event. Now worries, I’ll post a quick prediction for each match today and have my recap post for you tomorrow. The Elimination Chamber event is an annual pay per view where Superstars are locked in a pod inside of a steel cage and the pods are opened during the match to allow a new Superstar into the match. Typically this match has 6 Superstars wrestling and battling to be the chamber victor. This year we have a few surprises in the chamber so let’s look at the line-up!


Raw Tag Team Championship Match-


The Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro will take on Apollo Crews and Titues O’Neill for the titles. While I am happy that there are finally different tag team match-ups I’m a bit disappointed that Sheamus and Cesaro are still champions. This match should be good and I’m happy that Apollo and Titus are getting a featured match.

Prediction: I see Sheamus and Cesaro retaining their titles tonight. But I’m sure the match will be close.


Nia Jax versus Asuka-


This match is interesting as Asuka is undefeated. So if Nia Wins, she will be entered into the Wrestlemania Match between Auska and whichever champion she decides to face (remember she never chose Charlotte or Alexa Bliss). I think it would be appropriate and absolutely AMAZINGGGGG if Nia ends Asuka’s Streak and get a marquee match at Wrestlemania.

Prediction: I don’t think Nia will pin or submit Asuka, but she may win the match through disqualification or count out. I’m predicting Nia to win, but idk how it’s going to happen lol.


Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt-


This match is another of the mind games matches between Bray and Matt. They have been targeting each other for a while now with Matt Hardy using the same tactics as Bray with interfering with the matches.

Prediction: Matt Hardy Wins.


Raw Women’s Elimination Chamber Match –


the last 2 years have been groundbreaking for the Women’s Division at WWE. Another “1st” is made tonight with the 1st Women’s Elimination Chamber match and get this… it’s a TITLE MATCH! That’s right, Alexa Bliss will be defending her title in the Elimination Chamber against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Mickie James. This is going to be great as the women have been stepping up and showing why they are marquee attractions and main eventers!

Predictions: I don’t see Alexa retaining unless Sonya and Mandy team up against Sasha and Bayley. The Classic distraction and Mickie James gets pinned…. But If the title were to switch hands, I see it going to Sasha Banks or Bayley, which will set up a feud for Wrestlemania (because I’m sure Asuka is challenging Charlotte).


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match –


The Men’s Elimination Chamber match was set up by a number of qualifying matches the last 3 weeks on RAW. The entrants are John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias Samson, The Miz and Braun Strowman. The stakes are high in this one as well as the winner will punch their ticket to Wrestlemania as the opponent for the Universal Champion; Brock Lesner! I’m super happy about all of the SuperStars in this match and I would be happy with any outcome.

Prediction: So we all want Braun Strowman to win, but if he doesn’t I can see the winner being Roman reigns. I hope it is Braun so that he can finally be champion and bring the title back to being visible on RAW.


Ronda Rousey Contract Signing-


One of the highlights will be the signing of Ronda Rousey. Now we all know that she has already signed with WWE, so the public contract signing makes me think that something’s going to happen. Maybe she gets attacked, interrupted by the locker room or opposed in some way. I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my predictions for tonight’s PPV event. What are your predictions? Are you looking forward to any of the matches? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Mobile Review!

Power Up Players and Happy Wednesday! I’m finally back to my normal blogging schedule and today we have a First Impressions Video Game Post for the mobile game: Farmville 2: Country Escape! I’ve just started playing this game and I like it far more than the predecessor FarmVille that took over Facebook and mobile phones everywhere for a year.

Publisher: Zynga

Platform: Android

Genre: Casual

Rating: E for Everyone

Description: Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play!

Farmville 2: Country Escape is similar to the original Farmville game where you build a farm and harvest crops. What makes FarmVille 2 different is that you are now able to Fish, Search for Berries and even bake items! The game is Free to Play on the Play Store and there’s plenty to keep you busy, if you are into the progression and farming genre.

Gameplay- The short tutorial shows you have to harvest crops. Instead of just planting your crops, you will need to stock up on water at the well to water your plants. As you level up, you can purchase additional crops, animals and tools for your farm. You will be provided with different quests like baking a cake, selling an apple pie or having 3 cows. Upon completion of the missions you will receive experience and bonuses that can be used.

  • Crops – Crops in this game are used to make dishes that can be used for your quests and sold for gold coins. You start off with wheat and can increase your fields. Along with crops, I have trees that provide apples and peaches at the moment.
  • Animals – As you progress you can unlock more barn animals for your farm. Each animal requires a specific crop in order to produce items. For Example: Cows require 3 wheat in order to produce 1 milk.
  • Farm Orders– There is a farm order board by your barn that allows you to sell items for in game currency. Completing farm orders also provides experience.
  • Locations – Some items can be found by sending helpers out to different locations on the farm. The more helpers you send, the better your reward at the end of their search. You can send them to the pond to go fishing, to the garden to pick berries, etc.
  • Farmers Market – FarmVille 2 introduces the Farmers Market, where you can sell items in your barn to real players for in game currency. This works out because you may want to clear space in your barn, but you do not have a farm order for that item.
  • Other Farmers – As with many mobile games, you can request your friends from Facebook on the mobile game. You can send gifts to your friends and request items from them. There is also a co-op mode that allows you to farm together (I haven’t played co-op mode yet).

Sights & Sounds- The colors of the game are bright and vibrant. I haven’t noticed any season changes at all, but it looks as if you are in Spring or Autumn seasons.

Difficulty- The game is not difficult, but you will have to manage and prioritize tasks. If you have 2 bakery ovens and you are trying to complete a task, you will want to make the quick timed items while you are actively playing and leave the longer items to cook when you will not be on your phone. Also, keeping track of how many items you have is something slowing me down at a moment. I go over the limit of items that I can store in my barn.

Replayability– Right now the game has high replayability because it is set up to unlock expansions or additional features at a certain level or time. I’ve noticed that once you have expanded your land, there is a timer that doesn’t let you expand again until you either use keys (not recommended as these are hard to come by) or wait until the time runs out.

Final Thoughts: I’m enjoying the game at the moment. While at work, I set tasks that can take a few hours in progress and on breaks I try and accomplish as many quick tasks as possible. It’s pretty fun and a great way for me to pass the time.

This is the section of my reviews where I list the top reasons to “Play” or “Skip” the game.


  • A mobile game that can be played quickly or over time
  • If you enjoyed the first Farmville or similar games by Zynga


  • If you do not like games that regulate your expansion
  • If you do not like time centered games (3 minutes for carrots, 1 hour for Strawberries, etc.)

Thank you for reading my first impressions post for the mobile game FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Have you played the game? What mobile games are you currently playing? Let’s talk mobile games!

-Luna 🙂

Luna’s Rankings: Olympics Edition!

Happy Tuesday Novas and power up players for this week’s rankings post! Every Tuesday I rank my top favorites from 5th place to 1st and ask for the community to rank their favorites. Right now we are in the middle of the 2018 Winter Olympics and it’s one of the events that I geek out about every 4 years. In honor of the Winter Olympics and the athletes that are competing, this week we will be ranking our top Winter Olympics Events!

But first, let’s review the Community Rankings from our last Ranking’s Post!

Topic: Most Anticipated Games of 2018

There was a tie after 3rd place so I will list the top 3 Community Rankings. They are Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Sea of Thieves!

My Favorite Winter Olympic Events

Moguls– Moguls is a skiing Olympic Sport that is scored based on technique, tricks and speed. The athletes ski down a hill that has bumps in them. They must traverse these bumps shifting from side to side and keeping their knees tight together until they approach 1 of 2 ramps. Each competitor will perform a trick off of the ramps and continue down the hill until the finish line. Moguls is fun to watch and seeing the different tricks pulled out is always entertaining.

Super Combined – The Super Combined event is another skiing event that consists of 2 parts, the downhill and the slaloms. Downhill looks super fun as the whole purpose is to be the fastest down the hill. You take sharp turns, jumps and all while trying to maintain or increase your speed. The second part of this race is the slalom where you most ski down the hill as fast as you can while hitting markers. If you miss any markers, a time penalty will be added to your total time. The fastest time combined from both events will will.

Snowboard Cross

snowboard cross gif

Snowboard Cross is a newer sport added to the Winter Olympics and is essentially a race. 4 athletes start at the line and race on snowboards through the course. First one to the finish line wins!

Half Pipe


This is the tricks section of the snowboard events. The rules are simple, go big, perform tricks and don’t fall! This is the event that Shaun White is known for winning and **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert** he won this year! This year was probably the best version of the event as all snowboarders were upping the ante and leaving it all on the pipe. We seen people go super big in air and we’ve seen back to back 1440’s. Half pipe is super fun and quick to watch.

Figure Skating –

figure skating

My number 1 event has to be figure skating. I’ve been watching since I was a kid because my grandmother would watch every season. I love the grace, the beauty, the artistry and of course the tricks.

Those are my rankings for my favorite winter olympic events, what are yours? Feel free to rank your top 5 olympic events in the comments. You can rank summer and winter events if you would like. Are you watching the olympics? What are your favorite events? Let’s talk Olympics!

-Luna 🙂


Playing The Game: Staxel Ep 1!

Power up Players for a new series called “Playing The Game!” Playing the game is going to be a cross series where I breakdown my initial analysis and thoughts on the game (like my First Impressions Posts) on the blog and then upload the actual gameplay on the GamersUnitedGG YouTube Channel. Today we will be Playing a game on Steam called Staxel.


Publisher: Humble Bundle

Genre: Sandbox

Platform: PC

Price: $19.99

Staxel is an ambitious game designed to give the player a lot of creative freedom. We feel that we’ve reached a good level of polish, but content-wise, our vision for the game is far greater in scope. Our goal for Early Access is to keep expanding the game while listening to you—the player—to pinpoint our priorities.” …

Staxel is a sandbox adventure game that’s very similar to Minecraft. The game was presented to me by my friend Xsanie in our Discord channel and I immediately fell in love. We downloaded the game and I have been playing all weekend lol. Currently, the game is in the “Early Access” phase so there are updates and tweaks being made to improve the quality of the game.



You are welcomed into a beautiful farming City by Farm Fam and the Mayor Maximilian. After a brief tutorial, you set out on your journey to rebuild the glory of the farm on the outskirts of town. Of course your relatives left you an old, rundown farm and barn that you will want to build and help use to attract more citizens to the town. Your entire goal is to farm and socialize with the other townspeople.



I initially expected to play a game where you build a farm with friends and go mining like we would do in Minecraft. Currently, the game is in early access but you can create multiplayer servers and farm with friends. I have 2 solo games and a multiplayer game going on currently. There was a game called “Avatar Farm” that I used to play and loveddd on Xbox 360. You would use your

Actual Gameplay:

So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this sandbox game actually gives you missions and quests to participate in to go alongside with building a farm.

staxel al

Episode 1:

In episode 1, I learned all of the abilities and features of the town. I learned how to plant, water and build my farm. I was also provided with a pet puppy named Buddy in which I care for. He follows you around town or you can leave him at home. I was able to visit the workshop in town and learn new skills in building and assembling items from a learned recipe.



  • Each townsperson occupies a role and can give you quests
  • Even though you have options to decline, the A.I.’s get mad if you do!
  • Your pet will only follow you within a certain range, so don’t walk too fast if you have them tailing you.
  • You can charge tools to cover more area. Charging an axe cuts down more of the tree and charging the hoe tils a larger spread of land.
  • You can make money by selling items like bugs, wood or crafting items.



  • Does your pet help you farm or have any special abilities?
  • Is there a main story you have to complete?
  • What happens if you run out of missions?



Thank you for reading my analysis of my first episode in Staxel! As this series progresses there may be new sections added on. You can watch the gameplay of episode 1 on YouTube by clicking here! If you would like to join me in the Playing the Games segment, please leave your interest in the comments or email us at GamersUnitedGG@gmail.com. Have you played Staxel? What games are you currently playing? Let’s talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂

Black Panther Spoiler Free Movie Review!

Happy Sunday Novas and thank you for reading today’s movie review for Black Panther. When I seen this movie preview last year before Thor: Ragnarok, I knew that I would want to make plans to see this movie on opening weekend. Sit back and relax for the spoiler free Black Panther moview review!

Story: Black Panther is the story of the rise of T’Challa, son of the King of Wakanda, an African Nation that is technologically superior to the world. Wakanda is comprised of different tribes in Africa, who band together to keep the secret of their advances and most powerful resource, Vibranium from the outside world. For centuries, the lands of Wakanda have been hidden in plain sight and while the rest of the world views it as a 3rd world country, Wakanda has built a city that is far more superior than anyone else. As a member of the royal family, T’Challa uses the powers of the Black Panther to help fight crime and bring justice.


Following his rise to power, T’Challa faces and enemy that looks to destroy everything that his father has built. Can he be the leader that Wakanda needs to usher in a new century or will he be rivaled for his claim to the throne? The true test of Leadership and ruling is just around the corner.


Visuals & Sounds: Black Panther is a truly visually stunning movie. I remember the scene where T’Challa, his head general and his ex-girlfriend Nakita walked into an underground gambling house. This scene was beautiful with the use of bright oranges and reds, you can feel the atmosphere that they are walking into. The scenery when the cameras pan over Wakanda shows a breathtaking landscape and each tribe has their signature colors and cultural rituals.


Characters: There’s a great mix of characters in Black Panther and you may know most of the actors featured in this film. One of the most notable characters for me is the general Okoye played by Danai Gurira, you may know her as Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Okoye is probably my favorite character in the series. She represents strength, loyalty and a clear conscious when it comes to T’Challa. Other notable characters are Forest Whitaker, Angela Basset and Michael B. Jordan. All of the roles were played perfectly and I really enjoyed the differences in each character.


The main character T’Challa adorned many different looks that seem comparable to the African Culture. The style of the Wakanda people versus the style of the outside characters are portrayed very well.


Action: What I really loved about this movie was the believability. While Black Panther is a superhero, the aspects and fight scenes were not too far exaggerated. The integration of the Vibranium technology made for unique fight scenes and they were perfect in execution. This movie does not have action around every corner as it is more story driven, but when a fight scene appears, you better hold onto your hats.


Final Thoughts: If you couldn’t tell from the review of the movie elements, I really loved this movie. I think Black Panther is one of the best Marvel Movies that I have watched and it really makes me eager to see the new Avengers movie releasing later this year. From the costumes to the action to the story I think that Black Panther was really well done, albeit a bit lengthy. The movie runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I’m not the only one giving the movie a rave review. Rotten Tomatoes gives Black Panther a 97% rating. Check out the trailer below and if you’re looking for a great movie to watch, stop by your local theaters and watch Black Panther! Don’t forget to stick around after the credits 😉

This is the section of my reviews where I will list my top reasons to Play or Skip the film!


  • If you love Marvel Movies and want to stay in order before watching the new Avengers Movie.
  • A Great Superhero movie with a well developed story



  • The movie is pretty lengthy
  • Don’t skip, go watch! lol


-Luna 😀

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Happy Friday Players! GamersUnitedGG was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Daniel from Home Button and runner up in the GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition! Thank you very much for the nomination Daniel and I encourage everyone to check out his video games blog! He has a great segment called Photo Mode where he posts and captions screenshots in game. He also posts reviews and awesome video game related topics.

The Sunshine Blogger award is a peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity, joy, warmth and any other emotions that you feel when you think about the sun. I’m taking a different approach and I will nominate some bloggers that are new followers and write amazing posts!

The Rules:


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Daniel’s Questions:

  1. What is your favorite game of all time? I don’t know how anyone can answer this question lol. There have been so many great games that I could play for extended hours that it’s too hard to narrow down to 1 game. So I’ll be that person to list multiple games lol
  • Mario Party
  • Oblivion
  • Civilization Revolution
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Gears of War
  1. What is your least favorite game of all time?  happy wars So do you remember back in the Xbox 360 days when there was this game called Happy Wars? I remember it was the new craze and everyone on my friends list downloaded it. I was the oddball in the corner who didn’t get the appeal of the game and it was my least favorite thing to play.
  2. Who or what first got you into gaming? Gaming for me has always been a thing in my family. But I would say that my biggest influencer would be my older brother Kenny. As a child I always looked up to my brother and wanted to try anything that he did. Video games were our way of bonding.
  3. Have you ever cried while playing a game? What game and why?  fable III Yes! I’m a punk and I’ll admit that lol. I cry over cartoons, movies, you name it. One of the more memorable reasons I have cried in a video game was from the choices you have to make in Fable III. Yes, I know that you are not really killing or hurting people, but I feel things extremely deeply. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you will know all about my traumatizing Fable III experience and why I can never complete that game lol.
  4. How have games impacted your life in a personal way? This one is a bit personal and a side that I don’t talk about too much. Growing up I was a very inquisitive kid (let’s face it I was annoying) and I was left out a lot at school and in our neighborhood. Bottom line is that I was weired because I wasn’t into things that kid would deem “normal.” I watched the Discovery channel, had different taste in music for what was expected form my culture and   I wanted to feel included and when everyone wanted to join me and my brother at my house to play video games, I started to feel the acceptance that I craved. Video games and I parted ways in middle school when I was supposed to be more “girly” but a few years later they came back into my life at the best time, the trials and tribulations of high school. Personally, I think that video games allowed me to escape from a sometimes harsh life as I’m sure it has for others.
  5. If you could play a co-op game with anyone who has ever lived, living or dead, who would it be?  queen elizabeth  I would want to play with Queen Elizabeth I. She is one of the pinnacle Queens to have ever lived and she did it in a country and an age where women did not have many freedoms (even as a royal). I just want to pick her brain about how she overcame insurmountable odds and why she lived the life she did without marrying and following the norms. Kind of like how Xavier Woods from WWE hosts video games with Superstars of WWE on his Up Up Down Down YouTube Channel.
  6. If you can pick one game currently released as the only game you could play from here on out, which would it be? I’m going to pick Minecraft! Before you stop reading what I have to say about my choice, think about it. PC Minecraft has all sorts of mini games developed from the community. So really, I could play different game types or just build a house and try to not get blown up by a Creeper. The same would go for Roblox. The Sandbox games are where it’s at for longevity, but not graphics lol.
  7. What is the most important thing you’ve learned while writing your blog? I would say learning that you can write about your interests following your own format is the most important thing. You do not have to conform to what others are writing about. If you prefer to write about less known games, go for it! If you want to structure your posts differently, do it! This way you will gain an audience that appreciates your content and creativity.
  8. If you could give one bit of advice to people who want to write a video game blog, or any blog for that matter, what would it be? I would say to trust yourself and write about what you love. It wouldn’t hurt to read others blogs as well so that you can see what others are doing and come up with your own strategic posts. If you are going outside of your element, make sure to research your topics so that you are putting together a great piece of work.
  9. If gaming was removed from your life tomorrow, what would become your new number one hobby? If you don’t like games remove your main hobby; what would take it’s place as number one? Writing will still be my hobby but I would probably have an interests blog instead of a gaming blog. Writing about Netflix, food and other things that I love.
  10. Can video games be art and why or why not? Funny story, The Well Red Mage asked this question a few months ago and I responded. You can view that post by clicking here!


Now for my Players!

Megan- A Geeky Gal -Megan runs a geeky blog and as part of that theme, she is doing a Video Game 30 Day challenge!

Dalton – Off The Field Gaming -Another recently followed video game blog. He has a great ranking system of combining his love for sports with his love of video games. Be sure to give his blog a look.

The Gaming Diaries-I have been following The Gaming Diaries blog for a while now and I highly encourage you to take a look at their content. Here’s a hint, it’s gaming related lol.

1 Broke Gamer Girl-1 Broke Gamer Girl has a few series of posts like the Games that she has not finished playing and her weekly trophy progress. They’re very entertaining and fun posts!

AlunaRL– He has a great video game and geek blog. Currently he is participating in the same 30 day Video Game Challenge as Megan so make sure to stop by and checkout some of their responses.

Strange Girl Gaming – A new blog that I have started following that has great video game news and posts. I learned that Mario Kart was coming to smartphones from her!

Kevin The Mental Attic – Kevin’s video game blog has a great segment going on right now. He is running video game characters through “The Ultimate Beastmaster” obstacle course. If you’re unfamiliar with the Netflix show, it’s like American Ninja Warrior where athletes traverse an obstacle course!


My questions!

Why did you start blogging?

What is your favorite party game?

If you were in the Winter Olympics, what would you be your sport?

If you were in the Summer Olympics, what would be your sport?

Who’s your favorite Villain?

Zombies, Aliens or Mutants?

In a horde mode, who or what are you fighting?

Describe your perfect day.

What is your favorite video game genre to play?

If you could have a career in video games, what would you want to do?


Thank you for the nomination once again to Daniel and feel free to participate! I look forward to reading everyone’s responses. Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂



Where have I been?

Happy Tuesday Novas! Soooo, you may have noticed that there has been radio silence over here at GamersUnitedGG.  I apologize, but I went semi “off the grid” while on vacation in Illinois last week and early this week. It was a great experience and I had a great time with my friends (not to mention I was able to see and play in snow for the first time in my life). Now I’m refreshed with a few new ideas, games and blog posts coming this week. Thank you for everyone tuning in and check back later today for this week’s Rankings Post!

-Luna 🙂

Luna’s Rankings: Most Anticipated 2018 Games!

Power up Players for today’s Rankings Post! Each Tuesday I will ranks games, shows, series, etc and list my favorites in the genre from 5th place to 1st place. After my post I will open up the comments for everyone to rank their favorites and the following week I will post the “Community Rankings” from the previous week’s Rankings post.

Community Rankings from Our Favorite Classic Arcade Games:

We didn’t have a community ranking for last week.


This week we will be ranking: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2018!


#5 God of War –


Greek Mythology, Kratos and an action based adventure game? What’s not to love? I haven’t played any games in the God of War series but from watching my friends play, I am pretty excited about playing the newest installment myself. Release Date: April 20th, 2018

#4 Far Cry 5-


Wanted to play Far Cry 4 but never got around to it, now with the additions to FC5, ready to take on the game. This action adventure First Person Shooter will be open world with a story attached but player is able to free roam. There is said to be customization for the first time in the series so that you can create a character to play with during the story. Release Date: March 27th, 2018.

#3 Sea of Thieves –


Categorized as an action adventure co-op multiplayer game, you travel the high seas in 1st person as a pirate. Sea of Thieves seems to take on the RPG -esque genre by allowing players to sail the high seas with their companions. There is cross platform play between PC and Xbox One which is awesome. It looks to be an Open world game that will consist of  quests, looting and fighting. You can even designate roles in your crew, hopefully I can talk my friends into Sea of Thieves. Release Date: March 20th, 2018

#2 Kingdom Come: Deliverance –


This game came across my radar when I was reading The Year of RPG post by Athena at Ambigaming. She was listing the RPG games that she will be working on this year and Kingdom Come was on the list. I researched the game and fell in love because it is a medieval rpg game. There are a few features that worry me about the game, but I can’t wait to play and experience it for myself. Rumors are that a Game of Thrones mod will be released for the game as well!  Release Date: February 13th, 2018.

#1 Red Dead Redemption 2 –


I’ve been waiting for RDR 2 for a few years now. When the blog started last year, one of my first posts was on the game from Rockstar that aims to pick up where Red Dead Redemption left off. I hope I am not disappointed, because I had so much fun on the original game shooting people off horses, playing outlaws to the end and completing quests. The best part was going to Bear Claw Camp or the hunting lodge and running from either giant bears or mountain lions. My hope for RDR2 is to have more co-op missions that you can play with your friends and some of the old options. Release Date: October 26th, 2018.

Those are my top 5 anticipated games of 2018. There are other great games that could have made the list, but I am most looking forward to these. Which games are you looking forward to playing this year? List your top 5 in the comments! Let’s talk upcoming games!


-Luna 🙂


Photo Credits:

Otakuart.com for Featured Image

Review – South Park: The Stick of Truth

Great review of The Stick of Truth!

The Washed-Up Gamer

**** Check my Last Post for the Updated Review System!! ****

The same show we all know and love brings its crude humor and social satire into the world of video games with their first video game since the days of the Playstation and Nintendo 64, South Park: The Stick of Truth!

The Stick of Truth opens with your character, “The New Kid”, moving into the quiet little mountain town known as South Park. It’s not long before you meet the shows main characters as you join Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle, along with the entire rest of the shows major supporting characters, on a Dungeons and Dragons / Lord of The Rings style adventure to become the true owner of The Stick of Truth!

If you enjoy the show, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game, and with the RPG style of this game you can be sure to find yourself…

View original post 700 more words

January Replay and February Goals!

Happy Friday! The first month in 2018 has come and gone and after the anniversary of the blog, we can see how the month played out for us.

Number of Posts # 23

Number of Views # 1546

Number of Visitors # 773

Number of Likes # 511

Although January was amazing, I didn’t have any goals for the month. In my last recap post I set goals for the year. Let’s set some February Goals then!

  • Finish Reading Royal Pains and Review It
  • Finish Reading the Darth Vader Comic and Review it
  • Write and Post Black History and Gaming Post
  • Purchase Kingdom Come RPG
  • Post at least 3 times a week to the blog
  • Upload at least 2 YouTube Videos a week


Today’s post will also highlight the GamersUnitedGG Twitch channel and also our friend and streamer Count Dabula. We will be hosting streamers on the channel throughout the week and in the evenings I may be on and playing games on PC. Count Dabula is currently doing a giveaway (actually a few of them) on his stream when he reaches 400 followers (currently 15 away). Please keep in mind that his streams are mature in the evening (language). His channel information is below:





Stream ScheduleMonday through Friday 12pm CST until about 5PM, He will have impromptu streams as well so make sure to follow for updates. 4bdfbfec-c319-4bf9-91fe-71e01e2eddd6.jpg

Games : Fortnite (Solo, Duo & Squads, feel free to ask to play on PC), Dark Souls, Indie and AAA games on a PC subscription service called Utomik!

Next week I will post a mini-series called Playing The Game. This will be a cross media series that will cross between the blog and the YouTube channel so look out for the inagural post on Monday! What are your February goals? Are you working on any projects? Let’s talk goals!

-Luna 🙂